Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 6, 1894 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1894
Page 7
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R R. R. '8 READY RELIEF. The most certain and safe Fain Remedy In the world that Instantly •tops the most excruciating pains. It la truly the great CONQUEROR OF PAIN and has done more goad than any known rpmedy. FOR SPRAINS, BRUISES, BACKACHE, PAIN IN THE CHEST OR SIDE, HEADACHE, TOOTHACHE OR ANY OTH ER EXTERNAL PAIN a few applications rubbed on by the hand act like mapic causing the pain to Instantly stop. CUBES AND PREVENTS, Colds, Coughs, Sore Throat, Inflammation, Bronchitis Pneumonia, Asthma, Difficult Breathing, Influenza, , Nfnralxl*. Solmlc*. LurrhnftO SiTBllInK of the Joint*, F»ln» lu Hark, Clifttt or Llnibtt. The application ot thn BEADY BKLIEK to the part or parti wlipro rtltlUnilqr or pain exist* wi *Uord ease and comfort. ALL INTERNAL PAINS. PAINS IN BOWELS or STOMACH, CRAMPS, SODR STOMACH, NAUSEA, VOMITING, HEARTBURN, NERVOUSNESS, SLEEPLESSNESS, SICK HEADACHE, DIAR- RHCEA, COLIC, FLATULENCY, FAINTING SPELLS are relieved Instantly and quickly cured by taking Internally a half to a teaspoonful of Ready Relief in half teaspoonful of water. MALARIA. Cfiills and Fever, Fever and Ague Conquered. There li not n remedial agent In the world tbtt irtU core Fever and Ague nnd all other Malarious, Blllooa, and other Keven, aided t>7 Radwaj't P11U, 10 anlcklj as Radwsr'a Read? Relief. Price 50c per bottle. Sold by druggists. 'S DADWAY' I* PILLS, rot tk« cnr« of all dlnonlom of the 8TO«- ACH, L1TBR. BOWKL8, K1DXKYS, HI-ADDEE, NEBTOl'8 DISEASE'S, HEAUiCHE, COSSTIPA- T10S COSTIVOESS, 1HDIOK8TIOK. DYSPEP- IA, BILIOUSNESS, FEVEB, INFLAMMATION OF TUB BOWELS, PILES, mil all derwiire- •»t» of the Utornil Tl»ror», Purely vwtihle ••Ulilax no mtrcurj, mtntrala or DELETE- •IOCS DKl'GS. Pile* 36 <»nti PM box. Sold by all Druggist*. RADWJLY * CO., 38 Warren 8t, N. T. HTBe tore nod ask fur RADWAY'S. Catarrh ^^ AND COLD IN THE HEAD Milled Inttinlly bv one tppllcitlon of Catarrh Powder v. FATHKR CLABKK. Src-y to tho Bt. Kev. BLhop frt for II.. r-m.Jy to Mp mtor. «rl.° ••• >»»«""«• M. F Fmnusos, Custixllim U. S. Apprnlbcr's Storen, Mlfd to rallove. _ w,«B5SS."* 5OC. BirncyCatarrhal Powder Co. 1S08 ItfASOKIO TKMPLE, CHICAGO. Sold ««rjwhere by dfu»gl.it« or direct by m. Sold by B. F. Kewrtlnc. J. L. Hanson anil Ben r, Loianaport, Ind. 1VANTED. W AHLED—Salesman; nalarr from start, por- maDent place. Brown Bros. Co., Nurimry- men, Chicago, 111. I A 6XNT8 makf $B.OO B d»7- Greatest kltcbeD A utensil tiet invented. Retails 36o. 2 to 6 Mid ID ever/ home. Snraple, postage paid, frte. FoKSmn A MOMAK1K, Clnolnnnttl, 0. M IN to take ordors In even town and city; no dellwrlng; good wfl(?es from start; pny weekly; • •7C iirt * WHWC paid 10 laawund gents to S ( D. U U sell tbe Rapid Dlib Wa*ber. WBsh- M Mid dries them In two mlimtes without wett/nij m« bands. No ejperlence neCMSurj: sells at lUht: permanent position. Address W. P. Ilar- rtoon ACo., Clerk No, 14, Columbus. Onlo. WANTED SALESMEN S " Umot NOB8KRT STOCK and SEEDPOTA T0«8. tlBEHAL 8ALA8V or COMMISSION PAID WEEKLY. PERMANANT and PAVING POSITIONS to GOOD MEN. SPECIAL INDCCE- tfjNTS TO BECrlNtfEBS. KXCLTOIVE TEB- B1TOBY GITKN IK DESIRED. Write lit ODO« tot terms to The HawKs Nursery Co,, Roches.er, N. Y. ANTAL-MiDY The* tiny Consoles aroinperior Ito Balsam ot Copaiba, ICubebi and Injection* ] They cure In 48 hour* tho ) dlieaio* without my MLDIYAU.CM FKOGS' LEGS AKE DAJNTY. Wben Properly Cooteed They Taste Liko Spring Chicken. Th« \TDiugK Amerlc»n Uoea Not Corn for Them, Hilt rcoplo wltll Ia*tllllnu» F»l«t«n Kellnh TliPHi-A F»a of tho Hour. New .Jersey, mosquito-ridden nnJ much-baiiti-rcil state, h:is one (fi-eat point in its favor—tho himl Icfif.s of tho frofTs which sport in its brooks and ponds are tho most -succulent iu the world. Krofrs' li-prs are a dainty morsel, say tliosi; who know, and, like many another of tho dislu-s whio-h de- liffht thepalatusof New \'orkepicures, tho idouof niuliiiif,- 1 thrin an eatable was imported from France-. Tlio front leg's consist of jioUiin;, 11 Imt uone, skin and cartilage, and the moatol' the hind Icps is so suunt that it miiki-s notnr.ioli more than a mouthful. Yi/t {rood livers uro inclined to brliuvo the smaller the quantity the moro ilelicati- the flavor, and wo have it on record that is'oro oiici) baiunietrd ou liuniminf! 