Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on July 5, 1936 · Page 77
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 77

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1936
Page 77
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SCREEN & RADIO WE E K L Y 15 Questions and Comments from the Mail Bag Cheap Movies Nauseate Fan 1 READ Screen & Radio Weekly weekly and think no finer newspaper supplement is issued by any newspaper. Your features are good, your personality stories are always interesting and your reviews are well written, but You review very few, if any, second rate pictures. I presume you ttiink it is not worth while and perhaps from the standpoint of those who live in a large city where they can see only the best pictures you are right about it. But how about the thousands upon thousands of fans who live in small towns and who have to accept the second class fare that is thrust upon them? Or haven't you any idea just how bad the cheaper pictures really are? You review about four pictures a week. That's a little over 200 a year. But Hollywood turns out hundreds of other pictures and all f them are used. So I wish you would find the time to turn your attention to the fearful junk that is being sent to small towns. It will amaze you. The acting is awful, the scenarios worse and the plots are too terrible tor mention in polite society. I'm sure I don't know what can he done about it, but there are hundreds of thousands of movie fans in small communities who would rise up and call you blessed if you could at least offer a good suggestion. JANE COLE. All the editor can say is that so long as you will go to ,ee Poor pictures your theater manager will keep on showing them. I'm reminded of the story of the com-mandant of the military academy to whom the dean of a girl's school had complained that his cadets were too much given to petting with her young ladies. "Madam," he said, "if your girls will pet, my boys will pet em." What was the name of the picture in which Clark Gable played the part of a clergyman, and fell in love with a circus entertainer? J. M. W. "Polly of the Circus." I would like to have you print a short biography of William (Bill) Boyd. Is he supposed to be a blond or is his hair white? Is he married? What is bis next picture? At what studio can I reach him? MISS I. F. William (Bill) Boyd was born in Cambridge, 0., June S, 1808; 6 feet tall, blond hair. Divorced from Elinor Fair and Dorothy Sebastian. His next picture Is "Go-Get-'Em Haines." Address Republic Pictures, North Hollywood, Calif. Please print the names of the important actors and actresses of the film world. A FAN. There are hundreds of playere employed by the studios and the limitation of our space would not permit tabulating them. Who were in the cast with Shirley Temple in "Baby, Take a Bow?" BELLE DIMITY. James Dunn, Claire Trevor, Alan Dinehart, Ray Walker, Dorothy Llbalre, Ralf Harolde, James Flavin. Could you tell me where I could 'i t tain a copy of the spiel which the boiker made in the carnival scene ..' "Strike Me Pink?" WM. COLEGRAVE. Write to the script department. United Artist? Studio. Hollywood. Bad and Good Mixed Draw Reader's Anger 1 AM objecting to a common practice carried out by those movie houses which run stage shows along with films. When you go to one, paying a fairly large admission fee, you go to see either the picture, which has been widely touted, or to see the stage show, which contains acts or stars vou are interested in. However, you are bored to death by one or the other. This practice of combining a strong film with a weak show or vice versa has just about forced me to wait until the pictures come to the neighborhood houses, where I can see the film I want to and then leave. It's inhuman to expect people to sit through some of the entertainment offered by the houses. They do it merely to pad the complete program to two and a half hours or so. But I say, give us a good stage show and a good film together, or just give us one or the other. They're getting high enough prices to pay for a good, balanced bill. Why don't they give it to us? JOHN H.WILCOX. Maybe the cause Is a shortage of good films, or "a shortage of good stage shows. We suggest a bitter letter to the manager. How can I get pictures of Jane Withers, Jane Darwell and Sybil Jason? LILLIAN D. Try local shops or send a request with 25 cents to Twentieth Century-Fox Films for Jane Withers and Jane Darwell. Sybil Jason at Warner Bros. , Who played Mrs. Kruger in "Thanks a Million?" I like to have the cast of characters repeated at the end of a picture but when it is done it is flashed on and off so quickly one can't read the names. A CONSTANT READER. Mrs. Kreuger was played by