Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 27, 1952 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 27, 1952
Page 4
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V^ SS3S^'^' /f ^ : " v ftKtfS'H'kaS.¥*ij?fe'%aj-t *\£r >• T l if HOPI STAR, H0M, ARKANSAS Friday, December 26, 1952 _ to wed, W «hrt« JM* Out Bayi JJ«y» Month .fo OO 4,66 3.00 160 8,00 4M .... 4.60 8.00 6.00 DISPLAY 10 per Inch ANY type of grnvcl, inetwtiftft pen xrlWl, MM, fop wfl* MM rill dirt, C»U Jam* »a«l*lr, rzaw, DO Mm PAINT SAMS. IlouM P«lnt, A,v«f. of color*. 12.70 p*r g»Jwn, nyens SWAP SHOP 150 », Walnut, 12-81 Aberdeen A«»«i» Bull*- Serviceable, Harmon Stay Columtwa ruiui, S3-3t coc KH 8p»nifl puppfl mtm.tb» old, 800 Harold Alien, iprlnjt Hill. Jtfft- uWtttttrt i«wrv» ih» rwM to . -^ etlif nil atfv#rt)wm«tr» at. 0, »<w •M»l | tM>0" *H> " f *'**' wi»» LOCAL And long di»t«noe Hauling AIIQ local moving. S«o Dstmlo II H mil ton or cull 7-3011. N-23-lm or ' Opur«' «uch 0k hoiuw rtU»f» count fl» DM Wilt «8t •» report* n Wont Adi unltH r lo wr ot(Bnt(or) of pd ond l,Y IN ONB Incorrwl 1269 STAR IJOY'8 Wcyclo. Good condition. Burundi, J»heirm 7-3I80, Strvicet Offtrod .,..,,„„„„ ronovfltlon and Inner spring work, Cobb Mfttlrem Co., 310 8, Washington. Phono 1-2022. N-W-IM Notice IF YOU want to drink, that 1 , your tsunlncM, It you want to quH, tbflt'f our l>U8ino»». Alco- l.ollq* AnonymoUB, ' V. O, Uox 208,' N«lB-lm n» \m U, »**» , H. mt * NWidw *t tr • tf tht Audit Mur»»u *! Clftui«ti»r<» Lost (Boritalnlnjj pal rk rim glume* nnd itwni, Phorto 7.2003. • 24-3 OiAfJE W^steVn Field miwtf c«r nt Iwre Itouto Prescolt nnd w8«l. .T. I.. W, 8tul, Hope. Phono 7-H405 Will Identify. No questions imkMl 26-0 Real Estnfo for Sole 1UJOM IloiiBs*. 4, tl or 3 Idghta, wntcr, (?«*, IWuml tf. I,, LnwU, tuMY wi'Ht on Ol< 87. to Ront a SDROOM ««t«ae. a In fttruliy. No pot» Phone 7-3011 or 7-4064. Woyx For Rent • nparttuAiit, 4 room bath, dowiiftlnlw, 480 wood, Phone 7**775, 28-8 Legal Notice NOTICK IN THR PROBATE COURT OF HKMPatEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS JN THE MATTKK OF THK-E8TATB OP No. 881 Mrs, kuelndn W. 8l««U-toh, d» COH80U T*a»t kne\w «d *re*» <Jt Hope, Ai'kniu *. Date trt d^Bth; Jjucomhor (J, Stars Meet in East and West Tilt «AM FRANCISCO. ~Stnrs who football hefldlinfifi nn m«ny gridiron* thi« drniton corn' (fllenU here tomorrow In tht ot chnrity—tho Ka*t-Wc»t Top Radio Programs NF',W YOIIK ~ (/ft Tonlfiht: NBC — fi:45 Ono Mim'» Family; 7 Hit PArottc; 7:30 Name That Tune, CBS— 7 Mr, Keen: 7:30 Johnny Dollni , 8 Mr. Chameleon. AHO — 0:30 I-one Kn.iRer; 7 Ctinw I^tlf-r; 7:30 Thl.t Is FBI; f! O//l<.i find Harriot. MliS —7 A'lvfff!tur<'<! "f Mnnle; 7:30 C.rficlf? Field* Variety; 8:03 Oreo I Dny Khw/, fppr<>»«>fii(nR prnctlcully section of thf.f cmintry, will »BttU> In Hi" 2»Ur rinrtiinl clnnxlu hnl provldrr* fund* for tho fimi! Hhrlrifr* Hoapltal- for! irlpplfil children, Mont (him p rnll- Ion dollar* hn» been turnwl over et thp <.'iiu»cj since the ftrnt goiiu: Ail proflU KO Into the ftlfl4 r .Th» contostnnU recolva an wilxt wntch, thp plnur'lU Snlunlay: NMC — f):30 n. m. Mnry I.t" 1 Twylnr; 12 noon Nuliona Fartii nnd Hotnc, , . CBS — 10: 3( a. in. CSlvi? rind Tokts, . . ABC — 10 ». m. EiMI» Fl»her Show . MBS — 10 11, m. Coast CJuflrd Cadet It K«».»»IIT Air Force Choral Group In the tin- dUtiint the dill Iri-'-jt, now /otintt inoBtly ir C'ftlifornin, wi'i u widely clislribulutl over finu continents, of hi* crowd and th» lft«tln« «rntl- ,udc» <rt the nfnictoti chllclron they are h<;lpln« to become ri'linblUtal- * ' AtiKunl, " will In' trk'VlsK'd na OiMt Of the Weflt'a plnynrx. Dirk uimolly nyr tin; Dutiionl m-lwor 3ntk<n, ( 220 flOUM guard from j ,,,,,| ).„',,adi-iiM nvi-r Mutuiil net ;h«> " " '* * "" isclf «fe of The l'jir.'ifiL', him n 1'intltt'ii «t Uio ho<i|)ltiil j C;ST. iwwiy.yvnr* «K«, He win b<; i -j-i, tht< fimt Hitch to tiihu part in the ' allsinr conttigt, V/tNUhcr permuting, u i/iipn- oil;/ ihrontf ot fii.ooo will The Hrtino wfiS sold out Ui.it Houslim. li sl.'iilinj; »t 3:45 p.m. \W."1 h;n lii'di fst,'ililisni'<i :IK ,1 *ilx-i>nliit fjivorlti', ll..", Hfvman jii|uml mrUuli-s All Aitu.-i'k'ii i|u»r- lcr!)in;k hiilf Hilly Vcs-sulH, Okla- liiiir.ii, mid lui-klt 1 J. D. Klinim;!, News of the CHURCHES 3T, MARK'* EPISCOPAL Tht Rev, Ohnrlei Chambera Jr., Prleit -In >0h*rg« Holy Innocents II M.iw, Holy Coumuinlon 0:49 ft.m< Sunday School 1 1 Morning Prayer and iii-rmon Walnut Street A. T. Ollvtr, Minuter 0:45 Dlblo Study 10:37 PronchliiK l);:t() Coivmuinloii fl p,u), YOUIIK Peoples Blblo Study. 