Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on February 24, 1934 · Page 9
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 9

Detroit, Michigan
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Saturday, February 24, 1934
Page 9
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THE DETROIT TKEI TRE88 SATURDAY.. FEBRUARY TH. Broad Comedy and Tense Drama Divide Attention in the Week's Pictures MICHIGAN ,,vi- a ronrtT t'lmi nl- r-.iOP 1 Srv5K Willi" B UK-'" '"r,r'nl LawreT-e Frank Pl-ir est . u.iltrian. P-rMM tT Marion ";,, pri'dti'-ed hT Paramount. By Ella H. McCormick ev'v Sidney and Fredric March, . s'ars it filmland who have I !rVd mlt mnny 8rKd role' pUyl .r'e ,nvthin(f given to them equally ' ,a have opportunity in this pic- tur' Prove furthr v""ty- . rarmval card sharper with a .j.m." rnmplex. March aa Mace Tnf;fv i a hardboiled eg of no LnnplM and fewer moral, a Jmooth, slangy tongue and ahrewd Then he meeU Lillie. trying i0 get along aa a chorua dancer, , instantly "on the make," but J.j, that for once in hia braah vounr life he brklnK UP th Irons tree. Never having met a .-ood dame." he doean t know bow to handle the aituatlon. Although I ., fails hard for him ahe knowa ,'i question and answer, and Ir, him sitting on a. flagpole. On Way to Cell in soft beneath hia nard ,h.ii tni gradually he growa to re-ned nd finally to love Lillie. Tnr rnmsnre ha many hard ,.mp. and Mace ta in a fair way tn'd'aw Jail sentence until Lillie' iM-nitv an"! pleading to the judge ... him off on suspended sentence. Th.n tn make sure that the two sincere, his honor tie the mir-r,.j nM right there. respite Its nacKRrminn m rnrap ramival life. TOlnr hotels, tin- Mvnry character and so forth, the iifirv manages to he not as ill as It nuiids. and most folk will develop a genuine liking for the nervy yao and the loyal Lillie before the .rene fades. A large cast help along the comedy and drama of the tale. fomel.v In Stage Show Tlrntv of laugh at to be enjoyed with the stag entertainers, whn.e work run largely to com-dv. although Cheney and Fox, ballroom and acrobatic dancers, stick closely to their graceful and Intricate terpsichorean Interpretation. Slat Brother three lads combine knm'knbout antic with a funny tmrlenuue. on adagio dancing and other travesties, and to prove they ran lo It offer straight danc-ine that brought them much ap-plstire. The Duponts have a number of romnal tricks In their juggling numher and the Morton Brothers improvise aongs on current popular him and do dramatic Interpretation of "Laugh, Clown, Laugh." F.'limrd Werner's orchestral nov-p!'v this week is railed "The Contort. " in which every member of the orchestra doe his little bit in the way of a solo, each playing the me rnmposition as he thinks it should he done on his particular Instrument. Merle ("lark also has an nrran novelty that the audience !ikd h 1 1 e o y Wild Life Movie. Movies of hunting, fishing and wild life will be shown by E. C. 8'hwimmer in the Northwestern High Sohool Auditorium Saturday at ft p ni. Proceeds will go to tha Kiher Y. M. C. A. Boya' Band. AMrsr.MKvra M a k e 1 h I (ocklail lloom Your Club TKs fmt si litiuors and cck taila mivad hv msit who hav mad mining drinks their on'y airefassion. Modar- is pi ices. Kxcellent auallty. w.fJ a. .if in ietrjai fining Rom Scwaril II of el 5 SEWARD II n sTi'it ilnrks North nt Ofaor awrt , Cor. Waftdward n rresennnq 7'. loll X STEEL Am.rici'i Onidn VelMrf Tnor Fmhifafl Star Of th ZiQt)d F'rtMiM and Muilo Ri Rvu uo nnrud hv Oiaxy of Suotrb Tl rd Beauty. Ilimicr 812. Servsil from 5:30 Till Jl Luncheon Frnm 11 A. M. Till S P. at. Cocktail Hours. 