Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1952 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 23, 1952
Page 16
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HOM iTA*, HOM, ARK AM It AI S ••te .Qfl* DI/I IWrth \m 4,w S>| I..... 8.00 3.50 'or Salt Mi ttfr Mil. wM SlncUk, 7-WM. 0>tl>fKI J»Am* Iflly 7 nn Wntnut. A var »ll«M. ,.,„„, lUndird ill* with „„ efo«a*h*p»» AtiM 0" awing, W (MKitor with m«ot». A* iWwgaln. 6' ±~— lux refrl|«rntor, Phona 7-MIJ. 18*6* bird 4o|», Johnny Rt, 4, Hop*, Pl««« t.4l> 20-81 *>MTIC« AND THI «•«!•* » W«*tlng on llnl«r Forum wh«?e I M..R. Worn«F deliver « polin«n ftddreo on the hkndltng ol ,p6UNMt n0w» In dully n«w«papnn during the r«c*ni csmpalun, Mr. Wnrn« MA488T1C Rudia-PhwjdKroph Con- lole, Good condition, Price ron- nortubl*, Mr*, Dow«y Camp. Ctlt 7.M81, 23-H At>«r4««n Annul BulU, CoUmbiii JW-at ii Sponlol pupplen, 2 'month* oW, S«« Harold Alion, Spring m w-al blcyelc. 0 Bor^flln, Pho»o 7-318 condition, M-31 wax « mpporfor o< Adlal 8*«ve«»or wtd Ml K*n«r*l lh«mt woi tha while tho country enjoyed u tw p*riy »y«l«tn, It ebjoyed a on party prM». Mr, WWn«r c«*d exftmptc*, prln clpfllly Wtt net exclwlvely trom Ihc H«W york City pr«w. to ihow Okl«H«m« Floytr It Awordtd LAWRBNCEJ- Tom (Th« Cat) C«IUn, OkUhoma'i great two-way football itar. U»d«y WB» named ••Malt Valuable" lineman In thoi Bib Seven Miwourl Valley «ectnr' for 1852, '• The (election wa» made In a poll i ol member* ol the Mldweit chapter ol the Football Writers Ait' •delation ol America. ARKANSAS Basketball By The Attoelated Pr««» George Washington 113 Duke 87 I West Virginia 61 South Carolina Mississippi 78 Arkansas State 68 Vanderbilt 73 Baylor 66 Mississippi Southern 90 Texas Western 61 Indiana 91 Iowa 72 Michigan 88 Purdue 73 Northwestern 90 Butler 7* UCLA nl Bradley 83 Drake 73 Iowa State 63 Central Missouri 80 Spring Hill ,CARL BELL PERILOUS JOB MADE SAFER-The Job of laying barbed wlro under combat conditions in Korea Is just as dangerous and ncces- wy M H was in World War I. To meet the problem he 20th Sneer Combat Battalion has Improvised an M-4 tank with a triple belt concertina of barbed wire for rapid and protected laying. This technique gives our Korean G.l.'s the advantage of greater speed and ia/ety while doing this hazardous job. , , .. . . LITTLE ROCK, «rV~Ouys mimed Ihnt Slevonnon hud not been treat- pj on Rose and Gene Lambert arc Strvlco Offtrtd Alto looil mavtag. Hwwtlton or cut T M. N.23-im mw>* > MATTRESS renovation and *prln« Work, Cobb Mattroii Co., 818 ed fultfly, that by tditorlnld, n«w« tUntlng; tha disposition of upocc and 0lotur«», EUanhow« had all At T thottirht it over nt leisure, it to- mo th»t »hcr« ore , »ld«« to • that utory. ar* not conveyor belts form* and ,.,.»_ -.,.-. thi Uoyi of Add lion and Steolo and in thw country' »inco John Potcr Tho newspapers of „ Bfnnett, Pulitzer, Ray- roend, Hfmnt, *nd other groat figure* woto por^onnl Journals that conveyed tha view* ot th»lr owner* with a pfucUMiuhip altogether un- today. Notice If *0ti w»«t to drink, ! yout • bunlness. It you want to quit, that 1 * our btulnoii, Alcoholics Anonymou*, P, 0. Box 0ulin«ts Opportunity Cnr Owner with 8 hours week spar* ttwo to »er lee ru,ulo ot vending mnchlnon for 40 por cent of coUacttonn. Knrnln«» Up to $(10 wnokly, do- on spnro time devotod, e hotieit, rcllttble, and hava WOO woiltln^t CMpltnl for In- Include phone aua,ref« ttvpUonUou, V|rlt« lending the Arkansas Ra/.orbucM in another trip down tho basket- boll troll — and that report would SPORTS ROUNDUP Duquesne 71 Detroit 58 Wayne Mich 72, St. Calif. 