Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 30, 1952 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 30, 1952
Page 8
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',H.'-'r.Mit.Z..ff' i Court Docket »**, ***»»• £ ., ?+ ' i«y It^A:;;-^ f - 081?. ». Ittl. oitv Cwwfl, in tn- |ft CMh bond. In InlrniMll bond. ., Riflittfnf »to<J V, cfl»h bond. No ch«<ff«ir'» H* , Forfeited W C*»h boftd . BUI*, Joe inirim, Cflarly, No driver'* 1 19 cn*h bond. iT, W. fflyter, Kiitwrt „ Forfeited bond, " „,,. . Ingrnm, J. F, May. Klnflrt Johnnlfl M. Smith, too J»ck » PrMnK whili» under tho Influ . Intoxicating Kijuor, Forfeit cash Iwml nnd I day In Jail Wlill te?y, , . it, Ii e«fl«<«, Forr«!tcd of Ban Antonio, •••••*•«*•••••••••••••••«"•**"" — " Early New Deal farm Progrqms- Considered */ 6VJO A. MAKTfN WA8HW0TQN in* adrtitnlstratten wlH «?«* wafof to th* "KJlf-flnanclnrf" f«aturt« of early New D«al form pragr«m«. the Rtpubliean* »r« committed to, topMid pfWB ^WXM-t J>to«*ftfef wftfch over tho Iftit 18 ye»r« have PRESCOTT NEWS D«o«mb«r 31 Omlcro.1 Chapter ESA la span (wring the Annual polio benefit New Year'» Eve dance to be Wednesday evening from nine until one at th« Motel Lav/son. Ticket* arc $1 per jxsriwn. Holfdcy Motif U«ed «t Party Mis* Ann McSwoln ami Mrs. Pot Combs wre hostesses nt an open Markets co»t taxpa But P ayer* dolla slightly ar*. more than Elienhowcr, , at well M Kzrl Taft Benson, his ehdlct to b« *««r«Ury of ag'ricuU tuf«, hiv* mud* known a dfcilre houno given Wednesday evening) in the McSwnin homo for tho pica ' »urc of W(r. and Mrs. Robert Pledger of Dallas and Mlns Mary Lou Thomfla nnd Ernest Knrley Cox, Jr., who*e wedding was nn evmt of Sunday. candles were placed <in the buffet and chest. Mrs. tfrewoody presided nt the coffee service. The bride-elect received n gift of crystal and a red carnation corsage. Other guests Jotiog, mother -- — — Mrs. A. P. Jones, grandmother of the bride.dect, Miss Nona Eagle. Mrs. Oalcly Daniel of Monterey, were Mrs. Horace of the bride-elect, Greenery Interspersed with rod covered the mantel and a Iho rnir compleUd Id J-ftduce thft cost of price support Enrly tfflw Deal programs were—» flttohced in part by what were!bells were suspended <vnlle4 proceeding taxes — that ln.lror. A glittering tree tbxcft levied on the first process-'the living room setting. Jrtg opcratloh of a farm product,) Green .tapers tied with .. siiclt as the milling of wheat Into 1 satin ribbon bows decorated with floiir, slaughter of hogs for pork j ml ornaments nnd placed in crys- and so on. This tax was knocked tal candelabra graced Hie Imffi'l. Calif.. Mrs. Blake Crow of Little Rock, Mrs. Richard Johnson ol Grand Prairie, Texas, Mrs. Ted Smiley of Aurora, Mo., and Mrs. Allen Gen. Jr., of Hope. Miss Hazel Matlock had as hen, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. R. V. Hcrndon. Sr.. of average; LIVESTOCK NATIONAL SOCKYARDS, fli. I* — Hogs 14.500; fairly active; 25 lower than Monday's, „., Weights under 220 iba mostly at full decline; bulk choice 180-230 Ibs 18.25-6S; several hundred head uniform choice Nos, 1 and S! mostly 180-220 Ibs 18.25; few loads 18.85; 240-270 Ibs 17.5018.10; few to 18.23; 280-300 Ibs 18.7517.25; 150-170 Ibs 17,25-18.50; 120140 Ibs 15.00-16.7S; sows 400 Ibs down 15.00-75; largely 15.50 down; heavier sows 13.00-14.50; few 14.73; boars 10.00-13.00. Cattlo 3,500, calves l,200i little done on steers although demand moderate with heifers and mixed sew* 1650; caiifwrt «wi cutter* HOO- bulls unchanged; utility and commercial 1S.WM8.W; cut t*r» largely 12.50-14.S6: veale i.OO higher; scazreity of tMgh choifce and prime veaters seeing very lew at 37 with good mcrcial 17.00-28.00; culls 15.00. Sheep 2,00: opening sales