Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 24, 1952 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 24, 1952
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? f* it,' HOP! STAR, HOU, ARKANSAS Tuesday, December 23,1952 age From Slip H\ , ^ 'j *.» f iSu 1 '' jfti ^ ere's a Christmas High Court Rules on Drainage Cose MTTIVK HOCK* WI -~ Tho Ar- kanuft* Supreme Court today up. hold v»ndtty of the Harding Drum Improvement DUtHct which em* tn'«c(?!» (ipf»r<»xlinntftly 8,400 »cre» in Jeffwrntm County. Thru opinion affirmed thai of Jefferson Chuneory Court, from which Ui?!itrle« Curlln and other* hsd Trumtn, the n«tlon c»n plan to In i Tho SuprorriB Court rojoctod the contention at tho appellants that formation of tho district w«J tun bectuce of "tha Ad- fact that itmut of Pino Bluff wiihln tho drafange urea nnd of n jnwjorlty In value of MI uprlvtors wa» not ob LEO QOnOBY t my hat that about rlflht now you ar. „ „„,. ,.„., vylihlno Chrwrnii wn« h«r«. Whila you'rs y cKinftyou try ooTflrinfl In my picture. YJW'II h«yo« ioi it'll halo Ohjwrnai git H«ri ioonsr, w«<ln««<l»y an<,l u*V m* and Wt BoW«ry Bo>* will b« at the flUlta ThMtor *tsSWMtJ$m>r« "t$ irhilt Ulrt«." Wa'r« laolno '° gco1 * 8 "^ "^ 2f*tfyifTtf W h m«k« aUA% 8 rfoa% B «V1»«ok*, *nd will yo« muah •» W, »»i)d«» our plotuct, W»r* wit N five color e«tr- of 111 Wva ulf?«r*nt color o»rtoon». This prooram hn» / aW|W«7u"ft%' rn«KaMl » bl« Ofiftotmni for X^- hd ill thS flaw, 'Wry OHrlrtmni and H«p»y N«w TlR- Court mild th*8l about 71 \wt ccol of th« ur«n it vfrlthm Pino J}|i«ff. The Court also commented thai li*w.vfi« in the CHft« nwtc'cl thnt iM oondttlonx wlthm |h<; city W iii4.> "well nlHli intolei'ttblc,' 'IlH> (ippoul, mild the Court. pt'O n purely logiil question— Whether rUrul property ^own iiiiv ( r th« constitullonal right to form u tilslrlct for (Inilnugc pur j (M.uus und to Include mo»t o( tlv U'ily. mgdist VisiU it Hoipital 'DANISH P&uilJtiKlldf Inchon Harbor, ••' r - — yhe AftierSeBn'wJdlor bnrely brffuihlntf, on tho cot, A tube carried to bin arm from o over hiit head, ttter worked on one sldo of t,^, nuvdtt on the othor. Tho stt'nl«hl«iwa in>, shook Uin d^btfuJiy, all,, hniidsome nmn, n chnn -Ol'oiis on, hl» hot utoppod to . Ho bowed hln In grayer *o noftly spoken it only ft comp»»»lt>nflte mufrnur six foot away. Aiki Participation in Atomic PowfT WASHINGTON, MV^Bif Notlon- i! faculty Resource* Krd urged oduy"tn*l the *6v<>rnrtwfl encour- agr greater purUclpnliafcby private enterprise In the development Price Support Loans Total $2 Million cd up 863 cax<>s of shortages. in which farmers are accused of using or .selling mortgaged commodities without repaying their government loans. These totalled $1,072,000 the department said, but it added: "On the basis of collections al- WASHINGTON, i*—The Agrlcul-j rcad y, n . ia , dc _'.,_ arld _ lf !, c . .".^! inty , hnf , *nd tuc of atomic tncrgy an nmrr Department says it has rn»dcr| material further collections of power. ' $2,000,000 worth of price support; antinl ultimate also . '"expect the board n«ld! loans to farmers in the past seven' e<1 to bc not more lhan * 10 0.000, Thf* 1* one way, n o 100-pnB* report to President itit-e «galn*t exhaustion of utrntoflc material* resource*. yearx and expects to lose only or about $100.000, a tiny fraction ofj Heavier losses, estimated around Its r.ne P<T cent ! a million dollars, are expected on The department said It hns turn-! government grains stored in com mcrclal warehouses and appropriated to private use Some warehouse operators have been convicted of fraud. INJURIES FATAL Blythcvillc UH — Mrs. Effle Biv- cns, 56, of Oak Ridge, Mo., died in a Blythevllle hospital