Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 24, 1952
Page 11
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HOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS f^lTr^T'"4f\ Wedneirfay, B««emMr24, 1$fj »«•!*' sftr* •fine had ri» .mi i-liiHt to Kin m« t " >1h« wo- up 4tw *!*• In, no murder* i the M- DRE88E8 AID IN WAGING HEALTH BATTLE-Olorin Swnn- «>n nftown Bob De Mar, of New for*, on* of Jw «rwtlon» which Went to nld in tha bnttlo of lh* J-JBM Woo« ditmut, hemophilia, l«he fBtnoue nctre« tlonattd wv4rftl p«r*onally*de«Jgned Gloria Swonnon OrlglnnU to the annual fund-rtiUlng party of The Hemophilia Foundation, which dftvoiw alUta *dfouroe* to old victims of th« dlf»«ff«, nnd to further rowarch into it* cauno. HwnophUi* prevent* «oagulnUon of the blood, and affect* an «tijnnt«d 40,000 pomonii in the PRESCOH NEWS mm^^?-, . ^V&&ib»*H*JMilfl» ' ,; SAlMi^S "- >• , s jv i \ h ? •* f^vT^V^.^ D«e«mb«i* 87 Ml*» Mnry Beth Ur,v«on nnd Carolyn Cox ot Lincoln, N«b,, will MI«H Mary I .on TtKiraa*, her mrtkls And out of town fiuo«U <witH n brunch on Bnturdny morn- iitfi In the Pry*on horno. Thoy wilt be nsil*tcd by their motlwit, MM. Bryion nml Mm. AnOrew a, cxtcndinii Chrlut tnvltatlonn for tho May -your cvory'wtah for th» WelWay S«a»n b* i»olt*«d — t our with for you. fRINTING CO. iJfSH?^^ PISS1 I^4ai %"} I' i ' > fm fe£%'i5 V,' 1 -' V!-VVr1 1V Jim UGroisa STORE L»^> l *> y*0w,vi ' i \ frof MlhJi'"*- "*** > I aiiS-itKivlm k 37,Contr«ot Club Mm Jformiil Dance Mr, nnd Mrs. Gooi'm* Christopher Mr, *nd Mr*, Tom Bvmln, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gilbert and Dr. tutd Mr*, C, P. Arnold Jr. were host* for -the annual formal dance tor tho member* of tho '87 Contract Club tutd their -KUfstu ut the Law- ion Hotel on Saturday evening. Smttsx and rod berries extended e length of tli« rofrcshmcnt tabl<» nnd ftt Cwluowd were entwined with imilax and colored llghto Santfl OlBU» udd«d to the decor* for Miss Thomae it of vwhite o«r- with n atcplc ,«f , which full whlta s& *«tin ribbon that nx- , to langth of the tuble and Ueld uifaiiiiiturc colonial corsages of whit* 1 cnrnaUons and stock en'"i maUne were used for ,.„.,„ lor the luncheon honor ing Mltt-Mnry Lou Thomas, fiance of Krn»Jt Hflt'loy Cox, Jfr., given the Magnolia Room ~ -.la>" The wedding fit MJH» Mary Lou Thomas 4uuiJ2mo<t Hurley Cox Jr will he soltUWilssflU Suturday ,at 4 p.ra, til tho J'lrtil Methodist Church A reception will follow at the home of the bride, Mr, ^tt« MM, Paul Buchanan and Mr, '»n$^Mu.'Hey<j« Smith of nolla .Wtt*i out c^E town Huestu. , Ml8» J^ty|jeftn Sh»Uhorn of MiM.Thoinw' place was mark* wtth u tfttrdeatft w»|ige an* a gin c* «Uv«r, There wefe sixteen o^ Inchjdlug Mra. Chnrlea Tho- B«j .tnotbef of the brldo-elcet, Whop* jplftce was mw-kod W ith a whft* carnation corsage, and Mrs. Kwst H. Cox toother of thu groom WOCt, ' >rii*inia Ann, * IJUv gueit* returned invitod they creajin and the t«W» 'ovwlfifl with « «Uacil,»d i tnra »id wd ribbws. J, J. fittttlo, HJ M , wid Msts. CUud «otert«ln«<jl with « br«.k fiuaday raoroing ; jt the Mo- Hoj» ^ the Mary Harley Arkansas Has Big Share of Flood Fund " *y HOWARD tUTTLE WASHINGTON, Dee- 23 - Member* of Congr*** from tho Southern State* affected hope to be able to get thc 8,1rd Congress to appropriate 70 million dollars for tho no-called Lower Ml«sis*lppl River area project for thc fiscal year 1833-1054. They have substantial reason to believe, that thc Bureau of the Budflat'n recommendation will be little, If* any, short of this flgufc. They sec nothing to dlacouraiff /Jhotn In thc special report of the Civil Works Subcommittee, recont- ly Issued, calllnx for s review of rlvor nnd harbor nnd flood-control, jjrojact.1, ond the weeding out of impractical ond obsolete