Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1952 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 24, 1952
Page 12
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pf. MOM STAR, HOP!, ARKANSAS W«dfte»<fay, December 24, ED Otftt* D«r»i*«M PuWkrt*. S M p8 I'M 8,00 IJO 4,00 460 9.00 10.00 1100 13.60 19.00 3,00 8,00 5IFICD'DISPLAY Inch li .W ert* Of ftwrt l*tl*/i, IlKh «l fWUMI n«mb«* iCount 01 »n« STAR ****** M; ofymoon by $0i MliM . lM»f, M«n*|ir m«Htr ForS«l« ANY tfwt of |r«vel, inoluafhg p«t S ravpf. Mna, top tail, «nd fill Irt, CaUJIlM HinoUir, 7« •< ' D-iMm PAUfT BALIS. Ifout* p»fnt, A v«r tMy fern* »WAP 100 6. Walnut. QlRL'8 blcyclfl, «t«nd«rd tltt with b*«ka(. Good nhape. Aunt J»th<». 0" »wln«, 32" center with Attach* menU, A bargain. 0' Electro, lux refrigerator. Phono 7-3(1 U, Green, Rt, 4, Hope, Phono 7-4IM1 Report in CHICAGO, III - Nearly ono third of ftU playori r«portln« to American Loflfu* »pHn« b«*«b«ll tr»ln in* t>H»#* In February will be rookfw, Current club ro»ter» fll4fd JenifHe headquarter* lint total of 808 player* tor iprlng training, 09 of them rookie*. The crop of year ling* I* urnaUer 'by four than last Kola, Qood condlU/m, Price rea- Nonoble. Mm, Dowoy Camp, Call 7-2481. 23.lt Aberdeen An«uii BulU, Sflrvlcenble. Kormnn Stoy, Coiumtxn 2:1-31 COCKKH Sponlfll pupplo*. a montha old. Sen Herald Alien, Sprlrtg 23-31 BOY'S blcyole. Cloott condition, Phone 7-3180. 23-31 Strvicii Off«r«d LOCAL wid long dlitinee H«uila|, Alio local moving, See Donhlt Hnmllton or <J«U 7-8flll. N-M-lm MAWflBSS wnevfltton and Inntr. •prlng work, CobD U«ttron Co,, &0 8. Wnihington. Phone 7-2638. "Thoy moy b« do*n In (juanltity but they're up In quality," nald Karl Hilllgan, American MTvJco huroBu director, Cleveland hit* 15 rdokinji ti tow, blggeit bunch of the lot, Chlca,,;), Philadelphia, Wfldhfdjttort and troll »«ch hn» 14 8o«ton hn* JO flnd New YorK nnd St, Lwtta hav« nine tutb, SI. Ix>ul* shows the rgent drop, from 17 In 1032 to nine, So far, thft outstanding rookies on lh« Ynnkpoi' rrwtfr are flr»t barman Bon BollwcR and outfield t>r Illll Rtmna, both up from the rhfl»»plon» / Kan*B* City American AM'K.-lntlon /Arm, Bnllweg hit ,329 in 10.12 and WAR voted the Ir ague's mo»t vnluflblc player. Henna uluggnd Kf) hoinera and pouted .265. Gridders WorkOut Notice Iff YOU want to drink, th«v« yotir bu»lnPM. H you want to quit, that'* our bunlneu, AI C O- ItoUei Anonymoui, P, o, Bex 208- N-Jfl-lm Butineii Opportunity Clwu|«tl«n» of riptlon Rot« (pdyobl* In fl((In Hopo and 'i .„ ,|>fYw»r. '.,.-....... ...... .,»„„...,.,. u.oo >y ma n : In H«mp«tod, Nnvodo. - oKi, : , . .HswoKi, ond Mlliir «oun« .88 1,40 a.do 4.SO HRSPON81BUO Car Own«r with B iumr« week gpnrd time to ncrv- iup route ot vending machines for 40 per cent of colloetlonu. KHrnlngH tip to $00 weekly, do- ponding on «pnr«i time devoted, Mu*t bu reliable, , hnvo $000 workliifi capital for inventory, Include phonn nnd references In application, Write Box e/o Hope Star. ' For Rent , _..,,.„...„„ o room houfo, mm- olebrootts Qcocery, Phono 7s178J, UsscS Can For Sole GIVE YOURSELF ONE OF THESE CLEAN USED CARS THIS CHRISTMAS 1950 FORD CUSTOM L dtw i... Eslr P JBlolin '. n n<Jto holt«*» whim «ido wall tires i «md ,=. $1285 1949 CHEVROLET CLUB COUPE Radio wid heater. *t» r\ r\ r- A i'e*l boy only .... S) y X S 1947 PLYMOUTH 4 DOOR Heater, »eat cover* and MVW. 8AK FSANC18CO, !*l — Secrecy doioctlded on tho East and Wo»t football cnmpn today n« 80 of the nation 1 )) coJleglnto oenlor stars tkfpawt up practice for the annual Shrlno charity game hero Sat- UfdaVf , Knit Coaflh Bigglo Munn shooed away (he etlrioun from Santa Clara yonlerdoy and decreed that KM\. workouts from now on will be burred to ouuidem. West Coach Howie Odoll extended iccrocy to hi* iitartlng lineup- »nyln« It would not be reported until tomorrow. Tlu< West squad's afternoon was by fine pans snagging by «flda Ed Barker of Washington Slate and Bob Qiult- of Tex us ChrlMlan, Don Holnrioh of Washing ton and $d Crowder of Oklahoma did the hurling. The East team hod two hard workout!, - mostly «tmulntod offensive jJfttUrrw from T and single wing not official, it Koems cons In (hot the JEnHt bnckfleld will aomprlso Tom O'ContinU Illi- noln tjiinr'tflrbocki Don McAuliffc. to|t half! Bill Royn. ..« K ^_li,, Vi^ht half, und rtUn'Rti^* Mlsslsgljipi State, Chandler May Join Pacific Coast Team SPORTS ROUNDUP .By OAYLE TALiOT, By JOE fteiCHLER There Icr bock in j ADKLAIDE, Australia — This j wn« the day before Christmas j same as in other parts of the! 'world but It meant only another i sun j and j Davis Cup teams pre-t IT i .I , i, ...... • nuiirnnnn JJavis <_;up learns nrt>- b.Mb.11-- •• nmnognjt director o(j pBr , nR ,,, r , he Challenge Luml the Son Fnnclico club of the Pn-l.tartlng Monday. clflc Coast Ix»a«uc. Negotiations . .. . . between Paul Fagan, owner of th.