Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on August 26, 1936 · Page 20
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 20

Detroit, Michigan
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Wednesday, August 26, 1936
Page 20
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THE DETROIT FREE PRESS WEDNESDAY, AUGUST J 6. I93 Gunplay, Bloodshed and Heavy Drama Dominate Coming Week's Screen Program Lily Pons Finds Hollywood Place of Awe and Hard Toil Declares Cinema Is the Greatest Medium for Reaching the Heart of the World Soldiers' Beloved Romantic Story of Southwest Recountedin 'Texas Rangers' Brilliant Cast of Stars Performs in Tale of Unpleasant Side of War Wants to Be Lawyer rreauie nannninmew, one ofti-j . ino oi yomniui stars in Tnelivl Is a Sissy," is planning on a hap. rister career when he grows up. MOTION I'KTI KK ATTRACTIONS 20 z j .;' ( i f 1 1 , ' ' i v. ' ,,' V -I Casting Machine Sorts Out Extras Gets Right Players for Minor Roles HOI.IA'WOOn, Autr. 2.ri S'e usr-d to think that the most nearly human instrument in the world was th mechanical chess plnyer, or the machine that plays any one of a dozen tunes on the banjo when you drop a nickel in the slot. Far etranRcr is the device at the Central Casting Bureau that helps you yet the extras you want for any given role. It is a sort of highly-educated card index with dials and levers. Fay that you are the casting director at. Warners', and that you need for the forthromins Arabian Nights' romance 10 Persian dwarfs, slisrht- y Inme, blind of one eye. bald nrakins Arabic and handy at rlriv- inc camels. The clerk at the Bur eau throws in one lever, gets rationality; throws in more levers, pets Sex, Height. Eyenicht. Accomplishments, etc., pulls down a handle, and out drop the cards with phntoeraph affixed, addresses and telephone numbers. A task that Would elsewhere take weeks of research here and abroad is done In just three minutes. Some 12.IWI extras and players are thus listed, and here you can find about anythins you want. Glass-blowers who can also play rornels, wlRmakers, Kakimos with college decrees, blindfold pianists, canary trainers, players on the lute and Swiss rowbcllH, contortionists, juRflinK waiters, plain rmiEKs with faces that could atop a street-car, talkers in any known language. One of the Bureau's odd re'iueots came from Twentieth Century-Kox which asked for 10 Iondon charwomen to scrub floors In "Lloyds'." (Mollie Merrick presents I.lly l'onx, operatic and motion picture favorite, as her Riiest artist today. Miss Tons gives you her Impressions of Hollywood after a year's absence.) By Lily Pons HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 25-Junr one year ago this month I arrived in Hollywood to make my fiist motion picture. Now I am here again, living in the same house, meeting Hi :ime studio friends, plunging 'into the ever so pressing work. It seems increaimc mat j. couia ever have been gone. The Metropolitan Opera Season, the winter of radio concerts, my n,nnih in fnnte ('nrlo and even ! tv rlolinhtfnl vacation I snent at my new place in Connecticut seem oddly far away. It is as tnougn i were reliving that very exciting experience of n year ago. Hollywood has not, changed. Neither, In one respect, has my Impression of it, through the perspective of nearly a year's absence. This beautiful picture city is fixed in my mind as a place of hard work. Through the months that impression has remained. I do not, I must confess, find It faulty. I have been going at what you call top speed ever since I returned, studying the script hook, making tests, having gowns fitted. And now I am recording. Onlif veqterdav I sane for three hours, recording an aria from "The Barber of Seville. There is another side to Hollywood which only