Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 7, 1894 · Page 2
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 2

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 7, 1894
Page 2
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P AINT cracks — It often costs more to prepare a house for repainting that has been painted in the first place with cheap ready-mixed paints, than it would to have painted it twice with strict- .ly pure white lead, ground in pure linseed oil. Strictly Pure White Lead forms a permanent base for rcpair.t- ing and never has to be burr.C'.i or scraped off on account oi sa.Jing- or cracking. It is always smooth and clean. To be sure of ge'.-.i^r strictly pure white lead, purchase any of the following brand;: " Anchor,' ' ' ' Southern,' ' "Eckstein," "Red Seal," "Kentucky," "Collier." Fo« COLOKS.— National Lead Co.'n Pure While Ltad Tinting Colors, n one-pot:m! ,•.-.:> lorn 35-pound ktg of Lead and mix \ocrn\ii ptints. Save! time and annoyance i:i mau-hinj; •hides, and Insure* the btst jinim that n i . pos- •tbk to put on wood. Send u« a postal card and RCI our r.otk en its und color-card, free; il will prubab!y;:r.ve • good many dollars. NATIONAL LEAD CO., New York. . V Y Cincinnati Branch, Freeman Avenue, Cincinnati. VERY COSTLY CHESSMEN. ,•1 M.rpliy'i. K,«ro,m< Prl»6 >-ei Which Co»» Tvr»ntjr-nr<r Haattrnl Dollar*. A set of chessmen is usually an ines- ymslve thing, but it may cost as much M a grand piano. Of course, you can (•t a small set of ordinary boxwood ahcimieii for a few dollars, a finer set of (boxwood and ebony for twelve or fifteen dollars, and a set of "Staunton" •bMsmen, of the best African Ivory, large size, for »eventy-nve dollar*. And tk*we an all plain sets. If you Indulge te fancy carving, and have your set made to order from a special design and finely mounted, it may cost anywhere from one hundred and sixty to 'three hundred dollars. For u, really ••pensive set, however, yon will probably choose the precious metals, and there Is absolutely no limit to the cost Probably one oif the finest sots over made wan tho net presented to Paul Morphy in 1859 by friends in this city and Brooklyn, whicli is now ownod by • New York merchant. The pieces are cf solid gold and silvor, carved and ohased in exquisite designs. They are mounted on bases of rod cornelian, tho gold pieces representing civilization. A FEARFUL SUSPENSE. •the Thon«lH H W»«ld Never Bod Suspense Is an awful thing. Peopl suffer month after month from vatlou troubles hoping yet doubting. Thoua finds of persons are injuring the! health and breaking down under load they can not bear. They fin they aro getting nervous, Irritable they can not sleep and often hav headache. There IB not the slightest need t live on this way, for you can be cure just a* well aa not. Mrs. E. A. Wll llaros, of Franklin, Maes., has suffere terribly from her nerves and 11 health, but ehe is now well and tell in the following letter just how to b cured: -I was completely broken down ii health. My nerves were all unstrung and exhausted. I could not sleep nights and my limbs trembled all th time. It was evident there was a tor ribiy diseased condition of my nerves ••I took all kinds of medicines bu neither they nor the doctors did mi and good. I became fearfully dls cournged and thought I should neve gei well. The suspense wag awful. MK3. K. A. WILLIAMS. •Having heard of the wonders of Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy I determined to use It. The result was remarkable. After taking three bottles my nervoueneBs was all pone, I could Bleep well and my limbs were all right. I waa entirely cured gold pieces representing civilization, ~ ,. " ,. . the silver ones barbarism. Tho gold by this grand, pood medicine. is a statuette four inches high, j "I cunnot sperk highly enough Of •weighing three ounces. Ho is in royal j) r , Greene's Nervura blood and ier\e robes, bears an imperial globe upon hU head, a sword and shield in his remedy. It ia a God-send to us poor sufferers. It cured me perfectly and completely of all my troubles, and I know it will do the same for others. w*» ".» »".«...o ,.i~ .^,.