authorizations. Indeed, to the contrary, th«y point out that the subcommittee, headed by Rep. Robert E. Jonofl, Jr., Alabama, ond Including among others. Hop. Henry D. Lnreadt 1 , Jr. Louisiana, nnti hop. Frank K. Smith, Mississippi, specifically suggested that here could be noteworthy acceleration of the whole program. After recalling the fact that Mississippi River Developments had been regarded by the executive order of President Truman of Jan, 21, 1050, diverting many essential materials to thc national defense effort, tht- subcommittee concluded: "U can bo expcctod Hint If the international situation becomes no worse and os the defense production objectives ' arc accomplished, there cnn be a relaxation of restrictions ns that our rnpid progress con bo made." Lower Mississippi, Status Tho approved project for control of the Lower Mississippi .Rlvcr was the first basin type authorization- given by Congress to the U.S. Corps of Engineers. Tho project was estimated to cost $1,292.748,500, of which $813,790,841) has been expended through tho present fiscal year, nnd 478,057,081 remains to be apent. Ot the 478,057,051 yet to be spent .about a half, or $230,027,572 got'8 to main atom Mississippi Rlvcr projects ns follows: Mississippi River levees-$05.300,211. Bnnk stabilization ~ 139,298,295 Dredging — 18.704,371. Mapping — 1,388,875. Memphis harbor— 12,855,000 Devils Swamp —2,000,000. Mjorganza strueturer- 860,000. Total —239,027,572. .The remainder to be spent, $239,030,070 goes to off-main stem wojrk as follows: fit, Francis Basin — 127,520,483:' .West Ttiimossee tributaries— n'- 700,000. • ;••-• V 4 (> Liiwer White River — 5.112,802. Cache Rlvcr Bnsln —- 10.000,000. I/AngulUc River --2,000,000. Gmnd-Prarlo Bnyou Meto Basin — '8,000,000, Lower Arkansas River, right bnhk. — 8.585,135. Lower Arkansas River, south bnnk, — 4,517,415. Ynzoo River basin, reservoirs,— $6,«8fi,83p. Yazoo River Basin, local protection, 88,74B,260, B.J« Sunflower, — 7,087,000. . fejisos Blyer fiaain, Boouf and Tcnaas. 13,836,000. ,|lod .River Backwater, — 22 «74,,88.7. , Grants Canal, — n.ooo, Jtovyjjr Red River. — 1,802,353. Atolxaialaya River Basin Levees and struptuce, 23,048,859. %JK°V R8 P w «s. Boeuf, Cocodrei, 003,180. -UM.QQO, :0 t Op,Q, stoat theeo ht «g»inst the lor tho River bo,a|n. CAPTURE RED ARMS—Crowds gather in Hanoi to look at an exhibit of captured weapons, seized during "Operation Lorraine." Tho flshtlne French fori-M ' rii«ninw»ri th« u during "Operation Lorraine." The flghtihg French forces displayed the Br , , n . atlvcs lhat thoy Bre °8hting to defend them from the Red menace. The weapons captured in a surprise attack at the enemy's rear designed to destroy Red supply sources somewhere In Indo-China. , «n»ny .other Arkansas and rivals aad harbors jjsojecte which will re. r4«4lo,ns, towAver, and tafce all ttw powers. of p.e»> Committee, to flpjain from a budget-slashinjt, ininUed BepuWican Con- much, MS they did in tho lait Congress. "FLIER" SAVED AT SEA—Hospital corpsm.cn Leland B. Whitney, left, of Haclisson, Wis., and Robert P. West,,ot Charlotte, N; C,-, give first aid to n sparrow which made a forced landing aboard the U.S.S. Toledo, while the ship was shelling the coast ol North Korea. Food, warmth, and klndn'ess restored the 'feathered visitor to flight conditioa ;Singer Denlse Lor models twjo.types of eye glasses, She weirj i<loft) heavy oval frames decidedly curved upward at the iem I with gold trim In swan motif across the ton and on the side iFrames (risht) t^re much inore dclicute in design-with m ; upsweep hml tltiy silver leaves and a pear) as dccoratjon at {« team was «u«ct>»sful iu the last ,Cw»,gr«ss In getting and hold- Jug «n W Ic* Arkansas approprinttons interest projects. River and tributaries the