Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 23, 1952 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, December 23, 1952
Page 10
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?V"r ,, A>' <?\ »* ,,., «w; V I <-' * '* 1 "fHSSW.'VjFfct, «*, *,' «/ '*»» MOM ITA*, MOM, ARKANSAS Mid •'rftriteFm 9 benvdr" i_"»,»ji» ,Wte|[ $Mwrt1dfwd» •1 Wl«hl M w*1I *pl» t •ft& ««*t **!tfn* It SW>* • J tftt ttfat mftrfl«|c» onms Ift the follow^* miftnw, «h« tow l>1 » *»»*,,wit -USUiiff f?N V J >"V -aiM^f. fl •' i* srtr Bra W^l &BV?o L •*** t'j, fc$*4 ; SfeifJi iil* ,v.« && a i>T* ' «n ftt'Wri, IM»," «IW - Item ilhll 1 ' !«y tt»riwt,,-* JTM * l)«h ichool girl Jn Mt. Ai ittftiYfcid OorfiW Od . Army vetorin, mt toft him tw» month* J»u>r,*n<i he ' * divorce In JM0/. In Api% IMOi »no married ritr Kin« ot IfOuiivlllfl, Kjr,, n ont-wwk rtrrtfrtflfl "Dw't know whore ht <» now," ih* 10 ThfM month* Inter *h« m jhoo)m»t« /roni'Mif Pto»l ..,,. «rnft*d e*WpbetJ, In Manhattan, r «n, Campbell, Who wn» mntlonwJ «t Fort Juicy, Kflri,, became Shir- l8y'«,,UtIrd huibnrwt , »t July, SWrl«r<v»«nt to Moni« n«r>, Al»« ;tft, vt»lt h»r flfii [buna, 0)rv*n, Ho Inifodurftd her to Towmy Whlted, n member of hi* Air JToroi* Squadron, Shirley nnd Whltmt were mar* rind In Au'guit Olrvon ond Whlted J«ter w«r# l?an«ferr«<i lo t'owrey Air Fofpfl Buitn near DonvW, After airyon and WhHed, hu» bnnd« <m« dud lour, c«m»* to Don ', Sblrtoy tniurtiad to Ml, Pl«n» i her family nnd Cnmp- i, i.n»unnd number throe, .wiiti thwf *h« drovo to flenver In OnmptWfU'd cur, along with ttloh- nrd Logan, US, n friend ham Mt. Shirley w« arrnntod shortly oftflr arriving hero. Logon, who to the eiiy jail to vinit h»r, nrrottsd for InvetUf itlo». blamed h»r maritnl dlf- on "inporttroUobta im» nd unit! «he rortlly loved hUcrt^hor fourth husband. "Whdt can you do vyhen you cat _lhlri|fl9 -,.- lon't wflht hsr, mid. "It wai |U»t » cnrc ot too i% meav* J lk<i of Soldltr t Bi»»nhow*r ex- B/rl#f tod*y ovw the * young Amwlciin wiu» whom tte «f* choj» en • wW Korean hilt' «ttf» Uwif *f«ij<« a co, Info^fM^ of Uift d»alh in action ot CoVp. J«me* A. Murray, OKlo,, th» format l**ucd n C, "I I'mifritvcd by ^,. T lO^CoWSlMurray HM fettn .-, ..,.,. |in« m«moH»» of our tfrlat friohdihlp, W? w«» n i rtjmdld yauntt «oldl«r, tytflcnl wh^^irit fighting in far-sway KOJ^Mi'tW- »•!<• principle* oil AmSHttpni feHprifh Rfi<l for n fuifrt^Ajti; M* .profound «ym* pathlw |o to wn family." Before the xtatoment wan U«««!, K8|ftrty had relayed to £lt«^HoW^ f jt hit Commodore Hotel pfflao »ult« « copy of n United, weri story from 9«oul, druei-Jftiritt' tho death of tho ymmf aoldler, ono of throe Uin KoncraVhnd onlhd "my gang". MOP Plans Building Program in State LITTLE HOCK, Ur>~.An of iho AfkriruioB Division of tha Minnow! Puclfe Itaiirond i«ys the firm will spend a considerable sum of money in Arkimsa* tot Im- prnvomo«t» nnd expansion Marvin Smith, o«il«tnnt manager of th* MoPno'* Arkonaas Division, mid 'the program Includan now -tr$ek* «l the North Llttlw Hock tflrmlnol; additional ttldintdt at the Pino Bluff Arsenal; hrtdgo work on tho Mo Poo linos betweun WlllO Rock and 1'exnrHnna, nnd more »Wlngs and track work nour Porkln. , Oeeembcr 23,19S2 NOTICE The following Hope Automobile Agencies will be clos^cl Thursday, . December 25, and PrMoV/ December 26: ', ,' YOUNG CH6VkOI,|T CO. HOPE AUTO CO. , NUNN - MCDOWELL MOTOR co, sift^ogHK HiMmW RlTTiG»NASH ., ,.. , ARCHER MOTOR CO. STANDARD AM" ^ RAE LUCK MOTOR CO. FRANK MORTON USED CARS ;, MID.SOUTH MOTOR CO. T * , , <-"> Merry Christmas to All of You from All of us. iS»»Ai,,.., «p^-'' v,^ A.f, i rD.i ftf^ : a .?