Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 5, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1894
Page 5
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v •'"' .'!'•*''''•';'• &•'''*'''•'*'•'.''*'•*/;", i ''* 1 ' 1 ' '••'"'•'.'•^'•^"'ir/.'''"' ' '-"'V '" -'•'.•'" •" . *'. ' ; ' -- : '••".•'' ' '.''• , ','- '"• • - ', ' • • " ' . .' ' _'• .. WHY, DEWENTER, THE HATTER. So say the majority of men already. Now we want the minority to come over to the majority. Let us show you our NEW SPRING HATS. SSSSSQQ5 OBSERVE! VE! I H The announcement of I Tucker & Young THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. Their New Spring Goods are ready for inspection. Special attention is called to their $20.00 suits made to order. _ Yours Truly, "PUCK." & iSSQS CLIMAX BAKING POWDER IS ON TOP BECAUSE "StrGood ""j.T Cheap Costs lM»than Half I and •!••••• much totter I than th» over-prlea* and klada. Judge for yourself. I | n Cans. Atyour Groo«r f DAILY JOURNAL THURSDAY MOBNING. APRIL 5. See the new lacei and trimmings at the Trade Palace. Good girl wantel Call at 214 Fourteenth street. Try Ben Fisher's double extract Vanilla and you will u»e no other. Part 5 Marie Burroughs' Portfolio ready this morning. Don't miss it. Mr. Lee Smith la erecting a new iron fence in front of his roaidenae on Front street, West Slda. We are positive headquarters for fall *re&9 furnUhtng (foods.— Patter ton. the Haberdasher. You should not roles getting the great Mary Anderson nnmber of The Marie Burroughs Portfolio of Stage Celebritlei, now ready at thil ofQco. Invlutloni have been received by Rights of PythlM la this city to attend the opening of the new E. of P. ball »t RushvHie, on the 10th in*t. William T. Stead'* book "If Christ oame to Chicago" in having a great talc. The Journal hai a few copies left. One coupon and 45 cents at the Journal office. Chart!* Knight, formerly a Logans. port Third ward councilman and now connected with tbe Fort Wayne Eleo. trio Light Co. was in tbe olty last •renlng In tbe Interest of tbe Logani- port plant wbiob belongs to that com* THE GAS CASE. \rgumeut made Before the Supreme Court Yesterday. Tho Logansport gas case was argued before the Supreme Court yesterday. This case Is of great interest to every fas town in Indiana, but strange to jay, no representatives were present. The Indianapolis News devotes a column to a review of the argument ntroduoing Its article as follows: The Logansport natural gas case was argued In the Supreme Court to. day. For tho Logansgort Gas Com pany, Nelson & Myers, Justice & Lalry and Ferd Winter appeared; for the city of Loganbport, MoConnell & Jen- tinea, Fansler & Mahoney and vVin- geld & Taber. The olty attorney of Indianapolis and several other attor. neyi were la court, as the case Is supposed to involve questions that may irlse in natural gai towns where prices are regulated by ordl. nance. The olty ol iKJgans- port passed an ordinance in 1888 (October 10) under which the company began operations. Litlga- vion began over the refusal of the company to furnish gas to certain factories, because it alleged it could not supply the KM at the time in question. Other questions arose. The company established new rates higher than those designated In the ordinance say- Ing that the rates named In the original ordinance were not obligatory upon it. The company sends out bills to consumers for tho full amount of its (new) ratea, and the citizens pay the amount of tbe old rates, which the company credits on the bill. The present suit Is for an injunction to prevent the company from charging more than tho city ordinance rates. Tbe company lost In tbe lower court and appealed. Pompadnnr John Knocked Oat, It was learned here yesterday upon intelligence received from BradBeld, Ohio, that John Baily, the big colored slugger who swaggered around the streets of Logansport for some weeks and was finally compelled to nee the city for his participation in a recent prize fight, was knocked out In that Ohio town Tuesday night by a bar tender who hit him with a ball bat for failure to settle a bar score. The KTOlntlop Of medical agents is gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing Into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup of Figs. To get the true remedy see that It It manufao tured by the California Fig Syrup Co, only. For sale by all leading drug WHAT THE DADS DID. Tlie Meeting of the Common Council and the Aou of That Body The Common Council of the City of Logansport met in regular session last' evening', Mayor Read presiding 1 and all members