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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, November 8, 1947
Page 9
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i )£^lr^*yA /*., f I. fit * \ " ^ ** ( ^ ^ rf HOP! STAR* HOPt, ARKANSAS Saturday, November 8, 1947 I ;ial Calendar nn's wUlroeet Monday afternoon ^clock at the following fab d^Wltf^Mri, C W. %-ii j J-.^,f-. »A !i»l**4 1**4*4*>tl f\f of , No. 2 with Mrs. ,». H. def at the home o^'Mfs. . t Atmltage* v No; 3 Mth^Mr».,L6tt Sic M» w. WJK » 3Sfo< 4 with Mrs.'' John leader at the 'home of Mrs. ' t WhitV> ,'"•'• November 10 ... Altar Society ,wlll /, at 3.o'clock at the „„*,»«=. W<,H, Bourne, with 4 {Julian Hosey as co-hostess. 'radical Nurses meeting be- held Monday night at 7.30 \.Tjome of Ittrs. EldMdge Cas on South "Hervey Street. AT bers a|ie urged to attend,this ^>^ha"zetaVGhapt'er of the .i hriye their 'Monday ^aiOl^at J;45^' L ^ * \ /W.M.Uj-bt'thb' First^Bimlis ifegH "Will ^nn*ot at/.tKe' 'chtiVrt >fiaisy<at'2:30< ft)r '^He'.Ro^al Sfer A Study in Good Grooming for the Teen-Agers lie J SORENESS-CONGESTION AT YO.UR ?g»* "i * u » *, i r if *** i f^TAflTS SUNDAY MARK5TEVW5 ersona 9 A. M, and 4 P. M. Meeting Circle No 5 will be n charge of the program Tuesday, November 11 The iris Garden Club will meet Tuesday at 2' 30 p m at the home f Mrs. M. M. McCloughan with Mrs F. N. Porter as assistant hos- Ss. AH members are asked to ring art Auturrth arrangement in , basket. _ Girl Scout Troop No. 5 under the direction of Mrs Arch Wylie will meet at First Methodist church Tuesday afternoon at 4.15 8immon»-M«y Wedding Announced Mrs. James O. Tate announces the marriage of her sister, Saiah Lou Simmons to Cpl Lawrence Winfred May, son of Mr. and Mrs Lawrence C May of this city The single ring ceremony was solemnized Thursday, November 6 at 7:30 p.m. at the Church of Christ here. Mr. Neal Watson of Blevins, read the impressive ceremony before an Improvised altar of large chrysanthemums and fern The bride was becomingly attired in a suit of gray^gabardine with black accessorlesrand an orchid pinned at her shoulder. Miss Charlone Hare wris maid of honor and She wore a/gray jgabardme suit with brown and green accessories Her flowers were a shoulder corsage of yellow oainations. Mrs. May, mother of the groom, wore a gray gabardine suit with brown accessories and a shoulder corsage of pink carnations. Mrs Tate chose a black suit with black acessories and a corsage of pink carnations. '• Following the ceremony, a reception was held at the home of Mrs James O. Tate, on 712 South Pine The bfide is a graduate of Hope High School and for the past five months has been employed at the Southwestern State Telephone Co m Kilgore, Texas. . The groom is a graduate of Spring Hill High School and is now serv ing in the Army Air Forces at Lackland Air Base, San Antonio Texas. The couple will make their home at 1005 West Russell St. m San 'Antonio, Texas. IVIcDanlel-Roberts Marriage Announced Mr. and Mrs. C. C McDamel o Minden, Louisiana, announce th marriage of their daughter, Jeann to W. RayVelle Roberts, son o Mr. and Mrs. Ivory Roberts o this city. Trie "double ring ceremony was solemnized at the home of the officiating minister, Rev Vornon G. Miles in Minden on Saturday, November 1. * The bride was lovely in a dressmaker suit ef blue wool with black accessories and her flowers were New fashions encourage teen-ager Betty to change from the awkward, carelessly groomed bobby soxer, left, to the spruced up young lady, right. Exercises correct poor posture. Tight pigtails give way to pretty bow-tied chignon of curls that she rolls up herself at home (above). Starchy white collar and cuffs which freshen her charming "Gibson Girl" outfit, can be unbuttoned (below) for quick laundering to insure immaculate grooming:. By ALICIA HART NEA Staff Writer Mississippi By ETHEL HAMILL © Arcadia House, Inc.; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. DOROTHY DIX Take It Easy News of the Churches FIRST PRESBYTERIAN 9:45 a.m.