Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1947 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 4, 1947
Page 7
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^ HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesdoy, November 4, 1947 P * ^ « usually, ; iihe ' Havana, Nov. 3 —(UP)— The murder .trial of Patricia (Satira)' Schmidt' was stalled again today when 'the court ordered an adjournment until Nov. 14. Only two wintesses appeared at he courth6;use today for the shortest of all the sessions of the trial of the night Club dancer for killing her lover, John Lester Mee, Chica;o socialite. Whcn'other witnesses were called .,, J,1iaye'ti complete se- Jlctiort .'of -Atornald l^ylottsjfor you ln,sizes rbfrf'^to'lOi', *15 to k *k *" J . * f . A f* f »•• Shgdes of Bronze Skin,' '> !'Where'GdocU ^vS Fitted Ca Bl£ck, Sijnni Brown "Misticjue > Shddow. ictly" FAMILY SHOE STORE 2nd st. Phone 1100 Satira Murder Trial Is Again Stalled and failed to appear, presiding Judge Cristobal More ad- ourned the trial for 11 days. It was resumed only last Friday after a recess of the same duration. Market Report • ROULTfcV AND PRODUCE Chicago, Nov. 4 — (rf)— BuUer steady; receipts 379309; prices unchanged to a cent higlwr: 93 score AA 77; B 00 A 7.5; others unchanged. • -„ , Eggs unsettled; 'receipts .,5r, prices unchanged. Live , poultry: steady; ; receipts 26 trucks, no cars; .j>rie\vs .unchanged' to a cent lower; 100 price fryers 32-33; ducks and other chic- kns unchanged; fob wholesale market: young |tom turkeys 31; young.hens,40.. . | Does Stomach Gas and Bloat Make You Feel Miserable? It to, here II how you may get blMMd relief in freeing your stomach from this nervous distress. 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Avoid punishing yourself with overdoses of soda and Other alkallzers to counteract gas and bloating when what you so dearly need Is SSS Tonic to help 'you digest food for body strength and repair. Don't wait! Join the host of happy people SSS Tonic has helped. Millions of bottles sold. Get a bottle of SSS Tonlo from your drugstore today SSS Tonlo helps' Build Sturdy Health. ST LOUIS LIVESTOCK National stockyards, .111.. Nov. 4 — I/P) — (USDA)—Hogs, 8000; fairly active, steady to 25 lower; 180300 Ibs 20.00 to .mostly. 20.25; top top 20.25; 160-170 Ibs 25.25—75; 130150 Ibs 22.75—25.00; 100-120 Ibs 19.75—2200' good sows 450 Ibs down 2450—25,50; few to 27.75; heavier weights' 2300—24.00; slags 17.50— 21.00 Cattle, 0500; calvcs,2500; opening trade slow on all classes; early sales steers confined to lew loads of good at 2500—27.50; dull trade on heifers and cows, all grades under pressure; bulls and vealers opened steady; beef bulls up to 18.00;' sausage bulls 17.50 down; good and .choice vealers 25.00— 30.00: common and medium 13.00 —24.00; •'.'"'sdvdral loads, southwest calves '.'offered' these mostly, common and. rhodium'.fleshed. -4," 500 SHETLAND-TYPE TOPCOAT * ' ra*T£™*Ltf 1 Hope Star Star of Hope 1899; Press 19*7, Consolidated January It/ 1929 Published every weekday afternoon bv STAR PUBLISHING CO. C. t. Palmer, President Al«. H. Washburn, SccretaryTreasur* ' at the Star, building ' 212-214 South Walnut Street Hope; Ark. •••••• AIM. H. Woihburn, Editor & Publish* Paul H. Jones, Managing Editor Gtprge W, Hosmer, Mech. Supt. j«> M. Davit, Advertising Manager Emma Q. Thomai, Cashier Sheep, lished. 3500; "market not estab- Entered as second class matter at tta Post Office at Hope, Arkansas, under the Act of March 3, 1897. (API—Moans Associated Press. (NBA)—Means Newspaper tlltorpris* Association. Subscription Sates: (Always Payable ir Advance): By city carrier per week 20c per month 85c. Mail rates—in Hemp stead, Nevada, Howard, Miller one lahayotte counties, S4.50 per venr; eis> #here 18.50. National Advertising Representative — Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis,' Tenn jterick Building; Chicago, 400 North Mich igan Avenue: New York Cit>, 292;Madisor. »\ve.; Detroit, Michi, 2842 W.. Grana wivd.; Oklahoma City, 314 'lernwial Bldg. New Orleans, 722 Union St. • • • Man Climbing Building Wasn't Taking Chances Wilmington, Del.', : -Nov. 