Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 31, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 31, 1952
Page 6
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V'tr ^t MOM StAt, HOM, ARKANSAS pt to rtmov* tHr bft *5l«ld« 5y WMhtn« "or hit %yff«; 0oil«u th« ptt ff pm «fl «Hltud* of o«» 8,000! entlve, ffilu over "W Jt)» nn<» afl 23 w b»pt choice J 18.7840,10! Ittttep jMHd fti- i«f' Sretmaid* with «poons in her chosen pnVt«rn. at whtto mums duo room. » _from in of WI1H«W CM, 84, !•«, from the cruft »ni* « rivol oti n««r 8we«t- Local Dealers Glimpse New Chevrolet A now, Chevrolet that will create "entirely new conceptions of auto- Mr. today by E, P. Voting Young Chevrolet Co Young made hl« statement Biggest News Continued fa-mn Page On* stale death toll was more than 200. The only first place vote that didn't go to the tornado story was given to the Democratic primary elections in which Chancery Judge Frartci* Cherry of Jonesboro «" r «l » ™j« r l 'P SPt b y winning hw way , nto , hp Plinott ond then boat Incumbent Sid McMath the governor's office. for - —, --. That story, foltowlng • meeting with company) which included the "Talkathon", representative* In Memphld, Tenn.,'Cherry's urii'iuc radio question and where 1863 plan* were revealed i answer campaign method,' was to en enthusiastic audience of dcnl ; ranked -second for tho year, ers from this area. ( Third was the investigation of "When we were invited to attend; State Hiuhwny Department opera we were told that this would bojtions. Tho Highway Audit Commis one of Chevrolet's most important biwlnesft conferences," he said.' "This wan conclusively borne out by development*. Not only were we «hown the most exciting pn.d-i tict In my experience a« a dealer, i but the speakers mndo clear that i th* company through its ncws-i i paper advertising and promotion would give the model unpi ft edi nt ' ed backing." i Mr. Young said tho pruj;i;im! should answer any doubts about' :<ion, cT'.'iitrd by the Legislature, conducted the first probe. It report <;<\ finding waste-, extravagance' am! dishonesty in Department op- i.-ritions and was highly critical of the Me.Math administration. The MAC recommended that the 1'ulaski County Grand Jury study its reoort and m.iko further in\P tip ilii n One (hand Jmy disbanded after returninK no indicl- mi.T.ls in the matter. A new Grand Jury was formed and still has the 26 Injured Continued from Page injured and could not be questioned about the wreck. Fotir baggage cars, only onej passenger car and ttye locomotive j made up the passenger train, which left Paris, Tc*., early yesterday afternoon. At Paris, officials said there was Only a chair car, a baggage car and chair car when the train left. About 20 passengers and crewmen were aboard when it started. The eight cars being pulled by the freight locomotive were derailed by the crash. . Those injured seriously enough to be hospitalized, In addition to Stewart, were: William E. Colemnn. 