experience could teach me. That Is, it's vast importance In the scale of world's entertainment. Since my picture AMI sKMfM'S AMI SKMKNTS TRIAL LESSON IN DANCING SfVENTY-FIVS CENTS NO REFUSALS YOU'RE SURE TO NO REFUSALS 10c a Dane 100 CHAR1HG LADY PARTNERS FURNISHED, lOe A DANCE TRIANON BALLROOM HIVT Tft 3747 Woodward cchimahh A Good Time Assured TRIAL LESSON IN DANCING SEVENTY-FIVE CENTS eaay eaeyi,ina leaeni W'iT Harry Heilmann TOr4IGHT83To WXYZ Hcilnurm's sports topics are a source of pleasure because they afford reliable information and opinions about all brandies of sports, particularly baseball. An Olympic Champion AT 8:30 TONIGHT AT 8:30 Detroit's Own Dick Degener will be a guest on the Heilmann broadcast. Don't miss this chatty interview. was released, my fan mail has amazingly increased. Letters have come in from countries in which I have never suns;, as well as from places in which I have never appeared in opera. This vast new audience has been won for me by the screen. Jj there any wonder that I regard Ihe cinema with awe as well as with profound respect? Unquestionably, it is the greatest medium for reaching the heart of the world. I have been asked if my friends of the opera joked, or as S'ou say "kidded" me about turning movie actress. If perhaps I lost caste by appearing in pictures. Most certainly not. Both in America and abroad my musical friends were most happy that I had made a picture and was ready to do another. There Is no tendency In operatic circles to look down upon the films. Knowing what to expect In Hollywood this time, I prepared my-s.-lf accordingly. The entire month of July I spent resting at my Connecticut home. I ate mightily, slept long hours and gained weight and strength for my studio work and lights. I now weigh 108 pounds, the most I have ever weighed In my life and I am ready and eager for work. Last year I lost five pounds during my first few days before the cameras and dropped below the 100-pound mark. As a result I had to eat five meals a day and as a consequence was so tired that I had no energy for seeing any side of Hollywood life but the work. This year in Hollywood I have the game home and dressing room that I had before. But this time my home isn't quite so familiar because the turtle I had a year ago is missing and my dogs are left behind in Connecticut. And the parakeet that chirped by my swimming pool is lonesome for his friends, to whom I gave him when T left, so I have sent him back to them. So 1 must look around for a new "menagerie" Then, indeed, the calendar will have turned back a year. The Hollywood Way Joan Crawford nnd Franehot Tone were so plea.sed with the way the wild singing birds patronized the dozen little, white and green bird houses ihey hung in the trees in their yard that they solemnly let R contract with a carpenter to I build a 500-ronm bird apartment j house for a secluded corner of their i estate. v - v" ; W:. ".. I '. . . '! Li' y .: J j JI XE LANG In a war-torn drama "The Road to Glory," coming Friday to the Fox, June is loved by Officers Warner Baxter and Fredric March and does not know which to choose until heroism solves the problem for her. (4;jf j y WEDNESDAY NX Studio Is All Upset by 'Baby Epidemic1 HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 25 -- There Is a veritable "hahy epidemic" at Twentieth Century-Fox Studios. Two weeks ago a daughter, Mar-ela, was horn to Director and Mrs. Lewis Seiler. A week ago a son, John Hall Trotti, came to Writer and Mrs. Lamar Trotti. Mrs. David Hempstead will be blessed eventing any day now. Hempstead is assistant to Associate Producer Nunnally Johnson. Mrs. Hempstead is the former Eleanor Avery, of Detroit. The couple has a three-year-old daughter, Avery Lee, Unlike most actors, Claude Ttalr.s has saved no