Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1952
Page 6
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—- • v.oux,•••;- ' ' \ ^fc" '*» 4 i «» Probera Rap Treasury, srice Depfts. AURANfAt 1 ih r monJ* for what lh«y termed o foil. to ftWT«tft ml»t«kcii m t*x cor- fid, »i»ttf of the groom, ,$l wilt drth Urn In Hop*. at MurfMitborft ,' 9. W, Anlhoti a " famil r nt $* ?»*<*!> fttfr^-jR' «"S . l« Itond new Inqulr * <ln«l report bniod on IP inv««i*fltjon ftte the w MdwaJ tumtd ww.to « art In the n»w Ripubllcon Con. •jr/in o program of reform* they e Itnt ««ed»d. ut|tM« m«mt»iM of »tlw * way* and mosni ux lnv«. Starts Sunday at the Rialto •Li •nniiii^- iidnn*^ •liintt ...JMttfr^M^^Miti^^t^^'" ; " • - ..... .„!.„., ...... . __ Burton, whoie t*t*nd over o ilgnlficnnt of .Amerlonn Indmtry." Th» BUCCANKBincchmcolw! 1 j,. - j !1 >» & •- ' Starts Sunday at the Saenaer MI *.* .«Mnt**f*M •n ' {«•/! MttI -v«M « -, ...-». n fr ' "i" W^JMI^» 11 in i - ^^ j. ri: *"" y«v w * ww**^ v*i* HHU if *' «<?£ AtUfojoy, Mnrtlyft and Murk of farfljM* On and Mm. .. o, Mr, Witt-Mr^,-Oswnoe An -~-T-» ••-- -—« •—-• wFr*r •r*|«ro* IllCIUHirjr i ... The tiMt division of tho Ju«- ti<m Department, 'nil* division was (thldml for what tho coromlltoo " ir« to eliminate tlmo- ,---.- ,-- handling of, tax nnias, •Wto ftr0m»,*ft(po<i tho question whether It ti "tho proper agency . ao formulate -tux litigation pol- ',3, the functioning of the rove- nun buroou under the roorgnnlwi- Ucmi pw»ge«m which took effect lout Mflrcb, .nrid whloh eliminated tlio - "'-lit of oollMter Ot Initntfll rave- 'jftoUttoat plums before tho mando rprises iijfi Idrers A com- tens In. no fnngryrtioif ri .iigoci d«i<p mio i on the Western _ .-~, nnrt cut to pincon „ $ ofe7fl Communist soldiers, The raWfri run imo tho Chineio , of thf deserted trjee village •of PonmunJoni, They opened up hurj> |un» and )<>ft or wounded before bnp to U. N. linen. ovtjr North Keren wnrplnncs until Intc v when n few flights liabraJoU -and fight- red through breaks to hunt tor targets _ cold brought a ible "hnlf-trueo" to PHYLLIS TIIAXTER in reunited with GARY COOPHRinT Wjrocc Btoj. 1 "SPRINGFIELD RIFLE." in WatncfColor. PRESCCTT NEWS Monday, Dccemb»r 29 I Miss Nonn Catherine BaRle W n|!nonnlo Munn, district counselor entertain with n salad brtdi'u party' 0 ' Southwestern District; Bob Pca- st her home on Mtiwlay cvoniUM i chuy ' Il °dney Hamilton, Jr., son- for the plounurc of Miss Sue Jon<-». '"" ' ""'"" "'"' " ! " ;; v; ,,,, ;, ! '' ' Ha3mionU Coffee Honorn Mary Lou Thomas Miss Miiry Lou Thomas, fiancee Waym.- Jtuu's of Mnijnolia; Mr. and of Ernest Hurley Cox, Jr.. wn.s lion- Mrs, Scott HO.HS atui family ot Km- orcf nt ii cofl'iH- by Mi ..,„,.. Irc^at but n it JO-rolnute sklrm- it clashos north of '1 and south of An- j ottstcm front HC- forth-Korean troops led, Nona EaKlv. Mrs, J. A. Kajjle and Mrs, Wells liainby Tuesday morn ing in the Ragle home. Tradltlonnl seasonal decorations svere used throughout the house. The serving table wan covered With with laco cloth donut tree, rary Christmas ti-eu ou the buffet. Juua The hotun-ce wns given n Christ-'Mr. mas Twelve nnd n jjuosts wcci- present. ••• Sue Jonas Feted at Bridal Tea Mrs. D. L. McRae, Jr., rnli-r- taiiu'd with a bridal too at her homo on Tuosdny nfternoon for the pleasure of Miss Sue Jonos brldc-clect of Dr. Harold Raymond Pollock. The guosts worn greeted by Mrs. Edward Bryson. Receiving were Mra. McRoo, Miss Jonos. Mrs. Horace. Jones, mother of tho bridi- elect, and Mrs. A. P. Jones, grand mother of the bride-elect, • Tho living,.room mantel was beau tlfuliy decorftted with silvered may WOr'M «r» M tl. S™," 1 . lco ^« , nnd W«o •tytofonm wrote vmd«r nt 1 f lndp ei' drawing sleds. Other chri - - • stmas dccbi'n.Uon»»iwore at