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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 23

Detroit, Michigan
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Thursday, July 5, 1951
Page 23
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i"Hi""nii"iiinilg-",i""y'i DETROIT FREE PRESS Thursday. July 5. 1951 23 ers 'Widen in National by Beating Giants Twice .Dodg Lead Sales Wins Bayview Sail Regatta Apache Second in 77Boat Fleet BY ERV STEIXER Carter Sales first racing venture . with Soubrette since chartering the ' NY -32 from Owner Ledyard Mitchell proved a successful one. j , Sales skippered S'oubrette home ' . first In the Bayview Regatta on 1 Iake St, Clair. It was the second I ' of four events during Race Week, i and maintained Soubrette's per-;, feet record. Mitchell had brought Knot In firt t th rr),nj" ' - last faaturaay. THE SURPRISE of the day rame from John Roger"s Jolly Roger in the usually slow schooner class. Jolly Rog;er whipped across third in the fleet, being beaten nnly by Soubrette and Toot (.meiner's Apache. The fleet helJ down to when regatta official canceled all racing for the renterboard boat. Forecasts of strong winds decided them upon keeping atmut 50 of those smaller craft out of the competition. Racing started in a light 15-mile breeze, but a calm hit before the first leg was over. Then the winds freshened quickly to 20-30 miles. All skippers who have not been getting their racing programs have been instructed to contact Hal F. Smith, secretary of the DRY A. Following were the leaders: - r- V . . - - $ A hk - a ' ' f "K - ' v- ; . n- , " ,f ' '- i V ' - - v . - , - . ' , " - - . - -v i . . , "v-" . '"v ' x J "-";! " 'jf' - - Nw .... , j . . . i 'b'' - N ' i,k .If' r i - i . J.. -! J NO CHANCE Cincinnati's Ted Klunzfwski rrache high in the air for a ball thrown by Second Baseman Connie Ryan a rittoburgh Outfielder Bill Howerton beats out an Infield roller. The Pirate swept both ends of the double bill, 4-1 and 16-4. NL Box Scores rnrisiG a SooWtt u.,f Sain); wronil. AwKf I Tnnt Cmriarrt : Marllrr.r Imrd. llrw (lrt Wflhn. j Tti'm'n.l ( KIISIMi It K.lhmr !) PImw l mr,k'?-1 K-rond. K.mhtfr l And I .orhmnrr ) : thn. Kaniiu (HllfrrJ Mrt.ifi-. ' Rfclwl ( Kl ISIXJ C j hrn Jlm rrlll ; Mli."i STI!f)0rR lollr Rojff Mh Ratrr) : rfi. Mlhr 4 Hob NrT. H-.MKTI.H (rnlirr Mill nrf. Thlohv (B..b MmiwmiI : third. Fim-Ittil Prr Darartl). nO-S4I ARF 1. Ill Slnrr. ( Kit Kl. J ihnt: ond. MVllnt llrr Mrlnrr ; lliirrf. flrillunl ll.ylr Mntcnmrrv ). ?J-"ir ARB KrTTanlinim (Rill Rrrry ) : INT. ?lo Hi-M If'jl Rer)? rrnJI. frncain H. tilc"o) ; third. ( liumrllr ( H..h Krnr). EW TORkl BROOKLYN AB H O A AH H O A Forlllo.r A Kj A ntdrr.rf A 0 Kntt'iMHl.S A l'( 4 Hdrr.l 3 Wttkrr.r .1 Rrt4cr...l I 1 ll tirmai O i Knr.n I 1.1 I rlh'm'l I I'odh'l'n.s TrTr.3 1 Hinc.p Ik t tmp'li I 1 .1 I 3 I II I i riHST CAMK CINCINNATI I-ITTSnrRCH AB II II A AB II O rat'i.S 4 I A w I it rlxn.ll 4 J -i n twil.rl 4 7 Kiitrr.rf 'I 5 I H'w'rWf 4 I 'i II tnux'U.r t 1 I :l M.irl ih.