7 p,m.,.Evcimng Worship Tu»«d»y 'OiSO a.m. Ladles Blblo Study. 7 p.m. Bible Study A wolcoroe nwt>u«t you at nil not- vices, •WJ PIR9T M|THOOI8T CHURCH West ant), «t Pine V, D. K««l«v, Pastor 0;45 «,m .Churrh Mchool Mv. ,O. A> Qravus will te«ch tlm Cumury Blbtt Cl«M IQiBB a-HUrtaorftlriJi Worship. Sermon "A Now Vow's Ministtn- ^ This ia Stwtcnt necoKnitlon and meniteffl of our church home for th« Holl4»y* from college* tiiul AvllJ huvo charge of the evvtthiK jmwnm fi:aO p.m. inivnnetUnte MYJs 1 . of the wtlute t*f tho (tpcitdent on tho to (MAS. I «n fUftMft * he m miut cKhtblt them, tluly , to th» xutdorttinnect within six mouih* from iho iluU 1 of thn lirxt puWlpBtlotv v>f thU notlcd, or th»y nhult b« fot'pvtn' barred and precluded from any bwwflt In the > notice first published 10 iliiy uf DcconvlH'i', 1R5U. WUUnm P. <Adn.int»trntoi'> Hope, Ai-k»us;\a MU& Worship Cntiuou will of t« i>vogr«m Miss ' Bi'l<lg«r» v^ill assist Mrs, B, C Hytitl With pu« music, Spt>cU\) IHUTI- bpU by Niuft^ltv WUUtuns nnd 8yd- noy McM^t, Talks by J«rry 0' Noni, Stii'if Lmitotbach, bnd Char• ' ollcKc will hnvi! un- tin- cliiirHi- of this service. t! p.m. I'. Y. I-', will nu!i!t ifi the J'iirisli llnusc. Siindni Itohm.s will iiav' cluii'nc of tin- proKrain. Tiifi'i- will br mi mklwoek si'rv- tco this woek. OUETINSEY BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Luthor Volcntine, Pastor Stincl.iy 10 a.m. Sumhiy Schiuil 11 a.m. Mivi'iuni; Wurship (1:31) p.m. Ti aininj; Union 7:110 p.m. Kvcninr. Worship Wednesday 7 p.m. Mld-Wci'k PrayiT Service The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phonq 7-4474 Or bring Itortu to Mis* Turner •t Hloki Funeral Home BEEBEE MUMUMAU C. M, E. Rev. T, J. Rhone, Pastor 9:43 u.ln. -Suiutuy scnuol. H li.ni, nunnniu worship. 6:00 p. in Kpworlh League ViilO p.m. I-;\cniiif4 Woi';>lup MT. ZION CME CHURCH Rov. I. IVi. Manning, Pastor 8:45 n.m. SumUy School 11 a.iu, Murning Worship U p.m. Kpworth Leaguu. 7:30 IKIU, Kvcniug Worship fl p.m. Bent't's "A CluUl Is Born" Tlvia Chrfetnvas Drunm will bo r?* twfttutt i|«m 'rcnweal. At tho utosi- n\iri!thc>ij uf tho MYF win -weet tun und fulluwshl)) progi'Hiu will Legal Notice NOTICB, IN TH1 PROBATE COURT OP Hi MMTRAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS UK f HB MATTER OP 4»ut:kuQ*» aduress ot decedent! i» South WwhinKton, Uo»», Ar* Puto at dofttji; October 87,1093. jpve \maev8jjpu*d wns »ppalnu-a of thfr osUlc of ttm >Hnt w thu 1.1 mv»*V expj^t them, duly to U»» \Ml4PllKned \vUh;t> w«> uf the of lals npUcv, or be fowv**- b»w»4 MMJ frum any bejxefit in thp fiv*V wubllshcd 19 \ WW. A. i*w% for \\ UlUl tlMf clostf with tho llol.v Coiumunluu Sfi'vlcf In the Suiictunry. FIRST PENTKCOSTAU CHURCH Fourth and F«ruu»on Streot R«v. M. C. Hudnpeth P»»tor UrtS Sur.dny School C, J. Kowo, Stuit. 11 Mai'iiiuK \Vor»Uip st'iuwi by 1'wxtor B;30 j> in. Youns I'eopioa Church is. Jms.li^ly in charge, Mr*. Lawrence Key hi Charge. 7:30 Kvoning Worship W«dnf»iday T:aO P,UI, Blblo Study and prayer l»,nv ladles l?r$y*(t Moettng Tiv« public <* Invited to Attend all services «t this church, CHUHOH OF QHRI8T Fifth And Or«dy Robtrt Q, Cook, Bv«nQ«llit 9i43 a.m. BtUtt Study 10: IS a.tn, S«nnon 11:40 n,n\. Lord's Supper 8: SO U,nv Young people s class. »: SO p.m. Ladle* ilible Class 7:80 MWwuok Sorvicfts. Cwna study the 6ibl« with us, Vi>u ai-tt Blways welcome hew. BETHEL A. M. t. CHURCH Rev. G. Paschal. Pastor 0:43 u. m.' Sunday school. ,U n.in.» Morning Worship 6 tun. A*,.- C'. ;£, L. 7:30 p.m. Kvi-nlug Worship CHURCH OF GOD In CHRIST Eld. O. N. Dennis, Pastor »:-ir> H,m. Sunday School U;!5 tt.m. Morning 1 Worship B p.m. V, I*. W. W. worship CHURCH OP GOD Rev, C. t. Crossley, Pastor a:45 a.m. Simday School 11 aat,, Morning 1 worship a D,ti\. V. P. W. W. 7;M p.m. Evenint! Worship QARRETT CHAPElTBAPTIST Rev, P. R. Williams, Pastor 9:4S a. in. Sunday school 11 a. m. Monitng svorsnlp ti pan. QTU ?:UO p.m. 1.venlng Worship UONOKE BAPTIST CHURCH R«v. F, K. Powell, PMtor 9:44 a.m. Sunday School U a,m, Woruuig Worshlj). «"v.iu. BTU 7:30 p.uu K vcning WANTED 5000 RISING 8TAR BAPTIST Rov, W. M. Erby, Putor 9:43 a.m. Sunday school. H a.m. moruliig worship. 