Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 26, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 26, 1952
Page 6
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Wl$ ffinn tit J*i ietvetl ?W«W r 'taylw «* tBWthOTtlO. Mr, and MM. wr» an* Mr, B»y «pendin| thu ChrtitftiBii holldny* wjth «h*fr por- mil. JWr, and Mr*. Wmnln«Uwi, w 6t of Wi)tr , MJi« %ir» mo rff bnffl Smith, Ml** NMfletttt Will~ "'" C«rtlitu«4 ff«n ftgft Dot tl«N inkfnti P«rt In lh« Metal in- itiwme* Vpro«r«m DMhiA Lincoln, t«wr*n««, include J*f Phllllf»* f to'''" home and tort* to . community llfeV At JeMl 107 «|»mmunHlff» In emmtle* «i*d In the \ Community IBM Irr JnnUf Mil* nitra l/Buterpach, , , and Bobby ,Too Phippln, McMnth, tenchero Colioife, Arkndblphln, i« DC. snd Mn, villtlnji hit I* M, Mr, and ,MrH, Clyde Moiler Onto**, tewni, fire tb* «u«U their tweot*, Mr. ana MM, filbert Hin Moifor'or Pulton, and Hospital Notes < Brnneti JiUohftMjedi *Boy Wvann, Cleveland, Ohio, Paul fosquu, Momphfi. Term., Mr», Dftlo ailpiitrlqlt and Arksn*M prwermm Th* »pnniM»lfl|n Agricultural Ex Mntlon Service, ArKnn»M P«M AMOclnUofl ind AAhan§«» Power Mglrt Go,, b« unnounwd the »en«ilute Mr thla program. Cmmty judging will be dono J«n 10.80, rtUlrlot Judging wilt be com. plotod by F«b, 10 Arid t*tit* Ing by »"«i», 38. Awards will bo recngnlllon banquet tn'LW March ,UMi. pronounced th«* trend I*. On* taeh #x*mglo f» A. t. A> font of Conw*y. Fsulfciwr County AgfWrt Jf»m«* O, Mill »«y» Afford marketed 4.827 broiler* in Novem- !»r ni 31 and * half rent* a pound. Alferd got one pound of m«l for tvery 1*4 pound* of fo«d and incurred a mortality rnt« 01 only 1,1 p«r cent. PRESCOTT NEWS Saturday, December 27 Mlw Mary Beth Bryxon and Ml«s Carolyn Cox of Lincoln, Neb., will entertain Miss Mory Ism Tiiomax, j her mald« and out of town guest*; Charles Thomas, mother of the bride -elect, Mrs. Ernest Cox, mother of the groom-elect, Miss Nona Ragle. Miss Rita McCaskll!, Miss out : to B ry. >n B**l5it«l by their mothers, Mrs.) ArkenMf fnrmero wrmt all fn planting foil oat* thl» Ml for fnrnfff and srnln purpow. i ,, , „ , .. Thnt'fi the word from W.ll.|^**f^ fir ^ nn nn<1 Mrs Freyaldenhovcn, a«soclnlf<l »gr<> notnini for ihe AfrieuHural Extcn- ^IhTbr-un-h * S.'turf.y mo-j^ Bem^Mr, Otho Hc-iterly, Mn. Pot Combs, Miss Nancy Lynn " eta Ann Atkins who has been their guest. Mr. and Mrs. Steelc Moore. MU* Enkeridge Ruth and Sammy are the holiday guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Dr. and Mrs. Ted Smiley and son, Jimmy, of Aurora, Mo., are tho holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Yancey. Legal Motice Oarrctl, Mi*s Ann McSwam, Watson White Jr., Miss Jane Lon- Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Moore have Mi t ' ox - «n Integral direct of the bride. In «re«»«t <««m«nd wa* Travel- Thoma?i and Ernest Harlcy Cox Jr ft out iwetl, which ha* been very wi)l bc solemnized Saturday at popular In mld-Arkan*** and the P m - ot | h « northern mountainous areni B ut ^reception will follow at the home Chat variety wa* In short »ut»ply thin y*ar, »oy» Freynldenhovijn. Farmers feasJag «h* quality Travel- or vorleiy »hould hove little difficulty in finding tfmiijfcet att«jf hisr- ... r M ..,,.,„„.,,, ,.