Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1952 · Page 19
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 19

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1952
Page 19
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f?TO • i:L . ** - •411pfc'ov>ttv"t '"' * <.-*&' ATi *v.-. K. •* «»i |^L%! -Cold Urnt Truman'* special * ttlon tor tiirlne tho ^WMmHU^tbtO, . , and Included thmai dtfieieneiw in tn« *«>• iH ptoplo apply their ikHU. 1 dome ?»o«teM **» .tofliy n* what lh* refwft »*»fld ttieh "P«p. conduct" »* t*e.ij»lH« 8. «u(ih nofld* iatt . yedr-lonit nurvey, ilia .^ruflHorty I»W now* ot ,»i tho floor ot tho modi* W»»t ta l*r*«Jj r* »ituntion and WMfrt'Of <s0M«etton to „.,„.. d«Mtor» and »p*«l«tt«tt Hre too oft*n tn "l«o|*l*iro" from one anothor and *o do not coordinate thfllr »KH1» '«P the l»rt int«r«U of itw pitient. 4, Tho medic*! profession hasn't mnde completely adequate provl* «lon for tho continued, up-lo-thc minute education of ths family nUhoufth sometimes Individual doc tor* urn them«»lv«« to blarno. 8, Tha m«dl<ml school* tiren olvlntt onoutth emphasis In thoir ' lrnlbln« to mntlers eon- KXAR CHRISTMAS LOG her 24, Christinas Eve X.' I ARKANSAS , Dcctmfatr 24, 1»Sj December 24,1952 HOPl STAt, MOM, ARKANSAS ^* ' , "" if *AI •> * f Js 3*wp?$ flflv ^flsi ' , , H&**. . «> i * i , ' S-f > Caustic Comic Thinks Up Rare 'Gift' By ALINE M08BY HOLLYWOOD tUPi — Mimic Arthur tilakc, who tickles night clnk) audlericpr with caustic Imitations of tnovit- stars, decided to soften the blow today with "Chrifit- prM«nt<" for them nil. These Klfts, ol course, never will • ach Santa's knapsack. But Blake hopes to slip f:nch present Into his nightclub act when the celebrities allow up In person. White examining a fingernail, Blake lint* his gift* as follows-. i "For Barbara Peyton — 1111 unlimited extension of her travel vlsn. "Belli; Davis — Ten thousand cartons of dl-nlcollned cigarettes. "Gary Cooper — Pocket size di- gc.st on the art of conversation. "Mickey Rooney — A s;ife and sane fourth (marriage'). "Marlon Brando — An unlorn T- *h!it. "Percy Kilbrldc — Scott Brady's look;,, | "Scott Brady — Percy Kilbride's | money. "Av;t Cat-drier — A diet for fat- L»viir>s up Krankle, 'Marilyn Mnorue'— A new lease on her 1933 calendar. a box of had Its certification tin a collective bargaining agent taken away NLRB recognition as bargaining agent for workers in four Camden because one of its officers was con- companies. i ora i'<! non-Corn-! Anthony Valentino, the locals j business agent, was convicted Oct. Relations! 21-.of having falsified the non - Com ; lastimunist oath required under tne Taft-Hartley Act from officials ot which want to use NLKii victed of filing a false rmmist oath. The National Labor Board announced the action night In the case of Local 80-A of *'?,,'•« H i fi.* l *^T*' %MM ;6:15 MO, ,>-6i45 K'7:00 >3M 7r30 Clous Letters CMorrioh Bear . Presbyterian Cantata vChfistmas With the Crosby's Chrjstmas1952 News, Evening Edition Mcirio Lanza M Foley Presents Gifts in Song Lombardoland Lynn Murray Singers Cnristmas Favorites Diekens Christmas Carol Night Before Christmas P^ed Waring and His , Pennsylvanians "Thftt'l » filet on* Luolle! How much It it a pound? turning th* phynlanl nnd emotional development of mothers and children, 0. Annual health, examinations of uohoiil children aro too often performed In perfunctory fashion by ncluiol doctor*, JJut th« report .Implied that the heart of th« i}»Uon'« health problem Hoa outside the health professions ih*tn)ialvcii~and that lt.i oolutton lien in tho public providing rinMncfol KUpport'tor: 1, Training more doctors, don- nufH»8 »nd othur health work- jnd oneOurtifilnB their more dliU-lbutton throuahout f m ii The Negro Community By Helen Turntr Phone 7-4474 Or bring Itemi to Ml»« Turner •t Hick* Funeral Horn* Meredith Watklns of Milwaukee, WIs., and Frank Wulkins of Chicago have arrived to spend the Christmas holidays with their mo- in tn those present. This activity was sponsored by .he council in cooperation with the j Net:n> Farmers Association. 