Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1952
Page 11
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,IT**, HOM, A|*AN»A» Man Joy, , 982 FIED For Salt ANV v«», top pea «nd fill Help Wonted I, Oi*n iW«wrlUf, ,ftnh etwfeto Wilf. BMrtt full time. Allied, Box )I«A, KnoKvRle, D-ll-im PAINT SALE, lily ot colon, 150 I, .j paint, A »*tf*2, HMw y» . Sto DM* inch at ,«nf, 19,000 f*«t UlM 3*4, DreiMd wtltf •rid Uraifht, 4 to 18 (oat long. CfclBnlty of «W. ZxlO, «!8, ftnn- dom J*nith«, rte»*6ni»bio T>flc«. Call ft, N, Mouior, Phono 7-448(1, 19-9t SHS5 ,'S bleyole, *t«rtdsrd »i«o wllh baikat. Good »h«po, Atll» Ifltfte, P" iwln«, 98" c«ntar with «U«eH» montu, A bargain. 0' Electro- lux r«frlir*rnior, Phone 7-3013. 81JRB baby bod and planllc In inaltroM. Brnkcm. tie »-3t rnwabur 8,/rJUmRt> bird do«* Johnny Oroen, IU. 4, Hope, Phone 74840, .. old feed company ha« «• «lii»fv* tcrrHorlM open tn UtU «ind »UrToundln« em<htl«i for full or part time Mpmntttlvmi «B* n U> 58, No invettment. Homo nl|h(i, Car herenary. Oood eti*n c« tor «dv*nc«»m*«', Write Box "It" in core ot Hope Star, Hope Guordi to MayFotwoi TH* Hop* Ntttofsal Guard fa«*k«t- bull W«m tnd the P»tmoi Aii-8t*r« will meet TuMdoy night at » o'» clock In the KofM High School natlum, In the flr»t meeting of the two teem*, Hope won by n etoie margin, CHItlSTMAfl -ptlekAgo containing woman'* lingerie between We»t Broil, and 917 We»l flth. FhOne 7-2<iO, 20131 WIMB nnd Cr«y rev*r»lble boy* Jacket near Mnrlforook, Rant of Blcvlni, 'II found notify Korncc Hdnw, Pr«»cott Rwtc 9. 2Mt Home Study Coune COMPLETE your high tcbool at htmtt In uparo Utne, diploma. No clatie*, text* furnUhed. Write tor tree booklat. American School, #08 Alabama, Fort Smith, Arkan»BB. N-10-lm Service! Of fered •>>! M\m by *l < V :*PA.. *»$!««V"*K ^»4? font 19JJO I Ntvwto, AllUr ioun> LOOM. «nd lon( diiUno* Hmllng, Alio local moving. Bee Durmlo N-38-lm MATTflESS f«tiov»tion And inner- lifting work, Cobb Mntlrem Co., 818 8, WaBhlngton, Phone 7-8023. N-M-IM Notlci r VOW want to drink, that'i your bu»lficM, It you want to quit, U»«t'« our buiineM, Alco- J.ollcs Anonymotu, P. 0. Box 880, N-18-im POSTlVfl^Y Mo HtmtlnB on ttny of our land, C. B. Waddle and Dttvlrt Wnddlo, 18-6t BuiintM Opportunity Cnr Ownor with fl hours wvfk ipnro time tn tiarv- leo loviio ot vmullns mnchlnps for 40 per cent of colktctloiu, up to $()0 weoltly, do' on spore time devoted. Must bo hono»t, rollablo. ami have fOQO worklnu cnpitut-for In* Enough copyrloM, •y King rt*\\ir*» Syndicate. Oiittftd Chairman Stfki Interview SPORTS ROUNDUP ,ly OAYUE TALBOt. WOT SPniNOS, (*) ~ the ousted assistant rhalrman of the Demo dratlc Kfltlonal Committee Is seek Ing an Interview with lllinolit Oov. By OAYLtt TALBOT NBW VORK, Ifl — Science ha» not yet discovered perpetual motion but the nearest human equivalent ha* been found on one of the Wller. knobs of the Cumberland Mountains down In Tcnneflnce. He is U>n Vornell, basketball eoech, bimlnegsman, retired farm- tr, preacher, radio announcer, writer and after-dinner speaker. They call him "High Velocity Varnell," Vornell, to his own mind, Is a basketball coach ttrst-hend instate tor of the Unlvcrfity of the South ____ Adlal Stevenson to protcul hlg dU.tenm at Scwaneo. tcnn.