Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1952 · Page 28
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 28

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1952
Page 28
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HOP I STAR', HOP I, ARKANSAS W«dne»day, D«e«mb«r , December 14, 1M2 H.0»l STA*, HOP!, ARKANSAS OZARK IKE By Chick Young YOU WERCN'T FELLUHS.HERES WHAR WC SHOCK TW SOX 'E/V\/ HONfiST,U«?!GHT . LOOSE fOffA LONG RUN,,. 50 /U S/6HAL OUR DEFENSIVE > BETTCP TELL PEOPLE -; M-MCW't&S^f (HARKS trwus > ! i£ifW&W^V TO " UN W "?E << i/^fcW^ W! BUT THEYta 1 V.VJttB* JiKiiat SWARAAIMA Al I ^ CITIZEN--ME s My BOSS , l INTH'GAMP.C/. wtwr voup M > WE HAP A FIGHT — S.LXTHEV WONT BELIEVE RAGWOOD! 1 PAN INTO A tXOR ABOUT ...TH'J \D « MEN ON ' our OUK WAT «» > M Willmrm flv Michael O'Mallev and Ralph Lane f| By Michael O'Malloy and Ralph La ff!* 1 ?! OUT OUR WAY THI» HO66 PTTCHBPA MULL By J. R. Williams WAIT A MINUTg/ I'VE JUST NO, SIR. ANP seuevE WB jr BVSK HAVE A An«w»rto PrftvlourPuzzlt TOO LOW/M4' WA* OU4»HT IT HfATHBR Ot?B VOU NOWTOCHBCK for Thought SOU? UC0B < , THAT 5 AUTHORITATIVE, i KNOW—SOU A9KBP A»OUT A R J, MOW CUR ICE IS RUINEP PER TH' WINJTER-- >INJ' THAT ELEFUMT ON AIN'T K3U TH' ON6 WH0.rOAXBD.M6 TO SIT OKJ&OP LjKfctHAT IN AU. THE ) NAAAEP * J " KNJOW TWE NAMES OP ALL Answer to Previous Puzzla 1 KN40W A J.R •*< ••HI » nr^i T^» r*M» *^"C I P 9MOft* WS MAKe.J^ 'v it? HIW ju«r Joyous Holiday FULL us WELL, YOU kMEVV WE HAD NO SHETLWMP PONIES.' Trojan War 8 Hebrew/ IT. WELL THANKS ANYVVAV, HORIZONTAL VERTICAL. I May you have 1 Violet dye a 2 Masculine Christmas appellation today! 3 Hardens anew 6 This clay 4 Route (ab.) celebrates the 5 Period ol of Christ time 11 Rugged 6 Church s mountain tops >' in S joyously 13 Venerate this day 21 Birds ot prey 37 Dye anew 14 Open 7 Yellow bugle 23 Volcanic 38 Scold ISPuftsup P lant orlttce 39 Rent 16 Letter 8 Keep 25 Bellow 41 Notes in 17 Snarl 930(Fr.) 7 Thoroughfaro* lion! B t 0 J}« adjacent JO Cipher 28 Shield , n 23 Prescribed 20 Try 43 Roman ,,porllon» 31 Ti'ljjonemoirtc ««rmcnt ..„„ • 24glory ftirtcifoh <M Kiv«r In Ailo drlnki 8fi Unolomnf 33 of u» p«l«to 4fl Lino 28 rrtttldent of 3fl Cuddle 47 Vc««l(il>l« CVechoilo- 40Govern with. 48 vnkh orlttce 25 Bellow 27 God o, love Guide's scale WASH TUBES tty Leslie Turnei By Leslie Turner . 19 Answer / a b\ 1° German state 29 Played part oN3 River valleys __ _ . 19. ?sl vilrr* t»*i i !•» T^r*c4 ^e A » ....1.^.1 OU 1 «t)E5TIOMIM<3 THE WE'VE IO2MTIFIED THE XTHEIO WHERE'D L CAM'T GET OVER THE ,9!5L W'THE SHEET. HBfc'Yfi* .ONBCTTHEW WHEN IHBttReiSROKE 12 Strike with host open hand 33 Canine 34 Seesaw 35 Mineral spring CKOWP. \ LOOK. OF HORROR IK] TWO BOPI65, CHIEF.. AMP I TH' GIRL FIT IM 45 Angered 46 Affirmative votes 49 Fish 51 Narrow inlet 20 Royal Italian family name n 22 Metal fastener " 23 Quote , or , , , 24 Russian ruler 18 Contelld 26 Everlasting (poet.) 28 Obtained 30 This is an CONFIRWkEP THW OME E^V? OBUlOUSLf W^ILYS OUTA TOWN...