58, Ft. Smith. M. J. Miller, 79, Ft. Smith. Mrs. Alice Miller, Ft. Smith. Mrs. J. C. Hill, GO, Cassville, Mo Shannon O'Neal, 71, Monett, Mo. W. B. Neal, 71, Heavener, Okla. W. E. Turner, 45, Monroe Okla. STRIKE IN SINGAPORE I*) — Ten thousand workers at Singapore Naval Base, Britain'* largest maritime establishment In the far East, struck today following the breakdown of three months of union negotiations. W*rfit*«<f«ry, Dtcember 31,19S2 Byers Gulf Service Complett One Stop Gulf*; Service Orlve In today. Phone 7-9956 3rd & Shover Ofie it rttrymend Bycrs HOPI STAR. HOM, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phon« 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Wednesday, December 31 The Entertainment Committee of the Hope Country Club will have a formal dance New Year's eve from 10 until 2 o'clock. for a display of the car hero. He is confident that interest in UK- new model will draw record-br; t . inu crowds to his showroom. T^IER—Bella U n long-sutTcring foster mother, but if« tirrief when the feel* thnt her own brood should be flrst i? luppiw, ond.to ih* hold* her udopted tiger cub at bay by andle/' Bell* gained the addition to her family when her nn»W(Stc(J an appeal- for d mother dog to care for the abepdonW jungle kitten. RESCOTT NEWS Biy»0n, Cflro- ,,,^rrtotd B Cox tntortnlnoii with mornlntf in the forrti-jr fW the plea- Mnry TJOU Thomns, the housp tnble h»M ft whtto nnd white poln« ,i ot points of In- room. toperi In cry- Centered the serving worK slxHjin |UBJt« were seated jtu>* with a white with white untln ribbon r to the bridesmaids their wetidinjf party. lite rooms were benxitlfully dec orated with white mums with touches of silver. The dinner-wns served from tho juMet lighted with white tubers. «• wedding party wan seated at k dWInir tnbk' over laid with a ifc sntin domask cloth centered th « eryntt'l bowl filled with White stock and mums flnnkcd white Inpei'it In three branched nd*labfto, MUs Thomas, plnce wns mq^kod with n whltc-icarnn- tton andtllftw.1 of the vnlley cor- sngu. Th* other guests were sent ed nt imnll tables. Dft*err • Were laid for thrtty-slx MtWil**. i'UjRBO . Moth Ot otchl* m'tttnn 1 Ua« to pro- the future of business. j matter under consideration. "A company with the maikiting In ar interim rcpor- the second knowledge of Chevrolet do i not I Grind )ii\ s ud luout 17 million reinvest tho tremendous capital re-1 dollar.-; was .spent on the last two quired for a program of this na-i gubernatorial campaigns nnd that ture unless It is firmly convinced! it was looking into any connection of sound sales possibilities," he i between campaign expenses and pointed out. "It is quite apparent Highway Department operations. from the product that the larKrst.! The fourth biggest story, in the automobile company In the world, opinion MI" tho newsmen, were the is anticipating one of its biggest j fon st fires which burned over years In 1953." : more th in 237.ODD acres of timber, The date for showing the new! inl'lk-linn a total loss estimated at Chevrolcts Is January 9. 19f>3, Mr.i four million dollars. Accidents and Young Is already making plans j incendiarism were blamed for the fires, hut their severity resulted from a severe drouth. Thai drouth and Ihe large minority vote received by President- ili^t fi ihovvc in Aikansas tied for fiftii and sixth places in tho poll Thfre severely dry weather, ac- coinpr'iiicd by prolonged heat waves, prevailed from June to No- I'eniber and caused crop damage estimated at 12 million dollars. As"* elsewhere, many Democrats in Arkansas got behind the Eisen- hov, T. • for-.president movement. Uu \\ \t the fjetu ral the in i i \'ti it t^vei itcorded a V'M*- '-.-"^1'J,^ 1 'A nl X 1 '" candidate! n i "i l\' \\i 1 Ifi '"Ti \^ '*» i- imiffipjo Mayer Tuck h _ir"u w i I'tinHhVtu^ s^jlmost tho y'V 1 ;""'^ ""'I 1 ' ^'i^, tanked as ,'tm -."