Saturday night of injuries suffered when she was hit by a car In front of her home. The mishap occurred early Sat urday wtille Mrs. Blvens VVJBS walking , across the road to her mail box. Pope to Pled for Peoce VATICAN CITY, I* — Pope Pius will broadcast his annual Christmas plea for pence Wednesday. The Vatican radio plans to beam it around the world in uages. It will be the Pontiffs 14th annual Chiiitmas message. Thi Pope will speak in Italian at 11 a.m. 5 (5 a.m ESTi Inc first translation will be in English and their translations will follow at 45-rninut'c intervals. Tin* Supreme Court nold tha miilimitfclty ot two crudely written Wills of the late H.R. Abnrnstliy til IHyUiovllio had been sufficient' Jy tiHiubllshird It revursotl Mlsntuslppi Probate Court,' which had disallowed thu wills under which tha 72-year-old Ab«rn«thy nought to leave all his property' to, JSthel Snmiers, his houiwkv&pojr tor some 12 yours. Kiyht children of Aborniithy hnd ftttuckccj validity of the wills but n ninth child, K. E. Abornnthy, Tb& chaplain shook hit* ln<«d. UIMJ rcfUHOd to join tmcl testified at u thnt he believed the In- had buon written by bin Several other persons ul»o boyish ffece wni» grim. hl;i hard, a* bo slopped thn.UKh doorwiiy of the tiny hoKpitnl moi".j f»ti r win!)," Sttld evmisi>ii.it UUly testified thiit thn hnndwritlng wns thnt pf AborttRthy, who died last March. Ortthnm, "Thnt I couM mkit «v«ry pei-aim In America into limt n> lor )u»t « moim-m I wish it could «c« that ' btiy'n lif<' l» « pension, honninu by n Umuul, would nlttht in Arm>ih-;t Tliii'SCourt refused to disturb n finding b> thu Sebastian Probate Court In will cun«. bo empty t'hiiMnm» lixm* would IIP iltwrtira Holiday Offei Mw Mury N Old, 7«. who died .hmo 17,|W51 loft two wills ' Originally one executed In 194.1 und numlng Kunhum K. Mucks ua bt;n«ftclni'y nnd executor was np proved, UfUev a will dated Dec •I, Ui'HV WH» pi't)Honlod und approval i.t ili« i-adlor will wa« set asido Mnnk a contended that tho sec- imil will had not been road to Mrs. Did* l>t>fnr« »l«s signed U, Both Pro- buto «nd Supwrne Courts said thi'co was no ;pb»itivo showing thnt tin- will hnd hot "boon rood and the- Suprume Conrt indicated it felt that U n »««iHer understuod provl- «l<m» o( a Will thPt-o wail ho bind- ne«»**itj[ thnt It be ruad 1m- signing. \V*:ldi hi'rnla •t^ Mpc*bMinIsht<lgold t*W Hi *•• Wt r pitrthqii •HilUlwt 90 o It. Robert* was refused n's cempeh«8tlon froti) the Orape Julco Co., lor n which ho contended was by « fftll at the company's County plant in 1049. Tht i Workmen's Compensation t'onunlxskm hiul refused to allow d«iviu««8 bill the Washington Clr cult Cotirl overruled tha Conymis xUut. Tim Supreme Court, »»y|n,( it had not-been property «stab ilsiu'd tlmv Uio herntu wns caused by «ny f^tdonl, reinstate the CVtunilaition's findings, Thy Stiprutne Court uphold Phil Hits Circuit Cowl in its nw^rd ot itiimutii-s ot Wt)0 to Mrs. Virginia iVi'ovHiu'v uHdlnst Arnold Burbci «»d IHiauty Supply Co. Arnold hod caused Bolwiro of t'iniui.v piu'lur tKiuipntunt to enprca a i-laliu ot $536.19 against unotlioi wuiunn, Mrs, Provnneo thtttv succ tor tljtmittics, alloging sh« wai i>iui owner of the equipment and liuti thu vontpany had no right to t»ke u a Circuit Court Jupy agreed with h«r, ; t |f 0( 13 Violent Deaths in Arkansas By The Auoclattd Pr»s» At l»ttsi 13 pt>r»cm» died violently in Arkuns«* during tho week end iue last midnight—eight ot tho v if Urn* perishing in one tiro. 'I'he lutost reported fatality wa thv) dcwth of Mrs. Qean M. H»ri Hum, 30, of Soa*lde Park. N, J. In a 8-cur collision n«or M«lvcri .vugtvvday, Mr*. Hamilton an thi-vo Air Fwct 1 soldiers, Including her husband, were pa»sw\gcrs 1 wu> ear. The second autotnobil waif occupied by CharK-s Corbett Its. uf Nashvilk', Ttttuu ^Stwto Trooper Clarence Mon t.