53 G7 Mary's .By OAYLE TALBOT. Porkers May Lose Two Key Players g PAYETTEVtLLE Wl — The 608; slble loas of two cage stars may damage thc University of Arkatt and basketball future in the South west Conference. Cdaeh Glen Rose said yesterday he doubts If Ouard Joel Lucke will piajf in the conference tournament at Dallas this week end. ttose added that highscorlng Mnnuel Whitley of Little Rock faces an Army examination in 4firt mi. ..o Rn |ua*y. Whitley, a former ace "at Colorado State 70 Huron SD 60 \ UMe Rock JC> pumpe d 20 points t ' Hastings 59 Bethany Kas 62 Tulsa 84 Louisiana State 58 Oklahoma 7? Texas 51 OUlahoma A & M 81, Colorado Brighem Young 86 St. Louis 60 Southern California 68 Los An pelts State 46 Wyoming 62 Oregon 53 Montana 64 Washington State 52. Although many types of insects ::e silk, natural silk for mak- produce have been just as accurate 21 yearn n«o us It la now. Roue and Gene Lambert Were starring teammates on Ar- \ i( ''>' ln j° A11KLAIUE. Auslrnlla, I-TI — rm-rica'.i tennis hopefuls finally s , 'h«i\<' reached the end ot their long only undefeated In 192fl. Today both of those men if, the'o*n«r*hlp of a newspaper 1« Id be altogether without view*, and deelnlons, thc editor iu I iboulrt dlsonpoar altogether, the proprlstoru are to hold no VtOWf, why hitvtt n variety of now*Why not have one newH- In each city, one pros* oorv- Ico lor tho country »upui vised by thtt government? On the other hand, the reader had a right to expect Stevenson's *pooc!i<w covered ns fully nit howor'*, and they probably woro In the loading nowspaporu. I hnvo nt»l mfttlfl suoh a ntudy as Mr, Wor nowhere in ciucst. of thc i Davis Cup arid have settled down ' (or their last hard practices be fore facing the Australians in the ";: ChallfiiKc Hound next Monday. bnikutbnll coaches. Rose is at; Arl( . la ja u \ s a hot. arid little Arkansas. Lambert is at Memphis •• . vvlllp . ru the lomporaturcs alrea State College, but his son, One , y ' 1 , avc clirnbec i OVC r 100 degree.? "fv l« llndfi'd el n i* mi'u/n frl m P/ii'K* J . _ . . , i n. _* *:„..„„ u, f ar * i er them. Jr., Is nose's Blur forward in Pork- ;; n(1 "-" n ,[" ght CX ce«d that figure by ef\^nd. •v.vitho time the matches begin the Young Ocne Is off to u mighty I of lh , s )ilonlh However. Tony good start, in his effort to equal | T ll)t , n and vic Seixas, who will hU father'* feat of earning All-j . y ))oth singles ancl doubles for Southwegl Conference honors, ! . • ^..jUcngm.s sa y it won't both In four games, the RazorUnck. " u """^"B*- 1 "' su ' nenlur has scored 83 points—more [ than 20 a «ame. He has peppered j each , cloth is made exclusively from h t . cocoons of the mulberry silk inc noth. Rice Hopeful of Helping SWC Record DALLAS (M — Rice meets Steph en F. Austin in Nucogdoches to night with a chance of pulling Southwest Conference basketbal wins up even with losses so fa this season ^ uii _.. _ Out of 33 games conference Finch poured in 21 points, incluc iny the last seven points whic Baylor in a nip and tuck a«a|r in Nashville Colorado AfcM whipped Texas A&M 65-52 aj.ftfte College Station. ; •...» At Norman the Sooners .went'irtto tho lead in the second period, to stay They led 29-26 at the half then rallied to clinch the; decision Bob Waller was high with-.11 points George Scaling led the Tex aiis with 12 points Vanderbilt was paced by , Forwar Baylor through the nets in the RazdB backs' 104'72 route of Mississippi] Saturday night. Lucke -suffered an elbow ture in the Missouri contest W we'qk. He was a starter in rst three games of the season ias been replaced by Floyd Sa'jj y. On Whitley Rose said, "The Army turned him down onco^be ore because of a back injury. I on.'t know