Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 1, 1947 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1947
Page 8
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yx f,y \ \-?"'* i '">f . ,-* t" / " ( u '' 1 ' 1 '' ! v I ' r \i'' iip^l^!^^^ '''" • ' ' "" 4 '' ' ' H O P I ST A R, H 0>i, ARK A N S A S Tuesdoy, July 1, 1947 '.LASSIFIED 'Adi Mult Be in Otte* DAy Before Publication ! On* T Daf 10.;... .80 .. 1.S5 1.50 1.50 1.80 1.10 2.40 1.70 S.OO Dayi llontb 1.50 4.50 2.00 6.00 2.50 3.00 a.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 7.50 B.OO 10.50 13.00 13.50 15.00 . a *re for Conllnuoiu _ iftiertiotife Only Want Ada Cam in Advance Taken Over ttt* Phone For Sate GIRDLES, BRAS- B« and surgical supports. Irs. Ruth Dozier, 216 South letvey. Fhohe 942-J. 24-im PAIR OP BLACK SHOES WRAP- ped in Geo. Rob'lson paper, placed in wrong truck, Saturday, June 21 at First National Bund Bldg. Name of Mr. Brlnt oh box. Finder return to Geo. W. Robison & Co. for reward; 30-3t UTILIZER. ALSO nmofiium nitrate. Can't beat my Ices. Mrs, S. R. Hamilton. East 'atmos. 25-Ot 3AL. HOT WATER HEATER. Orth Elm or phone OOl-J after Sec Mrs. B. M. Hazzard, GOO p,m. r 27-3t SALES #O. 'NORTH Iain at Aye.' B. offers bargains _allore. Khaki pants and shirts, fnoes, double deck bunk mattresses. Office chairs, water legs, canteens, mosquito bars, leather cushioned theatre > seats, !• electric»drop cords. 4 wheel rub- \,ptfir tired trailers, and hundreds of T other items. Come over and '! for yourself. 27-6t PLYMOUTH, RADIO AND eater. See at Barney Gaines gar- 28-3t plii, BELUXE PLYMOUTH 5 PAS- ";j«i|enger, coupe, with radio, heater. ean inside and out. Phone 12. 28-3t HOUSE, HARD- floors, water, lights, gas. Clyde Fritz Grocery, 1101 B.t BAIT . FOR SALE ALL Summer on O. E. Douglass' farm 2ty miles north of Hope on Prov- *• Ground Highway. l-3t 3EAUTIFUL PORCELAIN NINE Electrolux. Good condition. ^%JReasonable. Apply A E. Magness ""rkansas Louisiana Gas Co. Emet. l-3t 1ING WORMS. CALVIN . North Hazel St. l-3t For Rent ROOM;,UNFURNISHED APAHT- 'jncnt; water lights and gas furn- Jished. $30 a month. No children i year. Apply 222 North 27-3t ROOM^JIOUSE. s ROOM partmeht, unfurnished, 3 room rnishcd for '4ight housekeeping Schooley's Store. See Mrs. - - - If,r;.<E.'Schooley. IBDROOMWITH PRIVATE BATH : ~Private entrances. Carl Smith. Elm. 28-3t &?HREE ROOM UPSTAIRS APART- unfurnished. Couple pre 1 Phone 11G4-M or apply III West Third St. 30-3 ROOM MODERN HOUSE large room with utilities e 26-W-U. T. L, Brint. 1-3 M UNFURNISHED APART private bath, close in. Mrs sElba Pickard, 020 East Third St 3tl|OOM UNFURNISHED APART Notice WHEN IN NEED OF CUT FLOW- «rs, sprays, corsages, or pot plants, Call Ellen's Florist on Spring Hill road. Phone 2-F-2. 28-2w Lost Services Offered CUSTOM BALING AND COMBINE work, new and modern machinery. A. W. Biorseth, next to Experiment Station. 25-6t Rides Wanted IAN CARRY 2 PASSENGERS TO Los Ahgeles. Leaving Thursday .O. D; Russell. ••'. l-3t morning 5 -a.m. Phohe 972-J. Fair Enough •y WMtbrook Pegler Copyright, 1947 By King Feature! Syndicate. Army Now Guarantees School Choice The Arhiy Air Forces has rec- :ntly announced a new plan where>y high school graduates will be juaranteed attendance at the AAF echnlcal school- o£ their choice jefdrel their enlistment in the Arrriy Air Forces. Applications will be made directly to the Commanding General of, the Air Training Com- tiand and notice af selection will je-mailed directly to the applicant. The applicant is putting himself under no obligation in making this application. Former soldiers who are also ligh school graduates may apply 'or specific AAF training under this jlan, and if