&LL /5HE'D BEEN IM OTHER OCCUPMOTS w?ex. TW BUILOIM GROUR of Christianity With Mo|or Hooplo OUR BOARDING With Major Hoople li :// • .<\J l_HrMN1D>-M-~;> -. , <\ -t-D VOL) FOK .) ' OJ£ VOLKTlDei, Serbia 39 Sediment 40 Mimic 42 Bamboolike grass 44 Summer (Fr.) 45 European nation 47 Pewter coin of Malay 48 Dress _^ 50 Antenna ** 52 Planted 53 Sanctified person 54 Made a mistake B5 Gluts t'V& HAD SINCB LIKE THIS MUFFLER 1 WA6 KID AMD FELL HAMKIE5, THIS UKULELE ) YOU SAVe \\e p A MO OR IS A ffOO^TO /4 IS IT M£ MOST ALL OF 1 WAS A KID AMD & .i ?UT YOU FOOLtD CHOSE ME- f : -THEIR TUKKCV L\ 'tM — VOL) ; KEALLV THAT RED LIGHT, POOTS AND HER BUDDIES PT>TS AND HER 6v Fdaor Marfin l/-ir\ A. IXV* 1 *' •>'>' 1 \ trArA» r%wv^ uiv^i»>, i s KNfc-r-»v«- - > i JLp A ROOM AMDJA MARTHA, A B'lT / ( C5OOOE / / SATHlMA A i to TWE LeFT, - -•-// -•• ^tf?AVl$TACK// I '*-«-L6T'ii ^^-.,'f^ ^ " <e>t\\es\s\ofc \s (&OOO Of By Dick Turner CARNIVAL By Dick Turne ^il:fl!il «•-««*,. •%3&ii£ H''G3 BUNNt BUGS BUNNY rr IPUHH,! PON'T GETTIN'HIT WITH j VA SIG GOOF, I TOLD YA HEY, CEf>K\C...Pi/CK.' ME AN' JONE* I* HAVIN' A — i -SNOW BATTLE/ THA.T WA«. A -SUPER LO/XP O' VITTLE6 VA PI6HEP UP, >f EVERY- PETUNIA/ I— -2-~\ THINS HE CAM PLUCK -,,.,L AND FUNNY IUSINI!» By Ht rthliergui P-PELICIOU6/ FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbcrgcr ?**4n>^:,< By V. T. HomHn fPliiil ;REGINNtN6 T0> IS , , TO SrrtN A NICE SCOMPORTABUE CHWR READ ABOUtl OH, ALLEY, I'M SO GLAD NtpLJ'Ri; E>ACK SAFE AND 50UNC! ANP ALL BECAUSE^ OOOLA TRIED TO MAKE A DEAL WITH THE QUEEN OF SHEBA! WONDER WHAT'ft IN IT? T. M. Reg. U. S. Pit. Off. C«pr. 19S2 by NEA Service; Ine nlngl»w*| trying to »«y You know that dollar Uncle Elmo gave me? Well, you'd be surprised how many cats you can buy for just one dollar P' • . SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith fttwtyt k%tp» warm when ho goes out with grandpa! 1 »• '. HIS MUlNDi By Blouei WELKIN. Ploneteo. By RUM Winterbothar* "Joe can't get away from his creditors!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blosser CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer ' IF I WECE SMACT, Jt? 6-TAy HOME AND HAN& UP AAV I HAVE A QUESTION I WANT TO ASK YOU, JUNE/ LETS TAKE A WALK / SOUNDS 6RIM7 OKA/' i-eeTi COAT/ MY QUESTION IS SIMPLY THIS HOW WAS THAT FOR A CHRISTMAS KISS? um SHOPPING 10 oo RIDC WITH VpU AS A-i SnjFFl-eBeAM "Don't worry afcowt breaking th» va»e—mother ,aid it Wft* 290 year« old so it mutt have b*en worn out anyway!"

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