^ ^ * " ,jf . ' U ' • ( v . , 'A 1 ; "^ ^ '. ' ,f *^, , ,- , 1 .; c ^^«' t" ^' I2r ^*" a*^ l > > Mi/;* 4 i ^ «l%fl t l^ , , £ vi|| 2''*.^ • , i -» i - li^fiil^ ."/'&•*' CX'V- : yi-^TMBWU-J "S^J!^* rt-^v.^M^^^ ^ ' _ A ^ fj» ,*£$!>. t v a T|>^ P*\' i EYE-FETCHINO ENOlNEERS-Bhoda Wotz, left, and Lann Bnahoma, "are an eye-catching tram crew aboard this miniature locomotive ond tender, In Miami, Pta. Rhoda and Lana are glad they weren't piloting tho unowbound streamliners that wero tied up in the winter's worst storm in the Pacific Northwest p Markets ST, LOUIS LIVESTOCK ST. I.0U1S NATIONAL STOCK- YAHOS, 111, (UP) - Livestock: B.fiOO. Active; barrows and Bod Weather Strikes Midwest By UNITED PRESS Drippy, stnoKgy — miscrnbtc— weather gripped the Midwest for the fourth straight day today as #UU ,10-75 higher than Monday's heavy skies Inden with smoke gave 25-50 higher; " ...... iiv<.'rnfje; own bulk choice 180-230 Ibs I8.V5-19.00: few load uniform choice No. 1 and 2 under 22u Ibs 1D.10-19.15; latter highest since Oct. 20; 240- S70 Ihs mostly 1H.OO-18.85; 1(10-300 Ibs 17.00-17.7!); 160-170 Ibs 17.5019.00; 130*140 Ibs 15.25-17.00; KUWS 400 Ib.s down 15.60-16.00; heavier sows 13.50- 15. 00 boars mostly 10.00-12.00. Cuttle 3,000. Calves 800. About 50 loads steers making up a Inrgo parl of supply; cows comprise about 10 per cent; little clone on steers; mixed butcher yearlings and heifers active and fully st«ady; cows strong to SO hlRhcr; bulls steady; vealers 1. 00 higher: commercial nncl good heifers and mixed yearlings largely 10.0035.00 utility nnd commercial cows in. no- 10. 00; dinners and cutters 10,90-13, COi utility and commercial bulls lfi.OO-17,r.O; cutters 12.50-14.50; good to prime- vealers 2G,QO-3. r >.00 individual hund to 38.00; utility and CommwBlal. 18.00-25.00. 8)uioo l.UOO. Receipts • nbout half wooloU lambs; remainder yearlings and clipped lambs; trading very uptlve and fully steady ut Moti- dny'fl artvanco wooicd lambs mostly uhoico and prime at nuo price qf 2a.OO Including 1.10 head lot OvcroKing lltt Ibs at same price Monday; few lots as. 50; about aso head choice and prune No. 1 skins 21.QO-8l.23; about throe decks good and choice yearling wethers 10,0019.23 slaughter owos steady; pull to good ewes 4.00-5.50. city dweller sandpa- thousands of per throats U was nearly as bad over most over the eastern half of the nation Almost steady rain fell for the last two days in Chicago and surrounding area, and the humidity stayed above 90 per cent for the fourth day in a row The only consoling feature was mild temperature in most of the nrea—about 40 at the lowest—but even this was bad news to persons dreaming of u white Christmas. Chances for a snowy blanket were nil in sections other than those already covered. The Christmas card setting in those areas- Kansas, Nebraska. Minnesota, the Dnkotas, Wisconsin and the Rock- ies—was apt to be well smudged by Dec. 25 with little further snow in sight, according to the Weather Bui can. Airlines had a heavy backlog as instrument landing systems slowed operations and foul weather canceled several flights. Many holiday travelers switched to ground transportation to get home for Christmas. Labor Leader Facing Up to Reality By JAMES MAR LOW WASHINGTON, Vh — George Meany, president of the American Federation of Labor, was simply facing up to reality when he said his organtzaton is ready to settle for leas than repeal of the Tnft-Hartley Act Nether Meany nor any other