Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 7, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1894
Page 3
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Beauty ««<» Purity Go hand in hand. They are the foundation of health and happiness. Health, because of pure blood; Happiness, because of clear skin. Thousands of useful lives have been embittered by distressing humors. CtmcuRA RESOLVENT Is the greatest of skin purifiers As well as blood purifiers. Because of its peculiar action on the pores, It is successful in preventing And curing all forms of Skin, Scalp, and Blood humors, When the best physicians fail. Entirely vegetable, safe, and palatable. It especially appeals to mothers and children, Because it acts so gently, yet effectively Upon the skin and blood, as well as the Liver, kidneys, and bowels. Its use at all times Insures a?cle.ir skin and pure blood, As well as sound bodily health. Sold everywhere. Price. $1. PCTTRR DRUO AKD CHSM. COKI-., Sol- tT.ip, , Kosinn. " How to Cure Sliiu line. r.Uxsd Humor?, free. •»• Facial Hlomlnho*, t!lin« h:iir and simple baby r.xshea prevented by Cuticura Sottji, NerVOUS Instantly «!:«•«! Ky a Cutl- C|<r<i riiwter, because ii viial- and iz« the i:crvc (nicer,, Mid hence ci:n-'s nervous Weakness and numbness. DR. TRUAX, THE SPECIALIST. OVER STATE'NATIONAL BANK- After fourteen rears ot scientific study of Nose, 1 nnz Liver. and all Diseases ol ft Chronic Nature ' orm ot treatment, ami er. an a se loptd my present form ot treatment, ami CO Bducled a succwfnl practice in the above ol CTS™ I cordlnllj' invite jo;i or jonr »rien<l«.iriinilct0<lwltli»ny Chronle PI»eM». to .-consult me and my raMhoii ot treatment and its results. Office lionrs.'lOto 12n. m.:2to4 , to 8 P m! Residence iitofflw. All culls promptly attended AMASS CONVENTION OK WORKING MEN Of the United States will be held In. Convention Hail Wiisnlnirton. D C,,on April 20th and alst StekTunUeTaction to defeat the Wilson TMlfl BUI in the Senate. Delegates of working men should be selected at once, and measures take to many us possible to thin demonstration ™* •JM5 Memphis St., Philadelphia,' Pa. «B41N. PROVISIONS and STOCKS, boiwht and sold on limited margins. We swept dl "retlon- tu order* on the above »ud will Klve our cos- "mercwuo HOT* not the time »•"«*,?"" ' hee ' r oi» interests the benefit of our 30 years <Kperl- once In "SricOLiTion." Hulses Mains! tor sent tree ra rec*lj>t »l townl V. H. LOCKWOOD, PATENT LAWYER, 60E, Market Streeet, Indlinapolls. Practice in »11 oonrti, tMBOjiOU patents Bromptly ptoeuied on reasonable terms. Expert draiwbtsinan In the offloe. Writ* tor intormatton. WALL STREET! TO OPKBATE SUCCEBSFtJIXT IX WAII 9TBHET join oar Co-0p»r»tlre H. B. 8««k »/»«'«»• » u *> 500 per cent. Perannnm easily " d f , , HUUert Reference. Our . out rUlT Send for Letter," mailed free. record up to date K* e«nt, 69 • paid to theiiubBcrlbers. as tbe resplt of operations item December, 18*9, to March 15th, 1894, W1IXI1JW * CO., Bankers and Brokers, Wo. 41 Broadway. ««« Tor " cl "' DAILY JOURNAL. Special low prices on hosiery, gloves and hair ornaments.—Trade Palace. Cheap, a opletdld square grand •lano for only $150, at J. C. Bridges, 410 Broadway. Dren goods in the latest novelties, «llk« and trimmings to match, at the New Fahlon store. A good warm dinner for the Home lor 25 cents. Come! "The proof of tbe pudding is eating it." Wanted—Three young men about 18 years of age. Address or apply at Once to The Union News Co., Peru, Ind. Ladies, I have been advertising for several days a most extraordinary bargain. Come and see them.—Otto Kraus. Everybody is looking after bargains these times and the place to find them It at Murdook's new »hoe »tore, Mar. ket street. The latest and most valuable improvement in a piano is a transposing key board, enabling the performer to play In either the standard International or the concert pitch without change of key. J. C. Bridge hat in •took an assortment of the Bush Gertt pianos, and inVltei musicians and all Interested In planoi to call at fall place, 410 Broadway, to tee and «Mt their wonderful l»preve»ent« ud Mptritr ••riti. COBEI EVADES THE OFFICERS. The Wile? rrl»e FlBktcr Tak» Advantage of« JDclar to toe L*w and Geti In tbe Clear. The Bochef ter Sentinel In speaking of the Corey-Bally flght and of Corey's arrest says: "Sheriff King received word from a Danville detective that he had Corey and to come and get him. The sheriff went at onoe to Indianapolis where be secured an order from Gov. Matthews for a requisition for Corey and ihen proceeded direct to Danville. He soon found Corey and jailed him, ,ate Saturday night. Then the sheriff aurried on to Springfield to get his requisition from