present. The Claims Committee submitted the following report of claims, which waa allowed: Street pay roll. Police pay roll. Agent Newell, of the Wabash re. ports four ticket* told tor California yesterday. ATS A TP TS SPRING HflTS Very Latest Styles, $1,00, See Window. We will sell you the best quality Knox, Dunlap and Youman Styles for $1.98, thereby saving you $1.50 on your purchase, as other stores ask $3.50 for identically the same styles and qualities. Remember, all the latest Spring style Derby and Fedora Hats. -^=--^= 50 Cents on the Dollar at Actual Wholesale Cost on all Goods Usually kept in a first-class Clothing and Shoe Store; Overcoats half price on a credit of 6 months under order Cass Circuit Court still continues. OTTO KRf\US BANKRUPT STORES. y ro .............................. -••••; t'lonnecan A Crlsmoml, mods Btdept , L. Fernald. lumber same ..; eo 17 15 158 60 «60 67 50 . 6 CO H 80 4775 9 00 4 4S 5COO •29 <n 23 40 44 00 42t , . . Grell & Heed, repairs same .................... John H. Lux, br»ke« stone, swne .............. Bllen Dacy, wasblncllre dept ..................... SchmlUt & Heffley, smids fire dept ............ Fire Extinguisher Co., new ladder, aamo... C. U. Tel Co telepbane, same ......... ........... Lizzie Kroll, wanhlng, >uino.... .................. Purker Justice, horse doctor for same — Joe ilohmer, repairs same ....................... C. D. Tel Co. telephone w. «.....-•• .......... hrell & Reed, sutidn for police dept ............ W. T, Vurrel, asstg engineer ..................... M.Mnrrlsey. snnds polite dept ..... ••••••••,; DennlB Uhl, L. G. Patterson, John C. »l.wt, K. B. Me lonnell, D. D. Dykemjn senrlces city commissions ..................... Journal Company prt« .......... .•,••••••;. ......... Gas Liglit & Coke Co. gas lor Mtrcn ......... John Mccarty, Tenth street. ................... Jolii Cualson sundries ........... ..... ...... .- ...... • Geo Wm. Hoffinai, tieasurer, Intereet und guilds * iiit> ............ * ...... • ....... " ...... John V. Couisoh'.'s'unis flre'dept ................ 3*23 Jehn Began, shoalng horses, lire dept ........ 6 CO The "bad boy" ordinance, regula ting the cllmblnjf upon moving cars and the throwing of missiles at street o»rs, was Uksn from the table and put upon Us passage. The street committee reported, through the civil engineer, the grades for several streets under Improvement, which reports were adopted and the grades established. The engineer was Instructed to make a partial estimate upon tho work dote by George Shaeffer in the construction of Ottowa street. The bill of tbe Jenney Electric Light Comply for light for March, |838.S7, was allowed. The Clerk submitted his report of city orders issued duriog February to the am»unt of $8,265.48; and of the monthof March $6,644.14, which reports were r«f»rr«d to the Hnance committee. These reports are as follows: To »h« Maytr aid Kemberl ot th» Common Countll. , , .. :— I herewith submit my raport as City Clerk of city orders issued by m« during the month of February, 1894 and for what purposes issued : Siett de»aitm«mt ......... *»17 87 AS followi: 1163 M g»l BO M2 84 l!Ktf75 1ST 84 12500 84668 M '.« Kl '.10 25 00 7 W 7 r>o i «o ferred back to the Commissioner* for correction. The report of tbe city commission ers in tho matter of the vacation of a certain tract on Canal street, upon the petition of Thos. Pinrco et. al. was submitted. Tnls report was received and concurred in. The petition for the vacation of tho north and south alloy between Market and Spear streets and Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets waa refered to the street committee. Chief Farrell's report of the appoint ment of John Carney, minuteman at No. 4; and Wm. Leffort at No. 5, together with the resignation of Harvey Delhi was received and concurred in. The report of the city treasurer of the receipts and disbursements for tho month of March was referred to the Finance Committee. The petition for the widening of Smith street was referred to the City Commissioners. The several bids for fire hose were referred to the Fire Committee with power to act. Council adjourned until Friday night, next, at which tho inspectors of the election will be appointed. CJOTTUlOi " Fire department .Poll™ " CUT offices Speelflc Engineer..., CUT attorney Uleotrlc Hint Gn8 Ceaatory Board ot Health Park department Stationary Hefundlng Interest on orders Interest on bonds tOi'Cnb UU l/ulluu...,>.