~.., Ob! that I had taken it sooner." prancing- horses, with eyes of rubies, j Ae ^ yourself thie question honestly The castle follows tho Chinese design, , 8Dd f airly . if you knew a medicine heing an elephant bearing it howdah, ld on which is perched an eaffle with out- would 8ure 'y ° ure JOU ' woum yuu * ... . ..... «nl«.. 1,0 \A7nll aT , a band, while a crown and scepter lie at hU feet. The bishops are in full panoply, 'while the knights aro represented as •pread wings. Both olophant and bird 'have eyes of brilliant rubies. The piece weigh* five ounces, or as much as ' jelghty gold dollara Tho pawns aro •tatuettes two and one-half inches high, representing Roman soldiery. The silver pieces are equally ornate take It? Well, everybody who taktes Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and nerve remedy is cured, and you will be. Commence now, In the spring, when yon can bo cured quickest. A spring medicine ia absolutely in design. "ThfTking Is represented as| necessary to all, and people are sure 'aleader like Alaric, wearing a bull's! that Dr. Greene's Nervura blood and hide and winged helmet, while lii« i nerve remedy IB the best. It was dls- ' "covered by Dr. Greene, of 35 West Hth street, New York City, the most successful specialist In curing nervous and chronic diseases. He can be con- shield boors the inscription, "Liberty." The other pieces aro similar in design to tho gold, except that tho pawns aro rode warriors armed with clubs. The board has a body of rosewood, inlaid with silver; the squares aro of Mother-of-pearl and ebony. In each corner la a laurel wreath of gold en- 'olrcling the letters P. M. An inscription on one side roads as follows: ,To PATH MORPHT. A Recognition of His Genius and a Testlmonv of Regard, From His Frlcndx and Admirers In Now York and llroolilyn. Now York, 1850. On the other sulo of the ixmrrt is a list of the fourteen champions, all from the different countries, whom Morphy h»d defeated. In every detail the set 1» finished as finely as possible, tho figures being chased under » miscro- itcopc. It was made by a A'ew York ton of silversmiths and cost two thousand five hundred dollars. It was pre- •entod to Morphy, fresh from his Knropnan triumphs, in the chapel of the . university of the City of New York, John Van Huron, son of the president, making the presentation speech. After Horphy's death it was aold with his efleota in New Orleans, and ao came tack to this city.—N. Y. Mail and Ex- Ths, Old MUD'S Oooupatlou. "What's John doing now?" :• "College." . "And Bill?" "Lawyer." "And Dlolc?" , "Preaohtn'." ; "And the old man?" }. "Well, h« oln't a-doln' of nnthln" IBttoh, oept supportin' of John an* Bill •nd Dlckl"—Atlanta Constitution. suited free, personally or by letter. Mss»l!« Founddtlosi Dlieomed. Chicago citizens in their desire tc excel, have lately accomplished a big feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurements that there are some lady residents who can wear shoes twelve inches long. Your blood needs regulating ir dprlng. "Lafeld Cabinet Port" IB na- ture'e own blood purifier. Mild and mellow. Price, quarts, $1; pints, 6C cents. For sale by W. H. Porter, preset ip:ion druggist, 326 Market street Logansport, Ind. The Puzzle Solved Perhaps no local disease has puzzled and balllod the medical profession more than nasal catarrh. While not Immediately fata', it is among the most nauseous and disgusting ills the flesh is heir to, and the records show very few or no oases of radical cure of chronic catarrh by any of the many modes of treatment until the introduction of Ely's Cream Balm a few years ago. The success of this pre paration has been most gratifying and surprising. No druggist is without It. ^ Days full of the sunshine of health are ttose which follow the use of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitallzer. Sold by Ben Fisher. ZOA-PHORA, "MUMS OF WOMEN MD DHILMIH," • M** wort* dollari. Itnt nifstf for lot. Beoawi to O I R L8 a painless, pwftei development and thn» prevents llfe-lonf weakneu. Sustains and soothes Overworked Women, Exluvusted and prevents prolapJW. CUMS Palpitation, neait, nervous breaking down (often preventing insanity), providing a urn Change of Life, «"<» ». ^ •» a bappy old act. sUadtr, raffertnj ftom any complaint pemllai to th» ftmato sex, DU-PHOBA to h •wiytUBf to 700. lstt«i *» advl«s