— nnd r.ll mlx«al last month. He IN Lawrence WcMbrook of Hot Spring*, rlUmU«ed following pub llcity concerning his alleged In Uthi-r things afterwards. HP Is im nulomible denier In two counties— Franklin County, where the university Is located. volvemcnt in a 0 million dollar'and adjoining Grundy County. He government tungatcn contract, lal or cancelled, We»tbrook'» »on, Joel Westbrooh a San Antonio, Tex. attorney, aald he roquoxted the intiirvtcw with Stovctuori Saturday. He aald hit father had been refuned an In vcnUxntlon of the charges by Dem ocnitlc National Committeeman fik'vcn Mitchell. The younger Westbrook said Mitchell "now concedes that no legal or moral code had been vlo |atcd" In tlvltlcs. the party official's ac owns outlet stores In Sewanee nnd anuiher In Ft. Worth, Tex. Me has hardwnrc stores in McKcnzle »f>d Orei-nfield, Tcnn. In McKenzie, he also owns an appliance store, a hotel nnd cafe. Milwaukee May Be Next Big Leaguer By JOE REICHLER NKW YOHK (IP) — Tho oft-rc-j periled rumor thnl Milwaukee will! be the next major !<?:<KIK: city i.;j bc'liiR bruited about gain but thi;, time it is the St. Lou is Brown:-:, and not the Boston Bnives, vho- nr<> supposed to move into that' town and its new municipal slad-i AFL Compromise on T-H Low Indicated WASHINGTON, Wl —The newj hetid of 'the American Federation j of Labor nays the AFL. which long lias demanded repeal of the Taft- H'trtley Act, now is willing to Fotiic for satisfactory amendments to the labor law. Oi-orgc Meany, AFL president, snirl yesterday in a radio interview Unit the November 4 election was "moro nr less stopped" the drive | for repeal. him. "1 know that Braves own thoi Cherry May Have Plenty of Power LITTt.K ROCK. I^PI—Gov.-elect Milwaukee frnnchisi:." an infonr-i I''''aiii'i.-i Ch<>rry may gain more unt said, "but the Browns will bo' iw\v<-r than _previous governors _if in there within two-throe years, j • It's already in the- works. Bill : Veeck (Brown's president) cannot'wt- plan for new state administration is carried Lockesburg Best in Cage Tournament » Lockesburg cnpturocl the Nashville basketball tournament Saturday with a 57 to 56 victory over Hot Springs. A free throw at the end of the contest was made by H. Zachary giving Locksburg tho win. The victors handily defeated- De- Queen and Hope trf go to the finals. In the girls division Nashville rolled up an easy 44 to 38 victorj% over Lockesburg for the title. on record for Milwaukee He is a uupply preacher for thejreol estate in S olslon Conference of the Metho- man's Park. But hc is euro ho can dispose nf hi-;! ;;roatrr The pbn also would provide Suit Aoainst DuPont Withdrawn WILMINGTON, Del. I/B— Du Pont'¥ President Crawford H. Grecnwalt says the Justice Department has withdrawn a criminal antitrust suit against E. I. Du Pont de Nem tc administrative .ours and Company but foiled d publicize the action. tllst Church. Any Sunday he is Called upon to till a pulpit, lit- has to ho ready. He delivers a sportscast for a Winchester radio station six nights a week and writes for sports nine- St. Louis, Sports-! pr:u.-tk-cs ''->' " le legislature ho has be-on no- .'Vrr hrfcru. than Kotialiny with certain MilwauUo- cans for several months now." The major leaKue.s, at th<!iv meeting in Phoenix, Arizona, re-1 ccnlly, passed a rule making it| relatively easy to switch a major o proposal is similar to a plan submitted by t)r. Henry Alexander at th<> University of Arkansas to (hi; Arkansas Legislative Council A doctor in tho Voterani Admin- litrotton writes n« follows: ; "We 8re boiet by leeched and othor pftr«»ltca who tap our very llfo blopd. In my work wo find them by tho thousand. "Several month* ago I Inter- Viewed tk patient. He wan Inducted Into the Army In 1018, Ho hod pollntfra. He was hospitalized, troatod and, o few months later, discharged, Since then, he has not waffceti | lick.' He- hits spent mont ot the S» in various VA vontory, Include phone t»\A In application. Box «/o Hope Star. Wrlto For Rent centum, DorfOckd tmd hospitals, Whdn 1 «BW him, he appeared as « hu*ky, obew, mentally dull man of about W Svho, obviously, hod hot mtti«d ft tr«o menl in yoors. Ha goU tpufdHiiedtilBUndry, host- pU«ll*fttlwi, complete- medical, nuralcal And dental cnro, fnlso tooth, «ycft)njfieR, hearing olds, movies, anylhlnjj ho naedas 'or want*. If Ite cnres to buy some ttxtrAff, lull? as ; more cigarettes. \vltti tile «*«** j*i»*" tit rt«.' j i-*^/*.,^— kitchen and bitth, West Avo. D, Cloiin in, MS mon> th. CaH Phono 7-4001. 