*(n''.cry said th# collision cccurrc* when « whom of U»e teenager' i 1 ir druptwd froiu the pavcm o; Highway 67 and the youth tevnptod. to swerve the automobil b*?k onto the highway. Corbe \v»« injured seriousiy. Hubprl Swllley, SO, « Casa iabo cr. i>wish«?d in Ui* flr« that siru.vtJ his hum« Sunday. Tht> solo survivor of a tire tha took Urn Uv*s of her parents an six Ur<Mh«r« aud sistars la VVttlr.osviay moniing still is in Mitle Kock hospital, Shp is 1%-yea t-^-tn Vv>W that h«r pariiuU did not t>!»capt' the flame* Uv»t destroyed th%'h- honu> near Little Hock. Uw cJbiurches would b« jammed Wj& oiilii«xs «| Americans pray* t^$4 w/t aU th neys lenty of Christmas pavings Now! ,'•'•' ><&p ** ? PLENTY OF FAMOUS TOPFLIGHT DRESS SHIRTS Brand-New Patterns! Sanforized Shrunk! 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II, 1*29 HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, DECE Christmas Eve — an hour for reflection. - It we mortals feel saddened or .j ^disheartened by the obstinacy and i wrong-doing of half the .world as Christianity attempts to .extend its good works in this 20th Century wo should reflect that Christ's mission on earth was to save humanity — and 2,000 years ago humanity was no different from today; it crucified the One who wanted to help it. , . The free and Christian peoples <L lc ' ; ;;/'isenhower today chose True I'lr7 \llVl'] tmrrki* t-Vm!>t !•-. ' Morse Named to Important Agri Position By MARVIN L. ARROWSMITH NEW YORK, w - President- :oday of the world, whatever their" in- i ^ "I™' 50 o! Sl - Lo " is . Mo.— Dividual shortcomings by strict in-1 Ko P ubllt;a » who was a Democrat tcrpretation of Holy Writ, have a l . , abol 'J 20 >' cai ' s ago— for the common bond in this: As nations , . uncicr secretary of agricul- they have only good will for other j ° ln L< nuw administration, countries, and want peace and pro-1 M °rse, 5C-year-old board chair- spcrity around the earth. • nlan ot a farm management scrv- And to .that end America has sent' J 9 e and ccl 't-°i' of a farm publia- emissaries and a material portion lion, will serve as top aide to of her worldly wealth abroad "to Taft Bons °n of S;Ut Lake City, help the poor and downtrodden, \ sccrot ' lr y o£ agriculture-designate, and we and our allies of the Unit-1 Tll e nomination of Morse and cd Nations are now engaged in iyar of defense in Korea so that ihslavemcnt and misery won't bc expanded. For these risks and bitter sacri- to • others Eisenhower has named .. 'key posts will go to the SenaU for confirmation after the general takes office Jan. 20. Eisenhower's press secretary, ficcs we not only get small thanks! James C. Hagerty, said Benson but arc answered with cynical recommended Morse— who. taunts and threats. And yet, we are alive today, and our country is still safe and prosperous. For carrying the same- Good Word to all the suffering and downtrodden, and for practicing what he preached, Christ was not **£<jicrely taunted and threatened — He was killed. Ours is a rich and World-famous nation. This Christmas-time, 1952, therefore, might well be a season for introspection and humility. Have we, perhaps, been seeking thanks for ourselves when Christ's own example suggests that :t is we -.'