\i_iil'filx st stiii'v Start the New Year Off with a bang, by trading with your B&B Super Market and Save. Make Our Store Your Store. ; PURE LARD WILSONS 4 Pound Carton Courthouse Continued from Page One be, If he has one. II. K. Reid will continue as custodian. Outgoing Deputy Sheriff Allen Shlpp had this to» say about., his six yeais in the Couithousi "I wish to thank the poo'pli of Hempstuul County foi tin n 1 ' <o opti.ition and Jisistaiue 1 *"' dm me the six je.it s that 1 h.ne >-si i \ed .(S Dt'putv Shei ift ^Al'l'f LOUU ot~^ | fedow officeis and ^Uio puii/' K-nl-KiIlv havl^betjiXve'ry mu> me, nnd U'deeuly ^.ippiecT.i't help .ind.fr^ejid^slup""""^ "1 will be connected 'with? the) Hope Police DepaLtmenf 1 , 'dunif'J' A 1 ^'- 1 -'" "U '-^ » A ''. k '" Slls P° nitc »1933, nnd will, be *rfncl^tV itlide'i ! '!/'"• ' '• U'V' 1 ' ) d f p sl ' 1 "i^" 1 '" ot f °i" r whatevei ser\ices^l cjin' ui/thV fu, Jl m "' ^ 'ji" " 1 - (1< 'J C ^ /i >1 ' ) released ture towards good^ Taw' ( nfoiH' in ' f" 1 '"*Liv i \ilituVh .H Christ- ment ' *" ,1^ i^ 1^1,1 >^ir"fhim(it v i *"tii'rn to pri- "My best wishes go v lo tho'mu. ' ' ii 111 "' '''' "-'-'--"-'----• Sheriff and his " .issMants ^e^!^/^ ^ J 1 COFFEE iuse. Folc ration 85c Maxwell House. Folgers Admiration 1 Lb. Can FOR GOOD LUCK — TAKE HOME A PACKAGE TODAY BLACK EYE PEAS SCOTTISSUE Rolls Thursday, January 8 ^ Pat Cleburne Chapter UDC will Wave their luncheon at Barlow Hotel January 8. Mrs. B. H. Sawyer, Arkansas State President, will be guest speaker. Site will use as her topic "Phases of UDC Work." Please, note the change of date. Miss Ruby Jo Brandon Weds Nool D. Carlton Miss Ruby Jo Brandon, daughter of Mr. ami Mrs. Hannie Bran- fJton, became the bride of A-3c Noel D. Carlton, son of Mr. and Mrs Joe Carlton ol Boclcaw, Sunday afternoon, December 14, at 2:30 at| the Rocky Mound Baptist Church. ; Reverend Coy Zumwalt officiated at the double ring ceremony! before an arch of huckleberry 1 flanked by baskets of calla lillies. j Mrs. Ivy Mitchell accompanied [ by Mrs. Bi-ooks Collins, pianist, i sang "Because" and "I Love You Truly." Mrs. Mitchell wore a pow der blue suit with a corsage ol pink carnations and Mrs. Collins wore a wine faille suit with a white ; carnation corsage. ; The bride chose a navy blue suit of wool gabardine with white accessories. She carried a white Bible topped with white carnations : i Miss Elsie Mae Brandon was her sister's maid of honor. She '•• wore a navy blue suit of wool gab- j ardine with pink accessories. Shr> j j carried a cascade bouquet of pink | carnations. A-2c Henry Shackleford ot Pres Brave Mother May Not Have Disease LOS ANGELES, i*t*V-The courageous mother who risked her life to give birth to her fourth boy may not have HodRkir.'s disease! after all. her physician says. j Mr«. Jean Garrett, 27, underwent! a Cnesarean operation last Friday while under treatment for the malady, a usually fatal cancerous condition of the lymphatic system. She withstood the shock of tho Black Hamburg Sure Sign of a Diplomat Cardinal to Visit Japan well and ihe baby suruery healthy. Yesterday, her physician. who wished to remain unidentified, said he found no traces of Mi>dgkin's disease in Mrs. Garrett. However, he added that additional tests will be made to make sure, If she dues not have the maladv. mn one nf several that have simi- l"i- symptoms. the Hawtlu.H-ne housev.