t»We. Other eovu-tegies were Jay Miao Jane loniinu ot FBltop)be Crime i m — $4,000,000 ' c ', v Red River below'JQcnjson — $634,000 Bull Shoala Reservoir — 1,000,000 Tablo Rock Reservoir — 3,000,000 Texarkana Reservoir — 5,000,000 lYnXIHer Forry Reservoir — 2.125.000 St Franc-is River Basin (allotment frum Mississippi River Flood Control) — l.HOO.OOO Avkansas-Whito-Rifl River Basin $115,000 Arknnsus-Whito-Red River Basin, survey, — 850,ooo Grcer's Forry Darn - planning. $50,000 Fort Gibson Reservoir — 525,000 A Prodigious Report The report of the House Public Works subcommittee was a prodi-j tnciics. gious affair. U \vus issued in four! McGranery announced late yes parts, the Civil Functions Program: terdny that he was directing thp has been ordered by McGranery to move into the/ in vestigation of the NeW York.f ater front, pictured in sworn testirninj before the New York State CrUiie, Commission as the focus of gangster terrorism. Commission witnesses have described the waterfront as the lo cale of widespread bribery, extortion, shakedowns and strong arm $exar4tana, Miss Mary Collum of* of the Corps of Kngineers; the: FBI to undertake a federal Texarkana, Miss Nancy ghujtt and Flood Control Program of the Da- tigation immediately. Mr*. S, McGUL hundred^ and fifty calltd during th* hours. Hobertaon of Uttle Rock was partmoiit of Agriculture; The Al- "The Department of Justice," location of C\>sts of Federal \Vaterjsaid, "which has been watching Resource Development Projects;: the New York waterfront situation and the Economic Evaluation of for months, now has sufficient avi- Federal Water Bvsaum> Develop- donee of federal law violations to the weekend gueat of Miss fitita Me ! mtMl1 Piojoeu. * warrant a full-scale investigation.' Cesfcttt and her parents, Mr. andi lls recommendaiions would fill a; McGranery did not go into de- Mrs. Quss McCaskUl. j hook,_iuKl deal mostly with proced-! tails in his statement, and Justice , I ure, Thv.v will be studied Mr, wnd Mrs. Royce Smith Matnolia w«rc the w«s«ik end gueats of Mr. aad Mr». Ton* Bemis. They •• \tj it A were joined Sunday by their son. j TWO Wqlk Away Nowood. who arrived from Pur* "~ ~ ' du» Univ*r*ity to d«y» with his parwits. the «r- and Mrs vn R. Bemis and « the boUdays ti. Ohio »s thc gwests jwrwau, Mr, atut Mrs. From Plone Wreck LITTLE ROCK, (* — A student aviator and hi$ iwssonsier walked away, unhurt, from a plane crash in * cotton field near here about sundown yesterday. Tile pilot \viis Walter Bullock, some Department officials declined to elaborate. Gov. Thomas E. Dewey declined comment, but in New York chief investigator for the State Crime Commission, Joseph Ka|tr, said the group would oiler to Uic FBI "any and all assistance and Arkanson on Plane Is on Way Home BATESVJLLE;, w — A-SC way- mond Ferguson, who escaped frpm the plane crash at Moses Lake. Wash., in which 87 servicemen died, is on his way home again- by train. Ferguson telephoned Mrs. Floy Row, secretary of the Red Cross here, telling her to ask his parents to "hold up Christmas until I get there." He is expected to arrive Friday. The 22-year-old Air Force cokp told Mrs. Row he had promised his mother that "I'll never ride another airplane as long as I live.' Ahrent, who set the> official batik loss at $33,090, saidii andfljof tb« men was armsd with ti^o automatic pistols, while the ottter carried one automatic. ,ij Arkansas and Missouri State Po- 6 set up roadblocks in the area' but the barriers were withdrawn at 4 ' p.m. yesterday utter no of the bandits had been found. State Police iOperator Charles A. Duke* at Newport said officers were hunting an ex-convict another man for questioning i robbery, but emphasized that neither of them was listed as 'suspect." Sheriff Harper said the. bandi: