Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 31, 1952 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1952
Page 8
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HOM SfA*, MOM, ARKANSAI tr*Jn«d, wttl mutchsd pntf 6N ROBKttW .„ _„. Itohonon I* an ortut of merit who ha* become so «biorb«o by Sdvlflt lUmiln that he no longer cart bo rennrdad «4 American In any olhftr cnt«R0ry but nominal cltl*en- *hlp, He In at thl« moment the moot vohcmortt protngonUt of Sovjat ftu«slB In thin country and hi* icr- view have been acknowledged by ineSlnlin, Indians t Ion againil .Hobcion In Hftjiy cxpfoflwd by patriotic loan* who h»vo never bean loft-wlnRl»m fiver denounced ,,„,.„„, with «ueh accurolc pinpointing of hi* unforgivnblo »in» flgBinit • hl» native land a* Jaie SMUondLSU Capture T6urney$ fyORLO WMtfiTWN MJBW YORK, (*—The two team* #hleh travailed tn* f«rthe»t to compete In Cdtlete holiday backet- •Witt ttWrn«m*Wt* are Iftsly to re turn hdrrt* Wfth a major »har« of the honor*, .Utah State, the dark hone <it|hi ttiftti entered In the Molld day Fenttvnl at Now York'* Modi- aon Sfejuftro Garden, rame through With the title laftt night. And at Raleigh, N, C,. Urtuhnm Young »hot Into th» final* of tho Dixie ClOMlc along wfth North Carolina SlaW, tho defending champion*. The other tournaments produced' protocol forbids him to Jump SPORTS ROUNDUP ••y OAVtt TALiOt. ADECAtbB, Auttfollfl (*l ~ It'*: a cane of "wait until next year" for the Artierlcan Davis Cup loam, too. Vic Selxtfx, captain of the team Which finished getting a royal ahel- lack Injj from the Auitralinng today hn*n'{ o doubt we'll recapture the fdrtimft iennta trophy a year hence at Melbourne. If Frank Scdtfmnn nnd Ken Mc-l nnnotfnce tomorrow night! SMU Captures Tournament, Porkers Third By HAROLD V. RATI.IFF DALLAS W — Tho basket haw Potmos, Guords Ploy Her* Tonight Patmos Independents will play the National Guard basketball team here tonight at 7:30 In tnc Guards' Armory behind the dotirf- house. It will be the third meet- Ing of the two teams with the U>- cai lads holding a 2-1 edge. Both sld'3 have added some new play eis' to'l their squads. llo's In trouble," said the hand- ionic Phlladelphian. Selxji.i, like r-v.-ryone else, knows the Aussles will make their intentions known tortiorrow, but tennis weren't expected to even figure In the consolation champion Basketball By The Associated Press BIG SEVEN TOURNEY Kansas State 93, Kansas 87 Championship thto following winners: Southwest Conference —Southern Methodist. Sugar Bowl Louisiana State BIR Seven — Kansas State. Clntor Bowl ~- Florida Boston Invitational—Georgetown Hofstrn at Hornpstoad, N, Y. — Gotland, N. Y, Touchers, Midwest at Tcrrc Haute, Ind,— India Central Meanwhile play In the all-collate In public statements. ' They won't find players to replace Frank and Ken in one year or even two," ho continued. "They'll be much weaker nnd we'll for much stronKe'r as by that time Tony Trabert will hove conic out of the Nnvy and hud nearly six months hard competition." Selxns wns reminded most Aus- trnllnns have their complacent feel Inn their two Junior hotshots, Lewis ship, are the winners of the end annual Southwest Conference preseason basketball tournament, In the three games required to win the tournament, they averaged better than 45 per cent on their field goal attempts. They tried 144 and connected for 05. The victory over Rice easy. Seven times the score was, tied and the Owls wore in the ball game until the finnl two minutes. But tho accuracy of the Mustangs Nebraska 53 (for Officials Deny Wyatt Will Be New Coach «« 63 Mi'.rouri 57, Yale 55 (for third place) Colorado 07, fifth place) the Th(! Methodists last night