2 Till 3 Cher Everhait's Music NO COVER CHAROE Another WANT AD WANDA Contest $100 IN CASH PRIZES FUN FOR EVERYONE Sunday's Free Press s Wavau FOX IT mpprvcn one m;hT" -o..v d-am. F"n p v j Rnber, p . n f-oni a mesazine etorv by Sarnie' H"t-k Adas. fireMed h, Frun Cpr A Columbia ri-ture. By Len G. Shaw In the long list of he-man roles he ha given to the screen, Clark Gable has seldom if ever been piacea mora advantageously, or given a better account, than in this I tale of romance and roughne. tha, I akes place during a muddled motorbus trip from Florida to New York. And Claudetta Colbert matches Gable point for point with a characterization which catches every mood In the taming process to which aha I subjected in the frequently Interrupted Journey. It i a modern "Taming of the Shrew" in which Ellie Andrew, spoiled daughter of wealth, seeking to rejoin in New York the aviator husband from whom her father had separted her Immediately after the ceremony, meets Peter Warne. a reporter who ha Just lot hi Job in the big town. Planning to Sell Story Recognizing her aa the fleeing heiress, through all the adventures which com from missing bu connections and depleted finances his chief Interest In the young woman is the story about her he is going to sell his old boss to rehabilitate himself, and In proving himself master of the situation, until the journey is almost over. Then rontemot and br.rt change to love that travel anything but a smooth course to a nappy ending even for brusque fatpr Andrew, who turna out to De tne chief conspirator in un snarling tne tangle In which he naa oecome an unwilling principal uaoia piay the determined and resourceful newshound In hi ac- tuMiomea iortnrlght manner, with a reatralnt that helps to make the tory believable. Mlaa Colbert is uway captivating aa the annll.H youn. lady who Is brou ,ht to her sense by mean that are as amusing a they are effective. As a woman tamer Gable prove a complete success. The Traveling Salesman The wealthy and domineering father la played in the best Walter Connolly manner. Roscoe Karns adds comic high light a a smart cracking traveling salesman, and Jameson Thoma 1 the playboy aviator. ' Ladles win )r)V, ..Jt Happened One Night." and movie fans of all ages will vote if grand diversion Singin' Sam, radio entertainer, easily tops the stage show in point of artlstery, with a group of songs rendered in the melodious manner and with the personality that has given him such popularity on the air. Nat Biusiloff, with the violin on which he draw uch a neat bow in whatever he plays, i mother favorite. Five Negro youngsters with their jungle cacophony and wild rhy-fhum stirred the spirits of the open ing aunience to a high pitch. Sam Jack Kaufman, welcomed back as orchestra director for the week, did a good job digging them up somewhere. He also brought Frank! Connors to win fresh favor with hi singing. Bid Page and the Three Jack nd other add to the merriment which marks the bill. KKO DOWNTOWN 'THE MKANFHT 0A1. IV TOWN a lur.'e Minii'il). Vreen iilaj- I,y Hi.harit man from a siorv l,r Arlhtir Hommnn. Kk U Klin Pnulu. liciii. SI.KKPKHS R T." melodrama. ,wn p.a.v l.v Leshr (,'ole fmni the noiel l, leri. K .N.I,.! n.rr , tfii l,v K,.ir, -MarKenna. rat Films production. You may experience iodic difficulty in discovering why "The ; Meanest Gal In Town" was given its title, hut there can be no uncertainty regsrding the laughs which are forthcoming when such depend-iahle etitups as fcsu Pitts, pert Kel-;tnn. El Brendel, James Oleason and iPkeels f;allacher sre turned loose in even so shallow a setting as this , turns out to be. j It Is a trifling yarn that reveals ithe prodigality of Hollvwoorl In em-! ploying three authors to hrlng to , the screen the doings of ZaSu as , the ownrr of a small town dry I goods store that I taken over by a wicked syndirste; Brendel as the I local barber who has courted ZaSu ror 10 years; Pert Kelton. leading lady of a stranded theatric troupe who teaches Gallagher a a high pressure salesman a few things, and Gleason aa a hick ahowoff. Not Much Rense What they do before Brendel saves the store for ZaSu and decide to marry her, and Pert come riding back In the most rldiculou manner to fall in thf arm of