6:00 p. m. B, T. U, 7:30 p.m. • Evening Worship Diligently Pray For The Work of Your Church BLESSED Our Doily Bread Sliced Thin by The Editor ^ *'•»- H. WMhburn Mr. Dog on the Prowl The Word 'Liar' Seems to Fit This Best newspaper headline of the year was the one Arkansas Demor cral used Christmas day on the story about Russia's offer lo mcel personally with Eisenhower to end the Korean war: U. S. LEADERS SNIFF PACKAGE FROM STALIN Maybe it does make us sound jjlkc we have the manners of a dog ' — but only cautious clogs live to a ripe old age. «••••• tWMglft f ' Hope Star aftBrn«m v r ttmiiht, flund ct»W<tf tcmlght. Ltfwcst' .,_._„ aturcs JO to 38 notth, 28 to 80 £ tonight. 5 'I *< 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 63 Star •« H«M 1M». P«M 1»»7 Con»W«Hd J«n. II, 1M* HOPE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, DECEMBER 27, 1952 M*mbtr: TM AIM«I«M Av. N»» F«M ClNL * MM. $••». 10, im — PRICE ScCC THFY I n LI.. \ i# As the little birds trust tho mother bird, so let men trust God. If a sparrow cannot fall without God's attention, if He counts the hairs of our head... why do we fear (Mat. 10:29-31)? Worry about future security? God is the security for those who trust Him. Your Heavenly Father feeds the birds, nnd you are of far more value than they (Mat. 6:26). "Blessed are they who hunger lor Cod's good things; they shall be filled." In childhood we needed mother and welcomed her... os adults we need God and ignore Him. In prosperity we forget God, the Bible, the church; but when disaster comes we want them all. As your days so shall your strength be (Deut. 33:25). He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings shall you trust (Psalms 91:4). Then why not trust God where you cannot see; the plan is His, the promise yours. "Blessed are they." LYouInTheCkrch... The Church InYou, t Form a combination for 4 good. We should attend * church regularly. Ever man.-womainaiid ctul needs the influence of [the CHURCH. Be faithful Be a Churchman! P© Williami Ncwipnpcr Features 4 Fort Worth, Teut £ Newspapers pay scant attention to the announcements which publicity agents try to get into print in lieu of advertising, but here's one that properly claims public interest. A news release from E. I. duPont do Nemours & Co., dated December 21 at Wilmington, Del., says: >* Crawford H. Grecnewalt, president of the duPont com- r« pany, today noted that the Dc- partment of Justice had made no publi> mention of the fact that it haa withdrawn a criminal ant; trust charge filed in 1948 apaiiibt duPont in the federal dMti-lut court in Pittsburgh, Pa. He was referring to the dropping of an indictment accusing the company and a re- tircii employe, Henry Lackey, of conspiring with six other companies to fix prices, dis- " ; counts, and terms ot" sale of wood finishes. "Although the Anti-Trust Division showed no distaste for publicity at the time the indictment was obtained, it seems now as though its attitude has changed," Mr. Greenwalt said. "It is now apparent that if anybody is going to tell the public that this case against dePont was dropped, it will have to be »'. the defendant." I recall that here in Arkansas the late Carl E. Bailey found the hardest thing to answer in his campaign for governor was the fact that during his term as prosecuting attorney of the Little Rock circuit he had brought indictments against) ; many persons and then failed to give them the benefit of a trial. Qny because somo of them were people of wealth and others were ^ politically unpopular at the time • did 'BaiJey'ieBcape the consequences of. public suspicion' that' he . had ! " used the ppw.er Of the prosecutor's office for" political purposes. I, who originally backed Bailey for governor and latet turned against, h'im, felt it was inexcusable — although he himself said he fully . intended to try every one of them but had been prevented by' circumstances beyond his control. I suppose the federal Department •<;i of Justice will have a similar explanation about the duPont matter. But it won't set any better with an American public which believes in fair play than did Bailey's lamc-tongucd explanation, to the people of Arkansas a decade Says Caudle 'Honorable But Weak' By HARRY P. SNYDER WASHINGTON, W) — A House committee today called former Asst. Ally. Gen. T. Lamar Caudle "an honorably motivated" but "weak" government official. It also termed him "a scapegoat" in being fired in November, Truman for applied by a 19;)t, by