apparently had studied -the bat carefully. He said that when thi entered, they approached Bro 1 and Miss Butler and asked, "Wn is .the .other girl." Mrs. Ahn was out of sight In the .office the time. "I .Harper said today he hadj a ^finite lead on two Missouai %on who formerly lived in Arkansas and were in the bank the £iny before the holdup. He did not identify the pair. ; Mrs. Ahrent said she Relieved the two men came into the bank last and week obtained silver lor soqie bills. | It required nearly six years to bring chinchillas from Chile to the United States. Their native homo is high in the Andes mountains and they could be moved down teafely only a iew thousand 'feet annually. erfront "a stench in the nostrils of the community." The commis sion has no power to punish wrongdoers but it can seek remedial legislation in Albany. Its .aim in the -waterfront probe has been to seek background .on .dock rackets which are -bleeding an estimated 350 million dollars annually from New York City's .seven billion dollar a' year ping industry. The commission has heard sworn testimony that the AFL International longshoremen's Association (ILA) is infested with mobsters practicing graft and terrorism, and that shipping and "stevedoring firms tolerate gangsters in the because they keep the dock w6rk- ,crs in :line. It has also heard testimony Uniting dock gangsters with polifica: figures. :' Mayors John V. Kenny of Jersey City and Fred N. DeSapio ol Hoboken were accused of working hand-in-glove with dock .racketeers —a charge .both denied. And for mer Mayor William O'Dwyer ol New York City has described as having kept some waterfront scan dais under cover while he was district attorney. U.S. Atty. Myles J. Lane in New York he favors the FBI •probe ordered by McGranery, his superior. "I agree with the attorney gen eral and approve .his .action 10' per cent," Lane said. "There is a plentitude of evidence of apt? on the waterfront to war ran investigation, and indictments." Bonk- Continued from Pag« One 5-feet-9, 180 to 170 poundj, wear- Ing a red shirt, grey trousers hat. ,' ' 1 Outnumbered Continued from Page fone repeatedly during the past! several days in radio broadcasts ^ and in leaflets showered over the lines from Communist planes, j The Communist thrust was unique in that the Chinese; rushed forward in the familar '"human sea" attacks without the usual intensive Communist artillery and mortar preparation. Appar?rJ •Reds had hoped to overwh,'en numerically inferior U.N. j forces through a sudden, surprisq' attack. The attempt was •flop -for the Reds. It is believed that son}e fossil sharks -were as much as 90 foet long when Mving. TO WISH YOU the »a au-pl«Q« and by the Service at I4t«* mechanic U.S. Public Dewey's long-time close associate, Herbert Brownell, is slated to replace McGrenery as attorney geueral when the Eisenhower Id- ministration takes over Jan, 36- Dewejt. who Crime - Wednesday, December 24,1952 HOM STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Wednesday, December 24 The Christmas Eve Service of St. Mark's Episcopal Church will bo held Wednesday night, December 24, at 11:30 p.m. Sunday, December 28 Miss Edith Massey will teach thc Jett B. Graves Sunday School Class Sunday morning, December 28. Girl Scout Troop 9 Has Christmas Party Girl Scout Troop No. £l held their Christmas party Tuesany afternoon at the Little House with Julia Peck and Linda Rogers ns hostesses. This troop is under the direction of Mrs. Frank Yarbrough and her helper, Jane Burroughs. Following a short business session, games were played and gifts were exchanged. Refreshments were served to Hi members present. Christmas Luncheon Held by Dahlia Garden Club The Dahlia Garden Club held their Christmas luncheon at the home of