Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1952 · Page 32
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 32

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1952
Page 32
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iS'lT^ afcc'fr. - -,-, s>.^ W ;j.* i '•'-;„; Yfpr?; MOPI STAR, HO PI, ARKANSAS , December 24,1952 w(v NMi - BfokW oloudi hun* tH* (od§r »i temperature* row «* iwt night hit M IS dtfrm ibov« MFC i of the Centrnl and front* — gMtrnfl/ Thi V»ry flit ;;:;;f;;f;;. E TEX (0. f'.A't:: .•f?i~.\ again and with It comes the of how much ir means to have tho ;;,fffend«hlpand good will of folks like you. • Please accept our sincere thanks and good a for a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY 'YEAR, Basil York Thomas Morton Carl Richards OHRI8TMA*, 1982 TJi« holiday* of nil peopled are of their nottiro, The ftnturnnlla of tho decadent Romonn oxprmnd tne mnterliilUm of n people who hud once known th« bodtitlo* of Ood'* I'aw, but hud wandered Into ft world of Phytleal oMcltomcnt, Tho feant of the Moe- rnb«<;« of the Jewf mpr*l*ftl th« permnnenc* of ipltltusllty of .tW* nnclQnt people, who, no matter how mulorlnlUm may lAtoitor thn many, Slwny* l>fottuc»|lt HI minority of prophet* and '«*fMvwf)n lf ' v(> f!o<l - Chtiilm** eoflnot Wr bo n nccu- Inr Itoliilay, Chrlitmn*, In It* mn- Irrlnl manlf«l«tlon, may to conic n>cnn true* and tlniol, xlftn nud merchnndlne, T|ife (*. only an ox- tflrnul oxpreMlon of a fextlvai, often pfigHn, often without relntlon- slvip to the inner loutl'f ft« .. •, , ^ •..-«-—•• Mw birth- d«y 61 Jfedit J0»u* the rnbbh 'Jottii tho prophet. JOAU* the Chrlit, Jtmm the only begotten ion • at Ciod—depciulInK Upon tho tradition* of one'* rncc. Sttoh 'i birthday c*rt only manifest lt»elf In udorntlon "of ami. For 'whether one be Chrlntlnn, Juw, or Moulem, It mint be recognized that ,Jtt8U« Of NnsnrOth, In the land now unllod liirnol, ipoke Ciod'a word nnd U wflR currlud to oil thn corner* of the onrth. Tho uplrlt Of tho Old Testament lived In !N« word**-the spirit, th*,' *oul, the character of thn Toruh nnd tho prooh«l», nf the 8agt>8 and rabbi*, of Monos and David, of Intilnh nnd Hlllol. But the word*. of (honjuftlVQ*, nre never Irnpor- tnnl, for word* are only the nym- boln (hut men tine to upeak (he thmitrhlti of their rnlnds and to approach, rmwevor haltintily. tho nplrll in 4))olr «ouls, In th<» magnificent Hlrm-tun- of humnn vlr hntulft (low tiun of th^ human effort to trnns- tlqtn to (hit revr.]» Ihril tho (ton swept the trj flnlnii of Cod's n 1 - ' - lanuiuiKe. It I.s with >n nf the Natural l.nw ale-Christian clvlllzu- vnr Europo. , hftvu nover been a ro»elytln« jloplo. They uxdocintod .heir lalth w|B> thomHolv*,^ and lived within thOw own world ond their own trmlUlon, Paul, however, set tUit to Kppnk lha iplrlt of thin clvl- r _ jntl (tntl b^pu^ht it liifo >Vl» T «(§fffi^t-'|inU confused Roman ISmnTrei *||is n refreshing tho eoldpst djpb^ nlonR tho front. there wa» ho mow or rain. The mercury r«e to nbout -10 dogreos !u«t before noon. ^ ' v *Vs*, ••> . s ' > ^ - ** ihc ciistonim< and friend of LnilMdiu) ai)d their m , tue fctend ltd ^he$ ftr *' and tuvhe* b van^fortkuareto come, \^?4,' V & zephyr. Ha brought Jean* to Wont-; tm Europe *nrt »rrest«l the teeny which w«» returning a «r«?at ppo- pto lo barburUm. It wns ihli Judillc-Chrldllan concept of life which re»cued Europ* from p.-,.; g«nl*m. Chrlltmai, then, I* tin- .'innlvcr- ttty not only of the birth nf Jrsus but of th« refurrnetlon of our civ!- llxnllon. It I* In thin -spirit in.-.: Ihnirc who love Ood, .!•"//, Chri*. tlnri, Mo*lem, rr,n pause (o think, not In lcrm» of material benefit n or of fenllve gnfrty, but in the deeo mood of rellKloun reverence. All thi' religions whose roots arc in Palestinian soil, reject n run (oHtllitia concept of man. Th' y nil hold that Owl nave not on'/ life but tho "lUinh H.ikodesh" •- tho Holy Spirit to man. And It in thjf Holy Spirit which li Immortal, lor It Id life. In the bcfetiludes, Je<u)» dot!)