-ife has an excellent chance to regain her health, the doctor said. MARLOW I.* — Th humburjj is like a fraternity pin. Diplomats wear it like n sign which says "I am a diplomat." The hjit with the uprolled edge SEOUL, Korea — Francis Cardl nnl Spellmnn will leave tomorrow for three appearances nt | hums, Jnpon, Thursday, of N. was "'"1 the deep crown is in such erncr.il use nmoi-.i! diplomats that it is practically » tribal headgear. ""' at least diplomats have been consiii, i-cd a Kcntlemanly group whose ian.miage. while not always clear, h.is been extremely Yoko- has DOROTHY. The Victims Dcftr Miss t>ix! JioW can n WC mnn i« s » f y herself for husband? My In Farmer's Spending for Food Declines j entered the picture! She, too, Is I man-led and her inrtn Is in Korea. She. expects him homo soon, nml snys that when he returns she'll settle down tind rnlse iv family, JfVher owft rlgnU What dehifjutlon is her subsequent bch«v» lor, Thd "othnv woninn." In ;rour case, Curly, apparently, Doesn't ,. _..„ j -W..K .^ j 1*1^^41.1) hlin^^ jWWl even hnve the excuse, thnt $hi lovcl Clenvly sho wants ". to keep her company until 'hoc spouse returns, nnd rtoesiV^ euro Wtielhor a murrled or man provides tho husband is the In' fcfie MM* . Alt lift , hd doesn't o* Mis? Dial dng to b6 tt K<> t<i i«ov*iea, , .. like that, utvd. o confined to church. ,«• rnkTm Watt going wiMv re -: WAR HINGTON, * — The farm-In" * don't know*, my husband Irainrd eveii wluM/tiireatenini' lhe!r r3 , sl \ nro ot c<1| ^ lll >»'i' «pendin«l impossible to please nt home, u>1 ' fi'urt has dropped lo the lowest "«» n*** so nervous, just trying 1 until ect her SAENGER NEW YEAR'S SHOW WASH ING POWDER When you buy 2 boxes get regular size loaf Bread Free Boxes Acll ii Steven- i u d tl < '•Di'ifioci <itie stronti- .'iiHj^Ton^ott „ lie to then V •>ni Mr. untHMri, Archie Johnion Hftve Buffet'Supper Saturday tytr, an4<Mr«. Archie Johnson en beft»lned'i,wjth a buffet supper at iH< WtUo Rock Jolinjoix ot Benton, Saturday evening, rations were used ho«»o. C. O. <3or« Gordon, Clarence Irs, Law;>Mr» and Bill Cobb', St., ot Mr. ond Mr*. Cecil i \ IK n tji\ .,ii iJ^iT"!;expired. will have my coop'oMtuTh',*jnd 1 ^ &, .mi suie \vill cmoj'the "^imp^li. lu nnd good will from "all' tfio offi * n '•'^hop w [ i<; irrested in i 1 ' 'J.tJld 'J 1 ' 1 ' 1 "' the. mur- fyi '«'S l !yO»!Jie J i's < in ) . t i bunkhouse > '"LfyL'fli u i"?'COIIMI tid. and sen- T. > ) ( *" . " . .• cials and citizensVliich i fi \\o\n,, l > ncr> ^ Ul '4V uh .-'- wl a s 'f irsl tl%ial - joyed. " ' <'*" s I A j'-'.J-J'nd ^^•;w^i'"i;oi'"dci l od. Again "I desiie to \vish, nil my fnend"v| vh , <% $ ls \ ( tiH' c / lo ' d >V'4 lm t'n*"-' his a Happy New Year" " \'".'i 1 ^ 0 w"**is (fixed? at'hie impris- Mr*. Dexter Bush at Texarkarm, Mrs. Allen Lswler, Linda and Catherine -Ann «( Austin. Texas were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Watson White, Jr, John Q. Stefur h«» returned to hU horq« in ExceUiot SprlntW, Mo. After a holiday v4«U with, hi* th«y» MM. J. C. Hoppy New Year ^^ TI ,1.?!^—.„, Draft Continued fiom Paso One ntely* should its utlinB" Rubinstein tcntlon was prowedings. In asking tlie Justice Depail-, meat to delay seiiure of Hubm- Only his immediate^!? 