Gleason, doesn't make much sense. But, as is generally the case, nothing else matters when this quintet are on hand to cut capers. "Sleeper Eaat" turns out to be a taut melodrama about Lena Ka-relson (Wynne Gibson), out on parole for a crime of which she Is innocent, who Is an eyewitness to a murder committed by the spendthrift on of the mvor whose com panion she I at a gambling house. They escape unnoticed save by the man who had planned to do the job himself, and who I framed for the killing. IMsappemra Again Wynne, realizing that her connection with the crime would mean revoking her parole, heads for the old home town, to hide awav. There ahe meets acaln her childhood sweetheart (Norman Foster), unaware of what she has been through, and still loving her. fihe disappear once more, and the successful efforts to get her back to the scene of the crime to tell the truth, and the rekindling of romance with Foster furnish the ensuing suspense, that Is tied into stirring drama In which co-conspirator in the person of able J. Carrol Naish and Mona Barrie are always in the shadow, and frequently step into the foreground, in their efforts to prevent Wynne from testifying. Miss Gibson is effectively emotional and pleasing to the eye a the harassed Lena, and Preston Foster is his usual manly lover. L. G. S. The Rev. Father Ionard Rush will address the University Newman Club of Wayne University on "The Catholic View of Sterilization," in room 166 at 4:30 p. m. on Tuesday. ami :m:nt ' Calais d'Qr 50IS Joy Rnad. Near Grand Rir ALL-STAR FLOOR SHOW COME EARLY ZztTZZ- H Assorted Liqiinra Fine Wines Beer r.lrllent Fnrvl N" nver (tiara FREE PARKING fm, Raaarratisn Ceil QtrUti tflm STATU I LIKE IT THAT WAY" a mrue rt-s-r-a Wnftn to- i"e -en hy Hsrrv a i--. (jnvr prju and Jnvoa Santiev fireriM r-y Harry Lsr-hmaa. Produ-erl hy I'mvereai. The promise that Roger Pryor made in hi first film," Moonlight and Pretzels." of becoming a good a screen actor as he is in the legitimate theater is given further bolstering In this picture In which h' 18 co-strred wttn Gloria Stuart, who eem to possess all the at- inrmtes that make for successful light comedians There is nothing namby-pamby about him either, and while he works deftly and gaily h can "emote" satisfactorily when the script demands It. Young Sister Step In In tha story he Is a hustling In surance salesman who adore hi mother and sister and make them the sole object of his life until he meets a charming girl, falls in love with her and is all set to marry her wnen bis young sister, who baa been double crossing him about her place or employment, reveals that his fiancee is a night club singer and supposedly the property of the owner or the place. everything is eventually cleared up for the lovers, but not until there are many glimpses at the elaborate floor show of the caharet and of Anne iMis Stuart) a the chief entertainer. A nudist number is cleverly camouflaged for censor consumption, and is neatly put over hy Mis Stuart and the chorus. The principal roles are taken by Shirley Grey. Marian Marsh, Lucille Webster Gleason, Merna Kennedy, Noel Madison and Onslow Stevens. There are gome good directorial hot under the skilful hand of Mr. Lachman. The title of the film Is taken from the principal aong number, of which there are several that are tuneful and swinging. Variety in Program Variety of entertainment is found on the stage bill which, divided into two part, offers a thrilling skat ing and acrobatic act by the Four Gyrols; delightful dancing by Szita and Annis. Nolan and Kenny in a pleasing cadet dancing skit; Armstrong, Moore and company getting a lot of laughs in the lobby of the "Hotel R. K. Peal," with the proprietor also holding the job of fire chief; Isorena and Jean, In an attractive musical number; Baye and Speck, patter comedians, and the dancing chorus In new ensembles. E. H. McC. FI!HKR '"IX riK A KIND." a fan 'omrdr. SrMlen tor the fc,.in bv I1imi81h