Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 4, 1894 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 4, 1894
Page 3
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'The Human Electrical Forces! How They Control the Organs of the Body. Tbo electrical force of tho humnn body, u tno norvo fluid may bo Urmod, U nu especially attractive department of science, us It exerts »o marked an Influence on tho health of Use orpins of tho louy- Nurvo force ia produced by tlio Drain and .-onvcycd by moans of the nurvos to the vurUms orcuiwi of tho body, llmssupplyingibo liilter •wUh tlio vitality necessary to lii- suro tucir heultli. '1"° pncunwiatrlc nerve, IM shown hero, may bo.sakl to 1)0 lh(j mo*t Important of thoemiro IHTVO sy-i- tom, as it. supplies t»o heart, lunw. stomach, 'bowcla, etc.. with tho nervo fon'u noccs-ary to keep them ui-tH'o ana healthy. AH will bo soon by thecut the IOKJ ncrvo descending Irum tho baso oC tho brain ana terminating In tho bowels IM tho piiuumoEtastrlc, iwhlle tiio numerous lit-, tlo branches supply the heart, lungs ami stotn-i ach with necessary vitality. Whon tlio brain beroron In any wuv disordered by irritability or exhaustion, flio uervq force wUlcU It supullfta Is lessened, and tho or- Xaos receiving tho (lit rolnlsltod supply arc COQ- aenuontly wcakotiod. Physicians generally full to recognize, tho Importance of Mils fact, but treat tho -orsan itsel f instead of tho cause of i ho trouble Tho notod specialist. Franklin Wiles, M. D, LL. B., has Rlvon tho greater part of his life to tlie study of this subject, »nd the prinL-lp;ii discoveries concerning It are due tohls effort*. i)r. Miles 1 licgtorative Nervine, the unrivaled bra;n »nd riorve food, is prepared on tho principle that nil nervous »nd many other SllBcuHlo3 originate from disorders of tr.o nervcceators. Its wonderful success in curing these disorders U testified, to by thousands la every part of the land, Kestoratlvo Nervine cures sleeplessness, nervous prostration, dizziness, hysteria. sos- ual debility, St. Vltusdanco, epilepsy, etc. It la f roof rota opiates or dangerous drugs, ll. Is sold on a positive cuaranteo by all druR- Blsts. or sent direct by tho Dr. Mllos lledlcal '•Co., Elkhart.Jnd.,011 receipt of price. *1 per ISottle. six bottled for 15. express prepaid. DAILY JOURNAL WKDNKSDAY MOllSINO MARCH-I. ftloiro silk cnpos at tho Beo Hive. 'St. Bridget's Council meets tooijrht. Curtains of all kinds at tho Golden Buie. Childroa'3 shoes 29 cents.—Anderson & Kana. 37 coats for laclios diamond tipped Oxford shoos, at Kraus', Flat, 3d floor, furnished room, 2d floor, /or runt.—Hurry Frank. For Hunt—Nicely Jurniehod room. Kent ch> tip, 2i5 Sovooth street. Dr. Hollo way's oftiee in tho Progress block, corner 4tb and Market streets. J. H. McMillen baa early Ohio seed potatoes from Seedsman's stock and warranted puro, for sale. Dr. A. Miller. Thursday and Friday, at hia new o«loe SH North stroot opf oa tc Court House Park. Claris Union No. 0, will give an invitation dance at tho G. A. R. hall Thursday evening April 12t,h. j No bankrupt stock unloaded after midnight at our stores; every pair sold, strictly Ural-class goods —Ander. eon & lla.na. The severest cases of rheumatism .are cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla, the .great blood purifier. JTow Is the time to take It. Hood's Cures. Wanted—Strong, experienced irl.g tor washlnff. Ironing and room work. Eecommendatlons required. Apply to 627 Market street. All members of "the S. A. to the O. R. C., are requested to be present at ihe regular meeting Wednesday, April 4th. By order of President. TheJ. E. Snoll & Co's auction sale of notions will commence at 7 o'clock tonipht. Last night throngs of people were in attendance until a late hour. The Baby's Best Friend—McLlnn's Onion Syrup gives immediate