Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on May 30, 1953 · Page 9
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 9

Detroit, Michigan
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 30, 1953
Page 9
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STAR GAZING 'Hitch-Hiker' Warns Motorists BY HELEN BOWER Free) PrM Movie Crltle Ida Lupino has consistently kept an eye on the headlines In making motion pictures. "The Hitch-Hiker" at the Madison Theater came straight , out of tie news to provide another example of topical evan-gelism, exhorting motorists to be wary of picking up strangers on the highway. police Inspector James A. Hoye, who watches over Detroit traffic, and Garnet Griffin, of the Traffic Safety Association, sat with the movie critics when the picture was screened. DETROIT FREE PRESS F Saturday. May 30, 1953 fj The 'Play School' Detroit's Kids Love! Every weekday morning the gong sounds for one of Detroit's most popular "schools" and it's all done for pre-school children. Here's the storyin pictures of how the TV show is done and about the people who make it click. In "TV Prevue" a Sunday Free Press exclusive. Walkout Ends FETOSKEY IVP) Seventy-five employes of Petoskey Manufacturing Co. returned to work after agreement on Insurance benefits ended a week's strike. Another dispute that has idled 280 workers of the Portland Cement Co. remained unsettled. ' iS 77' ' I ;-, .;':. : . ! , f W v .5 It- 'i 'P-- Tp If:, ' ' ) ;kti -1' Jh j '- jriin PiM AT YiR MVilTE THEATEtT TV Weds Movies In Fancy BY HEDDA HOPPER HOLLYWOOD Eleanor Parker won't get much rest after finishing "Fort Bravo," because Metro has already set her to star In a new picture, "My Most Intimate Friend." In a sense the film will be a marriage of television and movies. Eleanor will play a TV commentator whose most bitter rival on the air is another gal commentator and in private life they're both after the same man. I can already hear the meows. Sidney Sheldon is writing the screenplay. WALT DISNEY, back from Europe, doesn't think Paris any more a Commie stronghold than It was after World War I, In those days the Reds were so rampant there that Paris was out of bounds to our soldiers in France. I asked Walt, with so many children playing "Peter Pan," why he didn't bottle the pixie dust he used in the picture and sell it. "I've thought of that," he said, "but I'm afraid that the young fry would cover themselves with It and try flying off a barn. I did when I was a, kid, but used a large umbrella, so no fractures." Sol Siegel was inspired when he teamed Jane Russell and Marilyn Monroe in "Gentlemen . Prefer Blonds." The girls complement each other like honeysuckle and roses, day and night, fish and chips. You'll be surprised how both have grown in statute as actresses and the ability to put over songs. Jane throws her lines away like a veteran comic. It could be, due to the training she got while working with Bob Hope. Howard Hawks' direction was no handicap, either; nor