marked "OoMilttaf tepaitiiiint," aw nU-PHMU CO, H. 0. COtlUB. fctfy, galinmno, Mich. PROSPERITY FROM WINDMILL& Western Firmer* Utilising the Br««*M for Irrigation, Prolrl It Is a little odd that the very el, ment which has been the chief enem of tho western farmer should be harnessed Into Increasing- his propertj »ut such Is the newest phase of prs,irl agriculture. Sinoo the settler's wagon first crossed the plains the never-rest Inff winds have been the bane of cro (growing 1 . Their ceaseless drain on th supply of moisture in tho new land has left the grain without nutrimen and shortened tho erops year afte year until many a settler jrrewdl couraged and journeyed "back east t the wife's folks." But nocesslty ha developed a remedy. Surveyors hov found that the wntor supply of west ern Kansas and Nebraska has it source in the rainfall and is collects in basins formed by impervious strata generally at elevations far above tha of the river bottoms. To raise this t the surface windmills are boin,. adopted and -hundreds of them arc wavinf? their lonff fans in the prairie claims, lifting the water to the field and gardens of the farms. The cost of mill and pump is L than one dollar per acre for a claim It hug been shown by practical expert menta that a mill will easily irrigate from one to three acres of ground auc by conducting the water to reservoirs, so that the pumping can go on in we us well as dry weather, live or iix aores are easily kept moist A hal dozen windmills are being put on soim farms and mean abundant mo.V.un for twenty-flvo to thirty-five uc;-es o fertile soil and the raising of tho -i rm'i value from US to »30 an acre. On the thirty acres can be produced willi R-ood water supply as much vegetables grain or hay as on a half section of un irrigated land. Hundreds of skilled farmers liiive tried in vain to make agaiculture a success on the upland prairies, Occasionally comes a year when everything flourishes—then follows others when, as was the case in certain sections o: western Kansas last season, wheat sown in October lies in the ground the following 1 May dry enough to serve as a grist at the mill. With an inexhaustible water supply beneath the surface this ought not to be so and the windmill method of lifting the hidden rivers to the thirsty fields promises to work a startling 1 revolution.—Chicago Herald. FASHION NOTES, SomojLlito TUcnH In tho Department of Feminine App.-iri*!. A stylish and very pretty petticoat is made of LYotich percalin>.'. It is cut in liell shape, and has throe pinked-out -ulllcs. The lower one is double, Or ;here are two riiilies, one sot over tho other. This gives a little more consist ency to the edge of the shirt than can jo had with a single ruillo, and is much jotter liked. Ladies who have not familiarized themselves with this inate- •ial can scarcely realize what :in nddi- tion it is to tho accessories of the wardrobe. The plastt-on effect is noticeable in •yne of the now imported dresses. A '-shaped section filling the entire space from tho top of tho shoulders to tho jodice point is finished with some landsome garniture set on in a sort of braiding pattern. In one costume it looks on all the way down, in another t forms a portion of tho double-breasted front Small bonnets in close conservative- ooking shapes-arc tho most approved spring models. Thoy are a trifle larger ,han heretofore, and seem to frame the Jaco in very prettily, but yet one may select any style that is becoming and ,rim it after any caprice that chances to strike the fancy. A charming spring bonnet is made to wear with a tailor costume of dark-blue cloth. It is in toque shape and has a roll of black velvet around the edge. This roll is lined with pink velvet, only small portion of the colors showing tmong- the folds, A stiff wing and ligrot complete this model. Some of the new shoes have broad, flat toes, that are in delightful contrast o the ncedle-pointod affairs that have if lute been seen on our promenades. L'his is a stop in the right divection. If atural-shaped foot could bi> fashionable, it would bo a great boon to humanity. A new costume has B ten op sleeves ith cuffs almost in bell sht-po. They :V excessively ugly, but new, and vith some people that is all that is required. There is no material that has so ,_any friends and such a multiplicity of vises as tho various grades of fine .orge.