relief and cures croup, colds, oolic, and particularly vomiting of curdled milk. .For sale b.y B. F Koesling. Only 25 cents per bottle. Tho makers of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve. Vitaiizer olVor all nervous sufTorers advice and consultation of the Doctor free of charge. Inclose stamp to Tho J. \V. Brant Co., Albion, Mich. A.nk Ben Fisher. The Band of Hope, under the auspiciea of Miss Carrie Haney, will .give a musical and literary entertainment at the Broadway Mothodiat church, Wednesday evening, April -1. Refreshments will bo served. Admission 10 cents. Is your head cleat P Have you a good grip on all your interests and a •boundless energy in your blood? You can have both If you observe the pro- caution to take, when retiring for the night, a dose of Smith's Bile Beans. By the time you get to work next day jou will feel so if you could u 1 n •train of cars. Bo sure to get the small size. The latest and most valuable im provement in a piano IB a transposing key board, enabling tho performer to play in either the standard InMr- oattonsl or the concert pilch without •change of key. J. C. Bridge has in fltock an assortment of tho Bush & •QertB pianos, and invites musicians «nd all interested in piano* to call at hi* place. 410 Broadway, to see and toft their wonderful improvements and mjwrior meriU. THE LATE E. B, WALL. The funeral of E. B. Wall will be held at Columbus today and railroad officials from all parts of the Pennsylvania system are Hocking to that city to be present. Mr. Wall was born at Kingsboro N. Y., April 25, 1856, and was consequently nearly 88 years old. Alter graduating from a polytechnic institute in 1S70 he entered tho shops of tho Pennsylvania company in AN tona and having natural skill and aptitude soon mastered tho mechanical department. In 1879 he was appinted inspector of material usod at Altoona in the construction of locomotives and cars; in 1882 ho was appointed master mechanic of the shops ot the Pittsburg, Cincinnati & St. Louis company, at Columbus, O., and in the following year was made superintendent of motive power ol the Pennsylvania linos (southwestern system), which position ho hold until 1893, when he was made first assistant to James McCrea. first vice president, Oa going to Europe he retired from that position, and on his return was made assistant to Gon. Manager Joseph Wood, which position ho hold at the time of his death, practically being the assistant general manager. He leaves an eight months old infant, his wife having died giving birth to the child. HKAD END COLLISION. Yesterday afternoon at 2:40 o'clock a head end collision occurred on the Pan Handle at Union City. The col, lislon -occurred between tho flrstsoc- tion of train 79 and an east-bound extra, and for a time a serious wreck was feared, but owing to tho fact that both trains were brought nearly to a standstill not much damage was done. The locomotives Nos. 310 and 418 were but slightly damaged and several cars woro derailed nnd damaged, all bands leaving their positions when they saw that a collision could not bo avoided. Train CD was in charge of engineer J. C. Irwin and Conductor S. C. Casaidy, and tho extra in charge of engineer Harry Longabaugh and Jondutor M. J. Saxon. It will require an oiliclal Investigation to determine who Is to blame for the wreck, Master Mechanic Pennock went to Columbus yesterday to attend the 'uneral of E. B. Wall. Goo. Guinup, Pan Handle brakoman has returned to duty after a throe weeks spell of sickness. Jacob Krieg, of tho Pan Handle boiler shop, has returned from a week's visit at Indianapolis, V. K. Hondrlcks, engineer of main- enanco of way on the Michigan division of the Vandalia was in the city pestorday. The annual meeting of the stockholders of the P. C. C. & St. L. will be iota in Plttsburg next