18-3t PURN18HED S room houiji, Mid. diabrooki Qroeory, Phono 7-3701, Uitd Cars For Sole GIVE YOURSELF ONE OF THESE 61-EAN USED CARS TH 13 CHRISTMAS 1950 FQRD CUSTOM » door. .JBxtra clean. R«<Ho h«« or, white alto wall tires cover*. ^Uxtfreo. ' iDd-Huckers , . , sr » "round *aoO',000, owU, with moro to come." ThU woukj »««>« (o IncUido a nrov>orvionftt« »hnro ot the over-all cast. 6t bUTWIngii, honpltal equipment nod citljer Indlcrcct coats per iwllent. >',-' the father of the Income tax amendment which, in his old a«c, provides him with unearned ease in the same Bcthrada naval hospital svharo Ickes gold-bricked nt |ho exponne of other citizens poorer than himself. Both became dc luxe charity cases while actual combnt patients occupied beds In the 'wnrds with no privacy or special attention. The hosplltal In this oaiiiMg not a veterans' Institution. although, of course, thhe money come.s from the snme source. 1 hove not yet touched the subject of the grnfters who have been drawing hundreds of millions In pensions (or phony disabilities, while hey have also been drawing full pny us able-bodies men In good health from civil service jobs nnd tluiH amassing civil service Jobs and thu» amassing civil sorvi Ice pension rights. The Disabled American Veterans has wholly discredited the worthy phase nf its rea ion tar being by tho cynical grc«d! 'of Its other activities. The doctor whom I have been quoting adds the following suggestions: t, — Any Individual or family receiving aid or charity frohn society should be required 10 permit designated members nf society to Intercede nnd .show tho Individual or family howsv to man- azines. He regularly serves as an. league franchise to another city. Instructor at basketball clinics. Shifting a team to Milwaukee, how He is a widely sought afler-din-J CV cr, would require extensive liti nor speaker. A friend, not he, kept gallon, involving hu^o payments to tab nnd figured he has delivered the American Association clubs as 67 addresses in the last six months to civic and religious groups. Just 37, personable, friendly and well as the Braves. One of tho reasons the 28-game thc father of four children. Varncll winning Robin Roberts wns able hns built a strong basketball team i 0 rac k llp n,c most victories by! with his personality. He i£ , pitcher in ono season Cherry released a 16-page booklet out'linina- the plan Saturday bul he didn't make public necessary legislation to carry it out. The proposal calls for the termination nf the present offices of cr.inplrnller, purohasinK agent and I the State Board of Fiscal Control. I The duties of these offices would .nie pnrt. of a now Department Phillies' star issued only on balls in bases' inmngs thinks nothing, they say, of get-. 2 y Dean won 30 in HUM was his ting In a big limousine late at amazing control. The Philadelphia night and roaring 500 miles to chat with a basketball prospect, although Sewanee is a de-emphasized school, athletically. They Jokingly say the energetic Varncll sells popcorn at his own' th 0 younij* righthander games. That's not true. Ho just y j c i t i u pass< j n puts up the machine. His boys sell , A , ; ,i k cd one. son, a remarkable average of 1 walks per nine nine of his inning game. In complete {•amci;, it the <!"partnient is organized. Other features include the plac- i*''..""