—N. Y, Ledger. —Designs Upon Him.—That the Cir- cassian princess had been favorably mprossed with the newcomer had been ipparent from tho beginning of his en- agement. Even the lecturer noticed t, and the fat woman' whispered to he double headed boy: "That gal hat does tho Circash has designs upon he tattooed man." lint the days went by and nothing cama of it — Truth. —"How did you manage to sell that piece of goods that's all out of date to .Irs. Hifli?" Clerk-"! told her it was a great bargain, but I thought Mrs. Uchcoin had had it laid aside for one if her daughters. Then sho took it ight off."—Inter Oceaji. —Stephen is from the Qreelc,a crown, and the early Christians regarded as igniflcant the fact that the first uiartyr bore this name. French Jletreat from Moscow. On the retreat from Moscow the 'rench lost and threw away over 00,00 musketu. —Eudori is from the Greek, one who prospers in her way. is the pastures a growtn or gnu urlngthe greater part of the season M needed. A good variety of graMM must be town so aa to furnish teed for ho longest Doatlbl* time. THE OLD RATE. Former Salaries of Union Paoifii Employes to Be Restored, Judge Dundy Will Grant Their Appli c»tion—Judge Jenkins Modifies • Famouf Order. JUDGE DUNDY EXCITED. OMAHA, Neb., April 0.~The Amori can Railway union has made applica tion in the United States district cour to have the salaries of the members o the order on the Union Pacific road which were cut lost August, restore< to the old rate. Judge J)undy was visibly excited when addressing the at torneys from the bench. Ho said: "If It IB stated that such A cut bin been m»d In the wajtes of thete men connected with thl organization—or outside of It—on this railway whtn other* who are drawing hither pny have been so highly favored, I will >«e th»t tho« who are drawing leu pay will be treat ed the same way and I will 'advis that the old pay be restored. Still, It is bu (air to the other side that they should have no tlca. You hare to rely a great deal on the It* tlmony o' railway men ID thexo cisea, and they should h»vo notice, and I suggest the preprint: whan Mr. Dickinson returns or making tha order. ItUmnt Judfe Jenkins. "Now, I have got myself Into difficulty, us you can readily sot, by following the ex ample Judge Jenkins made In the North era Fticlilo case, wnen ha allowed a schedule reducing the pay and fixing In the order tha the parties were bound to comply with It when DO notice, not a ralnuM, was given. do not propose to gel myself In that shape again ana be denounced In open court wher< I have to preside at times. I followed bis order, though mine was leas stringent than hU when he did not give the men a miuute'B notice, and now I am de nounced all over the country for doing the very thing be did, when I was following a preooden he out. My term of court commences at Nor folk on Monday, but If necessary 1 will posv pone that In order to have a speedy bearing In this case." All May Be H«»rd. In conclusion Judge Dundy said: "If you want to make application to have the old pay restored, I want you and every other one o! the employes on the road to unders land that I/ they have been wronged by the reduction that they will not have to join any union to got a hearing, oocuuie, an I bava s&K before, 1 wli: hear one person that baa a grievance or 1 will hoar 100, or 1,000 or 4,000—as they claim to have In this union—and I will make no distinction between the parties. 'I ma Jo the order In the Hrst Instance when the order was mndo on January 27, (jiving and granting the right to all the employes to :omo Into court and have the matter determined If they felt aggrieved. But some of thorn, Instead ot doiug that, commenced firing threatening letters at me nd Ignored the order I mudo for their bonont I simply authorized the rocelv- ors to put in force tbo Hcuedule that had been made. 141d not oj-Jer tbcm to. It was wholly unlllio tho one in the Northern Pacillc case. There Hie judge. In making tho order which I followed, not only did what J did but directed and ordered the receivers to put It into force, and I never diu thuu" Sllchtly Modified. MIUVAUKEK, April 0.