Margaret Irving. Can vou dease tell me if Sleep 'n' Eat played in "The Littlest Rebel" and is he known also as Willie Best? THANKS A MILLION. Willie Best Is Sleep V Eat's real name and he was in the cast of "The Littlest Rebel" under his own name. Waste of Star Talent in Films Is Deplored H, OLLYWOOD deserves to go broke but I suppose it won't. It's a saying in my business that when you waste material you're heading for bankruptcy. What about Hollywood's wasting its most valuable material stars? I'm thinking of "The Golden Arrow," a slow, dull and enormously unimportant offering utilizing the Academy winner, Bette Davis. Here was a beautiful chance to cash in on a fine lot of publicity, won by Miss Davis in a dramatic role. What do they do? They put her in a slipshod comedy that didn't possess even the merit of being passably funny. As I understand it, it was adapted from an old Michael Arlen novel. This I do know Miss Davis, instead of being given an opportunity to produce her specialtydramatics was forced into a silly role that called upon her merely to be irritable most of the time. When, oh when? MICHAEL L. MERCER. Cheer up and think of "Of Human Bondage." When did Douglas Fairbanks, Sr., appear in "The Black Pirate?" BENNY GOLDBERG. In 1926. More Punches Seen as Need W HEN I saw Robert Taylor, in "Small Town Girl," with Janet Gaynor, I was quite content to accept him in Hollywood's appraisal as "the handsomest actor in films." That was about all his muddling around in this rather flat story, amounted to. For that reason, I was not surprised to find him doing about the same thing in "Private Number," with Loretta Young, who is one of my particular screen charmers. It began to look as if he were typed for all time as a wealthy sap, when, bingo, what did he do but land on the jaw of Basil Rathbone so hard he knocked that worthy, as the most despicable bit of flesh I ever saw in a butler's apparel, dear out of sight. Right there I sat up and took notice. And was I glad I Even delighted. Rathbone should have been killed earlier but, of course, then there would have been no picture. From now on I'm strong for Taylor and his good right fist. Oh, yes. 1 here was a rainstorm in "Private Nu.tiber." There always is in every picture I see. Some day they're going to omit a downpour and a punch on the chin, and then they will have to carry me out of the theater, unconscious from surprise. YOURS FOR MORE PUNCHES AND SHOWERS. We are turning your communication over to the please-don't-forget department. They'll see that you have many more punches and showers we hope. Where was Spencer Tracy born and when? Is i true that he is a crack polo player and ovns a string of polo ponies? Is he an older brother of Lee Tracy? ROBERT D. Tracy was born in Milwaukee, Wis., April 5, 1900. His hobby is polo and he own polo ponies. He is no relative of Lee Tracy. Could you tell me the name of the picture in which Ruth Chat-terton and Adolphe Menjou played together? It was a story of Paris, I think. Is Miss Chatterton returning to the screen soon? If so, in what picture? AMELIA. "Journal of a Crime." Miss Chatterton's next picture will be "Girl's Dormitory," release date for which has not been announced. Will you please give me a brief biography of William LeBaron? THATCHER SNOWDEN. LeBaron was born in Elgin, III.; Feb. 16, 1883, and following public school went to the University of Chicago and the University of New York. He was managing editor of Collier's in 1918-19 and then went Into the film Industry as a producer, a line of professional endeavor in which he is still engaged. He is an author and playwright. I would like the titles of all pictures Clark Gable has appeared in. MARY W. "The Painted Desert," "Polly of the Circus," "Hell Divers," "Susan Lennox, Her Fall and Rise," "Possessed," "Strange Interlude," "Red Dust," "No Man of Her Own," "China Seas," "Soviet," "The White Sister," "Hold Your Man," "Night Flight," "Dancing Lady." "It Happened One Night." "Manhattan Melodrama." "Men in White," "Chained," "After Office Hours," -Forsaking All Others," "Call of the Wild." "Mutiny on the Bounty," "Wife Versus Secretary." 