Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 29, 1952 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 29, 1952
Page 13
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„ _. v „,,,,. && \iy$w*&w« *j V <?; :**/•'*?:' Y 3[ ' " , I'ch " *'' '' " '< ' 's^sjK&wfsTOW ?*PJf' "t '- $?•'*>>' ^'T ^.f?"*: f Arkonsan ContJnusd from f»i« and of , t!i» »t*to Mm bureau, Umt th« K««t pre«ld«nt plan* mttltoed by Etr* The ndvUory § rmip will work ngrlcul. , H«r4ln conf«it«r with Bwion In f ho »nld the luhject of Short'* w«» not broached «t tht lti«<rtlntr Tho phy on agriculture InelWdW a pro. gram which would "enable farm* or* to help (h«m*fflv«i through ra- ~- ?6 «nd education," Ho Mid ,.i.i», M, general, was {ho plan outlined by Benson ot the Kataa* City meeting, Short, In pr«vlmt* speeches, hn« ftdvoosletl (arm price « u p port*, under n long range program which would provldo minimum »upiwirt» flexibility, of lUptxJrU. developed «» ft bl-p9rtl«an moniuro and ac- cpptfiblo id tho roil of the economy. The planter wai born In Illinois ftnd Came to Arkrtnuns from Iowa 1034. He recaivod an honorary ^re* front the Unlvotilty of Ar- jtfin*«» In 1051 for hi* contribution* to Ark/inlM* agrleulluro, 'Hnfdlrfldmirlbsd his work ns "oniclfiih »fW« to the slat e ' "' ' "* national recount- Duncan Sisters, veteran stage art tats, suit! the woman appeared us tl'f prlmn donnfl of their fnmcrl BoomernnifK which como book to "Topsy nnd Eva" show In San .. Fl , ftlu .| sco in 1023 "She wn» u sweet little girl with n promising future on the stage," sold Vtvlnn Duncan, one of the sinters. Mri, Arnta ndmltlcd to police that she is; the "grandma" bandit Anselc the thrower «ro «nld to be mostly toys end unldom used for hunting by the nborl«lnei of Australia, fr ,—»-*———: end Mr*, Goo. Smith Jr., Sunday. McMlllcr and daughter of Longvlew, Texas spoilt the holiday* with Mrs. Me- MUleVf pii^nt*, Mr, and Mrs. P. Mr, and Mm. Edward L, Ellis, Mr. ami Mm. Robert Shnw, Miss •lino Ellis nnd Vornoll Ellis, all „, Krle. Fn. t upcnt tho holltfnyn with relative* and frlcndi, , ..., icrvlcoH (or Henry Jackson wuro hold Sundny, December 28, at tlie Methodist church. Burin 1 wp In Valley Qrovo cemetery with Hicks Fimerul Homo In charge. .... MnHhn Charles died nt her i't» in Preswolt Thursday, Deceni room JtouM, Plenty of end Bdjolnlng thU,(r««k onn Uiiod, 111 »el] BO or 00 , o«r (pf CftlUf, on« traatoi- and e^ufp bailer and othor ed ..... noro PI Arfe tUolEitoHforfr.!. Wll^li wot);Ww tjon," ^ •WaJWMT, uprtrtjf, psrottuot, not and '*!«, W, k Kwroe Mf«, Co., n«y, ^N MANUPACTURJNO CO,, Woltlo, ArkniisiiB. for a visit with her sUUir, Mfs Ed smlth of Ash f.unir*) Ham* T. Smith and fnn> a«ot(je Smith Sr Blln, w lth Iheic husband ni »«yro<)nd Andraw* M Onry. Mr». Mouloa, Calif,, JohnW«n<JeU ptaro naked, " ' S«n v n(o«o, Calif, darling."' nlco glrU Mo«t though ,_ houteWepe* children tho Suud«y »-T A « , H p r I, -AUK AiN>liA4 Grandma Bank Robber Gets a Lawyer Whitworth Would Joke University Job LOB AWOELE8, Calif., (UP) ~ 8TILLWATBR, Okie.. (UP) _ A volunteer Attorney, who de-jThe University of Arkansas' ef- the famed "jfr«ndma'' fort» to find a football coach bank bandit as « "(jrnml lady of Uur old school/' mapped plane today Id defend the 92-year-old worn"I, • "Atr», (Ethel) AratA i* torn be- t#««m o dcilre to pay for the two crime* *he did commit and n fear replace Otto Douglas might be *uc- <>e»»ful If they look to their neigh- borln« state, Oklahoma. Oklahoma A, ti M Coach