Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on March 10, 1957 · Page 9
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 9

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Sunday, March 10, 1957
Page 9
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Wrecked Cars. H II t xume d Fac es Plastic Surgeon Devotes Life to Improving Safety Features DETROIT FREE PRESS Sunday, March 10, 1957 4-9 BY CHARLES C. WEBER fro Pm Staff Writer A plastic surgeon needs no reminder of the disfigurement that often comes to motorists in. traffic collisions. He sees the victims every day. Dr. Claire L. Straith has been putting marred and broken faces back together almost since automobiles and accidents became common. "It's a slaughter," he said. "I have seen the torn and mutilated victims of crashes for nearly four decades. At least we have the chance to help the victims, the ones-lucky enough to survive, to 'return to normal appearances." The memory of those faces got him started on a personal campaign many years ago. The bouncy, 65-year-old surgeon is still at it with s much zest as back in 1930 when he installed a safety belt and crash padding in his own car. IIIS AVOCATION IS to battle for improved interior design of automobiles to reduce injuries in crashes. In 1937 he patented a padded dashboard and springs built inside the dash to absorb shock. But manufacturers were cool to them. Dr. Straith is a much happier man today because of what he terms "the very great progress" made in the safety field. "The attitude toward the problem has greatly changed in recent years," he said, adding:' "Most cars now are designed for greater safety. "Not so long ago salesmen were afraid to mention that the nice, new car being shown a customer might some day be involved in an injury accident. "Now they stress safety features and don't have to be afraid of losing a sale." HE IS CONVINCED that much more can and should be done "because there's no other single entity that produces as many injuries or medical problems as auto accidents." The most necessary step is to incorporate into every make of car "the extra safety features now available in the most expensive cars sothat the mass of riders will benefit, In 1948 he joined with the police Accident Prevention Bureau in a unique survey showing that passengers in the right front seat of a car were three times as prone to injuries as drivers. Colleagues in the American Medical Association refer to Dr. Straith as a pioneer in the field and credit him with sparking establishment of AMA national, state and county committees on automotive safety. He is chairman of the Wayne County committee and a member of the statewide group 1 China, France To Make Movie HONG KONG VP Red China and France are negotiating to join forces in producing a film. French Film Star Gerard Philippe, currently touring Red China, disclosed the plans, Fei-ping Radio reported. - The actor also said a Chinese film week will be held in France next October at which more than 20 Chinese Communist films will be shown. EAT WHAT YOU LIKE No Stomach Misery! What's wrong with your stomach that STOMA-REX won't help? Add indigestion, gas, belching, bloating, H stop the day you start taking STOMA-REX. And there's still another plus in !easy-to-tals STOMA-REX tablets. Your appetite sharpens up as normal stomach secretions speed healthy digestion and assimilation of food. Prove it yourself at our expense. STOMA-REX tablets are sold with money-bacr ouar. 1 Dr. Claire L. Straith or any other type of Property? GET ffRICII" QUICK TOP DOLLAR PAID CASH IX 48 HOURS for Houses, 2 and 4 Flats, Apartments, Stores, Vacant Land, Land Contracts, G.I. Equities. Any Shape, Anywhere, Any Condition. Gotta Have 'Em. Just Gotta! IJENJ. RICH TU 3-4000 12545 Linweod-34 Yrs. Same Location $30,530,000.00 Sold in 1950 i . .'-s-'5;yi-i-- OLD PROS WAG HEADS April Fool Primary Has Silly Spots BY HUB M. GEORGE Frre Vrtu Politic! Writer Michigan's battle of the ballots is scheduled for April 1 traditional All Fools' Day. Oldtimers say that should have warned voters to expect 'flood of extraneous issues. Some even called it the silly season. But few were prepared for the rash of offbeat moves by Republicans and Democrats. FIKST, Democrats considered shuffling three Supreme Court candidates so that the advantages of ballot designations might back up bidders for two full eight-year terms. The move would have side tracked Justice John D. Voelker, of Marquette, newest member of THE JUDICIAL notice given to alleged "name" candidates the court, for nine months. The struck a note in Wayne County, strategy was abandoned. where politically potent names Now Republicans are trying have long been a bugaboo. to coax Attorney General Thomas