cli i own stale 79, Oklahoma 7fi (for maxed an upset march by knock .seventh place) Ing down nice 71-82 for the title. HOLIDAY FESTIVAL Utah state 59, Manhattan 57 Championship DePaiil HI, Miami (Ohio) 78 (for third place) wasn't' '"'Sail" «' .'"inal- DIXIE CLASSIC N. C. State 76, Holy Cross 74 (semi-final' Uriuham Young 84, Wake Forest (M'tni-final) Ponn. 97, Duke 80 (consolation semi-final) North Carolina 73, Princeton 50 (consolation final) SUGAR BOWL TOURNEY Louisiana State 70, St. Louis 67 clvimpjonship.i '* Villnmiva 75. St. Bonaventure 66 GO 'GATOR BOWL TOURNEY floi'.ida 7.3, .Georgia Tchrs. (con'solation final) T.ecb 71, Georgia 54 .'n-) SO'UTHWESV Tourney • Metho'clist 7.1, 'Ripe .62 (co,ji.s6nit'ion). Ba ; y ; lpr New Mexico ;>3. s.eri>i-f : in'al;) Ilow'a'rd' Prt.y;ne' 7-2'.' Mo.) .fil consolation-) Hardin Contral 'Ok'la. Gl, .Simmons f)9 'consolation) ENID OKLA. TOURNEY Northeastern Okla. 52 Phil lips Univ. 'IS somi-final) East Central Okla. 35 Northwestern Okla 67 semi-final) Nebraska Wesleyan 00, Panhandle A-M 50 consolation) East Texas Baptist 73, Oklahoma Baptist G6 consolation) ."Eatrangftaent, for one thing. ...* i».«Ali«MHn It- httlnrro " A Y^v*imt~ , (who hs* nl*o been Hoad and Ken KoseWiill, will Blt*ckod for Home of hi* nssocln.' • '' ready in another 12 months to stop Into the Sedgman-McGrogor shoes. SMU, with Art Flinders leading th Isngitnite In important Oppose unseeded Idaho tonight. He didn't seem to think the shoes goals in 46 attempts and 27 free "There's no question they're flnnl second of play by little Boh on but rejects treason. pair of wonderful yoimij players." Hrtrberton gitve Utah State a next to victory over previously unbent dim the luster of Gene Schwlnger, lll)tm, SWHn reaches the game po- Rice's groat center, however. Sch Davis Cup responsibility. It's dlf- winger, scored 23 points and made enj : namely, that nny In- dopcndcncti oi thought or action Is the yo'ry few Who vi»lt hU country,' fiitnlin can well pr«|ont a faoadc ot " becBute he haa^no/NqijTio In 'hi* !•, 'c0untyy.i ; ! fiiit. jho; KftVe ; J ; ew»s In '' ' .feer to requJro, h'ljn ^-iroJiSfibj'''^.^^ elw»ion •''•aboii!( '.•tSfj'w-i'-'jiiii^tili^.egQi - ' KmVstiJl* wqn'dcr-iftg- ho,w it. h'a^p'cn- f t\f\ '.'.'•* ' ' clUitiori -|«, the «am« «« Mltle^,'* ,wo»i. - i.; Second- placc'.v,;as • several -nq.£?h- :««.'.. ''' 1 •' '' •*vin". nv.iftvi b' .tyilh- ^tnV ;when,.n«vb«i»pn Stalini I'tc" jbet'rn.y^hol^pnlw ''' . n;jV-np't;..too^ lh(»uBh unjust,' 'h'uiivhn .:trnl.t^tq g(m\ '' ' thrp,ueh.,tha.t nifeht. '. T Vi.*'.i-.'*i?.'.r ?Tt™" '*it'« t'fir^at'-right through to the short na'lf'ip'f' th'e sfeasqn''s. final' rriinuto. Un'tifi t't'ie''clopK'yin -but".on <v -' ; tinal'day, the^ .E.agl'cs could have .Te'cr' ancl •c,dnc|ciya i b'ly won tho lea- '' '' e;^.^»:-\'^ac;(B -rnfld^ to r>tf- !pi8t>>A^ ' ! "'' r cqnaomUon/ :Champlon; . downing 'iXtfl'ZZLV >' ! i'll ^ ' • &'?i II? j ' • * ' r '• »*•' -'tfn A'«> •i:ignti;d i pw.n > '.tq!.t'H'• f inal'-'IS^seconcts.'' jK-T'lien'rw.fcn'.^time''* rnn'-'.outV ' 'jpi'ff ..Tim''" '••rTt'.in-iT^li*.' .' •vniitfn'nvt .Min'nrl lilsr.fii'sj; ye'ar.'as ;|tVp'yhfiri'.. ', ._-,."• '•'. '-Bv'"tt'i'e• riiaVfilh':of'' a', b'lo'ck'ed >punt ^hbcJ^ftfMt' IAU' Benson. -102;' mi- $$&tf9$V&Z ..?:,?" -, * ; '.> V-'"''*i'B*'"».-• A w*i _*i:- : --1 kw . «»'.< ••• W»i—'* •• *n* . • flBBOTT .gli;'s-'fi1vl.sh.ed;;ih a'tie'for _se« o'liiy' : 'a.. w'Vtsker-.out of' the-.tit'le The IsnelineM it brings t/ •at alone' at r '.me;kj£ch'en'tabld"ea~t- ' ' a jjlght; dinner^ anii,..enjoying Jonn-^WendellLa .(.d^a^-hg. had aaid'he;wanted tfer,. tq,-nje'p,t -Father • ~<-~' <<,.'t •«! »•.