were Charlie Ledercr's lines. As I've said before, when you've got a good story, talented people, and fine photography, you don't need outside props, such as the new processes, to put over a picture. I'd like to own one-twentieth of 1 per cent on this one. MARK STEVENS' hit in the Broadway play "Midsummer" resulted in more offers than he's ever had. He's currently doing a TV playhouse show here, and has signed with CBS to do one program a week, a la Bob Montgomery; that is he'll .serve as a sort of master of ceremonies, but not act in the show. Mark has also been asked to do two pictures. If he does the TV series from New York, he can also choose between two Broadway plays one a drama, the' other a musical comedy. Mary hasn't the foggiest idea of why "Midsummer" closed in New York and returned $17,000 in advance ticket sales. Richard Burton, before leaving for England, will test for "The Prince of Players" by doing the "to be or not to be" and "oh, what a rogue and peasant slave am I" speeches from "Hamlet" He won't do the soliloquies as he thinks they should be, but in the man-) Her that Edwin Booth, whom" be will play In the picture, would have Interpreted them. The cast of "Be Prepared" is being prepared the hard way. first Billy Gray, who was to have played one of the Boy Scouts, dropped ' a manhole cover on his foot, breaking several bones and necessitating his being replaced in the picture. Then Skip Torgerson, another Scout, fell off some parallel bars and broke an arm. He started working with his arm in a cast. Now the old Scoutmaster himself, Clifton Webb, collapsed while working in the picture. The doctors diagnosed his ailment as "exhaustion, nervousness and over-heating." Town to Honor Gardener, 100 LAKEVIEW (JP) By procla-' mation of Village President Eltlon Johnson, Monday will be Peter Wiseman day here. I Wiseman, an active gardener who keeps his neighbors supplied with fruit and vegetables, will observe his 100th birthday Monday. He is a native of England who came to this country when, he was 21. Walkout Ends DALLAS 7P) A 44-day walkout by 650 mechanic has tjndfd, T. E. Branilf, president of Braniff International AirwayB, announced Friday. "Everyone, drivers and pedes- mans, out to see this, exclaimed Hoye, when the screening was over. i Edmond O'Brien, Frank Love-Joy and Detroiter William Tal-man are the stars in an all-male cast. Talman is the menace, a ruthless fellow named Emmett Myers who has killed a few motorists before the story begins. WITH HER customary quiet skill Miss Lupino as director sets her stage with glimpses of this modern highway robbery in action. When the hunt for Myers is on, O'Brien and Lovejoy as Col lins and Bowen set out for a vacation trip. They give a lift to a man who suddenly points a pistol at them from the back seat He is Myers, and from that moment they must obey his commands or die. Miss Bower He wants to reach a point In Lower California where he can escape by ferryboat to Mexico. THE PICTURE'S