—Sunday School in all Departments 11 a.m Wilson -Sermon by Dr. Manton Dr. Wilson, native of Columbus and for many years a medical mis- ionary overseas for the church, vill bring an interesting message. FIRST BAPTIO.T Third and Main Streets S. A. Whitlow, Pastor Sunday School—9:30 a.m. Morning worship —10:50. Sermon by the pastor, Training Union—0:15 p.m. Evening worship —7:30 p.m. Sermon by the Pastor. A couple of newlyweds. who are just starting housekeeping ask me if I will suggest a mottb for their new home. Well, the slogan that T would give them to paint a bove their front door is: TAKE U EASY, which may not be a 10- mantic or poetic formula to live by, but that, can be guaranteed to make any marriage a success. For the trouble with so many bridal couples is that they get off on the vwong foot. They take mar. riage too seriously. They are filled up with the determination, to be ideal husbands and wives that the- can't act natural, and so they get on each other's nerves and before they know it their good resolutions have gone blooey and they aie fighting over trifles just like their mothers and fathers. Now any way you look at it marriage is a hard road to travel, for no man and woman were ever perfectly congenial or saw everything from the same viewpoint. The barrier of sex, of heredity, of The public is cordially invited to worship with us at all services. CATHOLIC "Our Lady of Good Hope" Rev. R. F. Boyle, Ass't. Pastor j. lit; ULIJ. i .»»-* v*- «"••-» — --- f , ~ • ,. j rearing, of temperament, of intelligence, of a million differences make a wall against which they are forever beating themselves in vain. They can't climb over it, but they can make breaches in it through which they can crawl if only they have gumption enough to take " , ; j.«.«.«3n£4itnrtnvri Mass on Sundays at 10:30, ^- marriage easy instead of the hard feKiffiSf^lsaSStefc Just take- ordinary, everyday marriage, for instance, with the common, or garden, variety of husbands and wives, a husband who Sermon, "The Sacrament of .Bap tism". Benediction after Mass FIRCiT CHRISTIAN North Main at West Avenue B Wm. P. Hardegree, Minister I IS it f^uuu iiimii *rf M u ,...—• ----- its a good man, but who has irri- a corsage of white carnations. Mrs. F A. StambaUgh Was the bride's only attendant and she Was attired in a fushia wool suit with black ccessories. , Mr. F. A- Stambaugh served as est man to Mr. Roberts The young couple Will make their ome in Shreveport, Louisiana, Mr. Roberts is employed. , , ,,, MARTHA STfW ART ; J »1M tunill «( M'W .. Jvl ARTS SUNDAY DO it All Qv«r Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Treadwell f, Harrison, Arkansas are the week-end guests of Mis. Treadwell's parents, Mr. and Mrs : J. C. Downs, and other relatives here, Mrs. Eugene Moore and little daughter, Annlece Darleno of Car- •olton, Texas arrived Thuisday for a ten-day visit with Mrs Moore's nother, Mrs, Silas Sanford. Mrs. A. E. Slusser is m Miami, Florida where she is representing Kope at the National United Daughters of Confederacy meeting there, Mrs. W. Q. Warien is visiting in Memphis, Tennessee as gues.1 of her daughter, Mr& Clyde Yarbough and family. THE STORY: When Cam comes to, she is in Joel's arms, /outside the burning building. Joel kisses her, calls her darling. Cam is in heaven. She is unhurt but her dress is ruined. Joel suggests they take a canoe * ride instead of Cam's going right home to face Maurine's hysterics. XVI They moved side by side across the .'last dark acre of the campus and on dov/n the hill until they were following the curving path which led to the college boathouse. The glow from the burning Cage/ grew dimmer behind them until finally it was lost altogether beyond.'the