leader of organized labor Is In position to Insist on wiping out T-H, which was passed over President Truman's veto In 1947 when the Republicans last controlled Congress. Union loaders now. with the Republicans once again in control, hnve to settle for the best they con get, which won't be any more thnn somo changes in T-H They'll hove to concentrate on getting the changes they want. They had given their support in the last election to the Democrats, who had promised repeal of T-H But the Demorats had promised the same thing In 1948 and couldn't deliver. And, if they had won this time, they probably could not have de- livorod either In recent years, no matter who controlled Congress, organized labor simply did not have enough support among the legislators to kill T-H. In their 1952 campaign the Re-publicans didn't promise repeal They talked only of making changes. Meany expressed confidence that organized labor, through the Republicans, could "get the kind of Inw we want" by amending T-H And that's the most organized labor can expect to see done to the law which was sponsored by Sen Taft, Ohio Republican, when he was chairman of the Senate Labor Committee in 1947-48. Judging from the voting records) of the labor committee members- nil the Democrats and some of the Republicans— it's unlikely any T-H changes would be ap^ proved by the committee unpleasing to organized labor It's the job of the labor committee to consider proposed changes in T-H and then approve only those it wants. This is not final The House Labor Committee will make a similar study, and than the full Senate and House have their say N'o matter what changes the committees like, the senators arid House members oft the floor eafi offer 6ny amendments they want before final vote, •<•• So the kind of changes blessed by the two labor comm!tt*es could be dropped and entirely (different one substituted on the tioor by members less friendly tjf> organized labor than some of the con^ mittee members '' IP There are no snakes in Ireland, New Zealand and some of the Azores. Scorpions can Inches long. be as much as 8 DID YOU KNOW THAT! DAMAGE AWARDS BY THE COURTS HAVE INCREASED 149%? Newspapers report almost daily extreniely high verdicts in automobile liability coses that go far beyond today's inflation. The average award for the plaintiff in jury cases in the Supreme Court in one large state increased 149 percent in the last decade. Court and jury awards have followed a similar upward trend in other jurisdictions. Extravagcfnt awards made on the basis of emotion, rather than on the basis of facts, punish all automobile owners by helping to raise the cost of insruance. ARE YOU PROTECTED SEE ROY ANDERSON & CO. — INSURANCE — 210 S. Main Box 405 Hope, Arkansas • POUI.TRV AND PRODUCE CHICAGO, W> -~USPA- Live poultry! steady to^irm Receipts 547 coops ;F.O,B. paying prices unehnged- except on ^ duckling? two cents n pound higher; heavy hens afl-atJ.5! Hght liens 20-21; roasters 31.33 fryers or broilers 38-33 old roestefk 18-20 ducklings 33,, Butter steady;' receipts 497.3W; wholesale buying prices i ' 03 score AA and 93 A. 58.75; 90 04.85; 68 C 83.$; l>0 fl*«; 00 B C 64, Kgp firm reeolpta 8,368; whole, to sale buyino pi-lce» unch«nged two ce«tf a donen Wgher V. large 81; V. S, mediums 40; current receipt* 3/fj dint|ft' M <;hjpclss e' railroads NSW YORK -JNJBW YORK W ket was strictly With ther stocks bwdway w the The ratt« started fast and climbed afceed white the remnind- Mt> ftf the U*t wss mixed wost of the time with a slight advancing GU»Ui» ri» to around % point* at the toft throughout the list with confined lo GRAIN PROVISIONS C»r- ritd * ftapv toae in today's bo»rd 6f }ra4« but wheat nnd Wh«it eited oa«y Wheat «xJ)iUlt«4 some streoglh tn deterred deliveries, but U>e Mirth contra?