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Wednesday, Feb. 13, '57 DETROIT FREE PRESS BUSINESS: Oil Boosts Cost U. S. 85 llions DQGK Mi HP UL TTl Business Briefs Mlitary Forces Pay 8 Pet. More Earnings Superior Tool Die For year ended Nov.

30: Net earnings $620,873, or $1.03 a share, compared to or 27 cents a share, in preceding year. Iloskins Mfg. (preliminary) for 1956: Net earnings or $3.40 a share, compared to $1,205,544, or $2.51 a share, in 1955. TODAY IN BUSINESS U.S. Huge Five Ways BY KENNETH A.

THOMPSON Free Preta Financial Writer WORLD OF WHEELS Turbine Test Stepped Up BY LEO DONOVAN Free Press Automotive Writer One of every eight persons of every five dollars of the nation's assets is in Government property, even excluding Federal roads and military Chrysler. Corp. is doubling the space of its research and test facilities for its gas turbine engine program. Paul C. Ackerman, vice president and director of engineering, said Tuesday the corporation has leased the former Waters Mfg.

Co. building at 12843 Greenfield, making an additional The intensified program will mean a 20 per cent increase in mem; one oi every or an 67,000 square feet of space available, the research staff. George J. Ileubner, executive engineer for research, said some equipment and personnel already have been moved to the Waters plant and that the physics and instrumentation laboratories will be moved there by the latter part of this Government; the proposed 72-billion-dollar federal Budget is three times greater than all corporation net profits in 1956. These considerations, according to Thomas K.

Keid, director of Ford Motor Co's. Office of Civic Affairs, back up the urgency for American businessmen to "work with the Government instead of merely complaining about it." In a Chicago speech he argued that businessmen can't "live in a vacuum" but must concern themselves with the affairs of both their communities and nation so as to keep control of their businesses An official of the National Association of Retail Grocers Tuesday said the food industry was watching closely the Bethlehem-Youngstown Sheet Tube test of the anti merger law which likely would open the door "to very large mergers in the- food retailing month. "The accelerated development work on gas turbines now made possible by these moves in no way lessens our continuing effort toward improving the efficiency of present-day piston engines and transmissions," Iluebner declared. The move will make additional space available in Highland Park for the metallurgical and chemical laboratories, it also was pointed out. "We are very much encouraged by the marked improvements made in the efficiency of the gas turbine engine in the last year," Huebner said.

"We are equally encouraged by the Tuesday was a confusing day on the business front. Detroit banks and virtually all others in the Seventh Federal Reserve District were closed but in other Reserve districts banks stayed open. The Stock Market and the Bond Market operated as usual, stocks continuing their decline but bonds going higher on average. About half of the commodity markets closed down. Detroit city offices had no holiday but County offices did.

AI Rosen, 32, former Cleveland Indians star, Tuesday was named an assistant partner of Bache nationwide securities firm, in Its Cleveland office. He has worked on progress maae in solving a number of difficult fabrication problems. "However, many more of these problems must be solved before the commercial production of automotive gas turbines could become a reality. Chrysler Corp. installed an automotive gas turbine in a 1954 Plymouth on March 25 of that year and last spring conducted the first coast-to-coast road test of the ensrine in WASHINGTON (U.B It was estimated Tuesday that the recent increases in petrole um and gasoline prices would cost the Armed Forces an extra 85 million dollars this year.

But Rear Adm. O. P. Lattu, who is in charge of oil procurement for the Army, Navy and Air Force, told Congressional Investigators the overall increase to the military would not be as high, percentagewise, as it is for civilian consumers. HE SAID that since October, there had been an estimated 11 per cent increase in civilian prices.

In the same period, he said, military fuel costs had gone up about 8 per cent. Lattu testified before the combined Senate Antimonopoly and Public Lands subcommittee in vestigating the recent price hies and the apparent failure of the oil-to-Europe program. There were these other developments in the petroleum picture: Attorney General Herbert Brownell, defended the Middle East Emergency Committee from Congressional charges that it violated antitrust laws. The "committee, composed of 15 big oil companies, is responsible for getting oil to Europe. V.