—The long- looked-for decision by Judge Jenkins on the motion made by tho chiefs of ihe great railway organizations for a nodiUcation of his famous Northern Pacific strike order was rendered in the United States circuit court, at 2 o'clock m. Judge Jenkins modifies his injunction orler by striking out the clause which reads: "And from ordcr- ng, recommending, approving or advising othnrs to quit the service of the •eceivers o£ the Northern Pacific on January 1, 1SU4, or at any other time," In all other respects the judge denies the motion of the men. TVun on Mrs, Surrmtt's Scaffold. WASHINGTON, April 0. — Father James A. Walter, pastor of St. Patrick's church, and the boat known clergyman n Washington, dropped dead Thurs- lay afternoon while preparing to go on 8, sick call. He had just partially recovered from grip and throat trouble. Father Walter was born id Baltimore n 1821), He attended Mrs. Surrattdur- ng her trial, and was on the scaffold when she was hanged. Kvldonce All ID. WASHINGTON, April (!,—With Miss KNOWLEDGE Brings comfort and improvement and tends to personal enjoyment when rightly used. The many, who live bet- »r than others and enjoy life mote, with less expenditure, by more promptly adapting tbe world's best products to the needs of physical being, will attest the value to health of the pure liquid laxative principles _ embraced in the remedy, Syrup of Figs. Its excellence is due to its presenting in the form most acceptable and pleasant to the taste, the refreshing and truly >eneficial properties of a perfect laxative; effectually cleansing the system, dispelling colds, headaches and. fevers and permanently curing constipation. It has given satisfaction to millions and met wfthfthe approval of the medical profession, because it acts on the Kid- oeys, Liver and Bowels without weakening them and it is perfectly free from every objectionable substance. Syrup of Figs is for sale by all druggists in 60c aud»l bottles, but it IB manufactured by the, California Fig Syrnp Co. only, whose name is printed on every package, also the name, Syrnp of Figs, andrSteg ,well informed, you will no*, acoept any ! snNrtltute if offer** Pollard's evidence and some further un important testimony by the matron of the Washington Foundling asylum, who was recalled for the defense, the testimony in the Pollard-Breckinridge case waa closed, and the court adjourned. The jury was discharged till Monday, when the summing up of the case by counsel will bejfin. BATTER "DOWN JAIL WALUS. AD Ancry Crowd »t Greensboro, G». Lynch a, Itlack llrut*. NASHVILLE, Tenn., April 0. — Mrs. Chambers, a respectable white woman of Greensboro, Go,, was assaulted Thursday night by a negro. The negro was arrested and identified, lie was placed in jail. The jail was soon after ward attacked by an armed mob. Tho sheriff made a desperate defense and telegraphed the eovernor to order out the military, which was done, but be fore tbe soldiers reached the scene oi the disturbance the mob had battered down tho jail wall* and lynched the Protest* Agiiliist tho ('litutwc Treaty. WASHINGTON, April 6. —Samuel Gompers, president of the American Federation of Labor, has written a letter to Vice President Stevenson protesting against the ratification of the new Chinese treaty. Medical CoitcrenH Adjourns. KOUK, April <!.—The international medical congress closed its sessions Thursday. The next congress will meet in Kussia. I'ost OHlcc Itobbdd of SCt,000. LIVA, O., April 0.—The post office hafu tit Ilicksville was blown open Wednesday night and nearly IS,000 ia currency and stamps was taken. liapld Growth of Kedwood Trees. We have evidence in California ,that redwood trees cut down sixty year? ago have made sprouts which are now trees from three to five feet in diameter and from one hundred to one hundred and fifty feet .high. It is the rapid growth of some of these trees which leads people to doubt their great aire, but there seems to be no reason for doubting- that the method of calculating by annual rings of wood is sound, and that the great age imputed to some of those trees has solid groundwork to build on.—Median's Monthly. THE MARKETS. Groin, Frovlsluns, Etc. CHICAOO, April fl. FLOTJR—Was In fair demand and the reel- liiK very tlrm. Winter — Patents, t£Soa3.15; straights, ;'J.OOau.