photos or theater programs or other souvenirs. Newspaper Man Pens an Original Screen Play HOLLYWOOD, Aug. 25 -Lawrence Kimhle, old time newspaper man, threw his typewriter into high the moment he signed a Metro-Ooldwyn-Mayer writing contract little more than a month ago, and a few days later emerged with screen credit for an original screen piny. Kimble's story, "Where's Elmer?" has gone into production with Edwin Marin directing and Stuart Er-win and Betty Furness as principals. Chinese in Demand One thousand Chinese extras, cast as the troops of a native war lord, are used In Paramount'g "The General Pied at Dawn," co-starring Gary Cooper and Madeleine Carroll. By Ella H. McCormick Gunfire and carnage have a prominent place in several of the films scheduled for local showing within the ensuing few days. The heavy drama is lightened by comedy and at the Michigan ana roi mw are the stage shows to make for laughter and fun. In tribute to the State of Texas now celebrating its centennial, Paramount made "The Texas Rangers" to have its first showing here Friday, at the Michigan. Filmed In Texas and New Mexico the picture carries a story of the early days when the Rangera was the only organized group to maintain law and order. The leading roles are taken by Fred MacMurray, Jack Oakie, Lloyd Nolan, Jean Parker and other prominent players. In the midst of train holdups, stage coach robberies, Indian wars and internal strife In which the Rangers perform untold deeds of valor, the romance between Mac-Murray and Miss Parker flourishes. Oakie has one of his flip, wisecracking comedy parts. Eleanor Holm Jarrett, champion swimmer, and her husband musician and band leader Art Jarrett, head of stage program that Includes the Twentieth Century Dance Revue, Carl Shaw and Company and the Titan Trio of acrobats. Realistic War Tale A hard bitten drama of the World War "The Road to Glory" opens Friday, at the Fox, with Warner Baxter, Fredric March, Lionel Bar-rymore and Gregory Ratoff as the officers with whom the story is mostly concerned. It reveals the war in all its stark murder, filth, heroism and cowardice. Baxter and March are brother officers and friend.-i. Unknowingly they both love the same little French girl, played by June Lang. Barrymore has the role of Baxter's father and Ratoff that of a good natured blundering non-com. Trench, rear lines and field hospital life afford the backgrounds of strife that seems unceasing and always leads along the same road to glory or to death. "Shooting High" musical revue headed by Mells. Kirk and Howard Gene Sheldon, Ed Stan, Ruth Pryor and others will be on the stage. Mystery and Bullets More gun-toting and popping will be found Thursday, at the State, where "Satan Met a Lady" and "Jallbreak" form the double bill. The first has Bette Williams and Warren William, Alison Skipworth, Arthur Treacher, Wlnfred Shaw, Marie Wilson, Porter Hall and Oltn Howard enacting the leading characters in its story of detectives and thieves and the quest for a supposedly fabulously rich ivory trumpet. "Jailbreak" has convicts and guards in a prison Involved with a crime beat young newspaper man determined to run down a big story on what is going on behind the jail walls. A third feature on the program will be pictures of the Louis-Sharkey Fight. Rogers Revival More excitement may be had In "Postal Inspector" opening Friday, at the Adams, the second picture on a bill that features the late Will Rogers in one of his most successful films, "State Fair." Ricardo Cortez plays the Government man whose duty it is to ferret out crim inals who use the mails to defraud the gullible public In "Postal In spector." Before his Job Is com pleted he Is in plenty of danger and hazards from racketeers gunplay. The Rogers' picture is one of those homely down on the farm tales which the late humorist-philosopher best, liked to appear in and Its cast Includes Janet. Gaynnr, Sally Eilers, Louise Dresser, Norman Foster, Lew Ayres, Victor Jory and the fa mous prize pig "Blue Boy. 