Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 20, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, December 20, 1952
Page 11
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MOM IfAft, MOM, ARKANSAi Saturday, December 50,1952 SifrWvfofcav* Uftf fit I A, M, and 4 P» M. oration*. Rfd candle* burned on •Oft end of the table, Minn Mary Turner «nv* n Chrltt- tt»fl» Prayer. Mr», ,I»ck ftrown o n nwelal profrnm »,f munlc, Art, Chcutsr AftdflWfl «h4 MM, 'onticy rire«n nang "! Jltawl the Uftlln of ChrlnittiM Dny" accom- mnted by Mm. Brown, Un. Ham Wflfll #ftv* th* CbrfMmft* utory Why 1 ftn> Cftlm«t» Kuwg," A Chrl*t mn»,Cnrol wen then nung by the cloud and « «lft won prpurntcd to IHnokwood. „ ,._ .jwlr T mm Mm ftf<jfti M& Mtt. OU» tepfiBnitJe ft with « Coming ond Going Mr, ond Mm, Jf, C, DMrtoh of iprJnjtdnle hnvp arrived In (Sam- <l!jtf$Bny, to «p«nU tho holldnys * ,,,,, fa * """llWrti '$?$« o' th« , wswi In ., i,'-lttfg f?PM{?P,iit W4ft, All r rwuo% 40 • • • „„,„ WjKr (-fe'^W'^V , t«^<...> J .......... /. of home Kl"* --T^"^f<-» » i lifi 3, M. John* as th*» read and isnt fot'ttM »{'•<!« Webb, dimtfld two eltv*r gtmtt wltft Mr*, T, M, McCorkl* «nd Mm, Horace Itllen winner*. After n Ktrt e>tch«n(« • »al»d and de«»crt plat* wot nerved to Jfl mombor* C«r»Urvlll« Th« C*nlervlfle Home ttrfttleft Club m«t at lh« home of M»». H, A. Llnskor for th«lr raj alnr mating tittt Chrlatmo* party, Tho ttuwtinjf w«» ended to ordor by th<r nsw pfMMflnt, Mm, Vernl* OaynM, Th« Horn*, 1 0«mon*tr«uon '<•(*«( wo* repeat*!:! by Mm, Llnuker rend a j Chrliitrnnii *tory followed with proywr by Mm, Sid Skinner, the roll t'flll wan nnmwared by "How 1 rnndo nomeon* happy for Chrj«tm*«." H wiu decided In change th<> day from th« second Dear Gl Joe - This Nation Would Like to Give You a Big Pf6sent-a Ticket for Home •y HAL BOYLE NEW YORK W» — An awn let- tar t« O. I. J<w fn Korea: Dear .Too, Well, klrt, I thought I would fill you In on tho news from The elnoi in upon florin « the White hrJfitmns fllf(« which will b« di«- t'lbutcrci to Uncle Sugar Able — th* old U.S.A. JBvwybody I* melted ohout the Teenage Girl Continued from Page One hi* men hncl waited in vain six times for writers of t-xtortlon notes to the two prominent Plttsburghers up .noney thoy de Gfltwnl Ike owl General Mac. Thrrc hnn been nothing like It fllnco fitnnlcy met Dr, Livingston In darkest Afrlcn. berit Cltneral Iko'* cor with new plan trt del you out of Korcn. The Oomoornln, taking n Up from manrled. Then ono night the two young ulrls walked Into the darkness of o Northslde Pittsburgh i Park nnd picked tip n pncnge ly- i . «• $12.000, instead It held a bundle of paper, worthless. Hallford dlnelosed last night that year. Mr». Clyde grove directed games durlna the! ffnrry '$, Trurnnn, iirn anylna i ttl(> twn (! ' rl! ' hrul bocn n "'cstod r«creattort«l p^HWl, Mr*, SW Skin- ••..,/,,|| i w |, a t |« u?" And the Rp-i Thiu-sdny night. Ho declined to mirprl/p package. from « betiu< nor drew the 0 If tut wor« tiful (roe, The ImntcM *«ry»d( cuke and cnf- foo In 14 momborx, Mm, korrnln" Jfjp Agent, ond one Mr?, Doirn Doon Tbo Jnnimry mooting will bo en. wllli their in ijw'homo-of.'Mrn. f, F, Camp B . v, U. «nd ball January: 28, Clinton 0. .lonon ond child 0«Roan 'I'bn annual Chrlslmns pnrty of t>n» Doftoan Homo Dotnomtrntlmi Club W/IK hold UcKicnibcr B nt the lionic ot I4r», 1'heo Burna, 7l>7 S KJm Street, mooilng wna opened by th« % Anttft Copr-lflud will «rHvo todny (torn tfondrlx folk-gc to spend the holWuyH With her par- enW, Mr, «n«l Wru, K, W, Cnpu- And. ^hc< Wii n «uo»t cntrrtnlnpr at the volorrm'* htispltdl In l-lttlo Frldoy «l«ht. ,Chnrlotto Tarploy of Auttlln Shnrmnn, TtfXrtS, wilt rive l«H)«y and IK< U») «iiH»t of her (i«f(»«l«i, Mr. nwl Mtu, C, Wf, Tnrn- loy ( for th« ChrlstniiJn holidays Mr». M, J'\ Mtlfisr of Morrllto» MlH Fiorina Miller of Dulles w.ill «rrlv« totl(ty for n vinit with Mr. and Mra. C, \V. t8r,pl«y and Mrs, J. H, Miller, M|d» Mnry Copelond WAD Uie iftumi of her Biittcr, Mm, John D, Uonpn uiul Frlttfty. fomlly In Little HospH-al Notes Julia Che»t«r Adtniitod; Mrs, Atin K. Hoyra, Jtonry J?, W. Mann, Br*noh i, Itolicrt U Yntoii, Kunnotl, ToxurUttnn, .», Kvnns, M«mphl8, 1Vn(>. ^: ^r*. n, JP. Wllllnmii bnby boy, nnmilon, club «ln«lnii "Joy to the World.' Ttio duvotionnl wa» rontl by Mrs. Hernmn U-ator, followed by prayer by the orenidcnt, Mr». Jluck Unifiers. IJilflnj! the business sennlon Mr«. Ixi»Uf,r W»8 elected Mncrotnry and 1r««turoir;. to replace Mrs. W, I-;. Cdnsldy who IK rnnvnlu to St. l,otil.<i. Afi'H, Ca*»ldy wfla fircHcntcd n liwly gUt, Qiftd W6»'« exehnnncd. neliclous I'olrcBhmentit were sorvod by Mm. Jamys LauUtbnph and Mr». T, j. Purtlo, (to-ho*tP»««>s. to It) mem- born, and /iv? visitors from thi,< Center Point HI) Club, Mrs, Marlon Hubbard, Mm, Hiinuny Wriuht, Men, Jimtay Orlffln, Mm, Bryan Camp, Mrs, J, K. MuWilllHm*. Tho next rntutinc wl) be held In th» hoinfi of Mrs. Jutm-a l.,a\itci- bflch, 1)20 Fontcv Avenue, on Jan- unry 12. publicans nrn saying, "Walt nnd! W cntlf y tnorn - "xcopt to give thnlr dc'ij," i »«<?«• He said both girls odmitted Howcvrr, rwbody has said nny-|wrltlni< tho note;? — 10 in nil — to thing yr>l nboiit speeding up theiHeln/. dornnndlnj.; $20,(KJO and to rotitllon Hyst^tn, nnd If I were; Ronro'. dt-mandlriK $10,000, vou, .Ton, I'd KO on keeping myi The extortion loiters were sirn- tfd-dry nnd my rifle clean, Noj|| a ,-, Hnllford uald. The girls itifitter what plnn tho Reneralfl) threatened to harm the Hooney's mnko, It's HIP doiifthboy who hasj ji-ycar-old twin sons and the 11- tf> carry It out. Everybody hero te off on th<?| annual f'hiifitmns nlft-buytng JnR.i H looks like- u record year, and even tho dogs on P;irk Avenui; iirt* woarliift mink Jticv,tB. "•I never saw such propserlty," n frlotid of mine told rno. "Why, thori. 1 worn 40 people ahead of mr-j at tho finance company this morning, awaiting for tho doors to open so they could borrow money to buy Christmas presents." things of tlio Bukor IID C'luU mot li> lhe homo at Mrs, T, n. iUtty ovonlns, Doci-m- tor their unniml Clubs Coj«ttibn« Homo '1$mon»tra< sh 'Club tnfrt Monday, '18, at tlio homo of Mrs. StWavt with Mi'H. C. H, \\ •liWHliiowuM, Tito itomo Wtt» , fully decorated cat-rylnii out tho " midi motif. t»re»idfnt, Mr*. B, C, Webb, over n short bunlucjts ] tfir». J, .8. Kotnney, at-ci. Ottlled tho rest, Mr«* Jt. a Johnldii ; a«vti on tititplrluit ttd\*o> C!hrl8ttnft»'story A brightly lighted Christmas treo onterodi ijh,a ? giving room und oth- r r<t.4 «nd;s(ffw> decorations. were used at VBJitftie points, hy. Th»"Cht<nen RonR" wns ChrliltmWi'rtOry told by Mva, - Tmjhem«^*fc, Afifp' tho exchange ot fl(lt>, rcfrenhrncutd won; to nine tnembers atui throo , Mrt. Ttteo Hurtw, Mrs. ThomaK und Miss Krllne WMe, JWvSf k.,^ • ^ USTTiMlS m TODAY w III JfiRRYCOLONNA "MUSIC in t)|t MOONUOWT" FtRST RUN THI GRUT PONTIAC1 te ^s'"- • ',' "*2 " "* " .(, '.* r PSC Allows Rate HJkt for Truckers . A 18 ftcrewii lit Intrnstatc rntea uckers wns grunted bjf iho Avkflusais Public wfts sought to bring up to n recent boos m Intaratflto ruto* npprovod by tho Joo, a fel- row iininey. It's the only way j..,,, run bo sun- you still «ot some courl> credit. And, of course, the Demo- criiU sny, "well, you might as woll borrow nil you can. When the lU'iiubllcnn!! get In, (hero won't bo any money or credit either.'' The Democrats are still MO mart nt losing the election it's hard to figure whether they arc nfrald of a depression under tin- G.O.P — r are yearning for ono. I guess it ;s hard on morale to got thrown out of a swivel chair after 20 years. Thi' government