screen of Anight-black- ened trees. T-lie Carter-owned canoe fleet awaited them by the river's edge— a few of the light craft moored to the wooden pier, others inverted on the racks inside long open-walled sheds under, the dip of the bank. Joel helped her into one of the tethered boats. Just as Cam was settling into it, she felt the rough movement of tweed across her bare shoulders. Joel had stripped off his jacket and folded it around her. "Chilly out there," he said Ministers Again Fail to Agree rnmg worship Girls inspired by new fashions to make the transition from hoyden to young lady can learn a helpful lesson from a young miss who has just sloughed off her Sloppy Joes and scuffed sheas. All set to take notes? Meet our Jackson, Miss., Nov. 8 — (/P) — _ special session of the Mississippi egilature was a possiblity today is Governor Fielding^ L. Wright ought means to end violence in ho 173rday-old strike of Southern Jus Company, Inc., employes. bobby-soxer student, whom we shall I call ' Betty. What Betty learned ' from a charm school under the direction of expert Mariana Srnillie may give you the answers to your own problems. Betty's faults, expertly analyzed, were poor posture, untidy grooming, and unflattering hair-do. She baggy sweater, too-short no w^u, tJ u..j, i..^.., ,..i,.»i u . 7 >.i.. .wore a baggy sweater, too-snori The • governor yesterday called ' gkh , t| ank]e soc ks. and loaftrs. She rom-1 as cheernu to live with as a wet u ' • • Such a family has all the choir, "Come, Blessed ^Lord!' 1 I ln j^^ anVwife let their'minds 6:30— Junior CYF and Se.nioi d n upon their grievances, which CYF. All young people will.enjoy 1™ a-plenty. the fellowship of meeting with one But tnc S !t ua tion-can be changed of these groups. - • j by the simple expedient of the hus- Evening worship, Communion and band and wil:e not taking each oth- Sermon. Rev. and Mrs. John W. cr , g fau n s an a foibles too serious- Frye will be with us in the evening ly After all, many a dull husband service. Rev. Frye recently con- is a goo ' d provider; many a can- ducted a meeting here for two tan^erous wife is a grand cook, weeks. and a mink coat is a mink coat Monday— ,. and you have to eat three limes 3-00— Meeting' of the Executive a day . S o why not laugh off John s Committee of the Women's Council an d Mary's eccentricities, instead at the Church. of rushing to the divorce court, 3.30—Regular business and mis- which gets you nowhere but sioiiary meeting of the Women's trouble? Just take it easy. lijfr cli tersely, before he climbed in himself and picked up his paddle. Then they were moving out from shore. The moonlight lay long across the river. There Was no sound except the dip of his paddle, the sigh of moving water. "Are you thinking the same things I'm thinking?" They were • London Nov 8—(/P)— The . Big Four Deputy Foreign Ministers .bumped into new and old dis agreements today over the German peace treaty and an official Ameri can observer reported, "if any thing, there was a setback." The deputies failed to reach an accord over just what countrie should be given a voice in thi treaty making, just as the.diplo matic chiefs themselves did seve months ago in Moscow. It was the second /spadewor session of the deputies, preliminar ters of the United States. Britain, Russia and France here Nov. 25. Backed by the United States, Britain sought inclusion of the new dominion of Pakistan among countries to be represented at the peace table. Russian and French delegates declined to take a stand on the issue at this time. Russia wants the conference limited to 18 nations plus the Big Four the United States is urging inclusion of all 55 nations who declared war on Germany. Soviet delegate Andrei A. Smir- nov blocked a proposal by Britain, Franco and the United States that China, along with the Big FOJI-, be members oC the legislature