4-11 < ::lub members also attended this' affair. Tin.- food committee, consist-i i of Mrs. Verdie Walker. McCaskill, Mrs. Mary G. Hcggans, New Hope, and Mrs. Oitorgia VV'ith- vrspunn did • a wonderful job of stretching thc food dollar to provide for everyone. The decoration and Christinas tree committee, con sistini! of Mrs. Jessie Jones, Mrs. rirncie Harris, Mrs. Letha Lawson, and Mrs. Pcarline Chcatham ditl a wonderful job of decorating i'or the occasion. Christmas carols were sung and n yuletide prayer was offered by William LnwBon. | HD Council officers for the en- I suinx year were Installed by 1C, C. ' Jones, McCaskill. The meeting ad- j lourned wishing all a merry Christ ! inns and a Happy New Year. Tallulah Bankhead — aoothiiiS throat lozenges. "Alan Ladd — Another expres siofi. "Tony Curtis and Rock Hudson — haircuts. '•Jlilz Brothers — A trip to Denmark so they can come back tho Andrews Sisters. "Gnrbo -- A comeback, gift wrapped. "Barbm-a Stanwyck — Tmtair, in j the l.-ir}{<- economy size. , "GinKer Itogurs — a boy friend her own iiKe. j • Ft.-inc.-hot Tone — Judo lessons. "Uob Hope — Bing Crosby enterprises. "Ingrid Bergman — An Italian cookbook. "Marjorie Main — A date with Charles of thc Ritz. "Tyrone Power — A gold coffin for his play, 'John Brown's Body'." 1 Blake has no fear what his cele limited customers will say at such j nift:;."Oh, they never really get 1 :i:ad," he shrugged. tho CIO Packinghouse Workers of j unions Camden, N. Perjury Cancels Bargaining Right WASHINGTON UP) — A local la bor union, for the first time, ha ^ ^ : I NOTICE All Drug Stores will be closed on Thursday, December 25, and on Friday, December 26, except, John S. Gibson will be open on Friday. John P. Cox Drug Co. John S. Gibson Drug Co. Byers Drug Store Crescent Drug Store Ward & Son Drug LOIS M. PURTELL Your Beauty Counselor Representative Phone 7-2156 STOTT'S STORE JSrij^by , Croons 1 -f) 2 Midnight — Christmas ir 25, Christmas Day ning with the " the Christmas Tree Melodies ™*». ? ^,^ of Walter Schumann J*jf$B Wskell Jones on Christmas HiiyL^. ,., ty Kaye Woods ,, Ethel Smith >}< P^rnqs TTr^e Lane " It0 Quartets thc nation. 2. Building more hospitals, pnr tlinilarly in rural and other nroaa rpporledly ihii'rt. in thorn. 3, Spurring- mtidical rosotu-eh rnpcolally i\(!«ini>t such things as cancer nnd mental Illness. •I. Putting medical and hospital i-Hi'e on a prepaid insurance basis for ovvryonvf' with federal and stiue KovernmenU teaming up to h»lp pt'oplo wh« can't pay for their own Insurance) or can <»nly pay pnrt of it. ' ' ; 5. Mnklnit Hj«fl« s - prcpaymcint s,v«Um\ cov«p 'w ph»*os of medl pid and hoBpltal: cftro,. Tho com trillion nays ifmo of tho present nrvpaymoni ptfttt's, 'iWhllo having thv fund* to «iftc!ourat!e treatment of itome patients on an out-pntlent l)n»U, "make if almost mandatory fnr u patient (d assume a horizon Uil pnnlttou before rocelvlna medl* cal cnro In a "hospital," (t Kncournglnj! the organtxatlon of doctors and other health work t»r» Into team4fk<» "groups" In al parts of \]\o country — a »y»t«m whlrh the commission contends would (to far,towards mooting tho country's health noods, "lit Rcneval,!' thu report said "Hit! ilUKnosU and treatment o ,nrtJ flUUo woll domt in thl ,_.