M.K'-Jan. hene Thompson. Waller Helton" and Harry R'it.Uin. nire.'ipri bv Leo M"Carer. Prodiued tvj Paramount. Continuous hearty laughter will be your reaction to this riotously funny picture with a half-dor.en of the foremost comics of the screen telling and acting it clever little story. What more cmild any filmgner ask for his (teat money than the invariable good time to he had in the company of Man- Boland, Charlie Ruggles, Gracie Allen, George Burn. W. C. Fields and Alison Skipworth? There sre several other persons to laugh at, and with, and a for Glory the dog, he 1 a panic in himself. Flora and Pinky Whlnney (Boland and Ruggles) have decided to spend Pinky' two weeks summer vacation from the bsnk, where he is a clerk, driving to California. They have been married 20 yeare and are determined to enjoy a second honeymoon. Dane Lumber Along To lessen expenses. Flora advertises for a couple to share the trip, and Georg and Gracie respond. AH might have been well had not Gracie' dog joined the caravan. Gracie described him as a cute bird dog but he turns out to be a Great Dane, lumbering, weighty and with a mean disposition for everybody hut Gracie. Glory's oc-rupsncy of the front seat, to the great confusion of Driver Pinky, never ceases to he uproariously funny. A bad homhre In the bank helps himself to $.10,000 worth of bonds and plants them in poor Pinkv's suit case, intending to get It off the car running board later, A Long hase However, due to Gracie's insane misreading of the road map and highway signs, the quartet take none of the planned route so the thief has to follow clear across to Nuggetsville. Nev., to catch up with the stolen securities. In this town live the Duchess (Miss Skipworth), running the hotel, and Sheriff "Honest' John Hoxley (Fields). The rest is one of those things nobody can tell about it just has to be seen while you laugh your head off. Never has Gracie been nuttier or funnier, and that goes for all of them. Fields does one of his old time stage stunts for the first time on the screen, and it Is worth going across country to see whether or not you ever guffawed over it n the legitimate theater. If patron of the Kisher this week are not hysterical and limp from laughing then nothing the screen and its player can ever do will brighten up the corner where you are. E. H. McC. motion rKTiar. attractions I 1 1 n aaawiwwtaw V j f f IE II aa" ai l mb .--ik-. --jiae i'ji li li mm v , msK. J :aSXrW E si. 3 HoODDAtlt is SKIVUSIDHEY 1 i I A Bis. i-sSl S.. . V"" wIIIIStme V i playd th devil A K Njjisw j ! j I eduardwerner jl IK U r-lWIW ( Jij 11 ''A r' ' jil an. featur. ictur.l i I r'i rfrtfruT777 1 burns alum irTV fgUJUT 1 1 Tail . T T il H yip I l ; jjiuuiaa mhwiwmm wiiii f i.mfttHMrtr"!1 "" ""nifnnnrniir ilium m A Star with f . V V ,w.' 't ." f ... .. . .; p . a. .. " -I 4 ' t ..7 , eTeT, . r- LILIAN KILOANNO.V Hollywood think that they look alike, yet one'l a star and one' a atand-in. Ai a result Lilian spend much of her working time being Mat. She itands in on scene until all i ready for hootin. But once the camera begin to grind ht itept nide or the flmor-ou one who face and figure you see on the screen. i urn s k By Ed Sullivan Broadway Index HOTTEST TIP of the week, that Jimmy Walker will return to run the Hotel Ambassador . . . Most amusing song, "California." in which Blgelow A Lee kid the native son at the Stork Club . . . Recommendation of the week: Bill Gaxton, Victor Moore and Fred Coot at the Paramount . . . Add American: The phonograph record which Jrk (Brunswick) Kapp has made of Broadway big shots bragging about themselves (when they thought nobody was listening) . . . Ear ticklingest performance of the season, Gertrude Nleen warbling "If I Love Again" at Casino d Parse . . . Best Broadway toe-dancer (1) Harriet. Hnctor, (2) Dolores Far-ris. (3) Maria Gambarellia, (4) Patrica Bowman ... On Walter Chrysler, Jr'., personal passe to th observation