Wednesday April llth. An extrft switchman named Freese was slightly squeezed between two passenger coaches yesterday afternoon whilo making a coupling. H. S. Tousley arrived home from Hot Springs last evening whore he had been for the past two weeks with his son for the benefit of the latter'a health. President McKeen of the Vandalia has so far recovered as to be able te bo up part of tho time. Ho is now considered to be out of immediate danger. All Wabash west bound trains woro yotitorday loaded down with G. A. R. men going to the convention at Lafayette. Agent Nawell reports the sale of about one hundred tickets. The Pan Handle is gaining quite a rcpntatlon as an emigrant route. Scarcely a week passes but that several hundred passengers pass through hero from the seaboard to Chicago. Supt. Walton left f&r Chicago yesterday afternoon on official business. Ho left that city on No. 10 -last oven- ing for Columbus where he will be present at the funeral of E. B. Wall. EJward Masoom the Pan Handle brakeman who lost a leg Sunday night at Anderson died at Richmond Monday evening on account of the excessive loss of blood. Ho will bs buried today at Elyria, 0. According to a Richmond exchange a numbor of engineers of that city who arc oat of employment have signed contracts to leave for South America and accept positions on railways. Railroad building In that part of tho world has been rather extensive of late and the supply of competent men has been exhausted. East bound shipments from Chioago last week amounted to 95,188 ton*, against 85,316 for the preceding week and 85,522 tons for the corresponding week of last year. . The roads carried tonnage as follows: Michigan Central, 9,286; Wabash, 8,944; Laka Shore, 16 681; Fort Wayne, 15,696; Pan Handle, 9,106; Baltimore & Ohio, Grand Trunk, 6,297; Nlokel Plate. 9,094: Chicago & Erie, 10,098; Big Four, 2,464. W. B. Leeks retired from the uuper- Intendeacy of the Richmond division yesterday and the duties are temporarily performed under the direction of Gen. Supt, J. F. Miller until his successor Is appointed. The wholesale discharge of passenger conductors on the Big Four is not yet ended and Monday three were discharged on tbo Michigan division and the reason assigned was disobodiance of orders. The Monon, too, has caught tho crn/.o and has discharged a number ot their oldest mon. Monday evening tho citizens of Lafayette signed tho contract whereby the Monon shops were secured to the city lor a cash bonus of $300,000. New Albany, it la said, will take legal steps to prevent tbo moving of tho shops. The shop's pay roll amounts to about $-10,000 a mooth. The death of K. B. Wall, Assistant to the 1st Vice President of the Pennsylvania Company west of Plttaburg will result In many official changes in the roster of the present officers. It is generally believed that Mr. Watts will have a promotion and that this will boost all along the line minor officials. As far as It has been tried the coal saving plan Is proving itself to be a benefit both to the company and tho men. Nearly every crew returning from a trip report a saving of coal from the regular allowance and eonae of them are vying with one another for the largest reward at tho end of the month. The Pan Handle crowd who have just relumed from English Lake after a two day's hunt camo back empty handed. They report ducks to. be fairly plentiful but hard to get at on account of the extensive mnreh through which it is impossible to penetrate and In which tho ducks find a safe retreat. Heal Extttlo Transfer*. u st of transfers of r«al estat« In Ciisa county ruported byKranKli. Wlpperman abstractor or ;ltles, conveyancer mid notary public, Insurance and loan iiaent. titles to real estate examined •ind deroct.vo titles perfcctm). Money to lonn at lowest rates. Olllcs 20fi Fourth street