M. Vaughey, of the Inde pendent Petroleum Association, told the Senate subcommittees that total expenditures of the petroleum industry had increased twice as fast as income since World War II. Russell B. Brown, general counsel for Vaughey's associa said European countries are receiving "90 per cent of their normal requirements" of petroleum. He said that is more than the initial goal of the oil-for-Eur- ope program.

Tire 'Cured' By A-Energy AKRON, O. (U.P.) B. F. Goodrich Co. disclosed Tuesday it has successfully vulcanized an automobile tire by nuclear energy.

The company said it believes the car tire is the first large commercial item ever processed by nuclear radiation. Until rubber is vulcanized it Is a relatively useless material. sticky in hot weather, brittle in cold and deteriorates rapidly. ruclear treatment of a tire does not involve heat or the adding of sulphur as is the case in the conventional vulcaniza tion process, the rubber company explained. Treasury Report WASHINGTON AP The cash position ol the Treasury Feb 7: s.oWS.&d.J 56rJ.39: dcDOiits fiscal Tear juiy $39,313,011.013 87: withdrawals fucal year.

onA93 int. I 51 eold assets. 251. 525.422 55. -memoes S453.

oaH.ttT5.ll rubiect to statutory limit. aeoi not a 1956 model Plymouth. The Waters Mfg. Co. according to Chrysler, went out of business in 1955.

It was a modification center for DeSoto. Disputes Hoover and Humphrey Chrysler and other cars converted into taxicabs, principally in New York. The New York ordinance was "If Herbert Hoover and aren't careful, they may talk J. Phillip Wernette, University McLouth Steel (preliminary) for 1956: Net earnings $8,806,000, or a-l a share, compared to lSff- qqq Motor Products for six months ended Dec. 31: net -loss $215,584 compared to net earnings of $210,619, or 45 cents a share, in last half of 1955.

Latest figure covers $1,487,358 in losses related to realization of assets. Sales $7,239,404 vs. $40,754,082. For three months: net profit $44,305 (which includes asset loss), or 22 cents a share, compared to net earnings of or 85 cents a share, in same period a year ago. Net sales $1,787,928 vs.

$22,871,203. Allecheny Ladlnra Bteel Year: TJPt Income 515.26l.0tiU. or $4.04 a fhare. vs. $14,985,660 or $4.12 a share, a year ago.

Chas. PfUer Co. Year: net Income $18,250,000. or $3 36 a share, va. $15,327,000 or $2 94 a share, a year aeo.

Colonial Stored Year: net income or $2.09 a share, or $2 02 a share, a year ago. Consolidated Cement Year: net Income $1.636645 vs. $1,217,518. a year ago. ii.

Murnhy Year: net Income 724.871. or $4.10 a share, vs. or $3.98 a share, a year atro. MarMlllan Petroleum Year: net In-aome $164,045. or 16 cents a share, vs.

$115,572 or 11 cents a share, a year ago. ADVERTISEMENT Travers Auburn Moves Up to New Post With Republic Aviation Travers Auburn has been appointed chief industrial engineer ry? for Republic Avi- A 5 fltinn fVirnnra- fir IJIIUU, rtUUllllg- I dale, Mew Yorlc. A Like so many other men at all anagement lev- who lcppn pet- 4 i o-- ting ahead in bus- mess, Mr. Auburn K. reads The Wall ius.

Street Journal. Journal subscnoers number Total readers are at nearly double that figure. The Wall Street Journal reaches men who make things happen. What an advertising medium! WALL STREET JOURNAL SUBSCRIBERS MANAGE TO KEEP BUSY A study among Wall Street Journal subscriber! shows that when they reach home and report, "I've had a tough day at the it's truth, not rhetoric. For example, buying alone takes a big bite from the executive day.

Wall Street Journal subscribers reported that they, personally, either influence or authorize the purchase of a wide range of products, services and ideas offered by suppliers. Alphabetically the items range from advertising to wire. More than 7,000 of The Wall Street Journal's 438,160 subscribers report they are involved in the buying of "everything company needs." The study is confirmed by testi monials The Journal receives from advertisers. In most cases, according to the letters, The Wall Street Journal outpulls other media in number of inquiries or, at the least, produces more of them per dollar. Sound interesting to you? WTiy not check the closest Wall Street Journal advertising sales office for this and other useful studies.