J. B (Pars) Whitworth indicated yesterday that he might take the coaching Job at Arkansas If the post j £~. ^ , , , -»*.. i,,^ j«.,/ rt * orKun: of being declared trimmc In a trlali wcr e offered him tf »he ihowW decide to fight the Whltworlh, a native of Blvthe ADELAIDE, Australia (Jfi — Aus trulia's two tennis tigers — Frank Sedgman and Ken McGregor —• yanked the rug from under America's Davis Cup team in a hurry today. They'll ploy out the final three matches only because all the tickets have been gold and the rules demand it. But after today's one-sided ex- hlbltloi. ,bout the only thing left for Uncle Sam's lads is n faint glimmer of hope. — -..~ „..,.,.... „,„._„ .„ .,„,,. „,„ wimwonn, a native of Hiuiho .-.i . r, , , .. «h«r*M,» the 30-year.old attor- ville. Ark., said he talked wlth in J ? S , ed f ma " Delivered one of ney Mlsi Joan Martin, declared. | A rkan«as Greening committee la«i l ? " l K fllVOCS Tu seen in ThA MKa*/.h«(f/t/l at ••*«*** Li,* 1*1 . _ ! — , ** ' "*HLL ItlSl run nlnv n.Q no rmnn*«d +h« cn^;^« ~ , * ' —--«.<..»* i nrKuuniis screening comnrmtni> l-i«t i L . . arsy-hslred suspect,.held oni T u<- S dny but that ho hasn't heard »i P y "', °£ ened 4h ° serics I (tnnl* pnt^UM». r ,.Uh»r,»» i ... . ..M.TII i uttiru u/ilh n priichmft fi.1 n_A n n ..i.. don belter you . s' .", f "-:•-- »v.. K >—•..iiv.M ""iju'-sany DUI mat no n fcdernl bank robbery chftrfies. was!f ro m them since then captured thrlstmw Eve when! when asked If he would take the ?M f i bsnk nfflclns foiled her job, Whltworlh replied: "I third ntternpt to rob n bank. The X now. Any time you can daughter of a nte multl.million-! ymirso | f , i think may be nice, Mrs. Aratn'» career Includes j Jhould " n finishing ichool education, o| A Mttle Rock newspaper the Ar- promUInK alu«e career, four un-| ka ,,sr.H Democrat, said yesterday happy rimrrlnRc-i and treatment i, hal Whitworth has the inside M."""^"?!"' .1 .1. * * rock for thc J° b Miss Mnrtln siiid thc woman suffered from n Robin Hood coin- i •• , ;iJ€tf*ifctnvvjF*.Ttiia ( i"iri;i;illl plcx, "She was used to helpln«; n tw three-year conti-irt people nil her life," she said. "And 1 y continct. I'm convinced she acted on an Impulse — nn Impulse to do something to help needy persons — when she entered the two bunks *he did hold up." A now facet of Mrs. Aratn's past Rose Bowl Tcoms Are Conditioning PASADENA. Calif. (fl-Wlscon- wiVs "dlscioaod "Sa'turday" when ""the !f i: ' a , t , 1fl f""^™ California head Duncan Sisters, veteran stnnn nrt-l ! nll \ lh . c ' fln o' Phases of condition- today and thc coaches of both teams admittedly arc to question the unswers murks as their New b;ilt!e draws near. Year's Day . Coach Ivy Williamson of Wisconsin, while seemingly not seriously disturbed, said today he might JUR- tile his bnckfield offensive recently ir, Mrs. Rffd^Mr, Strong; of - Nverc th« week <md guostn of v/h" held up two Los bnnks for some $15,000 but left lh«ni with the prospect of catch Ing another middle aged womiin bandit when she denied holding up a third bank of $2,000 on Nov. 12. Despite the nickname she won while still ill l:irj;e, Mrs. Anita is not actually a grandmother. Sl\u said her only son died In Infancy. Typhoon Hits Sslo of Eniwetok HONOLULU, UB—The Hawiiiinn Son Frontier reports n typhoon lilt Eniwetok Island yeslerdny find caused some damage but "no serious cnsunlUos." There arc ubout 500 U. S. military personnel on the Island, n mid Pnclflc bnso for testing atomic nnd other secret