! not in B»y pl*c# »pcnk ttf (fe grandeur Of material thlnflu. Me docs not Hli' W»rrfs wl(h UnseT of thinft-s i lined to tin- contrary. "Bli'SBt'd lire Hi' 1 poor For theirs hi the I ll<.ftvi.-n, UleHBcd are they thiit mounr Kor they shiill lie comforted Bbssml lire |hi.- meek: For Ihe.y nhnll Inherit the eiirlh. lilOBHod a it? they whirl) do hunger uml thirst after rij'.bt'-om'. rit!H»: Kor they -shall lie ij|)i-d Hlensrd lire tin merciful: Km they shall obtain mercy. UIcKacd ,'ire the pure in In-art For they .ihiill i!i-e Cud Nor Is Jesiii tolerant of evil. doeH not open tin- door 'A idi- tho*" who reject Ond'i lawn. dii.VB of this: ", . . Whosoever therefore. Mpe.-ik one of Ihene least command mentH, mid shall tench men MI. hr nhall be ciillt^l the least in th,- i:il 1'iiri bf lie s;iys: in spirit Idt- H Woman Slain on Highway Near Chicago nilOAOO. (Up)-- A 42-ypar-old •.-.•i.trinn wns found .oltiKKed, choked ;ii.d IjliirlReoni'f) nloruc a road, and police todny hnd no promising • 'i:n •; in the mysterious slaying. officer* Identified the victim by :i'i- -M-prints ns Gerry I,inn, who -.•.;n »>rr«?fitn«l here in IB-lf! on a . hiir^o of prostitution. She also hod i i-ecorrl of arrest in 1IKI3 in Tulsn, Oki-i., fn'(ordinK to police files, .'•he served 10 dnys In the house nf correction following he^ arrest un'l conviction hero. The coroner's phy*leifih saM the woman had been smashed with' ;i ^jin^|rt«i(tiBn't>','p(i«i;iibly n tire' ..'.jWSfeh ftfajihfefl ihrouf-h her; i'fii three placeu. : '.vurd H. Creek, -17, found th<'- yestei'day morning us he' i-l to work near tubiirlia-i dale. j !'-'' Patrick Tnohy of the cook inr'doin of llriivin: but •. ill ilip and teach them, the same, ..ii.i:I lie e;illed Kreat in the! l-./i. --dnlM (.if Heaven . . ." 'I lii.-; is Christmas and this m;edx rci-lilion iu Ihe year 11(52 when hundreds (if millions of men and v.i. ii en are helm.; drnij^ecl into a ri'd licit of atheism and material- IM i. May God .save our souls! And may Clod's countenance •li'iii- upon you and your family .ir;. I upon our beloved country on tlii;i day. K'"P.vriKht. I0f)2, KiriR I-'eatiircs Syndiciite, Inc) Mad Because He May Not Go to Jail Wednesday, December 24, SHIPLEY STUDIO COVKNTHY. England MV-Derok! Pickering, man of principle, was| extra mad at the law today—he; inny not get Into jail for Chri.it- mar). ! Pickering prefers prison to pay- IDK a fine of 2 pounds ($5.60) for; parking his car without lights overnight in front of his home on n dead-end street. Tr.day is the dead- lino for Coughing up or going to' the pokey for two weeks. So Pickering prepared himself to ypend Christmas in prison. II'- called in 25 of his pals and threw :,a ale and pork pie party l.i.-.t: night Then he polished up his !»•](-: driven 1912 motorcycle and an- : iK.uncod he was ready to drive tn : Birmingham and knock on thr- prison gales this morning. • IJut prison authorities said they! v.'iTe unable to "promise that com-: initial will be issued before Christ-i ma.-; Day." A. N. Murdoch, chief' County ' sheriff's police said the body apparently had been throw n I from a car. Deep tire imprints; v'/ei-j found in the mud on tin: • shoulder of tho road near the vie-! Urn. | Coroner's physlcan Dr. Jej-ryj Kearns estimated tho woman had; been dead about eight hours be-j fore she was found. clerk to the Coventry magistrates, explained that one just can't go knocking on prison -gates tomand- ing entry. The proper procedure i:e said, was to surrender to the authorities, who would handle the entrance into the jail. The 47-year-old Pickering says it's all very irritating. > "My wife, who supports me to the end, fixed her Christmas shopping," he declared. "It's all settled as far as I am concerned And now it seems they are going to mess it all up by not letting me in when 1 want to go." Pickering Insists