Mrs. B. F. Johnson, Jr.. with Mrs. J. C. Corlton and Miss Lulle Allen as co-hostesses on December 19. A turkey dinner was served buf- | fet style with the guests seated at smaller tables. Each table was covered with a red table cloth with a red candle in the center. Miniature Christmas corsages were given as favors. Gifts were exchanged from a I lighted Christmas tree. Other Christinas arrangements were placed at vantage points throughout the house. Mrs. J. C. Carllon gave the Christmas story. Visitors present were Mrs. E. O. | Wingfield. president of the City | Federation of Garden Clubs, Mrs. ; Arch Moore of the Daffodil Club, Mrs. Charles Agee of the Iris Club and Mrs. J. M. Harbin of the Lilac- Club. anr FyR«ifyti * SAENGER LAST DAY RlPi FOR LOVE! READY FOR REVENGE! CORNEL WiLDE-IERESJl WRIGHT THURS. & FRI. DRAKE'S CAFE Mr. and Mrs. C. P. Drake SPECIAL CHRISTMAS SHOW Special Premiere Showing badgirlofshow business! Boxoffice Open 1:45 Thursday ® SATURDAY e KIRBY GRANT & CHINOOK (Wonder Dog) YUKON GOLD" II RIALTO * ROY ROGERS & TRIGGER "MY PAL TRIGGER" Thurs. ZANY, ALL- AMERICA LAUGH- BACKS! vint ^^^^^ u ,ut. JOHN BROMFIELD MONA KNOX VEDA ANN BORG HEY LOOK! C3CARIOON Friday & Saturday • Erich Yen Stroheim VfRA RALSTON Volentine Family Reunion Held Sunday A family reunion wns held at the home of Kev. and Mrs. Lullu-r Volentine Sunday, Dec. 31. Those attending wore Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Volentine and daugh- '<•'' Nancy Kay. of Hope, Mr. and Mrs. Horace VoU-ntino and dauyh- tor, Bronda Ann, of Cheyenno VVv- Mr. and Mrs. Howard Voland daughter, Sherry Lynn of Dallas, Mrs. Jennie Volentine and James, Miss Leanne Stinson and Mr. Eddie Walters ot Dallas, Icxas. Coming and Going Cpl. Troy D. Laha of Mineral Wells, Texas, and Cpl. Forrest L Seward of Elk Horn. Wisconsin are visiting Cpl. Laha's parents ! Mr. and Mrs. Dan Laha. I PulnK M iP C , E J c ^ l , NE , MAKE ?, l T SD E B UT-TI» midget mines, shown above, 'will soon be mine. M S d , St i ate ,i -f 8hli118 ln Kores ' Wo '8 hl "8 only 4V, ounres apiece, the tiny n lm \ d( ^, of plastlc and , canilot bc located by conventional mine detectors, Powerful enough Lieut. W. D. Henry, USN is : spending the Christinas holidays with his wife and relatives. " I trt «..•.-, i • ... i «w<.tnv.u uj ii'uveimuiuii iiuiiu uviuLiura. roworiui enou to ciipple or kil anyone stepping on It, the mluc costs about $2.50 to produce, as compared tot . ue !"" n j!_l°. st ot lhe "-Pound World Wai 11 unit-personnel mine,- ; : / Few Scholars Deny Being Communists the Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Holland of Memphis, Tenn., are the guests of Mrs. Holland's mother, Mrs. L K. Dildy. By RUSSELL BRINES WASHINGTON i/l'i — Vehement denials have tonic from several aniony the 30 scholars and Mrs. Steve Carrigan, Jr., will have us holiday guests, her dauj'h- tcr, Mrs. Hoy F. Prather, Mr. Prathcr ;md Mary Delia Prathor of Little Rock. officials for leading educational foundations iiiimed by Louis Budon;-, yesterday as members ot the Communist party. , Budeir.: is the former managing York City, who publicly re- editor nf the Daily Worker, Com munist paper published in New j nounced eoinimmi.sn in Id-Hi and is j Mr. and Mrs. Dilford Berry and i """'.."" thc • Sla " " f children, Hershel Dwaync .