weapons. A Navy spokesman said n message from the Island, received ' at 10:13 p.m., EST, last night, reported most of the island was under Water. A later message snid, "No Immediate assistance required. Will keep you advised." USC Coach Jess Hill Is still tln- korinK with his defensive secondary lineup to plug thc gap caused when left halfback Jim Psallls was declared ineligible by the Coast Conference last week. Williamson said Roger Dornburg, stiimt mo-pounder ordinarily a llne- backer, might start on offense at right halfback, replacing Jerry Dornburc has plnyetl the position on occasion and presumably will • utilized for straight ahead plunges. Ho is said to be more effective at this than 184-pound Witt, whose specialty is pitchouts and end sweeps. with a crushing 8-3, 6-4, G-3 victory over American Captain Vic Greenville Given Option Limit GREENVILLE, Miss. States League directors voted here yesterday to give Greenville until the option on l l ° ^ X? the option on o^rien, one 'of four Ame °LT^°°r'- MlsS> fraflchise ln Olympic winners taking part Shotfut Recorfls Broken NEW ORLEANS Wl— Olympic champion Parry O'Brien of Southern California broke a 17-year-old Sugar Bowl record with his shot put heave of 56 feet o^rien, one 'of f Seixas of Philadelphia. woo ^ Then McGregor all but loppod sa id *ui- .it~..i i . T 1 ^ aum. this display by wearing down young Tony Trabert under a sear t?"-a ','S"'™r'-"»- ~ ^-"" 5,ri,«v;s by scores of 11-9, 8-4, 6-1. The first set between McGregor ."isxrtss.-ur'ts rBIrt » ^P —- ™ - •»-• - - services. Bui once Trabert »„«. "L,«; mc . s '"_"°* 1 . S(Klson and a P' 0.8 seconds. , . . ... , , HUiiinju ii uuiurniiico to invostientp S .•^IwJ.^r.V™ c ^ t ^ ibiUly ° f how£ « TS Clubs represented at yesterday's . ihorc on McGregor was unbeatable. The great crowd of well ^5=»v^ aS£si»SS BOOST IN MEMBERS NEW YORK (m — Episcopal church membership increased 2.74 per cent during 1952 over the previous year to reach a record of 2,715,825, it was .reported ycster- dny in the church's annual yearbook. In recent months the Great Lakes have- risen to more than foifr feet above normal, .. w ,...,l, ISSI, by Jane Abbott. DlttilbvM ty.Klw Ffetuiw Symlictit to spit* ^ol the wording of her father's «U1, O ln spite ot Will's re strained Xircom;*; in "spite of 8w«othon«j, tbo.light of.,her. had dared ttf come back am was glad, ' *0no montlug shortly after borah's arrival in ^weotin Bront was turoing pver his* i._, " ' bttl* .«& « W <V- grimly. Higher w***it to 8»l ftftm, Wiylfl . » VrttTsome <tf Wends... M Then, deflantly, «l ' Kate Briggs got up from her desk.. ."It's almost noon—shall I put some water over for your tea, Mr.'Brent? I brought a sandwich today." Sometimes she did this Inste&d ot \valk|ng home for her juhch. ' '*ThanJc8—yes," Though, ho felt a little unoon>{ortable accepting even this small service when it was In his mind ta lay her off. Kate sat at her own desk to eat her aand\ylch and drink her tea. She was a plain-faced woman, who seldom nad anything to say, but ROW sjje spoke. "That Peterson—you 1 jiftow he'« rtaying v over )n JUnox but they aayt mftybe, he's thinking W tag a place in Swee h«r«l Someone loin *ie^' house, tho » wwt «?°ttw ov« In WUwVW , •n»,.