points CI °° , ftrtd Mr», S. A, manclg W«*efXtrnlt*d •OlfekHaminoni'oj i« ftoiilnit ))te htilldnyi 8tatt»a|t. and Mrs. neace 'Mlliilr wiurnc^I to their- 1wroe in flfln An^ aftw n Vl«H , Mr, and Mm; lV>robvd U. N. po- & TRIGGER -*Mm, Margaret historical novel Bowen, died ' ho8pltsl, U '94 Paye, itobk ConUnuos." with a silver bowl . nor belt 'Who "Dickon" **> Ufttftjltt.pUUlfthtd te mo with sil leaves tnterniina t . l»d with ornaments in pastel shad- v Mrs. Jon«$ ' white carnation by the x Revolution, CtoUtor Of |>AR, Council for tt» past m«nb«r ol the high school band tor Uuu editor trf the Wo« lOgh school year book, and , I* * membw of the Dynamo start, monthly newspaper, member of the Jwitor Class pi»j. class of IS63, «ad is »n honor , dent and an accomplished Who «Uead*d ti*e of Tornadoes Biggest News By WlliLIAM W. HUGHS* LITTLE ftoCK, does and politic*— which *~ ---»•. VT•**%,*i ..a(.dium perenlally furnish the biggest Arkansas n*»s stories of the year- did it again In 1052. The annual United ,Pre*f poll of newspaper and radio editors throughout the state showed the biggest story of the year to be Ihe March 21 tornadoes which killed 118 persons in Arkansas. following closely in second place wa ,l f. roncls Cherry's surprising •talkathon' victory in the Demo- cratlc gubernatorial race. Under a point system set up for tho poll, the tornado story re- celved 1D7 points and Cherry's pol- Htlcal triumph 182 points. Tho poll is taken annually to pick out the ten most important imt significant stories of the year. The other eight top stories of 1952, n the order in which they finished are: The extensive autumn forest ires brought ion by a long summer Irought, 104 points. The spectacular public hearings the Arkansas Highway Audit Commission, 101 points. President -elect Eisenhower's nrgest vote ever given a Republi- an nominee in Arkansas ng, 95 points. ballot- , ., - ior counaclof, nnd Dennis Mooro. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Johnson iatid Miss ' irglnin Johnson had us itlioir Christmas Dny dinner guests Piiul Morton of Cn.sa Grand, Ariz., mct and Mrs. Illanch Jones. . Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee, Jr., lOail and Bill of Hope were Thursday guests oC their parents, Mr. nnd Mrs. Alien Gee und Mr. and Mrs«. J. A. Yancey. and centered! A conlempo-j Bob Robertson of Little Rock was placed wna tho Thursday guest ot Miss McCasklH and her parents. anc Mrs. Guss McCaskill •"»^*^»»o«x**4. President Truman's dedication of Bull Shoal's Dam In North Arkansas, 54 points. The selection of Pulaski county or construction of a $50,000,000 jet bomber base, 60 points. The birth of quadruplets to Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ponder near Nashville, Ark., 45 points. The resignations of basketball Coach Presley Askew and football Coach Otis Douglas at the University of Arkansas, coupled with the selection of Gen Rose to succeed Askew and the unsuccessful attempt to obtain Paul (Bear) Bry- nnt to succeed Douglas, 43 points. The state Supreme Court's action in redistrictlng the stale senatorial seats, 31 points. Finishing just out of the top ten were the stories of the controversial Tuck Bishop cast-; the speech of Gen. Douglas Douglas MacArthur at his birthplace in Little Rock; tho alleged embezzlement of several hundred-thousand dollars nt a bank in Dlerks; tho fire in North Little Rock which killed DOROTHY DIX Mi.'is McCnsftili ikccompanicd him huuio for several clays stay. Miss Katherinc Sue Letnmcrhir- st of Toxurkarm was the Tuesday nveulnc Kuest of Miss Virginia John Miss Artie Gee ot Wichita Falls, Texas, is tho holiday guest of her Krandpareiits. Mr. and Mrs. Lee rs and her mother, Mrs. S. B. members of the Hilton Bry an family; the two robberies of the