The Journal is published in New York, 44 Broad Street; Washington, D. 1015 14th N. Chicago, 711 W. Monroe Dallas, 911 Young and San Francisco, 415 Bush St. Detroit: BuhlBldg.

told the Lansing Chamber of Commerce Tuesday night. Wer-nette, who describes himself as a "confirmed optimist," took issue with Hoover and Humphrey on high government spend smaller taxicabs to compete with the larger makes. Instalment Buyers to Settle Up Pacific Finance Corp. offers a "note of encouragement" in its February report that "nearly 20 million instalment buyers will have completed payments on cars in 1956 and 1957. Payments actually outscaled contracts in the closing months of 1956," it reports.

"Dealers are keeping their fingers crossed for a sharp spring sales increase, beginning next month." ing leading to a "hair curling" depression. "Neither high taxes nor high expenditures will bring a depression," he declared. The short-term outlook is good and the long-run picture "fabulous," he said The University of Michigan is pleased that Bendix Aviation and Parke Davis Co. are establishing research laboratories near its North Campus and visualizes a whole community of such laboratories in the area. The university's Engineering Research Institute has launched a working mm i imssm mm oa mi Moaat CMvacH acHoot evsrrruTroM.eirtjNTSs.jNtxmir EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHIC AUDIO-VISUAL EQUIPMENT Fraaj a Boa Caeiera ta a 16atei Mot la Camera.

Frem a Table Screea ta Camplete Andttorlim Projector Eeil-ent. Stleat ar Saena: we kme tt. LOBBY HOBBY CAMERAS 17300 Weodwara at McKlthnli TO 9-1900 Oate Emry E.e. Till 9 barney: Thanks for checking on those RETAIL DISPLAY LINAGE figures for Cincinnati. Redoubt about it, it seems.

The Daily Enquirer is No. 1 all the way. F. A. I I SOLID NO.

1 IN SOLID THE I DAILY ENQUIRER I Represented by Moloney, I Regan and Schmitt, Inc. 1680 Penobscot Bldg. Woodward 1-1380 MEDALLION CERTIFICATES Pay 1 on funds held one year or longer. If your surplus funds are not bringing you this rate, see us! GRISWOLD at FORT 25 City-Wide Offices Phone WO 3-1700 Member Fed.ral Depotit Insurance Corporation Turn to Free Press Want Ad pages for nsed-car bargains. fiAbMil44 ewssslbssssw AT-6 11 I Resignation of Edward E.

Butler as board chairman of Vinco Corp. and termination of his connection with the company was announced by E. J. Eggart, president since last July. Butler had served as president cf Vinco for a long period.

Pressure from New York stock interests caused his resignation. January trading volume on the Detroit Stock Exchange was 429,914 shares with dollar value of $13,178,840, compared to shares in December, with dollar value of $10,711,996. The five most active issues were: General Motors, 60,726 shares; Detroit Edison, Toledo Edison, Columbia Gas System, 12,748, t.n. Frre-hauf Trailer, 11,705. Robert E.

Sturwold, former assistant divisional merchandise manager of J. L. Hudson Basement Store ready-to-w ear a ent, has been named Basement Store andise manager of Hudson's East-land, Rex Kegan, i-asi-land Store manager, announced. wold joined Hudson's in June, 1937, as a stock boy in the Basement Store. He had advanced to buyer of the millinery department, when in 1946 he left the store to enter the chain-store millinery business.

He rejoined the store later that year. To give some of its larger industrial and restaurant users an insight into the story behind recent green coffee price fluctuations, King Coffee Co. is distributing a market study prepared by George Gordon Paton, head of a New York coffee-price reporting agency. A new sales district, with headquarters In Detroit, has been established by the American Standard Plumbing and Heating Division. The new district will comprise the territory of the present Detroit sales office, plus Fort Wayne, and Springfield and Dayton, O.