1 birds' ton^iu's, which is •roiiiH 1 tho American inillionaiiv one bettor. "Frogs' le^Si'."' ssiidadealor i" fish who supplies many o£ the liu'ffe hotels to a Now York World man. "Yes. I sell lots of them. lOat them? \Voll, not much. I don't tliink they're fit to cat. fciome folks think they've bettcr'n a nice slice of roast turkey, but I can't understand it. I was raised up in Connecticut, ami the froffs used to croak mo to sleep every night in summer when I tvus a boy. I never thought then I would be selling thousands of them every year for people to cat. Tl-ose that like them say it's because I wasn't brought up to it, and I haven't FATTENED IN' JERSEY. developed ray taste—and a lot of stuff lilce that." "Perhaps you have never tried them?" it was suggested. "Yes, I did. People jollied me so much because I was selling 1 them and •wouldn't eat them that I took some home one night. My wife fried u. dozen. I was hungrier than a bear when 1 sat down to the table. Well, those frofi-.s' leg's looked like a dozen roasted slivers. I ato two of them, and that was enough for me. All of the while I was eating 1 them! was thinking of the time when I was a little boy and I had been in swimminfr and was lying on the sand in the sun und a big froff jumped on to me. Mebbo the people who think they are so good never had a frog's slimy hind legs on ,heir bare stomachs," Tills was ono view. Mr. Frank \S ork or some other well-known diner at Dfl- monico's would express an entirely different one. When frogs' leg's first became popular as food an attempt was made to preserve them over the winter by means of the cold storage process. The meat of: canvasback ducks and of many -ipecies of rare game beeomes the sweeter by lying 1 in a frozen state fpr throe or four months, but frogs' legs submitted to the same treatment lose all of their flavor. Therefore they are available only when the brooks and xmds are open. The quicker tho legs ire prepared after the frogs have been tilled the sweeter the meat. In May and Juno they are at their best. Catching- tho frogs is an easy matter, .» an.v small boy knows. A wily Jor- seyman can bag several hundred in a day- Skinning the hind legs is very difficult unless you know how. An experienced hand, however, will make two dexterous cuts with his knife and three or four twists and turns and the thing is done, while the inexperienced one will pull and haggle uway for half an hour and at, the end of that time havu most of tho meat as well as the skill pooled off. "Twenty years ;igo," said the chef of a loading" up-town hotel, "when I lirst carm 1 to this country, frogs' legs \vero seldom nailed for exeept in tin: I'l-onch restaurants here. Now'.' Ohltheyaro the grout dish. L'ruiJeo g:ive you tin: custom, you know. Oh! they know how to cook in Krauco. !>ul 1 irally believe that .Americans are now oiiting more frogs' legs than tho I'l-oni'li. "A gre;it many good livers, too, :iro still prejudiced" jijrainst thr.m. Serve them without telling the guest what he is eating and ho goes int.o ecstasies over the new dish. Uut lot him know beforehand and he will take u tiny mouthful nnd perhaps, if his prejudice overcomes his judgment, declare them very bad. Americans an; very quick to leani, and they're always ready lot:ike up a new tiling when it, is good. .lust f;mey a new dish becoming su popular in so short !i time. Now you will lincl frogs' legs lire served in every first- class hotel in tho country. "Everything depends upon the way they are prepared. The moro dolicsite the dish the more skill fill the e> ml; must be. A little too ranch or not quite enough frying 1 will spoil tho flavor, which, you know, when tht\v :;ro properly doiie, is like chicken, only sweeter and hotter," lu-ogs' legs are always fried; broiling destroys their flavor. There are frogs' logs fr'iuassecs, frogs' legs pates, frogs' legs saulee tmd frogs' legs plain. As tho supply of New Jersey frogs is not always equal to the demand, the Canada frogs help