!"?! i"'-' "f pcisl-auditing of state expen- last S( ;' ia | ,11),,,.^, under the Legislature in '""'stead M' tl-.e state comptroller plus In statement released yesterday, the Du Pont president said, "Although the Antitrust Division lowed no distaste for publicity t the time the indictment was ob- aincd, it seems as though its at- itude has changed." The suit accused tho company nd a retired employe, Henry ,ackey, of conspiring with ther companies to fix prices, ounts and terms o£ sale of. wood inishes. The case dismissed had no con- ection with tho so-called "General Motors" antitrust suit involv- ng Du Pont, Grecnwalt said. This civil suit is now being argued in Chicago and has been recessed un- il Jan. 5 for the holidays. the popcorn. "Thero «re thousands ot such prolbaslonal 1 « « c h e H migrating Worn VA, to b«rrnck» to ho* ...... , $11 over Uu» country, Thok diagnotor iOweUmes consist ol phrafo a«oh,«s 'malnutrition," 'ln- adeoulKte JMronallty', and other cloplrnp, \yhlch form the banU for their peniloh*, Many of these p»rn> attoit '«arvtd' 50 to 80 days and novor w«« close to comb»t. Many hev«r lelt' ihelr homo states. Sine* than, they have been mas- quwadinj ai dUabled veteran*. "Ono ot their favorite dlveralona h»re ti to vliit the local dives, bars and homes ot prostitution until their monthly pay chocks arc spent. Stuporous on bootleg whig- Key, beer and fuxty pUU, some got hurt. On« 1« conked with a \twt bottle. Another gets cut up to a brawl, A third, itaiaera in hoot a *« Intelligently. This would tn- elude birth control. Durinjj the pe rlod the "client" forfeits his right o» nn adviser of society. He can hot vote since It Is evident that -he cannot manage his personal ,af fairs, On repayment of a "loan" he regains his original rights. 8.— All government expenditures should be accounted for In detail Any taxpayer should have ready access to these records. < 3, — Individuals convicted of dis honesty in the handling of public fund* should forfeit all their money and all their possessions ot value. History reveals that this provision would practically eliminate this of- ienanl 750 Entered in Swimming Meet FT. LAUDE.RDALE, Fla. UP) — The 14th annual Swimming Fururn, expected to attract 750 representatives from 50 colleges, universities, athletic clubs and high schools throughout the country, will begin here Tuesday, Coaches ot the U. S. Olympics Swimming and diving teams which competed in the Olympics last summer will attend. Ohio State is sending 21 athletes. Oklahoma University, 18, Nebraska 23, Iowa 33 and other groups will come from other schools throughout the East, Midwest and South. Jim Toomey, a publicist of tlv St. Louis Cardinals, has submitted j a chart to tin; heads of the two major leagues in an effort to prov his contention that the major; should adopt a playing schedule that would enable them to sUiri i a a inventory' of state property, to : ; .M-n:i:c perpetual. i The governor-elect said "cash i funds"—-bank funds of state agen | rii's nnd institutions—-would be sub i ji.-eted to the same procedure a: ! slate appropriated funds. lie said the plan would "revisi i the budget-making machinery s ] that in the future budget-making . will represent the joint efforts o i I lie chief executive. . .and the gen and finish the season a week later. Toomey has made n thorough sin vcy which shows that playing eon dltions usually are moro favor able in October than april. For instance, there were 34 |: ments in the first month eril assembly." Under the proposal the gover nnr's office would gain additiona ;.iower through the-cxecutive's pai in budget preparation The Legislature handles budge '., preparations at the present. "' The plan also includes transfei against five durini',J.hej:i.uil month.