„... Andro '' v -KinorT'«xarkanflrMi»7ca"roiyTiCox as ^lr guests, Lt. Col. and j Miss Katherine Cox of Fulton, nnd! H - s - Streetcr nnd daughter, of Mian Mary | Jo, of Ft. Hood, Texas. Miss ANNUAL MEETING OP MEMBERS The annual meeting of the mern- hers of Hope Federal Savings and Loan Association, Hope, Arkansas, wilt be held at the office of the Association at 122 E. Second St., Hope, Ark., at 7:00 p. in. on Tuesday, January 13, 1953. Meeting for the purpose of electing two rectors and for the transaction of any other business that may properly be considered by the members. J. C. Hall, Secretary Dec. 20, Jan 2, 9 Ml*e Thorn JIB Pet«d With Bridal Parties Mi»» Mary L*u Thomas, brMr ; 1 n ley Cox, Jr. ^i fcrf;Jfc'n>' . mk Art !Mt» (ettat 8«ryCo\,rtot "^Mwwi* f^f&.^'P 1 ^'* ri^ftpMtndttit fc^fc ,tbe >,*',! Stqlin ContJnmd ' tftft meat . Stalin *»«g» Qiw srti world dinp on earth, \\omt <*l»lrr» to OP of y rt«V<? felt tt wan the iii|t Bpprpprlate for r ;Hfm»elf «"• blg-honrtod (8 U U well known Hfi in laver U) SatitR Claiw, ff)t Ihe Tlrnon' quontlon? '*wft«Ul you welcome dlplo- converifltitWH with repot the new Ktnutt- <lttK tO' mootlnit , Ela«n- m ottdlnu world <«Mlon»?" tuiHwerinlt 1 regnrd thl* ton favornUI}'" w»» bplng iwimliitpnt with lln*. The Comm«nl»ts ittorlc* HAVIH prr>vtau»ly in lhl» coluntn . chicken and iutfamtaWm In the tiiate, Btibiiequent Mporta «how just '""""" f „ With tttc 1«V<WW« 0' J(or<tftt. Pur- lh<-r, If Ktiilln wan tnlklntf: ulrlctly for prop»«»ndB And doesm't want to meet EUenrwrtver. tho woi-din« Of the quoitlon "Sttd th« 7in*wor tiro H«n«rnl enough to alvtr fitnlln 0 big, wM« out. V i 4 ' An (he: tjuo«tl<j» ImllcnW-arid this w«« what Stalin tnlct yea to- iMifare ^ nn4 ICHenhowcr nv«*r not ((tgethflr dlplonmti? on both WCuld (tkv» 14 rfl«*t to due Id o whnt the two JTidn they ft»4 aitt'.W* Wiy the powdbility o* m when it, as tH«y Legal Notice **m. AnoUw jn»« «oulrt ft meetlni«, on by tflplomatu In trtlffl Mondny. Mrs. ./. H. Honterly entertainer! liei'vlCR to Arkansas furmerd, hanj wil h » luncheon bridf.c- In hor home n Hlaff o( 483 worht'r*. . K, W, Dye'feThe HviniJ room rnnntcl was decor- pi Sllonm SpririKS h:is prcnentwlj""'' 1 with holly, i-amlUvs and Christ- II niillonnl champion Hereford buli;m:is nnfjol:! nnd poitod priiriKoltins nrifl alx Hereford fem.ik'S to the j were pliirod nl. |:oitils of inli-rnrt University of Arkansas. Estimated I in the rooms. voluo of thf jseven nnlmnls la about! The »<-rvina table wns cov< n i d $15,000. They will be used for lm-jwilh :• eut work cloth. White carna- : im>nt provftrncnl of Iwef cattle breeding;. | tinni, .stock :inrl woddini:; belli in' University horticulturists soy that I an j Immediately following the home (of Mrs. Ouss McCasklll and Miss M« ( I,^U» (-i>,. u Rita McCasklll wan the scene for Methodist Church a gefltcd tca they gayc w(lh Mrs Floyd Hubbard, for Miss Thomas. The guests were greeted by Miss Nona Eagle. Receiving were the hostesses, the honoroe, Mrs. Char[ |r-s Thomas and Mrs. Krnest Cox. ' The rooms were beautifully clc- icnralcd in the Christmas motif. : Rod and white potted poinscltias ' v.ivro placed at points of Interest. , A nativity scene graced tho book case and colored lights on the ! Christmas tree cast a soft