tower of tha Chrysler Building i crib-bled: "C'mup 'an aee me ome-tlme." The parrot in the lobby of Le Perrequet, as you make your exit, squawk "Did you pay your check." Thins' Yoa Oughta Haart Eddi Davit. P hilly boy who mad sood, warbling Colo Por-ttr't "Mis Oft Regreti" (an elegant version of Frankia and Johnny) . Mott daznling dia mondt in aafoty-depotit vault, thoo btlonginging to foggy Joyeo (ono is 50 taraio, th other ISO ar at s, euehama-geucha) . . , Th couple leatt affected by dixty height of power, Po8tmater General and Mr. Jam A. Farley! . . . Oldest and erahhiett uther in New Yorh, the gal who take your atub at Carnegie Hall ... Mott charming of Englieh import tationt, Adrianne Allen in "Shin ing Hour" , , . Beit girl tap-dancer, Eleanor Powell, ditcev ered and encouragtd by Bill Grady, Vermont hill-billy. TIRED BUSINESS MAN'S tonic, Carole Lombard, with plenty of this-a and that-a in 'Bolero" , . . Ret fare comic on the tge, Ernest Truex . . . Biggest bundle of personality in the mallet package, Helen Hayes . , . Add Sweller Performances: Janet Gaynor in "Carolina" . . . Newest Park Ave. rendezvous in Harlem, the Anaonia with colored sissies . . . Plumpest band leader, Richard Himber at the Rltz . . . Add Depression Stories: Constance Bennett and Frederic March will split $135,000 for "Firebrand'' and Director Gregory La Cava will rate $45,000 . . . Sputteriest of celeb.. Rubinoff . . . Most novel night club idea, the illuminated runway at Chez Folies, the old Parody . . Promo- tion stunt that flopped, the .at tempt to smuggle Jimmy Du rante aboard the last private mail plane brought East by Capt. Eddie Rirkenbacker . . . Most MOTION rirTI BE ATTRACTIONS a f '.'' .... w t a Stand-in r . s- v . .. t y ..... MAF. F..T deceptive build in the movies, 6 foot 3 Inch Gary Cooper, who weigh only 165 pounds . . . Most stunning showgirl in New York, stately Virginia Howard, an Oklahoma product . Dyspepsia wiper-outers- th Loomi Sisters at Ben Marden's Palai Royal . . . Best epigram of the past 24 hours, Donald Novi' crck tht Cuba is the spot where Truce I tranger than Friction . . . Only colored band that feature waltzes, Jimmy Luneeford' erew at the Cotton Club (wait till you hear their arrangement of "Here Goes a Fool") . . . Rroadway playboy with th most impressive war record Ren Finnev. cited for gal- i lantry and twlcewound'd with the U, 8. Marine . . . Most interesting eyes on local screens, th headlight of Eluabeth Berg-ner in "Catherine th Great'" (Max Gordon and th Selwyns ar bidding for her in a stage play) . . . Most thrilling song arrangements, thoie made by Al Segal for the Saxton Slater (he In a claa by himself). Broadwayite mott affected by the crsah of airplane atocka, Oziie Nelion, who had too many G's tied up . . . Moat appealing of tango tunea, "Conauelo" as played by Pancho and hit South Americana . . . Doggiest gal in town. Ball Baker, whoae dog littered two tats of twint . . . Greatest make-up of the legit teaten, Cliften Webb's amazing take-off on John D. Rockefeller . . . Th dancingeat guy in town, Harry Evant, who must have bathed in th Fountain of Youth in his home town, St. Auguttine, Fla. . Celeb who moat looks the part, Georg M. Cohan . . Mott impesaive of th orchestra leadera, Vincent Lopez . . , Thsi mott engaging grin on Broadway, that of Dr. Ken Girden (it light! up ttreett) . . . Th biggest box-omce draw, day-in-and-day-out, Rudy Vallee. NIGHT CLUB PIANISTS who hav That Certain Something: (1) Gordon Andrewa at the Ha-Ha; (2) Violet Mele at the Stork Club; (3) Add Bailey, the Texa kid, at Leon and Eddie . . . Most unspoiled kid on the Stem, Buddy (Paradise) Rogers, who doe too many nice thing quietly , . , Most unusual aong title of the week, "I'm Looking Forward to Going Back Home Below the Mason-Dixon Line" . . . The hotel manager who knows somebody In every fair-sized town in the U. 8. A., John Kil-lakl, at the Waldorf ( ip:i4 i To Repeat Tragedy