* U»«ed, evee with » At uu» fislsh wheat w«s chtnged to Ivigher than toft ?fe»«> Wwch, »a,38c-%. M V« to % tawerH, March 0*ts w«r« Hi higher to H un O'Dwyer Bi«er Over Divorce MEXICO CITY. (UP) —Former Now York Mayor William O'Dwyer Is "very embittered because his wife wants a divorce sources close to him said last night, O'Dwyer, who resigned Dec. 0 as U. S. ambassador to Mexico, "is feeling very low and very deeply embittered; he said he coutonU quite understand it," the informants said. Earlier, it had been O'Dwyer who was reported to have ask- Iflf a Mexican divorce. How- both he and Mrs, p'Dwyer sagged ,ott reporters' <jmestions, The ex-diplomat's wife, former York model Sloarj Simpson, at present is in Acapulco with her mother. A few days ago she laugh- dentecl divorce reports, CrDwyer moved into. »n s»?ri- meat by himself shortly after r«- signing hj,s Ambassadorial post, and Mrs. O'Dwyer left the Mexican capital almost immediately. O'Dwyer since has been linked by Mexico city's top socialites' crowd with: _ jU^-A public relation firm, in partnership with another American, :l, -** A motion picture project tot th« Mexican government, end f.~-The possibility of becoming J««l consultant in Mexico. ^he former ambassador has denied all three, saying "I will announce my future plans >yhen I fiej ready to do so." $ilk w«s used in China in very ancient times, perhaps before 8,640 B, C- > May you enjoy the happiest Christmas ever;;; from all of vs who bake and bring you dally the bread of good health and good taste. YOUR HOISUH MKfR Tuctday, December 23,1952 ' HOPI STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phon« 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Tuesday, December 23. Girl Scout Troop No. 9 under the leadership of Mrs. Frank Var- b>ough and her helper, Jane Bur- rpughs, will meet for their regular meeting Tuesday afternoon at «JO at the Little House. Girts will i exchanged and are not to ex- I coed 50 cents. Julia Peck and Linda Rogers will be hostesses. Hope Country Club will entertain with a dance Tuesday night ,Bt 8:30 for the member's children senior high school and college : ( _^e. All college students are cordially invited to attend. ^Wednesday, December 24 ™The Christmas Eve Service of St. Mark's Episcopal Church will be held Wednesday night, December 24, at 11:30 p.m. Miss Burke Honored '•• With Bridal Shower .* On December 18 Mrs. Hollis Samuel, Mrs. C. R. Samuel, Mrs. Elston Willis, and Mrs. Howell Goad honored Miss Bobbye Faye Burke, '^de-elect of Herbert H. Willis, with a miscellaneous bridal show er in the home of Mrs. Lcroy Samuel. Arragncments of holly and can- dles were placed on the piano and buffet with other Christmas decorations throughout the home. Games were played with prizes going to Mrs. Bryant Hoberts and Mrs. R. B. Arnold. The honoree was presented a corsage and many useful gifts. Refreshments were served to 46 guests. Mlas Nancy Ann Camp Weds Robert L. Truax The wedding of Miss Nancv Ann Camp and Robert L. Truax was solemnized Sunday in the First Christian Church of Hope. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dewey J. Camp and the bridegroom is the son of Mrs. R. M Truax and the late Mr. Truax of Glllett, Ark. The Reverend Virgil Keeiey officiated before an altar decorated with greenery and baskets of whito chrysanthemums on either side of floor candelabras holding while candles which were lighted by Mrs. Bob Shaddox of Hope and Mrs. Recce Miller of San Antonio. Texas. Mrs. Shaddox wore a dress ot wine taffeta and Mrs. Miller wore bronze taffeta. Nuptial music was provided by Luther Holloman at the organ and Mrs. James McLarly who sang "If I Could Tell You" and "Through the Years." The bride given In marriage by her father wore a steel blue suit with dove grey and white accessories. She carried & bouquet of white gardenias fastened on A white Bible. Miss JoAnn Carrigan of Washington, maid of honor, wore a suit of navy blue and carried a bouquet of pink carnations. Gerald Shepperd of Altheimer served Mr. Trims as best man, and ushers were Boh Shaddox and Sgt. Recce Miller. Assisting at the reception held in the church parlors after the ceremony wore Mrs. Robert Rl der, Miss Kay Camp, Miss Mable Gordon. Mrs. Gerald Shepperd, Miss JoAnn Truax. Mrs. Al Park, Mrs. K. E. Ambrose, and Mrs. Malcolm Porterfield. Mrs. John Bissell was in charge of the bride's book. Out of town guests were Mrs. R. M. Truax, Mrs. H. S. Goncs, Mrs. C. W. Collier of Gillett; Miss JoAnn Truax of Dumas; Mr. ,md Mrs. Gerald Shepperd of Altheimer; Miss Mable Gordon of Fordyce: Mrs. Homer Ward. Prcseott; Mrs. Floyd Bailey, Gurdon; Mrs. Calvin Gregory. Valdosta. Ga.; and Mrs. Helen Abbott. Little Rock. After a short wedding trip Mr. and Mrs. Truax will be at home in Crossett where both are members of the faculty of the Crossett High School. CHRISTMAS TIME ; IS FLOWER TIME Flowers Say Merry Christmas In the Most Romantic Way And Carry Your Greetings Dramatically Wherever You Wish Take Flowers When You Make Your Christmas Calls And-have Your Florist. Telegraph flowers Across the Miles (Sponsored by Neff Brothers) Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. \V. C. Tolleson, Jr., of Louisville, Kentucky, arc spend ing the holidays with Mr. and Mrs. Grady Hairston and family of Hope and Mr. W. C. Tolleson, Sr., of Kirby. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Greenlce of Corpus Christi, Texas, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. Grady Hairston and Mrs. A. F. Greenleo. Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Yontz and daughter ot Dallas, Texas, will be holiday guests of Mr. and Mrs. J, C. Carlton, East 3rd. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Hoot have returned to their home in South Bend Indiana, after a week's visit with Mrs. Hoot's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Brakebill. Makuiff an appearance in lime for Christmns glft-slving are these brand new electrical appliances. 1 Kosebud electric sheet (upper left) has all-over green leaf and rosebud design against nink background. Square grill and waffle iron dipper right) bakes four king-size waffles or will fry, trill or toast a complete meal. Handy two-unit cleclrie hot plate (lower left) has ihrecrheat switches, i* portable and easy to clean. Portable mixer (center) adjusts to high or low speed, Is powerful enbtfgh for stiff cookie dough. New travel iron (lower right) has fabric control, operates on either AC or DC current, U comes with its-own travel case. ' •' < PRESCOTT NEWS Wednesday, December 24 Mrs. Pat Combs and Miss Ann MeSwain entertain with an Mr. and Mrs. Burgess Garrett of Stilhvater, Okla., announce thi> arrival of a son. Bruce Duone, on Saturday, December 20. Mr. and Mrs. Fay James of Hope are the open house in Hie home of their