4 — • (ff) •—' Thirty-five-year-old Lin- .wood Elan told police "I wasnt ' taking any chances" after he was nabbed climbing up the wall of a. fourstory school building here with a pillow tied to his head. "According to 'the laws of gravity, if you fall from a high place you usually land on your head, he explained yos'terdhy" in police court. Intercepted on the third floor while astonished pupils watched from windows, Elan. said he was practicing so that he could scale .the wall of the. 15-story Dupont building —^tallest in Wilmington. He waii fined $25 and costs on a disorderly conduct charge. M&ALinels Under ICC Jurisdiction Judge Miller held today that the ICC has exclusive jurisdiction to determine whether a railroad msy be operated, abandoned or operated by segments. Judge Miller ordered continuance of all action in receivership until the ICC had ruled on the 'petition for abandonment which also was filed by the previous owners in September, 1946. The court ordered the receivers to "submit as a part of the record before the ICC a receivers report received this mornting The report recommended that the Rock Island railroad operate 1 for the receivers the section of the SKiN-BREATHER Telmatobious microphthalmus, a "rog i of the Andes mountains, areathes through its skin, and rarely, if ever comes to the surface of the water. RACED FOR IT 'On the very same day that Alexan'der Graham- Bell filed plication for a Tuesday, November 4, 1947 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Member- of the Associated Prest: Tht Associated Press, is entitled exclusively tt the use for republicqtion of all the Ipca news prinled in this newspaper as well a all AP news dispatches. Soybeans receipts were estimated at 48 cars. '. - GRAIN AND PROVISIONS . Chicago, Nov. 4 >- (/P)— Grain futures carried a firm to strong tone in today's trading after opening liquidation carried prices below the previous level. Good commercial demand met light offerings in the wheat pit and at, times prices were more than 3 * cents above yesterday's close. Corn advanced with wheat, although more liberal country offerings were posted, showing about 120,000 bushels on a to-arrive basis for today's :business. • Profit cashing in all pits was easily absorbed in the advance from the day's low, . At the finish .wheat was 1 1-4 .to 3 1-4 higher than 'the previous close December $2.90 3-4—2.91. Corn was 1 1-4 to 3 higher and oats were 1 3-8 to 1 5-8 higher, December $1.13 1-0- Cash wheat was steady to firmer today;'basis unchanged; receipts 43 cars Corn was 1-2 to one cent .higher; basis 1-2 to a cent less on old-crop'and unchanged on new; bookings 120,000 bushels shipping sales '155,000 bushels; receipts; 102 cars. Oats were one to two cents higher- basis : firm;. shipping sales NEW ORLEANS COTTON •New : Orleans, Nov. 4 —(/?}—Price changes held to a narrow range in cotton futures here today. The volume of business was restricted by election holiday in New York and other markets. Dec high 32.20 — low 32.12 — close 32.19 • Men high 32.39 — low 32.30 — close 3238-39 • May. high 32.27 — low 32.24 — close 32.3G-37. , Jly high 31G9 — low, 31.55 — cjose 31.69. • ' ' Oct high 29.40 — low 29.45 — close 29.49B ' B-bid. Rope-Trussed Body of Gambler Is Found in Detroit Detroit, Nov. 4 — (/F)— The rope- trussed body of. 35-year-old Gust, Andromalos, described by police as a gambler, was found .today-in the trunk of his automobile on an East Side. street ;••.'•'• Police quoted friends as saying Andromalos was last seen Oct. 29 n a downtown coffee house dis- .rict. ••'."• . '• .:'•• ••'.'...