the 2-pound fine is outrageous. He claims ho should hrtVe received a police warning— \ nnd that's all. CROW-BURLINGAMECO, HOPI STAR, HOPS. RUTH'S SHOP 108 5. Main W i*hi na Ljou a <zr~r<ivv u In fond remembrance w« bring these greetings to you with the prayer that the richest heavenly blessings may r*»l with yog on Christmas Day. BfiUNER IVORY HANWECO. HOLIDAY^ every good wish for your happiness this Holiday Season AN'S HOPE'S FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE FRED ROBERTSON, Mgr. NATIONAL Laundry-Cleaners ^fi^^f ^? «W?BHipppH| j W""W///////^^^ HOPE LOCKER and PROCESSING CO., Inc. DOROTHY DIX Unsettled At 21 LUCK"700" MOTOR CO. merry Christmas Our wish for you/ our friends, is that gentle Bells of Christmas echo throughout your home all through this wondrous Holiday Season. May this be your Merriest Christmas! Sears Catalog Order 216 S. Dear Miss Dlx: My problem concerns my oldest daughter. She is 31, pretty, lifts n good character and code of morals. All her friends arii very fine. She Is popular with boys and girls, is always free to bring friends home and knows they! will be well treated. We have a' reputation among her boy friends for being very strict about the places we permit her to go, hours of home-coming, etc., but I havt> often told her our strictness has brought her more dates than anything else. Any boy who has dated her since high school dnys has always come back and keeps coming. Now for the crux of the matter. Several of her boy friends are 1 in •service. From the incoming mail •incl gifts 1 am afraid each thinks she is "his girl," I have told her she has no real interest in theso uoys to let them know as I don't want hurt feelings either before or after they come back. Don't you think s.he is old enough to stop aatmg those boys whom she knows are not matrimonial material for her? O. O. Answer: You seem to have a double concern — one for the boys who will be hurt when they realize your daughter does not entertain serious intentions toward them.lmd one for the girl whom you feet should cease indiscriminate dating and got down to the business of choosing a husband. It is most probable, since those boys all know her quite well, that each realizes he hasn't exclusive rights to her dating. They seem to accept her quite naturally as a pal, and if they are willing to continue along that line, it's good lor all concerned. The boys who are going overseas know they have at least one girl who will keep them supplied with hometown news- It the girl has any principles at all — and with the fine upbringing she has had there can scarcely be any question on that score — she will be careful to avoid leading any one or the boys to believe her interest in him i.s other than friendly. Delay Is Not Unusual The second aspect of your problem will be solved with the first They are intertwined and will eventually resolve themselves together No ago cjm bo s ., t on L , moliona j maturity, and until a girl roaches the condition, rather than the age she isn't old enough to settle down to one boy. While most of today's lassies do have their affections signed, sealed and delivered by 21, it is by no means unusual to rind one who delays the process. Until your daughter finds the one and only," it is much better lor her to go along as she is. Don't fuss about the situation, and don't let her know you are worried over it. Keep a careful eye on her male companions, and try to weed out those you consider less desirable. Perhaps she'll select a mate .from one of the current crop of. swains, but more likely it will be someone new. Do emphasize the fact that all servicemen on her corresponding list should know exactly what the situation is at all times. able to you — ns II would be to any other girl. When he calls, be prepared with some choice gambits yourself to push around when he mentions his cute neighbors. A few nmusin« anecdotes about school chums, particularly those he knows, a discussion of sports, movies, or some-j thing else of interest to him. will fill the bill nicely. ! Denr Miss nix: Where can n 1 single girl of 32 find a husband? 