directly oniiosltoCourt House entrance, LDKiinsport, Ind. John K Kelleyet Hi to NickKi-'ln KV> ft u! w side lot 1GO 0 P W. Lopin S T H. Simpson mitl wife to A. I 1 , .leiiks lots 0 mid 1 Simpson's add .ilia A. Cook to Ionia K. ll>-nft 1 w JO •I'i-U'fl u ot w end si! 14 sec -l> Nolile tp. Hterliakertital to John Baker pt lot iiMerolanian and Brown adil Sarah Gleiisoii to Arthur E. abater .lli/i xlfji tt HH coi'17 and (.,'oo r KQ J prrencflCuimtnghusn <'t ulto Arthur E Sliafer Mimu us above Henry KlrkimtrleH to Thos Marshall pt e i/ii se Ui SB s 27 Jnck-uu tp •••••,••,•S. F Lout/, and wlf» to Henry HulilKr jit i* V'j "* Vl sec at ,1o!t tp lit lot I and 4 Lakwldw; also ir'l s 1,1' o Vi> so Vl sec 21 same tp COM 00 He iry Hauler to Elite Lontz simie us • IU OT(> 0000 00 Clins w'. HomburpshftoJiuiM. Ulolio- smi uiiii i,ii e 13 32-10(1 a w to so Vi soc Ja"i il. lilchesoii'to Clinton i'ursone'tt same as above ,• - • ; Elimirc Harloy to Melvln G, Hurley and wife pt outlot. 3 ««> Tlpton's add out if)**l ^ ( ( ,,.,,.,., i... i— W w Win w' 'NethVrcTitt'to'Jas McDowell lot OOP fieorcetown • -U «> Levl H. Brown to Andrew Ullslniwr and wire nSl a s 91 of pt se Vl see 13 Noble 1 00 70000 800 00 1 00 1000 00 TOO 00 25 00 35332 200 tp... 400000 Thos Pierce to Mrs. Mary Ann Smith lot •M Tlptoa iidmln 1st add nw cor Sroad wayandioihst ............................ ••••-• «»39 31 T H. Shanks to Abner ShnnkH nnd i,jj n ife n Vj .w '4 »ea 5 nnd s Vj nw Vl same si'C In Deer Ck to ............ ....... ...... •• ...... 'W "0 Uenry «. Snail W .loan W. Snell s Ify ne U tr'l nee 7 Tlntori tp ................. ••••••• 210000 Sanmpl A. Gearbcnrd ti Sarah Barnliart and busb lots 1 anil 2 Suuman uilo. to John Pi«mfiicr"'w" Jus"wil'lliiiiis 'lot 6 Thompson and Hargrove add Bity.... Ja». Williams to D A. MeCloaJy lot 0 Thompson and Hiirzrave add ...... D A. McCleary to B«nJ D. Brad Held lot BThomoson and Hansnwe ml»l .......... MaryB. Conyrlon to Ll .coin Clpo ana wlfelotlblklLandls 1 mod ....... ........ 200000 J, H, Lux to Jos and May (iiilt lot 00 10300 400 00 14000 140 00 12500 Jos. H. CralK to.l. W. and 1. Young pt outlot 2 Laltos • S add ....................... ••• J200 00 Eil f. Small to Jus Guy ne IA se i»i ape Wiusll tp ................. . .......................... isf; y to KdF. Small eV»»w Usee ............ ,..,, ......... Mary (fllsl w'r'to Uv'l Drown lots 1!, Hint IS Catholic church tmm. Nine mortgagiu Illeil aKKrewitlnc J>000 00 lOOu 00 .!(« no 40U7 76 "Pomp" MII»> TttUo Antl-ITttt. Johnny Mooning has rtcaived loiters from tho Loeunsport parties in regard to the proposed match with Pitts and "Pompadour Johnny" Bailey, says the Peru Journal. Mon- niop says that Bailey is about fifty pounds too heavy for tho Peru man, and would not agree to put up Pitts against Bailoy unless tho latter would reduce himself in weight, to more easily match Pitts. A purso of $300 or more can be raised hero on the fight. Monnlng wants throe weeks time alter the articles aro signed to train Pitta. _ JWO Beward, *100. The reader of this paper will be pleased to learn thiit «>«M l« nt least one dreaded diseases that ao eaoe lias been able to cure la all Its stages ftmUlia" Is Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is tlie only nOTl'lve cure known to the medical fraternity. Catarrh "hilng a constitutional dlssim, require* a coMtltntlo nS trwitinwit. Hull's Catarrh Cure Is SJkAn i t trnallr aciliW directly on the blood nnd iSwiV"uffisotX "Hystem, thereby dHstn>,lng thetoimlato^of the disease, and ijlvln* the pa- tlMi t « "rengtb by building up the constitution and ash stlnK iwtura in doing Its work. The proprla- tow naveM inuen faith In Us curative powers, th.it thev oSer One Hundred Dollars for any case thut if falls to cure. Send for list or testimonials. AriireJs. f. .ifcHENBr * CO., Toledo, O. IVdold. by