Prior to the realignment, the Detroit office was part Turn to Page 19, Column 1 Producers of STAINLESS STEEL STRIP COMPLETE WAREHOUSE STOCKS Sheets Flat Strip Round Plate Tubing Square Coil Strip Wire Hexes, etc. Skarlnt Sllttln Stnlihtrnlns Csatafltu Grind iaa loin Edsinf Csnjlttt Uttin Litnritmr Sistnblsi OUR 52nd YEAR MARX KARRY JACOBSON Co. A033 E. Mm Mile at Mound Kd. V.

Mich. Hllllni kUrm; f. 8. Box 4602. Dltrait 34.


buy in from the larger in today's Your Write 25 relationship with the Michigan Economic Development Department by which more industry labs may be attracted The emergence of Plymouth as the No. 3 make, ahead of the medium-priced Buick, is "one aspect of price resistance," it adds. Here and There in Motordom In seven months of last year, Dodge produced 6,381 D-500 models, compared with 5,787 of the 1957 models through Jan. 31, reports L. F.

Desmond, vice president in charge of sales. Harold N. Metzel, chief engineer for Oldsmobile, says that 98.1 per cent of all 1957 Oldsmobiles produced through Decem is a Government worker; one; uusmess saies is maue lu a part-time basis for three years in the securities business. Frederick E. Burnkara Tuesday resigned as executive vice president of finance with Fruehauf Trailer Co.

but will continue for Indefinite period as a consultant. Sylvania Electric Products Co. disclosed that it is developing a flight trainer for jet fighter pilots which will employ a large-scale digital computer, or "electronic brain," to set realistic readings on the instruments of an actual stationary plane. General Dynamics the diversified manufacturing giant, in 1956 became the 36th American company to sell over a billion dollars worth of goods in a single year. Treasury Secretary Humphrey the nation into a depression, of Michigan business professor, example of private enterprise solving its own problem" if the dire warnings of a business depression should be fulfilled.

Hyde has figures which say that the "hair curler" depression of 1932 generated business insolvencies totaling $928,313,000 In liabilities and that, adjusted for the cheaper dollar now, this would be equivalent to two billion dollars if we were to experience the same business-failure rate. This compares, Hyde says, to a year's fire loss of only (in 1953). Wider use of bad-debt insurance could be "an important factor in preventing the snow-balling of Insolvencies If Hoover is correct," he says The last 10 years have seen a suburban land boom that far exceeds any similar boom in history, Architectural Forum February issue says. A 15-city survey shows that residential land prices have tripled, that most commercial land has increased five or six times and that industrial, acreage has jumped nine or 10 times in price Trend of Staple Prices EW YORK The Associated Press weirhted wholesale price index ol 35 commodities Tuesday nnchanied at 179 45, previous day 179 45. week aso 181.24.

month ago 184.77, year ago 174.83. 1956-87 195.1 1954 1953 177.14 175 49 181.72 168.25 168.66 170.65 Hie-h 186 01 Low 173.79 (1926 averare equals 100) 36,000 SQUARE FEET 3001 Michigan. Excellent building with coolers, elevators, loading docks, 2-car R.R. spot, parking. Immediat possession.


First Real Estato Mortgages Owner on-opied borne worth 2 to 3 times SBortcace. All bin Title Insurance monthly repayment. $1,500. is-UttH raqsest.) GRISWOLD MORTGAGE CO. 423 Ford Bldg.

WO 3-7280 i I ber were equipped with the new ventilating system. Improved efficiency of the new system, he explains, is due largely to its increased capacity achieved through larger core and larger water lines to the heater, plus a greater flow of rr amended in 1954. permitting dual-range power heater and air. The Michigan Trucking Association urges all motorists to get copies of the Michigan traffic laws either from the Secretary of State, the Michigan State Police or local police departments. Keep your driving knowledge aa up io oate as your car," says Frank Baird-Smith, association president Official tabulation of auto Industry production figures through.

Feb. 9 shows unit passenger car production at 817,077 compared with 833,536 for the comparable period ending Feb. 11 last year. Truck production for the same two periods was this year and 146,38 last year. Automotive News' annual check on automobile dealerships shows there were 39,643 to the United States on Jan.