Formers and Merchants bank at Reyno within 'a four-month period; 'the rejection 'by Crittenden county voters of the proposed Dixie Downs horse racing track In a local election; and the selection of a five-member highway commission, including one woman member, by Gov-elect Francis Cherry. The number one story on the nnd white p^lnscttlas wor6 'placed In the d*h. ^Mrs, Dwvnld Ctivnmmh InvUod the guests into tho dining roam where. tho tea table was overJJBiid with a lace cloth nnd centoted Mr, and Mrs. Leroy Phillips mo tored to Toxiirkana Thursday and wore accompanied home by Clifton Vaneoy who underwent surgery at St. Mlchael's-llospltal. Friends of Mrs. Charles Thomas . will regret thnt her fatlier. Dr. S. Gentry, is sqUously in in Baptist 1 "'" - P March 21 tornadoes was a tale of one of the worst disasters ever to hit the state. The tornadoes roared into the state in southwest Arkansas, killing n number of people at Dierks. From there, they swept northeast in n rampage that destroyed large sections ot the towns of Judsonia Searcy, England, and Bald Knob. Judsonia suffered the brunt Of the big blow. Some 30 persons were either killed or "injured in the White County town which since has done a magnificent job of ^rebuilding— a job accomplished by a strong-willed people to whom ad '/* It Really Love? Dear Miss Dix: I've known a fc>y for two months, and he has been called back Into service. He •ays he loves me and wants to marry me. My parents liked him until I told.them how we felt, now they are furious. We are willing to wait until June, but no longer. I am 17, he Is 24. We are too much In love to wait until ho comes out of service, : • •. • '• • ' .. ' llf m •- I : ' *» i 1> i Answer: You can try talking yourself Into bellevlrig this Is triia love, but the overwhelming' chances are that it's merely Infatuation. On so short an acquaintance,, love seldom develops.: -Your fefflngs can oe put down to the emotional tiress of your friend's call to service, A uniform does., something to , a gU; that transcends all sense!fand .sen. slbility. Waiting until June "will probably cool your ardor. Dear Miss Dix: I am very interested in n girl of 18. Even though '"- behavior is above reproach parents will seldom let her go out with boys. I have thought 3f asking them to accompany us ;o a show sometime, so they can see what sort of entertainment we ike. M. S. Answer: When parents take this unreasonable attitude toward a girl of 18, they are actually reflecting on their own methods of child rearing. A parent who has done a 2ood and responsible job of bringing up children should be able to trust them .by the -time 'they've reached 18, In .order to. allay Vour own doubts, it would be a good dea to talk to the parents, ask hem what their objections to you are, and perhaps you can come to an understanding of just what privileges their daughter 'may enjoy. Push this Idea of taking them out with you sometime; maybe a "tile entertainment is what thov need. icr her Dear Miss Dix: I am in love with a fine man who has fallen in love with a married woman. All want to do now is hurt him. How can I do It? J. D. . . Answer: Why waste time on vln- d ctivenessrifs a futile and harm. ful emotion that will wind up harming you much more than your faith less sweetheart. Use this ene^y in finding another beau. Dix: Seven .years ago a widdow: of 32, fourteen years my junior. .In the past year she has left me twice. The first . she came back after ten r en weeks, now she has been -gone three weeks where she is and I living. don't know She had a ... .