• Officers said acquaintances' told hem he had $30,000 in his pockets at that time. The only money found on the body was two-, .pennies, although .the fingers bore two large diamond rings. , : , .Andromalos arms and legs were bound behind his back and the'legs drawn up by a rope looped twice around the neck. . Police said death apparently re suited from strangulation since the only mark on the body was bruised nose. ' . Japs Allowed • W* B Rti • * to Fly Rising Sun Flag Tokyo, Nov. 3—(/P)—Japan's rising sun flag flew over the Imperial .Palace today for the first time since the occupation began. General MacArthur said last May the flag could be flown over the place, but the Japanese waited-until today—the anniversary of Emperor Meiji's birthday and", the first annivrsary r of the promulga- 70,000 bushels; receipts.nine .cars, 'tion. of the hew constitution. Joint Army, Navy . Operation Carried Out* in Florida Panama City. Fla., Nov. 3—(UP) —Amid exploding mines and the simulated roar of battle, infantry trooos and equipment landed on the Florida coast in full battle gear today .in joint Army-Navy-Air Force mariuevers known as operation Seminole. 1 Secretary of Army Kenneth Royall was a beachhead observer' as the assault forces began landnig about 1 'p.m after being stymied for several hours due to a low tide. Because of the low tide amphibious ships were kept .away fro-m-the coast and zero hour was delayed. Army ,P'SO',s and .Navy... Corairs covered-'jhe'.landing. ,j Y^. ine between Seligman, Mo, and Helena, Ark, using as part of the route.the Rock Islands own track- age between Searcy and Wheatley Ark The Rock Island recommendation adopted by the receivers outlined a method of operation calling Cor abandonment of segments of the line which would be salvaged to provide operating capital The Rock Island proposed tri-veekly Helena and the receivers estimat- operation between Seligman and Helena arid the receivers estimated a $30,000 net operating revenue monthly. . ... Judge Miller declined to act ;on a.petition 7 by the. cities of Berryville and Eureka Springs asking permission to intervene in receivership with- a proposal that the corporation be financially reorganized. The state'argued that the court had authority to direct its receivers to withdraw the petition for abandonment and submit . another calling for. approval of the so-called Rock Island plan. The court declared that all issues thus far raised were administrative issues which the 1920 federo 1 transportation act specifically placed within the jurisdiction of the ICC- "I find that the court is without authority to determine all these issues until the ; ICC has actocl upon the abandonment petition, Judge Miller said. "I am going to direct the receiv crs to supply a copy of the supple mental report, (the Rock Island plan) to the ICC to the end that th commission can pass upon the feas ibility- of abandoning segments o all of this railroad. The ICC has fixed Nov. 17 as tin Gray filed papers device. Bell, how- was granted the patent. Social ana P< •octal ana i ersona Phone 768 Between 9 A. M. and 4 P. M. Social Calendar i Tuesday, November 4 The Gleaners Sunday School class of the First Baptist church will meet Tuesday night at 7:15 at the home of Mrs. P. L. Perkins. ondence school meeting will be her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jue icld at Oglesby lunch room at 12:45 iJones on South Kim street Mon- 'uesday. Participating will be: :day afternoon, from four uniil deadline for filing briefs in tlv abandonment petition. Under th courts instructions today the re ceivers report and recommenda tion become part of the record i the abandonment action. John Paul Jones was an admira in: the Russian navy after the Rev olutionary War. Girl Scout Troop No. 5 under the direction of Mrs. Arch Wylie will meet Tuesday afternoon at four ^'fifteen at church. the First Methodist Oglesby, Brookwood, Junior Senior High School P.T.A.. All members are urged to attend. Tuesday, November 4 The V.F.W. Auxiliary will meet Tuesday night at 7:45 at the V.F.W. hall. , Help relievo distress of MONTHLY, FEMALE Arc you troubled by distress or female functional periodic disturbances? Does this make you suffer from pain, feel so nervous, tired— at such times? Then DO try Lydla E. Plnkham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. Piukham's has a grand soothing effect on one of woman's most important organs! A joint luncheon and corres- Mrs. Thompson Evans, Jr., Mrs. Thomas Purvis, and Mrs. James Pilkinton. For 584 or 516. transportation call "Cookie Birthday Jones Celebrated with Party Monday Little Miss "Cookie" Jones celebrated her first birthday anniv.r- sary with a party at