Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 6, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1894
Page 5
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ffljfl^f^iKpv;^ "••>;:'5;'W.«'5.V!-'.'"r., :••:•!.-.-._ WHY, DEWENTER, THE HATTER. So say the mnjorlty o( men already. Now we want the minority to come over to the majority. Let us show you our SEW SPRING HATS, OBSERVE! The announcement of Tucker & Young THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. •7 I Their New Spring Goods are ready for inspection. Special attention is called to their $20.00 suits made to order. lb Yours Truly, 'PUCK.' IT IS THE PEOPLE- «»« Tcri-MOir Meeting Tonlcht, There «ill be a meeting of the gas territory subscribers this evening at 8 o'clock at the council chamber. This meeting is called by tho gas territory committee and it is important that every one who signed to pur- chago cas territory should be present. AN OLD SOLDIER ROBBED. PMSTjJESI AND NOT THE TESTIMONIALS OF PURCHASABLE CHEMISTS. DAILY JOURNAL FRIDAY MORNING. APRIL 6. Trade* Aimembly ofllccri. At the meeting of the Trades Aasem bly Wednesday night, tho following officers were elected fur a,^ix month's term: Pre»- J. J. May. Vice Pres— J. C. Taylor. Reo. Sec— Henry W. Peters. Fin. Sec— Cha». W. Kleckner. Cor. Sec— B. W. Kerr. Treae— P. Fox. Serc't at Arms— Geo. Keiser ADDIT1ONIL Potatoes, 60 cents per bushel. — B. C. D. Read. Our hate are uniurpagted for finish and ityle.— Patterson, the Haber- dMher. The condition of Mr. Soloman Fisher it reported weYse. He was scarcely expected to live through the night. Everett Lake, the «lx year old son of Tboi. Lake, colored, of thli city, died at Indianapolis, Wednesday evening. Tbe remain* will be brought here todiv for interment. The Pythian Sisters gave a very enjoyable entertainment at Castle ball lait evening. The program was made up of idlect vocal and literary num- ben and several attractive tableaux, all of which proved most entertaining to the large crowd present. Incidental to thetoolal tbe Slaters gave a complimentary entertainment to tbe Uniformed Bank. K. P. which was in • body. Rliluehart, a Voterau, Complain* That He Was Robbed at Pnln»klvllle of «8OO. David Rhinehart, an old soldier and until lately an inmate at the soldiers' home at Marion, was in tho city yesterday laying before the police a story of how he was robbed of f 800 at Pul- askivllle a couple of nights ago. It seems from the old man's story that he had $1,000 in the bank at Marion, which be drew out last Saturday and in company with a comrade from the soldiers' home went to Pul- asklville. He owned a (arm of 7 acres near that place and was going to clear and Improve tho farm and with tho assistance of his veteran comrade wns also going to open a fishing lodge for the numerous desciples of Isaac Walton who gather along the banks of the Tippecanoa at that place during the summer for bass fishing. Monday night ho /ell among thieves, however, who after catering to his weakness in the way of strong drink, drugged him and succeeded in getting possession of his roll with tbo exception of something more than $150, which they evidently overlooked. The police and local detective corps will Investigate tho matter, and it is not unlikely that tho old soldier will sooner or later have the pleasure of seeing his despoilers get ther just deserts. Bnrll'Kton Will H»Tem Saloon. Burlington's citizens do not want a galoon but Judge Reynolds says they can't help It. Bert Wills, who wanted a license from the Commissioners and was refused, appealed to the Circuit Court. It was triad by a jury and tho finding waa in favor of Wills. His license will be issued. Tho people who own property near tbe saloon will commence action against Wills for damages, it is claimed that it is impossible to rent property adjacent to-tbe saloon. The Supreme Court recently decided that where a saloon injure* the valua of adjacent property an action for damages is good. To Michael