---••&. uuv jiuu a good job,, but.is in bad health Before she left she said she wouldn't return until I promised to adoit the illegitimate child of a friend of hers. I'don't feel like taking-on the responsibility. E. E. Ike Studying Suggestions of Koreans PUSAN,'Korea, (UP)—President- elect Eisenhower is giving '.'careful study and consideration" to seven suggestions made by ' tho South Korean .government, it was disclosed today. Acting:Republic of Korea Prime Minister Palk Too-cblt made public a letter from Gen. Mark Clark which the Far Eastern commander wrote on Eisenhower's behalf after the president-elect visited Korea. Clark said Eisenhower was "particularly impressed by the ROK troops which he observed" and added-that the president-elect was studying a seven-point program presented to him by tho Korqan government. Although the letter did not specify the seven points, 'reliable sources here listed them as follows: 1. Unification of Korea must be completed by force. 2. The South Korean attitude toward the truce negotiations has not changed and any agreement must include immediate withdrawal of Chinese forces from North Korea, immediate dissolution of tho north Korean regime and election in North Korea. 3. A doubling of military aid, including heavy equipment. 4.'Long range economic aid to avert economic chaos resulting from" tho war. 5'. Speedy conclusion of a Pacific security organization patterned after the.North Atlantic treaty organization. Japan could be admitted but must not have a dominant role. 0. Quick repayment of funds which the Korean government has advanced to United Nations forces, amounting to 8f-.< 00,000 won (about $13,000). 7. Inauguration of a full-fledged reconstruction program in Korea regardless of whether the war has ended or not. vertisy was att^Ws flank ,ed pink tapers in « m ' waa sorvad by Mrs. R Continue to Pound Enemy By VICTOR KENDRIOK SEOU1,, Korea (UP) _ Nations fighter-bombers United scored - score 'noavlly against Communist supply centers in Korea today, but American Sabrejets tangled with Red '" four MftBlng-'duote with- a scratch, another chal- reached .. fi-om thousands: i' Victims who money fellow citt Wife Lacks Stamina Answer: Your wife 'certainly e Physlcal ™* to undertake • the' care of a child; this, coupled with your own understandable dislncl" aTh'/ 0 th ! Wea ' would makelt a highly undesirable. project. Part of your wife's. present trouble rnay be worry over the friend. Why not get in touch with your wife and w' be approachea to of the .child., I think if care . of , /Sabro pUots. fighting in even , TV> . with 1« Cgmmunist jets "MtG alley", made no claims 4ha first time in five adys, Force aad Marine fighter- Uastod Red front-line Storage areas touching off "num. erous first and secondary explo- ' conceit '.--T — T»t,*^i«»m w^.-y^w*^ A.W1-AWVV V*M T zerts and from the 'slate and -fed- eral'governments. * Gov,-elect Francis Cherry's amazing triumph in the Arkansas j. -•>»«» »TOB<MU gubernatorial race, the numer two; si-Vyear old daughter story of the year, was one which " ""' ' may have far-reaching effects in the course of the state govern ment. Cherry went'to <the people with a new campaign gimmick called the radio "talkathon." For a total of more than 200 hours throughout his campaign, Cherry sat at radio microphones •' to answer qtfes- tions telephoned in by his'listeners. Tho Arkansas electorate, given a chance to take "an active part in a political campaign, liked' the new idea so well that it gave Cherry the largest majority In the run-off primary ever awarded a gubernatorial candidate in Arkansas. Cherry whipped Gov. Me- Math ^ by a majority of niore'than 100,000 votes. my husband—, now been sepWa si-vyear olc" a different _._ „„.