Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 6, 1947 · Page 15
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 15

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 6, 1947
Page 15
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^^^^^pss^"^ i^s^T -,'* *' ~<1\< f V <• f * -»'«- STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS husband drove her from their home in nearby Lowell to the OStcopnthic hospital here. Physicians said Mrs. Alice Goodwin and her babies, a boy and a girl weie doing well. Nov. 5 mother yesterday in _. irVCU ! Carefree days, ex- "otTn¥-nights...masking, street dancing and parades...the climactic splendor of ^Mardi Gras day-February 10. Plan no\v to visit romantic, historic New Orleans in the balmy MardiGras season. And plan to t'njoy your trip to the ful ' via High Officials Gather for Winant Funeral Concord, N. H.. Nov. 5-(/P)—Men .in high places and the humble gath- for smell- 'erea here today for the funeral of John G. Winant, wartime ambassador to Great Britaii) and thrice governor of New Hampshire, who Shot himself to death Monday in what friends dcEcribcd as "a sud- .den crackup." ' Simplicity was the theme of the service at 1 p. m. (CST) at St. Paul's Protestant Episcopal church, where the Rt. Rev. John T. Dallas bishop of New Hampshire, will officiate. Fourteen honorary :pallbcarcrs from all walks of life, and eight active bearers, including .the present and past commanders of ms local legion post, will assist at the funeral. Maj. Gen. Thurman'Eddy will represent the War Department and asistant Secretary of State Norman Armour will represent Secretary of State Marshall. Hundreds of telegrams continued to arrive at the family home from j all parts of the world. The included expressions of sympathy from President Truman, King George, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mother Mary of England. "The; nation mourns with you,' President Truman said, "the untimely passing from our national life of a great figure whose services in many fields of activity were as distinguished as they were varied." All mammals have hair. Even the whale has peglike hair bristles on .the upper lip. DEPOT TICKET OFFICE TELEPHONE 196 SHORTENING ROUND or LOIN 0 Ibs. 93c Mincemeat Pudding Broadcast; November 8,1947, 1 ilico brcnd 2 tnMcspooni soft bultcr or margarine 1: i ftips mincemeat* 1 slightly beaten eeg up Pel Milk cup water teasoon graftal lemon rind few grains salt POTATOES CABBAGE 3, bs 14c WHITE OR YEUOW ONIONS lb. 7c DELICIOUS APPLES lb. lOc TEXAS doz. 49c Ibs. 2,lC Turn^on oven; set at moderately slow (350° F.). Grease a quarc baking dish. Spread bread with butter; arrange in baking dish ill layers with mincemeat, having bread on bottom and mincemeat on top. Let stand while preparing custard. Mix remaining ingredients; pour over mixture in baking dish. Bake about 25 min., or until firm. Serve warm or cold. Makea 4 servings, I'ou Will Needt Pet Milk cL35c Mincemeat 17c Eggs do Z 69c ,b 39c FREE PELIVfRY EVERY DAY ON $2,00 ORDERS TUEART'S STORES I*HON0 447 We Reserve Ri 9 hr s to Limit Quantity AND SAVE Says President Will Veto Tax Slash Washington, Nov. 5 — (IP)— Sep. Doughton (D-NC) predicted today that the renewed Republican attempt to slash Income taxes $4,300,000,000 a year will run into an other killing presidential veto. The North Carolina House veteran, who managed tax legislation when his party controlled Con- eress. said the new proposal will tail because: "Unless the Republicans can show lhat we can meet our domestic needs, pay for foreign relief commitments and pay on the debt, it is my opinion that they cannot override another presidential vato of their tax bill." And there is no way of knowing how, he said, how much eventually will be needed to help Europe. Two attempts to override tax cut vetoes failed last year. The House sustained the first, making Senate action unnecessary. The House voted to override the second veto of a revised measure, but its spon sors were unable to muster the needed two-thirds majority in the Senate. Doughton made his statement to. reporters after Chairman Knutson (R-Minn) of the House Ways and Means Committee outlined plans for a double-barreled tax cut — a $4,000,000,000 "quickie" slash at the the face special session which convenes state." Nov. 17, and more reductions in an overall revision of tax statutes next spring. Knutson told newsmen the report submitted yesterday by a ten man citizens' tax study group, calling for tax cuts for all the 48. 