selected, will be en- isled in the grade held at time of discharge provided it is authorized under present recruiting directives. Men who have had no prior mili- ;ary service will complete basic ;raining before being sent to school mt former soldiers will, be sent to school of their choice as soon as possible after their enlistment. The following<• .is-'a partial list of. Army Air Forces schools for which application can be made: Aircraft Welder, Airplane nnd Engine Mechanic, Bombsight Mechanic, Airplane Armorer, Hadio General Course, Ra'dafi Telephone & Telegraph Equipment Repairman, Construction Equipment Mechanic, Cryptographic Technician. All enlistments in accordance withsthls plan must bc^for a period of three years. A compmtp list of the schools to be conducted by the Air Training Command ancl the details of application procedure are available at the local Army Recruiting Office located in the American Legion Hall. • "• t ; o——— : — V HOME'S IN THE BAG Chicago, July 1— (IPl —A clothespin bag is home sweet home for two. Wrens. Last year two Wrens built their nest on top of some clothespins in the bag on a line in the yard of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Sinnett in suburban Barrington and raised a family of three. They returned yesterday and promptly started building a nest in 404" North Hervey St. 1-lt the bag, which was empty. : New York, July 1 — Henry Wallace has refused to say whether he wrote certain idiotic guru letters lo Prof. Nicholas Konstantin Roerich, the Russian painter, oriental- ist and international political adventurer. I will therefore now prove the existence of a new deal cabal which revolved, or spun, about Roerich until, finally, Wallace suddenly snapped out of his own dizzy whirl in 1935, while Roerich was carrying a mission to China and Mongolia for the Department of Agriculture. It will be necessary for the reader to pay close . attention to keep the relationships straight. Louis L. Horch, at present the regional director of the Depart ment of Commerce for the states of New York and New Jersey, with offices in New York, was a disciple of Roerich. He has stated that this organization, of which Wallace was certainly a familiar if not formally a member, svas a cult and that the faithful regarded Roericn as god almighty. He compared Roorich to Father Devine, the Negro cultist, whose 'ollowers believe that he is god. The idiotic guru letters which j urned up in the 1940 persidential :ampaign as material intended to discredit Wallace, express reverence for Roerich and indicate that he writer had consecrated himself o a holocaust by means of which he, as it were, dross would be burned off mankind and a fine surviving race would be produced. Phe Russians called their-massacres a liquidation. The Germans called theirs x a purge. Both were re- Jional, This holocaust was to pur- fy mankind and therefore was in:ended to sweep the whole world.' Wallace sent Roerich to Asia, os- ;cnsibly to hunt grass seed, in 1934 and canned him by cable in 1935. Sorch later testified that there was ,alk in the cult of a scheme to make Roerich "head" of an independent state of Siberia. The guru .etters were written before V/al- ace sent Roerich on the trip, in contemplation of the Siberian proj- ct. In 1938, Wallace appointed Horch, the chief disciple of the old cult, to the position of senior marketing specialist of the Department of Agriculture, with offices in New York. Horch had spent more than $1,000,000 as angel or sucker for Roerich's cultural and spiritual promotions and, in that experience, he had adopted a spiritual pseudonym, "Logvan." Wallace knew him as a fellow- traveller in Roerich's queer circle during the years of their joint interest. Horch -continued to work for the Department of Agriculture until 1942, bv which : time Wallace was vice-president. In Feb. 1942, shortly after Pearl.,.Harbor, Wallace's spiritual comrade was transferred to the Board of.Economic Warfare as assistant chief -in the New York bureau. 