- , . {hrn only concession to th«?f By The '' 1 ™ Minnesota in Upset Win Guards Oiitseore Pafmos 77-70 Hope National Guards basketball team scored a 77 to 70 victory I over the Patmos All-Stars last night in the high school gymnasium. It was the second victory for the local five. ? Seal*, and the for'rnor »..„*,.„„„. eommls*loner Imve been resumed! aiw * after, having been broken off two! l?' ann<Yt t(1 - • ! '' u " ! stmaB .«<»'""• <*«*»» Vic Selxnsl i e American teammates ,,.,-on,, rankin« colloBla o C '" tMaU At the time, Fugnn hnd offered! of the Seals, with the Rather round a small ri'i 1 Thursday AI»S ( dip; he apols, witn F'asani'"""*"'" "" """' i"a«ico. i hands of <• ownership. Chandler U !floks as "><>"-K!i they'll need i f., ns to lu-copl Hie pout hut' 3 " thl ' y c ' iln K pl !>H Frank S<;d«d i The vir the nation's c-arn in ilatcd Press basketball d last night. Tho Illinii a 77-.'i:i defeat USC Defense Gets Severe Jolt PASADENA, Calif., — «PI — the academic fathers dealt the Trojans of Southern California a hard blow today when they ruled Jim Psiiltis. one of the nation's best h.Ift.cta. to r ........ mlj~i)-. LJt li il I !-,[ 1 llfMP'II 'it tVlii l' ll 'J ' r»" •"•-•« * "r,,rE' ! -"« <> f Minn^otaTlo,,"^.^ Bo*, Jon. 1. play against Wisconsin In the Rose ictory nt MlnneapolU, wan 'naked for n fivo-y.-ar contract In-!'" 1 "'' "'f ™" " ««> Australia,,;,, t ,. ibllto , (1 C ,e O^ie "v-U-- n ed i r U HU-arJ of the two-yoor p il( -t ,,Her,.-J :"•'";!». has reached hi,s pbcolnlc j n?plrcd Minnesota cnnrJ< who oucMouTis i by Fn B .,, Mnppy argued it w,,,klji;^ (""" »««;" nfU-r a period of; turn( , fl tllt . , rlck b , o^ ;'„£; h" -.! tlon'thfc require Uint time to rebuild th,; l!1 " ^ ljlnl y- " n >» obviously ;:..,„„, tallcr I1|ini f| , , kmful ^ CU '"- !. r rSn c-mtan'Z, "°»™ n > .l"^ ™™"nK ingenious defense e ft„.,,_ T~-7r- \ d ,^"J ^ OUT whose record of nine pa:-s interceptions, which he roll 3 yards nnd two was second best in this year, was declared ineligible because he played twtt games on the junior varsity »earn * at Santa Rosa, Calif., Junior College in 1949. ,1 Hugh C. Willett, faculty athletic representative at USC and president of the NCAA, made the d closure which came after a s ret poll of faculty representaives In " ! *| the Pacific Coast Conference. j*- ' !f- Porker End Weds Bauxite Girl BAUXITE Ml — Arkansas End | Ron Forrester and Miss Blanche Lindsey ot Bauxite were mnrr, at the Methodist church Sunday. Forrester, who is a junior at| the University, is the son of Mr;l| and Mrs. C. L. Forrester of Spring-ill field, Pa. Mrs. Forrester is th" daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey of Bauxite. Whlto Sox and Johnny f.ind-il, who had a 24-9 record with Holly- . , , , . - i •.-,-••' whipped Duuuesne 71-T) to mlrnds to pace- himself car«-fiilly; win. , hc Motl , r City Clnv;ic n r«ke ..-<"» h,.rc .,., and his rrducod I h , lmblofj Missouri 7^ and l£. OF DOORS with wood, to the Pittsburgh Pirates, j P'""' tlc R sessions for both himself' r , tt i ( , took j^yu 102-101 ' The International LCIIKIIO gradi.-! •'"; tl '''"">' Trahorl to one daily, j Missouri went'down before Drake Me* outfielder Frank Car.sw«>li. ai ''"f 11 «•'•'««•'» say «t was unfor- principally because of W« Jim I .344 hitter ut Uuffnlo. to Detroit " Rnl « < <" Americans couldn't Thomas' 30 poi, s That was t c nnd Hob Kee«an of Syracuse. |tsi 1)!iv " llil(1 •'" additional fortniRht only 20-namc winner, to the wititej 10 ' ;el "ccustomcd to Adelaide's Sox. \" wn "rand of heat, which is some- The American Association offers outfielder Dave Pope, a ,3!>2 hitter at Ihdlanapolis, to Cleveland and It's uoing to be extremely tough on the American pair, who will at Indianapolis, to Cleveland and "' »'<• American pair, who will Bob Roller was high point man Eddie Kruutt, who won :>1 find! f" av ail four singles and doubles! for Missouri with 15. The fame most points any Drake player has I baits. Bait For Ice Fishing Days By AL McCLANE Fishing Editor Tho cold foot clan is out of hi- Jirn | bernation now, and this is a good That was thc time to think ubout ice f;'shing produced in a single game thk! year. The Iowa team was never headed after taking a 2-0 lead after 27 seconds of play. Center lost five for Kansas City, to Cin- in lhc ' crowded throe-day series, i This Is especially true if the mercury climbs over the 10(1 mark as cinnatl. The Texas League advances first baseman Frank Dunlap; 23-:i(i from (hero is every expectation it will Shroveport to the St Louis C'ardi- now tllal