Cor yd on and wife, a daughter. A /T^ /~*\ t TS! SPRING f-1f\TS Yery Latest Styles, $1.00, See Window. We will sell you the best quality Knox, Dunlap and Youman Styles for $1.98, thereby saving you $1.50 on your purchase, as other stores ask $3.50 for identically the same styles and qualities. Remember, all the latest ^=^^^^r Spring style Derby and Fedora Hats. — — 50 Cents oa the Dollar at Actual Wholesale Cost on all Goods Usually kept in a first-class Clothing and Shoe Store; Overcoats half price on a credit of 6 months under order Cass Circuit Court still continues. OTTO KRfVUS BANKRUPT STORES. YODR SAME EJ FRIST. Item* of * Personal Character Concerning LogauaporterB and Their Vrlonda Dr. W. H, Boll IB at Detroit. Edffar E. Powell is at Cincinnati. Miss May Dodda Is quite seriously 111. Mrs. J. C, Fairmont is visiting at Lafayette. Hon. A. R. Shroyer was at Indianapolis yesterday. Mrs. I. Rosenberg has returned from New Tork. Misses Cornelia Sbaffrey and Eva MoHale are visiting at Lafayette. E. L. Goldthwait of the Marion Chronicle was in the city yesterday. Mrs. C. P. Wright is at Bluflton attending the meeting of the M. E. conference. Miss Lillian Thompson of Indianap oils ia visiting in the citv the guest of Mi3S Lynn Shirk. Mrs. Jacob Her/, has gone to Toledo upon receipt of a telegram yesterday announcing the death at that place of her mother, Mrs. A. Kosontbal. Mrs. Jas. Puroe'l who has been visiting her sister. Mrs. Daniel Mader on the West Srte, departed yesterday for her home in Augusta, Mo. Mr. William R. McClelland, of Hendricka county, candidate for the Republican nomination for Clerk of Supreme Court, was in the city yee torday. Mr. C, G. Bowyer of Walton will leave Saturday for Delrey, Mich, where ho will make his future home with hie daughter, Mrs, Delia De Lawter. \ Last evening at the parsonage of the German Lutheran church, Bev. Tirmenstein officiating, Mies Sophia Kruck and Frederick Hardt wore united in marriage. Cards have been received here by the friends of C. C. F. Bent., formerly superintendent of the Pan Handle at this point, announcing his marriage at Cincinnati, on March 29th, to Miss Nettie Lewie, of that city. They will reside in Philadelphia, Mr. Bent being located there as superintendent of one of the divisions of the B. & O. railway, THE INFORMATION CORRECT. Snperlntendcul Hatcli In tbe Clt» Arranging-MaUorK. The information given by the Jour nal yesterday morning concerning the Vandalia changes has be<»,n confirmed in part by the statement of Mr. F M. Hatch who Is now In the city. Mr. Hatch states that he has been offered the superlntendency of the Michigan division of the Vandalia with head. quarters at Lognnsport and that tbe appointment would take effect April 15th. Mr. Hatch disclaimed any knowl- ledge of the other changes and de. dined to say what the change meant for Logansport. It was learned however that the rooms over Shirley's restaurant near the Vandalia depot had been leased by the company for two months which would indicate that it le the intention to make only temporary arrangements at present unttl a suitable building can be erected. _ The Krolntloii Of medical agents la gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing into general use tho pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To get the true remedy see that it IB manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale t>3 * u leading drug- Rt !&'»• ___•— Mornied to Wed. Harry Slnf er and Daily Morton. James Wirjolt »» d Katie Dampiel. Frederliji'Hardt »nd Sophia Kruclc. Official C»H. The Republicans of Cass County Indiana, aud all others who desire to co-operate with them are requested to meet in their several townships and wards at the time and place deeignat ed for'the purpose of selecting dele, gates to the Republican State conven lion to bo held at Indianapolis on April 25, 1894, and to the Republican Congressional convention to bo held at Hammond, Ind., on May 24, 3894, The place and time fixed for said meetings is as follows: Adams township—Twelve Mile, April 21, at 1 p. m. Bethlehem township—Metea. April 21, at 1. p. to. Boone township—Royal Center April 21. at 1 p m. Clay township—Shady Nook school house, April 21 at 1 p. m. Clinton township—Clymers April 20, at 7 p. m. Dee- Creek township —Center school house, April21, 1 p. m. Harrison township—Lucerne, Apr 21, 1 p. m, Jackson township—Salveston, April 21, 2 p. m. Jefferson townfrjip — Calloway school house, April 21. 