the home ot Fololwing the supper the two groups adjourned to their respective rooms and Wednesday, November 5 Brownie Troop No. 5 will meet at the Little House at Fair park at 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. Thursday, November 6 Pat Cleburne Chapter U.D.C. will meet Thursday afternoon at two thirty at the home of Mrs. Emmett Thompson with Mrs. Sid. Rccd, Mrs. J. E. Schooley and Mrs. Wilbur Jones as associate hostesses. the following Y.W.A. program was rendered. Miss Mary Ethel Perkins opened the meeting with prayer and pre^ sided over a short business session. Committee reports were heard and the roll call was answered by naming a book in the Bible. Miss Betty Martin presented the program on "Destiny and The Dark Continent". Those taking part on the program were: Miss Reba Lev- crclt, Miss Mary Ethel Perkins, ice cream and favors of balls, bean Miss Louise Porter, Miss Helen and I five o'clock. Birthday cake was served with bags and miniature dolls were ven the little guests. The guest list included Larry Williams, Larry Moore, Bobby Trout, Billy Blythe, Joe Houston Purvis, Al Weisenberger, Frank McCullough, Jimmy Burke, Donna Taylor, Kay Hervey, Carla Jane Reaves, and their mothers, and Mrs. R. V. Herndon. Sr., Mrs. Roy Jones and Miss Opal Daniels. Y.W.A. Met Mondav Night At the Church I Y.W.A. met MonSay night at the First Baptist church for Downs. Mrs. Jesse Brown, closed the meeting with prayer. Coming and Going Jam-as Pilkinton and Talbol Fcild, Jr., motored to Little Rock Monday to attend a meeting of the Young Democratic Clubs of Arkansas. Thursday, November 6 The American Legion Auxiliary will hold its regular meeting Thursday night at 7:30 at the Legion Hut. Hostesses will be: Mrs. B. R. Hamm, Mrs. Harry Hawthorne, regular monthly meeting. Prcced- Mr. and Mrs. Roy Button of the S.P.G. had as Sunday guests: Mr and Mrs. L. H. Sutlon and famil> oC Garland City, Mr. and Mrs. H ._ 0 -.... _ E. Button, and family of Hope, Rt ing 1ho meeting Circle No. Soils and Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Morton the W.M.S. served a delicious sup-1 a nd Mr. and Mrs. Carl Robart per plate with dessert and hot tea to nineteen members of the Y.W.A. and G.A. The guests were seated at four tables which were covered with white damask and decorated of Hope. Nothing finer in shoe leather. Let us fit you in this magnificent moccasin. Its style, rich calfskin and superior shoemanship will be instantly appreciated . . . and for comfort, the "Footprint-fit" of Freeman's exclusive Cradle Heel, is today's best news in shoes. Pfc. Glen May of Lackland Ai Base. San Antonio, Texas was th Freeman's New CRADLE HEEL' Shaped just l:\e your foot for (realcr com/art . . . naturoll>! Other Freeman's 8.98 up We Give and Redeem Eagle Stamps GEO. W. ROBISON & CO. 1 '-'•'-' '-The Leading Department'Store" HOPE NASHVILLE W1LI1 WillLU Udllici.^rv CIAIIA V*^\-WAM^W^. ~«~,., ~-... , ^ with arrangements of fall flowers, iweek end guest of his parents, By ETHEL ©Arcadia House, Inc.; Distributed by NEASERVICE, INC. DOROTHY DIX Cot Returns Moms After 4 Year Absence Independence. Kas., Nov. 4 —I/PI— After being away four and one-half years, a Persian tnultese cat has returned to the homo of Mrs. Jennie Gregory, Us owner. Immediately upon entering the home, the cat took up somu of his former habits — going to the refrigerator for food and then to his soft chair for a nap. Mrs. Gregory says the cal fared well during the long absence. NOT A DAILY RISER The moon does not rise, every day. The lunar day is longer than hours; therefore, if the moon rises just before midnight cm a Tuesday, it will not rise again until early Thursday morning. Radar is now being use in tracking tropical storms. A famous clergyman says that one of his most fervent pinyeis is to be delivered from the tyranny of lutlcs Amen. It is a petition in which we might all unite, for \v« tan take the big blows of fate with courage and resignation, it is the little pinpricks of life that irritate us to madness. It there were no trifles, we would avc nothing to worry about. We and Mrs. Lawrence May here. THE STORY: On the opening