summer has really set nnl« nnd Dave Hosktns (22-10), j Dnlliis right-hander, to Clevi-lmitl. The Southern Association moves up third baseman Sauce Pluss (.304) from Nashville to tho Now York Giunts and southpaw Al Slm;i 1.321) from Reading to Cleveland and Geiiriio Uhnzr, Albany's Ill- game winner, to tho Uostnn Rex Sox. ith 15. The game was played at Ucs Moines. Johnny O'Brien tossed in 29 points for Seattle asainst NYU toj tie the collegiate four-year individual scoring mark of 2,592 points. Still, he took second place to his brother, Eddie, who flipped in 33 points. A turnout of 12,752 Madison Square Garden fans in Nc'w York tliun saw St. John's upend N. C. State. In other leading games West Cofton States Directors Meet HEI.KNA Directors of the Cotton States League will at Greenville, Miss., Sunday to discuss the Greenwood, Miss., franchise. President Al Ilarnway said yesterday that ho had called the moel- lnf{. Greenwood is expected lo .s.iy if cither Sci.xas or Trabort Rots tied up in a hard four or five•••cuter opening clay the Australians SK.V he is not likely to pet his lull /ost for tennis back overnight. For this reason some Aussie experts iir<> speculating that Sedj'inan will be the only member of "their Virginia" look"^^ Ca'rolma " 8^ "^ SCl " n6f f ° r 'T^, *£' •;«'" to Play both .singles and 73: Cu.umb.o downed Georgia, 01- °"J ™™^™^^ doubles. Miss Rowls Is Money Winner MIAMI. Fla. W) — Betsy Rnwls Austin, Tex., is (ho champion money winner among America's women golfers in 19r>2. Miss Raw!.') won $14,!iO!5 in purses dwmj! her first year as a profos whether or not it will operatu misional to l(>r lt i all her rivals by Ihe Class C loop next sumnu'r. " —••-'' -•-• • • ' If It doesn't, the franchise may (i eoirifortabli- margir llunn ''"''"P . „ „ Betty Jameson, RO to Greenville, Mls.s., which rc>- Snn -Antonio, with $12.fifiO. Louise cenlly lost its fnim-hiso to Jack CnrrolHon, Oa., wns third wiih $10,01)3 and Potty Berg, St. f>l; St. Mary's of California Most of the fish caught through ihu ice every' winter are taken on minnows — there's nothing better for pickerel, pike, lake trout and oven calico bass. All the common species of minnows are used by ice fishermen. The kike shiner, or lake runner, is perhaps the most popular minnow among perch and walleye fishermen. Small minnows, especially golden shiners of an inch or an inch and a half in length are preferred by the panfish fisherman. The pike fisherman prefers the chub. But there are a few other baits you might consider this winter — particularly when minnows are selling for two-bits apiece. worm found in the ball-like enlargement svhipped Detroit, 81-78; WyominRl'. ' in the stem of. the common golden- Oregon, 50-54; Rico walolped F. Austin, 87-Ofi, and Stan- | rod and ragweed. There are two these "gall" ford fell before the San Francisco' Olympic Club, !)3-7f>. 1940 FORD V8 Sw> thli car> Extra fh ft\ r» r\ ****«*- $250 )940 MERCURY CUUB COUPE ' Good Tran»uortoUott an4 goo4 > ttrc*, 8«e U . <T 1 O C t\£Ui> |\ I f ^\ fAw'iJr w&myiiw»«mM,n»w»m fcJJ I f^_ -J 'oialifc i^ ™^ ^^ NUNNl1y\cDOWELL "Xou arc Susan." "Yea, Father isn't home yet— Nell isn't home—Bill's working at the store. But if youUl come over,*." "I'll go along now," said John Wendell, Deborah Brent turned to him with a warm smile, "Well, thanks again." To Susan, "My car stalled over tho other slda ot the bridge—I'd still be th<w« W thu young man | chair with an absent manner and said, "1 heard you'd come. Aunt Deborah! 1 mot Abby up the blo«l« and she'd seen you drive ef ttw oM lr«nt •nd h* fojlawed her on Uw eyoi*. No w|M *bout. Deborah Brent got out of jtfe* «w, stood «m fw a long awnk, looHlng over th» oldl "It htw't (iiitma * bit," »ht ' SILVER flfts* cote of 4»ek rim Top Radio Programs Joto .WM UfUft* out tne bag*, - put i»y%* ojtt ttw «-rU ro ov«no t^« other houaa. wming »n of U» gtrta or wile, I to* •DU tt t)M him that ihe Colton Con- •tryoUon qompany'a usual order rot Mils Had not yet touched tirew well Knew th«t more more ot their business was slipping away from them to Peter- •M't plftnt ttd-osa tho river. Tho Cojtoo Order probably had cone too. o, tejuie with worry, n« In no mood tor company when on rofcchine home he learntd (com Suaan U»»t Auiit Dotwrah had v Th«r« she waa ftt the sink peeling twuMoea and looking quite at home when Will Brent came into the Kitchen. Good ha turned, dropped her knife. put both her tt*nd> out to him, l 'Why, WiWe -r- Wiinie, hqw «re He MW her (tray hair, the wr|»- W*a around h« «y«s «i)d mouth, With • doflnite r*ll»l. Absurd of W course, to ah* not hftve changed with IU« years. mopered down- He could see that »h« WM wearing a 8i>y tweed suit, * plain blouse, tuiJ there was not wa ornament oi my Kind on h*A BUI cam* in just M Susan announced thai everything was re*dy. mumbled sonxethmg that aoundM like "H'lo" in answer to D«boraJi'» grating, then jfrlnned « little shyly. "We heard Higgtoa' tt»t you'd come!" toughed. "So «o0nT Now, wtojtre'9 Nell? \\t\en she U 6»ve iuo< the three ot * t SixeTl be Here any o*iau«nt," •«M 1$ h* to ting §i ih« "Abby Boyd? I remember her —she nod freckles all over her faoo and iier nose was always running . . ." "It still Is," said Nell with a "1 ^doubt you'll find many changes in Sweethome," said Will Brent Snsan kept somo talk going-* asking Deborah questions about California, the weather, the flow- era, such things. * „?' ' Bill lifted his Head. ' "Say, Aunt Debbie, there's a whopper of a big plant just been, built over on the Flats. .They make nails— bolts and screws and nails." "Nails/" Deborah looked down the tabje at Will Brent. "A competitor?" Will Bront answered a little stiffly, "Not yet—and I see no reason why it ever should be." He added, "A company from outside lie stopped. Was be just there was some concern in Debbie's regard ot him ? But all she said was, "I noticed thffj Flats have built up. ft would have Men a good investment to have bought up land over there, vyben one could nave gotten it for next to nothing." "A real-estate firm over In Canaan bought most of it," said Bill. -Gee, f'li bet they made a wad ot dough!" "How.are you going to make the dough when you'i* through school, BUI?" asked Deborah, smiling at the s boy. "Natls?" "He's going K> start at the plant this summer vacation," said Will Brt>nu -AS I did . . ." "Gee, pad. Let a fellow have some fun!" , ' ' Will Brent caught Susan's eyes on him vvith some pleading in them — Nell's, too, out a little fire in hers. Ik-fore be could speak. Deborah asked, "What particular fro have you m mind, Bill?" The boy turned to tier quickly. "Soon's school's over— three ot us are goln* to see something *f this United States — we're going to bitch-bike out West..." "Even so. it take* maney," put in Will Brent, in » voice that owne. "We'll work {or our food— one of tto guys read an article in * « about some t«Uows who It's »n»y~.you wa*h gfebgp, Fights Last Night By The Associated Press LOS ANGELES — Jesus Fuentes, 1M, Los Angeles, slopped Nick Moran, IfiG, Mexico City, !i. Miami Bench ,Fla. — Georpie Beriton, l. r >2, Philadelphia, out- pointed' Charlie "Joseph, 15-1, Ne\v Orleans, 10. Andrews, III., wns fourth with S7.f)PH. Mrs. Mildred (Bnb«) Zahariap, One is tho larvae of a moth. while the other is the larvae of a fly. The larva or maggot living inside the gall is responsible for that peculiar growth. They arc small and several are needed to bait a hook. To remove the worms the swollen part of the stem should be carefully split. Another easy to get bait for country boys is the larvne of beetles. One source of baits is in old meal or flour. This hard bodied larvae is yellow or brown, about an inch in length, tenacious of life, nnd a good panfish bait. They can be kept in boxes of corn meal or other cereal. The wood borer or sawdust worm Tampa, Fla., finished fifth with I m a.V be the larva of either the $7,5011 followed by Marlene Bauer, ; metallic wood borer or the long- Sarasota, Fla., with $5,823. Then I Horned borer, both of which are beetles. They can be collected came Marilynn Smith, Kas.. with $4,830. Wichita, or rotten logs. Most people kcep' :i | them in sawdust. In recent years, fly fishing through the ice has become incrcns--''! ingly popular, especially in the''| l\^idwest. The ice fly looks like almost any, -| standard pattern of wet fly, ex-; ccpt that you clamp a split JH^tj to the shank of the hook, to give; it weight, before dressing the t'ly/i It calls for soft hackles or mara-i bou dressing, and gantron floss; in red or yellow makes a body that' glows brightly in the dim lit world j of an ice-covered pond. ; The fisherman uses a short, lim- • ber stick, such as the tip section! of an old fly rod, and a light line, j .preferably nylon monofilament. He sits by his hole in the ice-jroa-i tiently jigging the fly up and Jrown' in the water, I Sometimes tho perch or blue- i gill grabs the fly on the up-stroke, j sometimes on tho down-drop. It's ! fun, it solves the annual problem j of getting bait during cold weather j — and more important, it takes i fish. while splitting posts, railroad ties, (Distributed by NEA Service) SYNOPSIS Deborah Brent, twice widowed, hnd long uifo alienated herself from her family. In nor vouili she had made a mnrrlivsc which displeased tlicm. But now, after years of absence, sho Is returning to Sweethome. Conn., where her brother Will BreiU, his Brown aauehters, Susan nnd Null, and teenage Bill live. Will, a rigid conserra- tfvo, frowns on Mils Impendinp, visit. but the Brent K'rls eagerly await their "exciting" aunt. Susan, who keeps house for nor family, is. secretly lu love with Rev. John Wenden, the vouns bachelor minister recently assigned to their chuivh., Nell, dangerously fascinated by handsome Tony DlVito. a penniless Romeo, meets with him clon- destlnolv.