Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 22, 1952 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, December 22, 1952
Page 4
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^r^^f/f^f^', '* ' ^^^•fify^y^w,'«?« 8 i^' MOM STAR i MOM, ARKANSAS Monday, December 22, 1952 PRESCOTT NEWS Wist fdf<l marrl«|e of MU» V*do •fon«, daughter of Mr, and Ing, busimwi mf«t» whleh gift* w*ro «t» oh»n|*<l from ft glittering tree, TM twtfttf nllt* mtmfttr* werp Markets » .Tnn«* rUiitthtjif »rf M*> ft nil MM' ""S''w*7 MWI " " •"••••«»» ««"-• 10 i.w, moiuy /y nigiwr, «uw» ».-> S M*?M IMA rf PrMflnit *Lt «*' 5wMW«W «*» ««"><*« *««* to 1.W higher; bulk ebolee IBO- rt Kid ttJlmZi p«S .1 rf ltivu « d to*" th « *"""« room wh « ro 230 1b« 18.00-W; «e*»«l load* tt HflfOia Raymond Pollock, Mn ot ..,„ W(rt> - ,*«,«! eranbsrrv noa'».«..i«, .h n i». M«« i «rtrf i n«,t«* ST, tOUII LIVBiTOCK MAftONAL STOCKYARDS, m. «r) — H«f« 12,000; aetlvet wtlghtu IM ID* tip 00 to 79 higtwr than Friday'* evcrtgt; 170 Jb» down 50 to 1.00, mostly 7y hlghwr; «»*» 79 to 1.00 higher; bulk choice ISO- ,j, ryo % to 1 cent higher, M»y $200'/v'/4, soybean* '/a-l'/* lower, Jan. $3.oi%-f3.oi C«f» whett; none Corn;- No. 2 yellow l.M-64; No 3, 1.53%-84; Ko 4, 1.B2I/HJ3; No 5, 14fl" 4 -«l Oat*: No 1 heavy white 96. Barley nominal: malting 135-80; '-' '•,28-45. Field seed per hun- sweet clover Mm- rwoduoi, r !lii .^plfiMM *y tJw , the «trike , ! fc*ti*Mt «n(«ty, '*"" jwt $ur»< I^Wft', Ar< „ {WuftlnM- iJff^wjno, ' dftiifia , on Sunday rtfwwwwn, Or, and Mm, A, A. Pollock of City, will be foUmwdwd '. rtlwnoon, Jnml*r> 4, th« Firii MflthodLit church ot Pr«f eoll, A rootpllan in (h* horn* oC th« bride's p*wmtl will follow th« atrtmanf, Wfl» Jdntf hw eho«Bn Mrs. Tom <xthr*h ot w*w Ortimnii, t*., «* htr mfttron of honor, and her cousin, Mils Miriam Jotwi of Pine Bluff, Ark., will bo MoUl, Mi** Kafl* will provMe tmptiol mttstt, Dr. Albert D, Bird of Children!. Texas, will serve (tut Kroom n« bolt nfan, usher* will b* Art KMIK- er, W#»ley Ooldfnrb, Con Hmith nhd MIKon Humphrey. Ml*« Jonas P«t«d With Shower Mrs. d, F. MeOuIre and Mrs, A, If!. MedUIro feted Ml«» Sue Jones, of Dr, J IB void Ftoymond with a xnawman, Mrs Bemls pffsWed at the silver ser- they w»ro »«rvtd cranberry naffjmoitly choice Nos l artd 3 under and other d«llc«cl«» from the table 320 ]b« 18.80; highest ilnce Oct. 24; 240.379 Ib* 17M-85; 280-330 11>* ( H.00-1700; 1SO-I70 IM 17flO.18.IW, I mostly 1828 down; 120-140 lb*< 14.70*1690; sows 400 Ibs down 1900-75; mostly 1840 down; heavier sows 13,00-1475; boars mostly 1000-1250, Cattle 7.000, calves 000; few good and flholou yearling ste«r* itendy' at 2400-20.50 but generally bidding unevenly lower; limited number commercial and good hollers and Mrs, KtHvIrd try**" HestMS W '47 Club Mrs. KdWard Bryiwn w«« hoitmi to th« '47 Bridge Club at her home on afternoon, The holiday motif wa*"> carried mil In (he frosted candla that WAS None nn Soybeans: The old Norse ships had steering oars only on the right glde near the stern and the- term 'starboard' fltewwld*) ii b«llovort to have derived from that fnet. Armed Forces Continued' from Page One I29.S5 a square foot, which it said was tar Above standard but wan easily explained "By the visible Mother to Continued from Page One affliction. "Doctors told my husband to «• pect screaming fits, and they told lar use since the term was used In the 1920s by Karel .Capek. a Chechoslovakian