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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 33
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 33

Detroit, Michigan
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DETROIT FREE PRESS Wednesday, April 12, '67 ID McLain's Heart. Rain Go Pitter-Patter vr BY GEORGE CANTOR Free Press Sports Writer ANAHEIM "Rats," muttered Denny McLain turning away from the rain-spattered hotel window. "It's not supposed to rain out here. This is awful." From the window, McLain could look across the freeway, past a row of motels and through a phalanx of power lines to the saucer-shaped Anaheim stadium a mile away. IN A FEW HOURS he was scheduled to open the 1967 season there for the Tigers against the California Angels.

The rain that moved in overnight was threatening to wash out the sixth Angels home game in the club's history. "First that three-hour time change and now this," McLain said, sitting and glumly watching the rain splash into puddles on the hotel parking lot. "I wanted to sleep in until noon today so I could adjust to the time so I stayed up as late as I could last night watching television. "But there was nothing on but old movies. Bela Lugosi, 'Mrs.

Wiggs of the Cabbage for Pete's sakes. So I went to sleep and woke up at 7 in the morning. I might fall asleep in the dugout tonight." McLain was hard-pressed to while away the afternoon hours until the team bus left for the stadium at 5 p.m. Even if it hadn't been raining, killing an afternoon would have been a tough proposition at Anaheim "the worst stop in the league," McLain said. THIS IS BASEBALL in suburbia and the only things ID Glove 3 in the area are subdivisions, shopping centers and other hotels.

Even Disneyland was closed. McLain settled down to a gin rummy game to occupy his mind. "I'm just starting to get nervous about the opener now," he said. "This is the first time I've been up for a game all year and that makes it even worse. "I can't get myself ready for those exhibitions.

It was different when I was a rookie and every pitch I threw could have made a difference. But I'd made the team before I got to Florida and all I wanted to do was get my arm in shape. "I never really thought much about the opener. You know, I got myself all upset last year because they named Mickey (Lolich) instead of me. But so much has happened since then.

"Even if I thought I should pitched, I made up my mind not to say anything about it this year. We had a lot of pitchers who looked better than I did in Florida maybe all of 'em, in fact," McLain said. "The only thing that bothered me was that my pitches were all coming in high. My fastball is a little slow coming around, but I've learned the slider and I'm going to start throwing more sidearm stuff. "This is the best I've ever felt physically or men- tally." The rain had let up and the peaks of the San Gabriel mountains could be made out beyond the stadium.

Bits of blue broke through above the drifting clouds. "I guess I'll go down to the lobby and wait for the bus," McLain said. Then he turned and smiled. "I wanted to pitch this game all along. No use saying I didn't," he grinned.

"Every body wants to start the opener." By the time the bus came, the rain had stopped. i MICKEY LOLICH will go against lefthander Mar-celino Lopez in the second game of the opening series Wednesday night. "We're going to see a lot of lefties as long as Willie Horton is out," mused Bill Freehan. "Lopez is one of the toughest. I'd say that outside of Sam McDowell he's the fastest in the league." Jim Northrup wasn't completely convinced, though.

"We can't see any more lefties than we did last year. What are they going to do, crawl out of the wood- work?" 1 Horton was examined at Henry Ford Hospital Tues-day morning and will be treated as an out-patient for the next week. Doctors were unable to pinpoint his malady anymore exactly than physicians in Lakeland and Los Angeles. But the threat of surgery, which had jolted the team Monday, seemed to have been dispelled. Win for Birds, 6 AL Kings Gates Brown anxious for first start Jf ill1 I AP Photo tf ii Rip Twins In Opener BALTIMORE (UPD Brooks Robinson belted a two-run homer in the first inning and turned in three spectacular plays at third base Tuesday as the world champion Baltimore Orioles began their defense of the American League pennant with a 6-3 victory over the Minnesota Twins.

The Orioles, combining their hitting with inept defensive play by the Twins, jumped on Jim Kaat for four runs in the first inning, 'then added two insurance tallies in the sixth after Minnesota scored Jiree runs in the fifth. Moe Drabowsky, one of the Baltimore World Series heroes in the four-game sweep of the Los Angeles Dodgers last fall, relieved starter Dave McNally in the fifth, worked out of a jam and picked up the victory. STU MILLER replaced Drabowsky in the eighth and retired. Gates Is Ready-For Big Chance Mantle to Pinch-Hit WASHINGTON (AP) Houk said Mantle, who had Mickey Mantle will be out of been shifted to first base, will' the starting lineup for 10 days gs with the injured hamstring ANAHEIM IT WAS A HALF-HOUR BEFORE the start of Tuesday night's opener in the Big otherwise known as Anaheim Stadium. Gates Brown was next in the batting cage and a reporter said to him: "Hey, where's your batting helmet?" "Never use one in practice," said Brown.