4 Horch was steadily promoted and reached the status of chief of the requirements and supply division in the New York office of the Foreign Economic ' Administration in (1944. On March 2, 1045, Wallace 'became secretary of .commerce. Roosevelt, who nppoinetd him, by this r time knew all about the idiotic guru letters, about Wallace's association with Roerich and about Henry's interest in esoteric or mysterious religions and the old, discredited pseudo-science of astrology. Nevertheless, Roosevelt fired Jesse Jones from the position of secretary of commerce lo vacate the job for Wallace. Roosevelt thus Would have placed Wallace in Softball tedrti Enters Touriiey atShreveport Wednesday night at 8 o'clock the local Merchant's Softball team will play Magnolia at the Fair park diamond. The Magnolia team is that city's league leader and is a different outfit entriely from the team which the locals played and defeated here two weeks ago. « July 4, the Hope team will journey to Shroveport where they arc entered in a 3-state, Arkansas, Louisiana and Texas, tournament. Top teams from Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Lake Charles and Shrevoport are entered and Will give the Hope boys some ' classy competition which is almost necessary before the Arkansas tournament play. It will be a double elimination affair assuring each team two games of play. Some of the top hurlers of the southwest are expected. The Hope boys will leave here early enough to drive to Shrevcnort and play their first game at 10 a.m. SPOBTS ROUNDUP -By Hugh 8. Fullerton, Jr.• East Lansing, Mich., July 1 — (iP) — One of Biggie Munn's first acts after coming lo Michigan State as football coach was to get the squad together to elect a captain x x x. It had been 15 years since the Spartans had chosen a captain, but Munn, a very serious gent about some things, explains it this way: "I'm a great believer in captains. A team without one is like a ship without a rudder; the boys need we and it's the greatest honor a jlayer can get. Also a good cap- ain can do a coach a lot of good." Unplayable Lie John Penniman of Kalamazoo, an ardent week-erid golfer, tells this one about his oddest golfing exper- young Baseball By the Associated Pre°s American League Detroit at Chicago. Cleveland at St. Louis (nightT. Only games scheduled. National League Boston at New York (night). Brooklyn at Philadelphia. St. Louis at Pittsburgh (night). Only games scheduled. Last night's Results National League Brooklyn 7; Philadelphia 4. Cincinnati 6; Chicago 4. Only games. American League New York 3; Boston 1. Washington 8; Philadelphia 7. Chicago G; Detroit 5. Cleveland at St. Louis, postponed rain. Southern Association Mobile 8; Nashville 7. Birmingham 9; Little Rock 5. Atlanta 5; Memphis 4. New Orleans at Chattanooga postponed, rain. Texas League Tulsa 3; Dallas 1. Beaumont 8; San Antonio 2. Houston 2; Shreveport 0. , Fort Worth at Oklahoma once x x as an Unknown jusinessman, he entered a city jank to borrow some money, x x The banker eyed him coldly and asked: "Do you play golf?"x xx ohn admitted it: "What kind of score do you shoot?" Penniman modestly pat himself in the 80-85 jracket. "All right." said the banker, "you get the loan. If you had old me you shot in the 70's, I vould have turned you down be- ause I would have known you vere a liar."' postponed, rain. City SS n Statement of Condition of THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ifV'i; Hope, Arkansas Close of Business on June 30, 1947. RESOURCES \u l,oan? • CCC Cotton Loans Furniture'arid Fixtures.; Other Assets Stock in Federal Reserve Bank Bonds and Securities U'. S, Government Bonds 3,072,659.48 Cash qnd Sight Exchange 850,650.24 TOTAL $4,630,291.80 $531,459.03 759.68 1.00 543.48 . 