Gabrtele D'Annunzio's tragedy "Th Dead City." under the direction of Donald Armand. will be repeated by the Inatitute Players Sunday, Feb. 25. In their theater at 3:30. It i free to the public. The cast Includes Virginia Paquin. Sarah Ross, Ruth Teeple, Louis Phlllippi and Gene Paul. MOTION PICTIRR ATTRACTIONS rzvn BI6 SUOWS IM CD SUPER STAGE SHOW STATE svncopators STATE STEPPERS BAYES A SPECK BIG VAUDE SHOW FOUR GYROLS NIOl AN A KFNNY Shows strong, mooreco. DAILY' LORENA et JEAN 2 FEATURES 2 Adelona Men,o,i Mary Aitpr-Oick Powell "CONVENTION CITY" FrtaVtC Murch-M.fitm Hopi ng "DESIGN for LIVING" si t i ii ) ii iy im up si un ,.i seii ..ia,snsTs LetQ 1 iRnwrlv I PPPnd Turns Tearful1 'Frankie and Johnny Sentimentalized NEW YORK. Feb. 23-The old Blegraph ttudios in the East Bronx, often termed the cradle of the American motion picture, have been resurrected. After more than four years of Idleness the great plant in E. 175th St baa been completely modernized for sound and returned to bustling activity. A big force ia working at top speed to turn out All-Star Production' "Frankie and Johnny." with a catt numbering more than 2"0. and composed of stage folk with two Hollywood exception Lilyn Tshman and Chester Morrlt. And thl pair was graduated from the New York atage to motion picture. In th background of th enterprise is Robert H. Hammer, original vice president of Biograph. when Mry Pickford nd Lionel Barrymor and the Gish girls played there. He ia still vice president nd generl manager of Blogrph, 2? yer later Chester Erskln, stage fliiector or i "The Last Mile." "Criminal Code. ' I "Subway Express" and many other! Broadway successes. Is producing and directing a new. sentiment!-j Ized version of the old Mississippi iegend which grew out of America s : most famous folk ong, "Frankie I and Johnny." Erskln. besides producing and di-1 rectlng the picture now in work. adapted It to screen form after Mots Hart, coauthor or Aa inou- sands Cheer" and "Once In a Life time," had rewritten a new story version of the legend. Helen Morgan plays Frankie. Mis Morgan could not play a blowsy Frankie and so Hart and Erskln have fitted their story to Mis Morgan s particular talent for portraying pathos, tendernesa and unreasoning, romantic love. Lilyan Tashman, chosen from all the atage and screen vampires for her ability to play a hard, brittle woman, who Is as female a La Morgan Is feminine, la Nellie Bly. Chester Morris is Johnnie, the weakling Frankie loved and Nellie wanted. Other players are Florence Reed, William Harrlgan, Walter Kingsfnrd. Jack Hazzard. Cm a Wltherepoon. Pedro de Cordoha. Montagu Love, Percy Helton. Slg-mund Spaeth th most distinguished plno-plylng "professor of all time." undoubtedly, and John Dunsmure. When Does the Film Feature Start? MICHIGAN' ' Cool Pm " U "0 a m i .1. a m a 14. 10 bo p. m ae ho, 1'.' .1. .') IS, :i4 ' V; 10 10 p. m undav, li a m , 12 47. ny 6 S.I. l i. 10 30 p. m ; 3 5S. 4 4J. ' 32. i) Mi p. m. K"iX "It ttappenen One NUM." it .10 a. m., 2 ft 10, H, 10 ft" p m : tlese ahnv, I :. 4 1ft, ? :U6, tt.M P. m. Bun-Uay. aama hura. RKO IXiWNTOwX "Slafra Eaat," 11 a m,. 1 :w. 1M. H.4J. Hill v. m.; ' Maaneal (lal In ton," 1:0ft. 3 4:1. ft 17, ?.!, lit.'.lb p. m. HuiMay. aitma hours. I'NITKI) ARTISTH "Nana." 11::I4 a. ro 1 44 3:M. B 114. 14. 10:84 I' m. un l. 11:30 a. m., 1:31). .140, 6 &U. S. 10:10 p. ni. STVI'K "I I.Ike It Ti nt Win." 11 40 a. tit . " -141. 6 .'is H '.'M JO 4.", p in ; M,,lf.. show. 13 5. ;i:4H. 1143. H.ail p. in. Hun-ilit. snine lliiure. riSHKI: "Sis of a Klnil." 9 OS. 4 13. e:ll. H.3t), 10 :IS p. m. riuti'l.y. same hours. HIVIKRA 'TV-Inn for l.ivlns" 13-10. .1 ,'ifl 1 10-38 p m . ' l tiiv ntlon Cuv." 3-40. 6 OH, 3l P m Munlav. 13 :I0. 3 34 IS), 8 1J m.: 1:4. 4 40. 7 :i4. 10 n p. at. ADAMS Sweetheart or Fltma Oil" II a. m.. 1.33 4 OS. IB lP m.: "User In Jit Henri." I 13 3 I" 6.10, 7 111, 111 p 111. -"uti'luy. eillne hours. MAr-IH'iN "ori.l i Cannes" 11 0 a m . 