writer, in! a paly. "R. V. R." ':! Monday, December 22,1952 At Kelly base, the group «atd it found "one of the most elaborate buildings,inspected on the trip"—a 5'/ a million-dollar operational and administrative structure for the Air Force security service. Safer Cough Relief When new drugs or old fait, to he> It Is estimated there are how 21 million bicyclists In the United States. that way." Garrett said he had been ins himself for the possibility that his wife would die. | "I've thanked God for the people who have written. They have built up my morale. But about the tiftie! you think that you're prepre* for • it. . You just don't know*;. 4 When new your "Robot" has come Into pop$r- old fait, to or chest cold don't delayT -"'-' *-• -"- help. mi* piuwn tug* twi^mo «nu nu n&r* cotlCJ to disturb nature's process. It goes into the bronchial system to aid nature soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed bronchial membranes. Quar* anteed (o please or your druggist refunds money. CreOtnulsion b'as stood the test erf many millions offers. CREOMUtSION Ml**! C»«ghi, CTItf Cald«, ,. plnyors. Mrs, Tom BcrnU won the high score urine, Mr*. Mark JiutlM the low prlaw «id Mrs. B. A. Wnrrert Lime; sh«tfctrt fn the thapo of PoTiook with a miMoUMMouYbri. %KS ilSSd ^ ,±n ; «± l del ahowar on Tuenduv flv^nlntf in . Clll<0 W .W * orwd . <» «l«ven mem- hfnxiul AM it.* ~ntt*». lakt> IiA. «Mi»iiiiirri;mi anw MVUU iiu>»ni» Bn u gsja r"5-M asaaxsr^. 11 jaa S"a.ia ".i sr«';± !"°"«»..«.r.v. »""«""".,»•" tions in the rooms arranged for five tobldi of plnyom, v the home pi Uw fnrrner. r _.,—, Mr . ., nnd mums In attractive thtt room*. The honorpen chnlr was WRrkod wlih a silver and whlto Chrlshnn* porsrtffo, A variety of lrrid«» games were plafiKl with prlxon t(plnft won by, Mr*, !>. 1,. Mwelffy, Mm, TTondrlx' Dlldy nnd Miss Jones, who wn« prevented her lovely flirts, A demiert count in ttw Chri«t> man motif WAS served to twenty I** KUdsU. Ross 0*rd*n Olu!> HM OhHitmfts M««tlnft M«mb«r» of the Ro«« Garden Club uft«rnooh In th» horn* 0f Mrs, Charles Seott wtth, Ut», Bob Reynold* and Mrs. Gono Hale a»*ocl«to hostesses for the Chrl*tm«« meattog, Shadow* from the burning t\w place east * soft glo over the W>m» dft«orfttfld with sprayed cod- or and rod candles mid the mant«l dveorated In too ChrUrtmas «UH»H«, , B. D«n»l», , bcldg* Mr*. J, R, Bo- . , rn la, Mr»« D.-K, »on»Js, Mrs, Halph Gordon, Mrs. Harold Lowln, Mrs. J. D. He«an;> "Mrs. Tom Bernls, Mrs. Justin, .|drs, Frank Gilbert, Ib r JfblOintie and a tea guost, Mrs, J, «. Langley. • HO Club Hrt M«ttln« 'flm Christmas mmting of th« WegMldo Homf p»monstrfltlort club w«u» held Wgdnssdoy evening in the home % Mrs, JB. Hlcchgtadt. TJwt rooms woro boaulifully dec- i,Id ( y>« Chrlntmn* motif that H flay note to tho occasion. The pwsidont, Mrs, W. S. Black, presided, Mrs, ailbnrt Wentmorc- Ittnjt gave the Christmas story from «nd r»»d the poems, "If Mrs. flU I War* "What 0o You Hoftrtf" - Snot* Clftui" and Hove In Your „. , carols were sung gifts were exchanged from a K!«- t«rln« tree, « "dtwtrlno of futility nnd Im Tho union iti-uck ln*t Aug. 80 dlnff n aO-e«nt hourly pay The cdrnptiny'ii ia«t 1v«t Wi4 wnt», Pay ncftles riJt.*! to 12.01 j[mr how wtor« the •I..Ull*l,.t Ji f. ' * *& i" , JA^/WCVw*.* |j(l^^»fti»^?|0N I refrimhments In the Christ th^trto wore served to twcn- o .<n\« ni ' ) «t'« and guootB Mnry nnd Mfirthn Adnms. Mrs. Cllffortf ' - Ouft and Mrs. Fred Uor , .....