tension Is stronger because the action never resorts to melodramatic extremes. The fugitives travel by back roads, camp overnight, buy supplies at little Mexican stores and proceed inconspicuously on their way. Talman's characterization Is not that of a wild maniac. He Is the cold, reasoning killer who weighs his chances carefully. Obliged to abandon the car In the desert the three trudge toward the coastal town that is their goal. No chance seems to come for Collins and Bowen to overpower their captor. Coincidence luckily alerts the police, unknown to the trio. There Is a final fight scene that leads to Myers' capture. Collier Young, Miss Lupino's ex-husband and producer of the movie, wrote the screenplay with Miss Lupino. "The Hitch-Hiker" is a good movie because it does what it sets out to do. Without the handi cap of more "message" than story, it performs a public service in alerting drivers to possible dangers of obeying a kindly impulse. Lobby Garden Saluting the garden pilgrimages arranged by the Detroit Garden Center, a tropical garden has been installed by the De-ptrtment of Parks and Recreation in the Michigan Theater lobby. The display will remain a week, calling attention to garden tours for June 6, 7, 13 and 14. Show Time AnAM "Toiinf Bona," 11 a. m.. 1:05. 3:10. 6:20, 7:26. 9:35, 11:40 p. m. BROADWAY CAPrTOI-'Senwnt of the Nile." 12:20. 8:15, 6:10, 0:10 p. m.. 12:05. 3. 6:45 . m. l'Jwk. McCal. T-rwrnrio." 11 . m 1:55, 4:50, 7:45. 10:40 p. m.. 1:40, 4:20 . m. VOX "Tltnlo," 11 m S:05. 6:11. 9:17, 11:23 p. m. "Treason." 12:39, 3:45. A:51. 9:67 p. m. MADISON "The HltrhElker." 11 . m.. l:att, 4:12, 6:48, 9:24 p. m 12 mldniht ''Count th Houra. 12:18. 2:64. 6:30. 8:06. 10:42 p. m. MICHIGAN "Houae of Wax." 11:3! V m.. 1:41. 3:61, 6:01, 8:11. 10:21 p. m.. 12:31 . m. Ml'SlC HALL "Thla) It Cineruna." 2. 6. 8:30. 11:30 p. m. PAWMS "Trouble Alonf the Way." 12:28. 3:30. 6:44, 9:63 V- ID.. 1. 4:08 a m. "The 49th Man." 11:10 a. m., 2:18. 6i26. 8:34, 11:42 p. m., 2:50 a. m. UNITED ARTISTS "Small Girl." 11 a. m . 2. 6. 8. " r. firientallr Connie." 12:42, 42. 6 a:. : 42 p. m, TONIGHT 8 :20 MAT. SAT. 2:20 1$; JANET WEBB BLAIR STILTON SEATS AVAILABLE EVES, t Bra. 94 00- Bala. S4 20. S3 0. S3 00. S2 40. 2a BaH SI SO. MATS. WEO. t SAT.: Or.h, J) 00, Bala. S3 00. S2 40 2nt Belt. Si. 90 (Tti lael.l P PHONE ORDERS. Be Sol. Ptrferanaiia. Tk Jau 4 Urn al 10 A.M. MaJI P M. MaU NO SAILINGS FRIDAY, JUNE 3 RESERVED FOR SHRINERS CEREMONIAL AT BOa-LO. (acimiai Saoaadar, Jm a, aa at 10 aee tl ARC, 2, 4 m 4 i tM. MoUla at i alee at 10. 1 J Sneieeya. 