1, the first time the number has dropped below 40,000 in the postwar era. The high point was reached in 1949 when there were 49,173. An increase in the number of new car dealerships Is expected this year through the entrance of the Edsel Division franchises of Ford Motor Co. Richard E. Krafve, general manager of the division, has announced that he hopes to start sales through about 1,200 new franchises which eventually may be built up to 2,500 or 3,000.

Bank Stocks TUESDAY Bid Asked An. DIt titr Bans 2 26 4 .60 Bank ot the rmwlth lfi3 175 5 00 en Mfra Nat Bk a 1 Nat Rk of rw-t rLC a o'nn (Comnilfd sources the Free Press consiaers renaDie. 1 PAINT SUPPLIES savannah. Ga (AP) Gum naval and rosm none: shiDmenta. turoen-tine and rosin none: stock, turpen r-x'tas j.ucturT.

nn 1 i Laa 1.11 rnei 1 1 i rim tine 4.226. rosin 112. Planning a party or banquet? Finest aceommodaflont available to suit any occasioa ap to 250 ejvosts. RATHSKELLER JOHN at MILWAUKEE Information TB 1 latiC AOVICt.SK-OV HEN IT HAPPENEDJ American Stock Exchange MR. AUTOMOBILE DEALER Cl yoi is a sales mv.

ar arn. war. with an rxtensiva baekgrovni la sales, sales pro. motion and advertising. A mod clasef.

vha fets alana with aeoolt and "nets things done," who anderstands what aintivatrs atoala ta soy. Ona wha has been in fac Tory wholesale, as well as retail and aa predates the aroalems af sot. I today comaetitive market. Not a siiracli worker. Bat a conseientieas "door.

wha can est his finger an the problem that's holding ap srosreu and watch yoir interests. Moral Per. sonal financial references. Call Ml 6-3963. PREFERRED DIVIDEND COMMON DIVIDEND A quarterly dividend of tl.75 pear aha on the) Preferred Stock baa) been da-clared, payable March 1.

1957 to stockholder! of record at the cloaa of business on February 21. 1957. A quarterly dividend of 35 cents par share on the Common Stock baa been declared, payable March 25, 1957 to stockholders of record at the clone of buaipei ot February 21. 1957. MKBICM MWATOt I CTaNOMa SANITARY ctmnwATxni FKAKX J.