1 am told that Alaska ha's tho greatest percentage of men W women but the j?fospeet of going there KPPIUS forbidding. Are theffe-*ny more desirable loi a!itle<T? •/ Rft .T Answer: The West is still mrin'* territory. R j r |, ,., n( i consequently good hunt in' ground for a lady intent on matrimony. If you'd like to give the land a try, why not spend a vacation on a guost ranch? That, at least, will give you some indication uf available possibilities. Released by Bell Syndicate Inc. The cassowary. an Australian bird, catches tish by sitting in the water and allowing them to swim into its plumage. It shakos the fish out on dry land and picks them up as they full to the ground. Dear Miss Dix: I am very fond of a nice boy who lives on the other side of town. I don't see him often, and when I do it seems all he talks about are the cute girls in his neighborhood. Answers; It's barely possible that the boy js, actually hard up fpt, conversation*! topics and simpl;J lacks the wisdom to realize that tho one he dries select is objection- It's the-day of grand memories, this joy-bringing, gift bearing Christmas occasion. May it be one of fullest enjoyment for--you and yours. BURKE'S SHOI STORE NewU.S.DeW Chief Favors Longer Issues By 9AM DOWSON NEW YORK IM- W. Randolph Riirftess. the New York banker tupped to become the rnnnnger 6f the 267 billion dollar federal debt, has some very definite Ideas an liow to handle it. He wants to make the huge debt easier to manage— a nil at the same lime mako your dollar buy more. His ideas arc close enbugh to those held by the Federal reserve Sonrd to make chances good thkt the old feud bctwee'rt the bdflfd and the U. S» Treasury over y vs, InflftUon WortH be mer tretflmty official, Wtlllam Mc-1 Chcsney Mjiftln, Jt.* who is «otn* to continuous head of the Federal Reserve Boflfd, and Who knows both awe's ttf the .nTguYnenta which! le«* to the f*«d ovw cheap vnaney.; "My vtcW* oft debt mrtnafiemcnt and fiscal tKilWy are we.lt known," Bnrftcsa lotdV todny in dcellnhiB furthei-^orrinient flow. He has tons been,attlc\ilat« oYt the mibject, both W: criticism of past policies and) in advocacy of change. Based on this, he Is knowft to favor: a aUenblo part of thft present floating debt—that .|fte«* rtiassr of which 'he TrenswmjBHHlt cort4 sctlve *° strtntly turn over bf^fSirltlB new!" ones for old ones, I present Offt-rlnR tmner Interest ratfls-* coiml ffiJQ. "three per cijnt or rfiofe," hfc said recently, ns compared to the -^such •** , ent a«.i per cent top on market- when pos gold standard— ho flble sectirttitis. Making U. S. savtnRS bonds more attractive Inlr-rest-wlse, j pj^'j „ - Letting tho Federal Reserve Sy«- rlp«S to Convening Into stable long-term I tern art in Its appointed field of, Ruropoan and » world be neJct the Nn- money pine up a^altf in tHtf \iars. /" ' Vlnrtiess. now chahPfrian of (\erutive committee of the liniial City Bank W New York, fs I" become special deputy in charge »i' debt management and monetary Mnlicy under Oeorgo M. Hum- phn-y, treasury secretary dosifi- M.ile. l.ilie Humphrey and Under Secretary designate Marion B. Polsum. Burgess has been closely I'i'nnected with a Kcdcriil Reserve regional hank and knows the l''HR's problems. The three top treasury officials- lo-he will be working with n for- GREETINGS .1 .\ • • \ . » HOPE HARDWARE CO. Miy Cprtllmat Day you uniold joy «nd 'li«ppJne»i. MERRY CHRISTMAS ANDY ANDREWS INSURANCE AGENCY MAY VV| STOP PQR A MINWTf QR TWQ WITH YOU AND EXTfNR Qyft SINCSgf qoc^ WISH! S , . . AND TO SAY, THANK Hempstead County ' ' S ' '''' : i : t •:'- t -''i f '•*'''*' i '-''. f ;i'i: ; 'vi*!fe .;;:the^ryl|r!^§r : •> • • .'-' ': ' '-.'.:". "'1'vV ,:?•**& i

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