tbe Illinois Governor, but when ho got there Sunday morning the Governor was out of the city lor the day, and the necessary papers could not be secured. Mr. King then telegraphed the Danville detective to Ho some complaint againflt Cor- ev to hold him longer than the twenty- 'our hours limit of • law, but the cowardly detective had no charge against Jorey and lot him go at the end of the twentv-four hours from the tlmo of hia arrest. He immediately left Danvillo, and when Sheriff King returned with bis requisition from the Governor of Illinois. Corey was on his way to Michigan and so the sheriff returned home, worn out with the long day and night traveling and lots of money out of pocket. This failure to Rot his gamo after ho was again so near it makes the sheriff more determined than ever to punish the gang of prize fighters, who disgraced our county and he declares ho will get them nooner or later and get them hard.' 1 An Awakenlnc. What is it that is awakening people all over the land and causing such a thrill of excitement and gratitude everywhere among the sick and suffering? It is the now departure by that greatest and moat successful specialist in the cure of all nervous and chronic diseases, Dr. Greene of 35 West 14th st-set, New York, who offers to the sick everywhere the opportunity of consulting him by letter, free of charge. Think of it, sufferers, you who have sought in vain for relief, or for a satisfactory explanation of your disease! By writing him about your complaint, this great physician will send you, free of charge, an exact explanation of your disease and what to do to be cured. He gives moat careful and explicit attention to all letters, and makes you understand just what your complaint Is. He Is the discoverer of that great nerve cure Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy, and uses nothing in his practice but harmless vegetable medicines. The success which he is having in curing disease through letter correspondence is marvelous. Write him, then, all afcout your complaint and you will without doubt bo cured. An Addreu to Bmlnei* Hem Mr. S. A. Haines one of the leading business men of Indianapolis, and president of the State assembly of the brotherhood of the St. Andrew, will deliver an address to business men in Trinity ohurch, Sunday evening, at 7:30 o'clock. Mr. Halnos has gained a national reputation as a speaker. Go and hear him. It U Good. The more Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is used the better it is liked. We know of no other remedy that always gives satisfaction. It is good when you first catch cold. It is good when your oough is seated and your lungs are sore. It is good In any kind of a oough. We have sold twenty-five dozen oi it and every bottle has given satisfaction—Stedman & Friedman, druggists, Minnesota Lake, Minn. 60 cent bottles for sale by B. F. Keegllng, Druggist. Republican State Convention. On account Republican State Convention the Pennsylvania lines will sell excursion tickets to Indianapolis and return at rate of »2.35. Tickets will be sold April 2itb and 25th, good going only on date of sale and will be available for returning trip until April 27, 1894, Inclusive. Butter colored laoes at the New Fashion store. (Tasteless-Effectual.) > BILIOUS and NERVOUS | DISORDERS, £ Such as Sick Headache, Weak Stomach, Impaired Digestion, Constipation, Liver Complaint, »nd Female Ailments. OtnttdwiUaTutelMi * SoUWo Oottlof,! Of all dnwgiiti. pric « '! «">'« » N«w T5rlj Pan Handle engine 368 has been changed to Letter E. There were an even dozen on the sick list at the Pan Handle round house offloe yesterday. The Wabash management has promised to restore the old scale of wages when business picks up. John D. Young, of the Pan Handle machine shop, is at Hinton, W. Va., called there by the probably fatal illness of Mrs. Young's mother, Mrs. Robert McBlheny, formerly of this city. The Pennsylvania Railroad Veters ana' Association, which now numbers 264 members, is arranging for its annual banquet at Plttsburg, April 26, on an elaborate scale. The company will place a special train at their service. Robert Pltcairp, Superintendent of the Pittehurg Division, ill act as chairman. A big contract was given out at St. Louis yesterday. Tbe Interstate Construction Company, of New York, was glveu tfao contract for building 285 miles of the Lake Superior, Southwestern and Gulf railway, extending from Springfield to LUtlo Rock, Ark, Tbe work is to begin at once. Tbls Is about the only largo piece of railroad work let this year. Tbe con" tractors are to bejfin work at onoe. Indianapolis Journal: F, G. Dar llngton, Superintendent of the Indianapolis Division o! the Pennsylvania lines, and