^ nf contracts work printing an —~ ~ ~ ' supplies to the new Dcpartmen Early Christians were oftlen fa!-! of "Finance and Administratioi *•*«• • J ^" , _. ..„. 4 . j •„ ^1 I,.,-.«!,",». 11 i-iH/ir> tn Ken Francis to Aid Cherry LITTLE ROCK, UH — Ken Francis, n Little Ilock newspaperman, will servo ns administrative aide to Gov-elect Francis Cherry. Cherry announced that the Arkansas Democrat capitol reporter, a : Pine Bluff native, will assume the post Jan. 2. Ah automobile. In any evUht, --*•—- hurries to the »c»«e fn<J call* go out for aurgeous, »naesthetlat tUi|l room peruohnalt ( and laboratory «l*eh~»» blaojtj typing and »t« hurriedly dw« and he ^. to tho operatlnf room where —"—n«, ^n; »neflh|tUt. and. two attendants work oh wtViVBtVi nlftQjH t f B.tttt t\!H lQI\8a 'Itt* numeroua medljja- a compete addiUoaal ... .,.. u »^»« W» with mtny attendant! to ,, hU e>f«ry n««dd, he make* «cov«ry #nd is sent whei-e he rouUime, doctor*, ..... _„, 9jlA nurses ar« Som* ot these buijvs h«v* vi4wix«t ot record*. «acb i w Uwh»4 tfalci. ThU» tVws not at numerous ;Well, ««»u«h ot that, y MM* al»«t •wjK»M TW« Doctor'* ««uo«rat«e may » Jat» a tew trivial But |M» baaic CAS* t« «U who have a an optoien on thj< it t (UfitOMtt w»*i* at OUT OF DOORS Onc«-Bltton Flih Bite* AQI By AkMoCLANB " Bdltor Oln I hooked B largo Summer on a. ind oher playing,him a (owj8ec- v got otf. I mtde anchor same ti«h a^»d he;lir>- came buck -a second tttne but eg»in got otf. The third " he iust Ignored and Mrad- illy,moved out to deeper water iW what 1 want to kuow 1$. do tiah (eel pain, or don't they find anything unusual in tain* hooked, w what?" To my knowledge, it's generally conceded that tlafe don't feet Min o- piortlculatly the poet'* Bating ot the hook," There's no iwrve system to relay tee Idea that hooip hurt, I have seen fit)) strike at a lurr ftnd I've seen the same tith raufht lour Umes within a short period. ca««> browi* swam a tew t«et «way each he was released, and with »«ch «Mt b* struck again. H* fin- learned by experience that a cou|d f «t bun out of water, •ptd ba nv« up. lots oJ anglers vMA tell instaaces. While it's tru* feat fUh wUl seldom con\e back * »*««qd Ume. I suspect that's be- fish baa been caugbt on KNi«ion$ a»d r«mem- it, or cue he saw toe ftr. or he tound the lure too arti- 4*l >»*««** inouUwd it. You'll gn& tor kwtance, that With a soft lur* , lisa KM** ftp* t* tpeme bai* a te«oad Uw* bt«»u*8 tat bail off ^XV* the bait from. Brian Curtis, noted Ichthyologist, reported the case of a fish who was caught with his own eyeball. Strange, but true. Of course, to sum up the whol thing. U all depends on the indi Vidual fish—tiow hungry he is, how much experience he has had with hooks, and his intelligence. Speaking of a fish losing tnings a. good many people believe Uva when u fish loses his tail or on Of his t MM. he can't swiim- Trutli is, the tali and tin have very li tie to do with swyninmg. The pri cipal means ot locomotion in a f is i$ the compact mass of muscles in the body wall and not the tail or the tins. The muscle segments contract in sections, first along one «Me, «nd ttua along the other, and the ftsh pushes against the water by tteese alternate contractions. « you cut all tha fins of f, a f isb could Still get! along, but he would h»v« some truoble w» ma)0n« * f«*• ?W* U U« few - >FW ely accused of human