4PJH. ENJOY SUMMER NOW v tf ON A tOB.LO CRUISE! J Tk kjaa 4 kaale al 10 A.M. MaJI Mil. V J MaU NO SAILINGS FRIDAY, JUNE f Wj ROUND TRIP 11.00! aUtnai Wa. U.m Ve KJ Habfaye (l.M a c lba((la fl.W. iM (kA DOCK FOOT OF WOODWARD 1 - ? . . . - I l 't .wr ' ". V y? m ROUGH AND TOUGH with the women is the role In which Glenn Ford is usually cast He plays that sort of a part so often that Ford says "I guess I'm typed." Here he is roughing up Ann Sheridan in their forthcoming film, "Rage of the Jungle." Reds, British In Land Dispute HELMSTEDT, Germany m British authorities said Friday night negotiations are still in progress with the Russians over eight acres of disputed German territory. The Rusians laid claim to the area on the border of the Soviet and British zones Thursday. Rus sian and British authorities conferred on the matter in a four- hour meeting. aTZi mVk .win nuiu Bares Evt'y Human Emotion! ' STARRINO ClIFTOH sk- WEBB lte:7 BARBARA STANWYCK LATE SHOW TONIGHT 1 M-GM fICTUItl "SOW TO Oka, Be CHICSIBAR 8441 Hominon, Cor, Phlladolphla Prea.nH Nlqktly 7V Jack London De4reK't Farerlte Piaie Mae) Alr-Condltlonee) Ample Parking STAGEFUL OF BEAUTIFUL GIRLS if .,W We InsUft&iiik m 11 r f ii T I ""US jjj I I- r mom JBaA WM mi , ,T I Tr van Johnson irs J ILUTI kT.gli. T iV JtanlW-StewartOWER OPEN A r ykkM KLRR-CharlKLAUGHTON JM n&MQ ?A5wc DANCING TONIGHT I HWMMmM BILLY MAY i 'OPEN ALL MIBHT leVaaaaaeaaaeiBaaaaaaaaaiaaeiiaeaaaiBaeaeaaaBaaBaBaaea! --' '"-- UNTIL I I. at. t ' fcoNT. n a. m.) 1 ifi .liil r Li A i4. ij 11:30 P. M. .Altj miCADIllAC SO. AT BATESl ..r- v 1 1 r ' tl c ... , , ... Gift for Old Grad WASHINGTON (JP) A copy of the "Howitzer," 1953 United States Military Academy year book, was presented Friday to President Eisenhower, a 1915 Academy graduate to whom the new yearbook is dedicated. iij f! T LATE SHOWS TONIGHT ALL THEATERS BELOW! POORS Mi4( . at.,iaa I vnKiHT pwia : PRANK IOVIJOY I PHTUIt KIRK DOORS OPEN 10:45 A. OPEN ALL NIQHT UNTIL t M. A. M. JOHN WAYNE'S ALL-AROUND BEST PICTURE TO DATE! muej wayne tpn DONNA REED I il iTrrTTl CHARLES COBURN . ...yVai aaliaaaSeHkn ;the MAN t.cks DLKNINC . SUUMI TI iro's doolh in his upralsod thumb! The EDMOND O'BRIEN FUNK LOVEJOr Hitch- Hiker IMB WW -Ml 'Count the Hours" TERESA WRISHT MACDONALO CADET CHOICE SEATS STILL AVAILABLE FOR TONIGHT'S LATE SHOW f 1 130 P.M. T DANCING Fridays Saturdays Sundays Claude HOWARD AND THE BLUE TONES "T Bone! Tksf Hay, til lei" SHCIAL FAMILY STYLE DINNERS YOU CAN EAT $2.50 , Callerat Naif Prlae 93S LswndRlB, off 8600 W. Fort For RtiorvotioHi VI 2-f 294 Iali CLUB GREZ W0 1-SSI nunltlv i Ian IImim, ttmrt trial. Kf, CHVIM UMm It MCM'I UlMIIMllt 1 fill ID II Jw v 3 9 15 AUMInAL no. SM'kr IMta. Ilrt lirtir. "CBt lCK . LITTLE skua." -nnT meEC" J" Cull. SIOHCHT SHOW. AL6ER-, DOORS OPES 12:45. CHIlMEI't TODAY! "FtT VEHSEAKCE" MATINEE (C0L0I) WITH JAMES CF.AIS. PLUS "CIAIY 0VE HORSES". WITH THE I0WEIY 10YS. COLOR CARTOOHS AND CHAPTER Ha. 4 OF "RETUR OF CAPTAIH MARVEL". ROTE "i CONFESS" HOT 8H0WH AT MATINEE. rn a TTa - .. !!. Ill ' Caall "I CON- II erp S. Wanwi-Outar Drlta ALOCn Bun im, 12:45. FESS" HR Mataoary tllft, Aana Uilat it ;w,,7",,rTr"7rnir hn Ki of Allan Park ,,J.V'llr..7,V...VE!l6wVn:c;DRIVE-IN (ECORSE RD.) """ jjuaW ml.i TECHNICOLOR HITS. PLUS SPOOK SHOW II UlliDDl 43i Woodwanl TK 5-0234 ALnAMbnA 1.13. Baaa RaattM Glai 2S Woodward TI 5-023i"0ERVEI ANO THE 110 GRANDE. Eaian4 Tlaraav. "WHERE THE SIDEWALK HDS.j 1:30. 