1pm Miami township—New Wavtrly, April 21, 1 p. m. Noble—Centre school house, April 21, 1 p. m. Tipton township—Onward, April 21 1 p. m. - .Wwhtnffton. township — Centre school house, April 19, 1 p. m. First ward—Engine honso.April 21, Second ward—Rink April 21, 8 p. Third ward—Council chamber, April 21', 8 p. m. Fourth ward—R!nk, April 21, 8 p- m Fifth- ward—Engine house, April 21, 8 p.-m. The several townships and wards will be entitled to representatives as follows and tbe meeting will select the number of delegates as follows: Stilts Congressional Convention. Convention. Adams t Betbleuem Boone Clur Clinton Deer Creek Harrison Jackson Jonrnon Mlnml voble TIpton WHSblncton . i "".'".™'.'.'.i '. 1 ', I EEJ Third Fourth By orde'r'oTthu Central Committee. J. '/j. POWELL, D. W. TOMMNSON. Chairman. Secretary lloal Kmai* TranM'ern. u at ot t«i.nsters <if real estate in Cass count) reported tu Frank II. Wlppwimm abstractor ot titles, conveyancer and notary public, insurance and loan went, titles to rent estate examined and defective titles perrecti'd. Money to lonn m lowest nitos. Office we Fourth strent dlreetlr opposite Court House entrance. Locansport, Jnd. Ira S. Brown to W.lilanl Brown 1C acres lnawl,'|sec20Uarrtp ..-....$ w> DO E B. OTersDiner to W. R.Lowe wwlt lot ZTG90 f. TlDton 1st ndil 800 W Mnrr E. Gray to Mary Etcher lot 27 S. M. 1 Ot 1 CO heStn fi4flaoo lot 127 John Upton's 4th add............... C400 <JU eMiua p'eawint Ilill street adjoining Hanna add and loin 28 and 20 Hanna ndd ..... But us Maitee to Wm Qualniance tame as eStinYS Ten mortgages II !flU aggregating ......... 5.1.2 16 Home ot lli« FrJendleM. The local W. C. T. U. makes this appeal to the citizens of Logansport to asslfct as they may see flt in the worthy project of establishing a home tbe friendless. A dinner and supper will be served *t tfco now Cmwford block on Saturday by the W. C. T. U 'or this object, and tbe public Iri cordially fnvlted to aid In '.ho causa by oxtendlng putronape .to the same. notice, Any person who h»d stolen- from them last summer a pair of pearl and gold mounted opera glssaes may aid . doing justice by reporting the fact and the olTum*tanoei of the theft to Detective Sil»i Morgan. l-UNKHAL OF K. H. WALL. Tha funeral of 13. B. Wall took place at Columbus, Ohio, Wednesday afternoon. The Evening- Dispatch ol that city said: At 2 o'clock tbe remains were conveyed from the residence of General JohnG. Mitchell, where they have rested since their arrival yesterday afternoon, to the Second Presbyterian church. The sanctuary wai alrendy filled to its utmost capacity with friends. Seats were reserved in the central portion • f the courch for the family and tbe distinguished railroad associates, who were present in large numbers. Tbe heavy casket was solemnly placed on a dias before the altar, in tho midst of flowers, tho tender testimonials of many iovlog friends. The casket was borne by S P. Bush, superintendent of motive power, and Master Mechanics B. Fitzpatrick, W. C. Arp, W. J. Reynolds, W. Swanson ahd W. G. Ponnock, all of tho Pennsylvania lines. Tho following were the honorary pall bearers, all of whom are officers of tho Pennsylvania lines: J. T. Brooke, second vice president; J. E. Davidson, third vice president; Joseph Woods, gencr. al manapcr; D. S, Gray, peneral agent; E B. Taylor, general superintendent of transportation; J. F. Miller, general superintendent of the Southwest System; Charles Watta, general superintendent of