Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 6, 1896 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 6, 1896
Page 5
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eFA c 'r?!& Up=to=Date Styles 0 - FOR Fall and Winter DEWENTER, The HATTER And FURNISHER UP-TO-DATE TAILORING. POPULAR PRICES. That'* He-My Fall Woolens are ready for inspection. Can't I show you through. H. G, TUCKER, The Original Pearl Street Tailor. GREATER Ever Beyond the shadow of a doubt, our new arrivals in Stylish Shoes Stevenson 403 Broadway. THE FIRS1 MTlONAL BANK INDIANA. -OP- LOGANSPORT. JL J. Murdoclt, Pr««. W, . . J. F. Brootoneyer, Aut. Cart. D1BXCTOBS; «.S Bice, -W. B. Bgnghnrst. J ISSfc ' a y. Tanus, Bcnklng In al; Ita. Departments 'promptly H Stockholm. KROEQER & STRAIN, Ondertakers ^mbalmers. 610 BEOADWAY. hosiery.— Get your underwear and Trade- Palace. Pay. your Natural gas - bills .before Septuuber 10th. New capes, new Jackets, by every express.—Trade Palace. Wo wlll'h'riVe'ftfu!! lino .of school supplies. Don't fail to learn our prices.- • C. M. Hanna. The-Nortnslde. Union Sunday- school -has secured'Mlss-Clco Z. Barnes to give them'one of her. elocutionary entertain-- ments mterpersed with music and singing next Wednesday evening, to which the public is cordially invited. The Epworth Xengue of the Wheatland street 'M. E. church wil have a special program this evening. A number of recitations and quartette singing will be introduced; also short talks nil along on the line of temperance. Commences at G:30. Tho Journal railroad reporter was misinformed in regard to George Bnell attending the Brynn excursion at South Bend. Mr. Buell was laid up •with a sore ; eye and could not.be out. 'He states "he has not deserted McKln- Jey and sound money yot, nor will lie: The young son of Mr. M. E. .Tennesa, the Panhandle train dispatcher, was accidentally shot yesterday] by a companion while the latter was handling a revolver. -The .bullet ^struck the first finger of the right hand rand Inflicted a.palnful flesh wound; The n'c- cldent occurred on the Sonthslde. The Trade Palace'reports "the largest dress goods trade Saturday In tho history of their business. So many beautiful dress goods,'and"prlces so'low. Sec.our.bargains, in our silk department. . . . ......... Republican Meetings. Republican speaklngswlll be held at the following places In, Cnss county: Monday evening, Sept. 7, Lincoln, W. T. Wilson. Wednesday evening, Sept. 0, Center school house, Noble'townshlp, Geo. W. Walters. , Wednesday evening, Sept. .0, 7:30 o'clock, Palmer's .school house, Washington township, Q. A. Myers. Thursday evening, Sept. 10,. Onward, Q. A. Myers. Thursday evening, Sept. 10, Crittcn- deri,.Deer.Creek.township, W. T..Wilson. .Saturday evening. Sept. .12, Wintergreen school house, AiUuns township, Mayor George P. -McKee, George Gamble; Saturday evening,. Sept. 12, CaJlo- wny school house,.Q. A. Myc-rs., Monday 'evening, . Sept. .14, Metea, Geo. W. Steele, W. .T. Wilson, J, G. Meek.- • ' ' -•- ""•'•'. : '• •"' '• -' ' Tuesday evening, " Sept. ; 15, - Young America, Geo. W. Steele, W. T. Wilson, J. B. Smith. Wednesday .e'veningi. .Sept, 10, Galveston, Geo, W. Steele,'D.. C. Justice, E. B. McConnell . . Thursday evening, Sept.-17, Walton, Geo. W. Steele, D. B. McConnell, Claud Bishop. 'Friday evening, Sept. IS, Center school house, Washington township, Geo. W. Steele, . D. C. Justice, Geo.' Walters. . . • • . Saturday evening, Sept 19, Twelve Mile, Geo. W; Steele, Geo. Fnnk,.Moyor McKee. 'Monday evening, Sept 21, Waverly, Geo. W. Steele, S. T. McConnell, Mayor McKee. . ' . . Tuesday evening, Sept. 22, Clymers, Geo. W. Steele, D. C. Justice, W. T. Wilson. :'.,'•: Wednesday evening, "Sept. 23, West Sand Ridge school house, Noble township, Geo. W. Steele, Col. Cromer, Frank Swigart. Thursday evening, Sept. 24, Lucerne, Geo. W. Steelej-!