them out. Tho latter oome from Quebec, anil are about twice the size of the local product, liight Jersey frogs, or four Canada frogs, make a dish, although some of the epicures of capacity often consume double these numbers at one eating. AD Important tfuentlon. The most searching question for every farmer to ask himself is what proportion of good land on his farm goes to waste. It only needs moro capital per acre to bring up the productiveness of these waste places so that they will equal tho best There is always profit in good land well oared for. The failures in .farming invariably result from trying to cultivate ]and that has not been "brought into condition for profitable cropping, or else from trying to cultivate more laud than could be kept well tilled. There ii no profit from halfway work on the farm. »w Year C»l>» by Mull. The custom in France of sending one's visiting card to acquaintances on New Year's day is rapidly increasing. Even tho establishment of a society for the suppression of complimentary visit- Ing curds has been powerless against the progress of fashion. The French post office officials have made nn interesting calculation on the subject. It is reckoned that in the department of the Seine alono, which, of course, includes Paris—3,750,000 visiting cards were delivered by postman on tho 1st of January, 18S1. Tho following year it had risen to 0,500,000; the year after to 18,000,000, and finally, in 1894, it reached nearly 1S,500,UOO.—London News. A Mutter of I, Ik In j." "Hallo, Jack! Have you seen 'As You Like IV played entirely l)y women?" "Yes!" "Tiow was it?" "As you don't like it"—Hallo, —Customer—"Look here, waiter, I found a collar button in the soup." Waiter—"Say, you didn't see nothing of a pair of gloves, did you?"—Inter Ocean. — "Miss Friller must be very fond of music." "What makes you think so?" " Well, whenever the orchestra played she chewed gum so as to kecfj perfect time,"—Inter Ocean, AND CELERY CURES ALL SPRING ILLS —stops listlessness, gives new strength !& D and energy. These months, when you ~' y ~ yawn, stretch and feel tired all over— there's nothing that will "pull you together "like Beefmalt and Celery. It furnishes the very element that rebuilds worn out tissues-feeds brain, nerve-centers and nerves, calming and equalizing their action—makes rich, pure, red blood. Remember that it is used by all the prominent athletes all over the country, while in training—Corbet! for one—and you can realize its sustaining powers. Edward Vargrave, Professor of Anatomy, of the Stanford University, one of the most noted medical men of the day has given Beefmalt hi s unqualified indorsement. He says: •The ingredients of this preparation ;ire tfnoutth to show any rdasonable^person it must have rare merit as a sood pure True Spring nediclne. THE BEEFMALT CO., Boston, Mass. SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS, 35c. For sale by Ben Fisher. 311 Fourth St., and all Druggists. MADE MONEY EASILY. Old-Time IMerchnntu In Moxlro U«cd to O»t liloh In n Fnw Warn. The good old days oi quickly made fortunes iu merchandising: in Mexico have passed away never to return, •These are not the timus when mer chants may yawn away the diiya ii their counting rooms and be only busy when fortnightly or monthly mails come in. Railways ;vnd telegraph have wonderfully uhunyed meriiantile conditions hero. In the nldon ilnys those quiet, tninqnil days thn ('u:rm:in inercliiints t!:iluulatud to make enoiifrh to retire in si'von or ciirht yoars, when they mostly all went back to Hamburg or other (!i:rin:in oitiivs to live a leisurely lift! with iinlimiti'il beer and pipus. A lino old nici.