\t I.SIM. Shirley Jane, of Houston, Texas, ! will arrive tonight to spend llo '. Christmas holidays with Mr. Ber- • ry's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hoy ; Berry. " A Professional ' calll>d 'h Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Russell, Jr.. of Dallas will arrive today to spend the Christmas holidays with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harrell and Mrs,. Lois Russell '.lames Fuller Russell of Dallas was iy one of the men he ac- cii'ic.'d. "Absolutely and unqualifiedly falsifying his testimony, £iv- en before a House committee which is trying to determine whether the funds of lax-free foundations are bring used for subversive activities. Bncleiix has appeared numerous time:; before congressional com mitlees and he says, has rccount- - ocl '" lhe FBI at great length is spending the Christmas holidays i wnat hc 1{n °ws of Communist par- with his mother, Mrs. -Lois Russell, i t} ' "cUvilies. I Tn his appearance yesterday, he Mr. and Mrs. Joe Ealm and chil- I ticlu -' 1 ' 1 oi! M> persons — some of dren of Texarkana and Mr. T. Y. | lllolr ' well known — as belli); Corn- Gibson of Patmos spent the week i rlllrii?;t party members before ho end with Mrs. D. E. Evans. ' C|uit in 1!)45 - A list of names wns i rpncl to him by Harold M. Keelo Mrs ~ '- -•'" - - ' the daughter —_^___ j read to him by Harold M. Keele, rs. D. E. Evans is spending i comr »''tce counsel. Budcnz said ho Christmas holidays with her : knt ' w tllt>In to ha vo been Com- Bhter, Mrs. Jack Murray and j numists f ' - oni personal experience Mr. Murray in Shreveporl. and from his access to party docu- | ments. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Berry ; M:ln .v of thorn hnd heen de- and daughter, Cathy, of Gibsland. • !:t ' 1 "''- H ' d ;ls Communists before, and i.,, „,.„ ,.,•„:.;_,. ».,..^ „_ . ' i some had denied it. But commit- said Budcnz for the •^ '^^ i '**** m ^^^^^' mm ' n ^ l ^^^''^^' 3 ''''»'''»'>'^< l '^'''f'fi''H^l^lHfHf^ii^mf^- VISITING FIREMEN-Thelr "uniforms" are dllTerent, but their" occuputioni are the same. The robed and bearded Won, above, being shown the latest thing in Ore-flghtins equipment In Chicago are members of a religious sect with headquarters,at Ventura Cnlif. One of the missions which they have^undertaken is tha fighting of oil and forest fires, barefoot, and clad In their habits.' From left: Brother Claudius, Harry Hufibes, Don PritU, and Krishna Venta, ' , , La., are visiting Mrs. Berry's par ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Collins tee first time described as a Rod Thomas I. Emnrson, now a pro lessor ^ at the Yale Law School. Eudi'iiz was "dreaming iip''things" and he declared: "I have never ,-' i "pen a member of the Coinmu- Mr. ^and Mrs. \V. T. Rogers and ; "J^ 1 ^'"'.v «nd could not possibly will Mrs. II. M. Daniels of Cluca^.. will arrive this afternoon to spend the holidays'with Mr. alid Mrs. W. L. Hobbs and Mr. and Mrs. H L. I Hunegan . i Ronny, of Houston,. Texas. arrive Friday to spend tho week end with Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Hobbs. Mrs. Rogers is the former Bertha Sparks. . —...t— n,yv j^uoniuij have been listed as a.member on thou; records." • * Officials of. the House group said Erporson received a grant this yCQi- from the. 1 Guggenheim Foun- i dauon. • Miss Betty Amos of the Univer- • Tn , c 1T1OS<; heated denial of Busily of Oklahoma is spending the de nz's news testimony came from holidays with her parents, Mr. ! Dr ' Linus Pauling, a former and Mrs. O. W. Amos. | atomic, scientist who is now a pro- 1 fessor and chairman of the Divi- Mr. and Mrs. Louis Howard of - sion of Chemistry and Chemical *«*.. MH« jvus. .uuuis nowaro. 01 ---*•- •" ^...^*,.*on y ciuu wiiemicai tlallas will arrive today to spend i Ensineerins at California Institute Christmas with Mrs. Howard's par- of Technology, ents, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Coop. Of Budenz's testimony that he i had been a Communist party mem- Mr, and Mrs. Vincent Keith and ber "under discipline " Pauline 11 I «Vl t Jl it T ft n •-. ,-,f T\ ., 1 I — _ jii i • , . ~. . *- » » (j ighter, Jean of Dallas, will spend ; ;-aid at Pasadena- motSS. I^cSand^r 1 " T " iS rtutemW " " lie ' J h relatives. never been a member of the Corn- Mr, and Mrs. Ebb Johnson of Texarkana, will spend Christmas with^ Mrs. Johnson's mother, Mrs; E. G. Coop, and other relatives. munist party, to this fact. and I have sworn I papers as a professional cx-Com- i munist. Earlier statements made ! by him have caused me to sus- ! pt-i.