500,000 individual taxpayers and for corporations as well, "dcfinite- f ly supports my contentions for ifn- |mediate tax relief." 'The citizens' group, set up by the Wa^-s ' and Means Committee and headed by Roswcll Magill. former undersecretary of the treasury, proposed: "I. First priority for relief for individuals. It made no exact proposals on rates. 2. Universal application of the community property principle, whereby husbands and wives can divide the family income equally for tax. reporting purposes. This would lower the lax for middle incomes and reduce federal reveues by about $600,000,000. The system now applies by local law in 13 states. 3. Corporation tax reduction, with special considerations "to foster and promote small business enterprises." Corporate net incomes under $50,000 should be taxed fal lower rates than corporate net incomes of greater amounts, the report said. 4. Curtailment of double taxation of dividends, a swhen the government levies on corporation income and again when that income is paid in dividends to stockholders. The study group said an individual should be given "an appropriate credit or offset against his o^vn tax, for the tax paid by the corporation with respect to his dividends. 1 ' ?': Matthew Woll, member of the AFL executive board and labor's member of the study group, filing a dissenting jninority report saying the program would shift the tax load from those best able to those least able to pay. Moreover, he said the plan would drastic ally reduce federal revenues and ignore revenue needs for Eu- ropan relief. 0 ! •' Stockmen to Save Most of Quota Set By OVID A. MARTIN Washington, Nov. 5 — (I?)— Government grain experts predict today lhal livestock farmers will save at least 75,000,000 bushels of wheat — or three-fourths of the 100,000,000-bushel food conservation target. Brewers, distillers, bakers, and public eating place have promised the Citizens Food Committee to cut down by 25,000,000 bushels or more to help meet the administration's grain export goal. Six weeks ago Agrlcallure De- parlmcnl authorities estimated livestock farmers would feed at least 350,000,000 bushels of wheat this crop year because of the shorl corn crop. Lasl year they fed about 185,000,000 bushels of wheat. These department officials now ihave revised their wheat /"ceding estimate to around 275,000,000 bushels. Reporls from the field indicale that many farmers who own both wheat and livestock feel that the grain is too high in price to feed to animals, particularly in case of animals which will not be ready for market for several months. Such farmers are said lo fear lhat something may happen lo bring down livestock prices in the meantime. In that cvcnl, the farmer would not get his wheat money back. Another factor holding down the volume of wheat feeding is the fact that many wheat producers who do .not feed livestock iirc holding on I to their grain in expectation of pos- 'siblo higher prices next spring. By so doing, they limit market supplies of wheat available 10 livestock producers and poultrymeii who buy grain for feed. Livestock market statistics pro vide still additional evidence lhal loss wheat is being fed. Hogs are being marketed at considerably lighter weights, and beef cattle are being fed on grain for much shorter periods of time, than .had been expected. The corn thus saved becomes available for farmers who otherwise would be forced to use wheat, i Dies of Injuries Texarkuna, Nov. b' --- : .?i—Miller County (Ark) Sheriff W. E. Davis said a formal charge would be filed todav . against Hubert Thompson, 27, of Ashdown, in connection with the death here last night of j. H. Giles, 60-year-old Cotton Belt rail road employe. Giles died of injuries which Da vis said were suffered in a fight on a downtown street here Monday night. Rubber is used in approximately 205 spots in the new cars of to- Dewey Colls for Support of Marshall Plan New York, Nov. 6—(A 5 )—Gov. Thomas E. Dewey throw his full support behind an aid-to-Europe program last night, urging prompt and effective help for free nations abroad but demanding that it 'be Ike'Still Not Interested in Politics Little Rock, Nov. 5 — OP)—Gen. „„.„„ „..