Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 5, 1894 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1894
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Ifmittutl APRIL 5,1804. WORLD'S FAIR ART PORTFOLIO COUPON. 6 coupons or different dates and 10 cent* iwcureirthe current number ol Art Portfolios, See advertisement. VOL. XIX. LOGANSPORT, INDIANA. THURSDAY MORNING, APRIL 5.1894. NO. 82. TO SUIT THE ACTION to the word. You will find, we more than redeem our promise to show the choicest line of Spring Capes and Jackets, Shirt Waists and Ctaisetls, Laces, Guimps, Silk and Lace Bows, Moire and Silk Ribbbons, Hosiery and Underwear, Printed China and Wash silks, and sell them FOR LESS MONEY \ than any house in the state at the Ever Busy BEE HIVE, WILER & WISE, 315 Fourth St, TWO YEARS" SUSPENSION. Verdict of the K»»™»rt:e Court-M»rtl»l In the C»«i> of Commander Ilojeruiiiu. \VAsniJJOTOK, April 4. —Tho result of the court-martial in the case of Commander O. F. Ifeycrroan, commanding the Kearsargo when she was wrecked, Is as follows: lie was found guilty of the first charge, "through negligence in suffering a vessel of the navy to be run upon a reef and stranded," and also o' tho second charge— tho first word, "culpable," having been stricken out— "of inefficiency in tho performance of duty." He was sentenced to be suspeuded from duty for a period of two years on waiting orders, during which time he shall retain his present number on the list of commanders. In view ol the long and faithful service of Commander Hcyerman all the members o( the court recommended him to the clemency of the reviewing Authority. The sentence of the court is subject to the approval of the secretary of the navy. Commander Heyerman is one of the most popular officers in the navy, and the verdict will bo received with profound feelings of regret by all who know him. It is hoped that the secretary will find it in consonance with his duty to remit the sentence. ' STATED. Nonunion dyers in Patcrson, N, .f., -were waylaid and badly beaten by armed strikers. Mrs. Mary W. Faulkner, mother of the United States senator, died in Winchester. Vs., aged 77. Drunken meu and women fought with New York police after a dance and one man was killed. Union grain shovelers at Buffalo won a fight with Italians and Poles in which many of tho latter were seriously injured. C. VV. Smith, of Guthrio, O. T., secured a judgment of flO.OOO against D. C. Young for alienating tho affections of his wife. The Northwestern Wisconsin union of the Christian Endeavor society opened its eighth annual session at .Hudson, Wls. GOT. Peck has sent 1583.03 to the relief committee at Hurley and notified it that no more charitable contributions will be made, Leonard Walworth, of Morris, III., while rowing in the Illinois river fell from his boat and was drowned. He . was 8$ years of age. Bodies of armed coke strikers, largely composed of Slavs and Hungarians, marched to the plants in Pennsylvania and forced the men to leave work. Because he persisted In aing-ing 1 "After the Ball," Ben Miller was probably fatally stabbed by William Dierkes, aQuincy (111.) saloonkeeper. Tho body of an unknown man about 40 years of aga, having In his pocket a letter addressed to Charles Brandt, of Milwaukee, was found hanging to tbo iron bridge S miles east of Brookfleld, Wis. __ Tha'Pnbllc Debt rocr«i»«ert. WAWraoTO*, April 4.-The regular monthly deU statement shows the cm»h balance in the treamiry March 81 to have been »183.WO,OS5, of which $100, 000. 000 »»«• ff old «•«•»•. In the cash for the month of tMafcti was S4,713,839. The interest-bearing debt is given as $034.!>40,yi>0, an increase of S»,OGS,030. The total debt of the United States March 81, 1804, is shown to have been 11,081,025,188, a net increase for the month of $lS,78G,0(i3. A Stuck of IIIIU Three T«»t High. NEW YOKK, April 4.— K. T. Wilson & Co. deposited at the subtrcasury 10,740,000 in legal-tender notes in payment for the Cherokee bonds. The notes were from large denominations down to 110. They made a pile about 3 feet high. The entire clerical force of tho subtreasury was set to work counting the money. Lous of Life at a Flre ' FRANKFORT-ON-THE-MAIN, April 4.