what they'll do this ime." Informed that, in Dallas, the Razorbacks are slight favorites in he'Hourney, Rose cracked: J ';(t'don't care. They're probably as bad guessers as I am." ,t •:V : .. , fi- 19 clutch performance of Dan Finch in downing of hi* lust two tilts and They sot their first view of thc Aussie team iti practice yealerday. Though they saw Frank Sedman or Mt inn two HIV. ana u *« , ,„ nt ihe top of his brilliant nuraat thing the Porkers have '"| }„,,'„, hth refuscd to back down - a full-time plnyi-r. 1 couldn't ask for nnythms bet- , tor than Gene's performances so !' h , on tnnt they nre bcl lo Ulk( , thc nor ftW, but Stuvpnaon, who wn.s hardly known to most Americans prlpp Uj hi* nomination, has tfulned 4 HlHtoaiU reputation M one of the Ucgt orators thi* country has produced. He could not hnvo such a vnpulatloh wart hU fipcoches not printed III newspaper*. newspatxsrs pub- collwn/>l8U who pick up the roldh of .jwiuitncntatlve writing t|i(h Qaraed'% lofns editor*. Even in [5kh hav* only one nuwn- Uta cf tftrHnJl view* Stevenson had more but ajut also to tho which «nubl« him ,..„_.,. than Etoonhowor tho oolvimnlitl. It la true that many writers who f«e) that their reputn- tlotw depend upon n«ver belna _„_ now coverhig their tvnoliu by bebiij ^oeanlvoly pro- KlwuhQweri hut durlntt th« cam- pntgn, t|fe cohtmnUts divided Up und theiiiowipupers woro able to both itde* In this manner Il.lS a fallncy to «wum» that*«my - nt can be mada of news- (Sovara'ge .without duo ra- to tho columnist*. After "any campaign, there are pp«t mort«m», A* « RepubllcBn, I -tor 20 are wrong. Bet In bencoth the bnckbonrds for cn«y crip shots. Lambert, at <l-4. Is two inches shorter than throe of his team- niaVc.M but he cim outjump them jill, UOBO uses him for tho center Kirnp and keeps him stationed nenr thp backboard)) to work rebounds. Arkansas came close to having U father and .son combination. $hc senior LutmSbrt gave up the' ,«iv zorbftck coaching Job tho yij"'" Qent' Jr., entered tho University. Rose, who returned to his alma motor this season, is tho same Cuutlyus Rcntlemnn who tutored the Rozorbocks to five Southwest championships In a previous nine year vouching hitch. Commenting on his team's show to dote—three victories The Negro Community ^H of the season, \'l don't think iwi«*, (poyobt* in Box o/o Hope Star, ? room home. Mid U««d Cart GIVE YOURSELF ONE OF THESE CLEAN USED CARS THIS CHRISTMAS 1950 FORD CUSTOM 1 8 door, Kxtra clean. Radio hoat* or, white udo wall tir«k and »eat covers 8e«ttv, 1949 CHEVROLET CLUB CQUPE Itadio and heater, A r?ftl hujf only .... 1947PUYMQUTH4DOOR neat coveri and H "^ " ' MERCURY S&8 CQl|R| 86, KW«r 0, N. Mr*. J*U« Qott la \ fnr," Rose snid today. "1 don't expect him to keep on nviM-aKi"S '• !l) point* a gnmo. I doubt that ho Will. But he's n fine offensive player and Is good on defense 1 , too." Rose attributes Geito's point total not only to his ability to hit the buckers from anywhere on the mug home. So far as we have learned, AuS' sic bookmokers consider it a toss up too and arc offering no odds. Mcirbcrs of both squads skipped morning practice today to attend loams have won only 16 and dropped. 17. The Rice game comes before a brief holiday lull with no more gamo.4 scheduled until the start of the pre-confcrence season tour- namgnt in Dallas Dec 26. Out of state squads swept three victories from Southsvest Confer- once teams last night Oklahoma controlled the rebounds in Norman, Okla., to avenue an earlier defeat and down Texas 72-51 Tho Vanderbilt Com- j|»//JflNE flBBOTT y-'-"' ' • -*• .._ ...... o _ ............ __ f ... an cffiiHai reception in "their honor modores managed a 73-GO win over which must be gone ihrouuh in this tennis— mad couil- try. Adelaide, which has fought long mid stubbornly to win the Challenge Round away from the two major tennis citadels of Sydney and Melbourne, isn't passing up any i.f the trappings. By way of i-'Mobrntint! their victory over the "old crowd", the locals have whipped Hip an official program with a raffish front cover which .shows two cartoon figures with pope-yes playing tennis right in the mUdle of the famous bowl. Advance copies of this little gem hit old-line officials of the Lawn Tennis Association in Sydney and Melbourne .1 few dnys ago with terrific impact. From President were the margin of victory Tlic lead changed hands 17 time with Vandy leading by only thre points, 52-49, at the half. Guard Tommy Strasburger was tops for Baylor with 15 points The Colorado Aggies ended Top Radio Programs TUESDAY RADIO ''iifipW YQRK W> — Tonight: NBC •£.;.'7 Cavalcade of America, 7:30 lied. .Skelton; 8 Martin and Lewis. i.'CBS — 6:30 Mindy Carson; 7 People Are Funny; 7:30 Mr. and Mrs. North. • •ABC — 6:30 Silver Eagle; 7 De fense Attorney; 7:30 Paul White man 1 Teenagers. -MBS — 7 Black Museum;. 7:30 Dr. Kildare; 8:05 The SearcbJ Wednesday: NBC — 9 a. m. Wei come Travelers . . CBS — 9am ABC — 12 noon close battle at College Station by pushing through 21 points in the final period. Texas Aggie Leyoy Miksch led the scoring with 21 points Russell Reruche and Den. nis Stcuham shared honors for the Rams with 14 each . pprdfrey Time Live Like a Millionaire, talent.. MBS — 10 a. m. Ladies, Fair ';Although ma"y sharks arc dangerous to men or animals in the yvater, others feed on nothing but microscopic sea animals and Norman Brook us down they Joinos! yiiig foul. In |6ur games and two tilts In which tho Pork* v>l lched m moi ' e tumi 100 points. Ho said: "The boys hnvo been hitting well T-nbout 40 per ccut of their shots. flUt four games don't make a sea Son. I think wo can Judge the atrcnglh better at the end we'll score 100 aualns.1 any Southwest Con feronce team. "W* need to improve on defense. "I hope the boys are as fiood ai they look, I'll bo happy u, at the end of the season,, we have hit offel| ^ e spcclos. SYNOPSIS Deborah Grcnt, twice widowed, hud long ago alienated herself from her fhmlly In her vquth she had made a nmmuee which displeased them. But now. grtcr yejre af absence, she Is returning to Sweclhome. Conn., w4icre her Brother Will Brent, his grown daughters, 9usnn and Nell, and toon- nee BUI live. Will, a rluld conservative, (rowna on this Impending visit. bUt the Brent Klrls easerly await thrtr Duvis Cup programs, they pointed out, trnditionally show only a picture of the gleaming trophy The lust we heard over thc week ond, the two groups were abou to ronch a compromise. Adelaide's high-spirited citizens Intend to go right on and sell the offending program during the maichcs ' At the same time local officials 'were reported to have agreed _to have *everal hundred programs struck off bearing the old familiar cover. These will be distributed to .the more staid officials of the Aus- association nnd mailed throughout tho world 1$ members " it will "it. Susan, who keeps house for ner family, is secretly In love with Rev. John Wendoll. the voune bachelor minister recently assigned to thetr church. Nell, dangerously fascinated by linndsomc Tony DIVlto. a penniless Romeo, meets with him clandestinely. In an ntmndoncd country house. To»y makes ardent love to the spellbound Nell. Wendell had not the slight' in your flock and even though it j '"jfo of other We're afraid,- though, ha fomq ti»"» ( another 