$Hwl5r she has to, HVJJ —" so lint Wheeler has to .,., . ., HJse., Thjy roust hsAr* gone through it tot th,ey were In* Sid* quite a long time. He'd have his, nerve to settle right there In the, .piddle ot tho village!" •Will Br&nt put his half »*»awich down on the paper „ drew a sheet of figures In troftC•** him, hoping U would Stop Kate's Out she went on, after a swallow o| |««, "You'll UM to hear, Brow, «m^ Agnes P*ely aay« She thlulffl she should tain s7oj> tag lessoni. if she did,she mtg|t from the court. Trabert was so completely frazzled that just before he reached Ihe areaway leading to the dressing room he was seen to waver in his stride and an alert ambulance crewman grabbed him and guided him the rest of the way. Thc long struggle in heat over 90 degrees was a tough experience for thc Cincinnati youngster, who was playing his first really hard competitive match in approximately a year. The only argument heard as the huge throng broke up was whether Sedgman or McGregor p 1 a yed greater tennis in what probably will be their swan song to Davis cup singles. After today's great display it only could be assumed they would team up to smack down Seixas and Trabert in tomorrow's doubles. In that event, the Australians could be expected to permit the other two members of, their squad—Mervyn Rose and Lewis Hoad— to close out the series in the concluding singles Wednesday. It is understood that both Sedg- mnn and McGregor will announce they are turning pro after the Davis Cup banquet Thursday night. Porks, SMU Meet at 730 Tonight By HAROLD V. RATLIFF DALLAS Wl — Southern Methodist tries to slow down the Arkansas express and Baylor attempts to hobble Rice's hotshots tonight in semi-finals of the Southwest Conference Pre-Season Basketball Tournament. Arkansas and Rice are favored to win and advance to the championship game but unexpected strength displayed by SMU and Baylor in thp tournament's **.*, got °* *» round make the games so attractive the-best Crowd of all is an- ticipa'ted. Southern Methodist showed the form predicted for It before the season started but never attained until now In walloping Texas A&M 57-35. In so doing, SMU was deadliest at the basket of any team In the tournament, clicking in 93 of 53 shots for an average of .433. But Arkansas, quintet of giants, gets more chances at the basket because it controls the backboard — or rather, it did decisively jn beating Arizona, the tournament';: invited team, 68-51. .plcu, featuring the smooth Gene gcjwinger, a 6-8. center, isn't likely to find the Baylor diamonds in the rough easy pickings. The Bears aren't too graceful about it but they battle hard and do a good job of controlling the ball. They beat Texas 57-43 in the opening round io the'Surprise of most everybody. ' Rice matched Arkansas' scoring output in slamming Texas Christian, the defending champion, 68-49 and averaging ,408 with 29 baskets but of 71 shots, Schwinger made 21 points and Is tied with George Scaling of Texas and John Starkey of Baylor for. the lead in Individual scoring in the tournament. Arkansas and Southern Method* 1st me?t at 7130 p. m. (CST^-svhSte Baylor and Rice clash at 8 p. m. The consolation bracket also begins play >y}th, Texas tackling Texas Christian at % p. m. And Ari-i lona play(ng Texas A & M at 3:45 p, m. t , raoqe curtly, "Vow, gftte, I to total thw flfi»r*«;» "Oh, t'm sorry. But, Mr. , you QUg>* to take COM* Um« off! You ttwetft the Class C Loop. Loop President Al Haraway said Greenwood Club President Hugh Critz and other officials told hirfi! tney surrendered the franchise because they are unable tp get a major league club connection. Tho Brooklyn Dodgers of the National League refused tp Continue its arrangement with Green- inches, four American --„—.