President "outside activities" The labels were judiciary subcommittee, headed by Reps. Chelf <-Ky) and Keating (R-NY), which has been investigating the Justice Department. The committee reported it is convinced the former head of tho department's Criminal and Tax Divisions "never sold himself for riches or for power." But it pointed to his career as "the most accurate reflection of decay within the Department of Justice that the subcommittee has come upon." The report also touches on the Justice Department service of Caudle's superiors —Tom Clark, one-time- attorney general and now a supreme court justice; J. Howard McGralh, former attorney gen oral, and Peyton Ford, who was Clark's deputy. It said Caudle was not responsible for what it called their "indifferent attitude." Caudle, who figured prominently in another House committee's probe of corruption in government, Holiday Death Toll Heading The nation's toll of traffic donths soared to 341) Saturday setting a pace that. seemed headed for ah u tour-day* COULD HAPPEN — A holiday dinner attended by the leaders of .the four nations most In the nows of the world in this Imaginative manikin display concocted by a Paris, 'France, shopkeeper. The leaders represented are, from left to right: President-elect Elsenhower, Joseph Stalin, Prime Minister Winston Churchill, and President of Western Germany Conrad Adnauer. The sfiene becomes more pertinent following and Interview with the Russian leader by a New York newspaperman In which Stnlin expressed willingness to meet with Eisenhower to discuss world tensions. — NEA Telephoto. This Page Is Mode Possible Through I* 5fe ^ Qf F j rms Usted On This p age and a half ago. It is written in the basic law Mrs. Willie UoUnwy is visiting friends nnd rvlalivt'S in Mabel, Okla., M[I-S, Vcra Siory of San Francis oo, Calit,, arrived Tvwwlay to s^imd i!u> (u»U<k>ys with her aunts, Misso.s SuUu> l-vui tuul Mary Hall. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Ur. U, H. West, Miniiter i;SO a.m. 8«wM»y School tor alii — |£$, Ttwiuas tVnvtlck. Supt. j Mrs Vera Jamison of Omaha, 1();50 Moi'uUig Worship by pastor; Neb., is visiting relatives uud of , The Men's Bibte Cl«s* w tho Pwish Hoiwu tor tfeu »««««»> Mis Mia'.orvuv Phillips has us lior IUHIM- su^'sss fv>r lha holidays Mr, uiul Mi». Tici%> Calloway »ad Mus. Mauaux nelson ixf Muske^oa. WK-IV . anil MIS Kt«5Si« «* OKlahowa City, Okla. Mrs. Doddle Cwiu«rt has relum- ed home »f&r in w Standard Auto Co; Beverly Johnson •I Feeders Supply Co. Your PurinavDealer Graydon Anthony Lumber Co. Phone 7-4641 J Louisiana Nevada Transit Co. The Greening Insurance Agency and Realty Co. Saenger & Rialto Theatres The First National Bank Phone 7-2363 Archer Motor Co. Phone 7-4561 J. C. Penney Co. Inc. 112 East 2nd Gunter Lumber Co. Phone 7-3495 Midwest Dairy Products Phone 7-4681 Hope Basket Co. Phone 7-8346 Hempsteod County Farmers Association 'tS 1 * ^ * ..Hope, Fiirniture Co. ,.**> ce 1898 Young Chevrolet Co. Pholie 7-2354 Bruner-lvory Handle Co. Phone 7-2304 W. Shanhouse Sons, Inc. South Hazel Norhian Moore Dlst. Cities Service Products Crescent Drug Store Phone 7-3424* Citizens National Bank Phone 7-2313 Motors »» 7-3381 The Snack Shop East 3rd §t. Hope Sign & Neon Service r * Phone 7-2538 Grigg Decorators Supply Phone 7-3445 Fester-Ellis Insurance Agency Phone 7-4692 *> William M. Duckett phone 7-4693 .. of free America that all citizens, whether rich or poor, must be presumed to be innocent until proven guilty; but today's chain-lightning communication systems — news-paper wires, radio, and television —inevitably give greater publicity to an indictment than to a dismissal ... unless that dismissal ba in a trial where all the evidence is disclosed to the public. Low-minded politicians can easily take advantage of this fact and blast innocent folks with indictments which are never intended to be aired in court. I pass no final judgment either K- on the late Carl Bailey or the current lawyers in the federal Department of Justice, but I do want to remind you that what you read In a newspaper, hear over the ra- ftjo. or see on television, is, unfortunately, not always the truth. We ourselves say nothing anywhere in this newspaper except in this 'editorial column — everything you read in the rest of the paper is. the report of public events, from police, elected officials, public speakers, and the courts. Only the