•....J» an abandoned country house, Tony makes ardem love to the #4 Spellbound Nell. Later, while rldlnc hU ancient motorcycle on the highway. Rev. VVendell encounters Deborah Bront laoortng over her stalled car. As h» repairs It. she tells him that •Ha la eh route to tho Brents In Sweethome. The minister gallontly escorts ber to the abode of her long-tort relations and hers she Is greeted by Susan; CHAPTER TEN SOMETHING of his first f«ars came crawling back on Will Brent, He had not missed the way thc boy had looked to Deborah for a sympathetic understanding of this crazy plan of his. Juat as lie fta<< dona at Bill's aye. "I'll speak to her— -1 am not going to permit h»r to encourage him in any wild Ideas!" He remembered there were those other things he must speak about, too, when they were alone. Her financial situation— on a second look her clothes appeared a tittle shabby^ This matter of calling Herself Brent, again. And why she had «ome back to Sweethome. Bill got up with a muttered, "Bxcusa me," and moved toward th« door. "Probably you'd like to go over to the; other house — get settled for the night." sugg«sted Will Brent. "father, maybe . . ." Deborah seemed to anticipate what Susan was going to say. She gava her a tittie sjnile. "Thanks, no. 1 might as well begin right away, getting settled." Will Brent said, 'Til go over with you, h»Jp you with your bag- old stuff. But I've had electricity put in and the plumbing modernized—oil heat, too. I had that done for Doctor Pryor. He paid good enough rent to warrant the improvements," "Oh, yes, rent." Deborah went to a window, lifted the shade to the top to let in more of the lingering daylight. "How much rent did he pay you?" She spoke now with that odd quiet. "He paid me seventy-five a month,,but with you..." : She turned, came up to hM, her eyes warm; ,: "Willie, don't be embarrassed about It! Of .course I expe«t to pay you |e|^--I'll pay you what you were'jggttlng." She put her hand affectionately on his arm. "There'll be ghosts POJJ up, probably, but don't let's lej any o( them come between ual j haven't 1 held it against Father that he out me off—I didn't, when I flrat&nfcw he had. I understood how it bap* pcned he wrote such a will, So we'll not speak or It. 'WiWe, ; hj was good to see you and your «hll- dre» together—you've a very nice family. It is very sad that Mary had to die. I remember her as ft yoimg girl, a lovely girl...Now help me carry my foot} to the kitchen," She went ahead of him, bags in her own arms. In the kitchen, she switched en a celling light expert" mentally, «xcl»im«d, "An ejectrlc atov«! And a Frigidaire! to up Doctor Pryor wry down, now, while I put away." Deborah sat down aerajw the •table from him. "You Jojowad the pattern made for you, "Well, breakfast. Aunt Debbie- come over for breakfast," persisted Susan. Mow Deborah's smile was warmer. "That's very kind of you, bvH I bought tome food while 1 was in Pittsfield. Goodnight, my dear. Goodnight, Nell." While Will Brent carried in the baggage, Deborah went from one downstairs room to another of the oW hows* From Uw ball be saw her looking slowly, reflectively ft Cftti °m When tut came uBiatiira. «h« uru in ^lff^*^^*^t l^ww »T^» ^w yon, Willie ? Veil never mato ot your own.,," ? He did not like the SPOT tone in which she said this, "m every reason to ba satisfied with the way I've lived. At letut,,/* Detxirah smiled. H lt In better than the way I have, you wei* going to say? Maybe *o, sn*yb« not. Sometimes 1 think Ufe doesn't owe me a thing. Oh, ( would have liked to nave bad children but J didn't, l had a boy for a feiy weeks, and then »• <8e3.,," Here was his approach mid now he was in the mood to follow ft through. But. 8rst... He said, coldly, "This matter of your calling yourself Brent again ... Sweethome will think that *« odd when you have a married name to use. (fore than one," tie added ' Now Deborah lauffeeg, "Of cow» they w&! *«> C*a t*U them it Is mine by Uw |W* $ o« etergy. Mra. Roger graft, t-wt Roger, - Ik Wf Her light tone quickened all Will Brent's first apprehensions. >jfV' "Is he—still living?" Deborah leaned across the table toward him, a faint scorn in her eyes. "Willie, Is it worrying you so—my coming back, dragging what you think a dubious past along with