Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 6, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 6, 1896
Page 6
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A»V T«»ix»n>rsrUf-«» IJJK»IJI TKA C«u f- orl I UNDER THE WATER. JCDfflitb ExporlmontH with it Submarine Torpedo Boat. What is-described ns a very successful series of experiments was made in. Ixmdori the cither day with ft. working model of a new submarine torpedo boat, which, will Ix; about !>0 feet Jong,.with proportionate depth and 'beam.. The model, of course, has the iisual yratcr- iig-ht compartments and a false keel, to be detached JQ case of on emerg-eacy, »ach as the fiudden need ol additional Ibnoyancy. The propelling power is electricity, supplied, from .; storage; cell Bpecially.desijrned for,submarine service—the propeller being a- single screw The cells are packed on each si<3e of the hull, leaving-the central part free for tho service of ; the -crew'and the-workliigo: .the ship. Tho-alr supply has been the special subject of inveetigation by the inventor, -who has, devised.a means by which, it can be pnriflcd, and the loss-oi oxygen so made good that the crew -ndl" tie able to stay under -water, according to his calculations,. for' a week. The vessel has two 1 cbnnlnj* towers. In. the foremost-all the (jear is mounted-for steering; putting- the m'achinery .in or out of action, supplying the air, turning- on the Jife'hts, causing the .vessel to descend or ascend, or discharging her torpedoes, the tubes for which are on each Bide of the bow. The after conning tower' enables any of the crew to get out of fchs vessel when under water for repairing or other purposes. The model, brightly illuminated by incandesccnts, dived into the-water/.remained submerged, at: .two, three or four feet, ns- ceiudeO nnd.descended slowly or rapidly, nnd depressed cither her bow or! stern at will. It was evident that great care nnd ingenuity had been exercised in working out details and the spectators present expressed the opinion that an advance hnd been made towards the realization of a project that has fasci Dat*-d inventors for centuries. . BICYCLE CAUSES BLINDNESS. peons werp puzzled in tlieir'efforts to diagnose the case. They administered treatment to stop the hemorrhages, and for a time afforded temporary relief, but her condition grew steadily worse, •until in July she became totally blind. Mrs. Hughes is now in a.critical condition. . • • , .: • ' LI FEARS HIS ' COUNTRYMEN. Bemnrkable C«*« of I/o»laff Sljrlit from BlUlnj • Wheel. The doctors of Wilmington, Del., and Philadelphia arc puzzled over a case of blindness In the former city which has resulted from excessive and persistent : bicycle riding. The victim is Mra. Emien Hughes, a prominent siciety •woman. Mrs, Hughes was an enthusiastic, cyclist. 'While learning, however, anil even after she ho<l acquired the mastery of the wheel, she had a- habit of keeping her eyes riveted constantly on the front wheel In her efforts to guide it. The habit grew .until her eyes became affected with what tho doctors diagnosed as "bicyclo stare." Her eyes pained her severely, but she continued to ride,, refusing to accept, the diagnosis of her doctors. About tho 1st of April the first eymp-; toms of blindness developed,- and it was necessary to confine her in a dark room. During her confinement her eyes, bled 'profusely .and her condition be-; came so serious that sh« was removed to a private hospital in Philadelphia for treatment.. At the hospital the B'UT- ' Going Via Drltlnh Columbia BecanMr of . Throat! of'Sau JTranclico Chinamen. , It is well understood among the small army of Chinamen in British Columbia, that Li Hung Chang,, viceroy of Pechil, feara to.return 'to. the orient,by w.ay'.of San lYanisco; owing ^t<> the hostility •of his countrymen in tne'stnteof Cal.|-' fornia. In "British Columbia' tlicre'inay' : :be the some organized hostility to:the viceroy, .but the ill-feeling-towards Li IB, nevertheless, universal among- the orientals here. One prominent agitator inakes a bold suggestion through tho local press that the great statesman be seized and taken to the leper settlement on the Lonely Darcy island, JB, C., as a'life prisoner. .It is a'settled fact tha.tI;lHung Chang •will return to the orient by the Canadian Pacific railroad.and.steazuer,via Vancouver, but to'avoid, any ^ possibility of a hostile demonstration he" will be juieOy conducted to-thestebmer in waiting with other passengers. No civic reception will take -.place, .Prominent Chinamen here glve ; us their reason for this hostility/that'll! hw.spent his life mo,kirig money but of his'csun-try and .people' until he is the richest siah in' the world nrid'that' at' heart he cares nothing for the country or' the- down-trodden collie, whom he spurns under foot* TALES TARIFF. Iii Hung Chang Has an Important Oonferenca with Carlisle. His Country Getting Ready to Make New Treaties and Revise Its Revenue Laws. . Cummins & Co. " Old Process " Is the best medicinal whiskey— no artificial flavor, well ripened by age, good body, fine bouquet. Sold only by druggists. Each bottle bears the certificate of t>rof. J. N. Hurty, chemist, Indianapolis, as to medicinal value and purity. Washington, Sept.' 5. — Drizzling •weather Saturdny intcrfurcd with the programme of J.i Hung Chang's lust day of cntortaium'.T.t iii the United States. All the important bureaus of. the treasury wore visited. Before the party left the hotel in tho morning; Mr. Drew, the viceroy's customs adviser, gave out on authoritative eiatcmciii regarding the proposed Chinese tariff changes, about which Li Hung Chang' has held discussion with the cLieJ! feclernl authorities of all the countries he has visited. Th'j readiness always displayed by the United States iu recognizing- tariff autonomy to'all nations, and the 1 comparatively small trnde the United Suites enjoys with China, rendered this portion of his mission, to the Uniterl States easier than it should be in England, for instance, this English possessing nearly 80 por cent, of the empire's trade. Instead, therefore, of trying to learn what concessions from the present treaty stipulations the United St.-it.rs would be willing to waive, the viceroy's interview with Secretary Carlisle was rather to secure advice on the grout question of financiering-which is forcrd upon ' ihi Peking government by the Japanese w;ir indemnity and projects of comprehensive internal .developments. Now TrontlcK. Suoilod. All the old treaties which opened China to commerce and still remaining in force include a fnvored nation clause and prescribed a uniform import iririffi of flvo per cent, ad valorem on a spreific list of articles of some length. Many of those article? have been cheapened, but the rates Tramming unchanputl the source o£ revenue lias diminished until it is no longer equal to the empire's needs. It is therefore proposed to increase the duty, which can only be done by new treaties, and England alone objects unless subsr'nnt.ia.1 concessions are made. The French ar/; also insistent upon^ a reduction of the silk export tax and will• probably have to be appeased in some way. The liking or internal tax upon goods entering interior provinces after paying the imperial import tax is also the subject of much dissatisfaction on the'part of foreign countries,-' because of its irregularities and discriminations, ' ' ' . : In'making this tax uniform important reduction&arc contemplated which will- be gratifying to England as well as to all the treaty powers who enjoy favored nation .treatment. Everything depends jipon the 'result of the .English negotiations, which will be.-soon pressed in London and'which may-require the placing of. certain large contracts in CHINA'S AWAKENING. Has Ordered the Establishment of Moro Military Academies. ladness Gomes better-understanding- of'the ^ transient nature of. the many phys•?*{ ills, which vanish .before proper ef- 'ffljrta—pentlo cfTortB—pleasant efforts— •tk'htly directed. 