Jsst-named may be said to be au- tfcentic, In the current case some lawyers in the Department of Justice published an opinion about the duPont company in the shape of an indictment. DuPont says it's a lie. The young fellow? in the De< t partment of Justice were under 'I oath to test their charges before. was pictured as a war witness for the Chelf-Keating group. The report referred to Caudle's eight days of testimony and said the North Carolinian "in enduring the personal tribulations of 1952, was serving his country as faithfully as he ever had in public office in prior, better years." "Every member of the subcommittee and its staff, who observed Caudle and listened to his testimony over a long period, shares in the opinion that he is an honorably motivated man," the report said. However, Rep. Rogers (D- Colo), a subcommittee member disagreed with the majority's con- 1 elusion about Caudle's motives. "This praise is unwarranted by a man who has violated a public trust," Rogers said in a state ment. He received a mink coa and $5,000 from persons interested In cases before him. How 'honorably motivated' can one man get?" Rogers said Caudle was permitted' by the comittee "to relate every suspicion, rumor and gossip in Washington" and added that the former prosecutor "blamed \evcryone but Caudle." "His testimony, did not impress me that much," Rogers went on. "He 'knows the legal definition of right and wrong. Docs the committee suggest that the President did wrong when he fired Caudle?" 10 Servicemen Among 14 to Die in Crash TOKYO (/P) — Fourteen passcn- ;crs and crewmen-including 10 US servicemen—were killed today when a C-17 transport of the Greek Air Force crashed into a hill in Southern Korea. Far East Air Force headquarters I said the Royal Hellenic Air Force plane failed to gain altitude after taking oCf. It crashed two miles from the airfield and burned. Victims included four crew members of the Greek Air Force, a U. S. Air Force radio-operator and nine passenges—all U. S. s vicemen The Air Force said some ground observers believed there was an engine failure South Backing Ik^fo Be ^Reflected r3y EDWIN B. HAAKINSON WASHINGTON, Wl — Southern State' backing of President-elect Eisenhow.er in the Nov. 4 election Should be reflected in his legislative proposals to the new Congress, Sen. Mundt (R-SD) said today. •Jn an interview, Mundt predicted the 83rd Congress, which convenes one week from today, will reach its major decisions through "a working combination of Republicans and Southern Democrats." Although the session will be Republican-controlled, he said, any legislation projected by Eisenhower "must depend upon support of conservative Southern Democrats." If Mundt is right — and n any members of the new Con ;ss agree with him— any broad civil rights measures, like federal anti- discimination or fair employment prpjstefis commission FEPC, would ; tough sledding as in Pres' Truman! s administration, s views attract attention Gun Moll Is Questioned in Brink's Deal BOSTON, (UP)—An unidentified 25-year-old blonde gun moll admitted she was the "girl friend" of two racketeers who were among the first persons questioned in the $1,210,000 Brink's robbery, an informed source said today. The woman, who spent two days before the federal* grand jury investigating the holdup, said she had been tjie girl Mend of George R. KillcenY/jSoi* «n# latw&bf>'Louis (The Pig> ! vjte^ ;; '.'.q^- ; '; ; ; Killeen Vfl^fabot.to qeath four months after-the Brink's robbery supposedly because of bis attentions to the shapely divorcee. Uva whom police sought Tor the crime, died -six- months later of a heart attack in Lynn, Mass. Informed sources said the blonde talked freely before the grand jury but would not confirm that she had named any member of the holdup gang. It was also disclosed that the woman knew Joseph (Specs) O'Keefe, the 44-year-old Boston gangster- who has been cited for Contempt for refusing to answer questions before the grand jury. He was "loaned" for the investigation by a Pennsylvania prison where he had been serving a sentence for possession of a small arsenal. Meanwhile, it was learned that a Rhode Island convict whose "confession" may have led to the slaying of a Brink's suspect has been named as aprospectivc wit- nll-tlme record for Christmas holiday. Besides the fatalities on the nation's highways on the third t|ay In the extended holiday period, 40 persons lost their lives In flros und 53 tiled In mlsccllnnoous accidents. The grand total stood at •ISO with a day nnd one half to go. The National'Safety Council, expressing concern at tho high accident rate, urged motorists to uso "common sense courtesy and a practical application-ot tho Christmas spirit." it warned of tho "hlBgost uailost traffic death toll ever piled up on any holiday In tho history of our Country." The record slaughter;' on - tho highways was during tho^four-day ChrlBlmns holiday; $!. 