-, Entertained By Mr». E. M. Sharp The hortw of MM, E. M, sharp " rt - swno for tho moating of Thurs- wero the and light- placed ototh hi'tho holi- with green nd' his reindeer, tho troa Ch.pl.r DAR Meeting « K « n «'». MWK'S. T, mafcial 13.00-15.30; canners' and cutter* 1050-13.00; bulls about Steady; utility and commercial IStKM7.50; cwttor bulls 12.50-1450; vcalcM unchanged; good to prime 2CIOO-39.00,' Individual head of prJmo to 3700; utility and corn-' morclal 10.00-24.00; culls 1200- ', 1400, Sheep 2,800; few snles mixed and choice wooloklns 2100-5(1; i which nround 50 hlKher than Friday, quality considered, bvit nof i enough done to establish market;! best lambs hold considerably, above 21.50; slautfhtcr ewes steady cull to food ewes 4.00-5.50 POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO, WV-USDA-Livc poultry: steady; Receipts 1,343 coops; FQ.B. pay- lni< prices unevenly two cents a pound higher to three cents lower: heavy hens 25-28.6; light hens 2021; ronstors 31-33; fryers or broil- ors 32-33; old roosters 18-20; duck- Jln«» 30 hedvy young dueks 2tt young hen turkeyw 43; young torn turkeys 31-32. Butter sternly; receipts 641,877; •\vholeKBle buying prices unchanged except Vi cent a pound higher on 80 B score both caflots tind Id; 03 score AA and 62 A 6675; 90 B 01,25; 89 C 03.25; curs; 00 I) 05.25; 80 C 04 EgRs firmer receipts 20,240; wholesale buying prices unchanged to n cent a dozen higher; j U S, largo 40; U. S. mediums «;, current receipts 37; dirties 30; checks 33 NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK, Cfh-The Stock Market advanced slightly today with railroads making the best showing. Prices were higher or lower by nrouud a dollar a share. Trading W»S nctive. The qdvancc put the market into now high ground for the year. On p rWay n new 1052 high was es- ftrtd IWfe aini™ t«blished with the Associated Press ana ine dining 8vortgt ot OQ 8 t ockl) ot $1,14,80. At noon today the average was at NEW YORK COTTON New York . W! — Cotton futures \ver« steady today on trade and commission house buying. The upturn W«s attributed partly to better sentiment on the mnrkt fol- wero S lowing almost four months of de dines, with reports from the cotton belt indicating more cotton going into the loan. Certificated cotton stocks increase 609 bales, Waging total stocks to 157,754 bales, L«to afternoon prices were 00 cents to $1,05 a bale higher than the previous close. March 83.70, M«y 34,43, and July 34,57. . td wWi UM\rUutt and plwlge of AU*fi«ne« to -th* fl»g. The mtixptw wor« re«d, by the *<mw«ry, r £*, Alton Qe* and , two boxwt of used tilt school, n reported that selected, an Cttiun. by, th« ng t«l br, 8h(» tntroduc«d Ml»i -Jennie Ulkrt^ ^1teM-kd ^ -t_J-»^^ __ . . GRAIN' AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO UR - An Agriculture Department report of a sharp drop in pig pi?f>duoUonvthi» past fotorna with an even larger drop,|«r«aict- ed for n«xt spring, put 4 ' j. Grain* ran td; several cent* at otto tiwve, Buying followed wlntev whe^t crop, / !' The market did • reversal s,fter i »U «rop report came put. Sell' l focused on the feed grains. particularly corn, but njwrwd to other pits. Wheat clotted '!-% higher. Mar. WMH-. corn 1-8J4 tower, Mar tl.W ffc.i4, o«ts ^^ fewer, Mar, , - ^ 4 V <<. 1<\V »' » • -AT£ J'«B{^W! i^lA/ ™ 7 r-« , «V ? ^•h iK \.