- who ought to give thanks to God — that our mission and our fate have, fared no worse? On the altar, fire of*.Him xwo Oe;eve in we have laid the lives and fortunes of history's greatest people. Other nations have had world power and wealth, and some were marked for great destiny. But none had the open heart and crusader zeal of America. And these, for better or worse, we would hold forever — is our prayer this Christmas-time. Mark's Yule Eucharist Starts at 11:30 Tonight The Christmas live Eucharist at St. Mark's Episcopal Church will begin promptly at 11:30 p.m. tonight. The Choral service: Prelude — "A Christmas Song" Neidlinger Processional — "Adeste Fideles" Hymn 12 The First Nowell — Hmyn 30 " Scripture — Lk. 2:1-10 "He Came Among Us At Christmastide" — Mr. Sidney -McMath'. Miss Roberta Howard Scripture — Lk. 2:11-20 It Came Upon A Midnight Clear — Hymn 19 Angels From' the Realms of Glory - Hymn 28 During the service of Holy Com- lunion to follow, Mrs. Florence broso will sing "Panis -Angeli" for the Offentory. •?" Those singing in the choir are• Soprano:.-Mrs. Chas. T. Chambers,.Mrs. Mary Foster, Mrs. Flo- fence Ambrose, Mrs. Tom Purvis Miss Roberta Howard. Mrs, E P' NEW PASTEL TONES! Flattering colors like grey, blue, pink, gold! MORE-MONEY TOUCHES! Very well-tailored with nice linings, buttons! Sizes 8 to 18 Tenor: "Martin Pool, Riqk -r, Sydney McMath, Paul CTNear . C. Whitworth, Andy Andrews; Alto:, Mrs. J. c. Carlton, 3tr§, f. W. Jones, Mrs. David Washbum JHrs. Florence Hyatt, Mrs. "---"-''-"* Ernest R - L - Ponder, Tom Purvis editor of the Digest since born on a Missouri farm. The jobj pays $17,500 a year. | Hagerty described Morse as an Eisenhower supporter during the campaign. Morse is chairman of the board of Doane Agricultural Service of St. Louis, the oldest and largest farm management appraisal and farm research service in the country. He has been Doane Agriculture 1938. HP is vice president of the American Farm (Economists Assocki- 'tion and a past president of the ArtV^jcan Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers. He is a member of the Christian,Disciples of Chris^ church. Ho is president of his church in St. Louis and has a long record of church work there. He was born on a farm at Carthage, Mo., Jan. 21, 1896. Ho was graduated from the Agriculture College of the University of Missouri in 1924. He was an agricultural economist at the university and also worked for the Missouri State Farm Bureau. Eisenhower's selection of Morse came as the general made ready to spend Christmas in New York with his family, including three grandchildren, and in the wake of a conference on government reorganization and fi*ftcr matters with former President Hoover. Like many another grandfather, Eisenhower will help trim a Christmas tree tonight. It is being put up for the children of the President-elect's son John, an Army major in Korea. The .. children-Dvfight David, Barbara Anne, 3,i months— arrived^ WBATHIP ARKANSASf Partly thcr cold this afternoon, Tbftli&l Thursday, towoll tonlfht 92 tt In north, 38 to 34 Itt " 56 Low 30 •»mb.ri Th»~AMotl«»td WM * Audit •HMM ef Av, Net PeW Clrcl. 4 Met. Indlni S«pt. 30, 1*S» — 1,U4 PRICE 5c Outnumbered Troops Smash Ba Red Push By ROBERT UDICK Apron, (UP)— U.N. troopf, 1 ;outnumbered 10 to one, today crushed with staggering losses thu..;ym attempt'by Chinese Red? to intake good tho Communist boast to bo "in Seoul by rChrist- BZotv, bugles of war, the marches of peace; East, west, north and south let the long quarrel cease} Sing the song of great joy the angels began, Sing the glory of Qod and of good'ivill to man! "John Greehleaf ^V/iittiet Mrs. Lou Burke D/es at Home in Blevins Mrs. J. W. (Lou) Burke, 77, died at her home early today in Blevins. She is survived by one brother, Ed Moore o£ Idabul, Oklahoma, and several nieces and nephews: Funeral services will be held at 3 p.m. Thursday at Holly Grove with burial at Holly Grove. Hev. Hunter and Rev. W. H. Stingley of Blevins . will, ofl'ieiate. Active