6,000.00 168,218.89 LIABILITIES Capital Stock Surplus Undivided Profits Reserved for Taxes Deposits TOTAL Officers and Directors LLOYD SPENCER, President W. KBNPALL LEMLEY, Vice-President SYD McMATH, Cashier GENIE CHAMBERLAIN, Assistant Cashier J. W. FRANKS, Assistant Cashier .$ 100,000.00 . 100,000.00 . 119,338.79' 15,999.55 . 4,294,953.46 .$4,630,291.80 N. P. O'NEAL E. P. STEWART JAS. R, HENRY $5,000.00 Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor. MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM Cotton States Team W L Greenville 43 18 Greenwood 33 24 Clarksdale 34 28 El Dorado 26 36 Helena Hot Springs ..24 38 ..19 40 Pet. .705 .613 .543 .419 .387 .322 and There in Arkansas New York, July 1 — (/P)— Bernard Head, 54, public relations man Tor Ringling Brothers, Barriurh anc Bailey circus for many years, dice yesterday at Bellevue hospital after a two-month illness. Head, whose home is Ho End of the Line: John Kobs, Michigan State base- jail coach is teaching a course in jait casting this summer. The other .coaches just go fishing. Greenville Noses Out Greenwood After Hurling Duel By The Associated Press The Greenville Bucks gained Mobile Ekes Out Win Over Nashville By the Associated Pres" Pace-setting Mobile, stopped by Nashville twice Sunday, got back on the winning trail last night with an 8-7 triumph over the vols. The loss dropped Nashville back into the second division of the Southern Association. The Atlanta Crackers edged Memphis 5-4, Chattanooga and New Orleans were rained out, and Birmingham downed Little Rock, 9-5, in the other games on the schedule. Mobile hopped on Pete Mallory and took advantage of ragged Nashville playing to post a 5-0 lead in the first tvyo innings but had to shut off a ninth-inning Vol rally after five runs crossed the plate. Nashville's Hal . Jeffcoat ran his hitting streak to 32 games. Atlanta scored four runs in the third off Dick Mauney, Ex-Cracker hurler, who gave up eight hits in the three innings he worked. Shelby Kinney went the route for the Crackers, giving up only seven hits, one a home run by Memphis' Roy Bueschen. Birmingham, rapped out 17 hits off Sam House, who yielded four runs' in the first inning, and Leonard Perme at Little Rock. Alex Kellner, Birmingham starter, gave way to Gene Babbitt in ths Springs, Ark., became ill while the | fourth. Babbitt got himself out of circus was in New York. a hole in the fifth by spearing a line drive off the bat of Traveler Bill Sinton with the bases loaded and two out, after the Rocks had scored twice to trail, 6-5. Tonight's Games: Birmingham at Little Rock Atlanta at Memphis Mobile at Nashville New Orleans at Cnattnhooga. •Little Rock, July 1—(/P)—Preliminary hearing will be held July 8 for Roy L. Cossey, 33, who was nrrpsted Sunday folowing the death near of his father-in-law, J. W. Massingill, 61, from a gunshot wound, Deputy Prosecutor Tom Downie said yesterday. Downie said he had instructed officers to book Cossey on a technical charge of first degree murder, pending the hearing. Little Rock, June 30 — (/P)— A lumber industry spokesman said charge of the Reconstruction nance Corporation. Fi- Rookie Hurler Challenges All Comers By JOE REICHLER Associated Press Sports Writer Rookie Righthander Frank Shea of the New York Yankees, who not long ago was unofficially tabbed as the