— Fire destroyed tho upper portion of a house, formerly the Britannia hotel, near tho Central station. During the panic a number of the inmates jumped from tho windows. Three of them were killed and several severely injured. Sunk by the Ice. MACKIN.VCK ISLAND, Mich., April 4.— The big freight carrier Minneapolis, owned by A. A. Parker, of Detroit, was sunk by the ice Tuesday night in the straits, off McGulpin's point. All on board were saved, but tho vessel and cargo are in 20 -fathoms of water and will be a total loss. Colorado HoKil Burned, MONTKOMK. Co),, April 4.—Tho Hotel lielvidere was burned to the ground Tuesday night, tho building and contents being- a total lass. The loss is JUO.UUO; insurance, Si!2,000. Adjoining buildings were saved with difficulty. All tho inmates escaped in safety. Hill-Re oiirt Krhoanor CollHU. MARINE CITV, Mich., April 4.—The steam barge Majestic of the grain fleet, bound down, and an unknown schooner wero in collision at southeast bend, St. Clair river, Tuesday night. The schooner lost her forward rigging and one of her crew was killed. Co«tu Hlo»'(i New rrenldent. Nr.w YORK, April 4.—C. A. del Gedo, consml of Costa IJica in this city, has received a cable message from San Jose, the capital of that republic, saying that Don Rafael Yglesias, the liberal candidate, has beeu elected to the presidency in succession to Don Joso Kodriguez. Perfect order prevails throughout the republic. Tho now president will take the reins of government on May 8. International 8»nlt»rj Treaty. PARIS, April *.—The international sanitary convention has been signed. The United States and Great Britain made reservations as to minor details. It is.believed that if the decisions of the convention aro carried out they will prove an effectual check to the importation of cholera into Europe and the United States. Favor » State Tux on Greenback!. WASHINOTON, April 4.—By a vote of 8 to 5 tho house committee on banking and currency decided to report in favor of subjecting greenbacks to state sad municipal taxation. The bill was introduced by Representative Cooper (Ind.) and is regarded as an important one bearing on the general currency - AT THE POLLS. More Cities and Towns Choose Their New Officers, Result of the Battle of the Ballots in Illinois, Wisconsin and Elsewhere —Kansas W6men Elected. IN CHICAGO. CniCAOO, April 4. -Tuesday's aldermanic elections in tliis city resulted in a net gain of five members in the city council for the republicans. The majorities range from 4,COu to to. The new council will stand: Republicans, 43; democrats, 25. The present council stands: Republicans, !iS; democrats, £9. The republican west town ticket for assessor collector, supervisor and clerU, was badly beaten. In r.no south town the only republican elected wus the nominee for assessor. The republicans elected their entire tiukets in the north town, Lake View, Hyde Park and in Jefferson, while the democrats were successful in the town of Lake. The city voted in favor of tlie annexation of Evanston and Morgan P*rk by a largo majority. But Morgan Park does not want to be a part of the city and voted ttvo to one against annexation. The annexation proposition as •tar as Morgan Park is concerned therefore falls through. Evanston did not vote on the question of annexation Tuesday, but will do so April IT, In Illlnnl* TmvtiK. Republican victories an: indicated by the returns from tho following points: ChainpalKn.Sprlnsnulil.Itock Island, Macumb, LltchlU'lil. Qulno.v, HDlslioro, Decati:r, ViinUa- ll», Paris, Chrisman, Assumption, Fa.lrb.ury, I,ii\vrentevtll«, Urbuua, Atlanta, DwlRht, Havana, Muttoon, Clinton, Marcngi), Sweater, Mount Vcrnon. Urklfuirart, Wuuko- Kii'i, Sliulilon, Lena. Geneva, Soyniour, Mon- ir.ouih, Phino, MarUn,iv;llo, Moivoaqua. Benson, Behind, Klrkwaoil, Koosland. Klein, Oarlylo. Fulton, Charleslun. N'olio-.r.ls, Ku»h- vlllo, Montiuollo, Bueim Vlstiv, Hoblr.non, .Toilet, Marshall, Nttpcrvllle, Muunt rulftsUi. Dnnvlllo, Kuwuitca, Pcorltt, Aurora, lilauminstou, WliHo- liall, Clay City, Kansas, Gruenvil'.o, Peklu, TviRcola, Murphysboro, Harvard, Galena. Democrats were successful in thefol- lowing places: Lincoln, Oclell, F.dwarclsvlllc, Kamjoy, Salem. Frecporl, Ottawa, Bcntun, Arcolu. Car- Ituvlllo, Alton, Jersoyvi'.lo, Taylorvilie, Bruce- vlllo. In Rockford the only office on which there was a contest was town collector, for which four candidates ran, »ll basing their claims on the strength of their physical disabilities. Three were jrip- ples and the fourth an njred and infirm man in reduced circumstances. Tho winner was John li. Block, who received the suppoit of tli« temperance people and tho young men. Ho beat his nearest competitor by 88 votes. In WUconitln. MILWAUKEE, April •>.