lower than Minday; several — chcicc and prime wooled skins to shippers 22.00-50; top 22.50. NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK. W) — Cotton futures were irregular today in slow trading. Nearby months were easy on y«rln., , uw , Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Joe Purcell and daughter have returned to their home 'tt\ Benton after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Horace anJ choice butchers yearlings 22.00- 2(i.OO; opening generally steady; Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Duke. out by a 191)6 Supreme Court decision which declared the then ex- luting Agricultural Adjustment Act to be unconstitutional. time, costs of support William*, R. C *>*• Wl»lc Leo Criner." fff.^'f ' rfiiirfkiV,' .,',"'. Warren, Hlllcrr Forfeited »lO Peocc For Ut 1 .' '' >t', ,1 ' -^ MfpWtt, KHitftr^ rvftlfetiog <& fiuifb bond ,.«», «,«;J$f»>,W^'w '**»& fc;fl Vnn tn.jttU, -v$*w«#toni >»ww-« »»« friv^H jiiuc Jf*^*' v «f"! !l ! |H*' • — -• - | ft OciiiWi rf$r.\tftl# 'iU-Wvely, f.lndal EIH*. H, T»i1or$!f^«dfnjf» IWfelUrti $fl cash bond, -.iw.u.i ^l»u t* M*«i .** >• ^*j ^j^. _i T\ "U* frri\tn±\\ K. uwi« . Mr», Tewet et MWj Wt«"«» Boy'P MduiaiH, of HftKW, »r», B, M, s »8Urtdor« of 8, K«ti»lon. „.«„.,.- ^,-. . .flanked by white tnpnt-H in match...„ farm prices have fallen on trie ing holders. jWrs. Matt Hltt of LittU Vrtmsury. ... overlaid Ml . g H ^ sllvcrs nna uli work clothj suvcrs of HuntsvlUC) Ain., . ll\\W mUmS|, lln hnlt^n,, ,,,,0,-lf ^f Mn f>,«t crystal bowl Jack Foil Crop of It Off LITTLE ROCK Tho Fcdrr- v'nOSRETT W1 $ tti fetv Car, One s, Stolen W A stoteh cfs ttml « wjth '1.000 fe«t 'V. C ( B6yce, D, K. Peiwoll, K. jfi, A<nhrfi*«*, Violating parking or* ItautteO. forfeHod II cash bond. Th4 folIOWIfig forfeited $10 casn bond on u charge of Drunki * 'isiroy tifoWHi Archie Way — JoMttN'Kyte, Alllxon Itnthront, WII head.- The If* IWUon, Jolwnio Simpson, Na- 012,000. txiiearv Pohner. thomn* Flagg STAfB DOCKET ennodi, rorWtBd *1» ^ **> "w"!, iltoron iCreemnn, Irnpropp." oiir liceitrtn., Forffllod W ^^ ^o"«J- W11HC NeUdn. «» cklt'«« Driving, Plott gWlty. ftaod W»- >i%ln « ""' KmiUKftHcunnk, No livriMrfit it- come, torfelled $25 eush bond. /nek 'Ulilmon, Punning another t'hlcKi in a rcntrletod *<me, Forfeit d |S «anlv bond. chool bu*. Forfeited W fa»U boiui, Bobby Odom, R. C, Reed, Np lrlvef'» license, PorfalUd W cn»h ''llobeft White, False protch*e. fined *JO! tWo hrtd costs suspeftd i»"e ttVi'rrw/tipton, ». -tdwovi ft ( V. Jer»e«ori, Floyd |, j, w t ttcflln, Frank Pnrtah, tor t<o| •WirtJ SmflJi, urw tifl 410 cash boiul, 'jfatutiert, Mnyo», Qivlns; M\ over ^1*5 ^orhited lid cash bond, ^Robert Wndnoy, Assault with lt> twil to"t4. faorninnttw waived, H|lft to Ov«84 Jutys bo^ «"'" J,«i rulce.'lf, TB. Werden, Sp L Ko?teitesl $8 casli bond, tf^fit pttfte. BvAvlng cor w *«! tntouonco of UUoxfciiy,.^ i^pMellfed $35 ca8H.,''b})^ al-State Crop Reporting Service said today Uu vo was a 27 per cent drop in the 1952 fall crop of plus lii Arkansas and a 18 per cunt di- drense Tor tho year over the 1051 crop. The combined spring and fall crops for 1052 amounted to 827,000 serving table was nn imported cut \v,,,n ^'""j stivers of Huntsville, Ala., -were with a cenlerpiec-c of white.- mums j lhe ho , id KUests of Mr . an( , Mrs> ond rod berries in a crystal bowl| pHcc . Hamst , y an( , filrni , y in C( , n . tor, Texas. ;. 1WTH. tVL.Ul Itlll ()i L.llkli' Rock and Mrs. O. (.',. Hirst sided. Mrs. Pledger and Mrs. Cox rocc yellow carnotion corsages.' Thirty guests called. Rainbow DeMolay Dinner Dance Members oC the Order tit DeMo- lay rind Rainbow nncl their" guests enjoyed a format dinner-dance at he Hotel Broadway on Wednesday few Miss Loyce Stewart of Little Rock has been the guests of her mother, Mrs. Bob Stewart. liquidation and here was some nearby March to later Late afternoon prices cents lower light hedging. switching from March . 