is busy irwcstl- non of Hcin/.. The first of the threatening lot- tisrs was Hi.'nt to Helnx Doc. 13. Hdii'/. was instructed to place the money In a pncanc at the park. FBI agents who previously had kept a watch on tho pickup spot went to the scene again. This time i the girls showed up. | Both were arraigned before a U. S, commissioner on charges of violating a federal extortion statute. Both were released in cus- everybody In Washington who can't afford to winter in Florida. They wuy it aeoim to work Is that they all choose up sides, and say, "You investigate us this work, nnd we'll Investigate you noxt week." Another theory is that tho Democrats want to get each othor all Investigated now so that when the Republicans uet in power the only ones left for them to Investigate will be thumsolvos. It looks like the nesv Congress may «o on television, and' the gossip la they are holding out for n more appropriate sponsor, I 'hear the only offer so fnr was made by a chlorophyll deodorant. But, nil In nil, Joe, it looks like the country will survive. The only follow I know who doesn't have u job Is your Uncle Jim the onti that swore off working buck In 1010 during what the Democrats now refer to ns "the fn-st Taft administration." I hud lunch recently with your fnvorita pinup girl, Morllyn Mjon roo. She sold to toll you she sends hor best — and believe me, Joo that Is th» best, ns tnr ns I could President in Defense of Foreign Policy WASHINGTON I/PI — Presiden Truman stoutly defended today thi (oreitin policies of his seven years i the White House nnd declurec icy have produced "n,situation it •'hlch it should be clear to the oviet leaders that they cannc) nin their objectives by the us f force." We have demonstrated to th Communists that their expansion st efforts will bo checked," thi 'resident said, addinR: "They know this nation is bi ominR strong. They know th< itrt'tiKth nnd unity of the free n Ions Is mounting. They can gai lothing from war but catastrophe. 1 Truman conceded there hav >ecn in his ndministratlon som mistakes and n few failures in i .ornntioiial relations, but he sai hose who criticize such losses n he fall of China to the Reds rar y look nt the whole balance shoe This appraisal of foreign accon plishments since 1!)45 was in speech prepared for ceremonies a the National War College, trainin see. Well, kid, keep close to youi * SAENGER UST DAY a * FEATURES ~ 2 * * Men. mmm bUnkor over there. The thing We'd like best la to have you with the family around our tree thU year. That's the Christmas pros enl tho nation wants most now — to haws you home again. Yoi tircn't forgotten, Good Luck, Hnl Boyle Hearing Aim Istb WASHINQTON, Hearing aimed nt redrafting of the Taft Hartley labor law haye been se «s one of the first major pieces aC business by the new Republican house. Rep. MeConnell (R-Pa), duo to wcomtt chairman of the Hous Labor Committee, said today th whole field of. labor-monagemoii relations would ho reviewed by hi committee at sessions tentatively set to start early in February. ''Prom that I hope \ve can evolv H bill," he told u reporter. "If tho Tuft-Hartley law can b patched up and worked out— a riant, If not, a whole new l>l taiy h«v« tg b* written." Although -McCfonnell has not tak en a puUlic position, his djssatia ittoUoti wtti» Tatt-HarUey as th ' ' basic labor fcw Is widely Willys Sloshes Prices for 1953 Models TOLEDO, 0. — Countering the almost com tan t upward spiral of automotive prices since the war, Willys-Overland Motors, Inc. will Introduce a brand new and broadened line of Aero Willys passenger cars (or 1953 at sharply lower prices. They are now on display at Luck Molor Company here. Reductions run from $88 to $185 on 2-door Tnodels, Four-door models will be brought out at prices actually below 1952 2-door