„; The fact, that thoso skill Hyiftilablft to tnjinji p«opl« con nutu^s, thc mnln proplow," As (jxnmplca of how li contend llu> ntitlon U prusently falling dow on tho job, the commission cite those; 1, Last your, the total nationo expeudlturo for medical re^earc was UK! trillion dollars—rwhich th commission sold was loss than th amount *p<mt on bulldlryt monu ments and tombatanw*. ' 2. "In rural uroas, veclpienU public iissistnnco of ten got socotv ralo c«r« tixtnt tho stnniipoinl bo ot medical aplwnco Hiid, human nlty. The sy»tem $t poorly paid 'country physicians' 1 »tUl l« vogue In many parts of th« wuntry is o medical »hain«." ther, Mrs. Mary \Vatkins and other rulativus. Misses Irene Paschal of AivuvN College In I'lne Illuff rind Sura of Shorter College '«' North Little ock, lire spending the holidays 1th their parents, the Hcv. and Irs. G. Paschal, FROM ALL OF US TO ALL OF Y OU Mrs, Alice Hanks of Xenin, Ohio. spendlnx the holidays with her arents, Mr. and Mrs. Kd Johnson. Jnmea Lloyd of Cape Girarcle.lu. »5» Vto,, is visiting relatives and fri-i««W nds, ElUert Pnlmori! of Ktilamnzoo, Mich., Is apeiullns the holidays Ith rcliUtves and friends. Miss Irene: Palmoro of Chicago ins arrived to spend the holidays vlth her mother, Mrs. Frances and other relatives. Miss Hiucl Bradley ot Phoenix, Ariz, has arrived to spend the Holidays with her parents. JVlrs. Susie Turner. Georne Og- Uurn, Harold Turner and Leonard doff »U ol Flint. Mfch., have nr- rlvod to 'jperui thc holidays with iuid friends, Th6 annual Christmas tree and .ft exchange of the Negro Council of Home Demonstration clubs was hold Saturday, Dee. UU ln AMK Church. Hojto, 'fflth ( ths ««rt«, Mrs, F, s. s-" 8 ^-' 4 — , , by ollliid with a rftco.rft attendance. Pictures werft m«$e. Bags ot (nilts, nutu »n4 candy were giv .........._ mw ..^^^_._. ;..,. ,._.„ commission said sometimes n patient i-» led to believe his f«mily doctor performs a surgrey whcve- a| ho uctunlly hires another doctor to do the job utter thc patient hns been RnosUieUzcil on the operating ht Moss - Our Lady of ope Catholic Church Festival K16 Morn i ing ' >risters I0MT *§ Christmas 'Scheduled ,> AND ALL GOOD WISHES JAMES CLEANERS Arkansas Is Represented on NPC Board By HOWARD SUTTLE WASHINGTON, Doc. 18 — Sec retary of the Interior Oscar L. Chapman intends in the very near future, and probably this week, to appoint a 1953 National Petroleum' Council. The Secretary has point-i ed out that the present council! automatically comes to an end at the close of this calendar year. Chapman has said that he wanted to make sure there would be no period without a council and would therefore name another well in advance of the expiration (late.. 1' is understood that, in large measure, the present membership i '•i the cou-.icil will be continued; although there is the possibility of a tew changes, as well as the arl'htiun of some new members to represent states that have now come into the oil picture. General Approval C.enerally speaking, council members who could be reached, j as well as prominent men in the oil win-Id, gave general approval to the Secruary's announced intention. Some had thought the naming of a new council would be left to-the I incoming Secretary of the Interior, Governor Douslas McKay of Washington. And there was 'a general feeling that the Governor might have difficulty in making up his mind as to whether he wanted a new council at all. Now, as several council members, pointed ut, the incoming Scc- j retary will be presented with a fait accomplish, a council already in New Congress to Investigate 'Atrocities' By B. L. LIVINGSTONE number of atrocities In Korea nt about 8.000, Thc corrtmlltce's report, coining after mote Ihnn a yenr'n inquiry into thc , Katyn-Forest murders, laid thc guilt on Soviet Russia and recommended that the USSR bej arraigned before the World Court by the U.N. General Assembly. It also asked the President to WASHINGTON, Ifl — Rep. Flood lay Us findings before the U N (D-Pa» declared today there was and for the United States delesa- '"o doubt whatsoever" that thc tlon to seek establishment of Sound travels nbout 15 times na fast through iron ns It does through nlr. Thc'wild liorse herds which roam ed the groat plains ot the United Sthtea n generation or two ago are believed tt» have horses first taken the enrly Spanish i incoming 33rd Congress will M •-•o»vi v^u.lj;i-fHS Wilt »JI' ^.t». 