'Anthony' Remains "Anthony Adverse," as fine a cinema effort as Hollywood has created, remains at United Artists. The film, based on the Hervey Allen novel that brought Its author worldwide reading and fame, is an exciting dramatic romance with hundreds cf interesting characters passing across the life path of Anthony in his adventures In various part's of the world. Olivia de Havlland, Anita Louise, Claude Rains, Donald Woods and several score more are listed among the principals in the cast. Double Bills "San Francisco" with Cloi-u r.M and Jeanette MacDonald has no end or suspense and thrills culminating In the earthquake-fire of 1908, and It will be offered Friday, in four second runs houses Madison, Fisher, Riviera and Hollywood. At the Madison and Riviera the comedy "We Went to College" will be the second feature; the Fisher gets "The Return of Sophie Ijing" and the Hollywood "The Bride Walks Out." FIRST TIM I ON QmUSTACI! 60 GRAND WHOOPEE STARS k RHYTHMS RANQE'X tJIUSUSnilltJTUIIlU ilMKW IMIVEISMT f 3fl . . m LAST TIMES TODAY! ROBERT TAYLOR In "HIS BROTHER'S WIFE" Plus "THE DEVIL DOLL" 9:30 A. M. Calendarof Melody 1:55 P. M. Dftroil-Boslon Baseball B:1S P. M. Newi and Spnrt 7:30 P. M. Muaic-Rnx Revua S:30 P. M. Grant Park ! Concert ! 8:45 P.M. C.i eat LaWa I'lxposilien Today's Program af Your Favorite Theater ALGER X.? Wtrrtn ir1 0iir P't iiwri R. Rnbininn jn Joan Blond II li 'BOLU IS OR H ALLOT S'1 jm,- W f. Fitl4l intf Rothiil Hhur In "POPPi"' ALHAMBRA !C'K H-lri1 A If. Jlhnny Omnn In "lHf HRSt BBY ' l0 liny HltlBfr in THE Bill NOISl" II nil 1VW1 t'h'fll Are. ALUMA Phil!ui Hnlmts mi "HOUSC Or a THOUSAND CANDIES " alje Cri re In "THl KINi. SI f PS. Out" Ni'.r! KT.?0 Wi" R STeet Robert Mnnliomeri in "IROUIlt FftH TWO" frintii Ltlmt In "ONE RAINY afURhOON " l..i!f.l( u,'i.n AMBASSADOR Jint Wit hen mtf flalph Mnrimt in "LfTTU MISS NDB1DY ' i, f.hfstfr Mnrrli Pi Murfot Grnhiimr in J LOUNT f R f E I Wlrrm Wtlti.rm.Janr Trsrir In "TIMtS SOUARE 'LAY BOY Ah Pl Krlly- Ailinf iuase jn Htttt C0MIS TRnuaiE J AVALON Randolph Stnlt-f ranrrr Drake in "sudoin diath ' C Ktnliee in "IHE BIG NOIM" BEECHWOOD fauorlK Cnltert In "UNtirR TV.0 HAts" Ronrrt Yeene. inIHRtE ftlSE f,UYS BELMONT " ' ":r"i;a;"!i'l'' "riPIAIN JANMARY " Sh.rlry Trnrfr. Giv Kinhx "AF TIB OFflfE HOURS." C lrk (,ill(. P.nn-ll EAST END '"'.T-W'"" Lw Aim-f hrtntt ttr. -'PMNIC ON THE AtH'' Janet (.atnor-Rnbt. Taylor, "SWALL TflWK GIRL" Hurtwr-Vsn I)vt,r Hcrierrnti-. I'nniiin . frnw 1 "ll I. LMirrr-l. litpino, -OKE RAINY AfTERNOON" 6. Mwr-F . Tdnr, "THE KING SUPS OUT 1 N. ir 'FURY." SvlviN Siilney and Sptntrr Tritcy "BORDHt fLM,Hi" francai farmf EASTOWN ECHO Birmingham i i. Jof f Brown a Aieinntjer Bntt in "f PITH WOF HI T R A(. TORS" pa( 0 Bnn and Mariarct litiHa tn - PUBLIC EMI V.Y t iff BOULEVARD Btti Dam are f,r. In "IHE r.OltirS ARROW M. C. Rnnn,nn. Miriam Hnotins in JJBARBARY f.OASI" CALVIN-DEARBORN Brian Drrnlert In ' HUMAN r1.0 " Crnrtir Horrli an triJll,rarranie In "(.ObUUSFHt "J.'!'1:! pi WCn Se"ii' Mile "at Ha-nif VhmHl Riihard Arlrn in '"The Mine 'tH the Iron Unor '' Mar Artor-lyll Talbot. "Trapprd by Telerhtrtn '' f'!n. . S.:.r(. CAPITOL 0Mlai FalrtMnh. Jr.. "TMF. AMATfUB fFNTLf-MAN Al "f HAMPAf.hfe CHARLIE ! M L-p Farrrll in "Tht La in Her HatiJ: ' L. Li'imrf JA-f Off . Two in Rfllt ; J:1 CENTER rvZ' fnry Fon(i-f!'a S'rfft. 