pallbearers are Poe Nesbett, Roy Foster, T, E. Mantis, 4 .iC. C. Avery, John House, and'Vic- and Susan, 11 tor Hampton, 'dth their mother yesterday at thq^jeencral's Colum bia. UnWfersity home on Mprning- ' ' - 'Heights. They live in' Highland Falls, N.Y., near West Point. Also on hand for the holiday will be Mrs. Eisenhower's mother, Mrs. John S, Doud of Denver, Colo. MORE. Probers Are Agreed on McCarthy WASWNGTON, (M — The Senate 'elections subcommittee was reported today to have reached vir- tj^al agreement on a report sharply critical of Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis) and much less critical of his political enemy Sen. Benton D-(Conn). The subcommittee, headed by gen, Hennings (D-Mo.) has conducted a long investigation of , , ->-- - - — - ------- = -----Hyatt, Charles Hyatt, Talbot Charges the two senators have """" ' " ------- " ' "" , | Feild Sr.. Clifford Franks. B A. - ; rai . Franklin Horton. It is estimated that the sale of hristmas frees throughout the 'world is a 50 million dollar Indus- says the National Geographic ANYONE? OPENTIU8P-M. IVi flung, at one another and which became issues in their campaigns for rejection. Benton was defeated in November; McCarthy won re-election. Benton, in a resolution filed with the Senate in August, 1951, sought the expulsion of McCarthy from Congress. He accused the Wisconsin lawmaker of fraud, perjury and deceit. McCarthy, in a counter resolution filed last spring, charged that Benton had protected Communists and Communist sympathizers while an assistant secretary of state in his pre-Senate career. PIES IN FIRE Pope /Via ke^f AnnucflPlerf' for Peace ROME, OW _ Pope Pius XII adrcssed his 14th annual Christ- nias plea for peace today to the world's "poor and oppressed" and Communism for its at- the Christian faith and criticize tack on capitalism because it has'not done enough to improve man's economic Jot. Replying to the Christmas greetings of the College of Cardinals, the Roman Catholic Pontiff's message to the Christian world was broadcast in Italian over the Vatican radio. The radiu planned to repeat the speech at 45-minute.in-| tcrvals in translations into: 23' other languages. The Kids Will Think About Many Things Tonight Before They Finally Go to Sleep By HAL BOYLE NORTH POLK UP) — Well, children, you can «o to bed now. Santa Claus is on his way to your house. He has your address in his pocket. Ho and his eight reindeer took off from a snowy runway just at twilight. And right this minute they are zooming through the skies with your Christmas presents r— faster . . . faster. . . and faster. But of course he can't _ down your chimney until you are sound asleep. • Tfieie was a lot of excitement ; Nor.th Pole 'this morning, I .. you _ Here's .what hap- cornc 1" The Pope, modern' world, faces two rave said" the difficulties a difficulty of economics and dii/iculty of conscience. The difficulty of conscience, he continued, is caused by a condemnation of the Christian faith, which at can pone* «• eight,' reindeer trjptted" gayly out 0f;,.theijs hangar at..dawn and friske'd.' in their harness, 'as Mrs. Santa Claus tied tinkly jln'gte bells to their antlers. "Hold still, you little said Mrs. Santa. ."Why loTi't you act more like a Christmas tree? You don't see a Christmas tree jumping around while it is being decorated, do you?" . A hundred little elves then tied a rope to Santa Claus' big, red sleigh and hauled it from thfthang- ar. A hundred other elves^began piling the sleigh full of presents for all the boys and girls jjn the whole world. • JT "I never saw so many presents,' .said Sunta, shaking his hefd. "More; children every year, I don't know whether my old sled will