„..,„ Dwight D. Eisenhower reiterated administered on a busnesslike ba- here today that he is not interested sis under "genuinely bipartisan" , in political office, commenting that direction. Asserting that "the errors of the past" must be avoided, the titular head of the Repablican party proposed that the program be administered in accordance with a slate mcnt of policy to be written by Congress, made so clear as to this nation's aims "that nobody could misunderstand them not even the men in the Kremlin." Dewey, prominently mentioned as a posibsle candidate for the 1948 Republican presidential nom ination, outlined his position—his first public pronouncement on the Marshall plan—at a dinner given by Forbes magazine in honor of 50 men named as the nation's top- anking bueiness leaders. The statement by congress, the governor said, "which might well endorsed by the leaders of both parties, will make it clear that the United States has a settle policy, and the means of carrying it out; that we will not suddenly or capriciously abandon those in other countries who risk their lives to uphold the principles of freedom in the face of the menace of a police .it was difficult (idea to get across .that Dwight Eisenhower declared here tbday that he "need not argue the fact that the disappearance of free dom in any part of the world affects our own freedom," adding that "a fore.it fire concerns us long before it reaches our own back yard."The arrny Thursday, November 6, 1947^ British-Russian Trade Agreement's Take Better Turn London, Nov. 5 — (/P) — A government source reported today im- Thursday, November 6, 1947 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS chief of staff said in i proved piospccls for a British- Kus- 'sian Iradu agreement and nounccd that board of trade presi- an address" prepared for delivery sian trade agreement and _ nn .-^,' Would Help Countries That Earn Aid "leadcship demands that we provide material help, so are as we are able, to those who seek to help themselves but who have not yet recovered from the ravages of 'Write In' Gl Candidate Easily Wins Pittsburgh, Nov. G — (/P) — Jack Exlcr is a little bewildered over his election to the $10,000-a-year post as Allegheny county recorder of deeds but the job doesn't frighten him. ' * • • . • ; Exlcr lost both feet in the North African invasion when his ship was struck by bombs. A week before Tuesday's election, Anthony Gerard, Ihe Democratic can'didate for recorder of deeds, died. The Democratic committee added Exler's name lo the ballot and the former ranger won easily. "I'm going to start right away and learn the ropes," said Exler, who is the father of a two-year-old daughter. "You can do anything you make up your mind to do." Here to address a public meeting of combined veterans' organizations, (he general paused briefly as he left his private car to toll newsmen he would be glad to talk about anything but politics. The army chief of staff, who will become Columbia University president and who has been mentioned as a possible Republican candidate for president, said he plans to take time off to "get acquainted with our country again" when relieved of his military duties. He has no particular plans for Columbia University, he added, saying that "I told the .trustees the idea of having a soldier up there was ridiculous, but they insisted." Eisenhower's . present trip began last Saturday and the party stopped in Oklahoma for a duck hunt, but the general confessed that he did not kill a duck. He is being accompanied by Mrs. Eisenhower. His party also includes his aide, Major Robert L. Schulz, who has been with the general for about two years, J. D. Brandon of New York, a friend of the general, and L. C: Porter, vice-president of the Texas and Pacific railroad The general said he was making the trip by train in order to be away from his officer a few days longer. Fort Worth was the only p.thci major stop on the trip, the chief o: staff unveiling a statue of the late Will Rogers here yesterday. Faligucd by Ihc round of entertainment in Fort Worth, Gen. Eisenhower remained in his car, which arrived here at 7:50 a. m., until time for a reception at 11. He was in jovial spirits when he stepped from the car. During, the conference, the general took time put to shake hands with several railroad mcii, two of them exsoldicrs and inquired as to what "was your outfit." He was greeted at the 'reception by a group of slate, county and veterans' organization officials, and was to attend a private lunch- con with veterans groups at noon. His public address was scheduled for 1:30 p. m., with a parade to follow. .!... "To abandon them to forces thai vould stamp out freedom with the ianlity of a hydraulic press is re- mgnant to every American principle, x x-" General Eisenhower's abdicncc was largely Word War 2 velerans, and he told them "that all of Us— you veterans, not the least—have a continiung responsiblity to exer selves to country, if this greatest dent Harold Wilson