best freshman hurler of the major leagues, today challenged Bob Feller of Cleveland and Hal Newhouser of Detroit as well as his own teammate Spud Chandler for the designation as the number League. Shea last night gained his 10th victory against only two defeats when he defeated the American League champion Red Sox in Boston 3-1. Shea, whose three shutout victories rank him behind only Feller and Walter Masterson of Washington in that department, has allowed more than three runs in a game only once. His two defeats were a 1-0 loss to the Red Sox in which he allowed only three hits and a 3-2 defeat' by the Chicago White:Sox in 10 'innings. Three times he has topped Newhouser in pitching duels. Joe Dobson, biggest winner on the Red Sox was Shea's opposing moundsman, but a two-run triple by Joe DiMaggio in the first inning got Jughandle Joe off on the wrong foot. The victory enabled the league leading Yankees to open up a five and a half game .bulge over the second place Sox. The Brooklyn Dodgers, led by their new home run slugger Pee Wee Reese, their nevy outfielder Arky Vaughan and their new cleanup clouter Carl Furillo, downed the Phillies in Phiadelphia 7-4 to move within two percentage points of the Nationa League leading Boston Braves. With Reese, Vaughan and Furillo bagging three hits apiece, one of Reese's being his ninth, home run, the Dodgers hammered Schoolboy Rowe for 14 hits to hand the big righthander his tird setback of the season and his first at Shibe Park since April 21, 1946. Until beaten last night, Rowe had won 13 straight ,games at his home park. Ewell (The Whip) Blackwell, Cincinnati's no-hit pitcher, recovered from a poor start to register his llth straight and 13th victory of the season as his mates came from behind to defeat the Chicago Cubs in Cincinnati 6-4. The Chicago White' Sox spottec Detroit a .5-0 lead in the seconc inning and then came on to defea the Tigers 5-4 in Chicago on Luke Appling's eighth inning home run off Hal White. Washington emerged the victoi in a see-saw Battle with the Phila delphia Athletics, winning 8-7 witl a three-run cluster in the last o the ninth. All games were played at night The scheduled night game be tween Cleveland and the Browns a St. Louis was postponed by rain New York, Boston. St. Louis and Pittsburgh in the National Leagu were not scheduled. some revenge for Sunday's two defeats with a 4-to-3 decision over second-place Greenwood in a Cotton Slates struggle last night. Lefty Schultz, of the loop-leading Bucks mound staff, and the Dddg- ers' Dick .Truss locked in a hurling duel for six innings, with each.al- lowing nine .hits. In the seventh, however, the Bucks broke loose and scored the turned the tide. three runs that Fights Lost Night By the Associated Press . West Springfield, Mass.— Elme (Violent) Ray, 204, Hastings, knocked oat Colion Chaney, 180,- Indianapolis, 3. New York—Dick Smith, 164 3-4, Oklahoma City. outpointed Amato, 105, Brooklyn, .8. Ocean Park, Calif.—Allen Faulkner, 154, Buffalo, N. Y., knocked put Vince Gambill 151 1-2, Miami, Fla, G. By United Press Newark, N. .T.—Billy Nixon, 148 1-2, Philadelphia, stopped Johnny Green, 151 3-4, Buffalo, N. Y. 8. New York — Ruby Kesslnr, 3-4, New. York, stopped Freddl A three-run homer by First-Sack-jAddeo, 146, Brooklyn; John Thomer Floyd Fogg highlighted a 7-to-2 as, 197 1-4, Ft. Lauderdale, win by Clarksdale over fifth-place outpointed George Kochan, 179/1-2, Helena. The Planters smashed out Akron O., 8. 