M. Kavanagh to tell! them what is going to happen j lu 1113 UXlli-C IL lie 13 cicvicu fcw the Supreme Court. The latter term doesn't begin until Jan. 1. The same Republicans ncoffed last fall when Demo crats made like inquiries of Mayor Cobo about his bid for Governor. Serving In judicial roles in Wayne are five Judges Murphy. A sixth has just retired. All inherited . their political oomph from an Illustrious predecessorthe late Circuit Judge Alfred Murphy. The late United States Su- ipreme Court Justice ranK Murphy, who once served in Recorder's Court added to the po- The Supreme Court politely , litical potentialities of the name, ducked the attempt to have itj Democrats have nominated weigh the qualifications of John: Mrs. Irene Murphy, of Birming-C. Mackie, Democratic candi-1 ham, a social worker and a kins-date for Highway Commissioner. J woman of the late justice, as a Even George M. Foster, Republi-candidate for regent of the Uni-can nominee, was content tojversity of Michigan, have the issue rest on the fact All are Democrats, it was the Democratic State j The current jurists are Cir-convention that first raised the Cuit Judge Thomas C. Murphy; qualification question. Recorder's Judge George Mur- Iphy, brother of the former Gov- NOW JURISTS have searched ernor; Traffic Judge George T. in vain for a law to compel use j Murphy, and Probate Judges of the suffix "junior" behind the Joseph A. and Thomas C. sional nomination In the 12th District. Democratic nominees charge that Michael J. O'Hara, Menominee, also is a "name" candidate trying to capture some of the vote-getting glamour of Circuit Judge Chester P. O'Hara and Recorder's Judge John P. O'Hara in Wayne. It didn't work that way last November when the Menominee O'Hara tangled with Justice Talbot Smith for a place on the bench. Smith carried Wayne County by 439.598 votes to 339,987. But the justice saw his 100,-000 edge slip off to 54,000 when O'Hara bested him in the out-state vote by 46,000. nune of one candidate. Failing to find such a law, they have asked the State Bar of Michigan to take disciplinary action claim Murphy. THE LAST TIME the names of Justice Voelker and his oppo- in, that. Joseph A Moynihan is- Moynihan( Jr., were on an imposier wunout me -1. baUot gimuUaneously, there Moynihan has been paired off) nQ tion of ornisaions. acainst Justice Voelker. i He is the son of the well-known Circuit Judge Joseph A. Moynihan. "Junior," 42, served for more than a year as chief assistant United States District Attorney for Eastern Michigan. About all that has resultea In the 1954 primary, Moynihan got 20,551 votes to win the Republican nomination for Congress in the consistently Democratic 14th District. Voelker, with 6,517 votes, is some widespread publicity for came out second best in his bid Moynihan. Ifor the Democratic Congres- REPORT FOR 1956 Ford Fund Gives Asia 9 Millions for Training NEW YORK - (U.R) The it committed a total of $27,700 during fiscal 1956. The total included fl8,700,000 for support of education activities in the United States and Europe to aid international understanding and nine millions for assistance to economic and social developmet in Asia and the Middle East. The nine millions were approved for grants and other assistance to 13 nations ir Asia and the Middle East. The foundation said all 13 countries were "extremely short of trained people, of schools to train more, and of other institutions, public and private, through which trained men and women can be put at the service of their people." The bulk of the $18,700,000 Filipinos Iralc Over Jap's 'Slur MANILA (U.P.) The City of Davao was in a furor Saturday over an alleged insult by Japanese Ambassador Koichiro Asakai. The Davao City council ruled Japanese Ambassador Koichiro Asakai persona non grata because he showed up for a cocktail party hours late. Ford Foundation said Saturday .000 for international programs 'for advancement of international 'understanding went to colleges, 'universities and other educational institutions and agencies in the United States. Prices Only A Manufacturer Can Make 50 Off LARGEST DETROIT DISPLAY Fluorescent Fixvret and Lamp Incandescent Fixtures and Electric Supplies MM- -. ... .. 73T-SU. - U l0 1 WM Sl S10.95 LOWEST DETROIT MICES: tir 0w Flctsry Wirt nM-Pritfd lno' 14 2 Rent Tvm $4 27 Swviet Entrants $26.50 14 2 Unittv $7 64 Swlrcn In 2i Bracket Box 29t Oatlrt Box 21e Box t Hangar 59s Plaster Dint lie Toggle Switch 17s Oaplex Pill 15c S. sr PI. Plata 7s DETROIT'S LARGEST ASSORTMENT Panels: Main aits' 6. $10 1 Main and 8. S11.88 FLUORESCENT TUBES: 40 Watt-304, 80 '4 20 Watt-M. 66' iS Tabes: 24 Cirton: StarttnOO. 13' FREE DELIVERY rear any saantltr. 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