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The viceroy is studying the question in all its aspects and on his return to .'Peking. the, project is apt to ussuine more definite scope. : ' ., "* . , ^. i • ,. .. j .Ill's Trip' Throdffh the Treasury. Secretary Carlisle aud Treasurer Mo'r-' gan escorted the viceregal party' through th* vaults, showing 1 him $150,1000,000 in g-pld.ond silver, which did not seem-to impress hirni but when the bond : issue division was reached he rrwjni- Jested. great interest and- plied his 'guides with questions. When a $50,000 bond was shown him he nudged cx-See- :retary Poster end asked him if Jin had 'Cn'y lilre tbntJ In the cash room Mr. .Morgan presented the viceroy with a dollar hill of the new issue, numbered "74,", .corresponding to, his age,, and this incident brought out. the f.ictfhat :it was Secretary Carlisle's'birthday, and that he was 01 years old, which led .Li-Hung- Chang to remark that he was' « -young man, Down in the redemption division the viccroi- destroyed $70,000 :in old greenbacks with evident delight. Then Secretary Carlisle entered the ami'age' with him end the party were driven to the bureau of engraving- and printing, where ni) the operations •of money and stamp-making- were viewed with the greatest curiosity Tnternfitlonal Cricket Match. Philadelphia, Sept.' 0.-—Play in' the 'international cricket match between Canada nnd the'Utlted States was resumed at 11:20 Saturday morning with Cooper, and Goldinghinn, the not-outs -when stumps .were drown Friday, defending the wicket for the Dominion's second inning. The Cinndiuns had lost one wicket when play ceased Friday for •32'runs. • • " . Machine Exhibit at Munich. Washington, Sept, 5.—Consul Sterner- writes the department of state from Munich that a second exhibition oi power and labor machines will be held there in'1808. American manufacturers, are invited to participate. Noteworthy exhibits will be awarded "distinction" in the form of medals. HUB Two Labor Uayi. Philadelphia, Sept. 5.—So-turdoy was Labor 'day throughout Pennsylvania, and it is being observed in this city. The stock exchange, commercial exchange, banksi etc.,' were closed, as was also «' number of business houses. .The national Labor day on Monday will elso be observed in Philadelphia. Tile Cvxr uiul C'nrlim .Met lit Hrcskiu by Emperor and EraprcHS of GHrnmny, 'Breslau, Sept, 5.—Tho czar and cznr- 'inu arrived here at 5:30 a. m. Siiturday. Their majesties were met at the rail way junction a-t Bricg, 27 miles from Breslau, at eight in the rooming by the German oflicinls deputed to attend thc:Kuy- sian imperial visitors during- their stay in Germany. When the czar and czarina arrived they were met at the'station by the emperor and empress and the German princes. The kaiser wore a -Russian uniform and the German princes were similarly attired. The German empress wore a salmon colored oost«ro« nnd the cziirina was dressed in white Killv. The czar wore the uniform of the Prussian "Alexander Guards" with the insignia of the order of the BlnckKngle on his breast. The two truperors embraced and kissed one another. The monarchs then reviewed the color comr pony, after which they entered a carriage nnd drove off together to the new Staendehaus, where the Russian iin- , perial party will be lodg-ed during- their yif^it to Brcslau. The two empresses . followed the emptrcrnnd the cxar, their carriage being-driven nt n t,ma.rt pace. .The streets, through which the two em- 'perors, the two empresses nnd their attendants pnfised were lined with people who cheered the imperials with gre*< enthusiasm. ' PANIC AT .CONSTANTINOPLE. nnd oontf Celoitlftli to lit Trained M SoSdlen —Gorman Profemom to Impute la Military Sclcncr — Rulway Kn- . gla«trlog to. Be Studied, According to advices received at the state department the emperor of China has issued a. rescript, ordering the establishment of another academy foj'the military training- of young celestials, As an adjunct to the academy a school for the study of railway engineering- is , to be provided. By such action Chinn shows that she is awakening to the nec- 'essity of a military education' for. her. subjects. Two academies have been In operation .