-t that he is a liar. ' "Now I know that he Is a liar— Clubs \s£of\ —— ot, PflUl ; Atiiiiiiij^ o <4 n Jui i j Mf i wi me The Ozan-St. Paul HD Club held hoard which chooses those who ie- ircfcssional liar." Pauling is a member of the their Christmas meeting in the home of Mrs. Monroe Stuart. Tun members and two visitors wen- present. Mrs. A. W. Stevens pro- sick'fl over the business inec-tinK. Mrs. Monroe Stu.-irt gave the d pals drew names for another year. Two Christmas boxes were fixed for shut-ins. The surprise pack- ;t'.;e was won by Mrs. Still. Mrs. Ji-.ssc; Mc-Corklo v.as given a prize . .ir ave e c- : esse c-oro v.as gven a prze vntional. the Christmas story from for being the only member with a >--»*i I.TII utia .-anji^ JIOOI '"" UVIIIK HI 1 - »/J»i^ Kiefliuci v^llll a i Lukt>. Mrs. Floyd 100-per cent attendance record-this I charge of ihc pro- >" j ar. The hostess served cookies „ , >. «<.-iing si-vt-rul Christ-' ""'i drinks to 14 members. Next nias games and presenting Nancv ""-"''" the club will meet with Mrs. T _. ... * * - \r t." -.1 ;*i_ HIT ii r.-> n*.*. Matthew and Matthews had gram, conducti - Vt ' ! ' a s P' d!i - :s witn Mrs - '*• K - Lou Matthews who sang "Uudolph • ' The Red Nosed Reindec-r." After ' ltl - on as co-hostess. gilts were exchanged from the Christmas tree, refreshments were served by the hostess. The next LOOKS LIKE QUITE A HEADACHE-Sculptress Cornelia Brendel Foss admires her creation, "Harlequin Head," which is on display at the first "Meeting in Italy" art show, in Rome, which is the first of a series of shows to be held throughout Italy. Cornelia, who is from Germany, is one of 82 artists from 15 nations whose works .arc on display at the show, ceive fellowships from the Guggenheim Foundation. Officials of tne foundation in New York noted that he has sworn he is not and never has been a Communist. Budenz's testimony also involved persons receiving help or connected with Rosenwald Fund, the Rockefeller Foundation, the Marshall Field Foundation, the Russei;] the Rosenberg French ' Continued from Page One a requirement for close sere,,.ins of crewmen as to their political affiliations, any criminal! records and other matters— i$ not the only point at i$sue, ."«,,- r.-u-ma^y,,, » tu nosBiioerg Considerable critic,ism has been Foundation of California, and the. «»ned at a section retaining the American Peoples Fund, sponsored 'i P rust "» system pf national quotas by Frederick Vanderbilt Field. ' lor 'mmlarants. Buder,/. testified he' had F French Call in Ex-Premiers for Parley FAtttS, ,(UP> i- President Vliv cent Aurlol held emergency talks With former premiers Reno Plenvcn end Edgar Fiusre today as Franco wallowed without n government In Its deepening political crisis. Lnte Aurlol wns to confer with nt least four more ex-premiers Inj new efforts to find n successor for! Premier Antolnc Pinay, who resigned cnrly yesterday. Plovln snld after a 45-mlinitc conference with Aurlol they discussed "n variety ot subjects". Ho shld ho told this president thnt If tho constitution is not amended to guarantee premiers »t least 18 months In office, crises like iho present one will bo "unceasing." Fnure, a radical .socialist, said after his talk with Aurlol thnt he thought nil parties excopt Iho Communists should be brought into n new national coalition. Auriol's appointment list Includ- : ed talks later In tho day with Reno' Mn.vcr, Jules Moch nnd Adro