-0; clears, t211*32.40: sec- ends, ll.m&l.UO; low tfrados. fl.OUffll.70. Spring -I'ateuts, JS.30a.ttM; straight*, tS.'.SOQiW; Baiters', tl.T&ai&i; low grades, i-I.40Bl.5fl: Ked Dou, »J.35B1.W: Kyo, Ki.40t£i5U 'WUCAT—Active, uiiscHled and hiplK-r. Cash, tl-^ifttHl'ii;-. May, (W?i tiO.V/ic: July, C^iCC^c. Cons—Active, but easier. Mo. - and No. 2 Vellow, 38o: No. 3, 37,^c: No. 3 Yellow, lirjiC; April, "«c under May; May, DK^ftiiii-Uc: July, 3H.Si£t2H?£c: September, Mr*. A. K. Lanler Bush's Mills, Ohio. Strained Nerves Palpitation of the Heart and A General Break Down The Good Effect of Hood'* waa Marked and Permanent. " C. I. Hood & Co., Lowell, Hau.: "Gentlemen:—I was taken down lick bit Decunbtr, and becuc* Ttrjr wesJc with nnrooi trouble, pujplutlon ot the heart, and a ftntnl break down. I had a good physician, but lingered alont getting no better. I could tit up only about half a day, until the isthof March, when I concluded I would grre Hood's Svupv Hood's^Cures rill»aW»l. WHcnlhadniedUa ihorttiiae,! could gtt up ud go all about the house all day. I hmy» never enjoyed perfect health, but am now taking n>7 fifth bottle of Bood't Sanapa- rm», and know it hat helped me wonderfuIUr. I hare used Hood's Pllli, and think them •»• (lUent." MM. A. K. LAKIBB, Buth'i MDt, Onto. Hood'* PHIa act M*lly, y«t promptly ant- efficiently, on the llrer and bowels. SBc. v Good News. No other medicine in tbe world waa over given such a test of its curative- qualities, as Or.to'a Cure. Thousands of bottles of thin great German remedy are being distributed free of charge, by druggists in this country, to those afflicted with consumption, asthma, croup, severe coughs, pneumonia and all throat and lung diseases, giving- the people proof that Otto's Cure will ure them, and that it is the grandest triumph of medical science. For cale only by Bea Fisher, 311 Fourth street. Samples free. Large bottles 50 cents. Wlio s-.!>,- KficumailKin Cumiol be- 3HSi£t2H?£c: September, 40^(J4IJi l io. | of rheumatism. vie COUl 3i^o'^>"'"-a«ia- ll! Ii"y N ?!)iik»"ic; ^e? ' in C that would afford hc-r »iii»,iim- ->r,-J;(fi.'zH^r_ SiLmnloR In fair demand 1 and n< :i last rtSOrt £ttvc , lerabcr, eOJidi'JISiC. Samples In fair demand and steady. No. 3, 3U'(i32c; No. 3 Willie, ;i!=i <»:i3«c; No. 2, 3)H«i3!c: No. i White, Kiiiaitt^c. HVK—I'Mrai. No. '2 cash, 49!ic, and .lamplo lota, ftOtS 1 "'^: May delivery, 51c. UAII/.KV—Fair sali;. Clioico by sample, 503 5fio; fu!r to pood, "ilii.S.'ic: comnicn, 4G&.iOc, and low grade, 43^40;, with screenings, tJMJO O17.00 ter ton. MKSS FOKK—Tradine mod era :o and priced lower. Quotations ranged ai «li.9.iai^or4 for casli regular; tll.Oii&li.'.uTK for May, und tll'.oJ 1^.10 for July. LAUD—Market ratter quiet and steady. Quotations ranged a: 17.07^(47.17;-i for cash; I7.ui'.;a7.12H for May, and !O.S7i,jC.'.Gvj for July Mv wife was confined, to hfi' b>:d for' over two months vith a severe attack of rheumatism. We could get notn- any relief, and a< a. last resort crave Chamberlain's P:-un B;ilm a trial. To our great surprise sho be£' HU to improve after' the lirst application acd by using it- regular she was sf-on able ;o get up and attend to her housework.— E. H. Johnson, of C. J. Ktmtcon & Co. Kensington, Minn. 50 cent hottlcs for sale by B, F. Keetling, druggist." Tli« Golden Secret of Losg Ufe. Keep the htad cool, the feet warm "LIV« j>ou..TitY-Por pound: chickens. 93 j and the bowels open. Bacon's Celery HC; TurnejH. "a BC; DUCUS, iiii-iOc; ueesc, j King for the nerves is a vepretablci package free. Largest size, fiO cents. uafcic; Dairy, isa^oe; j preparation and acts as a natural laxa: stock, 739c" ' ' I tive, and is the greatest remedy ever w" , discovered for tho cure of dyspepsia. White, 7«c: ftllcnigttll l-Time vvniio, i>»i;i »Jr 1 "^ w J r ;. tor white, Oc; icOinna Prime White, S)4i;..^v:i-I liver complaint, and all blood, livei" tor wmw, »«c: Headlight, i"i test. B'.ic: UM-j d kldnuy dieeaseg. Call on Bee, olino, Wdog'H, »«c; 71 deg's, flc: Nnpntlia.i» °^ u , J » .il dcg's, uwc. Fisher, sole agent, and get a trial LrtjtJoKS—Distilled spirits Rti'ady on ta» ft^iii of Sl.tj per Kal. for llnisbcil poods. NEW YonK, April H WHBAT—No. 2 reel, unsettled, but. llrmcr. May, CO l-16jH!C.'iic; July.