-J S n lr A an r'rl-nd.B .1 I Mllk. MV.rf 4 Ron.! A WrtVk.r 4 Klii.l t. I 4 llallon.S 4 4 -(llrOI. A llowrll.e t m Hmmm I rtt'.e RUrllll.B "J Hrhm'rj II hM'l . I Bnlj. tt i ! : i i i i 4 I I I I .1 TataU 3i lit I Totals t Tula! 3tf 7a.ll 14 Tatalt 1 Im-d ont (or llnwrll la St a. l.-ialrd fur Hrhawlrr la Mh. ;m li 3.1 II ClrH-Inaall O 1 KM - tfUubarch U w O O ! aOn aut nhra wtnnln ran a ararrd. K Kiallrna. ( llllon. Nrluin. Klarr. I'H oiit l"T ritr in .Mh. Hiirlatich. I Kinrr. Kltl lallrup. How rf.runn.lrd u fur I la Hlh. ! rrloa ta.litli.ia '. ;H ll.,orrlm. Hfrark out f..r llrldm In 01k. at- Irirad. ITklt.m. II K Kl.llrap. Iho.j.h Hrldir. H chail'd with .Irikr- III" Klan. lllri .nd I: I.N fhnnwt (R..K Krrr: n-rond. i irirkland. Murliuili and Nrln. srw lark ta at HI .1 I Inrlanall A. ntl.hunh 4. rh r'rknit I. Hri.kla U3I : H Hlarharll -. Hfhwirf I. Ml Irtrad I. R M,a. M,,rll. Thm.. I.ohmaa. J "rrZZ , ' a"?"' "k i'.MT Kw. nidrr. K..S,n.., f. Bril4: j "';'". ft . Jmljr I. I. Mrrill. iiWMWin. w. nara. ollr. KHI Mitel, i i i , . , ".. :"""! Ruth Ir.. (Jtrk Hilliam4 ..nrad tl: third. Il.ial II MtiarlrT Brkl. STAR rWKtir (R. Miller: urnnd. Mohavk 4M. Aim); third. Itralrc (A. lev '..hie l . . . Il u 1, ROXTS raonllea (. Tliaan : ; llndrea. Tliom.,,n. Ki. 'JH ' 'kwall 7-7. I Cuolan. aeeoBO. ind ( A. raoiaoni : miro. i.l.le. Walker. mder. UK Mueller. 1 " ' oor- Altoaiirr 2U.0UU. P-erene tr. mill. la. nmnanella. Keeae. Thitmann. . I". Iar. 111 i.arfc. M.mkr and I nek-man '1: Slank. Iiark and l.arkman: kmc. HiMlrei at not H wu b..naB Hnj i.f.nL... TemiMicer. Rililnwn and IiHlea: Dark ! AB II O A and Laekman: Kohtnaon. Kre.e and damO 4 ll.Klce.. IR New lrk BrooklTn h. Kim.. 3 BU Mmlie 1. J.inr. I. xpeneer I. fallea H tr'ek r I I. Mnc I. F.Mlt. Irian to. 1 lk I Tj ' IlT. i Maclie S. Jonea f Srewrr I. fallen "!. , 1, u PRUATF.KR.S r.lnlam Jimmy Tni-del: aeeond. Cnttnnton 1 B Road at ram I: third. Indian Drum Mi. Arenanni. 1 Iria X lert 1 Kth llarentmrt): aeennd. Aaaail I T. S. lard): third. Miow Boat Uharley Berkl. kM'OXD CAMK il.NflNNATI riTTSBlRCH AB H O Paton Tops Dixon for State Title kinr 1. IHI Maclle In S. Jnaea n la ' v.Vii. , Mwartr I In I-aliea 4 In A: klnc 1 ? i ": . .1 I In .1: 1-n.lhielaa O in I : Rne 1 la S. "V 2 W-Ra. ..Ml. Idoae. ,,. iLlt-XSta ? StTONO CME NEWVORK BROOKLTN ,Mank, 1 Uark.a f Mueller .T j l.n'nill. I SAGINAW (.T) Andy Paton.' J,1 former University of Michigan tram. r; er v . ; hvhen kriiiiis Bkai, auu 6 a vitautiiuil, knaln.a AR II O A 3 4 4 I captured the state men's closed "ThD " ' . ' . , . Soeneer.a tennis singles at the Saginaw Ten- riu 1 ris Club. - . AB H O Fnrllln.r 4 t K-rw.i ntder.ef 4 Knh'on.' 3 I'afkn.lf 3 lladce. 3 I imn'll.r 4 IM..1 3 Braaea.a 3 v n 1 1 t A 0 I 1 i-; 1 t 1 1 I'r'mr.a.r A Kam'ell.a I Herl. a Meek. I I rami. a a) I'rl'aoa.a 1 r.fne.3 4 fhillina.l NeLoeU t Bell.r 4 A llnw'oa.rf 4 M'l ch.e 3 4 Mrlek'd.a 4 Werle.a 4 1 1 .1 I I t J I t t A A S I 1 Talala 3.1 l A a Totalc 31 1717 i a-inled for Beerle la ffMirlh. " , tTat out ahra urn aaa railed la t Inelnaall 11 0 ftltabarch 1 7 1 In R Adama, Rrart Kliiaieaakl, Caall. ll..n -t. 1'hllllna 2. Bell -f. klner t. llonerlnn. rt ulloack t. Ha.iall 3. Tntalt 3-1 7 -it B Total S9 -.7 11 Paton dethroned last year's, champion. Bob Dixon. University! . ar:l: - ' . . r I el 01 .