- of merchants were they, bi>f-hi::irli;il and frenerons, jolly and rosy-cheeked, iind very shrewd withal. Profits in those fin old iinlu-riiilwav times were fully 1UO per wilt in the wholesale tr:iduaud double that in retail in:,'. Credits wore everlastingly long, from a year to eighteen months, and evx-n two years being uointnon. The country traders replenished their stoeks at Gu;idal» j:ira, at Vera Oiiz ami in the City of Mexico, and toted them on innleback to their towns, paying for thorn a ;;ood whilo afterward. Revolutions rarely paralyzed trade, and, in point of fact, by suddenly enriching successful soldiers kept money iii circulation. An old merchant in the -capital deli'.'hts to tell of Ills sending pianos to customers in tile city over the barricades, hostilities between the two combatants in the city being suspended from morning till 11 o'clock, so that everybody might send to the market and transact ordinary business. Silver dollars were at par and often wenl above par, ruling for a long time lit four per cent, premium over gold. In one brief period they commanded fifteen per cent premiums during the civil war in the United States. Nobody wanted gold, for silver was the better money. Halcyon days those, when, in the midst of revolutions, coast merchants made fortunes in smuggling, and often promoted local revolutions so as to interrupt the regular order of business at their respective custom houses. One firm is said to have made in a couple of decades from ten million to fifteen million dollars, practically ruling their port, and rarely paying- anything to the federal government on goods imported. They would keep their ships of[ until they had got ;> little revolution in full running order, and then seat word to their captains to come in, a custom house collector of then- own improvising attending to the little transaction in a highly comfortable way. With interests in bonanza njjaes. frequent opportunities to sinng 1 - gl<? and immense prolits. no wonder merchants grew very rich, and small marvol tba.t the' Hermans were tit- tracted to this rich Held and drove out the older race of English merchants by sheer force of superior mercantile organization and economy of management. Here and there today you will see iu the streets of Mexico relics of once prosperous English mercantile houses, men glad to bo allowed to live quietly in ont-of-tlio-way suburbs and contemplating the success of their rivals, a race that is competing sharply witli the English in all quarters of the globe and already seizing on something like the lion's share of the trade of Calcutta itself. Tho Germnu brings to merchandising- wonderful tact, great adaptability to tho people, a talent for lang-uages and indomitable persistence. There are very few American merchants who An beat him on foreign territory. His most successful modern rivals in Mexico are the French, who have seized on the dry goods trade and from their headquarters in the capital have planted branch houses in every large town and city in tho republic. Again it is a victory for economy, for the French are not to be outdone on that point by anybody. The aggregate capital of the large French dry goods houses is many millions of dollars, and, not content with monopolizing the trade, with ouly here and there an exception, a few Germans still remaining iu the trade, they have gone into the manufacture of print cloths and gray cottons. Slaking your own prints and cottons at a profit und then jobbing and retailing them gives a big total of profit at the end of a good year. Competition, however, has come in to check too quickly made fortunes, and keen .Swiss merchants have been tempted to take part in the struggle for Mexican trade. — IJoston Herald. __ jC'renvnna of Mlntf. In a recent article on the traffic in sermons there is a good story of clerical presence of mind. A curate who had mounted the pulpit armed with one of the late Kev. Charles Bradley 's most recent homilies was, for a moment, horror-struck by the sight of Rev. Charles Bradley himself in a pew beneath him. Immediately, however, ho recovered enough self-possession to bo able to say: "Tho beautiful sermon I'm about to' preach is by Rev. Charles Bradley. who I'm glad to see in good health among- us assembled here." — Million. lnir tne -J-rrmr. Trees that aro whitewashed about three tiroes a year, from early spring until fall, will bo partially protected against insects, but the best reason for using the lime wash is the neat ai:d attractive appearance of. the trees after beinT whitewashed. There is no "economy" practised in using tha limr Apply it of the consistency of cream w»il "™ 1* plentifully. H neees- sary apply on w II raonth during the first three spring months and then once or twice during the summer and fall. TESTIMONIALS published in • behalf of Hood'* SarsaparilU. are . asieliablo and wprthjrof confidence ai ,V V/rayoW moittrtited neighbor. The Beauty of other beyond recall may be restored—wrinkles- always youthful. :cc.'i 'bcini.shed—and ; r :r.;-.i:;L'(l by the use of '-.. r. „ .