me ? Yes, Roger is still living. We agreed to a divorce and it's a nice clean divorce for incompatibility. The others—died in respectable fashion." "You married again very sct"H after Curtia died." .. v "Three years. A much longer time when measured by loneliness. You had your children after Mary died." Her manner changed. The scorn left her face; she looked only Qred. She said, "I was hoping you, v would p« glad to see me! That" you'd kept something from our growing Up'together, here tn Old house. But 1 don't suppq you had a chance. Willie, do know one reason I came back?" "I've wondered..." "I wanted to go back to beglnnlngr^see my sett as I wi wnefl l was a child. To under""' stand bow much hate had io do with wb«t I became. Your mother hated me, you Know, No—don't it Ypu wouldn't have known, X I 1 , " : perhaps, at your ago then, but sha.- 414, 1 uaderatand why—she tiatej »y mother, was jealous of neo*. Hhe»4 jrentod. to marry Fatlwr mu» tw married jpy Bethel*—?wd Hwre 1 was to keep it alive in her,, H " r hated her, i want to Know,; stffi, what it did to me. You, I am claiming n»y memoirs," ^ 'Memoirs!" Will Brent Shouted it in his fresh alariO "J Know—I've done nothing tj»1 m»ke me a celebr-i t y. $ —couldn't the story of just Ordinary woman—a woman bjts experienced almost everyl lift Ms to hand out—make tnte£ esting reading?" ~ w marriage after another. »»,I prickled up the back pf Will Brest's neck, "l am not b judg« <£ ttWto reading. But —J didn't you vrrote!" Deborah iaugbed. "I don't I am not pianntig to do SKe v JBJS fvt* trteod coming ners i tfl vtsi( me, who writes, it WW?J who suggested Uje story, B*rcek, fie is Polish-Will Brent pushed back bis chair. "1 must go over home- { n your bogs in the upper lo^not know which roooj •M itett»* Peeember 24, to$l Friends io Aid Polio-Stricken Farmer By PAUL THOMSON CLEAN N. Y. WI - Christmas w „ ^ mcrrier th an farmer Walter Green's polic-stricken family s.xpects when neighbors pop the surprise they have in store, Sons Charles, Kenneth and Millord had seen one wish come true- to be home for Christmas. But It looked like a holiday with no tree few presents, and baked beans tor dinner. R^°L Si » er Berthn nnd brot "er Roland, It was to be Christmas in 5>t. Francis Hospital here, where polio sent all five last month As for the meager Christmas .planned at the Green farm m nearby ElUcottvllle, well - "Crops weren't so good this year," W.al- ter Green said yesterday. "We've always had a tree before, but with two kids in the hospital and three just out we just thought we'd better not'this But neighbors Mary Casella Following our usual cusfom each Yuletide Season, we take .this .means ...to 5 ,ay to you and, too, we say, "Thanks million" for your many past courtesies. E WILL BE CLOSED DECEM j«:18iB ;Super Market PHONE 7-4501 e Frozen Food Dealer M ,; :;PROMPT FREE DELIVERY 222 E SECOND Wishing You A . , HAPPY NEW YEAR We wish to express our appreciation to each of you for the nice business you have given us in 1952, and hope that we can again serve you in 1953. WARD & SON S '' ' ... ./I •frwaaaawiMiMWi^^ Morse Sees Improvement for Farmer By ALLAN M6RRITT ST. LOUIS, M - True Delbcrt Morse, n one-time Democrat i\amed by President-Elect Eisenhower wns Undersecretary of Acri culture, said today lie expects the Eisenhower administration to improve thc lot of the farmer "by hard .work nnd honest effort." But the Sfl : yenr.old board choir- man of Doane Agricultural Service, Inc., said he hasn't discussed fnriri^ policy with Ezra Taft Ben- James Ward and Lynn Eddy hnd other plans for thc Western Now York family. They hnd taken up a collection for gifts nnd n dinner of baked ham to go with n couple of pics Mrs. Green had baked. And. Mrs. Cnsella had decided thnt a 'well-decorated Christmas tree wpuld stand in the Green's scantily furnished living room tonight, just as every other year. Tho three brothers left the hos- pitol hist week, after treatments lasting more than a month. Charles, 26, rejoined his wife Marabello and their two children on their own small farm. Kenneth. 