Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 31, 1952 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1952
Page 14
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* |'V «* •* I ~r,''^ •u ><*.. iO day* before Christmas and on j the Dec, 28 »ho kept her promise and RJ8TMA8 f>ftfiSENT?»ckl« McOowan, 7. ' i Baujmnv 8~ grant •xatUy rndl«s1ng happl- ,.tr* to r»«rwv« « Chrlftmai preient of dental :«rdld Peiorton, of Ftcmoni ,0hlo, bit their imply off In health and hlpplneo tn yoari to j, who recently won |32QO on a national radio , to ptirform needed txttieUoni lor Fremont " ' ' * ^41, qt « routuda *o* hl * windfall. she, her i>arcntti knew was Inevitable. Dr, Walter Hath mi Id last "Mm. Doccllr.- wus one of thu mo.n ! :ouragcoim woman I'vcs ever met n my life. Shu held thu child long for us to l.iki- it and Hun die died." Dr. Hull) said permitting Mr. I OocvHo to leave the hospital so shi- could be home foi C'ln xv us '« big c,hiinc,L beuunt' sui «t(iii« know -On* w.i.'llien livln. inly from day to" day. ' &SM Chinese Truce Team in Usual Protest w Karen (/!») munfut truce tofltn's The Com- "Jnck-of-all. , -. ttfltte*" mndo a votiUno protest today, then bowed out of tho eland looked Kttiearf nrmlntlro talks North Korean Col Chnftg Chun Sun uiuAlly Is cocky, hut todwy ho w«» erantfallun «nrt de>etotl at Pnnmunjorn. nn Aillod lialvon ol ficor roportetl, Ch«n«e dellveicd n protent al- Allied vitiations of tho t'an- neutral zone, Then ho nnnounued thin was Ms last meeting, H« ID being replaced H« senior li«l«on officer for tlit> 4!owwunJ»t Vruw tlolee^tlon by tNorth Kor«an Col Chu Yon Who Cluing ipd A GommunUt Team at first fH6e*to«f8t>o truces mooting July n, iesi, to sot h« Inltlul full-dress ies«!8i> tiyo dnya thftt dote, Chang hns filled position on tho Com- otaiourft ft« cftlfckiy Bttraotcd that W«f l«e* «na sudden shifts In t mire-bat tn Hollywood. was noted tor hU some J. Kinnoy of Allan Itlwl staff oftlcei>, onco 11"wt the North Koionn « U'Cmonduusly suspicious WH» wove on month IhnnK lw«on to'un. Awortonns. Ktnnoy the North Kwenn fi- TAt, ourogeous Mother Wins Praise *>J% AI.BAW8, Vt, MB - Doctors today pcalwd tb« courage of Mr*. Mary Decalle, 3J, who didn't let ihi Knowledge of two death spoil - "-' th of twr fifth < hlld for the . ..,„ * Cftrtaimas obnervance, Mjfd, Dceellc gave birth to an nrtpjirdnlly healthy '• pound 7 Fait Enough ly We.tbro*k Fegkr Copyright, 1082 •y Kin* Peaturu Syndicate. A mystcr/oui! character named Cnrrncl Offlc now enters the plot of the Lovcatonc communists to take political control of Western fUt'fe«t, A friendly estimate of the CIA ha» it that thlc bureau's job Is to decide what value to place upon Information fathered by Its afents, to put forth propaganda for Its own purpose* and to "coordinate". It clashes with the FBI in gome ot Its functions. The tact that Irving Brown, a professional uniorjaer with absolutely no qualifications or official standing in our government, Is openly encouraged by Truman, Acheson and the pfesldenl-lo-be, General Elsenhower, In his porif- erous impudence In Eunijiean domestic politics has not shocl.