\ trV>7 tub fad fry with it« rrwny urtisttc or«ttous. s»Ud court* in the mottt w«» aftv*4 to Dr. and Mn. O. <>» Hirst were WetfsaMtar »v«nlng <ttnner ia«at« <* Mr. 1D4 Hr«. A»Kn Vesey in P- .c« i Mr, Md MrcUrk* Wktte l«n tp««y tor D«U«« wlwr; tfe*y wtfl bf the bottUy tu»rt» ot Mr. tni Mw. O, B, Gvanoo Jr. and M»ry Or.; Mrs. GUmn ty vfcttoriL in ** Mr. WM| Mr«. A. B. Gonton wer« west* W«4ne«4«y ol tel»tive» BUY YOUR KROGER OVEN-READY TURKEY NOW! The tendercst, easiest turkey you've ever fixed. Tender, fresh dressed BAKING HENS Cut-up tray packed FRYERS Famous Michigolden DUCKLINGS Lb. Armour Star, 16 to 18 Ib. Avg. Centers Ib 89e, Butts Ib; B5c 49c SMOKED HAMS ^L Lb 43c ARMOUR STAR HAMS Half or Whole 10 to 14 Ib. Average 63c APPLESAUCE Portion Lb. Full 7 Rib Cut " \' •'.' ' *• ^ 59c PORK LOIN ROAST Fresh, lean, pure 59c GROUND BEEF Cudahy, 2 to 3 Ib. first cuts PIECE BACON Standard OYSTERS Lb. KROGER BRAND Rich flavor, Ready to serve Fancy custard M _ ~t Style Pumpkin r'.. 2 No. 303 com . 25e Can OCEAN SPRAY/' For the Christmas feast targe, Candy Filled Christmas STOCKING Dog tumbler filled with Kroger . . PEANUT BUTTpR Kroger Brand SLICED PEACHES Griffin Brpnd , '*••• G|AQKEYE PEA$ Kroger Br|»rkjJ Sliced ;>'•• PINEAPPLE 4 ORANGES CRANBERRIES PASCAL CELERY ^WINESAP APPLES ^ - -. ^ K Embassy, Plain n o*. Glass **. 49 C QUE EN OLIVES : '^ft 5^c * I Rockers Label , , -:" . 37c TOMATO CATSUI»2^3a(c Fresh layer cake , v No2i 31c EGG NOG CAHES SOCIETY Phon« r-3431 Between B A. M. and 4 f. M. Calendar M j»h DELUXE OVEN READY turkey is selected for top quality from this year's crop. Monday, December 22 Business Woman's Circle of the First Baptist Church will meet in the home . of Mrs. M. S. Bates Monday night. E(ec, ; 2?,.:a\;V:45. All iembers- kr^. •requ«stetl\.to bring heir Lottie, Moon Christmas offering. .-.Tuesday, •D«fc«jnib«r 23 1 Girl Scout Troop' No. 9 under the leadership of Mrs. Frank Yar- ifcbr———— i—: • i; •. L * SAENGER • LAST TIMES TODAY • The Heartwarming Story of the Guys inside the Walls! nd MI1CHHI • Cilb,,l JclmlEAL-Wgnholl THOMPSON • News & Color Cartoon < \Ved. & Thurs. Ripe For Love! Ready For Revenge! c. flLDE.T,»JlllGIIT CALIFORNIA CONQUEST I Color by TECHNICOLOR I ACOUJM9IA PICtUBE Can Spicy, delicious 2^\9c £afMX>NuTS No. 2 Con Kroger Assorted Candy 31c CREAM TOYS Sweet, Juicy, Florida* Juit fuU of Vitamin C In Cello Bag risp irm u 29c 2 s,ks 25c u> 19c *!fe CHRISTMAS GIFT BOOKS NOW ON SALE! $2.50 RIALTO * • Today & Tuesday • 2- FEATURES-2 Rip Roarin' Circus Thrills! • Death-Defying Trapeze Acts! Man vs. Tiger Scenes! .Actual Scenes From the Famed Krone Circus! "TROMBA, THE TIGER MAN" • Lore Chancy • Hex Barker • Helen Westcott "BATTLES OF CHIEF PONTIAC" biough and her helper, Jane Bui-roughs, will meet tor their reg-, ular meeting Tuesday afternoon at' 2:'0 at the Little House. Gifts will! ceed 30 cents. Julia Peck and Linda Rogers will be hostesses. Both States Could Lose Donation LITTLE ROCK, (/fl — Arkansas By United Press Atty. Gen. Ike Murry says that The first full day of winter be MOM STAR, Winter Starts With Blast in Some Areas , ARKANSAS TwoArkansans in Crash That Killed 86 LITTLE ROCK, (fl - At Icnst two Arknnsans were among the ' ° ^n Texas hns its way about the flan today in flustcrv style. «!! Ait- Forr-o men killrf In h« Willlam Buchanan Foundation There was snow 'in the Rocky' crash of Glotema£r at Mo e" fl " lds ""•» «"'» the University of Mountains, snow alonx with sleet, Lake, Wnsh. SaUu'day officials -* •«"-'*in-x*(imiivof\;rvm(% vw »i»» »^ Hope Country Club will enter-1 Foundation funds, estimated to be tain with a dance Tuesday night at 8:30 for the member's children of senior high school and college age. All college students are cordially invited to attend. Hatfleld Family Reunion Held Sunday A reunion was held Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hatfield honoring their mother, Mrs, Eva Hatfield, on her 60th birthday, also Mr. and Mrs. Hatfield's daughter, Sharon, on her 1st birthday. Dinner was served buffet style to the following: Mr. and Mrs. John Hatfield, and family, Mrs. Glen Hatfield and children, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Alford and family, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Hatfield and family. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Hatfield and family, Mrs. Eva Hatfield, Ralph Hatfield, Rufus Polk. Mrs. Pearl Rosenbaum, and Lawrence Hatfield. Friends calling In the afternoon included Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Wheeless, and Mrs. A. J. Arrington Mrs. Ray Allen Hostess to Friendship Class The Friendship Clast of the First Baptist Church met at the home of Mrs. Ray Allen for a Christmas i party with Mrs. W. I. Stroud as co-hostess Mrs. Doyle Rodgors and Mrs. Jolly Byers gave the Christmas story "The Baby That Grew Up." This story emphasized the challenge Christ presents as our Savior. A salad plate was served to ten members and two visitors, Mrs. Rodgers and Mrs. Byers. of Arkansas.' Texas Atty. Gen. Price Daniel has filed a suit seeking to have Foundation funds, estimated to be worth some 2.5 million dollars, spent only in Bowie, County, Tex. Arkansas plans to file a counteraction in the U.S. Supreme Court, asking to transfer the case to the high tribunal, which has jurisdiction over disputes between states. Daniel said this week-end that Texas will oppose any attempt by Arkansas to transfer hearings on the suit, saying that "in my opinion, the Supreme Court doesn't have jurisdiction in cases of this kind." Murry said if Danie} is successful in obtaining a court order confining expenditures from the Fund to Bowie Count, the University of Texas will lose a Foundation grant as well as the University of Arkansas. Foundation trustees'earmarked a $500,000 contribution to Arkansas' . _, Great Lnkcs and Ohio Valle the Arkansas victims as: son • v, , . J. . ,, . "="*• ""pun omciais said, ana school of medicine new medical many incoming planes were forced center here. The state is planning to land at St. Louis and Kansas in licit i h r» C*rti in A n tl n « ^..»«* «n „' ••»'»- • •-- * ^-« v .uti tv\. ^ nun vsuiu v u 11*-,7 - •"* 1 1 111 iv^vi v<n <\[ K clilal regions and rain in the East. J S-S«t. Thomas E. .'noucrson, sor Gusty winds blew in the South' i "f Mr. nnd Mrs. Alonzo M Rober west, lifting tons of dust from the son Rt. 7 Little Rock, ground, and the sun shone bright- A-2e Robert J. DuPriest, 1102 ly over southern Florida and South- West St., Scarcy, Ark. cm California. Winter started officially at 4:45 p.m. EST yesterday, and Indications were that it was here to stay. More heavy snow was forecast in the midwest. Iowa, which bore the brunt of the weather's violence during the weekend could expect from three to six inches of new snow. Nebraska and Kansas braced for similar amounts of snow, and forecasters warned that winds up to 35 miles an hour would whip it into drifts. The fog stranded 10.000 airline passengers