^i?,*^. -, oth; Kor sale by John K: Ooiilson, 304 linrkrt St.; «'. II Fcurtli St. .lns:. SO;'.. A HINT TO YOUNG MEN. Advice from an (>1<I Cliap IVho llita Itcon Tlirouch tlin Mill. My son, I wish to give yon a little advice on the subject of matrimony. 1 suppose you will be marrying some day, lor marrying sort o' runs in the family. Your mother and I were married, and your grandparents on both sides, so far as I know, were all married for several generations back; so that it is highly probable that yon will in time follow the family example. Now there are two things that a woman dotes on, namely, a helpless baby and a helpless husband. Helpless" about the house, I mean; though, as for that matter. tli«ire are hundreds of women who marry men who are as shiftless about (retting a living as they are helpless about the house, a ad they will just about wear themselves out in supporting- the creatures, uiid find per,- fect happiness in their labor. It is a good tiling for a man to know how to sen- and to knit and to darn— that is to say, if a man is always to be a bachelor; but if yon ar-.- up in all these accomplishments, never let your wife know it At all events, never'put your knowledge into practice. , Xo woman with a mind of her own can bear to have a man puttering 1 at woman's work. She can't help despising him, handy though hu may be. It seems to her as though she had married a woman. A HEATED ARGUMENT. It Mlirlit IInvo IK-4-.i IXHIT or WO Tli«.v II*<I ont.v llml » n:oi.l>mary. It is a lamentable fact that a difference of opinion ;is to pronunciation-, sometimes becomes provocative ot" irascible behavior. Often what onpht; to be a didactic joust degenerates into- altercation, amid a Tartarian avalaaoh*.- of words. Not long since a robust, disputati»»> collegian—his clotlu-s of the latest Pali! Mall cut, his carmine bifurcated necktie ornamented with a solitaire, lib- hair dressed with oleomargarine anil. 1 perfumed with ambergris, his face innocent of hirsute adornment, but hi*mouth guilty of nicotine—informed a senile, splenetic lawyer that he did no»: pronounce according to the dictionary.. "For," observed the young ma,n, with/ an air of research, "in your Tuesday's- address you said that the sight of cerements siiflieed to enervate an attorncyr that a salamander treated for obesity with prussic acid and poinegranate- rind, was disinclined to serpentine- movements; that during 1 a soporific discourse delivered to a. concourse- of- yoiiths, eleven, exiguous, sacrilegioim dwarfs, though wader surveillance., made grimaces at an aged man sitting- oil a three-teggeil stool; that one o£ these supple, exiio fellows of interesting genealogy, being rebuked, looked, contrite, but immediately frescoed, a coadjutor's Elizabethan collar marmalade;; x.v. w ........— . with cocaine and In case of emergency you may feel | t ] lat ; n :vn Aldino edition of a. like washing the dishes or sweeping 1 ] C g-al work you read of a lugubrious-. the iloor or carrying water for the j raan afflicted with virulent varioloicC. and puruU-nt eczema, for which a. jocund gynecologist injected iodinfc — — and cayenne pepper with a syringe? possible, lireak a dish or two, fill the , , varme d j n a chaldron of tepid syrup— a malpractice suit being the result.. By the way you have n dictionary?" "Dictionary," replied the lawyer,, "pug-h! It is a jrrannry from whlcts the pronunciation licud fills his commissariat with orthoepic romances andj vagaries—which to hiua grow into- a. pbilogic fetich; and this fetichism finds- 1 , outward expression in a supercilious ostentation of erudite vacuity." Nothing daunted the young roan continued: "You said, 'According to precedent it was obligatory, upon him to. plait his hair ns his nomad parents hadU done, and precedent to stepping undei- the mistletoe indulged in fulsome.