to con er with him here next Tuesday, saying: "In view of the emergency which low exists as a result of outbreaks of lawlessntss, it may be well that oroader powers an parhaps additional laws than are now available may be required to fully deal with the problem at hand and protect the rights of the public." His call for the legislators to ''counsel, advise and help in devising ways and means for further handling of this problem" came after a bus was fired on near Brandon, Miss. Thursday night. Two nights earlier, near the same spot, another bus was fired upon but was not hit. Yesterday the com- o reported someone hac a plate glass in its sta- ...Gyn and All" Personal Mention Friends of Mrs. S. G. Norton will regret to-..learn that she.is ill at her home on 520 North Heivey St. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: L. P. Riley, Hope. Caryl Joy Case, Hope Cheryl Del Case. Hope Discharged: Mary Ellen Pawns, Hope. Mrs. Willie Downs and son, Henry Dale, Route 4, Hope. Branch < Admitted: » Ronnie Formby, Patmos. Clay Miller, Rt. 1, Emmet. Discharged: W. C. Dudley, Housto. Texas. Carl Anderson, Rt. t, Hope. Charles Anderson, Rt. 4, Hope. well out on the water before his voice came toward her, low in keeping with the night and yet demanding that she remember. "That other fall semester? When we both were such darn-fool kids?" Cam nodded contentedly, quite aware that ho could not see her nod. She could not remember ever having fell so utterly at peace with tion at Columbus, Miss. The governor refused to ,be the world. "I wonder how many hundred CRAWFORD Josephine Admitted: times I thought about things like this?" he said, slipping his paddle and lettmfi them drift. "Sometimes it seemed like a dream tliat never could have happened. But that song they used to sing in the other war—that was right, you know." "What song, Joel?" she mur- I mured. "Though the bpys are far awav, they dream of home . . ." He sinned deenly. "And we did. no kidding. Plenty of times, those dreams use to seem realcr than the mess and blood and muck I around us." "You're back, now. Doesn't that make things right again?" His answer surprised her. It |came from him slowly, as if he were thinking it out as he spoke. one of the "convening nations." Smirnov based his opposition on the argument that China was not a signatory to Germany's surrender. Smirnov refused to budge from the Russian position that German views on the treaty wold be accepted by the conference only when a "central government is formed which is deemed adequate for accepting a peace treaty." Robert Murphy, U.S. political representative in Germany and deputy for these sessions, said the American position was "that "responsible quoted on the likelihood of a spe cial session, but agreed with news men that it was reasonable to ex pect such a development migh follow the -meeting with the legis lators. The governor once threatened to man the buses with national guardsmen if violence did not coase but he has not made the threat a reality. The strike, effective in nine states, began last May 20 when a contract between a union and the company expired in a dispute over increased wages and working conditions. The union, the Amalgamated Association of Street Car, Electric slumped when she stood and her valk was awkward. Her blonde hair was skinned back into tight jigtuils. . If you recognize any of these' 'aults as yours, you can profit Tom Betty's methods c-f correc- "DH. To straighten out her slump, she lined her back up against a wall, and practised taking deep breaths to pull chest and shoulders into proper alignment. Try this posture Jesson, and see how well you stand. . , ' : After you learn to straighten yourself up, see if you can't improve the way yOu walk. Betty did by learning to toe a line, to- swin" weight rhythmically from one foot to the other. If, like Betty, you want to