-— _.~ .aking part in the Sugar Bowl track meet yesterday, wasn't pressed by his only^ Darr.ow Hooper on as a farm club, Haraway Greenville recently sold Us franchise to Willis Hudlin, who moved . to secure the Greenwood franchise. Haraway said tho directors post- Texas A & M. ' TJfie mark erased by O'Brien was 54 feet lii inches set up 1935 by Jatk Torrance of Louisiana State". ' Kansas Stale ran last in every,, lap and trailed 40 yards goitt into the last lap. Then Thane B4 ker, an Olympic team member,* sailed off on the last lap nnd over- • hauled runners from Texas, Texas A&M and Oklahoma A & M to move into runnerup spot, gaining^ steadily on mashburn. Oklahoma A&M took third. pointed a commitleo to meeting included E'IDorado and was absent. Munn Criticized for Nor Using Player SAN FRANCISCO, l/Pl-Criticism ot Biggie Munn, coach of thc year, for not using Holy Cross' ace quarterback, Charley Maloy, for even ono play mingled today with praise of quarterback Tom O'Connell and his East mates for their thrilling 21-20 victory over thc West in the Shrine football game. O'Connell, from Illinois, directed the entire East offensive. He sparked a 71-yard drive that produced the winning touchdown with 53 pass Jng records game that for the pours 28 year old more than $100,000 anually into the Shrine Hospital for Crippled Children. Pittsburgh's Billy Reynolds scored the East's winning TD, going five yards around end and Villanova's Bob Hancr booted his third conversion. Billy Reynolds himself had made the win possible. He blocked Nebraska Bob .Reynolds' first conversion try. That was the margin of victory. Munn, coach of undefeated Michigan State, told sports writers: "It was so close all the way and O'Connell was doing such a magnificent job I never found an opportunity to use Maloy. I feel badly about it." Top Radio Programs NEW YORK, UP) — Listening tonight: NBC— 7 Gordon MacRae; 8 Donald Voorhees; 8:30 Band of America; 9 Merrill Piazza— Willson; 10:30 Los Angeles Times sports awards dinner. CBS— 7 Suspense; 8 Radio Theater; 9 Bob Hawk; 9:30 Three Suns. ABC— 6:30 Lone Ranger; 7:15 Bob Edge; 8:30 Solo and Siloguy; 9:35 Dance Time. MBS— 6 Fulton Lewis Jr.; 7 Woman of Year finale; '7:30 Reporters' Roundup, Sen. H. Alexander Smith; 9.15 Tex Fletcher. Tuesday Times: NBC— 9 a,,m. Welcome Trav P. . .CBS-5$,a,m QodfreyTJj ABC- 9 Jfc M MBS-10.30 am", Fred Eckhoff of Oklahoma A&M finished third in the 880-yard run, won by John Barnes, Occidental's NCAA champion, in 1:34.1. Sture Landquist of Oklahoma A&M, a member of the Swedish Olympic team, took the mile run in 4:17, finishing ahead of HobarL Jones of Nebraska. '*i Cotton Bowl Teams Get Secretive DALLAS, Wl—Texas and Tennessee practice at the site of the Cotton Bowl for the first time today with the gates locked and nobody knowing what they're doing. Coach Ed Price of Texas has *; hunch, however, that the Volun teers are cooking up some pass plays designed to catch thc Longhorns flatfooted. Tennessee a passing team? Its record wouldn't indicate it. During the past season the Vols threw only 85 in 10 games—an average of 8.5 per contest. But look what they did with them. Price explained. They completed 33 nnd 11 were for touchdowns. The scoring output is faiV. ahead of Texas' average. The Long-horns tried 157, completed 72 but produced only seven touchdowns. "Tennessee can pass if it wpnts to and the danger of its is accentuated by the fact that it now has all its tailbacks in condition to