••>• * * Respectfully submitted, ALBEUT SWAD.ENF.R, City Cierk, To the Mayor and Members of Hie Common Council: GENTLKMKN:—I herewith submit my report as City Clerk of city orders Issued by me during tbe month of March, 1894, and for what purpose issued: Street department As follows: Streets proper. *$?.; Sewers I*" Fire department Police " Cltyofflc«s Knglneer Specific- Cemetery Eleetrlo light Gas Stationary Printing -™ jin fmfi 14 Board of Health 2B uu »TO1 H Respectfully submitted, ALBEKT SWADENEH, City Clerk. Refunding orders were issued to S M Tlpton for |8.76, and to John Lowry for $2.50 for taxes erronuously assessed. A deed was, ordered to Wm. H. Rlohter f or lot No. 1094 In Mt. Hope cemetery. The report of tbo City Commission- !)16 K! U'27 11 27(1 43 167 H7 253 f>6 SB 40 7S868 2676 21"> 40 101 CO 2600 ers e r e in the matter of the vacation of the north and eouth alley between Market and Broadway and Ninth and Tenth Btreati, WM . mbtoltted »nd re- ADDITIONAL LOCALS. la Eben Wolcott, of Wolcott, was the city yesterday, - Mrsi"H. G. Tucker is visiting rela. lives at Indianapolis. Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Chaunoy M. Custer yesterday morning, a fine boy baby. Miss Lillian Thompson of Indianapolis is tbe guest of Miss Lynn Shirk. Sol. D. Brandt is in Terre Haute attending u meeting of Grand Council of the Royal Arcanum. Mr. G. B. Warner Is at Maxtnkuokee placing electric light wires in Col. Kreuzberger's now place. Miss Anna B. Bnyart, of Anoka, departed yesterday for Moscow, Idaho, where she will prepare for teaching in that western city. Yesterday in the city court Richard Johnson wag fined for assault and battery upon Wm. Lofus. The affray waa committed on Third street last Saturday night. Secretary Earl Cook returned yes terday from the railroad conference in New York which was largely attended. A full report of the msetin? will be published later. Elegant, magnificent, complete, unique. The "Marie Burroughs Art Portfolio of Stajre Celebrities." You can only get it through tho Jeurnal, Save your coupons. Part 6 DOW ready, Yesterday morning J. F. Getty and D. M. Watts, the two threshing machine men became mixed up in a discussion at the offlce of tbe former on Fifth street, which resulted in a MsUc encounter which created fora time quite a sensation on the "Mid- way " - f.*NtNlKbt'«FIre. Tho fire department was called out about 10 o'clock last night by a fire in the Jerusalem suburb. Tbe middle house of three alike sending facing the rivor, and which was vacant, caught Ere and was almost entirely consumed. The house belongs to Wm, Shaonahan. Tho loss was prob- ibly$800. The house adjoining it, occupied by Cornelius Meredith was aho somewhat damaged by the flames. _ A. Good Time Ii coming and not far away. Friday it not an unlucky day for there it to be a social for railroad people in R. R, Y. M. C. A. rooms on that even- Ing. _ Silks and drew .goods,, best line lo city.— Trade.Palace. DISEASE GERMS. «>e Development of Mlcro-Orgnnlim* In I he IIuniHii Hoily- Among the well-known diseases whose bacterial orighi i.s already placed beyond reasonable doubt are erysipelas, tuberculosis, diphtheria, tetanus, typhoid fever, croupous pneumonia and influenza. The facts discovered regarding- some of those dur- fftlio past fifteen years are -.iinonjr the strangest of the "true fairy talos" of modern science. For example, the micrococcus of croupous pneumonia, as discovered by Dr. Sternberpr, lurks in the month, and is harmless tliereawait- inp as it were an opportunity when a condition of lowered vitality of the system, as from exposure to cold, shall enable it to take «p its active abode in the lungs, and begin a development whose results will be manifest in an inflammation of those organs. Again, it appears that the bacillus of tetanus, or lockjaw, is abundant everywhere in the soil, and may rest on the surface of the human body or be taken into the stomach without producing injury. Kvcn on the surface of an open wound it can not develop.it being one of the bacteria that can not grow in the presence of free oxygen. But if introduced into a deeper wound awa3' from the air it may develop rapidly, and produce the painful and often fatal disease tetanus. Thus is explained the fact, always before a. mystery, that even slight and seemingly insignificant puncture wounds are more likely to produce this disease than are open lesions that otherwise are far more serious. It is an interesting- and highly suggestive fact, as showing the power of resistance of the human body under normal conditions, that a bacterium capable of producing such a disease as this may be so abundant all about us, and yet so infrequently find opportunity for malignant