sacrifices their religious ceremonies. The opartmcnfs director under th proposal, would control a create Brussels sprouts have been kno\vW 'or only about 400 years, say's thcl. National Geographic Society. \ pool ot stale owned automobiles for state use. Divisions for budget control and purchasing would be formed in the Department. Mosl state departments would be required to submit quarterly estimates of prospective needs while ethers would submit them for tWf full year. The finance Director would have power to approve or disapprove a request for operational materials or supplies for most departments. Not included under this would be the Legislature, tho courts and constitutional departments, institutions of higher learning and the Highway Department. Cherry said purchasing would bn centralized and needs supplied either from equipment or als already on hand or by compe"- Uve bids. JflNE ABBOTT SYNOVS1S Deborah Event, twice widowed, had long ago alienated tiiM-self from her family. In her youth sin.' had mude n marriage which displeased tlicni. But now, after your: of absence, she Is re- lurnlnR to Sweet home. Conn., where her brother Will Brent, his urown dtttightora, Susan and Nell, and teenage Bl'l live. Will, a rigid conservative, frowns on this Impending visit. but the Brent strls eauorly await their "exciting" mint. Susan, who keeps house for licr fnmllv. is spcretlv In love With Rev. John Wendell, the vouns bachelor minister recently nssiKiied to their church. Nell. dantrerouslv fascinated by handsome Tony DiVlto. r, penniless noineo, meets wHh him clandestinely. CHAPTER SEVEN THE ROAD came out of a Stretch of woodland to open fields marked 08 by low stone walls. Dominating these stood an old house, its central part two-storied. one-storied winga running off on each side of It. Shutters hanging lopsided,- a tumbling chimney, the paint on the tricks which once had' been white streaked a»w with a yellowish gray. The overgrown shrubbery around Its wide door gave It an uncared-for appearance. The two posts which marked the entrance to the driveway had fallen over. Tony swung the car ixto the driveway. Ken sat up straight. "Tony— this is private!" "(Just curious—I've looked across at this old house up here on the hill a lot of times, wandered wha it was like, close up." "But It's trespassing! There's a sign—«t least there used to be. "What do we care? Any*vay who's going to see us?" But h. took the precaution to drive to th rear of the house and park out o sight of the road. "Come on, sweet we're getting out!" Nell did not move, "There use to be a caretaker ..." "Doesn't took as If he'd been around lately, if he comes, I'D tei him I'm considering buying th place!" Grinning, he caught Nell' hand, pulled h&r out of the car. Was this the surprise he na< tor her? The swell place to go Kail knew the house — her mothe often had brought her and Susan when she called on Mrs. HurrcU. Uurrell was an old woman crippled so that she sp«n • wheel chair. Sh toyed to bav Copytight, 1352. by Jane Abbott Disii'iUutcd by King Features Syndicate. She was staring at him. "Tony, ow did you know?" "Know what?" "That that window would opan "Just guessed one of 'em might, n an old house lik« this. Let's ave a look lnsid«—let's c U m' b ii rough." They went from room to room, Nothing of the furnishings had cen removed. U was all 03 Nell emcmbered tt. Books still lined ho walls of the smaller of the front rooms. Dust lay thick n everything, dimming the colors ( old 'fabrics, the luster of ojd vood. Dust hung tn the air, gray- ng the light that strealied'ln In a bin bar between drawn hanglpfes. •bid they have