'Trail o' tKt Lr.n' ? Pin fn(tv EaTie-Jarfi Saal. SP F f D K'-ji:'" ! i, v d Bit'J M t M? in ' FATAL UDV ' tvl( Taibnl Wury A.tor in R"itL B YTF.Lt V .btON C lli D ERE LI. A " r !; 'D f I Kay Fwk.lan Henrer In "THE WHITE ANr,r On. Keren Mo'iey in "Orvit'i SOU D'ital (I', M;,p Mr, Ar fr-" I a n -a 4 a at JV nrear 'r.Aariar. eiPA-f " wn,:.r a-ll Uili,,, Vlly fi ill r. " Pl" Hit! B'r-if In. Plain,' CAA'N m ThF is Ih h f ft it,u fi .c t-r."j r f.imfi.f jY in !Hf i- h r: Y U.'Vi,-h CASINO CENTURY FAMtLY in "C Lanrenct FENKELL FLAMINGO l Talbot-C I CRAI" Al FRONTENAC ' W I F I. Bill GLADWIN In Irrln S GLCEE in F R.I GRANADA Arline Jr( in "HERf MIMFS TROURLE" GREAT LAKES 1 Tal"r.Lortla Yomi in ' PRlVAri N t M Q ft Al'.e Zana (i rev ' a "ARIZONA Rain! HS. ' Star Ca.l 1 -.-.v HIGHLAND PARK" A,: AH. WIIOtRNISS." Ann Hirl.n, In "THE W IJN tSS LH A I R " I .,,..! Neae I I'll,;..- SI. (",tl!;K ar..l Mr-iT-'e Chevter Mnrris Marool Grar- me in l.lrlia I e K I 1 1 I . Hirry Baar an Laarence Olivier In "I STAND CON'iFHNI n" .'w 1 1 K.'Tik. I! al I'fXtrr 'MliRriFH Y AN ARISTOCRAT " lla Talsnt Will Rogen in "A fONNir,TlfUT YANKEE ' FERNDALE Joan Blondell In "SONS 0' f.lNS, 1 and Spenref Traty ant Svtvvam Sidnry in "FL'ftY" (i rtli't! Ave Siirii I l'l:."- Hll!ll" i(e I TalBOt-C. Dnrfrf. ' MURDER BY AN ARISTO- C B A I " AHa Wm. CafQan.J'r.eVY BORN " H.'!'T atid Kvn'it'nai-Clark LMf-hnn Hartnw In "wiff; vfrslis mcrmary." ai. Bill Boyl in "BACIfcfi LUCK" Ksl !T..rvv.n.W'.HM,.k Wnlft Rrfrv.Rjiihjrii Stanwvek in wt hSAdt IU I.AKUA. Ahfl Irrifi S CtiBb in "FVFRYBOOY'S fit 0 M1N" R'or at T-.-'l hert Manfiatl-r.frtradi Mirha! tnRiiniHN fAftS " aim, Fay Way. B!ph Bfllamy in 'ROAMING LADY1 ttirtm 3i-l J''it.""-i V K.aHl'is (,'... C.-,. r drnrt HrMt in ' T H f HS(, TfPS OUT LINWOOD-LASALLE CRYSTAL franrra lane'nril in "PALM SPRINf.S" lohrtHnari; in "BOEDIR FLIHI" :'-'- r.-.r Art. I I'v .l-.r R,. Robert 03nat In "COUNT OF WONT CHRIStO" 1K1 Marearrt Lmdrayjn "Law jn Hrr Haoflr s i ancaster c,: ):;; ' HALF ANijfL." R. A'Hn in ' Mist WITH THE I Win Dt'OS " v I ... .j. ttr II - .. -it" a- V . .. u " Tribrl in inuri'iiR bt AN AI1SI0CRAT aim MaryAi!or in TRA'Pl D BY Jf l F VIS ' 0 N ' loop n,. W t. F'rit). in 'FOPPY" thti giUiord in ' PHttJE Of T Mf MAfMNF" .,. . : , .... iftt r,rrr Mnrr ar-d Fritn-nel Tuna in "T M E Kir, STI n 0 L T ' Ail-Sfar Cat In 1 THINI.S TO tW vayfair 'virX'-'Fitz? Johnny Onwoar, "THE MRST BABY B.itar C "B "ARIZONA Hi I Tl F Rv " ' . Mr ... I .. . (IDini P innM at rSila.HnM UIHULC Cam Cooprr-laan Arthir in , , "MR. DEEDS (,0tS TO TOWN " Al.a Jll ttcCrei-Marian Hcttlni In "1 HESE THREf" PICCAOILLT " n... D. fairbanks. Jr.-tliisa Lannl. "THE AMATEUR GENTLEMAN. Rnnan-Talliot.JTHE 131 H GUEST' PUNCH1 L JUDY s'te.iiiH,rBcrt Irana Dunni and Allan Johm In "SHOW BOAT" l.i..f. T,,.iii' Irfn Dnn and Allan Jonn in 'SHOW BOAT." plm Johnny Dont an Shirley In "THE FIRST BABY" Lai!-'t K'-'itil a! tt'ir:l Fratini Dtl in HALF A hi. II Frint Lantj'nrd in PALM SPmNftR" ,VrnMi4ff1 a ltd (Jtai-il Hhd. REDFORD REGENT Lvla Talbot ana Mirouinta rha,ihill In "MUH0ER BY AN ABIS10CRAT" P,rh.-( Arlen in "THE MINE WITH IHE IRON DOOR" ti aii'.: A.p nr Mi. k;ii,.ii ' llirii ri I'm m laretla Vnant ant HcOert Taylor in "PRIVATE raumnin er, i,. rictar in PIIPTT (Tift W. Vetn... Hv ! I rural CVe I'arklTi Til U lli..,i r; s I,, I .' n . (iuu i ,,ii.i 8)Mrm Wallace Rerry in "M IN AND BILL " Wanay Barrle in "GIVE HIR A RINI, " ai:. slmrN til .' Ale. al r'm l.'Kl .; I', I ,...' i i, :.., Bury lea in "ion manv parinis 1-ilrn Arlertae in "TWO IN RtyiiLT" ROOSEVELT rAiT,;C... liwftta Vnna. "fRtVATE Nil M R M " FMV Mnt-fimffv nnd Rnvalmd Ktt. "TRutiBLE FOB T I 'i I. vii, 1 1 i m ivit Mihnr and Mvtjnrrtte Cnurfhill m ''MUROFR BY AN ARIIjlOl RAT " Plm Ficnard; Anrnjn t WiKt Wild AN IfiflN DOOR WtwMima'rt tnf 'I , f 1 iy V-n Hft'it--I ifplr-rl t-i K. f 'TL'4rf Inn ipi uunnt in SHOW BUAI ' slm MARCH Of TIME'' V,. i:, H!;r Si"r? FHht "1'AKKINU " RIALTO RIVOLA ROSEDALE ROXY What the Radio Offers Today Wnlnpsday, Aug:. 