BSKBTOCB Here's a sample of what Western Union is offering as singing telegrams for Valentine's Day Thursday: (To the tune of Oh Susanna) "Oh, won't you, be my Valentine; you're the apple of my eye. If you won't be my Valentine, I'll break right down and cry." This Is the first year Western Union has added such special-day messages to birthday and anniversary song telegrams Owen G. Hyde, Detroit general agent of London Guarantee and Accident concedes that the following mention may help him sell Credit Insurance but he also points out that It is an "excellent Cloaa Chce Sales Net In ltMIs Close Chre OoeanieOil 9 3 .2 OrdenCo 11 13 4 .2 9 31.5 .2 PaLovDf 190 105.4 .2 PacPetLtd 30 16.7 Panlnrapl 74 1516 i54. i 1116 8 1 J3 1 1064 4 ranostP PantenOil 71 PeruOeVM 46 PrairieOU 8 PrewaMet A 49 PrestED 67 RaoidElee 8 ReiterFost 31 RemArms 10 RichwellPe 7 RovalOil 12 SanohPet 104 8avre4F 15 SeurryRa 113 9 10 1.1 3 5 .1 16 4 6 .1 71516 14 2 .5 14 .1 12 2 .3 15 18 1 4.1 11 .1 13 .1 12.7 .2 8 5 2 6 .1 6.S .1 10 .2 33 .3 3 .1 42 81.3 .4 ,9 .1 244 .4 12 6 .2 12 3 .1 16.6 .1 5 316 5.1 5 6 1 910 8 7 J3 2 6 lu-4 9 7 .1 8 4 7 .1 1.4 43 .6 3 2 .2 .5 14 1 1.2 10 6 3 2 .1 64 103 .3 5.1 .2 18.1 1.4 11 .2 13 1 .3 16 6 2 4 2.7" .2 33 6 .5 3 .1 6.1 .1 3 SentrvSCon 37 Servomech 28 ShatDenn 1Z 5 21 ShermanPa SibonevCa SurnalOllA PilexCo SilvCrkP SilvMiller Simca rimiPat Skiatron SliekAir SoasMfe SidDred StilForr Stdlndust StdPaok htdProd StdShaivs 8tdTubeB Stanrk ur SierlTne 8 46 25 16 3 16 10 8 3 It 47 2 1.3 5 1 62 .4 2 5 .2 .7 1.6 124 .2 2 1 3 15 5 .3 2.7 .1 3 5 .1 4.7 1 30 27 41 3 18 13 184 31 10 18 23 1 1 6 .1 7.2- 2 .2 15 2 2.3 31 6 16 60 5 1.2 4 4 36.6 34 6 .1 134 .1 48 4 .3 17 6 .2 7.6 17 .1 14 4 1 8 4 .1 11 21 1 .1 5 25 1 .3 10 .1 3 2 .4 4 2 3 19 5 1 3 916 19 6 .2 .6 1 1516 StcrlPrec Stinnes StylonCo SupTool SwanFOil 1 eon ico 7 1 5 41 5 2 4 2.8 2 2 4 1 111 6 12 42 4 TexCala-arr 11 ThiokolCh 44 ThomnPtar 13 TraneroA. 41 TransEm 17 TransLux 14 TnConwt 107 t'nitAb 10 I'nitruhOil 30 t'nltShop 25 lnitSirlt 1 VSAirCon 135 VSFoilB 68 t'mvAmer 15 UnivCoro 31 InivProd 11 VeneiSvn 25 VinroCD 2 19 VulanilLd 7 WalthWat 20 W.hbKn 63 WnSiklnv 8 WhiteEInt 29 W'msMcW 9 Woodalllnel 1 W'oodlevPe 7 WriehtH 34 114 16 35 3 .7 1.6 .1 15 5 .6 22 .1 63 .2 4.7 .2 6 4 .4 5 4 16 1.6 318 2 2 .1 23 3 .8 16 1 70.2 .4 14 133.5 .3 14 .1 39 5 .4 13 5 .4 2 15 .1 3 1316 n- 8 3 1316 9 1 3 1316 6 5 a Total American PtcvV ales.

Tufdav, 7RO.0OO pharfi Total American Stork stale previous rear. 733.040 shares. "Actual mIps. xd-Ex -dividend. XEW YORK (AP Followinar la list of trana-actiona on the American Stock Exchange arivina; the most active atocks traded Tuesday: Sale et In 100a Close Chce dales in lOOs EquitvCn.

ErieForje EurekaCo FariroOils FirthSterl FordCanA 43 33 43 77 26 fordltd AdamCon 8 Ainaworth 10 AlaGas 13 AlaskaAfrl 10 AlleirCB wt 66 AlliedPaD 11 AllledPd 1 AmllardRnb 2 AmMarac 34 AmPetrA 64 AmSaal 105O AMI Inc. 4. AmurOil 14 AnaconLd 17 Ana-AmExcl 1 AnaLauA 37 ArkFOil 13 ArkLaGaa 63 AnnsRnhA 10 AoArtProd AtlasCMin 25 Atlaprpwt 2'6 AtlasPlyw 10. BailpySel 41 BaldSc 11 BanffOil 34 BariumStl 143 Baiclnc 7 BllnoCn 117 BralTrac 121 BrAmOil 46 BritPet 70 BrownCo 10 BufEclipse 9 BnrmaM 24 Burr 10 RurrvRia 1 BvrdOil 18 113 CalEastAr 7 7.4 4. FoxDeLnxe .2 GenPlywd 7 65 7 85 1 10 61 17 30 a G-nStn 4 3 7 4354- .5 21.4 3S 7-1 128 .1 1444- .1 8 4- i 1 916 15 6 GlenAld GrriRaoV GtAmlnd GreerH.vd GhdFrwh GuildFilme 51 Hastinra 14 HaielBish Hazel tine HtrblrMf 13 11 5 11 24 15 2 27 no 78 8 4 13 a mi rlolicold 1 35 5 jXlonicviia.

i j. i no a Hoover Ball 74. 1 ImpChem, Ii ImnOil il. 1 llntRrrar Inl Petrol 16. Ironrite 2..

