Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1952 · Page 23
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 23

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1952
Page 23
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f ,*""^ ,??' v$<- »</J^'f-t' lj »' v | >•» TAP J - HOM StAl, WOf I, Alt KANSAS _' Wedneidoy, December 14,1952 , December 24,1$S2 About .10 jwtf etnt of th« Of tlt«\Ntit*i»rland* ha* l>«en f«- »pft, I nnd or m«r#H. f I *•?<' GUNTER LUMBER CO. &&>*: Nixon's Role Forthcoming From Ike •/ LVL£ C, WIU90M WASHINGTON, (UP) - !>»!« Mltfn of Vice Proftlder>l-Hfl.:t Rfchnrd JK. Nixon'* role In tho Bl««fnhowrfr ntlmfntMrntlon should Nt coming nlortg Bny rliiy now. It should l)u toming atonit. thnt (», H Prii»ltl«»nt-<!tect Elsenhower lift* any spccinl plans for his young! Uck«t>m«U>. Elsenhower and Nixon! hnvf- seen little of each other | Since (h« election. j Nlxrm's only rucorilcil appear-' nncr nt Elsenhower's New York j hrfl'lqufli'torx ulneo thn election wn» on Nov. H. Surface Indientlons urn thnl thn ymmtfer man hn« had i no part In nhaping the plnns had nssombllni? personnel of !he ln-| contini? Republican admtnlstrntlon. lie hn<( represented Eisenhower on; twt.' otit-aslons, once nt the Innnx- uralion of th*> new pmldent of Mcxlro (ind iiRrtlri us Hi publlcail speaker nt lh« winter dinner r>( HI FODNIR .... GUY DOWNING » President of 3rd Circuit Round Up Club «p'li WtfflNCKRELY tOUft PATRONACK AND GOOD WiLt AND TAKK THIS OPl'OR- TUNinf tO E X I' It K 9 8 OUR OIUTITODE BUTANE GAS CO. Hope, Arkansas 7-4371 • 216 S. Walnut TO RAW Of OUR GOOD FRIEN&S May thtt Holiday S.a.on fold fe? you « h<wjslng big nttoiure of go^d ch«f and happlntii— It oyr try* with fof you. ti. GREEN LEE SHEET & METAL CO. *,* HOPE BUILDERS' home la';t Ike, Hoover Talk Over Reorganization By H. D. QUIGG NKW YORK, (UP)- ProsMpnl pled Kiflenhowor discussed rcor^-i onlzatlon of the fxncutive branch j of the KovernrniHit nt luncheon to-' cltiy with former Pr«?«ld«>nt Herbert Hoover ntul Dr. Arthur Klcrnmlng, presidfint of Ohio Wc'Kleyan uni- VPr.sily. The luncheon wns nl the home, of Secretary of State-DesiRnate John Foster Dulles, who wan pres-l «nt. U wns at Dulles' Wednesday ;thot < tflsr together With Ocn. IVmtM.Ts M:!r- ArWuir to rcr, ivn M ; ,' O Arthur's (Winyrl on the Korean v.ar. The l>rc:!Kli.'nt-c!rft and nulle'i left Kisori!i(i',ver's Commodore ll-i- tol h».'iid(juart.ei-:i at I2::tn p.m. (KST) for the flrive up Park Av.>- tun to Diillvs' resideuee In tin.' f-ishionnljle upper K;ist Side. 10 BODIES FOUND NAGOYA. .la pnr> (/?)•- Re.srue workers have found Hi bodie•; in the wreckage of a large fertilize! plant that blew up hi iv yi-s- 1er:l:iy Five person;! are missiiu! Police today said Xi were seriously in- tho gridiron club. Public statements about Nixon's nilo in the Kisonhowcr administration all have been by Nixon, so f.ir. On July ):( Nixon said Kisen- howor wanted to make (In presidency "a position of ability and importance." After their meetini! in New York la.st month, Nixon said the president-elect wanted him to "take an active role in expediting, legislation," and probably would i ask him to handle some admini.v-l tralive duties. "Kxpedilim: lion" is a pi'.ra.se more vaunt.- and j dourly than meaningful. There has been no from either roan that vice president will sit , cabinet. The invitation extended of course, any , (ween now and Jan. '.'.() when Mist nhower and Nixon take office. In th<- case of Mrs. Oveta Culp Hobby, the invitation to attend cabinet meetings was given at the time she was chosen (o be federal .security administrator in the Eisenhower administration. As the situation adds up today, Nixon will perform the duties of vke president, and no more. They are to pre.