prices in comparable style series. Ward M. Canaday, president, at a preview here for the press and 3,000 members of the dlstributor- dnaler organization, said "these sensational price reductions arc un preccdentcd m recent automotive history for popular priced cars. They have been made possible by higher government allocations which will permit us to more than double our passenger car production. "We have been encouraged to make these decisions in favor of higher volume and lower prices '" Ir. Canaday said, "by the fact hut retuil demand has increased month after month since the Aero rVillys was first introduced 11 nonths ago. "We sincerely believe," he stated 'that price reductions, of this pro- lortion will prove to be one of the jreatest steps of recent years in his industry to make a luxury- ypc automobile available at prices he average new car buyer can afford." The Willys president announced hat the "company is completing ts great Aero Willys line by enter- ng the extremely popular field of hardtop convertibles, with a smart custom car to be called .he "Aero Eagle," and by produc- r\K for the first time a 4-door sedan in three style series." Until now because of steel limitations the company has produced only 2-door models, competing in but 30 per cent of the passangcr car market. The price reductions and expansion in volume coincide with Willys-Overland's 50th year of operations. The 1953 pascnger car line will be designated the "Golden Jubilee Aero Willys." Public introduction of new models will begin the week of December 15 in dealer showrooms throughout the country. First of the new 4-door models to be shown will be the deluxe "Aero Lark". The Aero Lark hardtop and a new style series, the "Aero Falcon," will also be introduced at thai time. Other models will be Introduced in eqrly January. The deluxe Aero Lark 2-door will DOROTHY DIX Jealousy Dear Miss Dix: When I first met' . ,„ ' , ,, Martin he vowed he would never of 8 12-year-old son and would ap- get serious over any girl. In fact,' Prelate It M you could tell me at he brnggod about his feminine eon' what a S* a boy should know the,* dueata. Now WP hnvo Hismvm-nri facts of life, and how I can ex- ttuests. Now we have discovered, . ., ..__ _ .„ that we love each other, but I am P la . in thcm to him - L M ? S 'P' w : very jealous of him. If he so much 1 Answer: I am rather afraid that as says hello to another girl, I be-l b X thls « Ume y° ur son has acc l inr come angry. I've tried not to show cd at least some information concerning the facts you plan to impart. Modern children rarely, wait until they are 12 before learning something of sex. If you will send, me a self-addressed, stamped envelope, I'll be happy to record rnertd a fine bookjlet presenting a solution to your problem. my Jealousy, but haven't been successful. I know I'm going to lose him it I don't stop". O. N. Answer: Since you are well a- wore that unreasonable jealously may lose you Martin, you must be equally cognizant of the fact that the solution to your problem Is within yourself. Jealousy is .a wretched thing, destroying all whq give way to it. It proves lack of faith in yourself, lack of confidence in your sweetheart and over-exaggerates the charms of other women. Give yourself a breakl Realize that you are at least as alluring ns they are — after all, didn't you catch the man they chased for so long? Dear Miss Dix: I am 30 years old and have been married twice. The first time was when I was 17, and we had one child. We were together eight miserable years, then I got a divorce. My second husband has also turned out to be n big disappointment. We separated with a divorce pending. I just can't seem to find a good man; where do they all hide? B. J. Answer: There isn't much I can do to teach you discrimination in