day of college Camellia Austin, daughter of the Dean is amazed to find Joel Conroy among the returning students. Joel, whom Cam adored when she was still in high school, had been too poor to finish college four years ago. Now he is back as a veteran. Cam, who had had too many flirtations during the war years and had been taken too seriously by at least one boy when she didn't mean to be— Gary Marlowe, whose insurance came to her on his death— is now romance-shy. She . warns Joel she is no longer in love with hirn. To her surprise, Joel says he is glad. A wife doesn't fit into his plans to finish school on his suosistence allowance. Maurine Blair, daughter of a wealthy senator and Cam's cousin, is a freshman and living in the Dean's household. When Maurine cajoles Joel into taking her to the Welcome Dance, Cam is jealous. She accepts Herbert Powell's invitation herself, determined to win Joel back. The old Austin glamor seems to be working when Joel sweeps her out onto the dance floor. Personal Mention Friends of Mr. A. E. Morsan ill be pleased to learn that he i •cported' as improving at Frisco Hospital, Laclede Avenue, St. Louis Mr. Morsani has been a paticn there since October 9. Once you've worn a Hi-A brassiere with its magic making beauty and support you'll purr the praises of-this famous uplift by Marja. Featuring the exclusive round and out stitching and exquisite workmanship. 2.25 - 3.50 XII "Cut," demanded ons • of' excessively young freshmen, ; the a nice-looking kid wiio obviously had spun her out into the center o£ the floor somebody else was tapping his shouldr and pre-empting his place. It must be midnight. She seemed to have been spinning around the waxed pine floor forever, like some green satin top which lacked even tne sense to run down. The music, the voices, the laughter had become a blur o£ sound and the bobbing paper .lanterns a kaleidoscope ol many-tinted light, i'or- cvi'i. . . torcvcr. . .forever. Si,c was daucina again with Hi when, suddenly, she couid stand | it no more. Something inside of her snapped with an almost audible twang! and she gasped and snatched at the first hackneyed excuse that came to her mind. "Look!" she said yuickly. "My slipper heel!" ••vVhat's . the matU:r with jt, Cammie?" "It's come loose," she lied. "I'll have to fix it. There's a cement floor back in the room that used to be the locker room when this was the gym. A couple of good whacks on a hard surface will drive this loose nail back in place for me." Before Hi could offer any assistance, she had slipped, away from him.. The music 'dimmed behind her. Sentimental, hopeful music. Ii Hospital Notes Fashion Spies Try to Find Out About Elizabeth's Clothes London, Nov. 4 —(/P)— International fashion spies have been making repeated and persistent efforts to bribe access to the secrets of Princess Elizabeth's wedding gown and going away outfit, but so far in vain, a high official of Normal Hartncll's salon reported today. A firm of private detectives has been employed; the fashion salon has an intricate burglar nlarrii system; and Harlncll has spread the work so that only a handful of the most trusted workers have seen the sketched designs or know what the completed clothes look like. ___ o labrador is a dependency , of could grapple with our big pfob- .cms and get a kick out of settling them. It is the small aggravations that get us down and spoil the paity for us. And the curious part of it all Is that even the most intelligent of us do not realize how cdtn- pletely we at6 enslaved by trifled and how much we let thcrtj doml* nate us. Take, for instance, the many people you know who are steeped In woe and who are always whining and complaining and telling their tioubles. Have they had some great, heartbreaking tragedy befall them? Have they lost an only child? Have they been betrayed by the one they loved and trusted? Not at all Lady Luck has showered her choicest gifts upon them. Soiiow has passed them by. The thing that is worrying them to death and that they arc grouching ; n^ notice, tout that gefej and wives' nerves ' un them to the 'diybrcc cou Marty and many a good husband Because she rirri all thfr tirh&; r attH^«l grammar and Ms $618, and woh'.t let Mm< havfe Many a mart ^oski himself t; ' lo jtey'for Bis „ ria . because he war tdo durftbfff her how young,afta pretty 1, looked in her md clothes, ^t 11 little things in marriage " " ' the big tragedies., And so it goes ai It is tha trifles that great deeds. Cur success,, ; AjlUlr-Ul ,6Hfw6fil Mftttftift Li^*-ii L..