13 safeties off a pair of Seaporter pitchers, James Myers arid John Corley. Meanwhile, fourth-place El Dorado tied another knot in the rope binding Hot Springs to the loop cellar. Led by First Baseman Me Claren, who drove in three runs, he Oilers drubbed the Bathers, 7 2. Tonight's games. Hot Springs at Greenville. Greenwood at Helena. Clarksdale at El Dorado. Southern Association Club Mobile Few Orleans Chattanooga Ulanta Nashville Birmingham This is not only the "biggest bank in the world" with the power to wreck the United States and the capitalistic world, but it is abso- rr'csponsiblc. Its powers are so ;rcat and affairs so intricate and •mysterious that aperson disposed 'o abolish the capitalistic civiliza- ion and the national boundaries vhich protect the United States "rom the parasitism and warlike envy of the backward breeds, could accomplish these purposes as chief if the R.F.C. Congress refused to confirm Wallace for the post of secretary of commerce until the powers of the R.F.C. were separated from the job. In the fall of 1946, shortly before President Truman finally fired iVallace as secretary of commerce, Wallace raised Horch to the most powerful position he had ever held in the government Wallace made him regional director, He still lolds that job although Wallace is out. Wallace, meanwhile has been .curing Britain, France, and the United States preaching an indefinite message which advocates the appeasement of Russia as a means of avoiding *var even though this .vquld subject millions of human seings lo the holocaust of the purifying fires mentioned in the idiotic guru letters. As to whether Horch, so long a government official, is still devoted to the spiritual mystery or confusion that first brought him and Wallace together there is no guidance beyond Horch's word. His word certainly is not always credible. He recently tsld me, in person, at my office, that he never had subscribed to any of Roerich's mysterious preachings but was interested in his paintings and culture. He scoffed at Roerich's mysticism and occultism. Further .investigation proved that Horch was a devotee, that he and his wife both addressed Roerich and nis wife as their spiritual parents and RoerU'h was "the master" and that Horch, finally involved in a financial dispute with his old guru, or master intellect, said the circle was a spiritualist cult and said Roerich was just like Father De- today that several small Arkansas mills had closed recently "because under present price conditions nnd labor wage demands, they have been unable to show a profit." The spokesman, W. W. Findley of Little Rock, secretary of the West Side Lumber Association, said six of his mills had closed due to the cost of operation. He said the price of lumber was down about $10 per 1,000 feet and "only the larger mills are operating and stacking lumber." "There are-just not enough orders to keep the small mills operating," he added. Findley asserted that some retail lumber yards and contractors were attempting to "fix the price for lumber for the sawmills." Walker Takes Over National Loop Bat Race New York, July 1 —(/P)— Harr v (Little Dixie) Walker of the Phila delphia Phils who has been stag ing. a two-man battle with Eno (Country) Slaughter of. the S Louis Cardinals for the Nati9na League batting championship sine early May, took over the lead Iron his former teammate with a mar of .345, a gain of three points dui ing the week. Baseball Standings W. L. Pet. . 52 28 .650 .. 48 33 .593 . 41 40 .. 40 39 .. 38 38 40 32 Memphis 30 45 ittle Rock American League Club ew York .. 3oston Detroit hiladelphia Cleveland ... Washington .. hicagp St. Louis 28 52 .50G .506 .500 .488 .400 .350 W. L. Pet. .... 41 26 .612 ... 34 30 .531 .. 32 31 ... 33 32 ... 28 28 ... 30 32 ... 32 35 .... 