11111:1 lliUIUna I Prove an investigation of alleged investigate "other mass murders Lonimunist atrocities in Korea. "f>d crimes against humanity." Flood, a member of a special — „ -..»«»!»,, i-v/ii\,\^*»i*i*f& nci* Without such nccoptaneefshe could not be brought In as t^djetendnnt.* 1 ' The Soviet Embassy IfJH no com- icnt on the rep6rl, othw than to i)inl to a Soviet note of las! l-'cb- ru.-u-y declining an invitation for Russian witnesses to appear before the committee. The note a;,- ser'.cd that a Russian ciimmission in KEITH'S JEWELRY STORE 1 UNIQUE BEAUTY SHOPPE "To please you is our dellflht" CALVIN'S PLACE NORTH HAZEL STREET GARAGE -•Wilson and Handle" ADELL'S BEAUTY SHOPPE "We can't satisfy everybody but we try" HICK'S FUNERAL HOME, In "Your good will 1s our greatest «*«t" GRANT PAVINPORT PLUMBING "When you ne«d 9 plumber b»d y«u need him DR. THOMPSON YERGER BARBER SHOP NEIGHBORHOOD GROCERY A, R. M*K1nt«fi GREENLEAF CAFE Rsisci Cannon LEWIS GROCERY & MARKET and CAFE ROYAL CLEANERS CH IN ABERRY GROVE Hos«» Watklns ITHIL'S PLACE 1104 Graham Street HOPE CIVIC IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION These Christmas washes ate »eairf-for a happiness th*f vWmpr tfcfo«gkottt the entire year. Thants, too, for your good will and friendship w the past U. G. GARRETT (County Judge - Elect) and BURGESS GARRETT business for the coming year. Arkansas Representation Arkansas now has two members of the National Petroleum Council: Kit-hard G. Law ton, Magnolia, president of the Lawton Oil Co., and Col. T. H. Barton, El Dorado, chairman ot thu board of the Lion Oil Company. H is expected that both of thcsd Wonder State members will be reappointed. There is as well tho prospect of an additional appointment from the state's oil industry. In the council's task for the past year of advisory agency for the oil industry to the Petroleum Administration for Defense, the Two Arkansas members of the NPC have gone alonis with the majority of the 10-member body in a middle 01 thc road course with reference to government controls and regulation. Cannot Stop Now A spokesman for the Petroleum Administration for Defense, Harris Bateman, head of PAD'S materials divisioq,, warned thc Council at its last meeting that this agency is determined to keep distribution controls over oil industry tubular goods well beyond thc middle of next year. He said thc PAD had determined on this course after consultation with 22 oil and gas associations. Bateman said the, PAD is in favor of decontrol of distribution controls over steol and other items by the middle of next year, but with "standby powers" for "certain areas" and "specific shortages," that may continue. , The present authority for distri- pntion controls in the oil industry Expires next June 30. Price controls come to an end April 30. Asked- if thc PAD were prepared to go to Congress for modified controls after these expiration dates, Gene Davis^asjilstant dor> ' ' i toon, a member of a special illc committee ctutn t 150 Into pro- House committee which has been ccd ural details, and there appeared investigating the Kalyn Forest to bo no way in which thtf Katyn massacre of World War H, said niassacre could be brought before a bill authorizing such an Inquiry thc World Court. Russia has nev- probably would be introduced 1m- C1> 'accepted the jurisdiction of the mediately i n the new Congress con- " urt ln '» case vonlni* Jan. 3. within* ..,«!« .— Flood'.