.1 IsraplAOil -2 916 IsraPlMPft 8 4 15.7 1 JupiterOile 42 2.4 .1 9 3 45 3 1.2 17.3 15.7 .1 16 4 .6 .4 4 .1 5 4- .1 1.6 .1 1 8 2 .1 1374- .1 9 1516 5 3 519 2 1316 6.2 .2 1.4 2 1 4.1 .4 4 3 3 5 2.7 6 6 4- .1 21.6 1.3 4.4 .1 2 .1 54 .2 1.7 .1 32 .4 5.7 .1 1.2 1 82 132 7.2 .3 6 1 .3 4 5 .2 18.4 2 9 6 .2 33 a 1.7 10 .1 8 5 Jl 5 6.5 .1 27.4 i i Kaltman Kawneer KinArkOil KroDOF LakeShM LakevFd I-ear LeonardR Liberal Pet Littonlnd LaLand MaanaOil 13 12 a Ih 17 3 19 4 44 19 61 CalElPw 11 M'-DonAirc 63 CamDhrhib 86 Aieaajonn in iCanSoPpt 44 Menasco MernllPet Mesa hi Iron MirhChfru 1 IchStlT MichSnrar irrotliine MidStPet MolvbTan Milvbdn MuntxTV MurnhvCn ICdnAtlOil 16 43 11 3 1 4 28 13 15 64 23 IrdnWillM i 40 OansoNGas 21 CansoOilPr 18 rtfnPd 2 40 rharterOi! 8 ChristmnaO 32 CityAutoS 7 ClarvCn 23 MukPRinr NammLoei 27 Nat BaIIH 40 NatBrMirh 13 Nail 1 Weld 1 NatPet 12 Research 12 NBnstOils 48 NBntDOU 12 CoastCOils 2'i 7 ConCubPet 15 ConElectro 19 1 Con I I ran 11 CreolePft 24 CrowColl SI CrowlevM 4 CubAmOil 35 CubAtlSur 17 rubVenOU 33 DetCaak 1 ItGraI 2 Devon POila DomeKxpl 13 11 Du.MontLab 15 Miar NIdriaJC 48 Zinc 11 8 SewPCAO 69 NewPk.Mne: 9 XickelKim 64 XomaLta 37 Xorhu le 1 3 XordKetar 19 NoCdnOils 63 XoastAir! 27 Xonan 37 Do nr 83 Nu.learAA 12 DynamAra 43 15 EIBondAS 36 1 9 14 8 7 9 4 760 What to Do About Stocks Nov Investors arc being told from many sides that this is a time for caution. We agree. But if you own stocks, "caution" doesn't mean "wait and see." You should use this period to re-examine your holdings consider if changes in your portfolio might put you in a better position for higher dividends or profit prospects. If changes are indicated, make them now. Our registered representatives are briefed continually on carefully-selected situations we favor.

To get our ideas on stocks you own, return coupon and enclose a list of your securities. You'll also receive our current investment policy suggestions. Bache VW" Founded 1879 Woodward 2-3530 CANADA SUPPLIES WORLD NEEDS other nation rivals modern Canada in the speed, diversity and geographic area of its resource development. Canadian newsprint, wheat, lumber, oil, aluminum, nickel, iron, asbestos and other products are in demand throughout the free They enable Canadians to imported goods and services large and growing volume the U. S.

and other parts of world. The Canadian Bank of Commerce, one of the world's banks, is helping thousands the U. S. to benefit from opportunities in Canadaj inquiry is invited. to: Business Development Division King Street West Toronto 1, Canada Member! Sew York Stock Exchange",er leather leading exchange Walter E.

Aack, Attoc Mfr. OD My stock list is attached. What ar your recommendations? Please send me your current inrestment policy suggestion. TOESANAD1AX BANK OF COMMERCE Head Office Toronto New York San Francisco Loa Angeles Seattle Portland, Ore. Resident Representative ChlcaRO and more than 750 Canadian Branches Ii" Telephons menu it i fs r-' vnn a mU brrrri- A' CURRENT RATE SAVE-BY-P1AIL I CJ O.OOO CURRENT 1 aiooa.

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