probably would go to Moscow this .month lo re sumo negotiations. Wilson went to Moscqw last sjm- mer to negoliale a trade pact but the talks broke down July By JACK BELL Washington, Nov. se vigilance, to subordinate selv.cs to country, if this greatest and best of all nations is to remain so until the end of time." He said the menace of aggression still exists. "Compounded with economic collapse, food shortage and end hopelessness, it threatens an to freedom in many nations, the Russian demand down her 55 million over for" scaling pound 000,UOO) war lime credit to the Soviet government. Russia paid only half of a four million pound )$1U1,000,000> install ment due on Aug. 1, and the default, according to board of trade sources, was an "important i'ac- tor" obscuring future "But- now,' ihc negotiations, government source said today, "prospects for negotiation of an agreement look fairly good." He indicated that both Britain and Russia were expected to make concessions they could not agree to last sammcr. plan to give the bulk of American aid to European countries which do the most to help themselves was rroposcd today by Senator Ball (R- IViinn). Ball, a member of the Appropriations Committee which will pass en funds to pay for the administra lion's proposed European recovery program proposed that economic ^. rebuilding materials be Burnished f,' on an "incentive quota" basis. As he explained the plan, countries which could show increases in their home production in semiyearly surveys would continue to draw f all American aid while those who indicated less inclination to help themselves would be penal ized. The Minnesota senator made this proposal after . conferences With Chairman Vandenberg (R-Mich) of th cSenate Foreign Relations Committee. Vandenberg, who has declined specific comment on the impend ing economic assistance program since his return to Washington, is expected to announce later today a (/P)— AU' me schedule of committee heat- ings on emergency relief proposals and tlie long-range Marshall plan. Indications are that he will rec ommend that the committee listen to witnesses on the lull recovery program but concentrate its efforts on clearing before Christmas legislalion authorizing an emergency oullay of food and fuel to $640,000,000 tide France for and Democratic Resistance to Communism Spreads Even in Russian Satellite Nations <$-- out reality however stark and grim! palion forces at adequate strength must not make a defeatist of American." Eisenhower reiterated belief that "we must maintain our occu- tressed by universal training." and continue Ihe building of a defense establishment of profession al and civilian components, but- Urges Vigilance Little Rock, Nov. 5—(/P)—General MEALS TASTE BETTER WHEN YOU SERVE BLUE RIBBON BREAD AT YOUR GROCERS and ITY BA TUB When buying meat today, remember — you can count on your A&P to keep quality as high as ever and prices as low as possible! All our meat is U. S. Government inspected. MILD AND MELLOW COFFEE 8 O'CLOCK 2;*;77c 3 Lb. Bag $1.12 Italy over tne worst of the winter. Also included in this program is an additional $400,000,000 to meet abroad. rising American occupation costs broad. This schedule would postpone mlil after Congress meets in regu ar session in January any final lecision on the Marshall plan. As suggested by Secretary , of Stale Mai shall, lhat plan calls-for he United States to back up with American dollars and goods self- ielp program drafted by cooperat ng European nations. Sixteen countries of western Europe de cided at Paris they will need some $22,400,000,000 in putside help — most of it from this country — to Dring about their economic recovery during the next four years. As an example, Ball said he thinks that in extending aid to Eng land the United States should insist that the British increase their coal production if they expect to obtain the full measure of help. "And that doesn't mean that we would be telling the British wheth er or not they should have nationally controlled coal mines or that we are trying to. dictate their sys torn of government," he said. Ball's proposal is one of several limitations on the Marshall plan certain to be suggested by Republi cans. President Truman may forestall some o£ these by suggesting his own set of requirements. Unless he his plans, the president By DEWITT MACKENZIE AP roreign Affairs Analyst Democratic resistance to Communism within Russia's own satel lilcs in Eastern Europe continues to spread. The latest country to develop a crisis between left and right in Czechoslovakia. This