- statement followed imal repun ( ,f the Katyn COI , tee, winch found a "striking slrtir ilurily" between the massacre of 1S.UOO poiui, officers early in World War ll ami reported Communist atroeilies a ;l ainst U.N. troops in Korea. l-'lood called tl», mass murders ,,.,. ..i" th.- Kal.vn Forest near Smo- Hlllmlc lensk, liussia, some time after HUG a "blueprint" for Communist plans to lit|iiui.iti> their enemies on a wholesale stale. • The House eoinmitlcc recommended thai il 10 next Congress Undertake such an investigation, stating in its report: '•Communist tactics being used ' fhf ''''"Pin- Slate in Korea are identical to those fol- w York cil - v hils u - r ' lowed at Kalyn." There was no indication, however, that the committee had evidence of new (,-r recent mistreatment of U.N. troops or of incidents not rerorted a year or more ago in the Korean conflict. The U N. Command than put thc . . - :wttsn't certain that tyipi be the •procedure, but that ' it^'Siw^g certainly Vthe Idea." ,-; " ; '>" . •'•,>$' •-..'.';. ' • ^ ;••'-• , '• ;• SegVea'atlon Fight Aftermath ',11?' the" great debate 'which has just taken place before the Supreme Court of the United States on the question of the rights of the states 'to have segregation in their public schools, both John W. Davis, for South Carolina and the States Righters, and Thurgood Marshall, for the National Association for the Advancement of Col. orcd People, stood out as a credit to their profession. But it was an attorney general for one of the southern states, the Hon. J. Lindsay Almond of Virginia, who many believe made the most impression on the court. Almond raised a lot of questions that plainly^ disturbed members of the court. He wanted to know how in such states as Virginia where a vast majority of the people favor segregation in thc public school; the state was going to be able to get a majority of the voters to approve bond issues for school improvements. He wanted to know what was to become of the thousands of Negrq school tcachprs in Virginia, who would undoubtedly lose their employment. He ventured to inquire what the courts could do if the state legislature adopted various subtereges, man/ of which he said were already being devised for use in case of an adverse decision by the Supreme Court. One of these devices, which a lot more will be heard about, is a nev/ taxation system for public schools, under whicfl pupils in p(i- mary and elementary grades up to, high school anyway will be educated numerically according to the echool tax paid by their residential district. No one doubts the ability of most of the southern states to preserve pretty effectively a system of s$g- regaled residential districts. Th*»e districts would be so "gerryn«|B- dered" that it wouM result in g new system of segregation, just as «t»vjpy« and just a* «&eptiv* 9* * -— — -- »- »•< u y 11 1 I I 1 I V. 11 *• V* <1 u.N. international commission to The committee didn't 150 Into pro massacre to criminals" and said the congressional investigation was designed to slander the USSli. Roth Russia and Nazi Ormany' accused the others of responsibility for tlv.' mass killings of the lii.Dlltlj Polish officers and inlc-lecluals in the forests near Smolensk. itK' in . r )00 windows. DAVIS Furniture Co. May you recoivo^many, many pleasant remembrances from friends and loved ones this Christmas — enough to mako this, occasion one of long lasting happiness and contentment for you and yours; We sincerely wish you the best of everything • • . this Christmas and always. -8 WEST iHOME OF GOOD VALUES 2nd & Main Hope, Ark. H«V \ I" f^J h '\'J CHRSTMAS For kind thoughfs • -for loyal support • for- hearty >' cooperation • for $ll of the courtesies extended us during the .past year, NV0 thank you sincerely, T "* v ft May your Christmas be joyful. HOPE Ai 'V

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