play—and pass," Price declared. WRESTLING TUESDAY! On The Screen SEE SEE These World Famous Champs HOMBRE MONTANA 'Brother' FRANK JARES TED CRISTY John Smith - Pat Fraley with these comedy stars LEOGORCEY HUNTZ HALL and the Bowery Boys in "No Holds Barred" SAENQER THEATRE p"-3l w* Jockey Has Record Within Hit Grasp MIAMI. Fla. (Jft-Apprentice jockey Anthony DeSpirito returned to Tropical park today with an all-time riding record almost within his grasp. The Lawrence, Mass., rider who celebrated his 19th birthday on Christmas Eye, rode three winners at Havana's Oriental Park Sunday W run hi* tot*! (or the year to """ * ot » fl«w world the . te could shatter T!:~ Tff^^^ jwwtw 1 ** pa vemeqt % two-Jane federal, state Concrete is and couivty road* M well as for heavy-4«ty highways, concrete pavement li moderate in first cost yet can be Oesigneji accurately ft» any legal axle load-and it wOl ie^p it? fo^, carrying capacity throughout its long service life, Concrete costs less to maintain than other pavements as provid Oepartments that report inawitenance figm*s by type of «vtrfiZ Concrete highwas gj^ i^ jaer t by gpeW «•>. With l**mmmlt<>* money |» , Meemb«r 2f, LONDII •y Chtek Y«ttfl« ozxmtiKt / I'M SORRY BUT (. M* WW DlDNT VOU TELL ME THAT i SOT MV SUIT AU. Dl&TYP MV \ViPE IS OUT MAPKETING AND TMESES NOT A BlTE V OP roco IN THE ( HOUSE TO GiVg V ,- VC ANYTHING- A Cf?UST OP BPEAD I'M ON THE VEPGE <~^ r< ? STARVATION , t ....< ' < '-^\ 1$$* OUT OUR WAY •y J. R. Willlomt Hie NAME WAS--MAC' A NttCB U , 'HERE, IT'S A 6HAMB TH6Br&9 I .—:-??•„ /.SIT THAT TRAMP I KMOW YOUR. LIMITS WITH A SHOVEL--HE'S ALL OVER TH' HOUSE AN' I PUT HIM OUT TO COOP HIM UP AWHILE/ OITWWATBVM uirn.6 UAMOOT NOOK1B Answer to Previous PuZ7te Birds and Beasts WANDERIN' ABOUND OUT HERE--I'lSA / SV.TO r-f^ WATCH AUOUN17 TO EM JOV IT OHIZONTAL 7 Heraldic band 1 Song bird 8 Grates Love god 9 Beginner "Man's best 10 Stove part friend" U Heredity unit Century plant 1G School book Girl's name 20 Swine-like First woman beast 22 Female horses Fabrics Arabian tree 24 Counsel Oil 25 Malt 35 Proportions 48 Woman's Sea god beverages 40 Walk a beat name 1 Identical 26 Without flavor43 Pay back SO Solar disk Posed 28 Of the eye 45 Propel 51 Mind Rodent 30 Cicatrix 46 Notoriety 52 Superlative Pedestal part 31 Sea bird 47 Calla ljl y suffixes 9 Ago 33 Rows genus **•...., , , 2 Click-beetle WASH TUBES 'YOU SN\N A. T NO.,.MOTHI(Jal If 56EMED VIBRV SHORT LISHTEP \ STRMOSEmBUT I WAS SURB IT CfSNDL&A AMV CjXNDLB OM TH& COULPN'T ISNITB TH' FLOOR,.. FLOOR W THB FOOT OP THE STMRS! BURMBP POWM, m \THEH 6 Wish 7 Mongol 1 Sea eagle 2 Go astray 4 Sour 6 Most untrue THE WOREV WAKT OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople _, / CONGRATULATED HOW ARe^gf THAT'LL.'** / -TODAY x RECEIVED AKijf Vou eoiMS to M you To FResroe ^ GET THERE ?^THAT HAT ^_ ._ _ RETiMuec?F }|pv you CAMT M THAT , -.-\ (SUEEM ELIZABETH AT/r-gJ CKO66 THE \f WOM ON IAER COROMATlOM <_T'-' \ ATLAMTlC H COOLIDSE'6 OM AM OUD/V ELECTION 6 Mouse genus 7 In a line SO'jtlct type 0 "Old Eli 1 Finishes AND HER BUDDIES 1 Tibetan nionk 4 Ship bottoms CARNIVAL By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY ING HOT MEV4S FUNNY BUSINESS By Herthberger ALLEY OOP A ALU RIGHT \ WHV, ,i,WHEN ,...._„ .. MAKE ME OIJCH A ) ^ FINEFISSEROP AMAN...POC 'You're right, Henry!,MaVbe you should carry thy'ralncoatl" *** SIDE GLANCES By Galbroith —NO MOR& WHIP CREAM SUM6S ^ TABVUTIN& LASr

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