-ed the « W "* lout Saturday, th,-n died fi, r ope under the undefined but public ai sharply as I bcllev* it T r * 1" r " Indubitable ausplcea of our State 1 should Perhaps we arc becoming j ° T icl " u>r had P !e1nded! Department, the AF of L and the shockpioof But at anj rate j^icre «5 C u », Permitted to cjnrment Woikeii' ur Ion Off IP foi- we do have a physically harmless Kerb* Memorial Hospital no m ,, r | y wr >rkfd in the State Depart- New could upend the holiday with mtnt -r no rtason , r n , his kavmii huf family at hoine ,(, t department uic not U<,n to She promised to return the dr.v lnt . bu , .,„ offltml , ll(4h ,„ lh ln , Offer Christmas for » Caesariam 1( ,nut.aty In Washington which •cotton, Doctoijl let her go home ribout deuls in "Intelligence" and "so-1 consent York political .idvontuier of no attainments whatever beyond s!u><)tiri« off his mouth in blood- rl ,rrllm K speeches, making mis. thi< f in foteign tountiics with the Declinc in U. S. Payroll WASHINGTON, Ub— In November, for the fourth straight month. there was a decline in the federal payroll, the Civil Service Commission said today. Its report covered the executive branch of the government, and did not include armed serivces personnel. The commission said that during November the payroll dropped by 3,700 to a total of 2,564,300 workers. curity" has expressed distrust of man's political activities. Offie Is an old friend and of William C. Bullitt, WHS u great Kussian fan for a lime, cheered for recognition of the Kremlin, served as our first anib.i<isndoi under the HooMVi.lt reign .and then bec.ame disillusioned He has subsequently been government. connivance Is that a of our friendly way? The man's last political dec- Hration known to me (and I have tried without any success to interview him) was a demand for a socialist revolution to set up a system of Soviets in our country supported by 'uoikeis .umc.d with guns. His known chief is Jay Lovcstone. a (communist of the Fletcher Henderson Dies in Harlem j NEW YORK, 1*1—Fletcher Heni derson, 55, Negro orchestra leader, died l.is,t night at Harlem Hospital after a long illness. Henderson had been in show business three decades. uctipltd by oui piesa and public d ^ p ^ st _ d ^' but an opponent of as .an ardent anti-Communist I* " "" no ; opjnion one ; w"ay or the Kremlin. . . ! One dgtnt of the CIA whispcicd Offie' • - agency, boast that characters ot ! type, living In km ope they ever were able to tliLrnsclvL, at home, take pride in forcing European indus- ts to pay premium wages tu xv'oikcis Then, at a glance, actually, the Ameri. . is tliL one who ally jgLts _thc kick in the pants then wo Russians Plot Radio Campaign BONN, Ge'-manj UB—The sians are planning/ a gigantic ra- ' dlo offensive against the West In 1953. £ It's designed to blacfc out station's still piercing the Iron Curtain and to extend the Kremlin's "hate the West'' propaganda broadcasts to new rhlllions in free Europe. Allied Officials here have reported this to their governments after studying intelligence reports on radio developments in Soviet- occupied East Germany. Until recently the Voice of America RIAS the powerful American^ station in Berlin, and the Brltlsnif I BioadccistinR Corporation could be v heard by East Germans without' interference from the Russian jam- mini? system. Now Russian technicians and German workers are feverishly^; building a chain of high-powered;' transmitters in East Germany' from the Baltic to the C^echoslo- vak border. Allied officials believe the Russians fust .a use this new radHifS chain to jam these \Vestern stations and then to hurl a barrage of vicious propaganda broadcasts to Western Europe. see. that w The 'colois used by today's mihtiiiy oigamzations are dacct descendants of thu banners ot kni- -! KhU and barons in the Middle Ages J lit • i \ •!