-vi;cnigan assistant proiessor, n amth 6-2, 6-4 in the final. Taton eliminated Len Brose, this year's Big Ten champion from .Michigan State College, in the semifinals. 6-1, 6-8, 6-3. ar.rnnnded nnl for Roaln In vlchth. lKan tr Heatrnm in ninth. rt.rnundrd Inla doable plar for Spenrer jNew lork I Braoklia 1 erton. Met ullonik Raaaalt 3. htrlek. land. Merle. Adama. Ramadell. I .her KHI Adenrk 2. klner 7. Mriekland. Werle . Meela. .Mel ullnuch . Nelaon. Bell, iaallclione. Adama. Baaiail. Uerle. kna. MR klner -'. Mr( nll.uih. H W-ro-trk. I'hllllua. HP ialleun. Riaa and kluarewakl. I H Inelnnatl K. I'itt.hnrch M. HH Herle , Ramadell I. a a I ' ""am ... . . I eieraon I. nerie I. tup i 7 ;T ! Kamell A la Berlr In Frautl R Mueller. Thnmaon. Knldee. Hodrea. j i W roai'ek ) . W Werla (AI). t Hun- i s-imieiii, ivi. noi (.niwr. nr.iram, i aril tO-VI. a In.Utlt rnriiin iioorea. eiicnev. .initmiiBaiiA, a It O -t Dixon had disposed of Dick Lincoln, a U. of M. graduate student, 6-1. 6-3. in the other semiflnaL Paton teamed with Dixon to; UllI)CQtaI)Ic win tne doubles title, defeating Lincoln and George Livesay, of Ann Arbor, in the finals. 6-3, 6-2. Thomaon. II K Holder. Ilodcea. Keeae. Rranea. IP Kohln-jB and llodrea. I ST. I.Orid I r ,.ew iihr . nrnuRni n. n ra ku.ui i n I. Rranea 3. Me koala 4. lneee I. " Rranea . II koala 7 In 7. reaeer I Heaioa.a 31 in I. HHP koala IPafkol. I H lam. eh d'al.f .1 I A Pattella. H Hranea --!!. L koala Mii.lal.lh 4 t Ilendnnee .K.l.'tw. lke.r.A Hiaach'r.r 4 1 1 rea.rf a) IIIKiee.lf 4 HierlrM.rf II JnhnaMI 4 II kiee.e A Ty Cobb batted .300 or better i-oh-.k.. t 23 years in the majors. iM-ie,.. 2 HICAW A AB H O A .1 Jeffetef 4 t 4 A M t aaar'ta.1 3 I Hauaih'lJ 4 ll'rm'akl.r 4 a J ae k MIO..I 4 41 Rtirceaa 4 3 Gaines Protested By Pilots Bums Win 6 to 5, 4-2; Bucs Sweep t"ra Preaa Wire Senlrea The scores all are in, but itU take President Ford Frick to de cide whether the National League's Fourth of July re suits are official. Of the seven games played, three were pro tested. The first-place Brooklyn Dodgers opened a 6 M -game lead over the New York Giants by beating the Giants twice, 6 to 5 and 4 to 2. The second one was protested by New York Manager Leo Durocher. He claimed that Skipper Charlie Dressen of the Dodgers was coach ing his club from a box directly behind home plate following his ejection by Umpire Scotty Robb. a a DUROCHER AM) Eddie Stanky also ganged up on Umpire Ralph rinelll In rage because of the decision on the final play of the night cap. Pinelli called out Han Schenz for running out of the baseline trying to avoid a tag by Jackie Rpbinson. Carl Furillo's two-run ftlnglo In the sixth decided the aeeond game, a pitcher's battle between Winner Ralph Branca and Dave KoMo. Gil Hodges collected his 26th homer In the eighth. The Dodgers came from behind with two runs in the 11th to take the