say "good-bye-" to childish pigtails, settle for a hair-do that's as easy* to manage. Since Betty's choice is so becoming to a young girl and so simple to dress—hair parted center front, smoothed back to form a chipnon of curls at the back of the Council at the Church. Thursday — And why make your children a burden to you, instead of a.plea- 7.30—Adult and junior choir rs- sure? It is just a matter of how hearsal LI u *, .YOU take them. All of us know mo- noalsal - thers who have nervous break- J. E. Cooper, Pastor Church School —9:45 a.m. Morning worship—10:50 a.m. Sermon: "A Venture of Faith" by Pastor. Vesper Service —5:30. Sermon: 'The Man with Three Names" by pastor. • Youth & Intermediate groups will meet at 6:30 p.m. . _ All members of the W.S.C.S. are urged to attend the Union meeting at the Church Monday, Nov. 10, at 3 p m. at which time Mrs. O. A. Graves will give a report on the Ecumenical Conference held at Springfield, Mass. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE 321 North Main H. Paul Holdridge, Pastor I was glad when they said unto neek-you miRht like to try hers. "I was giaa wnen "«y " lu "thi All vou ntcd'to "set" such a hair me, Let us go into the house of the have pneumonia. If they are ten •minutes late in .getting home Jrom school, she is walking the floor waiting for the police to telephone her that they have been run over and killed on the street. If her grown son wants to marry, she is sure some adventuress has roped him in. And she won't let her daughters have boy friends until they are too old to get married. Life is hard for her and'for all about her because she makes it that way. So that is why I advise all young newlyweds to carve take it EASY over their front doors. (Released by The Bell Syndicate, Inc.) . o Railway Employes and Motor of America Coach (AFL), representatives" of Germany should be given an opportunity to present their views. Mrs. Julius Haynes, Lewisville. thinking it deeply, and feeling it Discharged? - U/-*~ "0^,^,11 !,•»-,«.. —oininci Thni's Miss Nellie. Browning, Hope. Chas. Peppard, Lawson, Mo.. -—— o • Witnesses Continued Prom Page One. too. "Sometimes —almost. That's a funny thing, though. I don't think any of our outfit —the fellows back here under the government education program for GI's —has really found out how to fit |in yet." "Why, Joel! If I ever saw anv- "y who fitted in, who seemed to did iue getting the kick of his life out 'of just being in college—" "Nine-tenths act," he admitted. His lean farp was lost in shadow s r ai! ^when'th^ helringN £? ' &£ Yt".o ^U*^ ' ' '' "the eeneral I slow a"d almost brooding tempo Thomas A Slack Hughes' ney. had said previously he " appearance of the situation was Ol "is speech could tiace its exact such that I was of the opinion the expression of reflectiveness loi committee was not through" with her ,"if s sort O f like your glamor ennett B Meyeifc, retired major hair-do, and the green dress. I general, who wa,s then testifying. guess. Behind it, we aren t laugh- away?" "Five out of the thirty-odd campus retreads in our bunch have ossed in the sponge already. They ust, couldn't take the change-over. The nuict in the library gave them he jitters. Where we've been, a quiet like that breaks up into the explosion of bombs. And then there are others, guys like my juddy Lcm Ludlow, who just have the cards stacked against them. Their time for Carter is gone. But I'm not thinking of quitting, Cam m ie." His words became em- ohatis. "Not me! It's not going to happen that wav to Conroy. I'll stick, all right! I want to go into medical research and I'll need my Carter degree for that!" Quiet, warm happiness began to spread through her like the rjlow of a light. "Your father won't be too disappointed. Joel? It used to be scientific farming. . ." "Pop?" He spoke the name softly, sadly- "Didn't you know? He died two