3 31. ft .'It H 17 p III , jihmiM I, n. Ilea, li.hjtr " 13.4.4. 3 -". I 11, lo II p. m.i MOTION I'll Tl UK M l H t 1 IONh COLBERh i SINGIN' SAM Sam Jack Kaufman BRU8IL0FF w 810 PAGE and OTHERS fl'l fll'llies..s' s.s 1.V-6 JE ZASU PITTS flit K C l TO H II IIINOIt JAMU ClEASOH "ytlllV CAIUOMH Grand Park Always 2 Hits! Lionel BarrymoreMinSlE "Should Ladies Behave?" PAUL MUNI ?satroyr "THE WORLD CHANGES" TTXTZZJ John Barrymore Chas. Farrell "Couittrllor-at-Law" "AtC Apptrbjr 3i MARY CARLISLE m "5wtihrt STANWYCK in "EVER IV MY HEART" 15c Ail Dr ( Sigma Ckr rU. Dm Our Starr IN PERSON . rJ WYNNE GIBSON Lw II i V-M PRKTON fOSTtK T j Father who Beat For striking his f .fteen-year-old daughter "because she railed m a ! bad name." Elbert P.agln, a CA. worker w 1! spend th. next 30 day. ! at the House of Correction. Hi daughter Marth. and his wife Jeeste, appeared Friday before Recorder Judge Chrietopher j jE. Stein ,nd testified that R.gln j I net in girl wnen n neniea peing hsent from chool. Martha, a student at the Girl' Vocational School, ligned the complaint againat her father. They live at 4474 Third Ave. Writer Will Lecture Frank Crosswaithe. Negro writer and lecturer, will speak at a series I or meetings sunaay on rsegro ann labor problems. At 1 p. m. he will appear at Bethel African Methodist F.plscopl Churrh; 5 p. m. at the Lucy Thurmn Brnch of the Y. W. C. A , St. Antoin end E. Elizabeth St., nd p. m. at the Workman's Circle Hall, 527 Holhrook Ave. ss STRAIGHT WHISKEY POPULARLY PRICED! HERE'S whit you're brfn looking for-a ml aged in th wood straight whiskey at a price within reach of all. lt' Crab Orchard, distilled in old Kentucky tha way fine whiskey lia alway been made. Mellowed ia charred oak barrel to the proper bouquet and flavor not artificially aged. Bottled itraight from the barrel - no coloring added. Ask for thi pure straight whiikey tha price will make you cheer! THE AMERICAN MEDICINAL SPIRITS COMPANT lnrr44l Oaneral Offlcait loulvlll, Ky. Son Frontlico, Cat. Chicago, III. VLWO A Kentucky STRAIGHT Whiskey at your liquor store MOTION ritTIKK ATTKMTIONS HT PICTURES TODAY I AT YOUR FAVORITft THEATRE alden Mckenzie Jn M if tn in j ' Bt.ONOK IHlMllrwMKI.I." ! "HII. II AO OK THK Koll."' ri'Mnn I 'Till. tMr Sr f.nrt tlnlT hH' frr Mlt ALHAMBRA 1 . in A Oft n m All r, IN WON Of. HI. A NO" with WotM' 4,rfHIt rt, mw .lnfrr Hi' Sormnn Fnlr tn "II A FT f.R HUM f- ALOMA l.VMll Charlevoix Ave. A ri,tra ArlnltS 1 ISr. f'tllM 1 . Twt-'.. 1 '". "A Man'a "' '"" Jannes, "Res. Kin. of Hd Hnraea." Bob BobMterl serial, Mjatery Squadron. o. 1 ANNEX rtir Vaiid. Show at ( n. m. 1,V to H Hllm Sammersllle HIIHSK PI.AY" Willi Andr nesme OK K(IO;lRoi'.lJniI2.!l, llfll 011 I.lnssood ftt Davison AVALUn ...i.k f. in woi)Kitr,4M" with Charlotte Henrt. AJso Rnherl Armstronf and Hlen Msr in "SON Of ROMs" . BELMONT Woodward at Grand, It. P. Open at 9 a ni. "Ol K BKTTKR " on.lanr. Bennett "KIM1 KOMi" Coniodr. Art. News. Adillia 1J-. Children 10c BIDUINRUAU Birminsham. Mill" InlVliriUn Arn slim Hnnunersllle In "HORSE PLAY" CALVIN-DEARBORN HUSO Michifan A. 15- to "! ' P M. JIMMV An AI.I.Y." with James Dnnn. Clair. Trevor. INYISIRI.K MAN'' wiltl nlnrla !. CAPITOL Forttierjv Ferndal. W. Vemor Huh al Sprintwelis t r on i 11 a m. to U i m.lft'-. Js. Ilunn- i R. Roaers. "Take fhanre." S. sninmsr. ! vllle. "Horse Plav," fan.lT free lo i':sjri3 SENTURT 14'h and C.rand R!vd 1,V to 7 :HI ':!' Alter Vs'ideville ft p. m Joan Blnnd'H, HAVANA IIMl" t.Miiclilon. 'TrlSHte Life of Hpius sill" jIHDERELLA K. Jr-Hfl .i,n HI ' rtp!m Pal. mi.