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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 24
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan • Page 24

Detroit, Michigan
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2 Thursday, May 22. 1952 DETROIT FREE PRESS LaMotta Makes-Prediction Good with Easy Victory '4 4 i Hairston Victim of Early Rush Jake Starts Fast, Then Breezes Home 9 TAW ysZt. 2 Machine Gun Photot by Tony Spin "WHERE IT COME FROM?" "ONE FOR YOUR BREADBASKET SAY, THIS GUY CAN 2nd No-Hit Bid Dies As of TODAY I Stanage 'Catches9 By (NEWS NOTE: On May 15, no-hit-no-run game for the Tigers. pitch a no-hitter was George Mullin who did it on July 4, 1912.) The man in the soft gray hat scratched his ear with a gnarled finger and admitted as how he figured he probably was the only person who saw them both. BY TOMMY DEVINE Put Jake LaMotta down as a ring prophet with a crystal ball as poent as his famed left hook. The former world's middleweight champion said before he entered the ring for his return match with Eugene Hairston Wednesday night at Olympia: "I'll make it an easy fight." THEN THE 31-year-old LaMotta went out and- did just that. Jake earned a disputed draw in his match with Hairston here March 5, but there wasn't room for any controversy in their second meeting. In race horse parlance LaMotta "won off by himself." LaMotta earned the easy and unanimous decision of Referee Clarence Rosen and Judges Jack Aspery and Joe Lenahan. Aspery had the former 160-pound king in front by a 55 to 45 margin. Rosen scored it, 53 to 47. and Lenahan's sheet showed, 52 to 48. Here's the way the scoring went: REFEREE ROSEN LaMotta 666 446 656 4 53 Hairston 444 664 454 647 JUDGE ASPERY LaMotta 666 654 664 6 55 Hairston 444 456 446 4 45 JUDGE LENAHAN LaMotta 665 446 665 4 52 Hairston 445 664 445 6 48 A crowd of 10,232 fans, the largest to see a bout here during the current indoor season, contributed to a gross gate of Each fighter received 25 per cent plus a cut of the television money. THERE WERE no knockdowns. Only once during the fight was either fighter in serious trouble. That was in the eighth round when LaMotta pinned Hairston on the ropes and took pot shots with both hands to the 22-year-old Negro's head. A stinging right, one of the few good right hand punches LaMotta threw during the entire contest, landed flush on Halrston's jaw. He wobbled momentarily, but then clinched and weathered the storm. It was the aging LaMotta. staging the 101st fight of his 12-year professional career, who set the pace most of the way. It was "Old Jake" who finished the fresher and stronger. LaMOTTA STARTED in whirlwind style and won the first three rounds. That put him on "Easy Street" early and the issue never was in doubt thereafter. Hairston wasn't nearly as impressive as he had been in either the first LaMotta bout or a sizzling go here in February with Robert Villemain. The Negro youngster never could "untrack" himself. LaMotta handled him like a baby and made him fight the type of encounter he wanted. When Jake would play it cozy and pace himself through the early or middle portion of a round, Hairston would fall into the trap and take it easy too. THEN WHEN Jake would spirit, Hairston would flurry with him. But in the toe to toe exchanges "I would've been fined if I hadn't seen Mullin's game," he said. "I would've been