—John C. Koch, the republican candidate for mayor, nnd the entire republican city ticket ore elected by pluralities which range MAYOR KOCH. from 4,000 to 0,000, The republicans will also have a majority in the common council. Only live of the eighteen •wards in tho city were carried by the democrats. The new council will be composed of twenty-six republicans and ten democrats. The board of supervisors will be republican in about the same proportion. Returns from fifty-three points in Wisconsin indicate that the republicans were successful in focty and the democrats in thirteen. In the following places republican success is indicated by the returns: Mmliflon, Columbus, Waupun, Whitewater, Waunaca, Sturgeon Bay, lilacl: Rlvor Fulln, Baraboo, Rlpon, Monroe. Dolavan, Hhlnelander, Lancaster, Elkhorn, Hud«on, Eilgorlon, Mant- towoc, AshlanJ, S|iarta, Ocouomowoo, Wuuko- sha Riohland Center, West Superior, Eati Clalro Kcnoshft, Vlroqua, Munntln, Merrill, Ooonto, Lake Geneva, Wausau, Neenah, H»y. ward, Bololt, Riicino, Appleton, Portage, Janes- Democrats were victorious at the following points: Tomato, Darllnuton, Chiltcn, Marahfleld, Ko- waunoo Wost Bend, Mineral Point, Elroy, Watcrtown, Ohlppowa Falls, Prairie flu Chlen, MouaHOii, Pond du Lao. llceniio Win* In Ncbraika. OMAHA, Neb., April 4. — Politics cut no figure in the elections Thursday. Tho only question at stake was license or no license. In fully 05 per cent, of the towns that have reported license has carried. In Mlxiourl. ST Louis, April 4. —Up to midnight returns had been received from about twenty cities in Missouri In a majority of these the republican tickets were successful, while the democrat! carried five cities, »nd ; lsLthe remidnder mixed " CITT. Ma, April V- election resulted in tho most swcepmp republican victory ever known in Kansas City, the entire tieket beinfr elected by pluralities ranging from -too for \Veb- Btcr Davljj for mayor to 2,000 for members of lW* upper house. The vote east will approximate 2t,UOO, the largest but one ever east in the city. Ill C»l»IMll<>- DESVBH, Co!,, April «.—Tit-turns am coming 1 in slowly on account of free scratching. Citizens' or independent candidates are the favorites in the mountain towns and there appears scarcely a vestipcof either republicans, democrats or populists in the successful heads of tickets. At De Deque the mayor made himself ob- uoxious and about fifteen wom- cnD returned to the polls in the afternoon armed with horse wliips for him but he decamped on learning of their approach. At Highlands W. C. T. L". members canvassed candidates on their reputation as drinkinpr men and snowed under everyone they opposed. Mrs. Carrie West, republican candidate for town clerk, was elected. Womnii Capture All the Odloi-H, Srni.NO JJn.L, Kan,, April *.—At the election here women were elected to illl all the municipal oftloe*, including mayor, councilman and police judges. HE HAD NO LOVE. HrecUnrt<]£o Hud Only a Friendly Inter- cut in MlKH Pollnnt. WASHINGTON, April 4.—Col. Brec'nin- rid-je's polic-y is to ti^'ht every inference slip-nesting' :i promise of marriaffc by him to Miss Poilarrl. At the morning session of court Mr. Wilson, the plaintiff's attorney who is conducting tho cross-eNainination, tried to (jet tin: witness to arlmit that there had been on his part expressions of all'ec- tion at least toward the plaintiff. This the witness steadily denied, but ho admitted that there had been demonstrations of affection. He had "a warm and earnest desire for her good only," he explained. "I took her in my arms and Uibsed her, but I never expressed love for her. I repeatedly declared that 1 