'Bullets or Ballots' Receives Bouquets M AY I express in your columns my appreciation for a stirring moving picture? "Bullets or Ballots" was such a refreshing change from the ordinary fare that I believe some sort of medal should be struck off for Edward G. Robinson, Joan Blondell and the two menaces. By the way, who were they? The movie was fast moving, directed with a sure touch and carried a dramatic story. Joan Blondell was given the best role of her career, I believe. It wasn't so flibberty-gibbet as usual. And Robinson was immense. MARION HENDERSON. The two racketeer were Bar ton MacLane and Humphrey Bo-gart. We're referring your letter to the medal-casting department. Will you tell me whether Jimmy Allen's real name is Jimmy Allen? How old is he? Is he really an airplane pilot? Also, is Speed Robertson Speed's right name? Did he play in "The Sky Parade?" Was Flash Lewis in the picture? GIRL CADETS TO BE. That is his right name. 18. As yet he has not passed the final tests. However, it is reported that he Is interested in becoming a pilot. Speed Robertson is just a character name used in the air aerial program. No. Someone else played Flash Lewis. Jean Muir's Absence from Screen Is Noted w, HAT has be come of the lovely young actress, Jean Muir? She seems to have dropped out of sight since her last film. "Stars Over Broadway." Will you give me a brief history of her since she began in the movies? Can you tell me what her next picture will be? Isn't it true that she intends to leave the films and become a director and stage manager in her own little theater? Some time ago you ran an article in Screen & Radio Weekly about her. Can you tell me the date which it appeared? Has she ever been on the stage? Where can I address a letter to her, and what studio is she under contract to? C. M. KELLER. Jean Muir (right name Jean Muir Fullarton) was born Feb. 13, 1911, in New York City; height 5 feet 11 inches, weight 125 pounds, blond. She flad experience in stock compares and in stage plays. She began to work for Watner Bros, in 1933. Her next picture is "White Fang," the famous Jack London story which has Michael Whalen in the male lead. She now manages her own little theater company. A story about her ran Sept. 29, 1935. Address her at Warner Bros. Studios, Hollywood. "Three time mf t. i fresh Evry one who han suffered from constipation- and who hasn t at one time or other know that dark-brown taste-that half-aick lojry feeling the blotchy complexion that come from constipation. But ft harsh, jolting "ail-at-once" cathartic ia not the remedy, FLN-A- MINT, the delicious chewing-gum laxative, is the easy pleasant way to clear your nystem of the ills of constipation. You chew it for three minutes while preparing for TUNE IN ftij A b i ttir t, null. 9 hit rir.h Rrifij K)tin, iv .1 Af ur t-'r & f. 11, t i T. Boners Found by Quick Eye 1 AM one of those people who enjoy finding boners in movies. Suppose there are thou sands like me. Anyway, it heirs you get through some of the duller films, don't you think? I've been worrying about that money in "Bullets or Ballots." You see the big room where the racketeers count their daily take, and there are piles and piles of paper bills. But they're all neatly stacked, crisp as new. Bills don't stay that way verv long in circulation. Don't tell me the racketeers were getting all that money fresh from the mint! Then there was the Randolph Scott Western picture, where in one scene Scott turns over his pistol to the bad men, and in the next he is shown shooting his way to freedom, or something. And "Roberta" that swell musical when they rang the "down" button on the elevator, the elevator stopped, they all got on and the elevator went up! At Vast, I think that's the way it worked. How about it can I and those of my ilk send along such items to your magazine? STEWART MAHONEY. Come ahead, erant. We're very tol- Please tell us something about Mary Treen, who has had several small roles in pictures and seems to be extra good at comedy parts? Was she ever on the stage? AN ADMIRER Mary was born in St. Louis but went to Los Angeles as a child and was educated there. She studied dancing and appeared in several stage revues as a dancer and in vaudeville before she went into pictures to make short tea tures. She is considered to pos sess marked comedy talents. She has auburn hair, blue eyes, 5 feet 8 inches in height and weighs 1-0 pounds. Who played the part of Jerome in "Captain Blood?'' Who played Squirmie in "Freshman Love?" In what other pictures will I be able to see them? BARBARA HARRIS. Jeremy Pitt was played ty Ross Alexander in "Captain Blood." Squirmy was played by Mary Treen in "Freshman Love." Both of these players are frequently cast so you will Just have to watch for them. What actresses appeared with Laurel and Hardy in that Scotch picture the title of which I should like to know also, please? MILLIE DUNN. June Lang, Anne Grey, Daphne Pollard and Mary Gordon were in the picture which was titled "Bonnie Scotland." minutes of my and I wake up as the dawn! bd, and you wake up fre&h as the dwa there are no unpWasant after- ffec no cram pa or other troubles i the whole family try it How the children will love it. CoFtfl only 15 cent? an4 25 cent? fur btg family xxck. 0j -

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