'Clial Adelaide gets Those ot «» who were opposed to ocMioveU und Truman u.sed to exv lalix our failure^ in wai\y ways; never q»4te wore willing to o tho simplo truUv that the 'lean pc>oplu actually wanted and that nothing wo sit id changed their minds. It bo a dlscouruglnjj admission lor UW*B who are so wisu as we «r«, but the fact does stand un so. , tho ruason that tnuny tailed to vote during the Roosevelt years, was that mnoy could not get themselves to VOte tor Roosevall or against him. Even in those years, there was CriticUm at the American press tor being so wroiyj about Hoos^v«U. But the press was not wrong, It ii not thc function ot thc press to, b* on the wlnnins or even the Side. If it were, alt the prow would need to do would be to iavi<« public opinion and act •ccordtngly like an actor in vsiude- V|110 wh» changes a joke to <;on- form t» the tastes of a Cubans Plan > Revolt With U.S. Munitions 1 MAMARONECK, N.Y.. (UP1- Police disclosed today that four alleged Cuban revolutionists planned to use a surplus US Navy boat to carry guns and from Miami, Fin,, to Hav- CHAPTER EIGHT THE PRIEST cupped a shell- plnlt pesny in tils broad hand. "1 thank God for the miracle of the seed — that men have H to see as a miracle. Shall we go into tho house now? Tve buttermilk on Ice or— maybe you would prefer a cold bottle of beer?" he asked John. "The buttefmllk. Mrs. Donncll refuses to get any — soya It's fit only tor alopa." They went- into the house, to the kitchen, father. Duffy cooked of the gieatost n\on riint things at the wrong time and $ot hissed for U. Instance. WUUam Jennings ran three times fur the Presidency and was defeated each time; he was Secretary of State anon. ATlw four were scheduled to be wruigned today on charges of illegal possession of weapons, which police said were to have been used in an attempt to overthrow the government of Cuban President Fulgencio Batista. Louis E. Giancola, police eW«* in this quiet N?w York suburb, s.tid Jose Duarte, 35. had ar- rars«d to buy a 63-foot Navy air- rescue boat, formerly named l-ady Ruth II. for $39.090 to carry ammunition to Cuba for a holiday uprisiuji against the .government. Tho boat, it was learned, was bvm.n converted from Us -wartlnte rescue design Wo a high-speed ____„ , cargo vessel capable of carrying j any hav« ft spiritual need. 1 don't ihe more than two truckloads of know ot it — as yet" He couW own meftla— why put hia parish to the expanse of paying for someone to do It when he liked to do It tor himself? As they. sat dqwti at the table In the spotlessly clean kitchen John wished he had no Mrs. Donnell— then he remembered his helplessness over tho tea. remembered Susan Brent taking the pot out of his hands.,. "WeJU what's weighing on your mind today. sonT" asked the priest. John Wendell laughed, A girl In a yellow dress who had not kept her date? "Nothing. ^at least heavy enough to be a burden." "Still wishing you had slums to cope with?" Father Duffy's eye winked. "Well, they'd give me more definite problems t* go after. Though »o one lit Sweethome Is rich, no one Is In want, that 1 can fln«L At least, in « material way." "Put — spiritually ?" John tuvned his glass slowly around In Ms hand, frowning down at it, "1 don't Know. They «ome to services, g« away — I can't know Ut anything i have said makes a bk of difference in their lives, one way or the other — wbetlier I've given thwn anything. They're a good people — self-respecting. zealous in their work (or the church, Uxe women t* the Church school, the Ladles' Aid, g«tttng up supper*... the men \» the committees. I call on the*i •». tb«y are cordial to me — but U is only one., John broke In with a Ii "Fact Is, there Is one! A girl struck on going to church more. She Is the daughter of Will Brent who owns and nms that nail factory on Ur other ajde—' one of our deacons. He spoltr to me about tier. But 1 can't ttaUli her In by the hair — It happens to be red hair, at that;." •' " : '.'