* praise of himself, hoping thereby to induce a favorite girl to join him, But. she being averse to undergoing 1 art ordeal so irrefragably embarrassing refused; whereupon his features became: immobile with chagrin.' This is ». verbatim quotation. You sometime*, consult a dictionary?" "Young man," retorted the lawyer,, his aquiline nose rjuivering with derisive disdain, "to illustrate the 'i»., - ., consistence of a dictionary, see how take to do anything: about the house, i j emB .gogy is pronounced; then turn to and iu process of time you will have nothing to do but to be waited upon as tenderly as though you were an infant ill arms. Of course she will be mistress of the establishment mod boss—but what of that? It pays to be bossed if the boss does all the work. There is a good deal of nonsense going 1 about being under petticoat government. It is the most delightful form of government imaginable for the governed. You just let a wife have her say and she is willing that you should do nothing but washing, but do not give way to the temptation. If you do. however, do ] the work in as awkward a manner as j house with dust, or scatter water nil ^. the house. Yon will never bo asked or permitted to try your hand again. During courtship you waited upon the woman; now she is your wife, let her wait on you. It is a kindness to her, for it is an acknowledgment of her superiority over yourself; it is a delicate and easily rendered flattery which, while saving you an immense amount of drudgery, cannot fail of ranking her on good terms with her;elf, which is the very essence of happiness. Should your wife ask you to split wood for her, or kindle the kitchen fire, or rattle down the furnace, you will see 1o it that you clutter up the Cellar, scatter ashes about the kitchen iloor or fill the house with coal gas. When ne.xt there is wood to split or fires to builder furnaces to rattle down she will do it herself. You will thus give her an opportunity of telling to her acquaintances, with supreme zest, what an awful mess you make of it when you under- rest yourself and admire her smartness. You just follow my advice, my son, and your married life will be n. bed of roses; neglect it, and you'll have- nothing but cark and care and heaps of hard work in the bargain.— Itoston Transcript*-,. Tho World Slowly Waditnic Away. An interesting calculation has recently been made public through one of the many publications of the French Academy of Sciences. It is to the cf- that, t.-ikinc into consideration pedagogy." "Pardon me. I was speaking of you. In your peroration this occurs: 'An incognito communist, being commandant on the frontier, in one of his hunting expeditions came upon an Indian, who. to the accompaniment of thn- soughing wind, was softly playing 1 ». flageolet, for the purpose of qnietinff » wounded hydrophobic Bengal tigei- penned up in a hovel. The colonel"*. companion, a Malay from Singivportv acting as seneschal or pursuivant suggested houghing the rampant animal., or giving it some dynamite, morphlx» and saline yeast. A noose was adjusted and the nauseous dose administered, whereupon the combative tiger oomfagr in premature contact with a dilapidated divan, bade adieu to things sublunary and proceeded .to grace tho empyrean.' You have a dictionary?" The old man becoming angered »* the raillery of this question, and at the- cherubic smile of superiority will* which it was asked, launched forth in an objurgating tirade; insisting that ocean washing, river erosion anil wind and weather, to say nothing of probable volcanic action, the world will, by the end of the year 4,. 1 >00,oao, be completely washed away, and the ocean will roll over the present foundations of our great continents.—St Louis lie- public. £!»• Florid* Blood Row. The blood rose !• found only In Florida,, In an area five miles in duim- •ter. to the ••ll:iv<- I a dictionary?" thundered he,"dictionary be hanged!" Here archangels began the gonoroujp cha-uting of the mnste of a bolero, andl the disputants adjourned sine die. — Washington Post. A Ornut . Strawber—Dow did you like that barber I rccommended-you to? Singerly— First rate, old man; I Mirer heard those old Btorlef of ypnr» tol* better In my life — Detroit Fre* "—

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