1080 Avhon 55!i persons were killed vlh motor Occidents. Last year's (jhrlstmaa holiday recorded tho;:naUon's high- os I occidental death toll'—' a stag- Wins 7U8— including S35 traffic. Tho council had estimated 590 donths in traffic accidents of this ycnr's four-day holiday^- from « p.m. Wednesday to midnight Sun- cluy. Youth Badly Burned and Farm Home Gutted by F/'re Ono person was bcrtoualy burned yesterday when nn explosive- flro destroyed tho honto ol Mra, Charles Huckabep on tho Spring Hill vdnd, Horace Meyers. IB, who wns spending tho night In tho Itucknbco hoWc, Mutfcrtid sevoru burns about the hands, IQRS nnd nnkloa, Vlnoon Hucknboc, 16, escaped, Mrs. Huck- nbeo was not homo At tho time. A neighbor reported the boys word nUenipllnfl to build a fire In n stovu using gasoline which exploded, Everything wns destroy od. Churchill to m i 'i* * Truman Feels Peace Can Be Maintained Editors Note: Tho wiltor of this story, which Is bngedon & personal Interview wllhyrosl- dent Truman, has covoroBTru- man throughout hU nearly bight years in the White House, It Is one ot a stirlos otjnter- vlows being granted by the President to a small group ot newspapermen who hnvo covered him dally since ho entered tho White House.) Police Seek Mental Hasp. Escapee LITTLE HOCK, "WV-Arknnsas Stole Police yesterday were hunting a Negro escape^ from tho State (mental) Hospital, while tho fugitive cooled his heels in tho county jail here—his abode for the last 13 days. The man is Lonnjc Coopor, who By ERNEST B. VACCARO Prime edly will demand full pnrttclpnnt lit ony 7 , _,, cr-Stnlln mooting amiecUai world tension, ' Ainftvlcpn officials Who i this today made it plain, h( that they BOO little chonao, such top-level Enst-Wost unco Unless Russia show's^ vanco A gomjlno doslro to' i cold war. * John Foster Dialog, elect Blsonhowor'S ace state-deslsnato, cmphasl •yesterday in calling for 1 . $ proposals" from, Rusaia'hH meeting between EiScnho\ the Soviet PromloicV v Responsible AttiofJ mats said they boUoVO^t "concrete propoftrtls,' 1h' bo worth, following up, v to indicate plainly' cow ia prepared "to" maH^ concession, <„ A hint thaK might bo willing io cndthj War on terms Hccoptable West would full Int6 thtfi*'( they Bald, > ' ^J*' Even though nn Klsor lln meeting at preoenf mole, tho 78ryeaM^" i " vortholoss can be broke out of He- .hospital WASHINGTON, IA1 —President Truman Is gelling ready lo leuvo office convinced that) a strong America, co-operating with strong nnd hoallhy partner nations, can maintain peace with Russia* Ho believes his decision to send American troops Into Korea undor a United TUudnns mandate may have savc'i thu world frona unotlicr global wa That cuss it With Elsahhojwo " h'> told mo, \vos^ the toughest, decision ho ever had to make, tougher oven than the one to drop atomic bombs on J&panoia cities In 1948—because It Involved the • risk of a third visits British/... ChUrchW. al" with ne^j lowed. Tho " alm.v tiwy't rostftro li)Q t c can partne' Ing World i Chur.qhlll'1 acnhowcr aui«M*w^i and wtft ' **% rint\ t lSn,,itftai>1>ii moan HOLIDAY MESSAGE — Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain addresses her people from the family lodge at Sandrlngham December 25 in her first holiday message since she acceeded to the throne. She called on the British Commonwealth and empire to work for peace among nations. — NEA Radlophoto If! Joe Doakes Suggests a Way to Mak^ Grownups HdV^More Fun Ol^of Christmas murder in the death last May, of Charles Frank Bowman, a night- watchman, at Stuttgart, Ark, Cooper has been a resident of the county jail since Dec. 14, Do. puty Sheriff Sam Hallum said yesterday. But; last nig|t ho still Was listed as an. oscapeo, from the hospital, whore he was commuted for n mental examination, and the State Police still wfero conducting a South-wide soarcfufor him. "Nobody ever called