opener. After the Giants had gone ahead, 5 to 4, Duke Snider'a double and Robinson's single tied it up. Robinson then scored on Preacher Roe'a perfect squeeze bunt. THE CINCINNATI Reds protested both ends of their 4-1 and 16-4 defeats from the Pittsburgh Pirates. Cause of the rhubarb was the presence of Ralph Klner In the Pittsburgh line-up after he had been suspended for three game because of an argument with an umpire Tuesdaj-. The Pirates maintained Kiner could play since the suspension announcement didn't arrive until the first game had started, a a a ROOKIE BOB Friend scattered eight hits to win the opener. Kiner was the big gun in the nightcap, which lasted only five innings, hitting his 18th and 19th homers to bat in seven runs. The Philadelphia Phillies got perfect pitching from Robin Roberts and Bubba Church to beat the Boston Braves twice. Roberts allowed only six hits and retired 16 of the last 17 batters to face him in winning, 4 to 1. Church followed with a five-hitter for a 3-1 triumph. ' St. Louis battered the Chicago Cubs, 10 to 5, before their second game was wiped out by rain. Wally Westlake got one of the Cards' three homers, his 18th. Savitfs Rally Beats Flam for Wimbledon Finals Slot 'V e J I. . t - . l e c . , DICK SAVITT, OF ORANGE, N. J. Gain finals In Wimbledon men's singles toarney Von Nida, Adams Pace British Open Stranahan Tops Yanks with 75; Locke Trails Leaders by 3 Strokes PORTRUSH, Northern Ireland (U.R) Little Norman Von Nida, of Australia, and British Ryder Cupper Jimmy Adams shot brilliant four-under-par 68s to take a two-stroke lead in the first round of the British Open golf championship. Frank Stranahan, the amateur Again , WI-nning tho P. G. A. cuAr.iPionsmP SIW SHEW " - a ad by r I t. k. Ull ! 1 . 1 .Snvalle.j 3 el ualrk Mikala.t 4 Mrl.lah. I Hawr I llallen.a M.dward I keiir.a Krlwilla Hrk'.kl I I II I I a v .n s I l a a I o u Tolal. 3i :tTl Tolala 34 ft IS aStraebnol for Mrt.l.h Is Rih. hOnubled for llallea In 7lh. eKan Cor Smaller In B'h. d I rounded aut lor Sehaltt la lh. l. I .null HIM ?1 in I nienio 3 ; U & R Hem a . Hrhoendlen.l a Mnalal Weallaka S. Hlaasbler. H. Kiea. dnhnann. ranraeaa. eiaaiief -, .MIRala, r nwarda. r: Jirhondienal. Herman. ke. RHI II. Klee X Weatlaka X Maalal. Inhnana .1. Smaller. Mikaia, Jerfenat. aaarrella a. Jit Mararda. CaTarrrtla. Mikaia. .IH Mikaia. HK n. Klee. Meallake. dohaana. H liemua. Dl sebendieaat. Ilemaa and Maaial; Mrl.l.h. aimalleT and1 tararratla. Hem 14a. Sehoend ienat and Maalal. I II l. Iaoia a, I hieaxa 4. BB fnhoUkr I, sialre I, MrLr-ri I. Railea 8. kellr t. sV Pnhnlakr 3. Staler I. MrlJ.h S, Sehallr 1. SO S In 4 -,. Staler .1 In m. Mrl i.h 7 In A. Haltea In 2. kellr 3 la I '. fehalti 1 In W Staler U-7. V 1-3). FIRST CAMK in a bostox There can be no better proof of the plus performance of Wilson golf equipment than the fact that more 1950 major tournaments were won .with Wilson clubs and balls than with all other makes combined. Plaj famous Wilson Strata-Bloc Woods, Wilson Precision Irons and Wilson Top Notch or K-23 Golf Balls and