* r pincss, our prosperity, depeni on our being kindly and helpful atS pleasant to get along with'far,,m than it does upon our being ncrfl, . or martyrs, or" geniuses. As ldn> a husband kisses his wlie'st| over is that the cpok has left, or Fido' new Mrs. hcrswanUdlnner . Vital Little Things wisest, wittiest, most And what makes us fall for one man m the world, she person and turn our backs__ on j, er f lnge rs in the face of any Ola*! JVUL lit lilciv nit; ^uv*». i»**i3 *iw»»( «» -— — —-- — ,- •» .» i * i j fido has the wheezes, or that their hands she will work them toH new dress or suit doesn't fit, or that bones for him and think .It; te VIrs Snooty didn't invite them to privilege to do so. As wn^as tier swanky dinner. > .wife bums incense ueiore net|.n another? Is it because one is more highly educated than the other, or a nobler Christian character, or. tries haider to please? Not at all. It is trifles. It is some little thing that captures our fancy, a smile, the come-hither look in an eye, listening with rapt attention to our story about our little Johnny. Popularity is always bought with small change, ' And what breaks up more homes and is at the bottom of more divorces than all the sirens and hard liquor m the world? Trifles. Little faults, little mannerisms, little habits that seem too insignificant to moui 1 Girl, (Released by tfhe Bell Syndicate* - Inc.) i i,\«fp I .*• !,.£}"? nmwmG ON MUSTEROLt Admitted: Mrs. Ted Purtle, Rt. 2, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. L. C. Martin and daughter, Rt. 1, Hope. Julia Chester Mr. and Mrs. Ollaco.Rider, Hope announce the arrival o£ a daughter. Mildred Ronda, November 3. Acimitled: Mrs. Guy Downing, Hope. M. S. Pemberlon, Memphis, Tennessee. Miss Bonnie Jo Gilbert, Hope Discharged: Mrs. Carl Norwood, Rt. 1, Hope. LAST TIMES TODAY FEATURES 2:43 - 4:07 - 5:49 - 7:42 - 9:42 FELIX "DOC" BLANdHARD « GLENN DAVIS WEST POINT" Th. Fabric i* th* Seul of th* Suit Expert marksmanship in superb fabrics, distinctive tailoring and smart styling! That's what Botany $!$$ and the House of Daroff have proudly achieved JH *hj$ bjmdsome Shetland-Type Topcoat, rich in g-rapftq wearing comfort and pleasure. Quantities TALBOT'S - "We Outfit the Family" 'ft*'8DTANY" T» e t/ inc., . J>et. OK. L t J^eie of Australian & d9m?>t:c ygrnt. Left to right, top row: exclusive one-piece collar on Van Heusen "Four Hundred"., .wide-spread Britt... long point Giro; Bottom row: extra-wide Eden...average lenfth Carson,..informal Button-Down; 2.98 3.98 4.50 Smooth broadcloths that vrcar and wear. (They're laboratory checked from raw yarn to finished shirt!) Rich oxfords at case with informal or business ^suits. (More than a thousand tests a month insure uniform quality.) All Sanforized. A new shirt free if your Van lleusen shrinks out of size! And WE GIVE AND REDEEM EAGLE STAMPS they're all distinguished by Van Heusen's collar styling and sewrh.anship, adding extra quality to each detail: Figure-fit lines . . . action-room at shoulders, armholes, elbows .. . tug-proof pearl buttons. Yes, we're boasting about every one of them—and so will you! See them todayl Geo. W. Robison HOPE The Leading Department Store Co. Nashville STARTS WEDNESDAY LAST TIMES TODAY FEATURES 2:22 - 4:50 - 7:00 - 9:10 e ANN SHERDIAN • LEW AYRES 9 ZACKARY SCOTT THE UNFAITHFUL STARTS WEDNESDAY not yet begun to hack at the soft, blond fuzz on his chin with a razor. "Uo away, son," Joel said j dreamily. And a wide shoulder swung between Cam's eyes and ilhe young, disgruntled and just a little frigntened lace. The would- cutler-inner vanished, '"lhat was rude, Joel." • "I'm going to have to be rude time alter time," he answered, unabashed, "if I'm to have any chance to talk with you in this mob. I tell you