4:45. :0O. 11:15. Starllnf Hariia. "KANSAS PACIFIC" (Calar). 3 J2. 0:47. inv- i.i. tk. i.ta loin, Afttf moo ..v.. .... . - : V 8outtarjld-AI!n M. DU 1-SS13 HLLtniHIIP. ,. ujo. .irt fraa! "MISSISSIPPI CAMOLER" (Calar). Tyr Pewar, Plpar Laaria, l.OO. 43S. 0.10. 11J0. "Tut ciaca WAII" Clnrla Crakaaia. Vlttarla Caumaii, 3:30, 6:50. 10 10. KIDDIE MATINEElf)RlvP.IM FflRT-rOT1 TODAY. LATE SHOW TONIGHT! ID ft Caaa Ara. at SUtnaoo TK 1-8028 PIIIU Oaaa 12:43 ta 3 l. M. PAVED FREE PARKING! AIR CONDITIONED 3 FEATURES! mwy Ian, "no holds naaatu .- "lun PRIVATES' Attatt aa4 Caitllla. "WOMAN OF THE NORTH COUNTRY" (Calar). tti Ciniiraa. AVALON" PAVED PARKIN 1000 CAR CAPACITY AVALON Linvood at Diriton TO R-B70S Ina 10. Patad Partial! eaelH ty Rafrlaaratlaa. "TORPEDO ALLEY," Mark Stinnt, Dorathy Malana. 1:40. 5:17, 824, 1135. "MONTANA OELLE" (Color) , jaaa lauall. Caarea Brant, 3:56, 7:05. 10:14, Rakart Taylar. Elliakitk Taylar. "IVANHOE" ( Titk.) 1:45. 35. 7:50, 10J0. Plai "ROYAL JOURNEY" with Oaaat Ellraactk at Enalant. ....... DlnMINunAM ,, lava ant Clrh! Anathar Bla MatlnH TaJay! Tyrana Pmir la "MISSISSIPPI GAMBLER" (TMhnlaalar), Plai Ona Haar el Fbr Fillet Calar Cartaana. Alia Caatala Marval Serial. "GLASS WALL" tat ihetrn tt tie Matlnae. Daart ORan 1:43. She Start! It 2:00. RlCaJIUftU' U Blrmlmham, MMl. uiiimiiiunnm .... .., r..i r...hni Tyrana Pawar, Piper Laaria In "MISSISSIPPI GAMBLER" (Teaknlieler), 2110, 5:05, 11:12. Vlttarla tinaiin. Clarla Grakaaia la "THE GLASS WALL." 6:48. 932. jBLflOMFIELD-riS l"SmZ "CITY BENEATH THE SEA" (Tarhnicoler) inltk Rakart Ryaa. Mala Powell it 2:00. 533, .8:32, 11:31. Plai. "LAW AND ORDER" ! (Tecknlcaler) itarrlna Ronalt Raaiaa, Derethy i Malana it 4:03. 7:12. 10 :!!, BOOKER!- ON STAGE IN BIG AMATEUR SHOW PERSON EVERY FRIDAY PflfllYFR T Holorook near Oakland TR 1-8185 DUUnLrl I 11;45 ti Bi Ctnt 4, aaiejNt! John Wayna. Claire Truer, "ALLEGHENY UPRISING." "ANNIE OAKLEY." Balkan Stannyek. , Prtstea Fetter. nnHTll E' W.-Parkrlaw Park Free VA 3-4081 uuuillopea 1:15. tATt SHOW TONIGHT! lAwart winner Shirley Bootk. Birt Lueaitar, "COME BACK LITTLE SHf BA. 1:45. 4:40, 7:30, 1025; lilt "KON TIKI," i-25. 03, ;:iu. BROADWAY-CAPITOL-,'w";jt5rk- OpiB Dally 10:43 I. l. Centlnaoai All Hlght tt 7 t. m. ALL TECH. William Lindigan-Rhonta Fllmlm, "SERPENT OF THE NILE." "JACK MeCall. DESPERADO." Gloria Montgomery. Angela Sterem, Oil lIU Writ Dearborn, Mich. UttLlIn .,. 19 . i LO 1-1 mo 'BIG CARTOON PARTY. "MISSISSIPPI GAtlBLtH (Teeh.l. Tyrana Power, Piper Laaria. 12:20, 427. 7:41. 10:55. "THE GLASS WALL," Gloria Crahiae. Vlttarla) Gliiman, 2:14. 6.21. 9:35. CAMEO -13UU K. 7 Mile Hoed TW i-inn Ona 1 R. m. Park Fraa! LATE SHOW TONIGHT! Jane kauall. Stilt Braty, "MONTANA BELLE" (Calor), "TORPEDO ALLEY." Mark Stevem, Darathy Malana. CARMEN" Sthaeter-Fort Ed., Dtu. ID 3-1810 Boon 1:00. Park Free! "MONTANA BELLE" (Calar), Jail Ramll, Seatt Brady. "TORPEDO ALLEY," Mark Stanni, Oarothy maiene. tAit enow aiAnia in . PACTI C 3413 Hutlnii TK 3-0034 l.M unuikk 12 lM,, Cant. All Night. 