dough,,--Uje birds who used to live hero?" ' "I don't know — some, I gu.essi :hey were the HurreUs — Mr. Hurel) farmed the place —cows, rno.Uly. I remember his truck go-< ng along full of big shiny cans, he name 'Hill Farm' printed on t. Mrs. Hurrell was from tway — Cincinnati, 1 thinlt. She wrote books — maybe she had money." Tony drew her to him, "That's he thing t« do—marry a girt with a wad *f money!" His eyes teased icr but she saw them darkening- Some day, Uid, I'm eolng to haW a place bigger than this! Un»U then — we can play a little g»me. Make believe this dump Is ours Nell pull«d away from him —a thing she never had d«ne before. Tony, what do you mean?" He laughed at her alarmed look. •Worrying about trespassing? No, one'll know if we come here sometimes like we're doing today. PQ a little dusting around so Wft <?&» sit down somewhere. Say, Winsted to the dentist's, tomorrow." "Friday," Nell agreed. * • • John Wendell looked over study with a grin of pride. Marcy couldn't have hn.il Ing much tidier!" Magazines, pamphlets neatly stacked, boeks on the shelves which he had worked late Into the night to finish and paint, the desk top clear, the table ... It was nearing two-thirty Friday afternoon. The telephone rang. "Mr. Wendell — this Brent. 1 can't come afternoon. 1—1 have to drive .to Winsted. I'm — terribly sorry." "Oh, 1 am sorry, too." •i 'JI was thinking — couldn't you leave those notes at some day? 1 could copy them, here." "That's an idea — I may bring| them around. But you're sure ypt have time?" "Yes, I have time," He was disappointed. He was I puzzled," too. She had sounded of- yw^^^,^fi^\ December 22, 1952 BLONDIt DADDY WAS R-fAL NAUGHTV AND I'M GOING 1O SCOLD HIM FOR THAT YOU CALLED PUPP.ES THAT A\VFUL \NOQD AND THEN (?E ALL, BROKF..NHEARTED tM»H It A ML.. MOM. t AtKAHSA| ly Chick Paying the Piper HORlZONf AL 3 Girl's nickname 4 Warble 5 French coin 1 Copper coin 5 The pound is used to pny in .,...: b Had been 0 For borne 12 State ? Notion 13 Killer (suffix) 25 irds> homes * * p n l n M Mrpnnm in^*fw 15 Seclusions 17 First woman , to pay piper 18 Salutation 19 Latin cases 21 Italian coins 23 Musical Answer to Previous Puzzle u A 9 M T T B o K: N T • « i R B u A. N O cf T B a E T B A l_ N 1 P O A If N T Ft O II U o A S P R _£, LI 6 P B C te R N P S A R O a o tz B V R « B S. T 1 N T A T * P _B 1 E •3 O T O W\ Ijsj e ^B O S E N A K m »_ N T 9 Predominated 10 Wander 11 Poems 28 Intense 45 Entreaties 16 Labored 30 Marsh grass 46 Volcano direction 20 Passages in 31 Sea eagles the brain 33 Baseball 22 More impolite teams 24 Vein of metal 35 Rip apart 25 Imitated 40 Musical uircciion — i»*Mcn_uj 24 Coin of Latvia 26Tlll ' pentine dramas 27 Moon 29 "Emerald Isle' 32 Unclosed 34 Used on girls' hair 36 Mock 37 Hidden 38 Paradise 39 Decays 41 Dentist (ab.) 42 Wager 44 Look slyly 46 Event 49 Solitary ' 53 Metal 54 Circumference 56 Seine 57 Dash 58 Melodies 59 Tree GO Writing desk 61 He pays with a shilling VERTICAL 1 Needed to pay the piper 2 Cry of Bacchanals 47 Pastries 48 Remove 50 Of the ear 51 Roman emperor 52 Formerly 43 Drank heavily 55 Writing fluid 1 12. 5" IS ZH il •it itt % W Sb « I 25 '17 3 Z6 Ht H ^1 te « Ib ei ^ ij yf 5V yt> b I'i m « m 48 b IV y///, ''/.''''