drognlats. ^ Vandalta Line Kxcnr«Ion» To South, Southeast and Southwest will run on various dates from now until Juna 5, 1891, Inclusive. One fare round trip. C»ll on or address anyVandalla line agent and ask for information contained In circular No. 327 of January 20, 1894. Quaker kead»oh» oapiuli- glw re. lief in ten minutei. HOW AEEJMEN ALWAA9 BUSY. PBlne'* Celery Compound the Bye Inercuei tl»e Appetite, ttentorea Sleep, Recnlatei the Vital Oreaun. Under tho stress of social or business duties, or both, how few business men find time to properly repair the waste of excessive mental labor and close confinement. The result of this neglect Is plainly to bo read In the care-worn, nervous faces and physical poverty of tho average business man one meets- But Palne's celery compound brightens their eyes, increases their appetite, causes good digestion and regular action of thu organs of assimilation. Much so called overwork of business men is t'aa overwork of worry, care, anxiety, haste. These make the severest drafts ou tbcir vitality. Those who suffer from nervous debility, mental depression, sleeplessness, or dyspepsia, find Palne's celery com pound a powerful restorative. It regulates the liver and kidneys, cleanses tho blood, and foods tho nerves and nerve centers all over tho body. Recovery from diseases of the liver, kidneys, and stomach by the aid of Palne's celery compound is lasting. It Is the greatest of all naodean rostor-. atlve agents. Paino's celery compound is prescribed by physicians who differ in many other things but agree in oatl- macing highly this greatest of remedies for curing diseases of tho kidneys rheumatism, gout, dyspepsia, Bright's disease and stomach ditordors duo to a deranged nervous system. Official Call. . The Republicans of ' Cues County, Indiana, and all others who desire to co-operate with them are requested to moot In their several townships and wards at the time and plu.ce dciignat ed for the purpose of selecting dele, gates to tho Kepublican State convention to be hold at Indianapolis on April 25, 139-1, and to tho Republican Congressional convention to be held at Hammond, Ind., on May 24, 3894. Tho placa and timo fixed for said meetings is as follows: Adams to wr. ship—Twelve Mile, April 21, at 1 p. m. Bethlehem township—Metea. April 21, at 1. p. m. Boons township—Royal Center, April 21. at 1 p m. Clay lownshii—Shady Nook school house, April 21 at 1 p. m. Clinton township—Clymers April. 20, at 7 p. m. Dee'- Creek township —Center school house, April21, 1 p. m. Harrison township—Lucerne, Apr 1 21, 1 p- m- Jackson township—Galvoston, April 21, 1 p. m. Jefferson township — Galloway school house, April 21. 1 p. m Miami township—New Waverly, April 21, 1 p. m. Noble—Centre school house, April 21, 1 p. m. Tipton township—Onward, April 21, 1 p. m. Washington township — Centre school house, April 19, 1 p, m. First ward—Engine houae.April -1, 8 Second ward-Rink April 21, 8 p. Third ward—Council chamber, Aorll 21, 8 p. m. Fourth ward—Rink, April 21, 8 p. Fifth ward—Engine house, April 21, 8 p. m. ' . The several townships and wards will be entitled to representatives as follows and the meetings will select the number of delegates as follows; StntB Congressional Convention. Convention. Ailnms township .... Hootiu Cluy Clinton Deer Creek Harrison .TankMm ,ltM!»riion Miami Nobln Tipton WiishlnRton First ward . Tlilnl •• Konrtli '! K ' f Bv order of tho Central Committee. 