fired if I hadn't been in the park when Trucks threw his. So I saw them both." The man was 69-year-old Oscar Stanage and if the name is strange to the new generation of Tiger followers it carries a tinge of nostalgia for an older one. For it was Stanage who was behind home plate in a catcher's mask the afternoon 40 years ago when George Mullin, the pot-bellied" one, pitched his no-hitter against St. Louis. And it was Stanage who again was behind home plate last Thursday when Virgil Trucks pitched his against the Washington Senators. Still Sees Every Game, OSCAR NATURALLY was not the Tiger catcher for Trucks. That distinction went to 25-year-old Joe Ginsberg. But Stanage was there. He's at Briggs Stadium every day a game Is played. He works there as a watchman on the gate leading to the upper deck by the ticket exchange window def behind home plate at the back of the lower tier of seats. He met Ginsberg Wednesday as a Free Press camera pictured them as the only two Tigers ever to catch a major league no-hitter. "I knew how you felt in that, last inning," Stanage grinned at Joe. "That ball couldn't get in your mitt fast enough. That's CLOSE Trucks' Tribe Rides on Hegan's Homer, 5-1 Yankees Win Again, Beating White Sox Free Press Wire Serrlee A two-run homer by Catcher Jim Hegan in the second inning, plus the pitching of Early Wynn and Mike Garcia, was all the Cleveland Indians needed to trim the Boston Red Sox, 5 to 1, Wednesday night. Hegan clubbed his early game-winning blow after Bob Kennedy, who had been honored by fans before the game, drew a walk off Ray Scarborough, Wj-nn worked the first seven innings and had his bad moments. He walked eight and allowed four hits. But the Red Sox couldn't score. In the eighth, Wynn gave up singles to Clyde Vollmer and Billy Goodman and walked Walt Dropo. At that point, Garcia came in and set down the Red Sox. NEW YORK'S Yankees com bined five hits for four runs in the seventh to give Allie Reynolds 5-1 decision over the Chicago White Sox. It was the Yankee's third straight victory. Reynolds, who earned his fourth victory against three losses, scored the winning run himself after tripling home Gene Wood ling. Reynolds scored on Phil Rizzuto's single. Yogi Berra later delivered a two-run double. Chicago's run came on Sam Mele's fourth-inning homer. SID HUDSON walked little Bobby Young with the bases loaded in the last of the 10th inning Wednesday night to give the St. Louis Browns a 2-1 victory over the Washington Senators. The triumph, credited to Pitcher Satchel Paige in relief, broke a string of four consecutive losses to the Senators by the Brownies this season. Tiger Averages GENE HAHISTON'S STIFF LEFT TO JAW SURPRISES LA MOTTA IN FIFTH But Jake landed the most punches to take a unanimous decision IN COURT, THAT Fish Cost $1 Each YAKIMA, Wash. UP) Robert R. Keef er, 18, pleaded guilty in justice court to catching more than the lf-fish limit to be exact 103 fish over the limit. Judge David Rankin fined him $103, or $1 per fish. Victor P. Fiebig, game protector, said a juvenile with Keefer exceeded the limit by 64 fish. The younger boy was turned over to juvenile authorities. 4 RIGHT TO JAW 0M American League Box Scores BOSTOV CLEVELAND AB A AH A Pesky. 