us with this Information," said L;t. Alan Tom- plelon of the State Police, "In fact, several of the Investigators called relatives of Cooper > only this week, still trying to pick up his trail." » judge and jury, and since they didn't we are fairly certain that the duPonts, for all their genius |jpd wealth, are Innocent persons wrongly accused for political purpose — even as you and I might sprne time be. Red River Contract If Agreed on DALLAS, Te*., VF) — Machin- i»ts and management at the Red fewer Arsenal at Texarkana have f«»ched a contraok agreement. Ttoeo F. Morrow of Dallas, rep- WfCRtatjve of the Southwestern Fjed«ral Conciliation Service, #aid iWrm* of the agreement would not rittea««d uiu*« boUi parties re- be dop*. the Mi because he vas a pioneer as early as 1W9 in the Republican drive for voting support in the traditionally Democratic Solid South. Eisenhower reaped a rich vote harvest last month by carrying Texas, Florida, Virginia and Tennessee in the presidential election. Mundt said this political fact should be reflected in the Eisenhower legislative proposals. "For nearly four years the actual majority in Congress has cut across party lines." the Republican senator said. "It has consisted oi Republicans and Southern Democrats.' He added, speaking of the upcoming session: "The margins in both the Sen ate and House are so thin thai major decisions will depend upon Democratic support."' When the United States Military Academy first opened ia had 12 eadeio. ^HPf** ^^ ™ W"" •P-I1IJ&! lt 4 ness when the grand jury resumes closed door hearings Monday. Alfred J. Gagnon, 41, currently serving a three-year sentence for jewel theft, signed a voluntary statement four months after then Jan. 17, 1950 holdup in which he admitted he and two other men 'masterminded" the robbery. Three days later one of the men, Carlton M. O'Brien of West Warwich, R. I., was' murdered. Gagnon has also been identified as an acquaintance of O'Keefe's. Thus far, 11 persons, including O'Keefe and his sister, Mrs. Mary A.'Hooiey, have been cited for contempt for refusing to answer questions before the grand jury, Pro Championship Game to Be Aired The world championship professional football game between the Cleveland Browns and the Detroit Lions will be broadcast over KXAR starting at i p.m. Sunday, December 28. BACHELORS ST. ALBANY, En*. (fl-The local Bachelor's Mutoal Protective As- sociat&m has been disbanded- Practically fill the members have become >R~} 1 44PMW* •NEW YORK — ^Isn't there a way to make growrihps have more fun out of Christmas? I believe so. Children enjoy Christmas more than adults do at present because they are more practical. They believe in a grand old pkhllanthrop- 1st called Santa Claus. They write and tell him exactly what they want — and nine times out of ten that is what they find under the tree on Christmas morning. Grownups are completely impractical. They send each other gifts in a haphazard fashion, like someone throwing darts in dark. Half the time they get gijjtfl that are useless, rarely do they set their heart's desire. As most adults, like children, are pretty set on getting what they want at all times, they become wrathful at the whole idea of Christmas, "Why should anybody send me four-in-har.d neckties when all 1 ever wear is bowtiesV" moaned on office friend today. "And why do I keep getting silk socks when all I ever wear, winter and summer, are wool socks?" Most adults in America right this minute are probably in the same fix. wondering what to do gifts they cannot use and with don't want. It is hard for a fellow to feel grateful for his thirdwallet and his fourth autrnatie pencil. You can't even pawn them. What can b edone about it? My idea is to create a kind of super Santa Claus for grownups —maybe to be known as Santa, Sr. He would serve as a kind of Christmas gift information bureau for adults, for a fee of -r- let us say — 15 each. Sometime after Labor Day each member would enclose a $5 bill in a letter such a*; ibe following: "Dear Santa, Sr,: "My name is Joe Doakes, and I live at No. 12 Rundown Road in Quagmire Hills, N. Y. "I am 40 years old and tired of getting what I don't want for Christmas. I now have 12 ejgaret lighters, IS silk mufflers, pens, wjwt *ny w «* wear size 16-33. I could uso somo shoes plain' black sl«u 10-C, und no other size.' I drink bonded bourbon only. My car is getting old and