'involved jn" Judge Henry W. Edgerton told K*»nk H. Strickler nnd* Rob- ert'SSOttj *s*is.tftnt U S nttornejV "We *•#$,* disinclined to act in- itantly," Rubinstein, who fled Russia with: hi» family in 1918,. has been .fight : ing deportation for nearly 10 years. Th« present proceeding — he won in the first one — U based on his conviction in 194? for draft dodging, The government contends' this cfinvict(.on involves moral tude — which is grounds for. portttiion. Rubinstein's attoincy& it docs not. fposi t tio.ns i 'w | eipj. >tf>e'^ $285,000 bank shpaisfc a't^Diei ks -and the "great debate \betw een" Chen y and Mc- thtn. 40 par cent of the suttur- ii jirqduced -froru on the JfuU coast ot I,ouist- impris on nun^/-, i>^ ^ ' ^hn^ 'li'oKl^in^Utah Bishop 'li?ij i'PKL^ol an extencl- TAJ Kansas pri- iu^clxin'i vl^i c iVne -an issue ViK uts'i^^ufe t'natorial cam>A PiOt^ki^'ounty Grand Bisliops' state- Th.it it was a hoax __ (lu t Tienfoi eifihlh and ninth ' ._ P ( iscii;i?incies in accounts of the Bank oljlVioiks .\\cic disclosed in August Uhe assistant cashier of ,t.hc,b,a,nk. Mis Opal Simmington, i'i to ,RO licfoio u I'oderal Grand Jury, ai Ft]? bimth next month on n.'feduaj complaint charging her \\ith fal-jifyin^acoounts She denies tak'uig an>* V'i" tho money. The jnjonev hasn'1'bi.en found and Mrs. Simhnn«ton hai> indicated she will tcy x) ithe* ]in y e thc tiuth of wfiat ' ','gieat debate" occurred at Peaches HUNTS No. 21 Can IN HEAVY SYRUP 27c POTTED MEAT SHAMROCK 3V4 Ox. Con 5c MILK CARNATION and PET 7 Lg. Cans SALMON SEA FEAST PINK Flat Can BLACK EYE PEAS 2 No. 2 Cans KINGANS • ii" ,;..«. CHILI CON CARNE 1 Lb. Can 35c AMERICAN BEAUTY PORK & BEANS 1 Lb. Cans 25c o| rcUttvei to Memphis. Bemis hi»vc ibeif guestsi Mt. nmLMrs, Jger M Uallw, Mrs. C«Man I ind Ww. Q, W. McKelvey Gee have Mr*. R, l< omd MUs lla Phillips. Buesta of Chadwfck and Mrs. Blake Crow of Rock have returned to their after a holiday visit with patents, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse tod Mr. and Mrs. L. M- Cum "HMena during the iunotf primary ^inTp^ijeiV when McMath barged in on-jCheity's talkathon. The governors appearance was a complete surprise de&pite Cherry's repeated imitations to Mr-Math, The two candidates, en-uwd in a bitter 40- minuto battle ot words. Bounding out the top ten stories of the year, in Uie opinion of the editors, was the University of Ar- H»nsa,i' disappointing football season and tine repercussions that followed. Touted i» September as contenders for the Southwest Conference champ'onslup, the Razorbacks stas gered through a season of two victories, and eight defeats, The day before the final game, Head Coach Otis Douglas »es»«i)edU " , l , The top news throughout Decsinv ber was the search for » successor. The job was, all wrapped up and addressed to Paul tPe*rl Bryant of the University of Kentucky , there was uviry indication I would accept. Then,, when the fiw> '—•- -' - j mal offer was made, Bryant start* Mettw Robinson has had as' led University vifflciali and the guests, Mr. and Mrs. Elwood. state as a whole by saywig it would B«ttof l*y«» WJ Jennie be "anpos^tble' for him to tatee the u.s>igf\m<inj, that he would re- axaui PINEAPPLE JUICE 31c Libby's. ' 46 Oz: Can PINEAPPLE LIBBYS SLICED No. 2 Cans 55c RITZCRACKERS iLb. Box TODAY & THURSDAY NEWS & 2 COLOR CARTOONS TOILETS0AP Reg. Size Bars 23c FR©ZI N FOOD JUICE WHOLESUN 2cans2/C HONOR BRAND Corn, Spinach ^^ * • • f/ r * English Peas 2k Box PROPUCgDEPT. CALIFQR^A ORANGES Slzel5 ° 4fe- 23C j» • Mrg 45t MARKET PERT. TALL KQRN BACON Pound 45C HOMi GROWN FRYERS Pound P3C FRANKS 1 Pound AQft .Pqckoge, *l IF C PARKAY OLEO I luirnnn ^^^ ^ LiFORD-GREER-YOUNG PURi Ground Beef to Us 30-dajr te^past. said that January is normal in ^»s*t>rn third of tfee U. S. , WILLIAM ROBERTS- D "«»'*DONWEIS-'«*«-''HENRY'eERMAN RIALTO * TODAY sn<l THURSDAY WIDMARK • BAXTER GRANGER LAUGHTON rONSGHT! 