Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on July 10, 1951 · Page 26
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 26

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 10, 1951
Page 26
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T Edsel Ford Expressway Opens I 7 j Y vl7 ; V- J ' ill) V - . . I ' i V - . THE TO WN CRIER Let's Be Honest, Harrv Had Cancer BY MARK BELTAIKE Certainly no tribute is paid to the memory of a swell guy, Harry Heilmann, by some of the pussy-footing reporting, both via radio and newspaper, of the cause of his death. It was CANCER, and no soft-voiced references to "a lingering illness" can change the root of his suffering. While he was alive, naturally, simple good taste forbade any reference that might have increased hi3 own mental anguish. But now that Harry Heilmann has been murdered by one of modern mankind's deadliest enemies, it seems to me that the fcst tribute to him is to rally any forces that might help stop the slaughter. Perhaps a contribution to the Amer- . M ican Cancer Society would be the best way of 1 saying: "Thanks, Harry, for all the enjoyment r v f J you gave us. I No danger was ever avoided by nno'c y-crtA in th t5nd 'n fnfmv was 0 a a.cai - " - - - - - - - - - 3 i j : : TM1 ever vamuisnea dv aerrwng ius u v admit that I feel a special bitterness toward 1-ke Ben Hog an, cancer. My mother died of it, too. ED SULLIVAN Calls Turn on Success of Comic Duo NEW YORK Dear Boss: Back in 1947, when you directed atten tion to comedians Martin and Lewis, you said: "This will be the team since Hope and Crosby." Weil, it ap pears now that theyll bust H one's two , 1 week personal 'r Mrninf marlc F x Iw 1 . "or io,oou aur- grcatest t J Sullivan ing their cur rent New York Paramount Theater en gagement. Martin would trade it all in if he could play BOB FERKIX overheard a little boy in a swank Washington Boulevard shop beg his mother to take him to the dime store. "We've been to YOUR store." he said. "Now let's go to Beltaire jjy storc.' ... Memo to various national radio and TV shows designed to congratulate Detroit on its 250th birthday: We appreciate j-our kind intentions, but please don't insult our intelligence by the obviously preplanned answers to questions about Detroit given by contestants on quiz shows supposedly on the level. They don't fool anybody, make your show and your product look ridiculous. o Ed Warner report that 12 German police officers, taking the course in police administration at Michigan State College, went on the Safety patrol picnic of the Lansing Safety Council at Lake Lansing amusement park. They were offered a ride on the roller coaster. Ten accepted. After the first trip, the men were asked if they'd like another whirl. One man stood up dazedly, waved his hands, and shrieked: -Nein, nein!" o FREE PRESS GIFT of a Michigan State flag to the 16Sth Field Artillery, with headquarters in Japan, reminded Mrs. John Shumaker of Ann Arbor of a similar donation. You'll remember that Cpl. Arnold Manko wrote the stale asking for such a banner, was told that Michigan couldn't possibly afford such a costly expenditure. Seems that Mrs. Shumaker has a brother. Pvt. William Hein, of the ISOth Infantry Regiment of the 45th Division, who made the same request some time ago of Secretary of State Fred Alger. He dug into his own pocket for the gift of a flag, without fuss or feathers. o COUNTY CLERK Ed Branigm was amazed when he was told that Clerk Frank Dittmer. usually first man in the office every day and still spry as a field of crickets, i3 due to retire on July 24 at the age of 70. Branigin checked the records, saw that his birth date was listed as 1S91. "That would make you only 60," he said. "What's this about 70 ?" Dittmer shuffled his feet, admitted that back about 1933 he cut 10 years off his age to make it easier to get a job. ACROSS L Hiring brod smooth mlit . Shoot S. H:r-drf n'.r.g Implement IX Part between the tenor and oprano 5 J. Meadow 14. Nautical hafl- ing ca!l 15. Science of the earta and lit life It KectrlSed particle, J. TotaJ 50. Ourselves 51. Variety of tea 33. Rainbow SS. Faim leaf IS. Shrunken and hriveled 23. Kind of berr-int: local U.S. IS. Card with one a pot Si. Dowry IT. Pinnae! of t; in a rUcier iX State of bains in need 42. Novel by Rider Hapgard 4i CIt In Texts 4 Wild doe 43. Symbol for arsenic 13. Mountain la Crete II. South Amerl-can Indian 14. Refreshes after wearyiEf toll S3-87. Oren li. Ansry 0. JJirih x. W;l IS HriEiB'S EH? A N T iE j l';o"o'n U A O W S-T RlEIA'KlSODU N . ' JE'LILLIS CiU.TIT CiLiAiSiPTsLTo 8 IE Q'A E-R 1 'wrjSjT)A'LiEjn TE M'E'SpElNDEjSjLlQ W 3ajToi eTt . EjT0Ta,E -LlElpncill IP.EIN S a p moo ; p lie a'm'q'n'gTIa ' V E i ra ail IPrlE LiS'El 1EIT E B7E DE US ETlEiT P'CTt.E USiE G E ON TS Patron saint of sailors Pronoun Kind of wild cat DOWN Wearies PPM 5 l4 If t 73 ' " i2 ' 7J " '. ' ' 7a ' r a 2k7zj J$ jij 3a L3 132 n -733 2T: L- JTPFp 4f SI Lst Is "si 3s Ti Solution of Yesterday' Puzxle S. Cymrie run god 1. Iievice for spraying 4. Dress