18, and Milford, 13 came home to mom and dad. Bertha, pretty, blnckhaired and 18, will spend most of Christmas Day in an iron lung. Roland, 21, also in the hospital, said he foil better, though he still iad a trace of paralysis. But he kept most of his thoughts to himself. Mr. and Mrs. Green were anx- ous to visit Bertha and Roland, 'I hope they don't feel bad because wo haven't been able to sec hem more often," Green said yes- erday. "Maybe we can see thm on Christmas." CARNIVAL HOP6, ARKANSAS Poem of Cheer os Christmas Draws Neor the Whats nobler than getting married and raising a nlca family? That weird chemistry test today made UD my '"» V ' * Legal Notice MFRRY.. ^ CilRUTMAJ 1 At fbf Mtrry CfcrUtmii. timt all HAMM Tire and Appliance Co. NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS N THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF No. 853 T. A. JACKSON, deceased Last known address of decedent: 503 South Elm Street, Hope, Arkansas. Date of death: 22 day of November, 1952. An instrument dated 13th day of November, 1945, was on the 16th day of December, 1952, -admitted to probate as the last will of the above named decedent, and the under- igned has been appointed executor with will annexed) thereunder. A ontest of the probate of the will an be effected only by filing a pe- ition within the time provided by aw. All persons having claims against tie estate must exhibit them, duly Aerified, to the undersigned within ix months from the date of the Irst publication of this notice, or hey shall be forever barred and wecluded from any benefit in the state. This notice first published 17th ay of December, 1952. Cora B. Jackson (Executrix with will annexed) 503 South Elm St., Hope, Arkansas. Dec. 17, 24 son, Eisenhower, 's choice us Si-c-1 retnry of AKrlculture, mid won't 1 make public his detailed views on such matters until he does. Morse has never met nor talked with Genei-Hl Eisenhower. Ho d,.. scribed the General's election ;,, ' u-emendoti.s" and said "I hom-i- ily ascribe to his views and his #>\— » / / *"" By JAM*8 MARLOW •Associated Prttt Writer ,**° ^*«^» fd* mnn with siad nnd the deer Hnd o dcllcBtc problem Chrlstmns drew nenr. He hnd to find ptcsenti, the right ones, .to carry Down to the White House for IRO and for Hncry. The Inttcr wits lenylnn his troubles ; al) tlurough, But ike faced snore trouble thnn Ike over knew, jflo Sanln Clans fiddled nnd turn* blad and fviasud Ahd dug down in his bnj? till his '.beard w,tvs nil mussed. Por nuyone else what he picked !ml«ht be simple: .& drum lor n boy; for n atrl « deep dimple, But Harry nnd Dvvlght needed speclnl good core, Since soon one would be In nnd one wouldn't be there. But Ike Is the heir , to a national debt Which he'd like to reduce but mnybe can't yet. The \yftr in Koran, inflation, the fight v Against Comm,«nist tnctlcs, unseen nnd ; In sight. "They're ,tough," snid old Snntn, '•I wish I could see "A mngicinn or two to put un| der his t»'ee. "T _, , CI*J n \A/ JIllU VV rtKITUJT, Lebanon Iff) — Lebnn- "The reason I'm sold on takiiu-j on ' s director "f internal security such a post is my great admin- s:li(1 tocl "y that 27 persons wore tion fur Ezra Taft Benson," Morse k " cw " lo ll;lvc tlietl '" the wreck said. "IFes a very able, consck-iv ! " f lht< f'' 1 ' 1 ' 11 '" 1 ' Hner Chnmpolllon tious loader— and Hint's the kimli mid illj "»t 100 were injured in of leadership anyone would work with." tm-t Benson only two or thm times "but 1 have Ion,- known «--- •• ^ KIlown ,. lu the shore from the reef- I grounded, splil-in-lmlt ship. I Skillful Levantine boatmen ;"" ! brouKht tho lust ot the 328 passim- "•>u> Hers mui erewmen through still r.-iftinj; surf and ja«({ed reefs by his reputation in affairs." Describing himself as u , VIJ ordinary citr/cn" when it comes to politics, Morse said his biggest fling at campaigning came in !<)!« when, at the request of GOP farm •nrH,.i,n,,,.'!ii U ' rciily ' llbmlt ' I0 hol "' s nfter'the •'M'U'rUi'-H veteran | jlu ,,. w ., s bk)wn Qn u r(l(>f o j nnd splil admisliips some fiOO yards ' offshore. The latent estimate of the dead was only tentative and it wns feared the casualty toll would rise. Some of the passengers jumped — how many exactly . , ~ ---»---- «. ^\^tr iuiin Sdrnn r\f leaders, he headed the National i? . Farm Committee for Dowey a i ! overbon . rd1 ~ how m *W «*»<*» Warren. }Ie added that he iMk iv" " Ot known ~ «"««> though 30 active part in the Eisenhower can '"' T PC , r8OIHl 8W " m l ° • Sh °'' C ' lh ° U " oaian but riiH n f>n, „,„.,„„,,'_" s;1IKis of watchers crowded there Legal Notice IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE J5STATE OF ANNJE MAE ^HUTCHISON, DEC, EASED Lasttknown place of address of decedent: 715 South Elm Street,' _ but did the oommittcc that drew up 1952 GOP farm platform plank. "It wouldn't be correct to say that I helped draw up the platform," Morse said. Morse said he originally wns a Democrat because his father was but that he switched after he became convinced that what the Republicans were offering wns best l aw » numb « ot battered , fl ; '" d - Pnth ° n thc rockH just oul for the country. "I voted for Hoover and I've , of death; December 4. Jnstrument dated Jad was on the 10th day e Wmber. 