you play the finest. Vratfrrr of tifmmm$ WHmrn Advisory Staff fraM by thorn aVnrteweai' mf got tawipmen md irmtmntrait H Um ftroimmct aa lomamtnu, goif thmes md txJuiitiemi. a . - i K - a. I V wa i i i mm AB R n Waltkna.1 I .hb n.r 4 I dnnea.3 4 1 flnla.rf S I si.ler.lf 4 tlamner.a 4 ? VH-r-nl.t 4 I l-m'alelue 3 Koberta.c X 9 A AB II O A I Haratrd.t 4 3 .1 kerr.a 1 1 M ara'i.ef .inla TrtVn.l t 1.1 n r.iitoti.3 4 o 2 3 l.nrdon.lf 3 I Mar.h'l.r 4 Cminer.e 4 laial l-a-i 3 rldla 1 Mrhnla. 3 Mll.oa.o O bdrlhroa 1 O 4 a l i o A r m TaUU 34 Totals 31 6 S7 20 a Fouled ant for 1atl In frth. bl'upoed ant for Wilaoa la Hb. Philadelphia 1 ffl t o A Boatua a 0 1 0 0 0 SO 0 1 K Aahhoea. 4,.nea ?. Knnla. Vlehola. r. nn. km Haainer 3. Staler, i.ordoa. ?H 4 aaprr. Jnnea. Mallkna. Slater. S Aabbarn. Marquiei. Kunerla. I, Phlladel. Ohia II. B.l tin . BB Mehnla ft, Konerfa 2" .SW "-hnla 1. Koharta :t. II Mehnla 7 In U liana 1 In W RoheeU A0-',,, t-:i''hr,. ,S-3- t rllck. Uoaata-lII and Bnllanfant. Segura Tops Gonzales for Pro Honors Pancho's Total Take in Meet is $2,900 FOREST HILLS. N. T. (U.P.) Pancho Segura, the little Ecuadorian, retained the professional tennis championship when he blasted big Pancho Gonzales, of Los Angeles, in straight sets, 6-3, 6-4, 6-2. Tins WAS the final singles match of a long, drawn-out round robin promoted by Bobby P.iggs. It started two weeks ago but was frequently post 4Lwaatef' ' - r ' 'e a - ' i y . scgu gVvV . '21 Hv kaifc Am-. HOW PBtLADLPRIA AB H O A Wallkoa.t 1 Aahb-a.rf 4 4 a SECOND CAMK B0ST0X Jnneatb I nnla.rf Staler .If Hamner.t Pefrtnl.s W libera (hureb.a RanH4.9 J'throerf-f T'reaon. I MII..H..1 Addlajf f. d a if. a M'.hall rf A St t lalr 3 kerr.aa 1 noper 1 MaaehS tole.n 4) b-Hnlmea 1 thlpm'a.a 1 1 Q n Tatalt 33 7 1l Total 31 17 16 aOnnnded aul for Kerr tw aerenth. billed out far tatoek la rliblh. PhllaiMDhla at n S Boatoa COS 00 1 -June Hamnee aaellaaelaal Jwhru P Han. field. KB! harrh. Pellagrlni. SB Maanaer. DP kerr. Hariaflrld and Torxeann: dethroe and Tneareanat Ualtkaa and Hamner. LB Philadelphia 10. Hua-tna &. BB Cole . atark 1, Chureh 1. SO hureh t. tt f nla 1 In 7 r.alnek la Chlnmaa t la 1. W Thnreb (9-i. poned by rain, Even Wednes- day's match was played under intermit tent drizzles, l T victory mine (. k-a singles was ' J worth $2,300 to Segura and the runner up spot ant $1,500 Gonzales. However, the i8"ura financial p i c- ture was a dismal one for Pro moter Rlggs. Despite some 4,000 customers for the windup, he and fellow Investors figure to lose at least $7,000. They needed a total take of $30,000 to break even, and fell far short of that mark. It was a highly remunerative tourney for Segura, who previously had won the round-robin doubles crown with Gonzales. First price in the doubles was $1,200, so with his share of $600 Segura totalled $2,900. Canada Boats Change Hands LONDON, Ont dPy Miss Canada III and Miss Canada IV were sold to the father-son team of Gordon and Jim Thompson. The famous Bpeedboata formerly were owned by E. A. Wilson, of Inger- soU, Ont. star from Toledo, O., led