difference grows oat of Communist insistence on broadening the basis o£ Red influence in the government. A meet ing of the coalition cabinet yesterday under Communist Premier Klement Gotlwald resulted in his being given full powers. .,. This politcal clash wasn't unfore seen, because Czechslovakia while small in size is huge in love of independence and couldn't be expected to endure indefinitely, without protest, effots to impose totalirari an regimentation. So afer two years of anxious effort to fit herself into the Russian zone of influence and still retain her independence she now ha.s displayed a strong element of resistance to Communism. Czechoslovakia thus joins other Russian bloc nations which have parties o£ dissidents lo Communist domination. These include Poland'. 'ort to locate Williams. Mrs. Williams, was the former Louise Wimpee of Chattanooga, daughter of E. W. (Bill) Wimpee, Chattanooga rent control director. The family had moved to North Little Hock from Atlanta about four weeks ago..Williams is ^ sales man for firm. at Thayer, Mo., on a series of furjcd othcrwsc. loughs beginning Jan. 8, 194o had He testified at his trial that the asked the state parole board to re- slaying' resulted from an insurance commend a commutation so thatlP lot whtch miscarried and that 'Penrman actually was slam by a 81 LoUlS gangster. electric applicant* , ^Xsslonnll/wd that ho had" boon Hungary, Romania. Finland and even Yugoslavia, although in the last named country Red opposition has been fairly well stifled —or has it? Of course one would expect the current Czechoslovak crisis to be Mrs. Eschweiler Paroled After Serving 11 Months Little Rock, Nov. 5 — (/P) —Mrs Tracy Steele Eschweiler, 46, convicted here last December of the fatal shooting of her divorced husband, Dr. Paul Eschweiler, University of Arkansas medical school professor, was paroled today. She began serving a two year sentence at the state women's re Cormatory last February and became eligible for clemency upon service of one third of the term fixed by the jury which convicted her ot voluntary manslaughter. The parole was granted by the slate parole board without a formal hearing and upon recommendation of the state parole officer. She was paroled to her 77year- old avint, Mrs. Jennie Corey, Little Rock, and to her attorney, Fred A. Isgrig. Hor two 'teen age children have been living with Mrs. Corey. Mrs Eschweiler pleaded inno cent to the shooting of her former husband at his bachelor quarters the medical school Au«. 23, 1946, contending a gun fell from icr purse during a struggle with him and was discharged accidentally. ' Mrs. Eschweiler, who will be re- Little Rock, Nov. 5— (XP)— Dr. Andrew J. Bass, 70, Columbia, Mo, failed today to obtain a commutation of the life sentence he received in Benton County, Ark., on his plea of guilty to the 1930 insurance-slay- he could be paroled. A dentist, Dr. Bass told the board! thai depending on "month-lo- mbnth furloughs" was hurling him i ,ttl c Hock, NoV G —- (/P) —The professionally and that he had been Southwest Gas and Electric Corn- rejected on several opportunities lpnn v, which serves areas In West to advance professionally because and Southwest Arkansas, today of his status. ' ..-..-.--. Pearman's Liritibl) the 6 :ear <5oln helped'? tened l It-C_:' waterrfielott wagon « ,' Iho State Public 'Service bullet - riddled body I Commission for permission to sell was found near BentonviUe, Ark., jS7.noo.000 in first mortgage bonds in March -1930. Dr. Bass arrested | to finance construction and acqui after yuilt- _____ fully to the grounds he an investigation, pleaded ] sition of pi'Operty, but later appealed unsucccss-'j The proposed bond Supreme feared issue also - - - court on'has been submitted to the socuri- violence i ties and exchange commission ior approval. ii -IdM.Yoa'rei Final Week's Contest Midnight Nov. 12 Gallons Texaco Fire* Chief Gas with each car ALASKA SEALSKIN bridged temporarily. But the anti- totalitarian clement cannot be stifled. It will remain lo raise its voice whenever it can, and in this connection it should bo noted that smouldering opposition is explosive. The Czcchslovakinn imbroglio .is particularly interesting in light of a U. S. State Department statement made iri a review of the development of the Marshall plan for European recovery. This declares that a n y sovernmenls. political parties, or groups which attempt to prolong human misery CntllltiUb Ulb pltlllS, U1C JJJ tlCJlHUlll, " >.v»-i..jy V vu £,.«***..£, u........... *..*,..