3 FEATURES! Jaha Wayne, "A MAN BETRAYED' "FORT VENGEANCE" (Calar), Jamil Cralt. "SAVAGE FRONTIER," Allan "Reeky" Lan.. CENTURY-,1 T. Watt Grand Plltd. Park Free! Rokert Taylar. Ellaketk Tailor. jean reniaiae. "IVANHOE." "ROYAL JOURNEY, Fintly'l Canatian Tear. the ..w,i ""Y1 PlfjnpRFI I Jl 13311 I Je((ern VII 3-4231 llinUCnLLLK 12.4, tMl C(,ali-0RT! Tare Taeknltelar Hlti: "CITY BENEATH THE SEA" with Rokirt Ryaa, Mall Poweri. 233. 5:33, 9:33, 11:33. Plea "LAW AND ORDER" with Ronalt Raaiaa. Dtretky Milana, 1:13, 4.13. 7:13. 10:13. PIRIM Fw- Wrn-Mlllar load LU 1-5040 LlinULE ip1 12:45. Part Fm! "MONTANA BELLE" (Calar), Jane Rauell. "I CONFESS." Mant. Cllft. Sat. Mat. Kittle CartMt Party. CIVIC-DETROIT n Mt iRisptC,At MATINEE TODAY. Enltlte "TORPEDO ALLEY", wltk ( Calar Carteena, 3-Steegat Comity ant Serial. "COME BACK LITTLE SHEBA eat Ikowa Matlaaa. PlVir nFTRfilT-KollFltWIiltUer LA 1-8222 blllli-UtlnUII e, ,2.45 ,a,k , ,(V LATE SHOW! H F L D OVE R! "CO M E BACK LITTLE SHEBA." Shirley Boatk. Bart Lanea.ler. 7:59. UM. "TORPEDO ALLEY," Mark, Darathy Malana. 034. 9:42. MAT. TODAY, Serial "RETURN OF CAPT. MARVEL." COLONIAL" 9 UNFORGETTABLE PICTURES STARTING 11 P.M. TONIGHT! COLONIAL Jamei Stewart. "WINCHESTER 73" Jaha Wayna, "REO RIVER" m flNIAI '"l"0 AOallWe W0 1-4283 UULUniMl, j,,, 24 Mnrli fXCLUSIVE DOWNTOWN 2ND RUN. ALL TECH. Robert Ryan, "CITY BENEATH THE SEA." "LAW an u onotw.- nanan Benin. rnnnucT s3 uuiiuiiui flnt ,, iiinlt! TH U BF IRELAND" (Calar), 030. 9:45, 10:25. IHf milt Narration y rat o'trlea. "OLYMPIC ELK" (Calar). Extra Dlinay'i DAWN" "COME BACK LITTLE SHEBA" niUUS340 Gratiot ami lioqiloil WA l-25Se U ATT It .... 15 V) ttlrln a.rl I ... BEVERLY i 1 1 1 1 1 1 B EVERLY 0ran " "kmu' z -(s" enter, "COME BACK. LITTLE SHEBA." WSS.lAatry :io. :i. ivjv. jaaiai Lrai.,- uai vt- GEANCE," 2:31, 6:04, 9:15. nFaRRnRN-M'ch'"-Iele'', W 13150; ULHIIUUIIII .... . ...r r.c.i Tyrane Fewer, Jalli Aaaaii It "MISSISSIPPI GAMRLER" (Taehtiaalar). 5:00. 73. 10:50.. Vlttarla Canaaa. Glarla Grahaaa 1. "IIIE GLASS WALL," 635, 9J0. I DEL-THE MirL.Hnlramh P.rk fru II l.llll ' ---- nun.i. ncys. ,a ' W. BaDER 1 'DO Seen 12:45. ALL COLOR! Rtarti4:05, 7:10, 10:10. Lata Shay. " lW' Taylar, HOE." Braty. Ellrabeth Taylar. lee. Fantalna. "IV 'MONTANA BELLE." JlM Bliiell. Seatt DELUXE (C MIDNIGHT 4 FEATURES AFTEB B30 SHOW TONIGHT. P.M. Terhan Bey. "MUMMY'S TBHB". "TOWER OF LONDON !. I aaru Renew. (IFI IIVC KrrcneraJ Park Free VA 2-8351 ULLUAt ij.m COOLED BY BEFS. "SANTR PE" (Tieh.). "JUNGLE JIM IN THE1 fi.,.ni. i..M I.L W.l...l.. . rvnD.i.u.M wnnu. j.nxn, .tiiiriiih, ,eLH. (CAITOON 4 FEATURES AFTER 8.30 P. M. cmtptfcB'e cawiooa rAmy sat, mat. DEXTEft" II PER50N ON STAGE CHAIN TIBAR DEXTER- "MOTEL THE 9PERATR R" GREAT YIDDISH DRAMA ncYTCD HH letter l LA I Lll , 4, .. TICc TO . 