glow iovi-r tho living room. | Miss Sue Jones invited the guests the dining room. The Legal Notice NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OP HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OP THE ESTATE OF No, 854 J. G. COLLIER, deceased Last known address of decedent: 802 West Fourth Street, Hope, Arkansas Date of death: December 13, 1952 An instrument dated April 16, 1!MG, with codicil dated July 14, 1949, was on the 20th day of December, 1952 admitted to probate as the last will of the above named _ .... table'decedent, on d the undersigned has •A-as covered with a hand crocheted j been appointed executors (with will cloth and centered with an ararnge orna- production f>f Concord Krnpes can lie Increased by 1 to 2 tons per ncrc by druftins the Concord variety onto selected rootstockH ot other grape varieties. Musiol Gets Another Title of :;ilvered greenery, ,. ,. "I • nipnts and white bells interspersed ar j,Uc ar ran«,M,,,.nl former !wjlh „ nu . ( , wn)tc { a *$ c ™ conliMpioro. A col.,rful bowl of: briws _ Miss Kthcl Bcmjf prcsidod taper;; grac-. al tnt , ,;ji vnr service. The cake was „,, , . , . j(,crvea by Miss Ida Rao Hamilton. !ue,ts wore seated n card. Gniduat , d , lghtcd whjte t t.ibU-s (.cnK-rod w.lh spru-s of holly]. lmj mi niature Christmas trees the nonoree.'! p|;u,-c was mnrlted !hr fruit flanked \>y whit> »•<! the buffet. The in- NKW YORK another title under his bolt todny, with n Kilt of Chiriii and a fushia carnation pnrsafio, MJ3.1 Sue Jones, bride-floct ot Dr. Hi'irolil Pollock rocolvcd a red Stun Musial hart! carnation cors'aKo, In thi.' nairivM that followed Mrs. torsporsed with frosted ceclar graced the buffet. Mrs. Dallis Atkins and Mrs. Allen i Gee assisted in courtesies. Miss Thomas was presented a gift of China in her chosen pattern. in tiny hew tUptomntt* Wench designed to bftng-BboUt oft end to tho Korean Blfllln np? nnld: USSR H» wor In ln«t Ru* th*t in purnwuneo of th* ttiftl dlreeti«n* trontultwd in the Mdtv of «W Ch«wwj CJ made Ho 1't leoJt |00d. He mild: "1 to «o-OB*rati> because the i'U In ending the And mttybu at , realty want* ih*> war It hfltn't demotmtriited \clltu»Uon. i Uoublet, or tjlmmiuks. ti»W«r nlwut eo-opcrn- h,» c«U» co-opern- to the Wuat like tactics. record Sta»n iiitend» his nl- with the release of the final sot of j William Tlicrnas Mur|.ihy of Texar- offlelnl Natloniil t,t'aniii) sUitiMtici 1 ' for 1052. The hard-sockini: St. I.ouls Cardinal"' stalwart compiled the high- cst S'nior loop sluKKhut pen-cental^! lor the .sixth straight your. His I -- nvi-i'iiRe last season, (.5:111) v.'iiM' uiuler par for the out ! biiHiiintm, who holds the all-tlmo Nl, HlugKlng record ot .5711. Russians Suddenly Release American BKRt.tN. (UP>--Tlu; liu.Msians todiiy released American l,t. llor- acn J. Silicon. 1 nt llonn'Slfiul,- I'To., who was si'i/ed III! days nyo when ho wiinderod Into Kast Ciernuiny dressed as a war (juines "aiigres- sor," An American spokesman said the Soviets htul M't-atoil Slncoru "f!«.