*-.., also is expected to recommend spe- or political profit, will meet with cific measures designed to curb rising food and other costs at home which could throw the for PIN-WORMS CAUSE FIDGETING AHO THAT AWFUL ITCH One of the warnim? fiisna of Pin-Worms is n nasEine rectal itch which often causes fidsotine and broken Blpep. and may lead to even more serious distress. It is no longer necessary to put tip with the trouble caused by Pin-Worms, because science has at last found a way to lick these stubborn pests easily and Barely. Get JAYNE'S P-W at the firstsiga of Pm- AVorms. P-W is a medically Bound treatment based on an officially recosnizc-d drue clement which has proved very effective 111 dealinc with this ucly infection. The small P-W tablets act in a special way to destroy Tin-Worms. 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That ad- lerance, however, lasted only long 'or Moscow to slam clown its fist, While Eastern Europe was pro ducing this additional onposition to ommunism, Western Europe displayed further signs of a shift to ;he political right. Britain, whose conservative party administered a smashing defeat to the .dominant Socialists in'the widespreadimuniri- . elections -the other day con iirrned her swing to .the. Bright, in. Tuesday's*Scottish rniMii'oirjj'al elections where the'Socialists suffered further setbacks. Even more impressive was a statement 'by Socialist Deputy Prime Minister Herbert .Morrison that the British government mustn't frustrate industrialists by preventing hem from doing their jobs. Said he: "I do not see the point of interfering in industry for the sake of in- leased from prison at 9:30 a. .m.. Thursday, and her aunt formerly resided in Birmingham, Ala o Here and There in Arkansas Toxarkana, Nov. G — (/P) — Philip D. Vincent, 71, a retired druggist and brother-in-law of C. E. Palmer Arkansas newspaper publisher, died here yesterday after a long illness. Funeral services are to be held at 2:30 p. m. tomorrow. Vincent, a native of Illinois, operated a drug store and later the Vincent laboratories, drug manufacturing company, for many years. Other survivors include his widow and two sisters, both of Pasadena, Calif. Little Rock Nov. G •— (/P) —Arkansas finally is getting a taste of autumn weather, and lower temperatures are forecast for tomorrow. Gilbert reported a low of 32 degrees and frost this morning. Paragould had a 37-degree minimum and several stations reported 38. The weather bureau here predicted that cooler weather would fol- ow showers tonight. 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The special Houso committee on oreign aid assembled' meanwhile or its second day of closed door icarings after two sessions failed .o produce agreement on specific 'ecommendations for an assistance jrogram. . Vice Chairman Hcrlcr (R-Mass) said newsmen after yesterday's ocond jTicetinc lhat "some prog ress" has been made, but he re fused to say what it was. deaths of two construction workers. Buried were Millard Webb, 42, Fort Smith, and a man carried on the construction company rolls as Miles Newton. They were in a 12- fcot pit when the cave-in occurred. Fellow crewmen were not able to reach them for 15 minutes. : o . Windsor Club There are 400 miles of electrical wiring on the Queen Elizabeth, world's largest ocean liner. Little Rock, Nov. 6—(/P)— Mrs. Louise Wimpe Williams, 25, formerly of Chattanooga, Term., was sought on charges of violating the National Automobile Theft Act when she was killed in a highway crash near Forrest Cit, Ark., Tuesday night, Dean R. Morley, agent ! n ch.arge of the FBI office said we last night. Mrs. Williams and a four-year-old daughter, Joan, were killed, and another daughter, Maiiien, six, was injured when their automobile and a truck collided. Aside from confirming that Mrs. Williams had been sought, Morley declined comment on a statement of Arkansas State Police Sergeant Glenn Garrett, who said Mrs. Williams was accused as a confedcr ate of a man he identified as Lawrence Duncan, alias Bob- Williams. Garrett said Duncan was leader in an automobile theft ring and was sought for questioning in a $80,000 holdup in Birmingham and in a robbery in Chatlanooga in which a hold-up man was slain. The state police sergeant said Mrs. Williams and. her husband Melvin Williams, Jr., Challanooga, separated several month ago. Mrs. Williams had been living recently in North Little Rock. All brands. Kroger Bread Light lb. loaf ctn. 20 oz- loaves C .. oh Corn Meal T-Square. 5 lb. bag 38c. Sweet Peas Kroger Large. 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