3 J.Z. POWELL, D. W. TOMLINSON-, Chairman. Secretary. Deliver eiilaens Excited. The people of Denver awoke Sun. day morning to hoar that a very bold burglary bad been committed during tho night. Samuel Mull's saloon was the place visited and twenty-four bottles of whisky, worth *36, $15 worth of tobacco and |4 worth other goods were taken from the place. The Denver detective force at once got to work and Monday morning Constable Bell had the satisfaction of delivering three men over to the Sheriff, whom it is thought are the guilty people eon. nected with the burglary. They are Charles Hoover, Aaron Lantz and Frank Hoover They will remain in jail at Peru to await the action ol the Circuit Court. Al tertW b» u '" OTer - &n * the bre8lc oi morn> After tn« daneew leaving, after tbe'itara an M-D, ahead awning, If ;ou but knew it all, *»,**._••• - ««5 •« Listen! Back from the rnou» tain of Discovery and Program in the treatment of d'sean* conies the echo, "Curable." Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitaiizer is a part of ilv.s progress, anJ rings the echo, "Curable," t<i every sufferw i'ix>;;i ills, e-pilcpsy, St. Vims ij.ince, or oilier nerve disorders, because it GUVS :i!l o!' ilK-ni :is it cured Mrs. l.en:i Cooper, oi' i5>4 I.ornin Street ClevehnJ, Ohio, \vho says of the Vitaiizer: "I be,i;n:i t;i use it— srowinj; beiier at once. The im!"'over.icnt was \vond:.-:lul—q-jieliiu; niy nerves .-inJ. rel'reshii:;; r.\: uinil > fee! l;!\e anothei pei'Suii." Mrs. Cooper h.-id St. V:tus d.-ince from birth, ll yielded to no medical treatni^it :ind w:is :is?v:iv:it<J by '.'its v, iien she became 16 years old. Is now ;t hi'.-il'Jiy and iuppy wife. Price . $1.00 a Bottje F r ee S.-imvIo f".r C'.invi.-.cm-? trial,of dru«.•.!:•!•-. or if n^t M;>H I .'>t c'.esiers ' WC OlffCr $£jOO o,','ii. N iM vhM.Vy .111- -Jys^-n '•!(:.• .vist-. c.1'1 T;!H>H-(l).it u:i> i L .in,.,!y CI.VI.H.I- M.i';i!iin.-, l>i',u':i. Cms.-"'.-, or oilu-r hailiil"! Jlil;^ •insr ;r. -^'air.ps' n>r P-.^I.-.S..-. !f in dcuiht .-.hour, \\iui t:;..i:!iie. si.ne yot;r ca>e fully, ind th's l;<>cli>:' «'ill iTivc- lie-- adv.ce. Ail wcicoiin;. Au.iros THE J. W. BRANT CO., Maker.-, A!;.?icn, Mich. or 42 De.v Sirec'.. N'-«' •"'> For Sale by Ben Fisher, 311 Fourth St. NEW STYLES FOR EASTER. WflLKER 5c RfUJOH. Tha-Mou-- Is purely a Vegetable Corapoud, especially adapted to cure all diseases of the Blood and Secretory System, such as ASTiiHA, Hay Fever, Scrofula, Eczsma, Dyspepsia, Rheumatism, Lagrippe, Catarrh, Kidney and Liver It is a Harmless Blood Purifying Compound. m uke It wltn portoct safety; It wl'l do Just as claimed for It Anf "h'l'l or (l"Hcv« woman cm uke It wltn portoct safety; It w o us as came 'n FT A \Tr\ IT '« vary plfwant to the last* and relieves .llfflailt paroxysms ol bn I M A ~ M. U U (iiilcKen.s diction, Mipiiat^s 'ha liver and Dowels, sharpen* -ne a soitii* Tiw n^..sjiinrt«s iiirt DlooJ. invUor,itf>s tliBmlnU. ton»s up tb» mascl-8, relieves n«'d icli 9 p l"l itns pirn clMiises the kidneys and DlHddi-r. Improves tl» lirarfd acnan. stre ti>Rbomw re«or'iilos( vltalltv soltens tlm slcln. bpauriles tho complexion. Mnows nil f rres. plra- ^Hlltclreffromtto llnttlp. SlJcforJ.VOJ. Sold by all druggists. Tlli MOD CLUtf COJU'AMf, KOlvOMO, LND. B.1T. Keesling, Logansp.rt, CANDIDATES. you I will t» a candidate for TroiuTOrer ot the cltj of I-ocansport. subjoot to tli« will of the Bepubll can City NomlnailnK Contention. „„„,„ (J. n. bAKQKNT. Loiransport, Ind., February 13, JtS«. r will be a candidate for Treasurer of the city of LoeiUiripdrt, subject to tue will of the Bepabll- can City Nominating Convention. A. LONG. Logansport, Ind., Febrnary 1«, J891. [ will be K candidate for nomination for the oflice of Cltf Trein-nrer subject to the will of the Republican Convention. J. D. AU-ISON. _Log«nsport, Ind., feoniary 19, 1894. I will be a candidate for Treasurer of the cltj of LOKansport, nubj(«t to the will ot the Republican City Nominating Convention. J . tj. (*j L f rOWKL.1— Logansport, Ind., SInrch 5, 1891. KOK CLERK. I will be a cantild ite for ClsrK of tlie City of Lo- Kinsport. subject to the will of the Kopub.ican City Noiulua«ue Convention. A1.IIKKT &WADSKKH. Logansport, Ind., March si, lo'Jl- I'OK .1IAVOII. Major MeFadln will b« a candidate for the ofllce of Mayor of the City or Loitar.spon subject to the Pcmocratlo City Conviiiitluii and 11 eleelMl no councllniaii orclly olllclal wili b« poruiltu^ to vow tu« uiipuywr's inonei Into his own DOCKDI u it la 111 Ills iwwerto prevent It. Don't Tob<wo S|ilt or Smoke Tour J.lfo Awn? la tue truthful, mavtllnu tltlo or a little book that tolls all about No-to-bac. in« wondcrtnl. hariii- less, oOAiiANTKKii tobucco habit cur*. The co.