23 39 .508 .508 .50) .484 .478 .371 LET TOY DO IT • Level yards • Dig Post Holes • Plow Gardens • Cut Vacant Lots • Also custom work.. MAMMONS TRACTOR CO.il Phone 1066 S. Walnut .St. ECONOMIZE.,... Buy Plumbing fixtures here. Plumbing nnd Installation and Repair work. Reasonable and reliable. HARRY SEGNAR 1023 S. Main Phone. 382-J MONUMENTS Call or See R. V. HERNDON, JR. Phohe 5 of 56 Representative for ALLEN MONUMENT CO. Little Rock, Shreveport Texarkaha National Club Boston Brooklyn •Jew York St. Louis .. Chicago .... Cincinnati League W. L. Pet. . 37 27 .578 , 38 28 .5.^ .. 34 27 ... 33 32 . 33 33 33 35 Philadelphia 27 40 PHsburgh 25 38 .557 .508 .500 .485 .403 .397 COTTON INSULATION » METAL WEATHER STRIPPING Phone 1015 409 S9uth Walnut OLIN JONES, Dealer Free Estimates 36 Months to Pay WHERE DO YOU REMOVED FREE Within 40 Miles DEAD HORSE:*, COWS and CRIPPLES Texirkana Rendering Plant Phone 883-W .(Phone Collect) If No Answer Phone 3158-R Doug f*|"T"V Carl Bacon wl I I Jones ELECTRIC CO. — for — House Intfuirrlal Wiring Wiring Electrical Repain Phone 784 Little Rock, June 30 — (/P) — Glenn A. (Bud) Green will not leave the post of State Publicity Director which he has held the past six and one-half years, executive Director Hendrix Lackey vine. Whether or not Wallace wrote of the Resources and Development Commission announced today. Green submitted his resignation three weeks ago, effective tomorrow, to go with the Advertising Departmnet of Lion Oil Company, 31 Dorado. Lackey said Green had reconsidered and requested that his resignation be withdrawn "because of the solicitation of friends and chambers of commerce interested in the development of the state." Lackey saicl he was greatly pleased in Green's- decision "because of his efficiency and the vast amount of favorable national publicity he has been helpful in securing for the state." Little Rock, July 1 — W— In order to conclude plans for projects during the fiscal year which ended yesterday, all remaining levee contracts on which bids previously had been received were awarded yesterday, Col. Gerald E. Galloway, U. S. .district engineers announced Contracts awarded included: McLean bottom levee district No 3, Logan county, F. J. Cohen Construction Company, Blytheville, $112,645. Col. Galloway said contracts also were given Peterson and MacFayden, Little Rock, for remodeling officers quarters at the Army and Hospital. Hot and Massman the idiotic guru letters, he never- thetheless did associate with Roerich and liis circle of disciples during a period when Wallace's protege, Lojis L. Horch, would nave us believe that the faithful were held in a spiritual thrall by Oriental makeup and hocus-nocus. This discussion and proof of a political subsidy extended to this Oriental mystical adventurer in high American politics, will continue tomorrow. Navy General Springs, $46,984; Construction Company, Kansas City, for raising the Arkansas river bridge on highway 20 near Morrilton, $263,017. Fayctteville, July 1 —(/P)— Washington County Sheriff Bruce Crider said yesterday he was investigating a report by Gray Carlisle Greenland that an intruder broke into his trailer home Saturday night and attempted to kill him with -gn _axe. Statement of Condition of the \ CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK 'T;' : '' v Hope, Arkansas At the Close of Business on June 30, 1947 RESOURCES Loans and Discounts $ 407,530.95 Banking House and Fixtures 11,850.00 United States Bonds ^ 2,500,000.00 Other Bonds and Securities 1,121,726.38 Stock in Federal Reserve Bank 11,250.00 Cash and Exchange 1,101,141.70 TOTAL $5,153,499.03 LIABILITIES Capital Stock Surplus Undivided Profits Deposits TOTAL : Officers and Directors R. M. LAGKONE, President O. A. GRAVES, Vice-President C. C. SPRAGINS, Cashier DALE JONES, Assistant Cashier $5,000.00 Maximum Insurance for Each Depositor. MEMBER OF FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM ' >' fc "'»' MOPE STAR, HOPE ARKANSAS By Chick Young OZARK IKC '( WELL,THEN,COOKIE, Vi^ WILL vou DO . '(. IT F^ORME? / b&./ I CAN'T NOW, DEAR- I'M BUSY TAKING A NAP ...WHY tHBM THINQ* ARE I CAN'T, EITHER-I'M HELPING DADDY TAKE HIS NAP DAS WOOD, WILL YOU PLEASE RUN A LITTLE ERRAND FOR ME ? BUT, DINAH DUGOUT > PLACE GALf |C.f, I.JIT. King rcW,.V S,ml,a,, ,„,', ^"IZ";."