3 2 0 1 ATlla.2 4 13 2 1 Boone.a 3 1 4 3 4 14 3 3 1 OOO 4 5 Ste'ens. 4 4 (i'dman 2 Dropo. I 2 Wilber.e 4 2 aPieraail 1 1 0 4 2 8 3 Mit'elUf 4 1 1 Kaster.l 4 14 0 1 1 2 Hetan.c 4 2 8 1 Wynn.o 3 1 1 Garcia, 1 0 1 1 7 7 1 OOO OOO 10 OOO WiEht.D bWooda Deloek.p Totals 30 6 24 9 Totals 32 8 27 11 aWalked for Scarborough In seventh. bFlied out (or Wight in eighth. Botton of 1 Cleteland 02OU0 30 3 Vollmer, Boone. Beradlno. Kennedy, Heran. Wynn. Throneberry, Boone. RBI Hffan 2. Rosen. Doby. Mitchell (Vollmer scored in eishth on a double play). 2B Goodman. Doby. HR Hecan. SB Kennedy, Piersall. DP Boone. Avlla and Easter. I.B Boston 11, Cleveland 8. BB Scarborough 4, Wynn 9. SO Scarborough fi, DeJoek 1, Wyna 6. IT Scarborough 4 in 6. -Nixon 3 In 'At. Wight in Deloek 1 in 1, Wynn A in 7. Garcia in 2. and ER Scarborough 2-2, Nixon 3-3. Wynn 1-1. HBP 'ixon ATila. WP Scarborough 2. FB Wll-hcr. Wynn (5-3). Scarborough (1-2). 3:31. A 22,737. NEW TORK CHICAGO AB A AB a A Bauer.rf 3 1 5 Fox. 2 4 1 3 12 1 117 0 12 1 Kixioto.s 4 111 Zarilla.lf 4 4 13 4 Berra.e 3 3 4 RobVn.l 3 4 2 Mele.rf 4 Norm. lb 4 1 lO Lollar.e 4 4 2 3 0 3 110 3 12 4 2 OOO Martin.2 3 112 Pierce. 3 4 dudson.o Totals 33 12 27 7 Totals 33 fi 27 18 New York Chicago OOO OO 10 0 4 1 5 0 1 Rizzuto. Mantle, Woodllng. Martin. Rcynold-i. iMele. McDougaid. RBI Mele. Reynolds. Rizzuto. Berra 2. Bauer. rox. Mantle, itinrtin. a a Reynolds. Bauer. HR Mele. KB Rizzuto, Carras-uel. Bauer. Martin. DP Fox. Carras-kuel and Robinson. I.B New York 8. Chicago 6. BB Pierce 2. Reynolds 1. Judson 1 SO Pierce 3. Reynolds 3. Pierce 12 in 8V. Jndson 0 In Hj. ER Pierce 5-3. Reynolds 1-1. Reynolds (4-3). Li Pierce (3-4). 2:19. A 7.81. WASHINGTON AB Yost.3 SOI Bnsby.ef 5 0 3 Jensen. 4 12 Vernon. I 2 11 Runnels. 3 1 4 12 Baker.2 4 2 3 (iratso.e 4 15 Hudson.p 4 12 8T. LOUIS A AB 1 Yonng.2 5 2 3 Marion. a 3 2 0 bRaon 1 A 1 4 4 14 5 1 I rourfy.e 3 15 1 dSchmees fl 6 Wrignt.lf 4 2 5 3 1 Arft.l 1 8 SAO aDyck 11 Paige. cRivera a I Totals 35 1 29x14 Totals 34 7 3 10 xTwo out when winning run scored. aSingled for Harrist in eighth. bOrounded out for Marion in ninth. eFlied out for Paige ia tenth. dRan for Courtney in tenth. Washington AO St. Louis OOO 1 A A 1 1 1 2 Coan. Sehmees, Wright. Michael. RBI Hudson, Dyek. Young. KB Courtney. 8 Marlon. DP Hudson. Runnel, and Vernon: Young. Marion and Arft: Harrist. Marion and Arft. I.B Washington 7. St. Eonis 15. BB Hudson 11. Harrist 3. SO Hudson 5. Harrist 2. Paige 2. Harriti-6 in 8. Paige 1 in 2. and ER Hudson 2-2, Harrist 1-1. Paige PB Grasso. Paige 3-l). Uuo aoa (2-3). 2:28. A 1,868. Mays Enters Army May 29 NEW YORK (JP) Willie Mays, centerfielder for the New York Giants, received orders Wednesday to report for Army duty May 29. The papers were sent to the young flychaser from his home in Fairfield, Ala. Other details were not immediately available. i 6' 2 1 5 4 r. HIT "COMING TOO Pair LYALL SMITH 1952, Virgil Trucks pitched a Only other Detroit hurler to JOE GINSBERG Seems as though they had some a 1 1 Mm "AND A 'A IS 8 A. M. At Lake Washington In Seattle, Sayre's averages were 163.785 and 156.862 miles an hour. He set the record June 26, 1950. JACK SCHAFER announced that Wild Bill Cantrell will drive the new Such Crust IV against the clock Thursday morning. Schafer doubted whether his new craft would be ready to set a record but he wanted to see what the new boat will do. 