(S>M&<M!,c; December, CoitN—No. ii, (lull and easier early, l>ui rallied Inter. May, 43?,'(ii«;ic; July, 46ffi-tif»c, OATS—No. 2, Urnier on crop news. May, 35?( 38iic; July, 35Hc; truck white state, 38'/iiii I^Jl^t:; track whito western, 38i^-it4--?a^ PHOVISIONS—Beef, steady. Family, SJiOOa 14.00; extra mesH, (8.00. Porlt, steady, New me»N, I3..iU<iiH.Oa; family, H4.004tH.50; short :loar, U3,&0'iol(i.ou. Lard, Ilrm. Prime west- ;rn »lcam, )7.C6, uomlnal. TOLEDO, O.. April ft WHEAT—Higher, active. No. i cash and April, Oi.'^c; May, C3"io; July, OUc, CoitN—Firm, dull No. - cash aiul May, 8«c- OATS—Quiet. No. ^ mixed. Mtjc bid; No. wlilte. 34«c bid. RYK—Dull. Cash. We bid. CL.OVKHSKKD—Quiet. Prime cash, faiia: I April, !6.00 asKed; October, W.l'5 as:ied. i Uvo Stock. CHICAGO, April 8 HOG8-Markot nctivc. Fecllns tl rm and prices c higher. Sales ranged at H.OOO1.B5 for Pigs; 1 14 80^6.06 for light; J4.dfKiJl4.80 for rough pack. nx: 14.8005.05 for ml«d, and t4.8530.10 for eavy packing and shipping lot^. CATTLB—Market fairly active and firm. Prices without matorlttl changd Quotation! »ngod at Jt WO4.76 for choice to citra shipping Steers: »abMH,85 for good to choice do.: H403 .88 for f«ir to ffood: M.058140 for common to inedium do.: H.OOO3.86 for butchers' 3u»r»: aoops.10 for Stookors; W-10««.6S for Feeders; l.50«* 10 for Coir»; fi70aa» for Helfeni »00 D3,50foc Bulls; tg.60as.90 tor Texu SMers, nil IS.&034.71 for Veal Calves. A Hud IMciur*-. Tbe neat time you are In a melancholy mood, M you are almost certain to be if you becom« bil- ous or dyspeptic, picture to foursell the condition f a poor man who, without resources and wltb a amllr on his hands, finds hlmielf on a sick bed. floom obscom ola n«rro» horizon In every <J|recon. Unable to:do any worlc: nltliout means, or [fiends capableot assisting him, with tbe possible rMpect of continual 111 bealtb; wita rent, per- aps, unpaid and unpayable, the outlook for nlm gloom; Indeed. How shortsighted, then, Is the an of humble nwn« who perceiving that bl s ealthand strength are falling takes no precaution to avert tbe oncoming evil. Hosteller's tomach Bltteri Is a reliable, profeMlooally recommended restorative el health and Tlgor, and sore means ot preventing the many disabling complaints which exposure, overwork, neglect nd Ininfflelent load produce. Malarial, rheu- matlim, kidney and liter complaint, dyspepila and nenrooi-diwaw always yield to It. "RomI Rabf'» Fort if you are reduced In vitality or strength by illness or any other cause, we recommend the use of this OIS rort Wine, the very blood of the grape. A grand tonic for nursinp mothers, and those reduced by wasting disease. It creates strength; im* proves the appetite; nature's owe remedy, mucl preferable to drucs:, guaranteed absolutely pure and over five years of ago. Young wine ordinarily ijolil is not St to ute. Ineitt ot> having this standard brand, it eoet& DO more. |1 in quart bottles. Bottled by Royal Wiiio Co., Chicago For sale J y Johnston Bros. For Over Flltj" Yenm Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup hat- been used for over fifty years b? millions of mothers for ihclr childrec while teething, with perfect success. It soothes the child, softens tho gums, allays all pain, cures wind colic, »n(i ie tho best remedy for diarrhea*. It- will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Sold by druggists it? overy part of the world. Twenty-five cents a bottle. Be wire and wit for •Mrs. Wlnelow's Soothing Syrup" aotf take no other kind. Quaker keadaohe o*p«ul§ jl»« re l«f In Un mlnuto*. CulUornla Fruit Laxative IB own true remedy. It combine* the/ medicinal virtues of California fruUr and plftnU which are known to hate * beneficial effect on ihe human lyatem. Although barmlese to the most delicate constitution it is thorough and effective, and will afford a peimanent- oure for habitual constipation a&d the many disorder* arising from a weak or inactive -condition of the kidney*, liver, stomach and bowels. For Ml* by all druggutt at 60 cent* a bottle. Karl's Clover Boot, the new blood purifier, gives freshness and olean»«*« to tbe complexion and cunt oonttipa- Uon; tto.,JH)o. and 9* *>« by B.

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