"Gotta give the pitcher some confidence." Brown paused for a moment, then added: "What are Parade to the Post muscle in his left leg," but wilLPmch-hitter in the game wiin be available for pinch-hit duty, the Senators Wednesday night. Zoilo Versalles with the bases manager Ralph Houk of the I if needed. The Yankees were New York Yankees said idle Tuesday. Tuesday. Mantle suffered a similar Mantle was hurt in the open-; injury in spring training and ing game here Monday, round-! was idle for eight days.

Ray ing second base in the third I Barker will remain at first, inning. Houk said. first inning and won their opener with the Twins, 6-3. Frank Robinson waves to fans who saluted the world champions at the pre-game parade. filled and two out.

A brand new season started for the Baltimore Orioles just like the old one finished with a parade. After a tour down the streets, the Orioles paraded four runners around the bases in the The Orioles scored four runs in the first inning only minutes after 39,812 fans, second larg est opening-day crowd in Baltimore history, had settled in their seats. JSJEw jTjr liiriiSfc Curt Blefary was hit by a pitched ball and scored when Bob Allison misjudged Luis 76ers End 10-Year Celt Reign Aparicio's long fly ball and and it fell in left for a double. Frank Robinson's scratch hit scored Aparicio and Brooks Robinson wrapped up the inning with his drive into the leftfield bleachers. PHILADELPHIA (UPI) Philadelphia rallied brilliantly Doubles by Boog Powell and Paul Blair, along with Andy from a 16-point first half deficit to crush Boston, 140-116, Tues Etchebarren's single, gave Bal day night at Convention Hall Turn to Page 7D, Column 8 and end the Celtics' National Basketball Association reign.

The win gave Philadelphia the best-of-seven series, 4-1, and sent the 76ers into the finals MINNESOTA BALTIMORE ab bi ab bi Tovar cf 5 110 Blefary If 2 10 0 you trying to do, put a jinx on me tonight?" "Naw, I just don't want to see you get hurt," he was told. "Not tonight." Don Wert was starting down to first base after taking his final swing in the cage. Brown started into the cage, then stopped. He came back, took off his cap, laid it on the ground and put on the batting helmet. No, William James Brown didn't want anything to go wrong.

Not on this night. He had waited too long for it to happen. After four seasons on the bench with the Tigers, Gates was getting his first chance to start in an opening game. He didn't like the way it came about. His good friend Willie Horton was back in Ford Hospital in Detroit and the Tigers were suddenly in need of a leftfielder.

Four Years on the Bench BACK IN THE CLUBHOUSE, as he was getting dressed, Brown talked about this long-awaited moment. "I'm no different than anyone else," he was saying, "I want to play. But I also know that we can't lose Willie if we're going to go anywhere. "I feel good about getting this chance, but let's face it Willie's knocked in 100 runs for this club the last two years. I never came close to that.

Of course, if I played I might do as well, but the thing is, Willie HAS played and he HAS helped the team." It may seem strange to say but of all the players on the Tigers perhaps none is as dedicated as Gates Brown. For four years he has had to sit and watch while others Gates is a fine pinch-hitter, one of the best in baseball. The Tigers consider him a valuable piece of property. But pinch-hitters, no matter how well they do, do not make the big money. Or, as Gates himself put it: "They gave me a nice raise this year, but you don't get those big dollars on 200 ABs a year." But for four years, Brown has kept himself in shape, kept himself ready to play, and never has anyone heard a word of mutiny from his mouth.

Xot Content to Sit Anymore Rollins 3b 5 0 0 0 Aoancio ss 4 12 1 against the winner of the San Oliva rf 201! FRobinsn rl 41 1 I Louis series. KHieorew 10 2 0 0 0 BKODinsn 30 4 2 A llSOn 4 0 0 0 Powel 10 4 110 Carew 2b 4 0 2 0 Johnson 2b 3 0 0 0 Battev 3 110 Belanser 2D 1 0 0 0 Versalles ss 4 1 1 0 Blair cf 3 111 BOSTON HAD won eight Kaat i i ttcnebrn 4 i i Kosco oh 10 11 McNallv 10 0 0 Perry 0 uratjosKy 0 Kline 0 0 0 0 SMiller 0 0 0 0 Rnnri Dh 1 0 0 0 straight NBA championships and had won the Eastern title 10 times in succession before being eliminated by the 76ers. Worthqtn 0 0 0 0 Nixon pn luoo Total 34 3 9 3 Total 30 6 7 6 Minnesota (St 9 3 0 0 83 Philadelphia outscored Bos-t on, 31-10, in the first eight min Baltimore 4 Battey. Versalles. LOB Minnesota Baltimore 5.