2B. 1936 (Progrann are prlnlrtl M ls.iod by Ihe tiatiorit Ilsinl ami are subject to chanpa vlthout notlt.) When Does the Film Feature Start? MICHIGAN "nun riipeye.,." m.. .5. 4 ,.,. : A.'l 1(1 IA n en tiirp i n. ;i 4.i. :iu, mi p. m. ;',!,, 1 -i.i. I .or. 7 (i.t. 11 M, p. m. Kdx "r3i,lg, nrii.y. sin." 11 on m. - "i , :ta, 1 :v, j 11 . 1 .1 p. m. a.". :. it-IB 11. m. . I'MTEII AtlTIS-n "AnihonT Arlrrae." 11 IH a. m.. I :.-, 4 ,14. T.I'!. 0 50 n. ni. ADAM" "To .Mar.v - Willi l.ove." 1 -44 a. m.. 1:4. 9 ;,!, fi .Ifl. e). 10:04 p. m. STATU "Hr'vil I).. li." 11 a. m.. 1 :R5. ":"- KI-IH P- m.; "Ilia Hiothfi WiIp." i:.i, ;i:i;l. 6.U5, h.a?, 11.411 p. m. MAnisON ' Whit. Amtal," 10 . m. 1 III. 4 ::. T :.. 10 :i4 p. m.: 'Tleeil a Sriiia.Irtin. " ll.ivi a. m., ,? U5, 8.09, 8.13 p. m. RIVIERA "Whit Anrel." 15-3(1, l ,n .10. In .10 p m.: "lievirn Smiarfion " """'.?. 4H- P. .: '-rhanrne ol Ihe : 0:1. ft 2:1 h 4:1 n. m. JIDl.r.VWOlin NotM.ilv a Konl." 7 4S P- "I ; "Abnoliila Onicl.1' d;OT. 10 SO p. m. MOTION p( Tl RK ATTRAI TIONH WEDNESDAY'S OUTSTANDING FEATURES 8:30 A. 9:3(1 A. 10:30 A. 11:30 A. l'J:30 r. 1:00 P. 1:30 P. 2:00 P. 2:30 p. 3:00 P. 4:00 P. 4:15 P. 11:00 P. 7:00 P. M. Thfl Silhouettes W.m M. Calendar of Melody ( KLW M. The, lloneymoonerai WXYZ M. Merrymakers WJR M. Rex Rattle's Concert Ensemble, CKI.W M. NBC Music (iuild H WJ M. Afternoon Recess VV.IR M. Detroit at Hnston C Kl.W-W.IBK M limmy Bricrly's Music WJR M. Salzburg Music Festival VV7, M. Pacific. Kclulions Program 1VU I M. Wililerness Road W-l R M. "K.asy Aces" WXVZ M. "(avnliade of America" In Music." Don Vnorhees' Orch. W.IR "One Man's Fnniily WW. I Ji K.lclunan's Music TKI.W 7:30 P. M. Hal Kemp's Music WWJ Lavender and Old Ijce WXYZ 8:00 P. M. Kay Thompson, Ray Heather-ton; Andre Kostelaneti' Music W.IR StnopnaglA and Budd; Teter Van Steeden'g Music WWJ 8:30 P. M. "Como On, Let s Slug" .. WJR (.overnor Alf M. Landon WWJ 11:00 P. M. "Your Hit Parade," Carl Huffs Music WWJ-WXYZ ft : 4 S P. M Irving Aaronson's Music CKI.W 10:30 P. M.llarrv Rcser's Music WXVZ 11:00 P. M .Ian Oarhcr's Music WJR Stinndor; Al Donahue's Music WXYZ 11:30 P. M. Bcrnle Cummins' Music WJR I MM P. M. Horace He-ldt's Music CKI.W r 5:30 a. m. to 10 a. m. Dance Music ROYAL OAK Mary Elli. In ' FATAL UDY" Alia "Afll20A!A KAIOEIIh'' SF.NATE rt'ilU Chat. 'jile alary 8olat.ll in "EARLY TO 8ED" 6ertrle Mitn,,) inj-fOKCOTTLlI EACFVJ ajfAlU'tV ''':"' " ""'" 1-' r. it" 0 ' M !J L C I Tt-b.rt Dnnat and Jean In "THE GHOST GOES I EST '' H.rt.rt ar,nall are Crrlraae At. chad in ' TILL VE MEET Af.AIS ' STRAND TOWER Ir'itr Du Artfti in TUXEDO : li. CELTHE r Pin' Citr,-tir. f. r i . . ..- r I E L U ' C mm'' M 1 1 t t f MIDWAY T ! MVRTLE T pritrfc r ff T w ri ' 0 R r l r L 4 S DLGHTf ' ith iiM9 Kt-iisr-WtrsoTttf Chsrchiil. "Silly BiHis." Vhlff and Wcohrv. l.Vi U :;j s, ! - , ; f i;'., Ir'itr Dunne In "fHOw BfAT " V-o (t'frmig Arttn in 1 1 H t Wlhf WITH THE IRON DOW." liin4ilnr, Sffltt-rriMfM Orakt tn "AND SUnflF OUTH." AlvoGuy Kih&fe in "THt BIG NOlSt ' UPTOWN i:,"""" Irene Denna In "SHOW BOAT " ja. Willrrri in "LITTLf MISh SfipfnY ' i '..-.. A m - i; m R:.1( w.TR AtidT and Ylrj-tnia! 6:Hl WWJ (.oliirn Dati W SY. Stiariae Rreaktaat Cl'llj B:;iU HotiKholiia uai- cal rior-U 6:S i'KI.w Alarm Clock Inl'i 7:00 WW.t MatrnTm CUIr CKI.W ll.umy Job WJHK c.ri.l Mm-ninr. 7:15 WW.I Monii.ii Irevotlona W.IBK Popular Tunra 7::io W.IR Muaical I'rosram. WW.I ( Iree-i-in W.IBK ll!.:lK!.l't Time. TaiV WMHU Melurliea and Ueaal. lllla 7:. .1R Mare rirar W.MR!' rir. Zo'lar. $:00WW. Minute. WXYZ Preakfist Cliih WKXI. Mwnlnr Rcriaal S l.v W IR Mnrnmir Ncwa. 8:.KI w.TR fiilhnu'tta CKI.W .Mttrninc inrt.ea iJl:K l hiial:aa iritna R.i.inr W.SIHi- liu'lah SM.i wjk nrpirn lor Beauty W.IIIS, J cr.ll tl'n..4 ( WKXI. Ororeia I.orit. I B:0O WJR li.'ile and Rnh, WW.I 'ri-s.ll.