->t Is trilling, and the man who wants to quit and can't nins nophy.-lc.il or iln:incl.il r lu using "No-to-bacK." 6olu by Brti Klslier, Book at siore, or by mall free. Address, The Sterling lltmedj' Co., Indiana Mineral Springs, Ind. Vouching Kemp'i Balnam will (top the it onoe WONDERFUL! The Remarkable Cure of an Arkansas City Street ;Com- missioiier. I had an attack of La firlppe the 18th of December, complicated with tonsllltis; was conflned to my bed one wtwk. TIM physicians gave me np My breathing was very labored; had a smothered sonsatlonattunes; my chose and lungs were vary sore. Phelp's"FourC" remedy helped me the first dose: the soreuoss left ray chest almost Itx- stantlf; waa wall In thrae days. The above U duo Mr. Pheius In simple Jostles to this wonder- fol medicine, p - H - *'» ANB ^ IStreet Commissioner Arkansas City, December 30th, 1831. Four "C" has cured Asthma, Bronchitis, Pneumonia, and Ulcerated TonMlItls. In composition Ills DIFFSBENT,l»»OBKTOWBBrtn. and AOirw la fact Is as DIFFERBENT from aw other long remedy an molasJM Is different Jrom vlnegat. It la&BETBLATIOX. BEST or ALL TOO *AH no MMt. Tie BSSHNCB of tha contract la, Fo«r "C" mJSX &IVE SATISFACTION or monej Mond*4 BEN FISHER. BISK|TC fonnditlomi DlicOTtred. Chicago citizens in their desire, t* excel, have lately accomplished a blf feat, namely: in discovering by actual measurements that there are torn* L&dy residents who can wear shOM twelve Inches long;. Your blood needs regulating In spring. • -Lafeld Cabinet Port" U nature's own blood purifier. Mild Mid mellow. Price, quarts, (1; plnta, 60 coata. For gale by W. H. Porter, proscription druggist, 326 Market street, Logansport, Ind. The Paczle Halved. Perhaps DO local disease has puzzled and baffled the medical profession more than nasal catarrh. While not Immediately fatal it is among the most nauseous and disgusting ills tbo flesh is heir to, and the records show very few or no cases of radical cure ot chronic catarrh by any of the many modes of treatment until the Intro* auction of Ely's Cream Balm a lew years ago. The success of this pre^^ hae been most gratifying anosurprising. No druggist is without it. _ BlllouH colic PreTeuteA. Persons who aro subject to attack* of bilious colic can almost invariably tell, by their feelings, when to expect an attack. If Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is taken as soon as these symptoms appear. they can ward off tho disease. Such persons should always keep tho remo~ dy at hand, ready for immediate uie when needed. Two or three doses of It at the right time will save them much suffering-. For gale by B. F. Keosllng, druggist. G. A. K. On the occasion of the Encamp. ment G. A. R. and Woman'* Relief Corps of Indiana, at Lafayette, Ind., April 1 and 5, 1891, the Wabaah Rill- road Company, will sell round trip tlckts for $1.11. Tickets will be «old April 3d and 4th, good going date ot sale and good returning not later than April 6th. C. G. NEWELL, Ag't, Wabash R. R. Co. A <ioo<L Liver. Keep your liver active and you'll not suffer with biliousness—th«re'i the secret. When bllloui try a 25. cent package ot Simmons Liver Regulator powder. ' Take it On tho tongue or make tea. You'll take no aor» pills. ,..•;•••,,. '^'^...,:,:^)^i:.^^^

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