-n- erally pretty well" during his capi- tlvtty. KiUKi won (b( pri/o and Mrs. Don Sallee o xlor City, I.n., the canasta sctiro prixi!. Olhei-H pre:^nt inclined Mrs. Legal Notice Sinoore lost his way in snow and pedia Britanicca. Buson wns looking around tho Kitchen, "You logic settled — I .houglit pcrlmps 1 could help you —•how you whoro things wont." Deborah turned to tho stave, plotted up the oofteo pot. "You forgot I lived hero for almost nineteen yo«*8." Suaan flushed. "I had forgotten! You don't mind being alone tUe howao?" Deborah «ud, "Not a bit. Not a» ot you next door. I'll h^ve company often. John Wendell promised to come In soon, f Hho Mmff tnvv a flush on cheeks but this Umo U quickly, warmly. How maHe thorn hovo to. ei at tiofenclanti, tho of of ih» \vhtch said o)| A bond and said cause. »e note unlit retained on the th» pay- otm W«ndeU aho Imagine tookod Misses Andrews and Wooley Entertain Mir.s Carolyn Andrews and Miss l-'ranccs Wooley entertained with ti dance on Monday evening at the Uedlar.d Community Club House that was festive with decorations Nov. 2 iind crossed "intojof holly, Christmas wreaths and st territory while his reRl-|a lighted tree. incnt W ;is holding; maneuvers near I Kofreshments were served to the (ho border separaiiri!! the Amor-i thirty-five guests during the even- lean /one ,,!' Berlin from Soviet' K-.'ist tit! many. Fr;irs for his safety were heifih- ti-nod becaii'ir lie W;IH wearing the uiiifiirrn uf a "t'oitimurii.st a;,'- iJroii.'inr" as part of the rnaneuv- crs. U. H. intelligence officers said today Sincoiv woul;l not he allov.'- ed to talk to reporters before Saturday. The Arabian camel will carry a load of :">()() pounds :!.") miles a day for three days without drinking water, according to the Kncyclo- annexed' thereunder. A contest ot the tho probate of tho will can be effected only by filing a petition within tho time provided by law. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, 01 they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. Tliis notice first published 2Gth day of December, 1952. (Eecutors with will annexed) "Grady Collier Leo Collier Hope, Arkansas Dec. 2(i, Jan. 2 NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF No. 849 Clyde M. Miller, deceased Last known address of decedent: Hope, Arkansas Date of death: October 18, 1952 An instrument dated July 4, 1951, was on the 10 day of December,"^ 1952, admitted to probate as the' last will of tho above named dci'^j cedcnt, and the undersigned has been appointed administrator with will annexed thereunder. A contest^ of the probate of. the will can be effected only by filing a petition within the time provided by law. AH persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published 19 day of December, 1952. C. C. Spragins Administrator with will annexed Hope, Arkansas Dec. 19, 2G "Good morniniv, Miss Brent. I stopped..." Deborah cnmo to 'tho door. "Come in, came In. We're having some coffee, Will you join us? Pull a ehnlr up to the table while I heat up the pot. Of course it isn't Post to entertain tha preacher In tho kitchen," "It happens that this particular preacher prefers kltehens." John Wendell gave Susan a little smile. "1 really stopped, though, to aak you U you'd ItUo to have me take your cat over to a garago and hav« swnoane check it over." Why, you'igywonderful to think tl W b€M<W so Brftte j wl li bo for daya." to enjoy UiU|, * - .T^ Mr. nnd Mrs. J. J. Pederson and son, Uiivid Allen, of North Cowden, Texas, are the holiday guests uf her p.