•" "No. Sbe has to do her own thinking. Speaking of-n*il» — and you want some very rlch,in..yj?Ur flock, for contrast, say—why you go after this fjludolph,. P*M>r% sen? He told me tie Is planning to settle somewhere a^Oift. th'e river. He's tired ot Uvtlig W "'~ cities —too lonely,, he aald^ w suggests an interesting side ;' : bf; htm — wants to belong Urn aniali community, likes the quiet Uylng around here. He'* A Protestant If he's anything ... though • t»» f^ve me a very generous Chech for |uy health service fund. He ' might bui)d that community house you plan..." John had talked' to the priest P.f those plans oi had talked to service he wan ! tuted on the Flats. "I'll go after enough to get Thaniis for the tip.' laughed, making It between, them* "You must take roses back with yi Duffy when John "I'd llks to. '',.'•'••- I aet. sqmpreb.easion \yhy it lUgh. I be' perfect but he laughed ner, "You're going to Sweethome?" !*Ve,iiJ- , you know the village?" sVt'nY getting to know it — I've been there for almost two months. ram the new minister ot the Congregational Church — John Wen- delp, . — the new minister! I heajrd that old M. ••cy had died." She looked him up and down, smil- Ingi'. He .knew she was thinJfM-g Of h's clothes, of the raotorcycie, but in. no disapproving way. ' ''3i'rti taking an afternoon off." ItS|>tipWhg roses..." ; visiting a very good friend here in the Flats. Father The roses, are from his ".QU * . ." 3he drew out the w«rd, 8,, lively interest in her eyes, but sh9 raa.de no comment on such a fjl.endBhip. . M ! He turned to the car, began vx- anj||iing the carburetor — usually with his 'motorcycle it was the carburetor at fault. The woman locking across at the village, smile on her lips. glove comp full of junk, Q| or *ome the on Mrs. Donnell'g told ner they were Duffy's garden! ' ' There wa» UtU« (rfflo went tnrough the FW the mills nor th« Pete««i had ctoaed »a y^ the bridge he saw a cfcr f at the side of the road, th4 of its engine bent over it ShA turned, as he came up U) t He brought the motorcycle stop. "Trouble?" "It's In the K&s The tank's full b.ut tt Just bought the car in Pittefield so. I quajnted John was stfucjl dlnary pleasantn a nearly qu*ttty saw her a rag. ajnd a She b>gan |o the fRg, "I, it»b'le as t can wh " Sjie read e and said, wt" of—Susan's?" Hof under the quiojs ; ,; I am. A half, i <W»e Pt WUJJ «f. the two, bftclf t« tie felt bjr smile on h|« wlr» di4 «," he announce^ j moments, t ^ft floir*J a bit,.. I'll sn« if now," p« »)t j«9 a moment, with the turn. get you to Bweet-J Wilson u » «M.»V and was arn\s and ammunition sei?ed in a be frank in admitting discourage**'*'" *•***).. ' .* ».^- . &.a._b%.^«.uJ««a itthn •« firl In ru-\**j^H WJWWOTMl tjl *J^f^>* vy f l *MTV>*» W4«VB Vt ••» i '" ----- •»-- _...