• '%. HO HH '/ ^ "'/•"'-/ & iH yi ^ 55 8 '-'/•'/• y> w 20 29 ^ Hi HJ b! 9 IH 17 HI ~ 0 30 M II Jl ff" 11 CARNIVAL By Dick Turner flsh over the pfeojje, distant —not at aJl as she had seemed the other afternoon. Without doubt he had bored her ty talking-so much. It left tils afternoon free. .There were Innumerable tWpga be might do but he felt a strong disinclination to da any of them, He decided he would go over to the Plats and have a visit with Father Duffy, ffe had no car — whon distance or'time did not permit walking he went about on a noisy and evil- smelling mot«rcja:le which bf had had since college days. He went' to the torn, got it out. Mra, Donnell in the kitchen win dow watching igro straddle It, He roared off out of the driveway. Today, as he approached rectory, a one-story house, bare of any architectur «3r*» «*»«* "eu», in ram* alr-nria&tu QUHftllM *P* p^T*|MW ^WfRR **^ WP^^r9i W ^^•• J '¥ **WP nt - - black against a wall of orange* red roses. He straightened at the sound of the motorcycle, threw up one arm tn greeting, There was a lot pleasanter than sitting In * pretensions, he saw Father Dutt/ drugstore or parked on a coa* «« to Ws garden, a bulky figure, where anyone's likely to come. along! 1 want you alone with me. Like this..." He caught ber up against nim, kissed her long and Hard. "How about it, baby? PQ we come here again?" -I'd — love to." whispered N«P, "but we'd better go noyr.t Outside Nell drew in a long breath of the clean air. That (eels good." she said, a tittle shakjly. She asked as they drove oat of the yard. "Do you Udafc anyone'd know if we opened some windowa — 1 meari. when we come here next tuner* Jash of sunlight against th« st«|l Of the clipping shears in bte hand, "Ckime and see my flowers,* he shouted. Jojon joined him in the garden. see anything like demanded Father Duffy, triumph was justified: were beautiful, hanging to brilliant clusters against the glossy green of their leaves. And topUpg at; them John remembered the yJUmp of Su*an treat's dress— Ow gay —* of cotar tt had * " ' V'Are you going to stay on that phone all day? There are others_jn th.s office whp'd like to hang around £1 - Frisbije's desk awhile!" ' VCU REFERPEP)/ WELL.THEY At?6 JD, THEM .v—'Y C»dS, ARENT AS DCX3ST >>^ TKEY ? OUT OUR WAY By j. R. Wiinami •v Micha.i o-MfliUy £ > it SMELL IT. \ / HOW1X3ES A^A.'DOES, \ ) FT FEEL TO IT DO ANY- H BE UPA6AIM RJL THIM6 FOR Y AFTEE OVER VoH, VOU YOU AFTER \ A HULL. MOMTH I DOt$T ,^ H ^ LOKi6 Al 'N BCD- J/t KNOW. DIET? HAH.' / \ HUH, MA? THEVDlP IT EVECV BIT THE W NO, NOIt-0«7'H& / H*VB ANY RwncuuAR WASH TUBES ^OOP ,, FMKIMWBP MS .WHEhJ VOU'P LOVE-TO LIVE FOCEVER OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople >DISTURB^' 1UE PEACE ' ^ESISTII^* AW OPFICER, JDST1C5 HOOPLE/ THIS CMARACTeR WAS STACKIM" -( tH 1 C'OSTOMeK-S IM C5US-S <SRILL IN TWIO PILES HS BOUMCED OFF A\Y PEEPER X PUT SRSAT CAESAR/ IT'S BAD MEvJS CHAMPIOM OF tHE ROPSO AREMA.' PULL UP A CHAIR, MANS. 7 BOulS AND HER BUDDIES DISMISSED/ VOO PK covfcfc IVOM& W WSWVfcO BUGS BUNNY FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershbcrger DI6ALU MFS CO. ALLEY OOP WHEW/ I'M SLAOf NOW IP VOU'U- 6ET •—' J SOME STRING .WE'LL .„ , -swon^. MAKESUH66HE i DAS/ -^ffi'lfc. eTA.Y6 IN DEAR, WHAT ATERRIBCE PLACE.,,. DBSSA-DEQGA, PESTIFEROUS gffl ATLASTBgEN SjitCORRALLEO AND NOW, IF DOCTOR WONMUS CAN REFAIR HI6 GAPGET0, ALLEY OOP WILL ° COME; BACK INTO CIRCULATION. L "That teeth-mark tear is to make you realize the bite the ' government takes put of your check!'' FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS CHRJ5 WELKIN, Plonetter By Blotter WOUtONV SAY THAT- A MAN HAS A PlGHf TO PRIMP A BIT WHEM HE'S ABQUf TOSEB HIS WIFE / FOR.THE FIRST TIME/ m..,,'m, '^ ,.iiA, - ' A * WW* OPHEUA'S^S TT/ flAIS " JUN6! USA &0 RROWA or owe MIRROR--- HESURB \THIS RATES— QETSMOBe TWAN OP/* POBTANT PAY IM MIKES LIFE/ HENRY ) 0 aC5i k-- / ^ /& I 1 fUltmmi .Hi»"l'j.BW^ ^ftaflrr ' i gOKaptj ^ £& ' iv?k j.'^&i*' +' • «•'• A Slv t (\Vf~ * *K ,3 X $

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