33.59, 34.46. months. were _ a bale higher to 25 cents than the previous close. May 34.13 The United States Military Acad emy opened at West Point in 1802 Wiling. Covers 1031 production was 1, ,.,_ were Inid for sixty-five at .llur table centered with ;i frosted candle entwined with Krt.-cnery and surrounded with colored shining ornaments. Crossctt Votes down Bond Deal A proposed *"00,000 bond Issue to finance con- ,'t.j'victlon. of a municipal building , ,n» defeated, 288.250, here yus terday, H was first special election of its kind In Crossett. The bond Is would have been used to construct a building to house city Hovernmt'iU offices, a library and tt fire station. Mrs. Matt Hilt has returned to hor horiio in Little Rock after a visit with -Dr. and Mrs. O. G. Hirst and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Loo have had us their guests Mr. and Mrs. Coy Cummings and daughter Jane of Wn.rron, George C.ummings and Martha Ann of-.Glndcwatcr, Texas iiiicl Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Cummings of Blcvins. Coffee Honors Sue Jones Mr. nncl Mrs. Clyde Cox of Longview have boon the guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Davis. Mrs. Howard Ilaynie and Mi nncl M.rs. Coy Dcwoody • have had as • their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Miss Sue -Jones, who is engaged George Haynio of North Little Rock to Dr. llnrold Raymond Pollock of Oklahoma City, Okla.. was complimented with a coffee given by Mrs. Thornus Dwwoody nnd Mrs. Bob Archer, on Saturday morning in the home of their -parents, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hale. Tho living ni'oin decorations carried out the Yulclidi! theme. The serving 'table was covered with a lace'cloth. Glowing while cimdlcs in 'three branched .candelabra formed 'thV centerpiece. Red and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Thomas of Texarkana. Mr. and Mrs. Dcnton Robinson and Dennie Sue of Texnrknna have been the holiday guests of Mrs. Mettle Robinson and Mr. and Mrs. Weaver. K. II. Mr. gin la have where and Mrs. Jess Hays Jr., Vir- Arm and Mrs. E. M. Sharp returned from Little Rock they were the guests ot Share the Wonderful Glow of Your Holiday Happiness BY GIVING . BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS Holiday Calls are More Fun When You Take Flowers START 1-953 RIGHT With A CORSAGE for the Lady Ira Your Life See Your Florist Today for Corsa'ges, Bouquets and Plants to Say Happy New Year For You Your Greetings Can Be Telegraphed in Flowers, Too (Sponsored by Neff Brothers Wholesale serving your florist) |£r'; t)!»tutbln« ^ bond, , . on. Fa»ur^,x hild and abandon child, Dl»ml)i»«d on , ineual Co on paytncn an ov» N „„ cou,d we «. .n ,hc wondcrfu, ,„,,* abo,,, Nash „.«- «««^^^T±lS^. k, .. as forcefully as do Nash owners. And the more they travel— the -more enthusiastic they are. They talk about performance second to none. They talk about the world's finest ride. They talk about the life-saving safety of Airllyte. Construction. They talk about beauty, about room, about luxury, about economy unmatched by any other automobile in the world today. But—better yet-drive a Nash Golden Airflyte for yourself. ... the Ambassador, Statesman or Rambler. Learn first hand about such exclusive features as Farina styling, Airflyte Construction, Airliner Reclining Seats, Twin Beds, Weather Eye Conditioned Air System, and dozens more. Come in today. Take an Airflyte ride in the world's most modern car. Once you do, you'll be enthusiastic about