•.*• • • ' ..• . Mom Not All to Blame Says Psychologist By ALTON L. BLAKESt:EE ; AP Science Repo'rtr ST LOUIS M") -"\ woman piy ( c>io lotfiit today lambasted the- Idea U 1 " 'mom Is to blame", for all' of ii lot but child's troubles and ills. Psychlloi4iHts wrile childhood psychology, culiy nothing about the p'syciiolo'sV of piu'unts, she said. Pni-fnthood Is lii-tt n ntiMttnl stage 1 "bi.'tweeh chlldhxinci iilifl old a«f." docliiretl :Dr! J'imo Loevinger of vynshiiigton UnlwiV- «lty, St. Louis, In an address the Ameiknn A'.sodation fot Advanuement of Science: Coming to the defense of times ovei-tiitici/icl motheis, Loevliigc.-r citttcl five sth'teinciitsl'tfiit- trH.u.g her aiKument that tlu'ii s loo much cmpluiHis on' a' rivo'tlicr- blaiining complex: 1. ''Parenthood bus. ncvci bien roi'ognlzccl officially us a buuu'h Of psychology, noi as a n'oim.il devt'lopmontal stage." ' 2, "Child pa>iholt>Ky is one- of tho most Intensively cultivate «d bciinchoa of psychology," tiYe 'psychology of parents' is v u luaUy existent," Shu quoted onc^ ps'v choannlytt who says Hint n M(tV( «W7*vtw»l Qlilt%A 441 jt ..... --r~- - -'w - -----would huva made hln> ^ bfilu)l Bnd bnnK up thch ...... u "" "•"" "" ------ « d8 much ns thoy arts controlled?by them; in, f«ct, wo n\«y sny that .the family brings up « baby'by''bting by him." 3. "R68otu'eh, on, parents hns ^oftcornuf^loixoat exclusively »«» they others' e«ould mind. « 1 m ost »tiiOFi ( nn to Tako Ovgr has been . t'ou with U\o concept of 'maternal '" sh« But, child other* that »'i cnoujjV'* 8, •" nddc4, ' fit some tirrnj- Is wrong doesn't love tho satisfy that? chil t without the cUiSd's JL "HBR t Si *ii* u . now ihoi oughlj convince , th.U!~thc> course* tho h^i, t politicians ai^not.lp be tingled 'It Is bcjond me to'tiy to uati- the woik of the CIA vbcVause 1 have'little knmvkclRe of it's mys- dcvclop I IPI '"us winks HouiTvei aiifoiTg a' . ..-..*. . ,[ t ^ u jjiofessionals %vliom I have'con,, .suited, Gt.7iual Smith is not ic- .hiclf is, being" i/a'id ^ ' t ' . ' "«oS arc^Euiopeari indii^ tnahsls the people, o'f thosV, na ' , , lions to thmk^ of thisMnteife'icnce r " daik, whispering tactics ot Euio- pean goyei nments nnd tho niodein Euiop t <' f-om v 'Sp'yiet t ^c'ornmunisni' s i! Pui5hcatlyis 'of o'ur i mutuaVsecin t-jf ^' political machinations/ of the GPU; > ' ^ tlu> gebttUK>and>Mubbolini s^clumsy HvjIUbiHtyoftqulpminl KtMtoiiii ind trim n Illuitiitwi It d d»t>JH!f«nt on m»t«i!»l ttf wndilliint, ! ;„ *f ^T.* 1 *,- 0111 / tl l? V W> Pickup offem (it this choicel Ail-new J04-h.p, Cost Sijt, or famous truck V*8 now i £ ' v ' * jj'f*^ ^ '^ *- a * *4V / l"i<»; $^m ;> > >KI Qas Savingil ,Y Pickup with Qh all-new," ^9N engine! ,-r-less gas is sacrificed fe) ip qije gallon in seven! mar* poy load »PQC«! iJ»fijllH-tonload. is a fyU 38.8 cu. ft., as m $s§ oext leading make. Jvediyitothfrfftct»ft«your«4fm^ourFord v . -^ ^ r'l^gny ta to^^^own^ *»* J* ^.^ bt WQrth "•* mpr » axed tnwiyw for an F-l Pickupl •ofar—----- « *?! Pft * * ^ M '

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