11 ALLLN WAVMl HUoLHISUN Mystery Gal Enters Into Plane Plunge most lightening reprisals. ) Thou ih,. Dussians sot in on the !,,..„ „ . act and. as llsllu | y cnusod cullsili . j l'<<" nepai'trnent i crable o.mu-uoii ' i lh> "> 1ort S!1!<1 ' They h,u. ( ,,mo to be n-Rardcdl ? n '"' hl ," IBl |)roo , ossil ] • n w,,rhl capi.als as the bully boys! 0 ' ^^"^^ of .diplomacy, the dead end " ' ' ''' to of statecraft. purpose, of breaking up your honjc* And the samu the t° | husband, Agrloul-'• please him, thul t would pack up! iwrted today, i «nd leave were il not for the 1 ™,,!,, iar«e-s for as- youngsters. Do ywi think this would r lo a and dlstrlbut-! 1)l> the wiser course for mo, or foods havo'should I try to stick It out? I level, while i CURLY iii>' f:irmer-producer's share of the! Answer;. A while back 1 wns Since they'seem to hive worked ' '7'"! , d " n '"' "'"Ppi'd to an iiverace soundly Irotincod in a noto a.rcjnd- hard at perpetuatins this rouRh-i " ,„'"' 7' llls ' Tllls ri ««''« compares er who vehemently objected to my h i win, ^,| t ,,, nts ., vo;u . I)K() n|U , SO , U80 O f tnc wo , 1( | "dnrn," Well It lime who ,»„ „ She vlcio «noi "° IS vlcloU8no! "> SWEKTWATER. Tex-., CUP) jr —A old, •etty wnman, about ^5 years listened nervously while wealthy runehor: William Cox' told the Abilene airport of his plan lo crash liis plane Sunday, then broke into sobs when she learned Cox was Jead, Otto Heinbauer, Swcetwater airport manager. neck irnape of themselves, it comes! C( , | a;, a shock to see their main man, I u, Stalin, switch to "a method which| t() seems almost kittenish. It was just) a little too cute. sick of the Korean s he hadn't lot it l. He either wants umlcrslandiiij; with doesn't, lie, could have done Us for the ' w.ir. the •>l cents. During 11 called the young usurper of your climbed i husband's love by n few Of tho I names she deserves, what \vould ; be the effect on my Rentier rend IRON ORE FOUND Pakistan. ers! Horrendous to contemplate! In , . '"'"'anied to. through today. Cox. :>4. circled- over the Sweet- .vater and Abilene airports. 3H miles apart, Sunday for four-and- jr.e-half hours. For three hours tsj'O friends talked to him by radio, urging him lo reconsider his .an to commit suicide by putting liis five-place plane into u death •live.(p/"lf I come down I'll lose my i wi f e. . . lose my friends. . . lose I everything," Cox told his friends.; "If you had done what I did, whatj yl>t would you do? You wouldn't land." Bcinhauer said the. woman came into the airport "obviously in an •xcited and nervous state" about a. m. Sunday, an hour and a business, normal i Instead, when he wanted to say he'd look favorably upon peace talks with l'r'°'siVk-nt-elect Kison- hower, he did it-.by responding to some questions on his attitude toward world peace submitted by the New York Times. ' This was such a' pussyfooting vvay to operate, it's no wonder John Foster Dulles, who will be Eisenhower's secretary of State, sa\e him the answer he did,... ' Although Stalin is suspected • of replying to the- questions just to l nlbllclt y that, he can use for KARACHI, Pakistan. MY- The. Pakistan government announced today tluit a survey team of Ger-; man geologists reported the dis-j covM'v of at least ;).70(),()00 tons! ol visible iron ore in Punjab pro-' Vinciv They said the deposits may] even run as high as 20 million tons. ' Just A Woman'a Victim Love cannot always b'e .control!