at Chicago airports, many of whom were homeward bound for the Christmas holiday. Few planes Uiuk off "at thoir own risk," airport officials said, and MOSES LAKE, Wash. - The two little children of Lt. Robert J. Maple attended a Christmas party at Larson Air Force Base here yesterday. Thc hnd a wonderful t me seeing Santa Clans In n partv they had looked forward to for weeks. Mrs. Maple was there too. But not Lt. Maple Ho was co-pilot of' ine CUM which crashed with a loss "f 86 lives here Saturday He died in the wreckage. "1 couldn't disappoint them " Mrs. Maple said of the two little children. "1 had to K o through with ». I couldn't tell them about Hob- today." to use the Foundation grant as if part of its matching*funds for an allocation from the lederal government. Murry said the Arkansas petition to the U.S. Supreme Court would be filed "sometime after the first of the year" and that the state "had expected opposition from Texas" on its action. Both Texas and Arkansas officials want the courts to interpret Buchanan's intentions in setting out provisions of the trust fund. Daniel contends the wealthy lum berman meant the fund bene fits to be extended only in Bowie Cnunty. Food Service Club Has Christmas Party The Food Service Club held their sister, Mrs. E. G. Coop, and other relatives. Miss Roberta Howard of Holllns Roanoke, Va., is spend- holidays with her mother. hostesses. Following the exchange of gifts a salad plate and col'fce was served. Corning and boing Miss Lulic Allen is spending the Christmas holidays with Mr. and Mrs. C; M. Allen in San Marcos, Texas. City. Planes at the greater Pittsburgh airport also were grounded by the fog. Twenty-one Iowa communities were isolated during the storm there, which cut off service to 1,250 rural telephone stations. A bus loaded with servicemen on Christmas furloughs crashed into a car and stalled truck neat- Oakland, la., injuring 13 persons. The highway was described as "a solid sheet of ice." At Le Mars, la., Gerd Grahlman, 59, died of a heart attack as he shovelled snow. Small craft warnings were issued In the Gulf of Mexico from Brownsville, Tex., to Cameron. La., as easterly winds ot 20-35 miles an hour. Local dust storms in Texas limited visibility to as little as a mile in Lubbock, Midland, Big Springs, El Paso and Armarilo, with winds Inaugural Medal Praised by Ike WASHINGTON, W -Prod uctlon nns started on InniiRirrnl medals D«-.iimK what Prosidcnt-clcct Els- onhowcr says is the best portrait job over done on him. The original medal, in B old, will be pivsentcd the new President. .Rep icas in bronze are being sold w <he public nl $3 each by tho Eisenhower-Nixon Inaugural Com- router. Elsenhower didn't like the first vcrsum because it showed him with sol jaw and tight lips. The designer, sculptor Walter Hancock of tho Pennsylvania Academy o f Fine Arts, turned up the corners of the moutli and lightened the expression to give the genoral his characteristic grin. Memphis Siamese Twins Die MEMPHIS I/Pi— A 4-month old reaching 50 miles an hour. Siamese twin, joined hoad-lo-head Temperatures dropped as low as with Ins dead brother died on the fe 11 and friends. ° thC1 ' t r. | throughout Kansas last night, and' attempt to save his life 1 ' {""casing wind caused drifting on, < John Edward Flowers died Sat- Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Mcwhinncy and children, Pat and Gary, of Lakcview, Oregon, arc visitin/ friends