-for some time, but they are not sufficient for the needs of the empire. The new project is the result of a, memorial submitted to the throne by Chang Chin-Tung, acting viceroy of the Liang- Kiang provinces, who organized the Ad Astra brigade, composed of picked young men, trained by Germans to become cavaJrymcn, infantrymen, sappers and miners. China: .is'sadly in want of trained material to resist the encroachments of outside -nations, : and the reason why German armies are superior to those'of other European countries is due to tie fact that every man. iu the former country is a soldier. !Not a single officer in the German army but has graduated from some military academy. Ten years ng-o a military academy was established in Tientsin. At that time Chang Chin-Tung was viceroy of the- two Kuang provinces, a-nd he followed the example of the Peiyang authorities by establishing a similar academy at Can ton! Al though the n umber of graduates turn-edoutby iihe two institutions is bu t limited, yet opportunity has been taken to utilize their service as officers in the new German drilled brigade, organized recently by Chang Chin- Tung-. . There is already a naval academy at Nanking, and China has decided to establish .a military academy at the Yifcng gate of the same city, spaciously- laid out and constructed after.German methods. The Chinese authorities have already cabled' to Berlin to engage five professors of military science to take .chaii-ge-of'"the new academy. Tho new school will be divided into cavalry, infantry, p.-rtillery :(horse and foot), engineering and fortification classes, and strategy aud tactfcs will be carefully taught . in the academy. As rail- w.aj-s.will be apportion of the strategic defense's of "the empire, Ching- Cbjn- Tung- intends to form as an adjunct to the. academy a school for the stndy of railway'engineering.and construction. THE STAR OP HOPE. "I had lout an hope and gouc to my father's to <!{«," said Mrs. MOLT* EVANS, of MOUV&, Corycu Co., Texa* "I.gave birth to • baby a year agro, the i'Sth of June last," she adds, "and seemed to do very I well for 8 or. 9 days, and'then I began to feel very bad. my feet began to swell, (my stomach was all wrong and I seemed to sufferwith everything: that could be •bowe. Iwaainbed ,5 month* and-Uiere 'was not ft day that it seemed I could live. '•We had-the best d.octors' that OUT country.afforded. I was.a 6k«1 ,e,ton. JJteiy.iqne that »aw me' thought'.that,I would never get well. I bad paty>iu- lion and pain in the heart, tefriblc pain in my right hide just under the ribs, terrible headaches all the time ; a bearing down Bensation ; a distressed feeling in my stom- *ch all tbe-tirac ; could-hardly eat anything »nd it looked as if I would starve. All the time I would take such weak trembling spells, and it seemed as if I could not stand it. , There were six doctors treating me when I commenced taking your medicine I had lost all hope and gone to my father's to die: I commenced taking Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery and his 'Favorite Prescription' together, and I took them regularly until I felt a* if life wai worth living again." "I weigh more than I have weighed for ten years. My friends say that I look better than they ever saw me. The first two bottles did me more good than all the medicine I had taken. My stomach lias never hurt jne since. I can eat anything I want and a* much as I want. If you want to use this in favor of your medicine, I am a living wit- .. ness to testify to it, and will, to anybody who wants to know further of my case." Armenlnn Falls from » Window a Sensation. I'ltshlonablo 13;i)):ir<l Mutch. A juodol mate!) at billiards was played .recently at one of the \vcst cnd. J (Lon- .don) clubs. One player wns attired in a full suit of armor and : \vore on his hands ten Berlin wool gloves; the other. wore boxing gloves. The game was ].,-. 000 up,. each player giving ; the other 8SO. The man with the "mittens" won. POZZONPS COMPLEXION POWDER! I hM been the gtandtril for forty ye»r» , Is more popular to-dty tban cror btfore. POZZO.VPS I l« lio Mml oomploiloo I»»dcr—b»»uilf7ln<r.l rofrciLUig, clonnlT, bmlihtul and tannin*.' l"Ad*Clcato, Invisible pn)tcct}r>o toUie/aee , WMto«T«r>- boxofJ>OZZOVTS» jmrn UAeent Jk>r>Tlir» 4>OU> fCTf BOX 1* |j7t«a tree «f durgrv 1 AT DBUGOISTS A»D FANCY STORKS.' 