could uerer marry her after her relations with Rhodes were known to me." "Do you think," Mr. Wilson asked, "that a man is under obligations to prevent the destruction o£ a young woman?" "Most assuredly I. do, and if he does not he should be punished. I have had my puuishment and am trying to take it without complaint." "There was never from you any proposal of -marriaK-e?" "><evet under any circumstances," most emphatically. "Then it was understood that you were to carry out tho semblance of a marriage contract which you both understood was never to be fulfilled?" "There was the semblance of a contract to be carried out before only one living- person, and that person Mrs. Gov. IJUickburn." After more fencing- the colonel stated that tho contract before Mrs. Blackburn had been made to enable Miss Pollard to die out of. hia life and separate from Mrs. Blackburn. "And with a view to enabling her to die out of your life and Mrs, Blackburn's you took her to Mrs. Blackburn and said you would place her under Mrs, Blackburn's care?" "I did not. My recollection and the recollection of Mrs. Blackburn upon that point differ us to the meaning- of my words." In further cross-examination Mr. Wilson brought out the fact that in filling out tho certificate of marriage of Mrs. Wing to Col. Ureckin- ridge, it was made to appear that that marriage was the colonel's second, whereas it was really his third; that he had asked Dr. Paxton not to make that marriag-o public, and that after his marria<re with Mrs. Wing he stopped with her at the Hotel Logereau in >*ew York, registering as William.!. Campbell and wife. Mr. Wilson unexpectedly finished his croes-examination in the early afternoon and Mr. Bntterworth took the witness in hand. After repeating some of his former testimony till the judge bade him stop, the defendant was excused by his counsel. His tale was told and it took him four days to tell it. His counsel had not expected so early a termination and were not prepared with any other witness. Judge Bradley ill adjourning- court administered a stinging rebuke to the spectators. "You make me think." he said, "of a lot of buzzards in a tree awaiting for a sick horse to die." S»T FarmliiK Don't Pay. TOPKKA, Kan., April 4.— Commissioner of Labor James F. Todd has finished his investigation relative to the farming industry of the state, and the conclusion is that farming- is unprofitable in Kansas. The department sent 1 918 letters to farmers, asking: "Does farming pay? Why?" To this query answers came from l,20ii of the 1,638 townships in the state. Of that nnm- berl^S 1 answered, emphatically: "No," while the forty-one answered: "Yes.' forfeited Hlii Bond. CINCINNATI, O., Ap'ril 4.— W. B. Burnet, United States district attorney at this city in President Cleveland's first administration, has forfeited his bond in the United States court here, where he was held to answer for contempt 'His contempt was disobedience of an order to turn over. 18,500, which he held in trust HU present home is New York city, Heww her* Saturday, but ENDED IN BLOOD. Tragic Result of a Bitter Religious War in Kansas City, A Battle Between Catholics and A. P. A.'s at the Polls— Two Men Killed and Several Wounded. JIORF, TKOUDI.K FEAP.KD. KANSAS CITY, Mo., April 4. -The bitter animosities that have existed here "between the American Protective association and the Catholics culminated Tuesday in a pitched battle in which two men were killed, two fatally injured nnd two others wounded, as foliows: The victim*. KiMed— Con Drosnalr^n, shot tliro'JRh the kidneys: MiulniL-1 Oillahun, shot tlu-o-jfc'b rfglit skle. Filially injured— Perry Fowler, shot through Die hick; Jerry Pate, shoi In ilie fuco. Seriously wuntided — PutrleU Fleming, shnt In tlio left RlioulUcr: Jcl:n McGovern, .