hold them all this year." And then it happened — yes, risht at thai moment. Cree-fc-e-e-k, cra-u-a-a-ck! One runner broke, and the big sk-igh sagged to one side, spilling Christmas gifts into the snow. ''Oh, dear! Oh, dear!" said has led to the torture of men. This j Santa Claus. "What a time for my was inierpruted as clear refer-' sleigh to break down. What will I ence to communism and the per- do nc:w?" secutiun of the church in the coun-i "" certainly tries communism has conquered, i '' a 'l would be terrible children in the world Ike May Hunt Ducks in State BLUFF, UR — Guy Matthews, a 62-year-old farmer who resided by himself near the Lincoln-Jefferson Goucties line, perished in a iire that destroyed his home late last night. A brother, who lived nearby, discovered the body. . ~ ~ ' ~ eyp is i «^ five j woke up tomorrow and found you ' hadn't been able to bring tht-m their presents," agreed Mrs. Santa. Just then a big weather observation plane from the U. S. Air i Force flew over. It circled and STUTTGART, Of) —Rep. Charles. landed on Santa Claus's private Halleck. an Indiana Republican, j runway, and the pilot stepped out said yesterday that president-elect' and saluted. Eisenhower wanted to hunt ducks 1 'Are you in any trouble, sir?" j in .-irkaosas this year, but wasn't he asked, able to because of too much official business. Halleck ended a duckhunt near here yebterday, duriflg which he bagged the limit ol four a day. The congi-essojan, scheduled to become House roajorrty lead*r u> the Santa pointed at the broken runner on his big sleigh. The air force pilot looked at it and smiled. "Oh, that isn't such $. disaster, sir," he said. "Vyhy djjn't you let lentji deer arc probably getting old anc slow and could use a rest this year." Santa hesitated. He walked over and palled ouch reindeer on It!> muzzle. ' "What do you thjnk?" ho asked "Do you wanted/to stay homo and rest this year? 1 ' The reindeer shook their heads and big tears rolled out of thoi brown eyes. They loved their job of pulMng the sleig^througlv big tho old-fashiono< skies eacl Christnias/'Th.ey looked forward tc the trip ull year long. "No, thank you, I don't wqn your jet bomber," Santa Claua talc the airplane pilot. "We'll make ou in . the old-fashioned way. I'v never disappointed the children yet and I won't now." He called for his favorite black smith, a grimy <-lf named Mi- Forge, and asked him i£ he coulc fix the sleigh. "I can fix anything," isaid Mr lorge, "I can evert fix a tolevisioi set." "But what will you use to make a new runner for my sleigh?' asked Santa. "An icicle, of course," said Mi- Forge, impatiently, -"What else?' So a dozen elves climbed up the North Pole and knocked off th< icicle. It had been fixed so i wouldn't melt, and Mr. Forge firm ly nailed it to the sleigh with t silver hammer. Then the rest o the presents were piled on. There was hardly room In tho seat for Santa Claus himself. go!" leaned against their harness and the sleigh began to move, the U. S, Air Force plane took off on thci roadway ahead of them. That made, the little reindeer angry. "Old and slow art- we?" snorted Donder to Blitzen. "Let's show that airplane our heels." And that is just what they did. Faster and faster their little hooves twinkled in the clear frosty air, and soon they overtook the big lumbering airplane and passed it, jingling their bell* and laughing. Waving goodbye to the airplane, the merry old saint in the driver's seat slaughed, too, until the tears ran down into his king white beard, '"You can't beat Santa Ciaus," he said, "so you might as well quit trying." And fte fine old-fashioned sleigh sped on through the skies,, bringing 8 present fop you. . . awl