-irt.r.: gnliosl WXYZ Pi-caa-BxIio: Yauiho' .Ictj-aih. j CKI w M'.tlTuraoi Tararia W.J1IK Ne.. W.tR M.irlmi rinrlerreHt. ! WW.I Tnn'clit'a Dinner. WXY7, A.-i.i.vralirr Riii-thm I'M W Mn. runt Musi, alej WII1K p..!. ! Wf.XI, Mnna dialler ::m WW.T Imr,,r.inna ' W.IR. Who a w ho: Bttiy r'...k-r WXY. jJh;i-a ! f'KI W I alriKMr ol Mrlorte wynr cm ,i..rv. :l. W.I It H.vii'.ni ol a!! ch 11! vh". WW.I Tn.iai-'a Childrfn. WXY?. Arrn Wo-th t Kt.W" S'nrr Para.le W-MHC Mr.untain Red WE.XL, KlrK Knichl A.M. H::iO Mil I I :' WJK P.M. -.':.-UI WAAJ 4 :rtl WJR 4:l. WJK 11:15 WvW P.M. 7:00 MTZ no WJR 8:OU W J H:. CKI.W lO.-TO 11:00 WJK P.M. Jl:30 WJR nni ( KI.W I'jion ( ki.w A.M. J'!::iO PKI.W 1:00 ( KI.W WMRO AlorThra Piio tal.1 WW.I Merr Mad.'arn WXYZ and .Muaiu CKI.W Mter Lartv W'MRC T.tinrheon M-ietc. :(IO W.iR llr. in Rill". WW.T Gnaalp n( Staia WTV7 .'!'"in. ( KI.W Bradford a Music W.lliK MoriLtnr w. WM!n: S-rrra of Pioncerri WKXI, Vuniniet : l.V WJR Art Gilel' Mane WWJ tlulleilni WXYZ Live.rok Ouolea. W.IHK Salnir Mum. ::tll WWJ Pan-e Vnalc W.TR l"i..r.!lnle a C atier WY7. Kami And ri. -"e Rorir I KI.W n- Raltlr'a Enjemtrlo W.H1K Kneitadra. W'MHf Urr Wct.h :1.i W.IR Roao Rnnm Meiorlira no Kewa- htehllrtt!. WW.I (iinld CKI.W .Mr.enter of Litht W.IHK Hilllrtin. WMHO Amn Jaroba. :l.i WJR Phil S:l!nian KI.W TnftHv a Almanac W.IHK ,T. S.olt Rla.-k. WMI'l Chirr Rr.l fl,r( :3 W.IR Reeeil WWJ O'lttt (Mill-. WXY. .I'.in I). Utnr.n CKI W trrne, W ll;K Pan.-e. Time W.VIli- MnpT H.-iir Clah .... WW.I Kid R. r-i.n CKI.W Ilar..e Rhvlhoia W.IBK T.n f n. ...ilr 2 p. m. to 6 p. m. 10 a. m. to 2 p. m. I. I r ri.'.an a r l' r, r: ( t: n " ' ' , HJi;i- UriJ I.-... i - - . - . j r.j-,.. r.. j fta.-.r I H tort in I tOEMl. AutAi VARSITY Opens Friday, Sept. 4th ; VSH ITSER R - ' WOODAARD-GRAND V : - '.'.- 'TiSL t Will h'.X-H ' H .,r.r m ei-wi : your ;::.',7..uV i (..'. Ar.i-irT a B . aw.-- ' 1 m ' H0E5AL AiihI. - I "Cr ...I. -.. 10:00 W.IR Sr.r.r :vl:iti WW.I Iraa-id Hair. -11. WXYZ T'ail F:: d. r ( K'l.W lilcjo Ki i:a.l. w.n-K Pol. h I 3-a WV'il y, ..-r. Me ol'ei WKXI. Wilier Coon 10:l.'i W.IR li,,, in R u VW.I Iji.r-.i .. H.-a rn SVZ H .rr.f. -.rrei Hnme (Ki.w Mvrt, I.!"-(. W MTIC Radio SritBivar WKXI. Dr. John w Hiivted I0::io W.IK Mrt. Paja ww.i s-.-mstK WXV. Hunr'Tmooner! f KI.W Kefier-tion. WJ1JK Vrtt!e.. 10:.1-W.IR Pnrv S'ru-f! WWJ Manna riee. WXYZ Fdw.i-11 M H tela I w I ,- w.ihi Hhvirin. R i- . 1 .im- -H li.; v i, p., WW! ,, : a . ' 5:00 W.TR Ann Leaf WW'i peoper Tount'i WXYZ T' Ma-ln- FiM KI.W l Ro'l-n WJEK Detroit al Bo.ton :I.T WWJ Maae Perkme ?:30 WJR J'.mmr Brierly M'is:i- WW! v and Mr WMRO M.irve.r.r, VYtXL Loneeome Cow Bnr!, t:1.1 W.IR Gorn deLvi. w w.t TLa ri ::a 3:(M1 WJR C-a . I utaa-nelti W'WJ pprrnit at Roatr.n WXYZ al7lnlr! Muaic aln al WfW, l.i. rm Wolf. WKXI, Ch-Marlan r'rnaade-a. t:l.- WMBG Kielvn SnU 3:(V W.tR tntniroenra!lr, WMRC Atoima a M ::-3:I.VW.IR I u.e H.a.:: w vz p., or a. Rand WMRi' Imperial K'mr aj-ian- v. ;r Ma-a-e" V r-a. WW ' l'l Ke a a WKXI, Hlllhorn Slele.n. 4::io.W.IR Huddy Clark WWJ So!oit WXYZ Wmcinr W.IRK Children a Hour l.'RCW 1'uneA and Teinooa. CKI.W Riiee Moiffann Muaic WMRO Star of Toraonow :I.V WJR Wilrierneaa Rnarl. XYZ Little Ornhan Anuie. CKI.W ptj.rea Sfnry WEXL Conrert BanrJ. 6:0(1 WJR Uocla Neal nd P-u.Iv. WW.I Klvinr Time WXVZ Radio l'.aonalHIi. CKI.W lllnihm Rnapaody CRi W llihioiina. WMBC Oorrativ ree!. S:l.i WJR Rove Ronra Mr-lr.diea WWJ s,.lmt WXYZ Hmk FtnneT't Muitc. CRCW Mulct William! W.MHC Kddie in 5:.' W.tR Wlacorarkeri. WWJ Twllitht Tunei; Mlai- Intr Porsiina. WXYZ C'KI.W !ri-hail i-..rea; Mni.. W.IRK l,.irr-rt ( WMPr liuhv .in,! Al &:!, W.IR Kcnlrew ol tht Vninlpd. WXYZ l.oar.e'1 Thnmaa. CKI.W In k Tr-.-. W M RO I hlef Rrd Ri-d. W.IHK Rniim. 