the four Americans in the 88-man field. with a three-over-par 75, while Charles C. Rotar, of Canton, O., sergeant at the United States Army at Frankfurt, Germany, was one stroke back with a 76. Putting ruined the other two Americans, Art Clark, of Huntington, W. Va., and Al Zimmerman, of Portland, Ore., and they finished with 0 and 81, respectively. TWO STROKES behind the leaders were Dal Rees, the little Welshman, and Peter Thomson, of Australia, both of whom clip ped two strokes off Portrush's tough par with 70's. Defending champion Bobby Locke, of South Africa, seeking his third successive British Open titl; Max Faulkner, of Britain, and Flory Von Donck. of Belgium, were next in line with 71s. Locke, who shot a 36-3. complained that he had "to struggle" all the way as. a sharp cross wind swept the oceanside course. Eight golfers were five strokes off the pace with 73'a, Including Britons Bill Shankland, Norman Sutton, Harry Weetman, John Panton and Jack Hargreaves; Ugo Grappasonnl and A. Angeline, both of Italy, and Eric Cremin of Australia. ANTONIO CERDA, of Argentine, who won ' the qualif ying medal with a 36-hole score of 138, shot a 74, starting out weakly when he carded a five over par 40 for the first nine. He recovered on the second nine and finished with birdie fours on the 17th and 18th whre he holed seven and eight foot putts, respectively, for a three-under-par 34. Von Nida had the best round of the day, shooting the first nine in 31, four under par, but he needed an even par 37 to negotiate the second nine holes. Adams went out In 34, one under, and came back in the same figure, which was three under regulation figures. Rapacz Stays ivilh Giants KALAMAZOO (U.R) John Rapacz, National Football League star who was considering "jumping" to the Big Four League in Canada, said he had sent a signed contract to the New York Giants. Rapacz, who h.s played center for the Giants for three years, was an All-American at Oklahoma and an All-State star at Kalamazoo Central. Previously, Rapacz had returned unsigned three Giant contracts for the 1951 season. McGregor Is net hoe Aussie Disposes of Sturgess in Semifinal WIMBLEDON W Dick Savitt, of Orange, N. J., rallied from what looked like certain defeat to vanquish Herbie Flam, of Beverly Hills, Calif., 1-6, 15-13, 6-3, 6-2, and storm into the finals of the All-England championships. Playing before a throng of more than 15,000. Savitt took a thrashing in the opening set and w'as trailing, 1-5, in the second before; he suddenly gained control of his brilliant game and began the rally,1 which carried him to victory. The first two sets required 90 minutes to play. a a THE HUSKY forneU University graduate, who already holds the Australian crown, again will face the player he defeated in the final round at Sydney last winter Ken McGregor, of the Aussie Davis Cup team in Friday's playoff on the famed center court. McGregor, who, like Savitt, has sprung Into world tennis renown within the last 12 months, won his way into the final with a 6-4, 3-6, 6-3, 7-5 thumping of