you . . , a* softn 91 you go to sleep. "Ho, ho, bo! Here we As the little reindeer The Hails aimed their, <ima,jor attempt to punch a holp in the United Nations doien$Q8 guarding he historic invasion gateway to Seoul at T-Dono bill; ,oru:thc West 'c'litrnl front, . \>-. An estimated 1,000 fanatic Chi- 'Nr wore hurled into the-'assault. Allied machine guns, .artillery mil rides chew'ed CottUTUinlst at- -aeke.s to bits as they surged up ho ii-y slopes of T-bbne hill icnvimins, "kill, kill, kill," Front line reports said tho first vave of ;iOO Chinese was virtually •killed off." ,; ; Kuccuiiding waves o£'Reds were s-imiliirly mowed down lr> j.avago land-to-luiiul fighting which rocked the U.N. positions for lour hours by heavy and Vp%Ucularly effective" United Nation*, artillery Mippurl. "* An otticcr of tho defending U.N. division reported that the attack wns repulsed with "very heavy Hod losses." Thu Christmas ovo .attack explod 1 suddenly nnd mu'anrSomed rapidly into the heavoistDjRed assault .since Dec, 11, when ;<2hTihcso forces captured little!" Noi^fiJHill in same sector ot thfi'lrbht. United Nations infantr^me)!!:* n a t c h e d interpreted today's^Iifoge assault us the opening mpye^iri Commu- KXAR Planning Outstanding Yule Programs KXAR will present several out- tnndlny Christmas EVo nnd Christ- nas Day programs this ycnr. Starting the holiday broadcasts vill be the broadcast ot the White louse Christmas Tree Lighting «t P.m. tit 5 p.rn. the Presbyterian Cantata will be presented. From ~:30 until 12 midnight a'request irogram will bo conducted on Christmas Day tho Midnight Mass t the Lady of Good Hope Catholic 'hurch will bo rebroadcast at 10:15 .m. Queen Elizabeths Christmas nessago to the world will conclude pccial programming at 3t p.m. Throughout Christmas Evo and Christmas Day, music and songs y the world's most famous artists ill bo presented. nist effort to fulfill thoir propaganda threat to smash their way into the altered South. Korean capital by Christmas, . ' ' The Red. boast has : been made Continued on Pagp Two Hunting Club Critical pf GameWdrden NASHVILLE — Hcmpstoad Coun ty Game Warden Earl Barham has asked that warrants for the arres of two deer hunters, charged with game violations, be withdrawn The two hunters, Dick Schooloj and his son, Jack, of the Black land community had been charged wjfl| failing to report deer kills to authorised officers and ha< made $150 bonds for an appearance in Hopo Municipal Court Dee. 20 Tho charge drew forth vlgbrou denials from {he two men and prompted an inquiry into Warden Barham's handling offthis and oth er cases which were described a causing diffiquJties, between th warden and hunters^pf South How ard and North Hempstead counties Both Sehooleys and law enforce merit officers other than Barharo declared that the kills were report* ed very shortly after they were made, Dec, u. jack Schooley's kill was reported to Warden fioya K rby of Howard County, Warden Bick Schooley's to P Constable cnarles McUrey Okay who holds an hpnorary garrio warden's commlMipn and to tlco o Peace FJoyd Matthews. '' The Deerhmiters qjub »f this area had reqqMtfld' . and «,| -did not devote ^ W» duties ^ wsr Fish Commission Executive " Secretary T. A. McAm gr«nt< iuh . The dub has been very critical of Barham's method* .alt method* . that there ilan/ tw«<jm himself and the o«anatton, At a in day Barham stated tor withdrawal of c the two Scbooleyj and needed the help' p£ area and was help of the Frfc Attending \hs Jn*ejing Barbam were »tetri»t E. A. Holiingworjh «j and Matthew Attorney have S By The Auoclated Christiana turned fr nnd sorrows ot a tr wracked world today to bo happy yet solemn ccromon •ne'morallnR tho birth 'ol !