-. M Fl. till 4 Joan Blnnd'U-DIrk Powell in l'ON F.NTUIX CITV" Randolph Seolt. -THK I.AT Btll NOI P" DELTHE lak and Hoironih Area. Ad.illa l.V till 7 .Kl Jllra Sammervllle-Andy Itevin. tn HOH-K PIAV Ken Mrn.r4 In "W HKF.IJ OP rF.STIXY" ! JEXTER 11814 bexur AN OI T1TAM1INO IF.ATIRK ATTRACTION with SnitrMiii Miort uhlevts News CIOT Ctn 11310 t . Jelieison. Nr. Hillcer LHOI tiU nt. I to 1 1 ::iO p. m. 4dm. I V Oonald t'ook-Misrr Brian in "THR FOCI." r. O'Brien m "LIFR IN THK R 4 Vt ." Mursn A M'k ComMjr Cartoon EASTOWN On Hlatfc: "HUchtlfht of I3" Art 4 Eve.. Slim MtmmcrrUlf 4H0HE I LAV." A!o Odn Knirr "BOMKN IN HH MKC.'V I ni Mj-rkM FAMILY io E. BroAf.'Thlmii To44 "SON OF A SAILOR" Sldner Fox-O. P. Hetxle. stinNltiHT." FENKELL 3711 Fenkeil at riejter l.V at AM Timet Urn I ron I nt Merkel. "WllMKN IN Ml LIFr. " Ba. k Jones. 'FK.HTINr. I tiDK." tonirlv Novehv '-..w FLAMINGO (liatiot Ave. and 4tvn-Mii - Kie Feat t rntt -l 1 i- rr. Iilnrrr Ko(ers-Ji-k tlakie in "MTTIM; l'kl'TT-" l.nrella 4 onin-iienrer Trnv. A MIX i S.S-TI.K." Sdult. IV. iti !tl lw GARDEN 311'Jll Woodward Ave. Open all n'lM SI! irat" Irt- tpenr Trass. "4 MIV C TI t-.' Jark Prrl. "44 MHO'' CrtfX ew. Sellout Marks 1 1 Benefit Dance . r l t r Variety Club DrOWi Outsider With all the reservation taken ""re Susy Friday rV. ing to figure out what to do with the overflow intent upon at'endinr their first benefit dinner-danr and entertainment at the Rook-Cadlllad Saturday night. Large delegation are coming from Variety club in Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Cleveland. Columbus. Cincinnati and St. Louis. New York and Albany also will be represented. A plethora of entertainer furn ished further embarrassment. tender pouring In from theaters. ritchT clubs and Individuals In such number that the problem was tj keep th program within bound. Proceeds of the entertainment will b used in relief work among th profession by the Vsrlety Club, recently organized hy executive of II hranrhe of amusement in Detroit. a genuine Kentucky MOTION rilTIKK ATTRACTION GLADWIN K"1 J"ff"r,,,,n IITTIK (lr. Itath.rii,.,. Joan Bennett, James llunn Rndds ftotera. U 4kK A IHIM r." GLOBE ',v:n ar'nl w " "MASTER OF MEN"' ?"7- "THr- TB' npivo RRitre. GREAT LAKES ' S3 'r;-lrh-00; Joe R. Brown In "Roy OP A LINW000-LA SALLE'"""71 MNR t on Bin- " IflnP ""hiSoatCaaarirrTTriCITT-,r:.';A7nl'u7;7Ri MAAInc Mark Ave. ,t B-uii,,,- Sine.... T p-rui, , ., ' t ann i.opt "A SI t-w I Youti L"nJ5l!n jn J'THK N0RW000 . "--;r.i at C:wn all hiahi ,.M" l-" hlMrii n t.'""" (has. ln.h... vtnile Horn, arioe,. "r,,, K1, r;j"u"::". PICCADILLY ,jrk'J '-iri..Trn"o..-- T n r,r:,0 """ "Tit ' k ' '- ' "tA9 Cartoon N a h I, ,. si " K OF HOMikri n - ssiri I stne.r in suiik tir Hl:l.L" v-n,i, n. iiv.'iTs' , " Oft Krner.l h u..i. - RAMONA" "MIIMF.N 1 N Hlo I.IFK" a o Spenrer Trarv "THK M til . tMP" REPUBLIC i !:. B.--.rr.-7; . .. J " ,rn H"' "f r "" Knrhelle llod.ori-CrMnkle Harm m i t AM. HltlH 4t.trRR.-M. Arl,.judh M 4-t-HPiw artoon and Nt o,,..,, .n v.,. RIALTO (iraliot Ave at JHt.KUioit 1'ontinnn,iv 1 i i i w. J-k Oskle Clnter Kntera in "MTT1NR PKKTT4." Jar-kie I oonr tn "I.ONK tOYVROY." RIVOLA CH-iUiac Ave. at Foreal i:at l.V V-A, - O.v- , Vlv:i,..i v'fc.rf ."A 1 Kl.h.rrl Arlen In "HKI I, AMI Hlt.H ItATKR " Preston J'oate InJTHK I isf MII.R." ROOSEVELT "u'rauorAvenTsi'dir " . After Btl IV SI. Pi J. tkskle-tilnm Kosers-J. Hale.. SITTING PRF.TTY." A I rmier-l.lla l.-e. "The Lone Cowhor." ROXY Woo.lM.-ard. Nrar Trmpie Adult" l .V. Chilil. Ilk- 2 Feats Open 24 Ho ir. -.lim iimmerville and Anr lie vine in "HOK-F. PI. VV John WavM in "West of the Divide." News and Carlnon TUXEDO Hamtkon at Tlmlo "SON OP KONf," Robt. Armstron. and Helen M.ek "HIUMI.HI," sidnev r.l iv to a r n a -s-- -r- st "-ra UPTOWN 144HT M, k Ave. 'Allee in Wonderland." Charlott. Henrv-iiarsr ( oopr-Jek ttakie. "Hora. rbiv." alim suimrri ille-And.v rtvin. -itieSrinw Nev. M ,, irt te : o w . Pr f rs WOODWARD-GRAND In H aVlandVarkT Oun at Noon Itothlp Fstn- "sitlina I'rettv." Jsrk IHliie-. Inser Rocers. Al.n Itnrnthe. ft lerh. "I H till . SUM.." IV lo T .lil. YOUR Fir-t at Nt F'lintt Peers vhannnsi-ltoosld I nek In "Ft RY OF THK Jt M.I F. " Bn.ter I rskr. Mar t arhsle-t has. larrett in -'wetfce4 .1 Hm thl." Mtiuire Omef.j. Serial t t

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