up; collo I. Panked . Corded cloth 7. tout or free a- horn I. Symbol for calcium t. Buckeye stats 10. Satellite 11. Rnrlish ire n era. 14. Pestror utterly 17. Part of an egg iX Deposit 24. Note of the scale iK. Pxieted 27. Hard veter 22. SoiaU cup nsed in cutting diamonds 2 Dexterously II. Incision 22. Lock opener li. In ths direcUoa of St. Inquire 3. Purn 4L slower eoa tainer 41. Out of: prefix 44. Ooresin 4. Witticism 47. Ind:co plant 4. Serene 51. Wild animal 52. On the ocean 6S. Feline 14. Feason for KM Si, NegaUre CLOSE FRIENDS of Gov. Tom Dewey believe hig well-timed Ko- I rean trip will fit into the Eisen hower-xor-president Jigsaw. Margaret Truman should be fitted into the State Department In feven weeks In Europe, ahe didn t pull a faux pas and per formed a fine job as an American ambassador. About time New York City's Welfare Council investigated the phonies who solicit funds fraudu lently and openly. New York Telephone Co. ug geM subscriber write their names on directories. Seem folks stuff money, auto lrrnws, wedding certificates, bankbooks etc., between the pages. nen the old directories are picked up each May, frantic losers storm the company and search through thousands of directories to locate the loot. The three Saratoga bookies col lected New York State unemploy ment insurance after being put out of work by the Kefauver probe. see MICKEY MANTLE and Riviera's Hila Martinez dating . . . Joan Crawford cancelled her return trip to Jsew York . . . F. D. Roosevelt, Jr.. becomes a pop In the fall. Phil Reisman. Jr, who resigned from R-K-O Pathe, now scripting "Man Against Crime" for CBS-TV. Princess Margaret's frequent date is Lord Portchester. Al Klein, of famous vaudeville clan, is critically ill. England expects Henry Wallace, with 10 Downing Street anxious to sell him a bill of state socialism. MGM picked up Billy Eckstine'a option for a second flicker. Former Band Leader Larry Clinton now writing science fiction tales. Canada building its first TV tower. A NICE note from Korea from Catholic Chaplain Father John M. Quirk. Purple Heart winner. He's from Quincy, Mass. He says that 50 Navy photographers, assigned to various Korea units, planes and ships, did a photographic record from sun-up of June 25 to sun-op f the 26th. to be Issued as 'One Day of War." ( Russian sub machine gun, captured in Korea, on display in the Fifth Ave. window of Doubleday: James Mason's wife, Pamela, hobbling on a fractured ankle received in an auto accident. Night club owners seeking screen rights to special TV events on game basis as theaters. Juan Tripp's daughter, Betsy, and William Duke, at Maison Mario, making plans for a fall marriage. Todays Chuckle Lady, who had just run over a traffic cop: "We 11-1-1, you signaled for me to stop. I stopped. Didn't I?" Cop. brushing his clothes. "Oh sure lady, all my fault. I didn't make myself clear. You see, I aimed for you to stop before-you ran over me." The Bex Topics OFFICIAL OPENING of the first section of the Edsel Ford Expressway Is marked by the cutting of a ribbon. Wielding the scissors (top left) is Mrs. Edsel Ford. From left are Mrs. Albert Cobo, Councilman Louis Miri-ani, Maj' or Cobo, Benson Ford, .Mrs. Ford, William Clay Ford and Mrs. Walter Buhl Ford II. Grandstand view of the ceremony (top right) was provided by the overpass at Wyoming. ' . v.' i- k . '-. . "- w.tJ.wiiw ft' jf't ' I"' ' ' , v. . 1 ".'"" vsc- - 1-1 ,f"i - ; " 'I ----- r . nr?' - ...... -eV' --! " . - - '" f t ' ' 1 -A" 'AA. VJ ! i ! - I i r : I II M ? ' '-.'v!u!- si 11- i -Tit ' " - M-J! ' : u U -it : - . m mi i !ii iiwi mm mum -iimi i ih-jk inn frTtf n r .mi iniii r hit iriiin famrn am,mm , i im-hm i ifnmn i" -J Shaving Speed slow ooua 0 )y JQEr y ' 4 " - J v; 4 ' - i . i . i '"-i vt 1 r'" 1 ,""""u'"j'ji'' s """r . t1' , . - .. : "ill - i -' - .: - ' j vi f -r- s - " " ! I Is i, - ' . . -,-v ' . ... r f- , ' V, x i - A it- x- 5 1 i ' vt V HO ROTADOH L. -..s. , JL.t , ., . . , .... - J .' ' : ,.,.,,.,.,. -3 : N. . . K J . ?. u-y f 'yy '-V! ' --.ier ' 7 j ;' mH4 . - .... . '. . i Everyone's All-Star THE IDOL of two baseball generations, Harry Heilmann, passed from the scene at the height of his second career. 'To the oldtlmers his name means batting power seldom equaled in the game's history. To the younger fans hell be remembered as a top radio narrator of the national pastime and a storyteller without a peer. One of the last times he visited Briggs Stadium radio booth he was photographed with Ty Tyson, who was broadcasting when Heilmann was banging base hits. The older fans will recognize the familiar pose (left) while his thousands of radio admirers will be more familiar with the later portrait (bottom). U e. n. in. aui. .jT JL'C - - if j? THESE ROAD SIGNS In Korea aren't plugging shaving cream. Just GI humor In rhyme to tell thos jeep pilots to take It easy. It took a long walk before Pvt. Dudley Lafkin, of Hollywood, caught on. vf : v,v Vr'f -v " -v- .- ' i'.;''."' i . ,-. ' r" ill 11 I ,irti.Mr,J

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