%.'A. Myers, G.eo. Funk. . ' • . Friday evening, Sept. 25, Calloway school house.Cifefferson township, Geo. W. Steele, • S. T. McConnell, Frank Swlgart. . . .. ' Saturday evening, Sept. 26, Royal Center, Geo. W.'Steele. Q. A. Myers, D, B. McConnell. SOUND MONEY POLE. Republicans Float American Flag From High Point in Beth... lehem. There wns a big sound money pole raising In Bethlehem township one. mile South of Metea yesterday afternoon at four o'clock. There were almost one thousand people present to celebrate'the-event, and'sound money speeches were'made by good talkers., . The principle address wns made by S, T.' McConnelli and the enthusiastic crowd heard him with close-attention. -Short speeches were also rnnde by S. B. Boyer'nnd'J.'G.'Meek. 'The pole was 130 feet, high, of ash, and from the top was flung a flag of the United States,'twenty feet .long. The. Republicans of Bethlehem- township are alive, nbd may be depended on to show up with an old time-majority for the ticket In-November.. '" ','"'.... ........ There were several'present at the pole raising .from the city, and they report a pleasant time, • -• -• Disease attacks tbe weak and debilitated. Keep yourself healthy and strong by, taking Hpod'8 Sanwparllla.. MEXICANDQLLA;R3 A Syndicate Will be Formed :to Furnish the Coins. If Dr. Mattery and A. J. Sutton Want Them.at Two Dollars Each. r ; Tho fake story regardlug'tlie cl'rc'u' latiori of counterfeit Mexican'dollars', which has been given much siMce.-^!!. tlie local c'ity papers In the .past,.few days, has been so effectually and thoroughly exploded that the wonder -'is that anyone is left who believes' ihe charges to be true. The controversy arose between Mr:' A. 'T; Sptton and Mr, George Gonser. Mr^Gonser overheard Mr. Sutton make the statement/ that the Mexican dollars offered for, sale by a Broadway.-.cigar, denier, were counterfeit, Mr. Gonser-cbal-i lenged tlie statement and to prove,that he was right, induced Mr. Sutton nftett much persuasion to accompany' him to tho store of the cigar dealer. 1 men-, tioned, where tho new coin offered for: sale was subjected to n critical inspection, aud wns compared .with one.'jof- enrller-dato, the property of a.-welt- known Democratic Inwjrr. a.n ardent, free silver advocate who was present: There wns a dissimilarity in the coins, but there is also a dissimilarity'-between the dollars of the United States coined before 1S73, and those coined since. The owner of the new Mexican dollar offered to make affidavit to the ;enuineness of the coins, supplemented ty a letter from Lymaii ,7. (race of the, First National bank of Chicago, certifying that the coins were purchased: llrect from the Mexican mint. :In ad- lltlon to this, the denier took one of tlw- lollnrs to a well-known jeweler, .who weighed it nnd found-It to be of .stnnv dard weight. It was subjected, to .an icld test and the jeweler gave his-car-: tl'flcate that It wns of standard ..-Oner nessi After all this, it would, seem, .hat the chnrge of Mr. Sutton had' been sufficiently refuted, but not so. A few; lays later h-e again asserted. that the; coins were counterfeit, and he '.carried, il.s views to the Pharos, whose col-i nuns are always open -1o misstate.-- ments of any kind, so long us the .state-.- nent fnvors its side of the cnse.. Mr,, lutton Is quoted by tlie Pharos ns be-., ng willing to pny two dollars • for (Very genuine Mexican dollar. To Mr. Gonser he said ho knew of a man • vho would pay that for them, and when the whole thing wns sifted down Real Circular, 1 Left at Your House. Otto Kraus. NeW Sh06S Otto Kraus. Hats otto Kraus New Plumbings. Otto Kraus FATAL ACCIDENT (Clyde Barnhnrt of Adams Town.,-/,'ship the Victim. RACES AT CUT DOWN SUDDENLY Was Ja Son of George Barnhart- of the Mishap. t landed at the door of Dr. H; D, Hat- iad..n terrible blow just under the _____ — i,« 41.,,,. .m-r., o<n, !