activity. But the same thing appears to be true in greater or less degree of all the other bacteria that may develop in the human body. Even when introduced into the body they are harmless, unless they find tbe conditions there favorable to their development. Thus there are probably very few persons who have not at one time «nr another inhaled the bacillus of tuberculosis or its spores, but the lungs of only the relatively few furnish a favorable soil for its development These susceptible oerKons develop the di«ase; the others are said to be immune as regards this particular bacillus. Hut susceptibility and immunity are relative terms, and a person whose tissues at one time resist the microbe may at unodlier time succumb to it The exact nature of ,the "inherent vitality" which we a»e accustomed to speak of as giving the tissues power to resist the micro-organisms we understand as little as our nn- cestors understood the real cause of the contagious diseases. Perhaps the microscope will help to enlighten us in this regard in the next half century.— Harper's Weekly. Indictment" yn«miPO." She was a lawyer's daughter; but he kissed her. "Sir," she exclaimed, "how ilore you? 'Don't you know J can have you indicted for larceny?" "All right," he replied, "if you do, I'll have you charged with receiving stolen property!^!—Truth. —Taking-Tt year in and year out the coldest hour of each twenty-four in S o'clock in the morning. Sealed Proposals, To furnlsb snmtlliw 'or the Northern Indiana Hospital Tor Insane-. For me Montn of May, 1894. Will be received by tun Brawl «' Trustees, nt tl» hOMiItiil. until 1:2 o'cluck M. on Tuesday. April lk KJ order''of tin* BivmL Long Cliff, Lo>- isi'Ort, 1ml. April i, ISM. JOS. G. ROGERS, Medical Supt, Kxecntor's Sale of HcsU Estate.- Notlw is litrcbj slven th:it tho undersigned. ev. executor ofthiMrt>n»l 1 ;md U'SUiuicnt or MATV S Button, <!e«'iiwd. hy orilor ot tlic Cass UrcaM. C'liirt, In ond lor Cuss Comity, Indians, In a*i action pending tbeivln, wherein <Ji>orge W. tunk.. eit-raiorof the last will ami iwaamenl of Mary S- Bulton, (jBCWMl, was ulaliiUff and Cmce i.- ]lHTcx, ft al, were <lor<>iniaiiU) will on Mondux May 7, 1894. at HIP law offi^ of Mwefl 4: V«nt Ilk the cliy of Logniwi;ort. Ca«8 county, Inrtlnna^ nler for Kil« :il iirtv;ifo Kils Ibe foIU»!n«r. rlhert rral esfiitu Mtuaie )n I'nw connlj, H oo. lift In -lohn Tlpton'n fourth addition tc- tliecltyof Loffansport, InciUna. exreptlnK there- fr-^m the went CO l(*t «f tn« north W feet of saws Term* of scle:-Snld real <v-t»»f «I15 notr*.- sold for less th;m tlio ajipr-ilm-d TO|U« tJeKoT. One-third of tho purchase money to be pan cann ;. one-third In Dine inontbn, ami en«-tbM In eighteen rootitbs Irom daw of *»!*>. Tn« pnrcnaiwr to execute his notes secured Ij mortgage .°"} ne ' premises sold; all wltnoirt rflleffrein T»loatlon. and appraisement law. Innw* »al* Is not made on said diiy, tbn Rule ttxwor win b* continued at thcsamepliiceanUon i HP same t«rjn« awl conditions from day to day until Hold. <;io»rt»W. Fujni. Executor of the last will aod vertMMnt ol Marr S. Button, tleceiined. An Ordinance. Beltordslnwlhy tb* common eoonell »t the clt« •- Tl-Awboy or girl of th« am «f four an* upwards, who nr.nl! wimtonlj, mtac&levouMr «t»p. or sit upon ihc »tep« of aiu sUwet rallwsj car lor- the purpose of 8orreptltiou«u riding thereon, or- «aall In any manner cling to tb« nt«i» er sides. tbertof, whllethe nanifl Into ntlioDer underway, shall be subject and pay a Bn« not exceeding: ten (10) dollars an the fourt may In l« discretion. g^-lon 2— Any perfon who rtiaU tbtow snowballs or other rnlsaels at or through my street car shall upon conviction be toed In any gum- not exceeding ten (10) doll.itii, and paj n »ne not exceeding ten (10) dollars »» tn« court maylnia- be in force f roin and after tu puitce unddoe. pnbHcatlon. „. O .B. ta^.lt^r. ATTBT: ALSEBT SWATJKM*. CI«J CtfA. FREE HEADING ROQJ& Open Dally and Eventou*. 616 Broadway, Welcome 10 All. V. H. LOCKWOOD, PATENT LAWYER, to X. Market Strwut. Inffl inapolte. Practice in all oonrw, I>«nllr talld nsteirt promptly procured on MWSOBHOI* IMTHS, JfapM draughtsman In tbe otBce. Write tor Inf jtmatlorv Brunkor'H Carminative Balsnm. the ffreat etom- ach and bowel remedy, is still workiojc wonders. For sale by all NOW THIS IS A FACT CARL W. KELLER the Herf chant Tailor, leads them all in the Spring Trade. 100K AT HIS PATTERNS. A sk any man in the city the way his clothes are made to fit ana then know the truth. CARLW. KELLER. 311 Market St.

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