-shot UirouKh rlRl)l:irm Ovnr Onu tlunilrc'l ShoU Kxchangcd. It cannot be definitely said which is responsible for the unfortunate affair, as the partisans of oacli loudly clunked the other with bein? the £nll cause of all the trouble. More than 100 shots were exchanged between the combatants in less than that many seconds, and when the firing censed the men named were lying dead, dying or injiin-d on the pavement. Hi-Hglo'i" r««lliiK Causi'H ilio rifthl. T'r.e two antagonistic eliuents were solidly divided in their choice of candidates for mayor. The strong and ag-- gresivc support that each hide gave to its candidate (hiring' one of the hottest campaigns ever known in this citv engendered a strong sontimont ol bigotry. It was, therefore, in no amiable niuod that tile workers of the respective factions came together at the clilVei-ent polling places throughout the city, and that these workers carae expecting trouble to occur before the day was over was apparent from the number of deadly weapons that were drawn when the first pistol shot was fired. Sccnn of Ilie Hlot. This riot took place on the Southwest boulevard in the Fifth ward, close to police station No. 3, and those who took part in it had been heated to the fighting temper by reports that had been hourly arriving at this station of brawls at other polling places. Only one hour before it was linown that John Gooley, a stonemason, was shot in the back and forehead by William Henry Walker at a voting place at the corner of Fifth and Campbell streets and that the row was directly due to a fiery debate between the men regarding the principles of the American Protective association to which Gooley was violently opposed. Beginning of the Battle. It is claimed that Michael Callahan fired the first shot He was a member of a gang of men working under the lead o£ James Prior, a politician antagonistic to the A. P. A., and in support of Frank Johnson, the labor and independent democratic candidate for mayor. Callahan was killed. Then the battle began. The deputy constables at the polling booth and the workers of all the political factions crowded together in a solid mass about 100 strong, and every one of them seemed to be armed. For a minute or two the discharge of weapons sounded like a discharge of musketry by a regiment. Hundreds of citizens gathered at every point of vantage to 'witness the battle, which, however, was of short duration. In less than five minutes from, the time the first shot was fired the police from station No. 3 appeared upon the scene and quieted the disturbance. With their approach the fighting political workers ceased hostilities and made a quick effort to hide their weapons. While the riot was in progress it is said that members of the American Protective association telephoned to Armourdale and Argentine, strongholds of that order, for 1,000 men, and that the assurance was given that the men would shortly be on the way. Members of the A. P. A. in this city and Armourdale deny the truth of this story. Who Fired tli« Flrnt Sliot t Pryor's men are claiming that Callahan was an innocent victim. They assert that it was Jerry N. Pate, an A. P. A. man, who first shot, and that was the shot that killed Callahan. Pate was serving as a constable, having been appointed especially by a. Westport official to serve a warrant for the arrest of Jim Pryor, John Pryor, his son, aud Bert Pryor for an alleged felonious assault upon a citizen earlier in the day. He and Callahan met, had words, and either one or the other fired the shot that brought on the conflict. CHICAGO, April 4. — Wheat took another 3-cent jump to-day, the May option selling at 03 tf cents and July at B4^ cents. May was weak at under 60 cents Monday. The market hardened on the curb, opened about 1 cent up and kept climbing until near the clone. Reports of damaged crops are responsible for the rise in price. OVEli THE STATE. Telegraphic News from Varion» Town a in Indiana. UpfUXIMl Hi llllld I'|) Ills Ihtllll*. LKHJSN-ON. 1ml, April 4.— Penrose Pun^e, a well-known stock <l-;alcr. was assaulted as he was returning to hit home late Monday n'ufht. He had several hundred dollars in cash in his pocket. Barney liownaa-ti and Lewis Hughes, well-known criminals, ordered him to throw up i his hands, lie refused and was struck with a sluDgshot and knocked senseless. lie was relieved of his money and horse and earu The high way inen drove, j to Dr. Win tcr's house, where they ex- J changed the cart for his buggy, and, .have not been heard from since, + I.lnc In N*cd of liettcrmrnU. %. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., April 4.