'Necciai Night' Finds Hurler Whiffing 24 BRISTOL, (U.R) Bristol Baseball fans honored Ron Necciai Wednesday tiight and the lanky righthander, the only pitcher in professional baseball history to strike out 27 men in a nine-inning, no-hit game, retaliated by fanning 24 moie. THE 19-YEAR-OLD Pittsburgh farmhand fashioned a neat two-hitter as he hurled the Bristol Twins to a 7-to-l victory over Kingsport in the Class Appalachian League. The performance ran Necciai's amazing record to 112 strikeouts In the last 43 2-3 innings he has worked. Necciai, a six-foot five-inch native of Monongahela, Pa set a record in organized baseball on May IS by fanning 27 men in nine innings to gain a no-hitter. Wednesday Bristol had a "Ron Necciai night" and 5,235 people, the biggest crowd that has ever attended an Appalachian League game, squeezed into the Bristol Stadium, which has a capacity of 2,800. MISS PEPSI TRIES AT in 7th Hitchcock Ruins Hope with Bloiv Mullin's Homer Helps Down A's BY LYALL SMITH Free Press Sporta Editor Big Virgil Trucks had to settle for a two-hitter this time. The Tiger, righthander had 3,718 customers straining expectantly as he poured his dazzling stuff past the Philadelphia Athletics for six innings. They envisioned him hurling a second successive no-hitter to join Johnny Vander Meer in record jbooks as the only man In baseball to turn the trick in two straight starts. And they had reasons to feel that way until the seventh inning. For Trucks did not allow a hit until Third Baseman Billy Hitchcock came up with one out in the seventh and banged Virgil's first pitch cleanly into left-center for a single. The Tiger ace then tired in the 8th and after the A's scored a run on a pair of walks and a single by Dave Philley, he was replaced by Dick Littlefield, who held the line as the tailenders snapped a three-game losing streak with a 5-1 victory. IF TRUCKS felt badly about having his second straight no-hit bid foiled in the late innings, he could find solace from lanky Ewell Blackwell, who like Vander Meer, pitched for the Cincinnati Reds. On June 18, 1947, Blackie pitched a no-hit 6-0 victory over Boston. On June 22, his next start, he had another no-hitter after one out in the ninth inning when Eddie Stanky, then with Brooklyn, poked out a single. As it was. Trucks pitched 15 and two-thirds consecutive hit-less innings. The major league record is 23 set by Denton (Cy) Young off the Boston Red Sox in 1904. After being credited with one-third of a hitless inning against Chicago on May 9, Virgil picked up nine more on his no-hitter on May 15 and added 6 and one-third more against the Athletics. TRUCKS WAS in some trouble in the first Uming when two bases on "halls and an error jammed the bases on him. But he got out of it and sailed along brilliantly until Hitchcock, an ex-Tiger, broke his spell of 15 consecutive hitless innings in the seventh. Only last Thursday, Trucks hurled his no-hit, no-run masterpiece against the Washington Senators. Just as a ninth inning home run gave him a victory in that game, a first inning four-bagger sewed up his triumph in this one. It came off the bat of Outfielder Patrick Mullin at the expense of Starter-Loser Bob Hooper with Don Kolloway on base. Don had doubled before Mullin boomed his homer into the upper deck in right field for his second of the season give Trucks all he needed. THE TIGERS handed Virgil two more in the third when Kolloway was hit by a pitched ball and Vic Wertz and Johnny Groth came Continued on Page 25, Column 6 PHILADELPHIA DETROIT AB A AB A Joost.s Valo.r 3 4 23 Lloon.s 4 fl 2 3 4 1 9 11 Mullin.lf 3 1 OS Hertz. 