--... ^ . ^ ridiculed for his efforts. Yet, his raid on a vacant gasoline station P» ttttir« program, uxcluding the 18 to r#tio between silver and fold, s ad»j>t«d la due course, with sonw dire results, Th« maji tailed persisted, and n»wst>ap#r men Friday.. No Polio Cosos During Poit Week nxent to tnt priest who bad labored tor so many years with spiritual I* tfeifth's •*&!J too* * long swallow ot his iUc. "There a« times, F»- ther, when t envy you your cp»- feaaioaal — >-ou g«t (0 the Inner not one to give her person*! » streak ot grea*e l»y BOW »CT«| her a» h* gat out b»clj 9f boxe* «s4 ht asked think wT| just wro|« y, (ooli a bus to ered with U and sh» did U« •«»» to be a^-ar« of It, pr «t 11 '* nA Flats. "1 suppose ttl«(« age somewhere H A few blocks 1 take a look at tfe$ haps i can get tt looked M Ate Ux« motorcycle Tuesday, December 23,1952 MOPI iTAt, OIARK IKI A D $8«V3^ I WAXED THE ( FLOORS TOQAV AH, ITS GOOD TO GET HOME Screen-Video Actor Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1 Actor on screen and television, Cummings 7 He WAS born in ——, • Missouri 13 Click-beetle 14 Printing mistakes !5 Harangue 16 Church festival 17 Turf 18 April (ab.) 20 Before 21 Glossy cotton fabrics 25 Excessively fond one 28 Mightier 32 Bellowing 33 Aromatic herb 34 Mother (comb, form) 35 Rigid 3G Parts of coats 39 Worms 40 Dinner course 42 Beverage 45 Golf device 46 Golf teacher 49 Embellished 52 Revolver 5i> Transgressor 50 Form a notion 57 Gastropod molhisks 58 Redacted VERTICAL 1 Hots flax by exposure 2 Hodgepodge 3 Poet 4 Greek letter 5 Crrmson 6 Play the part of host 7 One who Feoffs 8 British money of account 9 Pairs (ab.) 10 Tardy 11 Passage in tho brain 12 Nostril 30 Essential 19 Diminutive of being Margaret 31 Scottish 21 Parched sheepfolds 22 Come 37 Compound 23 Tidier ethers 24 More rational 38 Compass point A *» t-l O & e T N A £ V u a P E P 1 E & N B U u H K E 1 N T H T Ac 1 l_ s, NT 1 N S T O h- B & O f E P B c u <v<. u p e K P E L. e X i c> O H '$< Sir O E P A «; o e A A d u T '•iff, \ N K. h B B T /'*'. U N «, A M 1 B R S K"/ U • A S P ft P V 1 1 R P O T 1 C R O V IS R R R [7 M S % O 0 p R S - K N FF «. S T 25 Barriers in rivers 26 Verbal 27 Carry (coll.) 29 Containers 46 Small piece of ground 47 Plexus 48 Abounding in ore 50 Blackbird of cuckoo family 41 Weird 51 Far off (comb. 42 Fling form) 43 "Emerald Isle" 53 Unusual 44" -- and the 54 Hawaiian King of Siam" wreath 1 13 o 17 W 17 55 57 Z • 4i 3 41 1 : ^ U % by i /" % J| b ie ' // 37 45" 19 K '/ 38 ' If M«_ ' , 5Z ifc w 8 T" Z3 3'i * IV ^? bi ^ w it %!. * 10 zo~ « Hfe II JO 47 IZ 31 H8 33 By Dick Turner T. M. Ri ( , U. S. Pi Copr. 1B52 by NEA Servlu, Every morning I swipe an apple from Crogan's market to give to my teacher! I'm framing her for receiving stolen property!" — SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith OUT OUR WAY By j. II. Wllllami VIC FLINT ByMkhod O'Mfllty>«d Rfllj mv& OH, CLEANED FBCWT WALK AMD HAS ,'OSJE A SOU? LOfB UKBTH16 ASATKA&BMAKKIKJ VOUR CUSTOVN MATTE /T LOW. POMT. «JT I 6AM Wi.:; '£•' WHOPPER, ! BUT IT'5 MOT McKEE WA.RE HOUSE.THWJK SOOPNES5! rr^M-^-^if',»««». ~ ;v'>^a^f , x > WPSa 'Vfa itefW''f*: : W^2 OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople NOT IV\UCH TO TELL, BEENS ON TOUR, ^O POOR. THAT I KEPT MV NICKELS IM MY MOUTH? _ BUZZED SUS'5 SRILL FOR A JOB AM 1 6OME OF ) COSTCJMER5 (SOT . , .... DM.' ROM BORKE.' , YOU (% —AMO RETURN ]%:( POT A -STSAK OM 3UST INS /•:A-rHAT 6LACK 6Vte/ TI^ETOS-'M-^ALSO, BV SHARE lA\THE trie YULE- BOulS AND HER BUDDIES TIDE 3Oy5 ) (CHRISTMAS/ OF STARTED A FREE 1 O.A65 (M (TAULIFLOV^ER CALI6THEMIC5 THE BULL WALKED s VMlLL PUT THE ** -STEAK ihi HIS BUGS BUNNY FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbergcr ALLEY OOP MY 6TAR6, POCTOR, IP \OU DON'T HURRY, PQOR AU,By / VBH.YEH V/ILL BE WULiOilN THAT AWHUfeAWrHQlJAKe/ "I thought I might pick up a little extra cash during the 1 r Alnua+sM* e^filxa I*' , By Blotter elevator strike 1 FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS CHRIS WiUKIN, -THAT CAUWQ HAP A NERVOUS $1D/VWCHOLP ' DONT LET IT SET LL SET ' k * f M™ * , ,*'•* £',«* L 3

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