1 Constantinople,. Sept. 5.—A complete panic was cnused here ^Friday by the falling- of an Armeninn from a window j to the street below. The people who saw the man fall believed that he had been thrown out of the window, nnd a rumor spread like wild fire that rioting had been renewed. The shops in Constantinople and Gnlata were closed at once and kept closed until the scare was over and the people had become quiet. It is reported that the Armenian revolutionary association are malting- arrangements for a, great. Armenian demonstration. The Armenian Cfith- o)ic patriarch has caused the .distribution of .certificates intended to identify, the holders thereof as Armenian Cnth- olic, and this measure has thrown the Gregorian Armenians into great' consternation, fearing--that they may bo mncle the chief victims.of violence. London, Sept 5.— The a.rrangernent» for. the new service • between Belgium •and Canada which have been completed between the Belgium Steamship com-' pany.-aud, the. .Canadian- :government contemplate a .direct service bstvrcen Canada and Antwerp via Boulogne, in stead of. via Cologne, as was erroneous- Jy stated in Friday's dispatch. Manhood Restored. Departments to Close H .Washington, Sept. 3.—As next Mon- .day is Labor day, a legal holiday iu JMstfict of Columbia, the executive portments will be closed that day. THE MARKETS. fHti.a,i., i a F, K-*»linE, LOGANSFORT. 1ND. Grain, 1'rovlilonn, Bcc. Chicneo, Sept, B. FLOUR—Quiet and steady. Quotations arc as follows: ..Winter—Patents, J3.45®. 3.60; stralphts; J2.CO(&J3.20; clea'rR. t2.5C(5)2.CO:' seconds, 11.90(3)2.00: low pradeg. JI.75(g2 00. Spring—Patents. .J3.35'5-3.7. r ,: strais-hts, J2:00 @3,20: bakers', f2.:0{f2.2R: low eradpa, n.sog 1.75; Rod Do'g-,-Jl,20®1.«: R>'o.-f2,0fl®2.20. WTTEAT—Fairly active and unsettled, September, DCQ)5GV4c: Dccember,.CS^ig!D8 1 ic. • CORN—Easier. No. 2, 19%c:'No. 2 To.N low, 20%c; SeiHember, lS%c: October, 20^4' and 20Uc;.Deccmbor,.21H<n i 21%c; Mny, • . Several Perilous Badly Burned. Yonkers, N. Y., Sept. 5.— A four-story flat house owned by P. H. Maher and occupied by nine families was burnei] Saturday morning. Lous, $35,000; insurance, small. There, were many nar-t row escapes from death. Several per- were badly burned. OBJECT TO REDUCTIONS. Big -Mluerii' Strike Likely.Alone tbe Line of B. & O. Railroad. Washington, Sept! 5.—A spt'ciat'from Cumberland, Md., says: The coal miners: along the Wheeling division of ths Baltimore & Ohio railroad, where t.txj rate was reduced from 70 to CO cents a .ton, have held another mass;meeting at JIacket station nnd the refusal tc work for less than TO ,cents was re? affirmed, The.miners officials ba^prc- pared for a fight, bat the indications are that there 1 will be a ge'nenl break iln the mining rote all over the district, Almost CO per cent, of the mines in -th« fourth pool are idle and are .likely tci .continue so for some time.. The Juttfl miners have struck agninsta reductir.-b from one dollar to 80 . cents., per 100 .bushels run of mine. The other operat* 'ors ore contemplating similar cuts and strikes will follow. Abont tile Eye. people, wif.h aore eyes, eyes, and red and inflamed eye«, caused by age, catarrh or otherwise, the 3rtiilion Balm i* n priceless boon. Pat 15 or 20 drops of Balm into « spoonful! of warm- water and. bathe the .eyes well night and taorningj'getting some o'f tha aolntion into the CJ-CB. TLis relief «ndl keneSt is —orth a hundred tijne* tb* A GOOD IN VESTMENT. CERTIFICATES. Chicago* Beaton by FliUllM.,,. . . Philadelphia, Sept. 5.— The PliUliM played a faultless game, in the field in the mornine game 'n-: ' easily disposed of the Chlcngos/v,''' -ii-ors, though not numerous, v 7)0g:rjg.. Tha ecore stood PhiV.. — ....... icago»,'6. ,i The .Kelay Race.'..... Toledo; O., Sept. S.