„ left. She has gained wett a good color, and a bettej; My problem,is that tl don't' the money for a divorce, and husband keeps calling me at I'm afraid of him and It he c up my job. me I'll have to give •M, $ 53,000 Men toBeColled trtfebruary WASHINGTON (UP) .T- The Defense Department today ordered Selective Service to draft 53,000 . men during February, all to bo as- ; signed to the Arrnyi f ^ This will bo thje Inrgbst monthly draft call'since IVfai''ch, 1951, when !0,000 men Were .cajjed, and onij of :he largest calls since' inductions began, in September, 1950. 'A tbtal of 50,000 draftees were called in.^September and October '•'• •of-1850-and 70,000 in November of 1950. The call dropped to 40,000 in December of that year. •': The draft calls were 80,000 each for the months of January, February, and March, 1951. Draft calls <fc picked up again last fall, rising to 47,000 each for the months of October, November, and December. , The call for next January is 48,000. ' The call for February brings to '. 1(255,430 the number of men to be called into military service through tho draft. OC this total, 1,174*000 have been for the Army and 81,430 ^ •for the Marine Corps. The last draftees taken by the Marine Corps ', •Were>last May. r^ tawaa-52H&jKa,%-» t , deutial districts. On the ground. ,, „ dumps and Jj ----- *'•«•* demolislied during Moaiiwhile Radio Pyongyang vftico of NorUj Korea, said that Korean peoples anti-aircraft guns 'downed eight nnd damaged six enemy planes that conducted fero- of peaceful resj- „—..,„ \j. u, forces sparred with a rash of strong Red patrols which knifed out along the entire 155-mile Korean front after heir propaganda threat to be "in Seoul by Christmas" fiwled in a plea |or a "Christmas cease-fire". The Red patrol actions pinched 1 " " positions hi the Sniper Qfle Hift sector north of , on the central front. AU beaten oft One Allied trol lought a say«ge 4 bsnd-torhwd o»t(K with « ™-««. -platoon encountered tu « Central "ra«t sector. ** Tfe« Jleds p«r«4 down their ««. ettorts tffcr ei«ht of their w«re make far reaching changes in staje government policies. He already has drawn up proposed legislation that Would completely re vamp the state's fiscal structure. The number three stor,y of the year was one of another dUpter— q disaster which destroyed thous ands of acres of rich timherland. Answer: Your husband isn't lUce- ly to keep away on your say-so i therefore it will Je necessary for someone to warn him not t* bother S* ?« P«sonnel department a« of ba »K * n»ay able to. help .you. I would also suggest that you consult your pjergy. man, whose authority may be re. apectcd by your husband, Either pf these two agency -will Uirect Mrs. Dulles Is Hurt in Fall j WASHINGTON, MV-Mrs. John ' Culles spent the night in Doctors t IKSospital under observation for an inJTjirr suffered in a fall. ,Thi wife of the secretary of State-designate stumbled in the un- " famijiar darkness of her hotel 1 .1 .apartment Thursday night and struck her side against a bookcase. She went to the hospital for rib 1 .X-rays -and observation. The hog. pital said early today it could not ' .discuss-the case, other than to ' say she is a patient. wh *<* as possible. your by Bell Syndicate '*" Because a cow's digestive process must include the activity of b*»- teria which produce gas. Wwt caw result if the animal gorges on young legumes without sufficient «g» to stimulate belching. Jimniy Stewart ow i 3'ftith to Buy Equipment their Christmas day "defensive warfare". After suffering a severe defeat in thejr on* apparent eifort to ***g« « vasion route to Seoul J^^mt «» b«tt*«4 former on , OH - Actor m. my Stewart makes his television debut tomorrow with hfc ^ ftS Jack Benny • over $BJM?V. And Stewart's wife Gloria makes her show -business debut on the same show. .