M. W. ManaUeld, Superintendent of tbe Indianapolis & Vin- Cannes, returned from the East yesterday. Both gentlemen say it baa not been settled wbo will aucceed Harry Miller on the Louisville Division or W. B. Leeds on the Richmond Division. H Bonebrake, Paasenger Train M&sterof the Pan Handle Uses, formerly a train dispatcher, la mentioned for one of the vacant places. E. Harris, night operator at the Wabash station, received a telegraph order yesterday morning to go to Peru at once. Mr. Harris has frequently received similar notices where his services were temporarily required elsewhere, and concluding that this was a similar case ho packed his satchel and bid adieu to Agent Newell, eaylng that he would probably not be back for sometime. To Mr. Novell's surprise, he returned on tbe next train. He had been called to Peru to be examined on the tlme-ca' d. OMtnary. Mary E. Funk was born Deo. 2, 1833 In Muffin county, Pennsylvania. She was the oldest of six children and was left an orphan by the death of both parents when she was twelve years of age. Separated from her kindred she fought the battle of life •lone mntil November 20, 1854. when she became the wife of Joseph G. Funk in Ju.niatft county, Pennsylvania where she resided until 1867 when Mr. Funk removed to his present residence in Clay township. Tliree of her children are deceased and six survive her, namely: Geo. W., Horace M. and David Funk, Mrs. Wm. Scott, Mrs. Mahlon Murden and Miss Anna Funk. She was unassuming in all her walks of life, a wife and mother in the true sense of the work. Her highest ambition was her interest in her home circle. She never In all ber life said anything but good of Others. She was a ministering angel to the sick and afflicted. She was that type of womanhood that all love and admire and that insures the stability and happiness of home. (100 B«wud, (100. The reader of this piper will be plewed to learn that there It at least one dreaded diseases tint Ktence has been able to cure In all its andthatUCtttttrrh. Hall's CatarrfciCure reatment, nail a "«»"" yt^JZ ken internay, acting dlrectlj on the Wood and sSluViurtSsiof the wstem, thereof decrying tnefoundatton'ot tbe disease, and giving to.* patient strength D7 building up the constitution and BMlRtlng nature In doing Its work. Tbe proprle- ueh : oold M druggists, Blllonn CoIleJPrevented. Persona who are subject to attacks of bilious colic can almost invariably tell, by their feelings, when to expect an 'attack. If Chamberlain's Collo. Chelera and Diarrhoea Remedy is lakan as soon as those symptoms appear, they can ward off the disease. Such persons should always keep the remedy at bond, ready for immediate uae when needed. Two or three doses of It at the right time will save them much suffering. For sale by B. F. Keesllng, druggist. Vnndclla Line JSxenmlon* To South, Southeast and Southwest will run on various dates from now until June 5, 1894, inclusive. Oa» tare round trip. Call on or address anyVandalia line agent and aik for Information contained In circular Ho 137 of January SO^tSW. Bee our line of boyt waUtt at 3( Creat taericao Faine's Cefciy Owes to The oaae ol Uonoboe's Magazine, founded by Mr. Patrick Donohoe, of Boston, In 1879, is known and respected throughout the English speaking world. Within the past year it baa achieved almost marvelous success, and stands today peerless In Ua field, doing splendid work for greater religious toler. ance and better economic condition!. Tbls success has been won under the direction of its new publisher, Hon. Daniel P. Toomey, who, In addition, is at the head of one of Boston's book publishing companies and IB a representative from that oily in the Legislature of Massaohutetts. Mr. Toomey writes a» follows in a candid and interesting letter: 1 '1 believe In Paine's celery compound. If I tell you why, you may, perhaps, wish to publish my words. But even that does not deter me from writing you the truth. I have no sympathy with the man who helps tear down 'the bridge that carried him over.' Neither do I sympathize with the man who hides facts just because their publication may promote the suocees of others. Paine's celery compound helped me. That's the fact of the case. "Finding myselfJrun down and gel- ting into a state of nervousness, recently, I took the advice of a medical friend, and bought Faine's celery compound. Its use gave me strength, energy, and buoyancy. Business cares were made lighter than before. "I believe in the efficacy of Paine's celery compound!" Mr. Toomey's experience is like that of thousands of others. Brain workers, those wbo suffer from debility, exhaustion, mental depression, sleeplessness, find Paine's celery compound a certain rejuvenator