4 1 2 A Oil 3 G.Kell.3 4 2 1 1 114 irth.ef 3 1 23 3 5 1 Priddy. 3 12 4 0 3 3 Trork. 3 11 OO Little d. 0 0 1 ZerniaUf 3 E. Rell.3 4 Astroth 4 Hooper.B 2 a Robert Byrd.B Totals 29 2 24 17 Totals 29 8 27 10 aWalked for Hooper la eighth. Philadelphia DETROIT 2 0 2 1 ft 1 1 5 Robertson. Kolloway 3. Mnllla. Wert. alo. Priddy. RBI Philler. Mullin 2. Wertz. Groth. G. Kell. 2B Kolloway. G. Kell. HR Mullin. DP Hooper. Joust and E. Hitchcock. E. Kell aad Kain: Priddy. Linoa and Koilowar. I.B Philadelphia 7. Detroit 4. BB Hooper 1 Byrd 1. Truck 4. SO Hooper 1. Trucks 5. Hooper 7 in 7. Byrd I in 1. Trucks 2 In 7i. Littlefield 0 in 1. aid ER Hooper 4-3. Byrd 1-1. Truck fl. (-3)- T- 1 I 10-Mile Winds Forecast for Record Speed Run BY JOE DOWDALL Chuck Thompson will attempt to break the world power boat speed record at 8 a. m. Thursday on the Detroit Kiver. OSCAR STANAGE BATTING AB RBI BR Pet. Kfii 29 ioa 5 i .340 tiroth J3 7 2.1 8 1 Kollowsy 76 11 2 9 .318 Mullin 36 Si lO 34 5 2 .393 BatU 15 47 1 l'i 3 .2.15 Priddy 30 109 Tl 25 1 .29 Souchock 21 77 lO 17 11 .221 Li pon 27 94 Nl'i 2 5 .213 Werts 24 85 15 18 16 7 .212 Maprs 20 53 3 9 6 2 .170 Lrrrhrn 13 31 1 5 3 1 Ginsberg 25 66 5 10 8 1 .152 Berry 8 16 1 2 .125 swift a 2 moo PITCHERS I.ittlrflfld 2 1 1 1 1.0OO White 4 1 1 l.OOO Tront 8 9 3 .33:1 N'houser 3 1 1 Trucks 6 12 2 .167 Hnteh'Min 8 10 1 .100 H'otteman 8 22 1 2 1 .91 l.rar 8 14 1 .071 Stuart 7 6 1 Hoeft 4 3 1 leam areraie .236 PITCHING RECORDS IP SO BB Pet. Truels 2 2 33 32 21 13 Houttem'a 3 5 63- SO 28 18 '3 Stuart 1 3 31 26 12 14 .333 Grar 2 4 47A 39 22 24 .333 Litt'lefleld IB 8 8 HutchVn fl 15 1 A A Hoeft A 1 14 8 12 7 White 1 9 8 3 3 whons'r 2 16 21 1 7 Trout 4 23 28 16 15 Thompson will pilot the 3,600 horse-powered Miss Pepsi through a measured mile on the Canadian side of Belle Isle, from the United States Coast Guard station to the old ferry dock. THE WEATHER forecast predicts that Thompson will run against a 10-mile-an-hour wind downstream as he starts his run off the western edge of Peche Island. He then must make a run with the wind and against the four-mile-an-hour current within 15 minutes. To break the record held by Stain Sayre's Slo-Mo-Shun IV of 160.3235 miles an hour, Miss Pepsi will have to make the mile in less than 22.4 seconds. Thompson will be timed by six stop watches manned by members of the Detroit International Regatta Association. They will compute the average of the two runs to get the official time. NATIONAL LEAGUE Major League Standings No-hit catchers discuss differences in two games the way I felt out there in the ninth inning when Mullin got his. I almost wanted to reach up for the pitch before the batter had a chance to swing at it." "What did Mullin throw that day?" Ginsberg asked. "Darned if I remember," Oscar answered "But he mostly was a fast ball pitcher with a good curve. He didn't do as much with the ball as a lot of other fellows did in those days. George used more straight stuff than most." The years have done little to the man who caught for the Tigers from 1909 for 12 seasons. He is not as heavy as he used to be. He's older. That's about it. Started Here in 1909 THE TIGERS picked him up for the Newark club in '09 and two years later he took over as regular catcher for Charlie Schmidt. He held the job until 1920 when he was