the Northwest System; M. J.Becker, chief en, gineer; D. T. MoCabe, general freight agent; D. S. Newhall, assistant secretary of the P. R. R ; Theo. N. Ely, chief of motive power; F.D. Casanave, general superintenoent of motive power; J. J. Turner, superintendent of Pittsburgh division; Ralph Peters, superintendent of Cincinnati division; H. I. Miller, superintendent of Louisville division, and F. G. Darlington, superintendent of tbe Indianapolis division. A touching feature was the selection of the ushers. Two years ago thoy served as ushers at the wedding, of their fi-iend: a few months ago they were ushers at tho funeral of Mrs. Wall; and todny they acted in the same capacity at the, burial of Mr, Wail. The usheV-s were Messrs. Her. man Donnison, Tod B. Galloway, J. L. Rogers, Dr. Allan Dennison and John Taylor. The services conducted by Rev. W. E, Moore. D. D., were impressively simple. There was no music save tbe funeral dirges which were played on the great organ as the funeral cortege passed In and out of the church. Although it had boon requested that no floral tributes be Rent, a number of flowers bore testimony of esteem Prominent among- those was a huge floral keystone, emblematic of the company, on which appeared tbe> words "Pennsiylvanlii Vinos, Apprentice 1S7G, Assistant, to the General. Mr.naser 18!I4.-' Anolher was "Gates Ajar." Dr. Moore's uibcourso was a plain, kindly talk, drawing Ibteons from tbe life of a deceased. HDaiogons to scriptural teaching. Jmerment was private. Among the railroad men present, inr addition to those who acted as pallbearers, are A. M. Watts, naperintend- ent of motive power of P. R R ; H. S. Hayward, superintendent of motive power of U. R- R : B. H. Soule, superintendent of motive power of the Norfolk & Western; G. W. Rhodes, superintendent of motive power of the C. B. & R.; Pro/. J. E. W«tkins, of the Columbian museum; J. E. Loom is, agent of Peansylvaaia. lines In Chicago; E. A. Dawson, western superintendent of Union Line; M. W. Mansfield, euper- intandeot of I. it V. division; W. W. Reynold?, mechanical department, Logansport, C. H. Walton. superin-« tendent of Chicago division; A. M. Schoyer, superintendent of telegraph; C. D. Law, superintendent of western division of Pittsburgh, Ft. Wayne & Chicago; J. S. Morris, superintendent of Toledo & Walhonding- Valley division, acd F. L. Sheppard, general superintendent P. R. K, F. W. Edwards went to Chicago yesterday on railroad business. Pan Handle conductor A. Hathaway is recovering- Jrom a spell of sickness. W. M. Gordon, night operator at the Pan Handle shops went to Lafayette yesterday. L. J. Coppock has been appointed night watchman, in the South Side Pan Handle yards. Tbe Pan Handle yards are being overhauled. A large number of new ties are being put tn. Supt Walton held an Investigation yesterday to to determine who is to blame for the Unlen City wreck. The result has not yet been made known. Pan Handle engineer F.M. Williamson is temporarily on the Rldgevlllo and Dunkirk short local in place of Engineer Chas. Kennedy who ia off oa a hunting trip. Elmer Klrkwood, a Pan Handle swltohman, was struck in the eye and badly injured yesterday afternoon with a coupling pin while attempting to make a coupling. .The result of the vole on the C. & E. I. has not yet been mode public. Railroad men s&y that there is no fear of a rtrike, however, and that (he man are well aware that a poor job now ia better than none at all Engines 910 and 418 which figured in tbe collisions at Union City a few days ago have been towed in and are now in tbe round house being prepared for the back shop. Tho damage ie not nearly so great 09 usually attends a head end coll I'.on. NOW THIS IS A FACT CARL W. KELLER the Merchant Tailor, leads them all in the Spring Trade. AT HIS PATTERNS. A sk any man in the city the way his clothes are made to fit and then know thft tru^h. . CARL W. KELLER. 311 Market St.

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