-iide over the Senate and to votu in event of a tie. With the Sennit 1 so closely divided between the two parties, Nixon's Voting privilege may prove to be important or. even, sometimes vital to the Eisenhower administration. Fiut that would be strictly a matter of chance. ; jured and 198 slightly Hurt I The Aoa Otrtct Co, owner of I the plant, said damage totaled $1,400,000 Contrary to popular belief," bears are not particularly fon dof honey although they often raid beehives to eat the young bees in the combs. A lighthouse is called a "pharos" from the ancient lighthouse which Stood on the island of Pharos, ir the harbor of Alexandria, Egypt. rtotnan roads were often 3 feet or mor thick. The first Rotary Club was up in Chicago in 1903. set indication Nixon as with the could be time be- FIRST NATIONAL BANK FOODLAND SUPER - MARKET 207 !',,y alnu * Formerly Stueart's BILL CLARK RAY MILLER CLOSED THURSDAY & FRIDAY, DEC. 25 -26 Police Find Two Coses Marijuana LITTLE ROCK, (ft — Arkansas State Police reported today that two suitcases full on marijuana were found near Cldrksvllle last week. Value of the narcotic wns estimated at $8,000. Ownership of the marijuana has not been established and there! have been no arrests. State Police i i said; j The narcotic was reported to be j in dried bulk form, ready for 1 screening and rolling Into cigarettes Lt. Dan Tcmpleton said the suitcases were found on a railroad riKhi-of-way by a right -ot -way crew and were sent to State Polite Headquarters in Little Rock. Tim lieutenant said the suitcases were neatly placed and apparently had not been thrown from a train. Fair Enough •y W.itbrook PegUr CopyMflht, 1958 •y Klnfl Feature! Syndle«<«. The first newspaper west of the Mississippi River was published on the island of Mauri, Hawaii. Sev- i'ral schools more than 100 years old stand in the town of Woiluku on the same island, and it was here that manual training first was taught in the New World. ALL OF us Hope's Finest Department Store With every good wish for the Season t Its hope, its pctace s * *. dnd'$6od cHecp '' 11 "^ " A , " ' tJVS. , M* And our sincere V lor Wishing You a Joyous Season . May the wqrmth and glow of the season bt ai comforting and pleasant as that, of the traditional ' ' " ChrUtmas candles — our wish for you and yours — GRAYDON ANTHONY LUMBER CO. Ainericnns with n sense of deceie Liko Senator Tnft nnd otlvi Americans with a sense of decency not entirely benumbed by the Roosevelt druR, I wns shocked by General Ike's selection of Martin Durkin to be his secretary of labor. Durin is the president of tho Plumbers' union. We pay n sentimental respect to tne carpenters because theirs was "IP seculari? .occupation of Jesus Chnst and to the blacksmlUii on obsolete artisan, nnd fl"fiard nrmker because Longfellow priilfted " >n m a sweetly mendacious jin- 8"'- Hut the plumber has always uoen dishonored Our humor 'is rich in nuggets pertaining to his ancient practise of forgetting the light wrench, and (he plumber is the true son of Shakespeare's linker whoso artful stalling earned a vulgar tribute from that pioneer cosmic celuninist. Ih short, t| u , plumbing trade is predatory, hostile to all the rest Of mankind and fundamentally corrupt m its immemorial insistence on_nigh pi,v for non-performnnce. Jafts objections were strictly political and valid in that phase". Durkiivis a Democrat and the AJ- or, I,, of which he is a worthy prelate, opposed Ike and squandered money wrung from its myriad nonenties to spread calculated les about Ike. the Republican party and the Tail-Hartley law His appointment was ;, political affront to all Re-publicans, but there are moral objections which I will state in the ensuing text Durkin is one of those bend- counting holy joes of the union racket whose personal piety however sincere we may deem' it to Us. has nothing to do with the ease. He is of the same cloth as George Meany. the new president of the AF of I,, also a plumber; the late Phil Murray. Dan Tobin Joe Ryan, of the harbor rackets and Mike Quill, of the shor- naul passenger services. There is no evidence that Dur"II is a thief or grafter himself, but you put yourself at a great disadvantage if you let yourself forget that this fellow defiantly did nothing to repudiate his murderous Nevada satrap, Ralph Howard Alsup, a gun-man who reigned as vice-president of tho Clark County Federation of Labor vice-president of the Nevada