years ago. While I was bogged down in mud near Casino." "I—I didn't know." The river kept on sighing past them almost like a lost voice mur- said it affected about 1,000 drivers and station employes and halted the movement of 65,000 passengers daily. The company later announced it would resume operations, re-hiring those unioh employes who wished to return to work and replacing others. As soon as the buses began to roll again, violence broke out. Union leaders contended unior members were not responsible. The company operates in louisi ana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tonnes see, Texas, Kentucky, Illinois Ark ansas and Missouri. do. after it's shamoooed, is to brush air back, catch it with a barrett, nrl roll ends up on metal curlers. Now comes- a review of Betty's ood-Prooming lessons which can- inrerl her that it is just as easv 0 look snruced up as it is to look ntirly. The trick lies. Botty d'«- vornd, in selecting a basic outfit vhich will take a change of im- ^nulaie accessories. Thp choice- deemed best for Betty —ns it might be for onv girl—was "Gibson-Girl" styled black skirt- ..nrt-blouse combination, brightened in by starchy white collar and cuffs vhich button on for freshening-np .nances. These button-nns cnn be ?nsily removed for a quick sudsing iftfir each wearing. To acfpnt tho domuro chnrm of his o"tCit, Betty added n flowinp ilnnk bow tip undor hr»r rhin. used 1 black nbbnn to tie back her chignon of curls. Escapes t Continued From P:-ee One three young children, Larry, five Karl, four, and Karen, two to safe ty. Ferguson said, however, that he had tol(i another Hughes associate, Ngah Dietrich, that the Hughes witnesses would be summoned today. Slack said Hughes would arrive on Capitol Hill shortly and the njne prospective witnesses, might be with him- Ferguson said he would give Hughes about 30 minutes to produce them If he did not, the chairman added, he would call off the bearing until Monday, The subcommittee which Fergu- sofl hegds hw been inquiring into two wartime plane contracts total- fjb«w* W.m-QQQ which were K. We're still adrift. "But you're home, Joel. Home!" "Sure. But it isn't the way we dreamed it, the way wo left it. Or maybe it is, and that's what keeps flooring us — because we're not the same guys any longer. We've grown up. If things hadn't been the way they were, most of us would be started on careers by now. We aren't kids. We aren't the right age to be marking time." Suddenly, a little shudder of ' murin Mrs. Anderson was unable.to es cape from Marsh. Threatening "i you don't come with me, I'll kil you," Marsh dragged the vvoma oward the door. When her mother-in-law tried t stop him ignoring his warnings, h leveled his pistol at the wo-vna and pulled the trigger, but the wcr pon had jammed. He beat her o the head with the butt, flooring hei M^arsh dragged young Mrs. An dcrson out the door, shoved he into the automobile and sped awaj For several hours highway patrols searched the area in an effort to head off the fugitive car and halt it without harming Mrs. Public Now Continued From page One lad totaled around 25,000,000 bushels. On'! of the first poultry men heard from after the announcement "'as Monroe Babconk • of Ithaca, N. Y., promoter of the "Hens for Harrv" and "Lephorns for Luckman" gag which led to receipt of several crates of chickens at the White House and food committee headquarters this week. ,ord". Psalm 122:1 We especially invite all the members and friends of the Tabernacle o worship with us on this Lord's Day in His house. We know your heart will be warmed by the Nord's presence and the fellowship o£ His people. Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Morning worship—11 a.m. Senior C. A.s—6:30 p.m. Junior C.A.s — 0:30 p.m. Evangelistic Service —7:30 p.m. Tuesday: Christian Ser. Brigade—7 p.m. Girls' Chorus Practice— 7 p.m. Wednesday: HI-C. A. Brigade —6:30 p.m. Prayer and Bible Study — 7:30 p.m. Choir Practice following. Thursday: Women's Missionary Council — 2:30 p.m. '[ GARRETT MEMORIAL BAPTICiT North Ferguson Street D. O. Silvey, Pastor Rock of Ages Broadcast from the Church auditorium 9 to 9:30 a m over KCMC, Texarkana. 'Sunday School —10 a.m. Morning worship— 11. B.T.C.—6:45 p.m. Evening worship —7:30 p.m. Monday Auxiliary—2 p.m. Mrs. Vade Warren, president. Wednesday Prayer Service —7:30 The public is cordially invited to orship with us. 'The calling off of poultryless Thursday is very gratifying," Babcock said. "Under that system pcultrymen were stymied in any attempt to save grain. "Ojr job now is to educate the public to the idea that chickens must be eaten." Anderson. Police placed Mrs. Marsh in -iit But Pop wouldn't have minded". He'd shut up shop himself the spring before, to take a job'in a war ulant. The farm's mine now. But it isn't being worked. I haven't made up my i-nind whether to sell it or keep it for—for a home." A home! Even while she reached out in sympathy to touch the big hand curved over the motionless paddle Cam felt her heart accept the word and treasure it -Th»v "protective custody," not knowing where her husband might strike Shortly before midnight Marsh stopped'his car at a root beer stand on the outskirts of Morris, 100 California!) Finds Gusher in Back Yard Newport Beach, Calif., Nov. 7 W) — A friendly .little gusher Was flowing in the William Tallmans backyard today. The question was how to corral it. Thick black stuff — oil — has been oozing un in their lot for several davs and running into - th street. It seems that a cap put on of Rockford, to buy ?» , old wel1 some urnke. something to eat. Mrs. Anderson reached into the compartment of the car. dream of home Joel had said dread flickered along Cam's spine. "Joel, you — you aren't thinking ' 09 quitting, are you? VII Vul J J «*• ••-- , ii » that too She asked nothing more of life than the chance to make that home a reality for him; to make his dream come true and 20 years ago c snatched Marsh's pistol and ran to the stand attendant. While she sobbed hysterically "my husband has been slugged,' Marsh sped off to the east. The woman, unaware her husband had been slain, telephoned Sheriff Enrietta who brought her to the Morris jail. A- physician found her unharmed but suffering from hysteria. Because of her condition kn- rietta made no attempt to take a full statement of what had hap But the city has an ordinance against drilling and, when an oi" company offered to pump the Tall mans' well, the council drew uj an emergency measure banning pumping. With oil bringing $1.40 a barre and a company agent estimating a yield of several hundred bar rels daily, the Tallmans were de bating whether to cash in on th situation — or have the broken cap replaced. mae , thin share it with him forever, pened in the hours since her ab- is Of going (To Be Continued) duction. *> c Electron miscroscopes magnif> as much as 50 times greater than with a light micro Top Radio Programs of the Day By The Associated Press Central Standard Time Henry Morgan's sponsor (Ever- sharp) of his Wednesday night ABC satirical comedy has announced that the contract is not to be renewed when it expires in December. The sponsor said Morgan would be replaced with a new show at a different time, ABC said Henry would continue where he is under different auspices. Saturday night: NBC—8 Sinatra and Hit Parade; 8:30 Judy Canova; 9:30 Grand Ole Opry. CBS—7:30 Bill Goodwin show; 8 Dinah Shore with Joan Davis; 9 Vic Dampne. ABC—7 Ross Dolan detects; 8 Gant> Busters: 9 Prof. Quiz. MBS—7:30 Hospitality Club: 8:30 Better Half finale; 9 Chicago Theater. FIRST PENTECOSTAL Fourth and Ferguson T. F. Ford, Pastor Sunday School —9:45 a.m. Sunday Worship —11 a.m. Sunday Young Peoples Classes — :30 p.m. Sunday