Barents, Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Mc- Swaiti on Christmas eve compli- •nentinK Miss Mary Lou Thomas .ind her fiance, Ernest Hurley Cox Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pledger of Dallas. Friday, December 26 Mrs. George Pnki.s .Jr. of Little Rock will entertain with a luncheon, for the pleasure of Miss Mary' Lou Thomas and bridal attendants on Friday in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Coleman. The rehearsal dinner for the Thomas - Cox wedding party will maternal grandparents and the pa- i be given by his parents, Mr. and ternal grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. U. G. Garrett also of Hope. Mrs. Ernest H. Cox, at their home on. Friday evening. Hospital Notes Branch Discharged: Mrs. Virginia Cannon, Hope, Mrs. A. K. Slussor, of ion Friday evening at the Lawson Rainbow Garden Club Has Christmas Dinner Members of the Rainbow Garden Club enjoyed a Christmas dinner at six from a beautiful lace covered table centered with rod roses. There were eighteen members present, i - ,T; Canasta Club HAS • • > Christmas Party :• •»'' ; Mr. and Mrs. H. J, VVUson.civ tcrtalned members of the Blue Rib bon Canasta Club with a Christmas party at tholr homo on Frl day evening. , The spacious living room was beautifully decorated In the Yuletide motif and the glittering troa gave a festive air .to tho/oeoasloa,. Preceding the games a delectable supper was served. »' The men won high score honors In the canasta games. A gill exchange added lo the merriment of the evening. Hope. An adult human spine has 26 Hotel. Santa and his reindeer encircled with ivy and nandina berries flank bones, but a child has 33 bones in Jed by burning tapers formed the Jed. his spine. covers were laid for twenty. Mrs. Uawson Henry, president, presided. Each one answered tho roll call with the name ot a bird and its characteristics. Mrs. Henry gave an informative talk 011 "Birds" and conducted n bird contest. Each member wore a hat ot her own design. Mrs. L. L. Buchanan won first prize for her hut of Magnolia leaves edged in silver with a front trim of nandina berries. Mrs. Bert Wingfiolds* hat of solid tinsel trimmed with Christmas balls and Mrs. Garland Fores' hat of tinsol and red and green ornaments tied for second place. There wits a gift exchange from the brilliiintly lighted tree. Delta Kappa Gamma Has Christmas Party Tho Delta Kappa Gamma met. Wednesday evening at the home of the Friday evening guests'of Mr" Mrs. Ann Cole with Mrs. Morrison and Mrs. Harold Ingi'tim and Jam- McLciland co-hostess. ily, The home was beautiful with yuletide decoration. Tho initiation service was held at 4:30 for two new members, Mrs. Flora Pearcc and Mrs. Louise Robey. A Christmas tree with exchange of gifts and social hour follow- Mr, and Mrs. C. G. Gordon wero the guests Sunday of their daughter, Mrs. Emmet Parham and family In Carndcn. Mr. nnd Mrs, M. ,D, Wall and Linda Kay of' Hot > Springs wore C. H. Tomptins; Jr.^ >ot NeJi.'Or- leans wfll arrlveUodriy)'*for^8.Jhol|. day visil with his .phj-onts," Mr, and Mrs. C. H. Tempklris..'. " Miss Sue Ponchey x of^Ala Mogor- do, New Mexico,Is spending two center piece at the table whore A pot luck supper was served weeks with,her parents, Mr. and ,* SAENGER Tuesday & Wednesday CAVALCADE OF WO-GM CAVALIERS! CORNEL TERESA WILDE-WRIGHT CALIFORNIA CONQUEST ^B^^ ' i ' "* /, A I THURSDAY - FRIDAY *.! ^ SPECIAL PRE-RELEASE SHOWING! MITZI'S LATEST AND BEST! WW...Wonderful, Musical! to i tOgher, Januwry , CMh wttWt: N«ft», Coru: No, t y«Uow )J0)i«U; Np. S. i.59^- No, 4, UiftraM lb..L UMd scattered liauidation and hedging. Short covering by local and New Orleans traders led to a better ton* and a modest recovery on prices t later in session.