Diet- holm. Moch is n lending Socialist. Diethelm Is a supporter of .General Charles Do Gaullo, wartime resistance lender who Inst night np- penis for n regime thnt could "put new. llfo" into France. . Lutur In the day Aurlol wns to Inlk with three other os-prcmlors — Paul Rcynmid, Edounrd Dnln dler and Felix Gouln, then rocclvo delcgntlons from n Socialist, and Communist parliamentary groups. Frnnco has grown accustomed to recruiting political crises In ro cent years, but Auriol's efforts to form an 18lh'postwar government look 6n unuBunl urgency because of mnjor economic nnd foreign problems plaguing Franco this month — notably In Indochina nnd North Africa. Gonulc, who since 1048 has been nwnltlng the moment for his return' to leadership In France, issuod n| 400-word communique last night calling for nn nil-out hoiisoeloanlng In tho French government. Pnrls newspapers todny wore ell-1 vldnd In tholr editorial appraisals! of Pinny's resignation. The Icftwlng ncwspnpcr Popul- nli-t! hlnmod Pinny as "n small, mean Irascible mnn, n dirty piny- cr who, when he saw he wns losing, violently swept the cards nwny." Tho rlghtwlng newspnpur Co Mntln, on the other hand, praised Pinny for slablllgihg French currency nnd said "It wns thp first time since liberation that such a result was achieved," L# BIO MOUSETERY-Klt confused. Prom all h« , from his mother, mieq >Un\<' from cats, but mimmaV told him about rubbcf',i They bounce right. baoHJ- feline funny business wcrtt'b the National Cat Club's' eh! pionshlp show which ^ai • ' >in London, England. At least 2,000 different apij snakes arc known. IT'SAU'VE6ETABLi FOR DIGESTI^ COOKING The filament spun by the silk work Is about I/1200th of an Inch thick. WANTED 500p; TELEPHtii POLE! * ' Lengths 20 to v For prices delivered t g Hrnbqr, Call . . , " RufusMai 1 Phone. 7-3083 or 7-'. TO ALL OF YOU,,, /gj MY FRIENDS AND ','' CUSTOMERS ' • -fej MERRY CHRISTMAS': and a HAPPY NEW CITY CAFE JAMES HEMBREE t 'V .'- many times "as a Communist" with Frederick Vanderbiit Field. After hearing Budenz's testimony that the Kremlin deliberately sought to capture American educational and philanthropic founda- LITTLE Rocky Mound ••«.•«•«» «..^* }/,iiiu)itijiir|jj^ ^.^iu,iua- The annual Christmas paily ofit'ons, the House group recessed ' -,'•", ",""" — '""" Ul( - J R<»i-kv Mound Club was held !ts hearings indefinitely. meetmg will be with Mrs. Lewis Ueccit , bfr r 18 at the home of Mrs. bluart - j Coy Zumwalt 408 W. 16th street. ~— i The meeting was opened by the Jr elrose ! club singing Christmas carols. The' Melrose Home Demonstra-i The devotional was read by Mrs. tion Club met December 17 in the i Ivy Mitchell followed by the group home of Mrs. J. W. McAdarns with , repeating the Lord's Prayer. Mrs. Thelma Meadows as cohostess ! After a brief business session for their Christmas party. Mrs. Me- j gifts were exchanged and new sec- Adams gave the devotional read- ret pals were selected «ng Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 2:1- Mrs. Blackwood was presented a 16. As a prayer each member told lovely gift. Liberte as reporting the W) crew members gave only their nances but refused'to answer ques He said among them were with Cpm,munist connections ,.~ one wn,h a the(t conviction in France, making these three matically inadmissible. Forty-thiee others were g, { ed to have had iden^ilicatKifi menu which apparently bad Vf&2£^\?^ tampered wito."'Another y\T> \C\^ MW.to have_defe c tiy« wWch might what she was thankful for Mrs. Jewell SttH, recreation leader, ^3$ Delicious sa.id fej Replace Your Posi With Our ^Penta-Treoted 11 We hove a „ „, , r .. rv . in all sizes andllj|^Mt Special prices prrtij pr more. We also hove boms and Ui ««i

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