2B Tovar, Aparicio, utes of the final quarter to Battev, Oliva, Powell, Blair. HR B.Rosmson ii. SB Aparicio. a McNally, Drabowsky. IP ER BB SO Kaat 4 4 4 4 1 3 Perry 1 1-3 3 2 2 0 1 Kline 2-3 0 0 0 1 0 make it a runaway.

Boston had the better of the entire first half and the Celitcs seemed safely in command at 53-37 with 7:37 re-Turn to Page SD, Column 2 Worthlnqton i MrNsllv 4 2-3 7 3 3 2 1 Drabowsky (W.1-0) 3 2 0 0 1 3 S.Miller 1 1-3 0 0 0 0 2 HBP Kaar (Bieraryj, fwcraaiiy 2:00. A 39,812. Nev. Governor Acts VSfV I ill 4 i I 1 21 i I i jLU mi mi mmiii imi iiiri-iiiriiinifHfiiT-SniifmiTfc "ninunri iwn, I i innn ivi ma nfiMir1 -rfr- Floyd Clay HE DOESN'T LIKE HIS JOB, but you'd never know it unless you asked him. Then he gives it to you straight straight and honest.

"When I was in the minors I used to say that I'd rive anvthine to cet to the majors," he said. "Even if KOd Fight it meant sitting on the bench all the time, I didn't care. o67 "But now I'm here, I've been here five years, and I guess you change in time. Now I'm not content to sit CARSON CITY, Nev. Cassius Clay's title defense anymore.

I want to play. I want to contribute some thing. I want to help the team, and I want to help against Floyd Patterson, scheduled for Las Vegas April 25, was abruptly called off Tuesday by the governor of myself. Nevada. Glasgo knits of textured Celanese acetate are light and cool "I came up when I was 23.

You ought to be just about ready to play at 23. But now I'm 28, and I still Gov. Paul Laxalt aked the Nevada Athletic Commission not to sanction the bout because "it would give Nevada a black eye" and the commission Short sleeve Knit shirt $0 Long sleeve $11 Sweater-shirt nt don't have a job and I don have that many years upon his arrival at Las Vegas, said he hoped the fight could be rescheduled elsewhere, but he expected to be inducted into the Army April 2S. "I'm a little disappointed, left to play." Brown was asked why he never complains. "Well, I get down a lot.

I guess that's only human "If Clay carries Paterson andi but not surprised," Clay said. he said. "But I made up my mind from the very beginning that if I ever played on a team where a player caused dissension, that player would never be 2 knocks him out, it will only be "I have been the center of a repeat of their previous fight," controversy so often that I'm Laxalt said. "If Patterson' getting used to it. I need a should win, eyebrows would be: rest anyway." raised all over the world." I "if he has the authority to stop it, there is nothing I can THE GOVERNOR continued d0.

i am sure it can De held that Nevada has been engaged, somewhere else, but I would in a long campaign to upgrade nave like to seen it here." Ideal for warm weather tours through EXPO 67. They're woven of porous textured Celanese acetate that lets your body breath. They come in 2 styles the mock turtle neck or the versatile V-neck sweater-shirt that can be worn as a sweater or a shirt. Both are styled with saddle shoulders and rib knit wraist. Glasgo knits are full fashioned for real comfort.

In bright spring colors of kelly green, sapphire blue or burnt orange. Small, medium, large or ex-large. Come in or call CA 3-5100 or your toll-free suburban number. Hudson's Men's Sports Apparel, Downtown, Northland, Eastland, Westland. With that.

Brown went out into the cool night air and the greatest adventure of his career. "I'll tell you this," he said, looking back over his athletics ana the Clay-f auerson; shoulder. "I'm the scaredest man in the world right fight would be a "step hack-wards." Clay, who learned the news IN DETROIT, Eddie Smith Turn to Page 3D, Column 4 now. If I could turn white, I probably would." He left smiling..

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