-ucnts, Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee. Mr. and Mrs. spent Tuesday in Hcrvey Bemls Texarkana. Miss Nona Eagle was a candle lighter in the wedding of Miss Mil xu> Roseher and Charles Woodrow .solemnized in Eudora last Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Dallis Atkins motored to Little Rock Tuesday for a visit with their daughter, Mrs. Dun can Mitchell and Mr. Mitchell. They were accompanied by Mar- DO YOU WANT A JOB? 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Oaed to *a not hefd her Indlgna- t buck from hot voice, > »ra watting to see to their dftyt" to buy rtmombcwcl tho young into Wln»t««l to buy Motfctt *»$ done «very- But now U»t Nell'a elder, wtwt to do» or s«y ftttUhwi wwoOy, "I'm youl* bur*. Aunt {Xbtoe! — 4n* M the (MttlyT She lov*d o*a» Probably ^n tnault W offer them! They're a weakness ot mlnb —1 couldn't resist getting somo when 1, was shopping for tood." ' "I'll mako you some, Aunt Debbie," said Susan tn & voice that rang dlttorantiy on Deborah's ears. On John Wendell's, too? Ha said, "Let me know when and Til bo coming in to eat some. By any chance did Doctor Winneld Marcy j stomach ulcers? Mrs. Don- t«ods mo as If I were on « Oebomh took ona of tho Jars of {KM» tho basket that was ill on tho tablo, "§us»n brought tvw to me. She made It hear- Way I give John one, Susan, to UN homo with him?" • Susan's "Ot eourso" had-the dlt- t*r«nt Hit m it JuJin Wendell took tho Jar. "Will 1 Ifeunt Uiat In Mrs. Donnell'a facet Thanks. Susan." Ho used h«r nam« without any self-con,* selouaiu»s«. ... v , ':•'" . ^;"I thought it was the custom to Invite tiff minister-to supper with atae rtgularttjh-fiNid him up that way. U usod to be, I remember," It way aave. talk<« off as Uoo> or Maroy grew older, I undur- tfcud—from Mrs. Donnell—that h* iked a light {upper »v«ty night w*nt to bed at rune o'clock. >he WsWy disapproves ot the late I i feeup. Runs up th* eleo trie Ufht Wlls, she reminds m« Ycn'H wati* to beatO when Ihe doors open, LADIES DRESSES 200 tc^setect from PRICE urdoy morning es await you. LADIES HATS One Big Table PRICE tns Owl fr«m ^if t WUI'« t»w»r4 twr f3i^d gnkjM|| hftW' KOdd K^ im( yoi^ <po^ne to fliTm ; gets too axud» for si' V* £5^ r ^^ ^•l H|l T'"' m " twnnf^i- """WR ^« piy* jsyfftSi B^^s ^^ ^^i^T ^^^^^^^P ^1 Men's $39.95 Debprab's eye* bad a little them, "In taat all she ejj ofT* 1 Wendell laughed. "As tw to dweT He got »$ ir. "J'tt ««t your ear out U you"" give me UM» key- And that prom««» and Childrens EATERS One Group PRICE One Group LADIES SHOES Pdds and Ends !4 PRICE ies Better PRICE L) t P A k T M t N 1 b I O K t . o» * *i * AS OZARK IK1 VtMJ'PE MY MV BEST FRIEND HERE'S FIVE CXXL AfJS WHEN VN1U. VCXJ IT BACK? VOUVE GOT TO LOAN ME FIVE DOLLAR'S VVyi*»v?4 THROWN THIS YPAR A TOUCHDOWN FOR iff .• WUXATSf I YAftDSf 1> ijtt.^ .->.-.-*.i'.... .«if *'.' i s .V>»> mm&m OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Answer to Previous Puzzle WBU. TH& «SHOB<iU«K KTBNTlpifsl? MV ', K J, fiCKWM-b, AS A CUSTQVVEK ., LITTLE ' A Animal Fair W TWO YEARS- t H'-:/PID W TH'BULL IS N V6H, I KNOW. 1 V BEEM OWTHIS. \ S "rt^ 0 W OUT aF 1HAT \ *£ 6° T ' TC> \ METAL. GKAGS- ) / EVEE. £< PERIOD VVHEM ) 66 SUCH A 1 HOFPE.E.' TH' / I TRV • \ WE- MM:T:. CUK, \FIMC'MACM|HJ- SHCPS I&TOO \'.'