« tho nnvt-v ' ath was instant. cry who they now say is the party vho is willing to pny four times wlwt he pretty silver coins of the Mexican Republic nre worth. Preparations arc being made to give the Doctor a dose if silver he won't soon forget, if .he. is n earnest In making his proposition., Vlthln a few days there will be a cer- ifiente- forthcoming from the "parties vho furnished these coins, which,-If lie gentlemen who are talking through helr.hots so loudly wish.to investlKajto very facility will be furnished., for the, ullest inquiry they may wish to make, n fact, the gentlemen'who. want g'e'n- Ine Mexican coins so bndly can be : nfe- ommodnted at a much lower rntc thwn wo dollars each. It Is hinted tluit-.the Mexican government would be ban willing to dispose; of oll-.the silver; ollars It can coin nt. a slight, ndvancjo >ver the present price paid for thenj>, vhlch Is about .flfty-one nnd a,- half; ents each. If Dr. Battery.or Mr-.Su-ton will just say the word, a syndicate, iv.lli be forded within two days which, vlll contract to furnish thorn with any:mount of Mexican silver dollars,.; to- rhich will be attached the certtfiente: f the officer In charge of tlie.Mexican, mint that they nre genuine, and. not, made in England.'!-nnd they will-bo' urnished nt much less than two-dak li-s ench. There would l>e a hand-; some profit at seventy-five cents each- nd, if the gentlemen wore disposed drive n hard bargain and ound of flesh" the syndicate will, greo ; to figure the dollars- nt sixty; ents each, aud still avouch their.jsen-; jineuess. If 'the .silver buyers .-wish, nly. a limited quantity,-of course.-.the rice originally- offered will not-be-,too' inch to nsk, for the smaller the/deal-,. „ larger, the profit must needs b,e. to, unble the syndicate to declare a -re-: pectable dividend. The comparison Ir. Sutton made with the coin held by- he silver Democrat .mentioned jn< the- rst of the article, would-prove-that, he coin he-Id by him was nlso. a coun- >rfeit, according to tlie statement of-. le Cincinnati Enquirer, on .which--he: 1 corns to. rely to substantiate his claim lint the dollars offered by the.cigar, enler nre counterfeit. The Enquirer,;L paper which was never known; to•H n lie, except when It suited .Its con-, enlence) says there nre one- hundred'; nd sixty milling marks.on.the.edgfeiot: he genuine Mexican . dollar,:;.The. olns on sal« by the cigar denier linye ut one. hundred and fifty of, these, marks.: nnd, wonderful : to- relate,-; thfrj lexlcnn silver dollar held by, the, silver- icmocrat to whom ref erence -hns: been; made, and whose integrity .Is..not • uestlon—that dollar has but. 01 red and eight .milling marks' s edge, another counterfeit ."made }a,.-. Ingland" probably. A sad accident caused the sudden death of Clyde Barnhart Friday afternoon 'about ,4:30 o'clock. The deceased Was the youngest son of George Barn- hnrt of! Adains township, and the ncci- dnt 'occurred iit his home. | funeral 'will 1)0 Iield this fore- npoli -a). 10' o'clock, from tlie residence. P|io Et'V. 'Perry of North -Manchester, will conduct the services, nnd the body- will lie placed in. its earthly tenement nt Coilnth cemetery, in Adains town- lip.'' JTbe neighbors and friends of the Bjarnhart.'family, join in extending sympathy "to the stricken parents.and relatives.".'The lad thus cut down was ijbright,a'iid 'industrious boy, lovable lilid manly."beyond his years. .(riie'mfsfortijae whic!) caused his s.id •idiug.'.wQ's'a peculiar ono in'many iiys!'.. A 'loafl.of millet was being njowed, nnjV Clyde was assisting by [•jurying the' rope back to the fork af- er a fork-full had been taken and de- liislted up under the roof. The fork icld ngalnst the efforts of the horse, which, was driven by Clyde's brother. Waiter. The. latter urged the animal •orwnrd,.wlth the result that the sln- fe.'tree snaped. In the violent return of ^single tree, it struck the younger hea His death was instant. deceased was a nephew of Mar- vin'Barnhart, formerly of this city, now of Chicago. That gentleman came .last night to attend the sad fn : nernl." DRIVING PARK SEPTEMBER 15, *•' $3,000.00 in Premiums. ATTEMPT FOILED. Prisoners, in County Jail Come 4 vn > ,.' -Near Sawing Out. 5 SliSiiff ' ; Ad;i'ms -Is kept pretty 'ti busy ie'sfe''d'a'ys; watching the.chicUen coop, 'ny"cb\irYe : s'y Called a. Jail.' True; there ''aro i! h : qii : bars' nt. nil thQ windows, nnd •.grea'f nea.v.y.'dbor.V of steel shut the liriijoners.iii. 'but Iron bars are easily i r "i;..f.i'l'..j-'-.