scit-cting men. You should have learned something from the trial- and-orror method you've been pursuing, but apparently that does not work either. Dear Miss Dix: I am the mother Dear Miss Dix: I have been going with a 'boy on and off for five years. I want to know if he loves me and if he will marry me. SomS times he acts as though he cared, but he. won't tell me yes or no. He has gone to another city to work. Can you tell me if and when he is coming back? M. M. Answer: Even a gypsy fortune teller would have trouble answer-* ing your questions. I'm no clairvoyant, my dear, just a woman try ing to do a conscientious job. I might suggest that, since the boy hasn't made a declaiation of love in five years, maybe you had better utilize the time he's away to find another and more aggressive beau. The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-4474 Or bring Stems to Miss Turner *t Hick* Funeral Homt Dear Miss Dix: I am 20 years old and have just met a very boy. My mother has forbidden me to see him because he has a twitch. I like him so much that I've been going out with him anyway. Am I right? S. S. Answer: No. you are not primarily because deception is never right It's quite possible, you know, that mother's attitude is caused by apprehension that the twitch may be a symptom of a serious physical or nervous disorder. Get her to tell you frankly why she objects*!' If the grounds are valid, better reconsider your attitude; it she has an unreasonable dislike of the boy, or is convinced herself that his condition is a minor affliction, wait .until you are 21 before making up your mind about him. Mr. Ray and Julio Woods are leaving Dec. 20 for Detroit, Mich., to spend the holidays with their daughter's son and granddaughter and friends. There will be a Christmas pro, gram and tree at BeeBco Memorial C M E Church Wednesday night December 24. Bring gifts. list in Toledo at $1499.50, A reduction of $88 under the 1932 model price. The deluxe Aero Lark 4-door will list at $1579.50, a reduction of $8 under the $1387.50 price of 2-door Aero Larks in 1952. The super deluxe Aero Falcon will be priced at $1639.50, n re- VIIU fttlliVMItll *V 111 \_-UllUKU, 11 Ull lilt J i- .*. „ school for armed services staff o wetion of-$185 from the $1824.50 rice of the comparable 1952 mod- fleers. No advance announcement of the talk was made, and report ers were told they could not at tend, but the White House gave out a presidential text. Truman acknowledged that many serious perils lie nhead, but said these should not be exaggerated n»v more than they should be un dorestimated. "We need not be panicky today about the state of the world," he said. "Wo are not on the losing side. The world Is not about to collapse around us." lie spoke of the Communist re fusnl to agree to Allied proposals for a truce in Korea, and said this Confronts tl» U. S. with a "terrl- a 'serious problem." But on Capitol Is UndeVstotxi to feel that Hartley is too convex, not easily Ujajkn-stwxi by either labor or m*na|«me«t, and a symbol ol un necessary controversy *rhkh tho .IRopiiblicans would do well to erase, Tho GOP platlwm eivdorsed yie law, but called for any changes shown by experience to b« needed. The pl»ttwm didn't spell them out. Across the Capitol, Sen. Taft (R Qttta> U tor retaining the law wUlch, bears his u»nve. Any effort to bring out i wholly new taw seems certain to stir up the pow- While, it is being doalW with, he wemVon, "Let u? not lose, sight of how much we have already ac " " * hy fighting 'in Korea," continued: '"I believe the Communists were bent on testing the authority of the United Nations nnd the strength of 'the free countries, by force, sooner or later.. If the; test had not come in'Korea, it would have come somewhere else. But it came In Koran and .that was where