shabby, but if anyone plans to surprise me with a new one, please tell him it has to be a convertible coupe, or nothing. "Gifts or money, of course, will be welcomed in any amount, and I am not particular about denomination of the bills — so lonng the color is green- Your little friend, Joe Doakes." This system would take all the guessing out of Christmas. Any ^no wishing to surprise Joe Doakes could phone Santa, Sr,, and find out exactly what Joe would really like to have, Santa, Sr. could use the. $5 fees to pay office expenses and the «al« a/ries of elves hired to/answer the phones and look up thai indexed letters. Simple? Yes. But fool-proof, too. You would know that anybody who sent you something you didn't wanl — or something that didn't fil you — had been too lazy to up Santa Claus and learn your true yearnings. You could scratch the cad from your list of friends* With a thoughtful Santa Claus of their very own there is no reason why grownups shouldn't get as big a kick out oi the Yuletidc as any other kid. uary 1, Mayor John Wilson said today and asked that residents place them on the curb wh*re ttey caa be picked up easily. City to Pick Up Ghristmos Trees The City Street Department up Christmas trees until Jan Hospital Supt. ClevoiOdom, who also was unaware of Cftopcr'u capture until last night, Invcsligated »t tho hospital, and thS> reported that this happened: *'• Cooper, who OBOOped by climbing out a bathroom window and kicking down a door, showed up at the hospital Doc. 14. Two at- tendonts recognized him, but decided ho wan too intoxicated to bo readmitted, to the hospital, A HU- )crvl8or confirmed their deel- ilon, and the attendants telephoned ,he Pulaski County Bherlft's office to come get the fugitive. When no officers arrived, tho attendants put Cooper in a hospital cur and drove him to tho jail, where ho was locked up, Cooper, added Dr. Odoro, was found sane by the hospital staff before ho escaped, Arkansas County Sheriff Harold Woodson said last night that he plans to come after Cooper today. He said Pulaski County authorities notified him Tue0day of Copper's "qapture," Sheriff Tpro GuJJey ot Fulaski County said last night that didn't Itnow B.thlog about }t, House yesterday. It was one of a series of personal Interviews ho is granting separately to a small group of reporters that have covered him dally throughout his oc- cupnncy of the White House. Truman Is proud of his record on foreign affairs and fools that, when tho history of hla administration is written by future rc« Hcarchora, It will be noted fbr having kept tho world out of War for nearly eight long, crisis-ridden years. Ho is planning a nationwide broadcast sometime in January summing up what he considers thd achievements ot his .administration and charting tho course he thinks the nation will follow. It would be an elaboration on his State of the Union message to Congress, to bo delivered early in 'the session opening Jan, 3. Ho Is proud ot tho Greek-Turkish aid program, tho Marshal Plan nnd the succeeding steps undertaken by this , government to strengthen the economic and ml)U •a? in May.', With dptt ^ nbflttHiv-, $«Ml BejfEy: . tury potential of Communist- threatened nation-. ; These wore bold steps, ho said, but tho decision to ontor South Korea when tho North Korean Bods invaded it, in his vlow was tho "toughest" of «vll. v, When ho or4owd tho bombing of Japan, Truman aald, he wan told U would shorten the -war and »fl.ve tho lives of ppwl Americans and 00 itjany In that case, thwp was no ques- tlon of tho course to Ifyv, he said, ' '" ,'*$nMM Ittfc" Wfettk •MbAflf ,al American Tops in England LONPON. tfl *£ Britain!* ,»wy|e industry has ranged Sob Hope an4 mre other HQ|Jywood starf #9 this country'* top Internafloiwl boxpf- lice (jttrcatlw tip IW, u was. a clfa.n, w«*ip' Americans-- not a singlo atar uiv Sp«ciol Mosonic Meet Tonight 4 «peeial l»«etiBi will. He 8914 he is convinced that decision w«g * right one, and; "' dor British or European contract showed among the big ten. makers. Top honors for puling in cu»tOf men; also went to tin Amerlpin film "The Gr^bteit Show Earth," starring fiet^X Huttoa, Under Bob " nibitors tively: ton, Dean „ John Wayne, Maria Lanza', lapel M8*ofli, James 8t«wsr«, and Humphrey Brlti«h actor* er and, Robert Etonat, wtu? Ui rank well up on " " r "' i»pp>ar to #

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