1952, admitted to probate; s the last will of the above nflnTed eqedeht, and the undersign^ has een appointed executor there'un- ,1n A c ° ntest of the probate of , the ill .can be effected only by filing a petition within the time provided py 11 feersons having claims agajhst estate must exhibit them/My ed, :to the undersigned, within Six .months from the late of The »rst publication of thi? noticei^or ,pey shall be forever 'barred -and from any benefit w Hhe voted for the Republican candidate for president ever since," ne said. Morse said he was "very much surprised" by his appointment and first wns approached on the matter about a week ago. Morse has been with the Donne Agricultural Service for 28 years, was named its president in 1943 and served in that post where the agricultural reseacr organizations in the country, managing farm properties _jn. 20 .states and serving a? consutyahj; to businesses selling implements or materials to farmed. , * ' r '/• ^ in - ij—i - , i,, mji ,n^ M ^ r Thete have been more than 30 sieges on Jerusalem. A lifeboat also capsized during the rescue efforts yesterday, piling- imj more persons to death. Officials last night said 10 bodies had been recovered, Observers on thc beach estimated 30 wore killed — 10 from the overturned lifeboat and 20 of the swimmers. Bound from Marseille and Alex- nndria to Beirut, the 13,540<tori Champolllori carried a crew of iE20 and 108 passengers, mnny«.,of the latter Christmas pilgrims 1b the Holy Land. Little Peace, Plenty of Good Will on Earth know he could use an Indebtedness chaser "So maybe I'll give him a rod ink eraser. "For the unasked advice he'll bo got.tliiji for free "From people who think they know better thnn ho, "Some earmutts might help, -01 a cave with-no phone; "And a cave would be handy when brickbats are thrown. "Since Ike, -who is nimble nut hale and still hourly, "May wear himself out keeping pence In his party, "I'll give him' a hammer, without showing a bruise." But the problem of Harry gave Santa a start: Since the White HOUHC Inhabitants seldom depart— This was thc first one In 24 years— By declining to run,. Mr. Claws was In toon). Not because Marry was leaving, Indeed, But what sort of gifts do ex- presidents ,nood? He liked Harry fine/always had, always wbuld, A, warm', fondly man, tho kind that's -called good. But-Harry-was going, not much worse for wear, Still combjhg Republicans out of hU h8lr. f They, erftlcizod, clubbed him found all kinds of fault: Ah amazing example of verbal asBflult. , Old Santa thought twice while he tried to Unravel The problem of Harry: "Some rest and some travel "Should do ior a starter. And then? Now let's sec. "What would I want thq most of If I could' be ho? "A long lite, of course, and a strong voice so, loud "I could make myself hoard on the furthermost cloud. "I'd make the Republicans hbar me. They'd loariv "How a roosting can make an effective slow burn." But Santa knew Harry might also keep, busy Dashing off notes, when he got In a tl/zy, To critics of music and critics of ««rr.y. i. * ;( 5» n 2 lve him> " Bought Santa, a gift he can carry, .J^ OW t en . vel °l )e8 . Paper and stamps by the peck who ,, T . his fl°tlce first published this J7 day of December .1952 THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK OF flOPE, HOPE. ARKANSAS EXECUTOR Dec. 17, 24 Legal Notice IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY ARKANSAS N THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF AMANDA C BRUNER, DECEASED ' LAST KNOWN PLACE OF ADDRESS OF DECEDENT" 1020 East Third, Hope, Arkansas Date of Death: November 10, 1853 An instrument dated June 17 950. was on the 10th day of De- ember, 1952, admitted to probate s the last will of the above named ecedent. and the undersigned ave been appointed executors Jiereunder. A contest of the pro- ate of the will can be effected <"y by filing a petition within Ihe me provided by law. All persons having claims against Jie estate must exhibit them, duly enfied io th£ un4ersjgne.d witbio « months from the date of tte rst publication of (.bis notice, or »ey shall be forever barred Vino) receded from any Jbendft in the 5t&tC. Make Your Own Oatmeal Cookie Mix * «»« hnppiest possible ending a Merry Christmas to all. Jwsra Is not peace on earth, But have reported • toe greatest mlvaj el,, w tere»t lo any of recent y«ars,- knd dpjng this OATMf Al COOKIE MJX Mait«f 9 doiwii foo&fef 3 ewp« tift»4 tnrkhcd flour y/ t cupi 1 iwwpoon tpdg j cup Ajf Traij|jjo.r! ftervlce 01'8 dream come *r« or and gnaw IB and Japan, 3 wpj Oolwed Cook* Mi« ' 1 * , ts&, milk ami vmilla to Mix. big parties by 'charitaoJ* Uta ^^iJv^yAsu ouA/ Aool t \&w. jpwiiyiq. 4^i/ MERRY CHRISTMAS TO Y' HOPE SIGN & B

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