we had to meet it and stop it. x x x "If the attack had been allowed to succeed, the United Nations would have been shattered, and all our hopes of building up a collec tlve security system for the free nations would have been destroyed, If we had failed to meet the test there, the free world today might We.ll be jn retreat before Commu a dozen other fronts." Hi's speech was a sort oS s\van song in which he reviewed the fateful foreign policy steps tak ens, In the last seven years. Sev erst times he carne back tQ the vtew that there had been 'errors of the 2S amendments passed in 1849 but which died in a hostile House. McConnell's views on a labor Jaw ar* likely to erevail in the Labor Committee, where he the respect ol Southen Democrats as well as Republicans "I'd like to have a simple law understandable ta the man on the street, and one which both labor in4ustry can live with," he te£> T«ft dots torn wh*t Jfpttiluttey with <*&. "I c«n only . s*y to «»»• given to \ioAi f , .bftue. *£*!&&*£ <i The super deluxe Aero Falcon door will be priced at $1699.50, or 125 below the comparable 1952 nodel. The custom Aero Ace 2-door scan will list at $1799.50, a reduo- on of $104 under the $1903.50 price t the 2-door Aero Ace in 1952. The custom Aero Ace 4-door scan will list at '$1869.50, a price lat is $34 lower than the 1952 2- oor Aero Ace. Barges Moved Up River to Camden •GAMDEN (*) — The first move ment of shipping on the Ouachita River.in Jl years, was completed yesterday with the arrival of two arges loaded with pupwood. The first regularly scheduled arges to operate on the river ice 1941 brought the pulpwood rom Mobile, Ala., to the Interna- ipn.nl Paper Co.. here. International also ts scheduled o receve a barge shipment of salt ake from Weeks, "La,, Dec. 24. Lack of traffic on' the river in The Junior Church and choir will have their Christmas program, and tree at Rising St.ar Bapti,st Church Thursday night, December -Bring pifts.'. ) . Mr. and Mrs. Bertrand Staggers of Santa' Monica, Calif., have ar- •ived to spend the Christmas holidays with relotives and friends. Dear Miss Dix: For some time my husband has bern letting married man use our mail box to receive letters from another wo-x 4 man. I don't like tho idea, but my' husband says there's no harm in it. PATSY Answer: Your husband is wrong to connive at hi.- lYiend's infidelity. Of course, all parties involved are wrong, but your husband might be able'to make the other two see the light if he refused his cooperation. Released by Bell Syndicate, Inc. Legal Notice It is estimated that 11 billion herring are caught every year, says the National Geographic Society, the ground. The volume of the planet Saturn is about 750 times that of the earth, but its mass is only about 95 times that of the earth. recent years has caused U. S. Engineers to consider discontinuing maintenance of locks on the river. South Arkansas industry 'ad business leaders hope traffic will be sufficient to continue the mainte nnnce. International officials said that they could have made the shipments cheaper by rail but wished to aid in the effort to keep the river open for shipping. IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ADOPTION OF ALFRED RAY EDMISTON AND BARBARA LOUISE EDMISTON, MINORS NOTICE TO LUTHER COLEMAN EDMISTON, ADDRESS UNKNOWN AND ALL WHOM IT MAY'CONCERN: •** Take notice that on the 19th day of December, 1952 a petition was filed by John W. Hyatt and wife, Sybil Maurine Hyatt, in the Probate Court of Hempslead County, Arkansas for the adoption of certain persons, named Alfred Ray Edmiston and Barbara Louise Edmiston. Now unless you appear within 30 days after the date of this notice and show cause against such application, the petition shall be taken as ,oonfessed and a decree adoption entered. (SEAL) Harry