of the vital portions. Hard study among students is a direct cause of debility. Energetic action cannot be kept up in the brain and stomach at the same lime. If the mind bo Intently occupied with profound thought the nervous power will be concentrated in the brain, and tbe stomach being deprived of it, Indigestion and diiMM ensue. Hence the weak digestion and sallow complexion of literary ' mm . and their constant complaint of 111 health. It it aleo true that a hopeful man or woman can do more work and get- wall faster than one in despair. From the first taking of Paine's celery compound a feeling of confidence In recovery comes over the Invalid. New blood and fresh nervous energy give a hopeful outlook. Paine's celery oom. pound hasten* convalescence wonder* fully. In tbe spring, If ever, there !• nee* of food for tbe nerves and brain. Paine's celery compound makes the weak strong; makes people well. Try it. CANDIDATE*. .. I will be a candidate lor Treasurer of the cltr of Loganaport, subject M the will of the Bepubll can City Nominating Convention. O* B. SATIQBNT. Lopansport, Ind., February !8, IBM. I will be a candidate for Treasurer of the otti ol Logansport, subject to the will of tbe Bepubll- can Logansport, subject to the will City Nominating Convention. Logansport, Ind,, Febrnary 18, 1894. I will be a candidate' for nomination for the office of City Treasurer subject to the will of the Republican Convention. J. D. ALLISON. ..Logausport, Ind., February 19, J8M. I will be a candidate for Treasurer ot tbe city of Louansport, subject to the will of tbe Bepub- Hcan City Dominating Convention. ^ ^^ Logansport, Ind., March 5, 1894. FOR CLKRK. I will be a candidate for Clerk of the City of Lo- zansport. subject to the will of tbe Republican Clt j Somtmutng Convention. WIJ nv..i. . ALBIBT SWADBNKK. Logansport, Ind., March 81, 1891. I will be a candidate f»r Clerlt of the City of Lor subject to the will of tnn Bepubllcan Log«ns»ort, Ind., April 0,1894, TOHM4TOR. Malor MoT»«ln will be a candidate for the office ofJforor of the City ot logansport M»Ject to the DMMcratW City Con»entfon and W elected no councilman or city official will be permitted to vote the taxpayer's money into his own pocket U It Is in his ptwer to prevent It. Handle Factory Wood fo* Hale. Handle factory wood delivered to any part of the olty. Mail order* to Hillock ft Flttman, Handle Factory, on Toledo Jt., or P. J. Klromer, Hew oarpaulnthe latest •attenii, •ttteNew •^^.'^^^M^^^-^^i^i^i Jtkle* to California ttreatlr Ko4ue«4 via tbe Penn»ylv«ul» Line*. The Midwinter Fair at San Francisco and tbe numerous other attractions in the. Wonderland beyond the Rocky mountains can be enjoyed by persons of limited means as the round trip rate has again been materially reduced via Pennsylvania lines. Passengers can select any of the several roulea from Chicago, and the return limit is ample for a satisfactory sojourn. For details apply to J. A McCullough, ticket agent. Logansport, Ind. C. A. K. On the occasion of the Encampment G. A. R. and Woman's Relief Corps of Indiana, at Lafayette. Ind., April 4 and fi, 1894, the Wabaah Railroad Company, will eell round trip tloktsforH.il. Tickets will be sold April 3d and 4th, good going date of sale and good returning not later than April 6th. C. G. NEWKLL, Ag't, Wabash R. R. Co. Oo«'t Tofeceo Sjlt »r 8«*» *>*r tlft Away 11 Uje-trnthfrnl, •wrtUng title «f a llttls book that telliall abont No-to-bac, the wondertnl, nsrm. less, auARAimiD tobweo habit •ntj. The out U truing and the man wbo want* to quit tad ' «t «tn»«« r m using Ind. . kime^y Co, Add«tt, Th. Indian* Mineral Bprtnp, BrMker* UrmlnaUve BaUwn. tbe great ttom- «oh Md bowel remedy, totUB worktaf «B A Wood Liver. Keep your liver active and you'll not suffer with biliousness—there'* the seoret. When bilious try a 96- cent package o) Simmons Liver Regulator powder. Take it on the tongue or make tea. You'll take no more pills. Four "C" Nothing in the 'whole history of Medicine can compare with the suo- cessot "POOR C." It is the oirtY KNOWN specific for LA GRIPPE. It removes all its DREADED and BTIL effects, inducing restful, natural sleep. ONK DOSK will frequently Ire- move Pleurisy pains. ONB DOSK h*» time and again relieved a child sof- ferinR with CROUP. Four "C" ha* cured Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Ulcerated Tonsilitts. IB composition it is DIFFERENT, it MORE POWERFUL and ACTIVE, In f«6t it is as DIFFERENT from any other lung remedy at molasses IB differest from vinegar. It is a REVELATION. BEST OF ALI. TOW TAKB W» RISE. The XSSKNCK of the contract U, Four "C":MUST GIVE SATUk FACTION or money will be retwMU BEN FISHER,

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