- l»ate afternoon prices were un- chtniwd to 60 cents « bale higher than th c previous close. March »M»0. May 34.85 and July L-ITTLE it'fcrfe :• COMING SOON TO THE SAENGER: • '-.'• ' ?'• Springfield Rifle starring Gary Cooper Monkey Business with Marilyn Monroe Y«« Fer Me starring Peter Lawford Horizons Weit with Robert Ryan The Uiiry Men starring Robert Mitchum Whflt Price Glory with James Cagney {^merhing for the Birds with Patricia Neal Jwitest Show on Earth "'• " J ' starring James Stewart FROM ALL OF US M. S. McCORD President JODIE SCHOQLEY CHARLES CLARK MARY ANN FAUGHT WANDA COX NANCY CLYDE EMLESS POWELL TILMAN BEARDEN RAY ALLEN W. B. COCKWEU Secretary-Treasurer BILLY RAY SEALE FAYE POTTER JOAN CHAMBLESS DIANE BRYAN MRS. DOYLE WILLIS JOHN BAGLEY DOROTHY BULLARD MINNIE POWELL ELDON COFFMAN City Manager OWEN ATKINS FRANCES NASH J. B. ELLEN, JR. ARCHIE CHAMBLE88 BETTY CHAMBERLAIN KENNETH STEWART JOHN DAVIS R06CO LACY TO ALL OF YOU OUR FRIENDS AND CUSTOMERS HAPPY HOLIDAYS This year has brought several important changes in the operation of your local theatres, and 1953 will bring even more. We have thoroughly enjoyed our friendly relations with you, and we look forward to serving ypu even better in the new year. That each of you will enjoy a very AAerry Chri^tmqs and g Happy New Year is our wish. HOPE THEATRES/INC SAENGER & RIAUTO THEATRES i * f * -c s?v_ t* * •> *> ^ **'• .2^..4^c:,, RIALTO * • LAST DAY: • 2-FEATURES-2 CIRCUS THRILLS "Tromba, the Tiger Mon" LON CHANFt LEX BARKER 'Bottles of Chief Ponrioc" WED.-THURS. 5-Colof Cortgont-5 V*i DOROTHY.DIX Mom's Night Out 'fc * "*„'<'* **> «•*''>,«' Fate Took Corporal by the Hand SEOUL, Keren, (Ut'l—Fntc took Cpl. Jnmes A. Mvn-ry, of MuskoflBC, Okln,, by the hnnd twice thin month. Throe weeks ngrt It was tor « nervous appointment on n . bleak and cold Korean hlllsWI* with Dwlght O. Elsenhower, president-elect of the United States, Thnt occasion brought brief fame, and pictures In tha statewide newap&pors to tho shy OI. A few days Inter there was n second appointment with a Communist shell flretl In neo of those Indecisive skirmishes of the "lull" on the Korean baU tlofront, .That-brought death, Murray, Sgt. Jack Hutcherson, of Frankfort, Mo., and Pfc, Caspev Skudlark, pt Avon, Mli-h,, wero .members of B company of Gen, JSIsonhowor'8 old 15th infantry regiment, 3rd Division, when tho proBtdoiit- clcct visited Koron. Thoy were called out of tho front lines by Gon. Jams A. Van Fleet, 8th Army com- •mandor, for tho luncheon with Elsenhower, • Elsenhower climbed tho Icy hillside to Join tho outdoor chow line with tho throe sol- diors. The four braced tholr rttess-trays on tholr knees to eat porkehops nnd. sauerkraut In thu chilly Korean nlr. The throe soldiers were embarrassed by tha attention , of reporters and photographers who crowded around and only mumbled when questioned. They laughed solf-eonselouHly when someone nskcd Elsen- hower if he didn't want to join his official party at lunch • In a nearby lent nnd when thu general replied in mock horror: "You mean with all that brass In there?" Murray, Hutchorson nnd Skudlark kept on outing. The giant redwood trees of Call fornln sometimes grow to bo as much HS 340 foot in height. Mrs. Robert Ponchey. Mm. Jim Hamilton (wiled Friday from New York City for Pnltlers, France, to join 1st Lt. Hamilton. pear