and relatives in Hope. Miss Gwendolyn Dean is visiting in Memphis, Tennessee and luka, Mississippi. Mrs. Theo P. Witt is spending the Christmas holidays in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. Carroll Yocum announce the arrival of a daughter, Carol, on December 15. Cpl. and Mrs. Jack W. Strickland of Ft. Warren, Cheyenne, Wyoming, are visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Strickland over the holidays. Mrs. J. H. Breeding and Mrs. Homer Reaves left Sunday for Lima, Ohio, to spend the Christmas holidays with Mrs. Lizzie Derryberry and family. Mr. and Mrs. SOach Garrett of Gastonia, North Carolina, arrived Saturday to spend the holidays with relatives. Mrs. Katherlne Webb of Harbor ' Beach, Michigan, is visiting her Hospital Notes Branch Admitted: Mrs. A. E. Slusscr of Hope. Discharged: Mrs. L. H. Jones, and baby girl, Gurdon, Mrs. Virginia Cannon, Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: Clayton Paddle, Rt. 4 Hope, Ray Douglas Cross, Rosston; C. W. Leverctt, Blevins, Can dace Shivers, Hope, Johnnie C. Bjarke, Rt. 3, Hope, Mrs, Herbert Rogers, Rt. 1, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. C. E, Boyce- Washington, Mrs. J. E. Wingfield and daughter, Rt. 2, Hope, MVa. Annie Key, Hope, Tom Wardlaw, Hope. '•...'. , e a- the already dnngcrolls hj K i nvays urdny nine hours after his twin The snow cut visibility to a half- J °hn L.. died In a Greenwood' r>iil« -i* rio..^^.« /^Ji.. v_.. I A/Tlix. I ....... u _ i « _ v.t, ( 4wwuu, mile at Garden City, Kan. ., hospital. of death In ...w » k vj*»iv*wti ^nj, £vaii. | •"*«"i=».t uuniJiiHl. VrfflUSO Ot New York was likely to remain botn cases was unknown overcast following rain, with a ' Whcr > John L died, Greenwood high near 40 degrees. Yesterday's i ! Physicians rushed the two, one cry- storm claimed the lives ot six vie- 1 in S loudly, the other quiet In death tims in traffic accidents. j to Memphis on the back sent f Most of the southeast was chilly a '''K'nvay patrol car Two nurses .lollowing heavy . .is an te winds in Memphis, Tenn., landedl dash - and the i ncc °mpanicd them on the 145 nille Robert Jacobs in jail. Jacobs, a bearded horseman, attempted to swim his mount across the Mississippi river, but he was arrested on a charge of exposing the horse to the "mercy of cold winds." lhe operation planned was sim- liar to that which separated the Bordie twins in Chicago recently. No separation attempt had been Planned for the pair until John L. s death made it necessary. Dr. Fred M. Sandifer • of Greenwood "•"••• "Biiuuer • oi ureenwood Southern California was hit yes-l said th °y were considered too terduy by a hail and rain storm ! young - v -- •»..•» *. mil aiuiui; before the weather cleared. But in Miami, Fla., 75 degree temperatures drew throngs to the beaches. Weather forecasters did not issue a long range prediction for the three months of winter, but foresaw a White Christmas north of a line from tho Texas panhandle to Virginia. '.<*'•: NUTS IN THE SHELL PECANS ^T COCONUTS WALNUTS W For That Special One on Your Gift Sjom$onite Fashiontone Luggage will please them. Samsonite, the luggage that is strong enough to stand on -|X)mes in Bermuda Green, Colorado Brown/Saddle Tan, Admiral Blue, and Natural Rawhide. Prices start at $17,50; plus tax. we Qtve ANO &*stf STAMPS' ' 9 4^*v ' itmLB'.