traded to Los Angeles in a deal which brought Johnny Bassler to Detroit. He coached for the Tigers in 1925, later had the same job with the Pittsburgh Pirates and then returned to Detroit where he spent 21 years in the County Clerk's office before retiring four years ago. "I couldn't stay idle," he admitted. "So I came out to the ball park two years ago to see if they couldn't find something for me to do in the afternoons. The job' is swell. I getto see the games, too." He and Ginsberg were chatting away when ther photographer asked them to squat down for the picture with this column. After it was taken, Ginsberg straightened up and Stanage tried to. "Better help me, Joe," he said, as he had troubles getting the bend out of his knee. "ItVbeen over 25 years since I've been that way. Guess I'm older than I' think. Eugene repeatedly was out-punched and outmaneuvered. Hairston had abundant opportunities to unload his right hand for clear shots at the target. But there was no dynamite in it. LaMotta weighed 168 3 pounds to Hairston's 161. Eugene's handlers blamed his ineffectual showing on the weight difference and a seven-weeks' layoff. Both are lame excuses for a bad performance. The fight was LaMotta's 21st in a Detroit ring. He's won 18 of those fought two draws and lost one. IN THE SEMI-FINAL, Moses Ward, Detroit middleweight, scored a TKO at 2:20 of the sixth round over Lester Jackson, a stable-mate of Hairston. In the preliminaries, Tommy Mathews, Detroit, decisioned Don Lupo, Chicago, in six; Jackie Richards. Detroit, won a four-rounder from Don Oates, Hamilton, Eddie Berron, Hamilton, stopped Don Richardson. Wyandotte, on a TKO at 1:27 of the first round; and Pat Lowry, Toledo, won a TKO from Leroy Cash, Detroit, at 1:20 of the second round. Midge Cova Scores Ace Midge Cova, Bobolink pro, scored a hole-in-one on his favorite course Wednesday, the first of his 15-year golfing career. Using a 6-iron, Cova holed his tee shot on Bobolink's 180-yard No. 2 and went on to post a 71 for the round, Including a two-stroke out-of-bounds penalty. AMERICAN LEAGUE Pet. GB Brooklyn .20 7 .741 New York 20 8 .714 Chicago 16 13 .552 4, Cincinnati 15 14 .517 6 St. Louis 15 16 .484 7 Philadelphia 13 15 .464 7 Boston 11 15 .423 8 Pittsburgh 5 27 .156 17 Pet. GB Cleveland 21 11 .645 Washington 17 13 .567 2J4 New York 16 IS .552 Boston 17 14 JS48 Sy2 St. Louis 17 16 .515 4 Chicago 14 17 .452 6 Philadelphia 11 16 .407 7 DETROIT 8 21 .276 11 WEDNESDAY'S RESULTS St. Louis S-l, New York 0-8. Brooklyn 19, Cincinnati 1. Philadelphia 7, Pittsburgh 3. Chicago at Boston, rain. THURSDAY'S GAMES Chicago (Rush 4-2 and Klipp-stein S-l) at Boston (Surkont 2-1 and Spahn 2-3) (2). Cincinnati (Wehmeler 3-2 at Brooklyn (Labine 1-1). St. Louis (Staley 7-1) at New York (Hearn 3-1). Pittsburgh (Monger 0-1) at Philadelphia (Simmons 2-1). WEDNESDAY'S RESULTS DETROIT 5, Philadelphia 1. Cleveland 5, Boston 1. New York 5, Chicago 1. St. Louis 2, Washington 1. THURSDAYS GAMES Washington (Porterfield 3-4) at St. Louis (Garver 2-3), night. Boston (Scarborough 1-1) at Cleveland (Lemon 5-2). New York (McDonald 1-0) at Chicago (Bogovin S-2). Only games scheduled. So the last man to catch a Tiger no-hitter helped up the first man to catch one" and they kept talking even after the photog rapher, and reporter, had left. thing in common.

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