«£» *...'' i^ffi _iiit-u chair. Yet- thing, say the "It isn't Im of the river j Important act) other both Ive. yourselv! rc.--.-- Siisan mightsoqme>over,7'tc.o, h»el' d«Mght,ed >,ber^ah^''*to Susan blo8sornih|^iit^tn v .lier pleasure o| the occa^B" ' '•'' ' A» « ,6 aat thel| thinking. Nell the door, she got up from chair, surprised and pleased. h«en over only onoe hpw idccUKftve you bad horua this.'eVeuing an Nell was wrought ng but she said . ait down with me them «aH tt Ui« oj«« by tha comWned «ttortt groups thmjfhout in making arrangement* with, slate and. loett DALLAS-(ff)— A Tennesseo news paper reported today that Bowden VVyatt.'hoad fodihall coach at the University of Wyotning, will be the new head coach at Arkansas, but Rezorback officials promptly denied the report. Arkansas University President John Tyler Caldwell and Athletic Director John Barnhill, both hengi to attend the Cotton Bowl ganle* said the report by the Knoxville Journal was false. And in Fayetteville, Ark., the university public relations man, Bill Good, said the report "is without any foundation." The Journal said in a story filed from here by Sports Writer Ben Byrd that Barnhill had announced the appointment of Wyatt to suc- , .. cued Otis Doutilas. who resigned ((; " n8olallon ; earlier this year after a season for Arkansas of two and eight losses. Said Barnhill: "I haven't seen Bowden Wyatt and there's nothing to it. The Journal doesn't know what it's talking about." Dr. Caldwell admitted that Wyatt had been considered for the post, but added "it was learned that he was not available." "Since then," ho said, "the university authorities have continuJn, their search for a football coac'h and no decision has been reached. The atory that Bowden Wyatt will be the next football coach is denied by. me." ,'Dr.'Carchycll s^i'd.that spyne prqs- 'pe'c-ls.'for -liVc" •Ai-liansa.s .polk rmg'nt .bpTc,qn't ! ay^'d''hpt!'e, 'bpt.he •saRP'tneir, -ha.hii!i< \y;duld 'mat, be re'l'e'a;sjecU • ^__ •"-""-"rmifrii ****** lit SHOW -VQU SOME TRICKS 1 WHEN 1 WAS A BOV WILDCATS , &Aiutta er SPotftrs V, >\ *KJ ,«'!• •f'-ft- •'•!Mi'.' ;•: >,%>» %a,n OUT OUR WAY Top ro Bottom HORIZONTAL VERTICAL. 1 Top playing 1 The top card 2 Fuel 4 Bctlom of foot 3 Amuse 4 Painful places 5 Bake chamber 6 Missive 7 Age 8 Coconut fibers Answer to Previous Puzzle \ N A M T E R s T s o X A A R ET O O T R a i t R A l_ O E E O s 1 N L. A T E B U 0 p fn iT A C E O N A N 1 T H H t? ft W A 1 T B R ^ m N t W A 6 O L. u B A R r/ O F» E C A O O \ o «? 1 * L. A N P N 0 N B me T O A O n 3 A L. P O T tj F IT 1 F' T F T E B y\ s T F 1 R s • « 8 Tops 12 Study 13 On top H Spoken 15 Tanglu 16 Return like ,?^ ncient s y ria for like |° Top of head 26 Attack 40 Silver coins 18 Factor ' |1 Snow vehicle 27 Scorned 41 German city 20 Having J ' Means of 28 Arrow poison 42 Fruit drinks weapons ^ ping from 29 Cheap Iodging43 Egyptian rive- 21 Legal matters in £ oUom *° to P hous e (Brit, 44 Story 22 Finishes J;^ ountcrs slar >g) 46 Italian river 24 Glut "T' Ues 31 Bridge holding 47 Ireland 26 Small !?ail ^ Agile 33 Track parts 48 Simmer . 27 Accomplished 25 Wlngs 38 Ability 50 To (Scot.) I 30 Nebraska river 32 Fine wool 34 Lifts toward ihe top 35 Removes 36 Oriental coin 37 Fisherman's .apparatus (pi.) • 39/lVdiman dat.e . »•„ • 4-f-Hi'gh •nplp -ci ". K;...it-' .•S.u'i^orssc-ale' » K-..>'^2;P|p.gr k - ! . ' ''- •Sinc,e -then, the uriiv.ers'it-y aCij.l?pri- ties have continued ilieir search for n football conch and no decision has been reached. Tho story that Bowden Wyatt Will ho the next... fqijtbfiU coach, is denied by me." . C * Dr. Caldwoll said some prospects for the job vacated by Otis Douglas a niunth. ago might be contracted in Dallas but their names would not bo revealed. Copyrisht. 