MM's rilM Should ft wife have 4 njght ,<M?, I?ve married olovon years ' and three children My he"i|hbt»r «.,. enjoy going to the m&v16» oh*'«t a WOCK. My huabflnd Ihii Hhoiud cither stay hortlfi or/fl him and tho children, T S. « to go with him, but I don't f«$fc am asking too much by, wamft a night out with my friend) band goon bowling one mgnf j wook, imd oocaslonttliy rfoei'to'48 mo^fes with my friend'*,Ih " ' ' My mothfiMn-law agrees nnd we'd all like your Answer: Your husbandmen" his bowling night, ad' should nblu to sect thu justice «f your' siru for an ovonlng wlth-.a fri. ot your own. However, don't,? his objections down as ornorin most husbands — especially i ones — simply donlt like' to '6 wno, Even tnough they" 1 spiritf evening rending, watihlKg sion, or dozing, they Jike;to tnai tho lady of tho house « homo. A wise wlfo realizes th«t contented husband is not liitor wander,' but nl tho same time'' also knows that a tired" mo.,,, neuds an occasional reprieve f lrb household duties. Bv«ry* > should have friends of he BOX and age, No rnaiter how «« od she Is t6 husband and'child! the companionship of another man provides t,ho needed bait' her daily life. Getting away * woekly movie date ia good'fbr'i. nnd it's good for her family^' A lemjceu evening means'u-'r od mother tho next -day. ' ' froslv topic of converaatioh aa to tho common round tyt »ubj« Father's Opportunity J " J . *.*l An evening alone with ren Is good for Dad, too. can come closer to them any other time. PerhapiTy'o youngsters are already In bed,f tho time you leave, If they .ariL father can take over the Job \ tucking them in on your night r ot and, it ho approaches the task WH the proper spirit, ho can oatablli u very special bond between 'hi solf and his offspring. Dear Miss *aix! The Wn4 Itf is in tho Army — and engaged? someone olso, I'm sure he doe* iovn her, but Just wantedrsorAei to write to him. I think it WOT bo butter for «11 concerned if'ff broke up and he come ba'ckld S J«: Have you any suggestions ' f as''il how I can go-about* it? •»<' f Answer; Aren't you takihg r« a lot for granted? You ^onlt tion that the mart ever was <(r) « with you and,,everi'if.,hfii had b( it's possible ho 'had • an! '^ ,.' 11 s possible ho 'had < an , «h ,U. Col and Mrs. K. M. Lomloy change of heart', fleeter Jeavi md children of Ft, Sill, Okla., aro U>lng# us they are, nnd Io0k«i , and — ., _..., „ the holiday guests of her father, Mr, C, U, Moore and Mrs. Mooro, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Gordon have returned to tholr homo In Salem, Mo., after a visit with her father, Mr. Harris Powell and other relatives, Miss Florence Ourloy and Mla» Ellen Ourlpy wore the weekend eu'usts of Mr, ond Mrs. Hex Car* Center and their new son, Charles William, In Mextu, Texas. . Jimmlo Cole, student, at Houatpn ynlvorsity, Houston, Texas, and William Colo, who attends Southern State College, Magnolia aro the holiday guests of their parents, Mr. and Mrs, J, A. Colo. ......„„ **, >Mtv ?>m «ny* »uv»i for another boy: |f>y<»ujr Is destined forybu, VU without prompting from Miss 01*; A family trouble, '1 flmj almost In the past. I husband an4> chlldpfo, thought* never ,se«Bj them: Instead I keep things over and, done-wHn ' Aower*, irow' urgent one, ' 4» * care, TJjat may tire 8(tantianv /arid ,-i wf ' doctor, he'll recommend, ifc; are a young woman and ,thf' need for you to feol hopeless the condition, * , * f; * Kolensod by Dell I • i^ ^ f c_ ( W* 1 - i* ' t r •>f^; '^BB

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