Eric Sturgess, of South Africa. Savitt was seeded no higher than No. 6 by the Wimbledon committee. McGregor was No. 7. As a fitting tribute to Independence Day, four teams of American girls battled into the semifinal round of women's doubles, and in each instance their victims were British pairs. a a THE DEFENDING champions, Louise Brough, of Beverly Hills, and Mrs. Margaret Osborne du-Pont, of Wilmington, Del., remained heavy favorites as they ousted the strongest British combination of Mrs. Jean Walker-Smith and Joy Mottram, 6-1, 6-4. Doris Hart, of Miami, and Shirley Fry, of Akron, defeated Jean Quertier and Kay Tuckey, 6-3, 6-1, and Beverly Baker, of Santa Monica, and Nancy Chaffee, of Ventura. Calif., de feated the Misses M. M. Eyre and V. S. White, 6-2, 6-4, Mrs. Barbara Scofield Davidson, or san jc rancisco, ana u e 1 1 y Rosenquest, of South Orange, N. J downed Peggy Dawson Scott and Betty Wilford, 8-6, 6-1. Speedivay Goes Again Two feature events will b presented on Motor City Speedway's auto racing program Thursday. Rain which washed out the hotrod feature of last Thursday's program made the double raain event possible. One of the features will be a 40-lap hot-rod event. The other is a 25-Iap hard-top race. laa .ar aH ,i.-iVa.. . S. as Aaavanac 0?JLY wi-ravrnr 095 1 095 0 'SirE B 0 COVERS ARE am ceoPE COACH II SEDAI Cvudb, INSTALLED WITHOUT CHARGE 3C& Minutes IN dt!ST kwC mtT At t '4 '5051 Gfc AT THESf lJCtS 6i&, BI6 : SAVINGS ON a BEAUTIFUL UtLUAt msTAUiariow maku COVERS I MFFEMNCEI . I tm aa son,. tty t -V, DOUBLE FEATURE TONITE 40-LAP ROADSTER RACE 2S-LAP HARD TOP FEATURE MOTOR CITY SFEEDWAY 8 mile a RDS. Tiaw Trull 6:45 P.H. 1st Crmt 8 JO P.M. FOR RESERVATIONS LA 1-1120 a jim.n a 4, iui i . i. una 345 E. 8 Mile Od. Just Ecst cf John R Lincoln 5-1335 Tkm Storm with tkm Giant Red Towmr Sign 1 Boyer's New Process Tires 12-Month Road Hazard Guarantee Big Man Herman Hickman, football coach at Yale, played professional ball for the Brooklyn football Dodgers for three years. Each season he was named All-League guard. Kiner Fined, Suspended PITTSBURGH (U.R) Ralph Kiner. ejected from a game for the first time in his major league career Tuesday against the Cubs, was notified by National .League President Ford Frick that he had been fined $100 and suspended for three days, effective July 5. Coach Bill Posedel, who was tossed out along with Coach Milt Stock by Umpire Jocko Conlan during a dispute at first base following Kiner's grounder to Roy Smalley, drew the same fine and suspension. Conlan charged Kiner and Posed e! with "pushing1 and shoving." fcOO- 16 For 20.10 650-16 For 24.S0 650-15 For 24.30 670-15 For 23.20 2 710-15 For 25.75 2 760-15 For 28.20 2 800-15 For 30.95 2 820-15 For 32.25 "Eichosge for Sound Casings SOME ABOVE SIZES AVAILABLE IN WHITE-WALLS GOOD TRADE.IN TIRES IN ALL SIZES $3.95 UF OUR MOTTO HIGHEST QUALITY AT LOWEST PRICES ' BUDGET TERMS Open Tuesday and Friday until 9 P. M. ' BOYER BROS. MOTOR CITY TIHE SERVICE 3455 E. Jefferson LO 8-3455 f

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