Evangelistic — 7:30 p.m. Bible Study Friday —7:30 p.m. You are always welcome. o ITie productivity of U. S. soil is now about half as great as it was aefore white men came to Amerca. Sunday: NBC—1:30 James Melton: 4 Sunday Theater. CBS—2 N. Y. Philharmonic; 4:30 Hoagy Carmichael. ABC—12:30 Sammy Kaye Serenade: 7 Detroit Symphony. MBS—1:30 Juvenile Jury; 9:30 Latin-American Serena.de. f. Monday: NBC—8:45 a. m. Nelson Olmsted story . Looking Your Best Breakfast Club . . a. m Shady Valley Folks Rosario, a city 227 miles upstream from Buenos Aires on the Parana river, is a port for oceangoing vessels. EXCLUSIVE FRANCHISE NOW OPEN $15 PER DAY NET PROFIT Mr. Lee Allen will be at the Barlow Hotel on No- vember'14th for the purpose of appointing a qualified operator to establish a route of one of the world's finest automatic vendjng machines in this territory. You can see the now famous T. & C. popcorn vendor at the Hope Confectionary. This is truly a fine opportunity to become independent for life with a surprisingly small investment. This business requires little attention and can easily be maintained in addition to your othec business. Be sure to call or see Mr. Allen and let him show you the profits our operators are making. Mr !•>*-{ •), J ,. J >•>*» HOPE S T A R, HOP, B, A R R A N $ A S Saturday, November 8, 1947 By Chick Young OZARK IKE WJ-r^v^sss»w*r * NOW THE OTHER FOOT CENTIPEDE PANTHERS-IB TERRORS-13 ...AND AS OZARK WEAVES DOWN THE FIELD ON THE LAST PLAY OF THE GAME.. SIDE GLANCES By Golbraith CARNIVAL By Dfck Turner THERE'S SOMETHING INSIDE THE IOCKET/ IT'S... IT'S A KEY, AUNT LUCRETIAf MAV I HAVE IT, (,PIEASE? 4U».<t*4.**.>.,. WJ..-* *«*, ^i» K* -i.^Jli * *L> t*~> \,tLaitp WASH TUBBS ID BW«ER FOR6ET ftLt THhT HNPPENEO, BUt \F I SET THE TVJIN5 HOWE THERE'S ONE UTTLE ITEtAIlA WrRPAP ! OID '«3U I THIS TMEiI VJOM'T LENME IV&WN TILL IGNORE! TOWNW WENT IMTOTHB LOUNGE MJP \NELLi TftKE ^ LOOK. FOR, SOURSBt-F \M -\THE4'RE AT UEP.ST T\NENTM-ONE! THE D1MER WITH TOMWN? COPR. tHI BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAT. OFF. COPR. 1M7 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REO. U.S. PAT. OFF "Junior said his first sentence while you-were out, Pet— 'Yes, ma'am'I"- FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser ^We'd better quit that food saving idea of yours if you exoeot me to erow into these old pants of Pop's!" ' expect me to grow ! ( OH,GOODY/ \ T50 ARE YOU TWO PEDDLE WOLVES SNARL- YOUR. IN.e OVER ME / PENCILS, HILDA./ FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger YUMMY.'THATS FOR ME! CAM YOU TIE THAT/ I WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE TOEY SEE IN HIM? No wonder the hotel advertises comfortable beds to fit everyone!" ALLEY OOP mil SO THAT* HOW IT W. \t IT? WB1.L, IF YOU TO SWAU.OW DRIVEL, CKAX BUT HAP ENOUfiH LAV OFF NOW OOOLA ENOUGH Thimble Theater YEH. PLENTY I r KNOW, BUT,.. COMING SOON The. THINKS KIN MAKE HOUKTH POWN AN' IOO VAfJDS TWew- I WASN'T WORRIED- A SCIENTIFIC STORV WITH AN EXPLOSIVE QUALIKV SOQW SN TOOK \_owa to soya OUT v By J. R. Wiiliam* OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople WELL, FRtEMD, VOUR. GAY, GRASSHOPPER\ DokfT SoLY KMOVji I'M <^ ! EYlSTEMCe IS A8ODT TO EWD/~~- > ALLERGIC To THE THAT CRAZY BED OF YOURS \MASr£ GLUE OH TUE BACK / THE LAST ACT iKi THE COMEDV *%f OF STAMPS ' 3 - / THAT'S MOT FAR-- \ ( HE'S ALWAVS ABOUT x V TEM ^AILES AWAV WHEW EITHER ONE OF US TALKS TO K<*t--IM TH'SAME ROOM; LOOK- MOTHER'ftjHlS BANKER AND HE?5 ALWAYS OVERDRAWN).' THATS WHV HE PREFERS HER TO A REGULAR BANK.' SHE'S STILL TAUKIMG TO HIM AND HE'S A NAILE AWAY BY NOW/ TO HOLIDAY 308 iKi THE ^ ' POSTOFFIC& VOQ M.V -DEA.TIA RED RYDER lOOKAftHAt/JUSf ' I\ff STRUCK HER OWri KANS.' STAY Our T eobo, /^ MA.CSOR •= CBS—1:30 ABC—8 am. .MBS— 8:30 *L« ' v . - v • ™«pv<5C(i« «*J5* **#

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