^. ,\>. * *" **;& Cuts in the scalp often bleed more freely than cuts in olher parts of the body. Construction Soon on Bomber Base LITTLE ROCK US. Ota- . mot Engineer 'Col. <£ J Hayes says the first, contriilction contract for the 50 million dollar jet bomber basu near 'here prbabiy will be awarded May 1 Col. Hayes announced that the Little Rock District, of thd Engineer Corps has be§n allocated 9.6 million dollars 'for preliminary work on the permanent Air Force base. lhe desparation dash to Mom- plus was the first time the twins na dleft the Greenwood • Loflore hospital where;they were delivered By a eaesaroan operation early last August. ',." . The parents, Roosevelt and Maybelle Flowers, did not accompany th6 twins to Memphis. They live at Kilrnichael, about 40'miles from. Greenwood. "•;. Typhoon Blows Into China Sea MANILA Ifl-^-A 70<tnile nn hour typhoon blew Into the South China Sea today, leaving ;a wide swath of damage but no reported casualties in the Philippines. The weather '-bureau said the troplcar storm is "moving west. northwest at H miles an hour and is expected to intensify. If It maintains ,its present course It will , smash into the east coast of china. Widespread damage to property and communications was reported from Samar, Leyte, Masbate and Southeast Luzon, CORRECTION Due to on error in Friday's Paper the Prices on SHANHOUSE JACKETS Were listed incorrectly and should have been as follows; 14.95JS. 9.95 10.95fit. 7.95 HERBERT BURNS •&M 22,50 Coots... 16,95 Jackets. I a it-ml nut E WITH ONLY TWO SHOPPING DAYS LIFT, OWEN'S ii ready and , willing to help you in your loir minute shopping suggoitions, We hove the goods and the prices are right. , GIFTS FOR HER ie $1.98 to $6.96 GOWNS $1.98 to $9.95 HOUSE SHOES $1.19 to $4.95 NYLON PANTIES * 77c RAYON PANTIES 49c to $1.29 HOUSECOATS $3.95 to $10.95 STETSON GLOVES 98c to $1.98 HATS BILLFOLDS NYLON HOSE DRESSES SHORT COATS LONG COATS, 100% All Wool PAJAMAS, Sets LADIES SHOES BLOUSES SCARFS HANDKERCHIEFS $2.98 to $6.95 $1.98 to $3.95 88c to $1.95 $5.95 to $22.50 $9.95 to $19.95 $15.00 to $59.95 $5.95 to $19.95 $4.95 to $9.95 _„ $1.98 to $8.95 v l 49c to $2.95 29c to $1.00 39c to $1.00 BOXED HANDKERCHIEFS COSTUME JEWELRY, Valued to $1.95 for 87c BRUNCH COATS $3.95 to $10.95 ANKLETS 25c to 49c EARMUFFS 59c WOOLSCARFS ?9c PIECEGOODS 49c to $2.95 Yard NYLON GOWNS $3.95 to $10.95 IN FACT EVERYTHING FOR THE LADIES GIFTS FOR HIM 'i i '«! '. t 'I BILLfpLDS GLOViS $f;§8 ADAM HATS , $5,00 to IKift SHORTS 49c fro $1.0a, UNDERSHIRTS 39c fro 75t MEN'S SUITS, valued fro $59,00 as low as , $22.50 BOYS' SUITS, Save fro 33!6% MEN'S DRESS SHIRTS $2.00 to $5.00 MEN'S SPORT SHIRTS $1,98 fro $8,95 EVERYTHING in Men's and Boy's WOftK CM>THE PAJAMAS $2.98 fro $3.95 ROBES $4.95 fro $9,95 MEN'S and BOYS'SHOES $4.95 to $14,95 SPORT COATS, Close Oufr, $22,50 value ~ T >10.0§ Men's Leather Jackefrs & Sport Jackets $9.95 fro $29.95 MEN'S & BOYS' CLOTH COATS $3.95 fro $10.95 DRESS PANTS $5.95»o$14£5 SOX 39c fro $1*00 TIES 59c to $2.00 BELTS and BUCKLES 69* fro $2 f OQ And Hundreds Of Other Items Nofr Mentioned, „ REMEMBER WE GIFT WRAP FREE SHEETS. PILLOW CASES, TOWEL SETS, CLOTHS DISH TOWELS. COtQREP $H|ITS SPREADS. ELECTRIC BLANKETS, 10Q% *••-* BLANKETS. 5% WOOL ~ BLANKETS. SCATTER RUGS, PERCOLATORS, FOR THE HOME IS, TOWEL SETS, W4IH S. COLORED SHEETS. BED ANKETS, 10Q%A11£OTB . HES. GLASSES. TOYP don't for0ft DONT HI Owr IA8Y thing for tht BOM of kfiB tfeii tf Ml WB yew ^^Tr$ 9^frWjm9- yew a

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