Hawthorne Clerk By Arthur C. Anderson, D. C. Dec, 20, 27 ut that he overall accomplish ment was great. "Future historians may reco; ilze some mistakes," he said e 1 one point. "But, on balance, I be ieve they will say that never in listory did a great nation respond so effectively and promptly to new and unaccustomed problems as this nation did in the past seven years; and never was a greater or wore enlightened effort expended tor a nobler purpose — the aim of world peace." HOPE DRIVE IN SATURDAY '// "THE UST OUTPOS with Ronald Reagan Ronda Fleming OPEN oight a«d TfNnorraw Nlfb 2161 5. Main HOM §K Saturday, Dteembcf'Sd, WHEN TOU PMONeOAMD «xet>MC WHAT I'D LIKE FOR SUPPER rr I S/MP HAMBURGEP I ANOONIOfcS.' VOu DOGWOOD "MOST WIVES DON'T EVEN ASK THEIR HUSBANDS WHAT THEV'O OAGWOOO, WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE FOR -_ SUPPER T TONIGHT? ID LIKE SOME HAMBURGER AND ONIONS , H660T !>VIW THEM SILLY WTIONS ABOUT wsm/aar OUT OUR WAY •y ;. R. Wllllomi Aiswer to Previous Puzzle B U A BIRD.' A N/ MO/ IT SPAR ROW .'WE \ AMJ3TBEA MUST BE NEAR ) BUZZARD.' <\ / FOR. A TH' SUBURBS" / NO SFAKCOVV A I CHANGE. 1 HORIZONTAL 1 Port of entry in Ohio 7 Ohio site of a university 13 Speaker 14 Printing mistakes 15 Temper, as steel 16 Genus of beavers 17 Father ' 18 Supports for heads 20 Uncle 21 Greek portico 23 Bono 24 Goddess of discord 25 Give as an inalienable possession 28 Go by 29 Aleutian island 30 Giant king of n.-ishan 31 Exist 32 Cleveland's is known nation-wide 34 College official 30 Ohio presidential timber 39 Repast 40 Cubic (ab.) 41 Soothsayer 43 Onnger 44 Artists' frame 47 "Blue eagle" 48 Giants 50 Idea 5230 (Fr.1 53 Most arid 54 More weird 55 Feelings VERTICAL 1 Leaping amphibians 2 Decorated 3 English authoress 4 Summer (Pr.) 5 Brook in Cleveland's metropolitan park area 6 Shield bom-ing NEAR EAKLTH-V COULP LIVE . •Ml THIS FAR FCCM A /y^lffllrr^ ^/jyiu 19 Ohio capital 22 Kettledrum 24 Birds of ._ 7 Packs of cards2G Solar disk 8 Macaws 27 Pronoun 9 Years (ab.) 28 Upright 10 Potatoes (coll.) 11 Mexican 37 Contradicts 38 Watery (var.) 39 Sulphide mixture j 40 Boxer • 42 Raves 44 Grafted (her.) WASH TUBES standard 33 Area measure 45 Concludes 34 Covet 46 Learning 35 Church holiday CEETAIWLV, I CAM HEAR VcJUi WASH I PUT V-CfcT 00 W5OUNO ^^1P /AE TO PAY THE P/VIWXC5E51 Indians 12 Nostrils 49 Blackbird 51 Metal GOPP.RBUTIONS IMOl/V.MO 1 — JU&T TH'^liSK) OM TH' ROOF. THROW _. IW TH'JUS 1 H OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople REMEMBER, gis-HEARTED v-:7 ESAD.MEM ft \MANYT TO t JUSTIC& CADVMALLADER'? ) •;( BRIEF VOQ To BE ON EVEEY CHRISTMAS / ....y^^ s T'C'E5 AND COMBAT TU& He USETA SNJ: uSr^*---^Si\CKINAE WAV& THAT AM 1 rXyVSAH, IX USUALLY PRECEDES.: A BOX Of= //AL6O JU6TlCe)rCHRlSTi\ |l AS.' —50PP05E \MITM Wl Fouey--^- <\ You CHECK UPOM A *IO 6?ILL / /AL.WAV6 CAN\e)/VEHICLES \MlTH A < ISi FROfiT CASE OF CUT OF PLUS FOR THE CONSTABLES/ BOuTS AND HER BUDDJES By Edgar Martin 33IT2UI 3HT ^ By Dick Turner BUGS BUNNY E OLD 5TA65 Wr\l5P£R= FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger 11 ^^.'''^ '-' ALLEY OOP ' MY STARS;000LA, WHY'D THE TIME- , ,MACHINE BRING J 1 ""KALItOU , IN0TEAP OFALI.EY? WU TELL ME, f)OCTDR,THAr8 KNOW LITTUE CAU3INQ AU.THE tROUBLg T. M, R< ( . U. S. Pat. Off. Copr. 1952 by NEA S.rvlce, Inc. ^And_then J was back here in '47! Guess I &as just born • with a silver spoon in my hand!"-/^- ' -' My fighter believes in saving his energy when : he meet? • one of those fancy hit-and-run Ijoxei'sT',.,, j FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS QUICK, SON, <per BBHINP WAT CA?5 A. BODY cVj GET S1&^APH> TPEATH STAMDW-.-INTWr PATH OP "MESe HOM6- \ course- .—^ \ gg-fiL'&ff ^''—/_*»« W«*« <*»«• V9wn4 till I hide this! I dgo't ^ant m

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