_.„_. preached the gifts ot pcio«| cour Olonr Bank Robbers Apparently Have Escaped REYNO, (/n — Two young gunmen robbed the Farmers and Merchants bank of $33,000 hero yesterday morning, and then slipped through police lines to freedom apparently In Missouri. It was tho second time this year that the bank, only one in this Northeast Arkansas village pop. 292 h«B been tho victim of bandits. Tho robbora, described as young and unmaskdd, looked throe em- ployes In tho bank, vault, - and thereby gained a 40-rninuto load on tholr pursuers. It Is believed that they fi^d, north toward; th% nearby Mlssojuti, ..... rcien orvrhftrodn VJfee President _______ ___ „ Assistant Cashier OUslean Ahront and- Miss Muriel Butler were locked in the vault during the midmorning stick up. Brown and 'Mrs Ahront also woro locked In the vault last Aug. 20 .when a Ion6 gunman robbed the bank of $17, 414, He ncvor has been apprehend od. A customer* Ltlburn Parker, cnt ored the bank and heard the em ployos pounding on the door fo help. Parker notified Mrs. S. 0 Richardson, who works for an oj company across the street from the bank, ; arid Mrs*. Richardson In turn notified the wife of Vice President Brown. , jMrf. , 'Br6wn opened tho vault. ' ' Sheriff Rex Harper of Randolph County said one of the robber was described by tho employes as about 27 years, 5-feot-B, weighing about 160 pounds and wearing ligh blue trousers, a blue jacket am a brown hat. Tho other bandit was described as between 27 and 32 Continued on Page Two French Sailors Victim of Immigrant Act NEW YORK, UP) — The today of the French liner with a fourth of her crew facin .possible 8hpre leavf refusal*', vlded tho firot direct appllea of the new gration Act went into effect, •, The Llberte, tho world,'* largest llnpr, Is the first transatlantic vessel to arrive hsri since the new ImnHg/ation st»tut< became Jaw st a minute after ovo to all As the last-minute runh' i ,. nonhead tho birth of Christ M, ! J away, millions of faithful heir hearts in Christmas prayers of thanks and hope? their voices In carols ,ot '< f " Churches throughout, dom throw open t^oii; welcome all to tradtUon»l'?( mas Eve ceremonies;' :.„ „ _, hem ot Judea, a specuil.Cat midnight mass beginning in' chapel of St. Carhorlne will, 1 In tho Grotto of tho tffttlvlt; the spot designated by. His us the birthplace of ' nearly 2,000 years ago, At tho same time a Protest service will bo held On nr raced slopes that mark; _„. dltlonnl spot whore angels nounocd tho birth of chrlst to herds watching their night. night today. The arrival involve* a provision of the ?aw« aimed a Communis,ts, osplopKe agents anji crlnolnals. 268 ol tfee , of 974 must r«ma.ln aboard tog the three (Jays ftp b/j here unleis they 9 curity requirementj), of Christians ill World Obsem Birth of Christ wbi, <-tobxf ' Hundreds of 'pilgrims rived In too, Holy ship ot tho shrines the birth of, Christ. As in Christmas times, tho IJWy. auards botwoen/ Jordan,?, raol ~ stlij will step asld6 to POUCO boginnin, today. ,,, beamed arbun< Innguagoa. Kvo mnsfl M|oro , idont Truman will official, Christmas natfon. Ho wW^li> (EBT) at the 30tn ot the Living C tho Wtyto H0u»q Othor prepared* »po,cljiV Elizabeth II wfll first moasaga ajj. Britain's moneroh -H t to&tbo » W British Commonweslth and at 10: 03, a, m« ESf.' As Arnortcafis '«t tholr last prepaww $ son, their tiioUBhU went thousands o£ fightlna! ing Christmas, in' twiiWed around tho wptld many, AqstrJa, J lands threatened Alt those,their be cial Jean troops'the-•v.,,. chipped in V buy toi for needy children ;j PSCSiti for MOP I kansas Missouri ,-

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