State Federation d business agent of plumbers' locals in Clark county, Which includes Las Vegas and many groaj. government "proj. ects". It also includes the groat gambling and hotel industries which have spent many millions on construction since the war, in- cluding appropriate plumbing. If anything Rood can be said of amnn suddenly picked for a cabinet job. our press says it with | out quest inn on the authority of | his press-agents and friends tf 1 he gnus to church regularly that is | counted-in his favor nnd no coun- ' •rvniling truth is stated to bal- public opinion, , Durkin did know be- I mnde It an order of my 'I'ofessional business to see that , ho learned, that Alsup was a pro- •'fesslonnl criminal with n long record of armed robbery, wanton wounding with n sun, wlfe-beatlnu, jail-breaking and extortion by means of his power as an officer of Durkin's union. He extorted money not only from the plumbers in his power, Including a levy to pay his personal legal expenses In nls criminal activities, but from contrnotors who conspired with tho union to withhold labor from rival cor tractors on public .iftnd private construction. v '-. Unable to ignore the truth, Dur- Kin sent an official ngont of his "iitii-nal office into Las Vegas to investigate. The facts stood up Mo thanks to Durkin, Meany or the late scoundrel William Clreen, 'lien president of the AK of L, AlMip finally had to put aside the "fficial gun and blackjack of his office and start a term in the state prison for .shouting an unarmed, mi il fend ing house-painter in the tillice of the painters' union. .At Hie end of thai hitch he will be available to the federal officers for ;i term for violating the anti-trust law. Unions may flout this law if uif.y conspire together solely In llii'ii- own interests and the inter, ''sis of their high racketeers. But I Alsup conspired with business I men for their profit and that was ! ; i social error He was not removed from any "f His many union offices and distinctly urkin did not throw him "»t el his position of power in the plumbers' union. Alsup never worked as a plumber or steadily at any other trade but crime. On the face of things, Alsup should be send up for life or shot dVnd on sight by (he first peace olficer who interprets his most casual gesture as a false move when he gets out of prison. However, good men who know him have said that he could really be •n fine "influence" in Nevada If he would only devote himself as heartily to good works as he has to crime thus far. This only goes to show that Hitler might have been a great moral eader but for certain faults A little consolation lies in the fact that the secretary of labor these days has no practical authority in labor matters. The job is just a sinecure for an official Wind-jammer. He does not even have to supervise the grand ex- trnvagance of tho parasitic bureau known as the Department of Labor. Mine. Frances Perkins nnd Mnurici- Tobin, a meaningless suit of clothes from Boston, are fin* examples of tho required quality Missouri Mon Killed in Wreck . t*l — A Missouri man was killed nnd a fellow townsman believed Injured seriously today when the car in which they were riding failed to make a curve nnrt overturned on Highway 02 two miles cast of Plggot. State Trooper Gordon Cockrum, said George Joseph Swerbensky, 32, of Crtmpbe.il, Mo., wns killed when he wns thrown about 100 Icet from the overturned vehicle, Joseph Tnte, an,' also, of Campbell, wns taken to n Plggot clinic whom his condition was believed to be serious. In nlr, sound tokos about 8 seconds to travel n mile, Elsenhower, of course, has no excuse. *. The EJaar hns a population of about 800 per square mile. Brussels ^''^J*^**j$fc (^Jltd&HCjA Torpley's Esso xs!*»+m ,«4»', lii -^WKstJUflliT AND MANY, MANY THANKS As you enter into the spirit of the Christmas occasion, we hope you will take just a moment to accept our best wishes for the Seasoa It's been a pleasure^to serve you HERBERT BURNS :^p3l r ' ;«| NEVADA TRANSIT CO. MtlfL rt * 'ill .»• . ,u

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