-'i,i™ gteej |j oor ^as noth- »llig" : 'to')1o : wllli-a prisoner's escape, for iev'dbn'ru,siially choose to go by wny . Jt tfte doqrs;'it'6. so much easier to dig lout nlwft'brick'orWo In the wall nnd :c;uwl through,to.freedom. :!-'.,.. > The seven 'criminals confined In the .rinin- ; ce)rro'bm 1 'of the jail came near tSiU'CMfllnff'in.nn -attempt to show their ifjices.flU the-wroug side of the Iron •liajr»;ia-nd;-brlek walls yesterday. They rlindt:came<IH;pOsseKslon of a Rood steel siw; juRtjtbft-size and temper for cut- >t! lie ttirouith- the bars- of the cnge, nnd tj>'this they hnd added two cnsc knives, stolen -.from the number .allotted to ! them nt each meal with which to feed themselves-.-* The odpres of the <>ise linh-jesY.hnd been hacked .until they , ranking rapid progress in the offsawing'Off bars. One bnr Iia5 been entirely severed when tlie plot 4'0»i discovered • aud the -desperate ei'imlnali»"ouly waited af avorable op- nojltiuHty.'to break the thin shell of •vyall between them nnd liberty, •is growing short for all nud they.realize that unless. libeyooanr manage-to-escape from Jail, iiEy/f|»'e!booked for a trip of greater jr-less 'length' to Michigan City. I.on ijaxrin wns.not .concerned in this last •attempt, as he is confined in another liaTt--ot'.t;he jnil. The saw, wlilch wns mofleifronra corset, steel and is'a really ^neJooLiitOKCther with one of the case linives, was found in the cell of .Tames ;w-ho-).is:awnitin£ trial tor bnrg- •,3'be;Other. cnse knife wns found fti)(!be/cell of-Johii':Bowers. who tried tV'l»o.]d;up.-tTvq men one TTCCK ngo. The Sh«r.lff/;has.idetermlned : -to euforee the rigid discipline in the Jail from ,.....- on. nnd the prisoners will have.no. ilber^.esria.t-'iaU.V If'the'men snow a'dlnr- liosltlon to.be nt n-ll troublesome, they, tvlljjbp, lo.clsed lu: their cells and will to-have .(he freedom of A NEW CLUB AT CLVMER'S. | THE CHUKCHE8. Fifty-Six Members—Good Sound Money Speeches. Over two hundred people of all political faiths heard sound money arguments last night nt Clymers station. County Organizer Gamble formed a McKinley club of fifty-six members with the following officers: President—J. B. Bice. Vice President—James Lit UP. Secretary—.7. F. Porter. Assistant Secretary—Samuel Smith. Treasurer—N. V. Von Martiu. Abe Jfiller of Curvetou spoke with good effect. W. P. Matthews also made nn address, and the meeting was throughout an encouraging one. The work in Clinton township is to be pushed without rest from this on, and the prospects are brighter than ever before at this stage of a campaign. ; GOOD MEETING AT FORD'S. Capt. Frank Swlgart and Dr. J. Z. Powell held a most successful meeting Inst night at Ford's school house in Jefferson township. There was a. Rood audience, :»nd the arguments for sound money were heard with careful attention. ' -school dresses Palace. and' Tain CONCERT AT THE PARK. The opera house orchestra will play d number of selections at the park this afternoon from 2 until 5 o'clock. Following Is the program: March, Mwnnwhor.. Mannemacber ovenui-o. Berlin WI«*s W»lnt IndlMbt Co.radl Waltz. Visions of ft Beautiful Woman y»hrb»clt Selection, Mailluna 'vX'^S Khetnia«ndf n. Blane Augen DewHz Waltc, Doiaa Welien Ivanovlcl JNTKB1I1SSIOII -Msrch, Chlnwe Art Prtndlvllle Overture. Murdl Gras Gr JS?, 1 i w S' d Waltz. The Trrolean Medley Before the FooillgtM WTntUiV. \1*V" Ul^MV Mnrch, National Bltlen TWO SIMII/AB. STYLES. Exchange: The' political parties a.ve stealing the patent medicine style of advertising. The item which you now see signed by some prominent firm, reads, "I've been a Democrat (or Republican, as the case may be) all my life, but I have decided to cast my ballot with tlie common people ajid can no longer follow my old associates." Formerly the item read: "For ten years I have been a sufferer from consumption, but after using six bottles of Dr. Munkcywrenche's Lung Scraper I find myself completely cured." RECCED CHANGES HANDS. » The Royal Center Record has been purchased of the firm of Ren & Thomas by Oliver Hand of this city, a practical printer and newspaper man of seventeen, years experience. Friday's paper is the first Issue under the new management, and It promises well for the future .members of the successful weekly. The p;ipcr will continue independent hi politics. Mr, Hand deserves well nt. the hands of his new constituency.'