6 p. m. to 10 p. m. CKI.W Miiato Hot Rerltw W.IRK Nevai Kiaah-n. CRCW Hand Box Review 7:1(1 wjrk I.itne. Theater WMRO Th'te Pall WKXi. Ted Zaiac S:0O W.IR Kay Thnmnnon: Andrt Koelelanete'a Milaio WW.I Ton-n Hall Tonlrht. WXYZ Kvte'a Rhnhmeeil. CKI.W Panr-hoa Muaie CRCW Muaio lo Remember WJRK Deen South WMRfl Pollah Pour. :I.V CKI.W Joa Sander'! Mllalr' WXYZ Bernard Levitnw W.IRK William W. Wfinatone 8:no WJR fome On, Ut l ww.i cor Alf M T.andor, WXYZ Harrjr Bellmano CKI.W Gr'at Lakel i.rniiihenf W.ITTK Hungarian Rhanio-di-a CRCW Th'! la Paril 11:111 WXYZ Craflamen i Cuild Rnnriurt 9:00 W.TR "Gaor Riiatert " WW.I "Your Hit Parade." wXYZ "Tour Hit Parade" CR( w Palutp to Yan.-onver 0:15 W.IHK Polish Ladltl Hour :no W.1TI Maron of Tlma f'KT.W Mart Kennva Mnaio CRCW Mart K"nne'a Mnalc 9:15 - WJK Rui,innff.prer- CKI.W- Irvinic Aaronon'a Mil i.. 10 p. m. to 1:30 a. m. w r ( l ' i'. 8:00 W.IR Pteyenaon Soorl!. WW, I Ty Twin. WXYZ " A.f. CKI.W Phil .Mmlfv'a Muaic W.IHK Cor-ktail Hour CRrw MarUn-e Il..h..neT WMBC Ont Hour ot Mujlc WF.AI. Dinner Mil'lo :1A w.IR Heroea of Today WWJ Dinner Mii'io WXYZ in Review CKT.w cDn--ti and Newi. wjrk CKde Inrr CRCW R,!oh rord ::to Jimmy rirrell WW.I B':'ti:.a WXYZ Tlie Lone Ranr-l M.W Vtn. cnt Yo-k a M usic P iv Pan'-'-i-er CR'.W Hj.j Crro' B:i.i poaka Carter. WWJ ?r.:olat CKI.W Sew.r Re.-ilal. W.lliK Gray Bhapaodjr wtxl Bn.iea anri i,iooma 7:00 w.IR Caylcada o( Ame:i.- wwj one Man'e Family WXYZ Fnit-a d'Pa-ee CKI.W .!.. Rei-hrran a M'laiC W 'f.K SO'i-ie f e ir :-e rR.'W' '. .tr:ra 1-"leri a - riera W M .C Ir.ih h ll t li. : 1.1 ir j p, 'K I--- 10:OOWJR New. W'WJ An'oa and Anty WXYZ Hrrold H. Rr-inlrke CKI.W si'-orr-a anr Nena, CRCW Llovd Hiintley'i WMIII) .lewlati Hour. WEXL Baaehall 10:11 W.IR Baehall S-nret WW.T World Peatewaya CKI.W Lloyd Humify'! Mu air. wjrk Rov. eheoherd'f Mitilc I0:.10 WXYZ Harry Reser'i Ml!'' WJR nvde T.uraa' Mua-: Liona T.i'ea MO 5Si WW.I studio Hour. CKI.W Te.l Wernn' Muaic. W.IPK Golden Momenta CRCW I . u I i a h, I.aroon 11:00WIR JaD GirOer I Mum-. WWJ Tronrerl WXYZ Shandor; Al Dona- trif! M.isir-CKI.w rir.n Pcjtor'a Muaic W.IRK Tralton e Milaio CRi W Sva-ITiroopalnra WMRO Panre Muaie WEXL Moonilahl Broad-caeter ll:1wwi piano. Musle CKI.W Myatery Lady 1 1 :.'!( Hernia Cummln'i Muaic. WWT tlanc. Mno. WXYZ Linn Rnmanelli'e M-'tic CK I '.V 'r.m arnraer'a Xfn.'c WI'K B -h I anl-i.m'. M i-c i-r.., rrc-ae 11:1.". ri:K R,r,h fia. ' v'?MOrva '"Mil J k m out- AWHAa wkai oe ""f fl Puring riarOTdrixtion o WrVdieMrdAv troll thratir (rom Park Ave thwirad no AAnotralol. THURSDAY! man- K 7 aT i WJ a J M - i-ar V uiiMitrii iu VHP T "Bin HniiSE!" " a a.,A tn tijf., m cm i a iil !eM anllJBaaania.aa-i fay ; , i3i Stuart Erwln n "ABSOLUTE QUIET" (J Edw. "NOBODY'S FOOL" a Cartoon and Ntwi Evtntt a....;.. STACK ATTRACTIONS Still Going Strong . . . Iter heludtd 'v flu. 1-iSI w Cflaatll'i. Catlala 9 a "The DRUNKARD" 'LAYERS' THEATRE, 3321 E. Jtffinon AMI Sl.MKNTS I 8:30 and 1 1 :30 AMI'SKMKNTS i '& UST TWO DATI faiinfV I lltrj.'ll iffijWrrM '? KARN MORtEY W$rY9 EV,L'S I 2 KAY F R A IN C I eielld.FlfillFNff NIOHTINflALE -L'lJ ua a - - ---- :-. - . ,v i 7,T. TI5C WLIIITt Ufie"'I " ' n all 1 1 1 1 I l eanuLB. ! It I richaro dix wncwi i'r cm iirDnu J KAMN MORLBY-lCI ILt jyUMwrvvli J akOtjn.ayv'3r- i "'" J1i'i'eV.gYr-ayall IAOH V tfi TiaTiBMUt itVjrf' . -i incncntnvtT HOSS AiBxairup' r 4 "Absolute Ouiet" I "Hot Money" f I IRENE HERVEr I Ross Alexander "Absolute Ouiet" I "Hot Money" PLUS MARCH OF TIME AMI'SKMKNTS ratSaJ-VaL a-r WWI I V i mm 1 1 1 , w a i i V . r y K- :fto '.r l ; w viz. i r, Pa- t Uili n-i Wave Lengths of Detroit Stations I ?:.".(! 1 f I W Toe Sa-e-', 1 :0f I Kl W M :a:c f ti. i i, y ; v.- I "1 3 f S ' ! A Z. i I a' rj. i I a ..a ...r a I I "i''

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