— E. P. Huston and K. O. Hopkins, receiver* of the Pcoria, Hecatur & Evansvilla railroad, submitted a report to th« federal court Tuesday. They say that the condition of the road is bad and suggest that (174,250 ought to be expended on the) rood at once in betterments. The total amount of the funded debt of the road is $,">, 517,075. The gross earnings from July 1. Jtt«, to January W, 1S9+, were, $4S;),24-t; the operating expenses J259,- 3B5, and the net receipts $^1),90S. Fight «f Trainmen nnd Tramps. LBHANOX, Ind., April 4. —A free-for- all fight between thirty-five tramps on one side and railroad trainmen, under the leadership of Detective Grady, on the other, ocenrred as the west bound mail train pulled out of her« at noon Tuesday. The tramps wera enroute to the Lafayette encampment nnd were ejected from a freight train at an early hour Tuesday mornicg 1 . Several shots were fired and rocki thrown by each side. Jerry Mason and Willis Carson, both tramps, were seriously hurt. MLUIMBOBO, O., April 4.-J?aul J. Sorff, of Middletown, WM nfcninated toroonpew by the democr* Third dUtriot convention rdH Organize. Ind., April 4.— Hotel managers representing a numbcv of Indiana cities held a meeting here Tuesday for the purpose of effecting a state or- ganisation aud appointing acommittee to wrestle with the next legislature to secure the passage of a law which will relieve hotel proprietors from responsibility for losses sustained by guests. T. J. Cullcu was elected president and John Hauley, of Port Wayne) secretary. To timber Data. rxniANAi'or.is, Ind, April 4.— Gen. George F. Mc(:iunis and Maj. James B. Ross, of this city, will join Gen. Lew Wallace, of Evansville, i from which point the party will start by boat today for the old battlefield of Shiloli and other celebrated battlefields in th« sonth. They go to compile historical data. _ Unknown Man Killed by a Train. BRAZIL, Ind., April 4.— An unknown man, finely dressed and with quite « sum of money on his person, was killed ou the Tcrre Haute & Indiana railwaj Tuesday afternoon. The first known oj biro was when his body was seen roll* ing under a slow train. His head wai cut off and he was fairly cut to piece*. Special Court (or Kobr CUM- CROWS POINT, Ind., April 4. — Judge Langdon, of Lafayette, will convene • special term of the Lake circuit court i at this place on the 10th of the present I month to hear tho cases against tn« ' balance of • the indicted Columbian Athletic club's members. The case ol Billy Woods comes first on tho docket Marital Fettera Brokeo. IKDIA.JTAPOLIS, Ind., April 4. — Judff* Winters, of the superior court, in chambers Tuesday granted Anna A. Coin- stock a divorce from Horace A. Coin- stock, a wealthy jeweler. The social (landing of the family is high. Th« grounds alleged in the complaint were cruelty and immorality. Uiihop Chalard Goluif to Borne. IJJCIASAFOLIS, Ind., April 4. — It became known Tuesday that Bishop Francis Silas Chatard, of the diocen ol Vincennes, left for Rome early Monday, having received from the Vatican two weeks ago a call which has been kept secret. The object of the call il not known. _ Knlghu of PylhlM. SKTMOUK, Ind., April 4.— The repw nentative» of the Knights of Pythlai lodges in the district composed of th« counties of Jackson, Scott, Jennings, Johnson, Bartholomew and Morgan held their annual convocation heri Tuesday afternoon and evening. Farmer Hanf* Ulmwlf. ANDERSON, Ind., April 4. — John M. Anderson committed suicide at bit home near Lapel Tuesday by hanging. He was rich, and was known over th« state in farm club circles. It is thought that he was deranged. Given Damage*. AXDERSONV Ind., April 4.— Arthttf Miller, of this place, was awarded fS.OOO against the Fowler Bolt DOB*- pany for the loss of a limb while la their employ^ ____ ' sir. liiloorn un«»>«t»a. WA.SHISOTOS, April 4.— The house, *iy a vote of 170 to 18, unseated Mr. BU- born (rep., Cal.) and gave his seat to English, the democratic contestant. Fataf Ftcht in a Coortrooss. NASHVIU-E, Tnnn., April 4.— Darin* a trial In a courtroom hero a fight •*• iu«L One man wa» killed and leriooily wounded. .A. . ., t- ...., . 4i,. .

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