—The San'Franci:!. co-New-York relay bicycle riders passeil through here ot 1:26 Saturday morning nbout 12. hours- behind time. There is good wheeling through Ohio, however,' and it is. expected that a good portion ol the los.t time will be mode up before Pennsylvania is reached. It is thought •the message will be in Xew York on Labor day by four p. to. •' '. ' ' nnot zik» utnutfaiar. Bloom ington, }nd,, Sept. 5,—William .'Hall -shot hi» 18-year-old daughter Fri- .dnv, because «he. married against hi* •nill. HR then ; tried to kill himself. Hall went to his daughter's home and begged her to leove with him.. She re- fuged.! Th'e daughter will recover, but Hall is fntnlly shot. . OATS—Fair tradlnB and easier. No. ! cash, Kci-'September,'14%@t3c; Mayv'18%- @18%c. , Samples steady. No grade, S@ ISo; No! 3.' 12@18o; No, 3 White, !6®13c; No.- 2, 17fiH7iic;: No. 2 White,. 19&@2(%c. • '•• MESS PORK—Market.fulrly active and prices easier. Quotations rang-ed at &.50 '@5,53 for cash;- J5.45iff5.53 for. September; $6.DO@5.CO • (or Oc.tober,. and $C.5S@0.62;4 for .January. . . . LARD—Trading moderate and prices caster. Quotations ranged-at t3.22%'3i2.2S for.cash; J3.20@3,22H for. Septembcc; |3£2'/i .@3.25 for Octorobr, -and'f3.S7%S > 3.<!% for January. BUTTER—Market firm at. ,n<g>15c for •creameries a.nd!0(S>14c for; dairies. • •• LIVE POULTRY —: Quiet. Turkeys, 8 ' @llc; Chickens, 7©SHc: Ducks 1 , SigiSMiC per pound; Gccse, per dozen. i3.<X@S.50. WHISKY—Steady on the basis of JI.I8 for hlghwlnes. ; •; v ,- ; -i New York, Sept. 6. • FLOUR—Steady, unchanged. . WHEAT—No. 2 Red dull, steady, Uclow- ,er with tho west, with only.-a local-trade. .^September, C2%o; December, GSVitf-CS^c. CORN-No. 2 Quiet, steady. No. 2, 25ft fjiZS'Hc; December,. 27%®2754c. ,!• OATS— No. 2 dull,, stfittdy. Western, 19 ©Sc; September, 19*ic; December, 20%c. BEEF—Easy,. Extra mess, $5.50(513.0); 'fomily;'?7.00®8.(X). • ••'..'"• ..'. PORK~Ea»y, New mess, :$7.50®S,25. LARD—Dull, nominal. ,,Steam rendered, $50., 8100., $250., $500., 11,000. The interest is guaranteed forS yean. . They net the purchaser 8 per ct. per annum. The interest is Jrom earnings. The coupons are payablo semi-mnnn»Hy . They arc simiiai to Collateral .Trust Bonds. , • The principal is rapidly enhanciogin value. They arc a safe investment. Vor particulars address: OSBOKAK PIPE-USE. SYSTEM, . Manhattan Building, Chicago, ludT After Thirty Years'Experience . I have thO'besU Brain and Nerve Tonic )n earth for 471 we'akcnea'condltlomi YCirardless of •auso. Medicines sent for full roontb's irenuneBi 'or one dollar postpaid, or afldresBfor narttculars - s. joiiNsoii, if. o., BATTLE CUBKK, men. '• BUTTER— Quiet; fancy- steady. Western .daJry, S@12c; do. creamery, HH®WKc; do. factory, 7)4i8>nVic:.ElBlns,,16^e; Imitation creamery, Wipl^c. • CHEESE— Quiet : and firm; Part skims, EQGS— Firm. Western, , . . ,.,- tire Stock. ;, . - . • :.. . • Chicago, Sept. 5. CATTLE-^Market nominally quiet and -unchanged.: Fair to•:best beeves; 1320(3> B 00; stockers and feeders, J2.40@3.CO; mixed 'Cows and Bulls, $l,20@3.5Cl; Texas, »2.00O' ,MO,' -' ' • -• •' • HOGSr-Morket-.steady. Best light and medium Wronger. Light, Z3.1G<g!t-!2i4; -rouBh packlntr, »2.C(Kg)3.S5: mixed and butch- ere 1 , t2.85@S.30; heavy packing and shlp- 'jlng, |!.70®3.25; figs, tS.25S-S.35. . if Old Bor««. Bnrnm. Por wounds, old sores and burns, Br»» rlliaa B«lm i» of pricelets value. ?or cnt» 4 woundi from gunshot, broken glass, or torn flesh it almoit. instantly , Btopt the pain and bleeding, prevents inflammation, pi'tvents- lockjaw in-all cases, .if used at once, and heal* like magic. It cleanses old sores and ulcers from "proud flesh,".kills the microbe •which causes the formation of pus, thus stopping the discharge,--and promote* grftnuJ«tion and heahng more rapidly than any known, remedy. For Bruises, Sprains, Burns, Blackened Eyes, etc., it is equally prompt and efficacious. It is indispensable in every factory and home, gee Testimonials in circular. • . ' ' rceumonlk. ' Mrs, A. J..Lawrence, of Beaver, IX, .says:. "Brazilian Balm brought me out of ' a severe attack of. pneumonia in splendid shape. It is a wonderful remedy for coughs and tag troubles. Also for. outward .use, : for. burn*,' cold sore* and chapped hands and .face, it cure* like magic. Il is .invaluable in the family." " .

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