what. If you don't like me to put up signs saying Keep Off the Grass and Beware the Dog, w'e could get out of here." And somehow, even b afore he had said it, he was elbowing a path for them through the crowd. Tnen they were past the bright rhomboid of light cut away from the doors. They were strolling slowly through the dim, warm night. Cam was increasingly and deliciously aware of the hard compactness of his presence there so close beside her. "It's beautiful out here, isn't it?" she murmured, because she was afraid that unless she said something the silence might hum with things it was not yet either right or wise for her to say. She saw him tilt back his head and turn it slowly from side to side, until his gaze had swept the whole wide expanse of stars shining over the campus. "Look how the floor of Heaven is thick inlaid with patines of bright gold!" he quoted softly. It was going to happen, now. In her heart, she knew it. They had been walking slower and slower, until, in the shadow oi one of the massive old elms, they ceased moving altogether. Joel was turning toward her, his beaten-bronze face lost to her ii the thick-textured darkness will which the ancient tree had sheathed itself. Simply, withou fanfare of restraint, Cam lifted jhcr mouth to him. Then Joel laughed. A deep husky, amused chuckle. "That was better than a cricus!' His wide shoulders shook. It was so different from the soft hungry words she had expecle him to speak. Bewildered, shaker Cam. stared up through the gloor and struggled to read the expression on his lost face; fought pitj- uusly to focus on svliat must be there, rather than on what she had hoped for. . "W-what do you mean? What's 'better tnan a circus'.'" "Why, that civilian wolf pack back there in the Cage, of course— the way you fool 'cm all! You look so darn glamorous the boys arc all mistaking you lor a femma fatale." He chuckled again. "Oh, Cammie! I can remember you when—dressed up in old ski pants and taking bumps on the ice at [Miller's Pond. It's ^o funny that ner present bleak despair, its implications kind. (To Be Continued) Josephine Admitted: Alvin Lynn, Taylor, -Arkansas. Mrs. P. W. Anderson, Texarkana Texas. Mr. and Mrs. P. W.'Anderson of Texarkana, Texas announce the arrival .of a daughev on November Mail Orders Filled rTr-fcrs/r D A /^I/J IN THE SENSATIONAL LADP J DAC«\! DRAMA BY THE AUTHOR . in of "ALL THIS, AND HEAVEN TOO" RACHEL FIELD'S — with • ALAN LADD SUSAN HAYWARD LORETTA YOUNG BARRY SULLIVAN He might very well have gone on right to the finish of whatever he had started to say. But Cam did not linger to find out. She turned from him sharply, and her great emerald skirt billowed about her like a small but storm-lashed 'sea as she raced back along the dark grass. * Scarcely had she crossed the threshold before masculine arms slid around her. She was dancing again. With Sam? It didn't matter, because by the time ha had arrot SHOES FORfBOYS AND GIRll With YOU in Mind! The 1 SHOP OF PERSONALITY You Save Exactly 'One-Third of the Original Price! blown Icalhei, built for btuicly wear. 12!/i to 3 ?5.00 C. Black patent liupcr for girls and tots. ' 12'/> to 3 Sizos 8',-i to D. Hi-tops in while C O N T lN U E S Until All Groups are Reduced! Sa Idle uxlo,d, lo, Sues. 8'i to 12 Sues, 12V.S to 3 Si/us 121/i to 3 HRFSSF LSiXiLiJtalL, Sizas 3 to 5 1 /;: Ladies' Specialty Shop Where Quality is the True Test of Economy HOPE, ARKANSAS HOSE e UNDIES 9 ROBES There's No Recess for FOOT GROWTH Active young minds .. , busy little feet ^ . . . how they grow from day to day! Those ne\y J shoes your child'wore when schoo,! /IjH started may already be too small, for young t&M grow 24 hours a day — every day! Better be sure, Come in and let us check your child's feet. Bl ick is itent bliap ' lippoi^foi the active little niiss $5.50 $4.95 01 bitwn for childien or infants. $2 98 to $3.48 2.98 to 3.98 $3.98 all ajes. 3.98 trap brown oxford sturdily built for $5.00 oxford for the clothes-minded little $5.00 $11.50 Where Good Shoas are Fitted Correctly" FOSTER'S FAMILY SHOE STORi 101 E. 2nd St. C9rbi4Fpf*ejr t

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