Nash, too! A'-' "30,000 MILES ... ' tS A IACK SIAT MONf ! in fa iWirW ami it taka a back seoi to nw»r <w A%, " . "slfrcr/30.QQO milts ofliartl Mi'1'tg't.f.Vssllfqn one'ytar 'ie Midi imijtnnt of s W »y fyish Rambler en $9,32, which to me tstabriost unbetterable " O. DARWIN KITCHEN, "EIGHT OF US" ".. . I found stvtn of my friends from camp stranded.. . all their luggage i>n tup of my golf bags and baggage fitted neatly into the roomy trunk (1952 Ambassador). All eight of us, four in front'and four in back, wen- seat*t(\rlthout anyone silting on anyone else's lap." SFC LEON E, RQSENTHAL, Camp "32.3 MILES PER GALLON" "/ drove from Beloii to Miiiocqua, Wisc. t (275 miles) on S.8 gallons... 32.3 miles per gallon ... at 50 miles per hour .,. Around town. 1 have been getting 25-27:.. I have found my Rambler to have excellent rhling cdmfort and It's a jay to , drive." MAHXJARET ANKERSEN/ Beloit, »^f ? fe UHft$i 14 Nash cars... they are> the best cars t however driven and'I have o-wedand driven ne0y all other makes and models ... for rid(ngt,econ<!iny, and for. speed under all kinds offriyitig'encountered in police work ., * they can't be Mat. They're tops." Chief W 'Police, HAROLP WALLACE, Silceston,M^attrl, ," f £^™ ^"jpa *^*.4 *'«"* v ,»-,-*. *K$jv#$\ 1J 3 ",, ' 01AM I« VOUft WIF6 PHONEP AND SAID fer 10 BBNG -g HOME THE POUND OP HAMBURGER . , WITH ME TO REMIND .y /THANK OUT OUR WAY On tie Silver Screen VVHV rOM'T YOU BRIKJS A PAM WHEN) YOU'RE TO PILE UP A GARBAGE HEAP THATT SUCH SLOPPlMESS APPLE CORES, B^MA^)A S-^IMe AMP ORANGE PEELS OOZ1W6 A AftOUMPA OWOO.' A WORP ABC3UT TH 1 MEAT, HORIZONTAL VERTICAL 1 Screen actress 1 Distraint Michaels 7 She is a blue-eyed NOT A WOE.P ABOUT TAI.EMT.' JUS-T CRIMINAL STUFF—JUST A HOODLUM--A HOPELESS BUM- OUST- (var.) 2 British moneys of account 3 Check Dyestuff 5 Run away to marry G Girl's nirknaine 13 Small space 14 Condemn anew 15 Home (Fr.) 1C Sanctified persons 17 Cut off short 18 Fish eggs 19 She is a Hollywood face 21 Babylonian 22 Passage in the-12 Intoxicated — ...,. Ol Bill (still£} 7 Exclamations 23 Challenge 44 Musical play of cold 8 Gain knowledge 9 Hateful 10 Not any 11 Periods 24 Threadlike 45 Carbony ridge (zoo.) powder 26 Stay 28 Leaping amphibian 46 Century plant 48 Verbal 49 Head (Fr.) 50-Thoroughfares (ab.) 51 Bitter vetch WASH Tti'BBS god of the sky * Periods Indolent ' 12 Measures of 25 Grain beard ype 27 Let it stand 20 Squanders 38 Ambassador 52 Sun ?1 Oriental porgy L1 Beast 40 Body of land 53 Legal point •32 Capuchin monkey 33 Miner.il rock 34 Make a mistake : 35 Diminutive of j Timothy ! 36 Be indisposed i 37 Genuine 39 Japanese outcast OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopte . '«0,"«1 Measures of cloth 43 She was born in -- . ! Angcles. California 45 Icelandic tale 47 Scheme GO Comfort 52 Pa rclie FAMILY HAS DE6iSN'AT ; &D. ' * OF COURSE, LDRO BUXTOMBEKRV POSITIVELY BOurS AND HER BUDDIES M UtfcV UIVPOVJ cno urttu ) THE ILLUSTRIOUS .AN OFFICIALS tO FORM' RETIMLJE OF QUEESJ ELIZABE -,< WER COROMATTIOM IN JUME' 54 Horn blower 55 Embellished . ,*'57Dip S with a cuplike spoon By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY 'IT ANNOYS MB TO HAVE fUS6 LOAFING AROUNP •AW HOUSE WHILE I WC ^^^fe^i^Cr- *£$ < ' •••$/&<£%&- Ij^r^i; ^^.•'..Vr^rHi ^rVjf||lT',.^s^ t :.> '• ' ? jm ^-"'••-i'^ his is her fourth wedding! I wish j ooiiid find out who's * -,; : hor agent!" u"^"'" •--—- DE GLANCES By Golbroith HIS FRIENDS UVBRMORB "HELPED SAVE ME" ".Car turnedweHltree times ... / received only a few scratches ..'.it helped save tne .. .for security in the event of an accident', there is no better contraction than Nash.,. ."ARTHUR S. HAR- aETT, Balllnn-re, Maryland.

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