. ' A family reunion was hold at the resilience of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. ,Fergu : son on tiic Westside last Thursday night. Those from out of town who were iu attendance were: Mr. William Grant and daughter. Mrs. R. O. Perry and family of Watseka. 111., and Mrs. Isaiah Weyand. of Winamac. Aii elaborate supper wns served and a most enjoynble time wns had. ' Miss Toinette Little of Linden avenue, and Mr. Marshall W. Mereau of Chicago,- were UDlted in marrinjte nt Kenoshn, Win., tlie 15th of August. . Charles Keper has accepted a position with Thomas Cal>. First Church of Christ (Scientists) at the Uuiversalist church this morning at 11 o'clock Subject "Thp House of the Lord." A welcome to all. Ninth Street Clu-i.-5ti:in Church—T. S. Freeman, pastor. Regular service in the forenoon, at, which time the pastor will preach. Other services as usual. Re-opening of the Evangelical church: corner of Wheatlnnd 1 and Brown streets will take, place today. Bishop Breyfogel will officiate at 10:30 and 7:30 p. in. All are invited. .First Presbyterian Church—The pns- tor will preach at 11 n. m. upon "Crist-like Mindedncss." Sunday school at 9:30 al m. Young people's meeting at 6:30 p. m. A welcome .for all. A mixed meeting will be held at the H. R. Y. M. Ci'A. rooms this afternoon at 3 o'clock. The Rev. Mr. Coolbaugh will deliver the address. Railroaders are especially invited to bring their families. "; Broadway M. E. church—E. L. Se•mans, pastor. Class at 0 a. m. Sunday school at 0:45 a. m:, preaching at 11 a. m. Junior League at 3 p. m. Epworth League at 0:30. Evening service at 7:30. All are cordially Invited. St. Luke's English Lutheran church —J. C. Kauffman, pastor. Sunday school at 9:30 and church services at 11 a..m. Enstend Mission Sunday school ' 01,2:45. Junior Endeavor at 5:30 and • Christian Endeavor at G:30. A cor T dial Invitation is extended to all. \ At the Baptist Church—Sunday school at 9:45 a, m. Preacwng service at 11 a. m. Subject "The permanency of ,the Species." Junior UnJon at S ' p. in. Senior Union at 6:30 p. m. "Sub- " ject' "The Christian's Mission. Union services at the rink in the evening. Market Street M. E. church—Preaching by the pastor at 10:45 a. m. and 7:30 p. m. Sabbath school at 9:30 a. m. Class meeting at 11:45 a. m. and 6:30 p. m. Junior League at 3 p. m. Ep- '• worth League at G:30 p. m. All are invited.' At the Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Westside, there will be preaching both morning and evening by the pastor, Chas. B. Wellborn. As it the first Sabbath of the new pastoral year all the members and friencs are especially invited to attend. Sabbath school at 9:45 n. m. Preaching at 11 a. in, and 7:30 p. m. Reorganization of Endeavor at C:30 p. in. Evening subject, "Harmful Ways." All welcome. Broadway Presbyterian church, corner Ninth and Broadway, R*v. Atwood Percival, pastor. The pastor, bavins returned from his vacation will preach at 11 -a. in. Subject "The Bright Light in the Cloud." Bible class at 9:30 a. in.. David A. Elder, .superintendent, r. P. S. C. E, at (!:30 p. m. Subject.- "Getting tho Most Ont of the Bible." Mrs. Maxwell, lender. Union services nt Hie rink at 7:45']vm. Mr. Percivnl will preach, subject. "Brotherhood." All invited. ,. CONFERENCE OF TEA CHERS. DivChas. A. McMurvy of Uic University of Chicago will co=«nct.a scries of conferences with (he city teachers Monday nnd Tuesday. The program Is UK follows: Monday 9:00 a. m.—"The Common School Course as n Menus 1o the Aim- In Education: Classes of Studies, and Their Relation to One Another." 1:30 p. m.—"Classes.of Studies and Their Relative Valno." Tuesday, 9:00 a. in.—"Instruction. < Apperception. Interest, Attention.)" 1:30 p. ra.—"Induction nnd JJeductfoii with Application to Recitation Work." Jsew York Counts.—Rottermel.

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