™^ SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith CARNIVAL By Michael O'Molley & Ralph by Dick Turner COME ON, MAC. TOUMUST'VE SLEPT THAT JAG OFF Br NOW. < WAKE UP--' <. 9 was with the district atto_ when he <fot the news. ' -,>, WHAT'S ALL THAT RACKET ABOOT DOWN THERE ? GRAjB YOUR HAT, ' PUNT." THEY'VE FEUIX— A VTAXI can/eft DELIVERED HIM, OEADj ' CONNIE'S APARTMENT.' WASH TUBES 0 6USTER kMLlKAK. \5 THE GIFTED WRITER. By Leslie Til . MMBE BV; UVJINS 3UST RlGHTt I CA<N MMt.e UP FOR (M PART IN FORCING ... ------ '' THE FLSINS 010 & SWELL CtfCtt OH \MEREWnMSEUO UST TIWE'l SEfe EW OF SIN6ING COfAMERCIMS! -''fHl*'TWKpPi.e ON THE THE 'ORI5IMM 8 KRtNStE B^BV, 1RMLOFHER.- CIRCUS DONALD DUCK By Walt Dis COPft. 1947 BY NE* SERVICE. INC.' T. M. RED. U.'s. PAT\ OFF COPR. 1947 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. B£C. U. S. PAT. OFF. . I got a compliment for you at the bridge club—one of the girls said you. were as handsome as the men in the twhisky "Then you give 'em a little mileage, put a few nicks in the fenders and you've got valuable used cars, worth twice the price of new ones!" ' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS WiTM THE,THeeE- UTTLE ,' HUEV, PSWEV HELLO, AtfWE IT-TEE AT 8 O'CLOCK PLEASE.' I'P LIKE A £ITTEB FOR T<3Nl<SHT/ FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberacr ^ 4 ^^^&:^mM WHILE WE'RE WAITING FOR. NUTTYS SIGNALS, LETS SOUND OFF IN HONOR OF THE PAY/ GEE/ID FORGOTTEN WAS THE 4TM, OP JULY ..._ POLICE WOMT LET US SHOOT RfSET- . CEACKERS, AT LEAST we CAN MAKE sowe NOISE/ mzzzzzz-'. WHY SLUMP ALONG - KID ? THROW BACK YOUR HEAD AND BREATHE IN THAT FRESH AIR! Ask for Mr. Tom Me Larry at the ONE HUNDRED AGO'TODA/, WITH THE SHOTS STILL RINGING IN EAR.9, OUK. ANCESTORS—- HOPE AUTO CO. BIGGEST .... . .. 'DERM FIRE- "RlGHrNOW.'J CRACKERS EVER. I ^"Now.shecan't get out of doing the dishes ^ ALLEY OOP Thimble Theater ROUGH CROSSING,' I DON'T THINK I COULDA /I'LL CLEAN 'EM . OUT GOOP, MISS WAIT TILL THEY SEE WIMPY'S OVNAMITE PUNCH.'.' THIS FIOHT IS GOING-70 BE ON THE LEVEL!/ - iy Edgar Ma ft POT OP GVUt M16KT HERS::&w$t;« TW OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williami OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopla WHAT'S TH 1 MATTER WITH THOSE HORSES? HAVEM'T THEY BEEM BROKE VET? EY£S UK& AMD ME <5AO LIKE OLO , CHIEF PlE-eVe/ AAAV YOU? VERY PLACE \MIAERB ARRESTED FOR A FEW , TRIFLING TRAFFIC MlOLATlONiS/ 1 \MHO ONCE ROD6 M.Y TKUSTV MUSTANG TWKOO6U LAMDS <BO WILD TEETKEO' osi LOADED REVOLVERS fe^Z, MCM FAG^6 3ML ?OF?. 4Tf2A\)ELINiG 46 MILES 125,000.00 250,000.00 136,850.00 4,641,649.03 $5,153,499.03 RED RYDER f" Witf to PLUG RrpERso H WOliLWl Wl^ "THE R^CE, Eh\?_ CAUGHT POLLAR W6 LUCKY REP SAVO YOU TlrAE-' _ WE CO\M80VS to VJAvT FOR 6R&EM Borrow ail the money you want from us, regardless of WHERE you live. People come from all over the country to borrow from us on their cars, or almost anything they own. We often lend from $50.00 to $5,000.00 in ten minutes. We never keep a customer, waiting longer than necessary. We are headquarters for CASH. Come and get it! A. L. BLACK S. L. REED J. A. HAYNES ALBERT GRAVES N..T. JEWELL R. M. LAGRONE, JR.

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