- You,, husband i, an viiter fooi-. to fnl so.onsy a victim; to her time 1 - , - but mnny f rno)f> do se&m to hnve n blind spot, \Vhoh 1 (t comes to ret»U*li\o( the worth 6f their wives; n siren's Kife ha* none tiMt* potency alncn the, of Odysseus. •' It's almost cortntn that bond Avlll bo a sorry and ptsiiUent rmiu In the not too dlstaht future so 1 recommend that Jtou' stlok things out in w«|i another , the oitel/renlly'tev Jovefc m«J, but 'since Ton sO'tilco to mq.Jvqw can I airi In • w - »f con»Jdornbl G1o7.cd tiles cnme-ihto jienornl '*" will P lt> ! YOH: wotildn't use in Europe during the half .of tho 12th Century, fconu It empty your ., w^npon .., , - hcly'isc lining in u.case or'.ttt^porftto .^v«««.v,- tl/«t thV'womnn td^QUbi not wont her.' hmbimd in. ,, loss; dbes , with That, li one of difficult .T hurt someone who htia nov anything but' 'KtaUhoSii'"«ii>i ion. In n $Rftodtt«» yoli over, 1 tho ' ™ breslc the 'now*' soon, 4 Ti«j M (t, is post' be hutt. . t by cott served as best num. Mrs. Brandon chose for her clau KhU-r's wedding a grey gabardine j suit with black accessories anrl ' piiinvd a red carnation ctirsage : at her shoulder. Mrs. Carllon wa> dressed in grey with a while car- j nation corsage. Alter a wedding trip to ilol j Springs the- couple v.'ill be at home \ in Wichita Falls, Texas, wnere ; A-3e Carllon is stationed. i Sisson—White „ . j Marriage Aniiounce'd -. | .- Miss Carolyn Sue White became. the;'bride of Harold L. Sisson, .son •of-Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Sisson of Houe. -in the honie ol bin propaganda, Duljes told him-.if he i really wants to'do busines.si'J'lo do ; it through the 'regular diplomatic ehannels. ' ;'•? This batted the ball back -to Stalin. In the end..all that'may he remembered of'this episode.is that, •for a moment anyway, . .Stalin switched from the usual Cumniu- n'i.-l tactics of tearing the. ' hou.su diH\'n' % lo a liilten" caper. . c . *' Alcbesmc Coed Wins o Cotton Maid Title MEMPHIS, Tenn. WV.-Alice' Con, a green-eyed ma-tliemalics at the . .University • of Ala- will furnish the figure to >ff the cotton industry's- L styles as Maid .of- lo V..N.....V.V v,i lld-VML* I_J. .JID.^H-'JI, MMl f,,, ,11 ' ,11 I. .. : •of-Mr. and Mrs.' Wilbur Sisson of- . Illc l'J-y-''"'-»ld .brownelle iron, 'Hope.-in the hofne ol her parents, I.*." 1 .".' 11 '.. Ala " • ™''\ s . ' f^^ '.' Sl ' Mr..-and Mrs. f.im White, on Christ I'" Khl ™ m ^ "^ „ 72 - bu . aullcs ' mas'-Day with-.the ReVei-end KarS /'•'"'"' - 12 C()ll " n - 13L>lt stilk:s ° m lhc i 'Ailen-of Stillwatcr. Tu'xa'Js •offiri^-""'"" 11 COIllosl ^ Pick King Cot-; r ; ,|.ii v ,' 0 •.'' ' « ' ' I ton's "a.mbassador to the "world."; -,tin Tlu^bride fe,a 'clksso Following the a navv blue taf- U accessories. ' "ceremony • tlie K>froi!h - »"« will ; b.e«ln a ° Af 35 . U " S ' « lt ' cs '! America . and hu- Alter, a s'hort -'wedding trip ihe couple ,,will make thoir home at 312 South Spruce in Hope. For trav., el Mrs. Sisson wore a purple suit | witn black accessories. Those attending the ceremony were Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Crow's of Shreveport, Mr. and Mrs. Otis Sisson of Kansas City, Mo.. Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Collier, Jr., Mr and Mrs. Tom White, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Sisson, Mrs. HfirJc.y Sisson, Mi. Charlie Sissou, Mrs'. Wallis Monroe, all of Hope .In. Kebruary yeai'-l(.<ng- tour' Canada. Latin rope.' Kunner-up in. the contest wus Ann Turner,.. 20, of Yazoo City, Miss. Robette Bentley, JO, of Los i Angeles', Calif., .was third. Coming and Going Tech. Set. Loyal P. Evans, Jr.. ot Lacularid Air Force Base, San Antoiuo, Texas, and Miss Eldu Uui/.u ol .San Antonio, Texas, arc spending the holidays with his parents, tar. and Mrs. L. P. Evans of hosstoa. V. W. Warmack has returned to Chicago alter spending the holidays with nis parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam Warmack Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Kinser and children, of Auburn, Indiana, ai-o visiting Mr. Kinser's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kinser, Sr. his William A. Bailey 43 visiting parents. Mr. and Mrs. Joe of Blevins. He has jus>t recently returned from spending 18 months in Japan and Korea and is now discharged. Sen. McCarthy Gets Many Decorations WASHINGTON '</P)J§<>n. McCartney (R-Wis) received'six decorations for hiy World War II service from the Marine Corps yesterday, almost eight years after his discharge. The presentation, in the senator's office, was made by Col. John J.I. Lamgan, commanding officer of the Fifth Reserve Marine District. McCarthy, an air combat intelligence officer, flew 30 combat missions in the Pacific. The citations—for the Distinguished Flying Cross, the Air Medal and fnur stars in lieu of additional air medals—were signed by Secretary of the Navy KimbaJJ, The Distinguished Flying Cro« was awarded, in }ho words of the citation, "for heroism and extraordinary achievement. , ." Lanigan said the long delay in formal presentation of the awards v.-ns not unusual. > Union Meads Plan Meeting NEW YORK (A — AFL Presl- dent George . Meany says hq a Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Wilson and i family have returned home after spending the holidays in Dallas with Mr. Wilson's mother. Mr* i after ,the rtay and «r* sure winded." to be "long SEPARATE Oavis and Mrs. Ros^ Mr. and Mrs. J. Cameron Lowe of Little Rock announce the arrival of a daughter*. "Lisa Ann, on. December 29, 1952. in a Litte Rock hospital. Tbt; maternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Atkins of Hope. The acu:j|s» the one month, ent splitop. friends they on, scheduled lot avert a peg-man- half gelnhauer (aid the uniden.tijH«4. woman Iist*ne4 to tfee ra4to fast* versgtiog over Pioneer Airlim«s' radio JTor about an hour, then left. "* the irapr*Mioiv- ti" «f'hi»," 1 Admitted: Mr. Lc- Paris, Hope, Miss Donna Rue JJademacher, 8t. the pjjoa? observe h»jr nc.J have to htm tfa* FREE Delivery Prices Good THURSDAY FRIDAY & SATURDAY DIAL ScrvinjfcYou Since 1896 YOUR MOVE ifVBETTER FOOD BUYS •>v?/p, * &*$ • i*' i.&ji FRESH FRYERS n Pound 53c LA^RG 'CORN RING BAGON Pound ' 43c NO. 1 LEAN COUNTRY ?i"' rv ,', MIXED Sausage 4lb.Ctn, Pure Larl 25 Ib. Sack SHAWNEE DELICIOUS APPLlS Bananas WASHING POWDER

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