<--«* B«*ny said today that HJrs. ste, wart reads "surprisingly well" for one who has never appeared before the public before. Benny's 'famed telephone operators. Ma trude m»ke their first TV — The National Council of the B'nai B'rith. i. x y a<3 P° ted plans to obtain M.500 worth of equipment for ar- Wjrwic patients in the Leo K Levi Bp»pital at Hot Spruigs, Ark """! CouncU is holding its an., convention here. HON DRIVE-IN IfHfATRE t. Mtln't Country Club SATURDAY "PASSAGE WEST" • if AITS SUNDAY « "LONDII • I i ^ C 5S. G>W OC*5 ' HAVE A A CONFESSION -fo MAKEI CANT SLEEP UNTIL 1< GET IT OFF MY CONSCIENCE THE REASON VOU HAD BEAN$ FOR SUPp IS THAT I BURNED THE ••ROAST VVHAT DID VOU DO WITH THE BUfcNT POAST2 HSM if Ait, MOM, Chick Young Oklahoma Onset HORIZONTAL 1 Oklahoma is •••".«.,. nicknamed the 4 Sn °oze " .' State" 5 Feminine 7 Official state ot Oklahoma is the mistletoe i 13 Embellished 14 Ill-humored 15 Experts 1630 (Fr.) : 17 Biblical name : 18 Goddess of infatuation. 20 Concluded 21 Sorrowful 3 Iroquolan Indian appellation 6 Pauses 7 Fast mail train (ab.) 8 Learning 9 Biblical name 10 Prodigy 29 Orifice 11 Compound 30 At all times ethers U|B| 6 |B| m "*-*((ti.ui,rt ( 12 Bamboolike . 36'Take into grasses , v custody 19 Auricle ' 37 Serene iiouiiuwiui 23 Solicitude 38 Number 22 Membranous 2G Journey 40 Scrape .pouch 27 "Emerald Isle"41 Prattles 24 Bitt.er vetch fc 25 Tardy f 28 Ranters 31 Disencumber 33 Reverend (ab.) 34 Anger 35 Compass point 36 Phase 39 Snare 42 Mineral rock 43 Lock opener 45 Feminine undergarment L 47 Zoal 50 Fiber knots 52 Knock 53 Closer 55 Lobed 57 High regard 58 Conductor 59 Meat cuts 60 Emphasis VERTICAL 1 Flies aloft 2 Trying experience 42 Garden spots 44 Shouts ' 32 Part of a ship 46 Mimickers 48 Gonus of true olives ,J 49 Fetid air -M 51 Versifier ™ 54 Room's (ab.) ''] 56 Obstacle i 12. 47 II CARNIVAL By Dick Turner *k Now then, tell him not so ;fag)M.islW down for intersections—-careful on his : turh§Tr-and--!'' SIDE GLANCES i'r*- :iy Golbraith 13 ft* do you mean you flnt mtt m» wh*n you were HMg lor * ta»i *nd I cama / mnnina? 7h»re wasn't wasn't SOMETIMES I WOFfRV ABOUT ME- I PAT ANYTHING By ,. R . W|lllaw , ;l THREE... FOUR... X I'\\ ON THE FOURTH WHY MOTHERS GET <5EAV t .,, „„ >(>t) , ( OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople JEHO6HAPH/XT. / //nVfOR:OAT. / /( 5MOKINS fHO6£ }) I'D SUE5S IT'S HAVEM'T WORM IT 6IMCS ,t\ tvMI6>TtD SHOE \ £•' O\J£RD05E "'"'"^T COLD f5MAP 6ET lM )/ TOM6DES He <> ., r- THAT < =FOR£ CMRI6TMA6//•' SOT FOF? CHRST-,? fATTERY 3UICe — MAK-KAFF/ t <:%\ MAS FKO/V\ Tue U THEY SDZZL& MQST LOCATE IT >,-.\ O\MLG FlMALLV / ? AT TUB r~*' AND QOtETLY FLEE J \ HAS 6MOS&eD/~T\ -•-•-"- X I CHRISTMAS rCARDS HE r u. R. p>t. OK. FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger I "Quick! Is there a doctor in the house? I gotta sneezel" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosier OF YOUR MEW YEAR RESOLUTiOMS OZAHKim VIC PUNT \ Of P 60BS WITH gHOftS. 7- I2-87 WASH TU8BS HN5 PUG DP ^ VBRV - I STARTED UP TH ( PROMT STOOP; ABOUT MlPMISHTi gOMBOMB BRUSHBD IN TH'PW^K, COUUPNT $BB TH' 'TH8 CLf\RK« ., UiBUr MOBOPV PUSHED MHRB OUT TH 1 CLICKER TO UMLOCK / OP, TOWN • , PROMT COO»-OI«WM; pip you -" T OO THE Off BOufS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar MaV BUGS BUNNY ALLEY OOP HBY, YA AUtBY O»a BU/VS// BLINPFOLP "^ CAN'T Y/S ^T>NP T t-OOK AT THAT 6TUPV YA *CROUN«B OUT O' <&ARE»A(3B CAN*? OF THB «ORT< SUV'NORV Y «1 !<K^»>r JJNCW JU5T IjOOK. AT \ YE6, HE IS, POCTOR... } YES, I THINK 6CF "sloop, AU. PRESSED; "rou OBSERVE A LOT ) OOOLA,..GCTTINS •I UP,,. ISNT HE A /OF CREDIT FOR A /CLOTHES ON THM 1 FINE FIGURE. Jsr JOB weu, DONE./ eia APE RgAt-tv Ja 700K SOME DOING? A^~ CHRIS WELKIN; ^CM'T ,;;iv J'. 1 , : M: M ., | u.--^^va-..-!..-;a.-.,..MtefciA " WA HENRY >*.\ Wit'iffi ,<- f'M,'V i-'- VJ ^^\ ./ ».fflfe^ J^l 'f ^'***=-*« i '•" J\ i >t

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