1952, by Jane Abbott. Distributed by Klne FealulTS Syndlole Abruptly, Deborah.,*bntrclled herself. She said more quietly, "I suppose you meet this boy away from the house — does' he like it that way 1" No one dates at one's home any Do you go" with him to the par, , T here awh't any here— oh, things at thC« range and the churci; .suppefa but they're an o|d works eve- quickly, In fear. The room they lived ta, back ot a delicatessen shop. Cheap because the only heat It got was through tho walls from a kitchen. One meal a day. excepting those days when Mrs. Lesser needed her help 'in the shop and paid her with provisions. Paul growing thinner, thinner, coughing tor a doctor— afraid to go to a dootor. No money to move away, fi jm tho mill town where the air; \vas laden with noxious gas-ee. "My mother'd know wtyat to 1 do Deborah fell allent, her eyes on tor my cough." Oh, how many her hands whew they held to the times afterwarda she had. must aay some- ht tiling. . . . on which side >y Hyps—svhat Whether Jjpu love ;h to walRi while young—f*lt and a better chance to lake" a good^llfo together^ . , ." Nell sprang to her feet "You an't wait—ibu've forgotten how t te, Avmt Dijbble. I've gofeto run, » rehearsal & that iy to [Aunt Deli be door m bered that! "Oh, Paul, we .'were .too youn sickness, Sfet there 1 ,wais" e hold In menior^-"' kindness, afterTfe hemorrhages. J ME doctor who w^- 1 what I toW yout Tony but pot it to aKeoi~$*" NeU had go^e Deborah • - "- - t*flft sat down „ wa», her age— l, alou4 M F>t>} only «, hj^ve anyone ha4 t«W «W to • put one hand over fcer eyes. Spe 414 noTyiSt to -^— the price ob^ sod ^»4K thow two years titty were ocor wo wuanii .cnarge any? - ,• thing. Doctor '' J$8«? Iltl^cpess ' ,tp ,.* Paul and to,hers|l'ff.;>Mlke.;n>a,ley;. ,|j the bartender..aj the^eorrjejs J.^n-** a he'd taken iip"a;pufs9 for Paul's burial. The priest, ta'. f r i e n 'd .ot." Mike's, who had' said prayers over Deborah felt her cheeks wet, dashed her hands over them, sprang up from her chair. "Well, you let it all back— and what was the use? You don't think er «he wanted only to remi»mb«r Paul's sweetness, nc4 tne other taey cajne bic* to _,...._._. -«»• violin on taWe-^ibe sm^w tbe noise around** arnw, tMne» oo bw Wps wfren a«« 99$ tWskoomljee* F rows dpwt to _ ab« b§4 got foj- her wtit wr» il^Uen |f you tried to tell her! She'd say it couldn't happen to her and Tony. Maybe It couldn't , . ." She went into the parlcir, switched on the lights, looked over the. room to summon tton In the changes she had made, tat U that would bring back the contentment she was enjoying When Mel) came in. New creamy* White ruffled curtains hung at windows, nail of the old furnltuwi * d been taken out. fine had f QUWj « cobbler's bench In so aBtit|trt op and put >t in front of the. ojd Bofa—she bad served ceffte from "• —- aiftemsfflqu . 7 wwrt4 -u..^. •» ** °f ***** vwdt Rom wDiild ^ «*P3WW wnCTfl^ 9f*psfat*f _ MOUKUTt VOU*B CMS OP fitAWS 9CH* .. ,___,., EWCBAK IN HBRB ANt? T«^TO PNt» *ITT PUTN'f - ^taafefii OUR.BOARDING HO.USE With. Major Hoopla —i ^" / I r ' lj '-r^ f • -I -f v /v '* | N*- / ' ^.V^/^i® •&&tfk.^*& ;®jssSEr::s^^c6«»' ^m vovbt^a' •tecrtilt-.'•iVVi-r.ti-. -»ui* «»/%r« ^ ° j*i'ltltW»*«H. .»»."••»»*•. '•*• ** 1 »^llfc* . ^pSgWm YOU By Herihberger WHAT'S THIS: V vm.coNeiDeroNS M^ % . ' ABQUT VOU J AGE, IT'S TIMBI EABED '• ocnbiNKa 1 ? / nor rvc acckl TUIMI/IKI/: ,» . f -.. . . shows big disturbance on Amegcan conti [ H ^B t " but maybe not atom bomb testjng—c(i» .be U. S. ^"^'"'i .,Celebrating Mew Yea/'S!' 1 '^K"~^ ByGolbrqltH mj~^m s?<™ r, -" 'wx ^jA \. .K^A f . .. •»-. * -aJt%f ^. "ittflGm , No money

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