\ MAK.IM' OWN (V B1<3--A GUV > YDUC. / AM' FIXEDOLIE VoVUf-F FOG (SlT / / OWM \ OWM C'A(-:<". AM' BREAKS j EVERVTi UNO- /HE(?£ CM TH 1 MORE.' WE \ N-_. ? ^A AMD HE tVriLL POM'T GIT Thl 1 ^~^f P—\ "TALKS n/ V TfMP.,THATH6 HORIZONTAL VERTICAL K8UATIVB IS TWIS BOSTON) % ' H» TO 1 polar 2 Pain 3 Indian tribe 4 Sew loosely 5 Sea eagle . 6 Habitat pla^t adjustment ' 7 Pronoun 8 Get up 9 Operates 10 Rim 11 Soap-making frame 17 Tell 19 Ancient Asia Minor town 23 Phonograph records 24 Polynesian cloth 4 "The birds and the 8 War god of Greece 12 French coin 13 What a cat docs with her back 14 Impolite 15 Exclamations of satisfaction 1G Jcerings 18 Repeats 20 S-shaped worms 21 Animal that BREAKS-THAT y YOU PID.' ,— ^ . 25 Spoked 26 Muddle 27 Stormy recurrence 28 Mother of Apollo 2D Again 31 Tidier 33 Part of an animal's body 38 Come 40 Inactive. 41 Bishop's headdress 42 Food container 43 Atop 44 Elevator inventor 46 Playing cards 47 Musical instrument , 48 Cautious ' . 50 Split pulse WASH TUBES THIS / VEM...THEV 5U5PECT ^ FIKESUQ. OFFICER. BUT WE 5NWBE£M VkSiTIMS OMB O IS TH' THIRD 50 TH£ NK50NJ CCJUfrP IS mimics 22 Unemployed ! ;f24 Rugged peaks '. 2G Continent 27 State (ab.) ' 30 About . 32 Purloined 34 Analyzed grammatically 35 Waxy . ointment 36 Winglike part 37 Sad cry 39 Become larger _ ,40 Passage in - • the brain 41 Miss West 42 Lorna 45 Iris 49 Prohibit 51 Arabian garment 52 Mix 53 State 54 With (prefix) 55 Consecrated wafer Majesty 57 Opener for locks ! V)HO WftSN'T OMEMCH TEMANT,«eUf HOME Of TH'TEMNMTS 1 . SHB / Q' THB/A MM? GUBR. NEIGHBOR DROPPED BNRLV TONIOHT FIRE- 110 DIST RECEWTUV, PICK UP <x CLUP OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hooplo EGAD ^MLJFFV.' WHAT BREEZB you LEFT EARLY, MASOR/ BOT V)AFTcO ./WE TO YOUR PLEAS-i LATER <pNi I RAM urrL» PORT? — o\\.'we Ji cr^s TMECOKMER, WITH A •DECIDED TO EMPTY AMO if t)OL'R;<tJOB. |,'A VOUR WASH THE YULE WASSAIL JV ^AVIMG A SLIGHT AT THE CLUB, _<<JPrv HM> PULLSD FFsO/v\ DID 1 SULLY TH6 Jpy^*. ( Y^Li/ —JOST A ' OISMITY OP M.V A-^.-., \ ROOTIES HOLIDAY )-^ JUGTICE'S By Edgar Marfi BOuTS AND HER BUDOICS .v,'>: /•w*— CARNIVAL By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY / US \ DON'T SIV6 y y-voy HAVE ) SURE TO S-SEE -rrrr THINS, PORKY/ TH'PENTlCT, Kll ( I COME IN TOO2 'M\\ HERE BVBRV AREN'T EVEN A >WTTl.Bf FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbcmer ALLEY OOP AN ORDER ON THE TOP-O-FASHION SHOP WE BEEN FOR ONE COMPLETC HeW5 .- ra . TOE ALL THIS EN5EMr5CE...Wt-!V, ) BEFORE ALLEY. ItWS,/ ATI' NCtTHIN 1 EVER C0f«e6 A WASTE TIME AN 1 MONEY AN NOT GOKNA. PARTY T. M. R.u U. 8. P.t. Sfti 195? by NEA S«rvlce, Inc. "Well, Albert didn't really propose exactly, but he did suggest I get a better paying job!" ' SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith "I can't carry soup without_spl|llngjtr' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer sue/ HOW'D YOU DO YOU WAMT THE PERFUME I. YOU ? t MADr jrsv i^. (l^U \ J» l*\f^l^r\f t ir IN. CHE^AIST1^. 1 I' LAB/ ON THe OWE??, FAMI'.V cen PCRFUftAl **l fflfg<?t to warn the baby «ftttf net to let Junior play & SUITS

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