0155 PERSON: CHIW TOWILR BN SCREEN: "MOTEL THE OPERATOR" FEATURING CHAIN TOBRER DRIVE-IN BEL-AIR Bel Air Kitty Laat New Bore. TniM, Twill Sality-Iutat Prima,. Ritet. Beet 4:00 I a. Free DRIVE-IN BEL-AIR" -E- r 1,1 ! -a. R Mile atao, nrar tea trrka rot-1551 All Teekalralar Shew. Rakart Ryaa. Hale Pavm. "CITY RFNFITH THE SEA " LAW Aao RIDEB." Riaalt Reeiaa. Baaa 6JQ. FHat Steal "Of SERT PASSAGE" Tla Halt, 1 CO, 5 35. SvO. Ctlltrea Fraa! 1929. "RBYAL JOURREY' (Cater), i r. 922. ford U UL Itl t lniour ii ui i roor iX JUL C010I U ACT 1011 EXCLUSIVE tint Yi-nty Itlna "CITY IENEATH TH SIA" nil lul Dvit) MlltiW "LAW AND l0tl ' (Ctlxl eklKria fm Trala IUh I DRIVE-IN EASTSIDE-fa'"IbMi',6",Erp'f Marllya Maarat. lauak Crtia, "HIASARA" (Ctlarl (In "KANSAS PACIFIC," Slarliai Hav a Ira Millar (talar). balar 7:00 . Cartaat. Oaal DRIVE-IN CECORSE RD.a- ... HOLIDAY WEEK-END SHOW, a IIS TECHNI - COLOR FEATURES, PLUS SPOOK SHOW. SWINGS. SLIDES, MERRYCOROUHOS in TRAIN. ALL race FOR THE KIDDIES! i "DERVER ANO THE RIO GRANDE. Edaiand O'R'Ha. "THE MASIC CARPET." Laallla RalL Sjart -: "T I HMI " . "BB " ITi, CHILDRENFIEE;KIDDIELANBND TRAIN. nniur ill rnnn LUVntlluO Kord R4. Wyo - un k Rrunu-n us no . .... 1 " -aim inn Oaaa (JO a. . "CALIFORNIA cmNUur - Coraal WIMa. Tarau WriiM "TROPIC ZONE (Colarl Roaala tiana laana'a flimlaa Ckllfraa Fraa! laat Ifaa n ML 8. of Kuraka AVM211 aniikin 1 iii Oaan 0:45. tWinn ta4tr 12 trta. FREE thaay Oalna. "CITY IEHEATH THE (Calar). Ranalf Ria, Derttay Malana. SEA" "LAW and I not N icaiar). DRIVE-IN GRANO RIVER All TKkalealer She. Rakart Ryu, Mala Pawari, "CITY 8ENEATH THE SEA." "LAW AND ORDER." laaalt Raaiaa, OpaN 4JO. firtt Shi 8:00. Calla-rae Fraa; flR VE- M CRT nT-"" " " rUcirott S-0T22 Rokirt Ryaa. Mala Prnra Hi "CITY BENEATH THE SEA." Alia RaaaU Raaiaa, Darathy Malana In "LAW AND ORDER." Botk la Taiknltalw. Ckll4raeFraa0aaa 6 JO . LateShaw Tanltht riDlUC til l ivCC-aoTitw, aV"WfrtiliteB DRIVE-IN DEARBORN I,,, WlyMi C, Tmar. liri Oikwood Blrt.-AJIan Road DU 1-S560 Waltar PMgaon, "THE DARK COMMAND" ilii MCL , i2:43. Caal! Vlttarla Caiman. "DUGGS BUNNY ALL STAR REVUE" (Om Hoir;C,.tl. ..haaia la "GLASS WALL" at 2J0. at Hit Riil Carteoai), Mldaiant Staak Shaai, '."."".''".'( -" .p.. THE INVISIBLE RAY" Dltk Berll Kartell. Ball, Laiaal. nDlUC III UIPUICrU ! " PniUIIIUHH COMPLETE FEAT ! ORES TONIGHT. HUGE HOLIDAY PROGRAM EXTRA SPOOK FEATURE. "THE MAN WHO RECLAIMED HIS HEAD". (lee kale lar araaraa) nDllC IU UirUIIHU-I'U-Toleile Bey. U.S. win r .-ii Hiiwiiiwnii. 29 at Eureka. AV 3-3430 Beat (45. Ckllaran Free. 3 FEATURES: 1 Roy Reien la "TRIGGER JR." (Calar). 2 MI4-S533IWH0 RECLAIMEO HIS HEAD" (Stoat lea - IRJF1 e Vat' heatej OIIRFW UTIigni. DRIVE-IN MT. CLEMENS, foa hi J0. all coien. all action. Il0.wrt Hyii-Anthoiiy lilm "CITY IfcNEATH THE StA" ItMttJ BiB-Difttllf MtltM "LAW AND CRD El" Ch lldrH Frttv Htjh tlnmn4 DRIVE-IN OAK- DRIVING NORTH ON W000WRAD TURN RIGHT AT HOWARD JOHNSON'S. DRIVING SOUTH FROM BIRMINGHAM TURN LEFT. DRIVE-IN 0AKw IT i, , M..,..Vi5' "CITY BENEATH THE SEA." Bekert Ryan. Satan Ball. Anthony Oelnn. "LAW AND ORDER," Renali Reaiae, Darathy Malana. OPEN 6:43 Shim starti at Dltk CHILDRENFREE1 DRIVE-IN TOWN-'p All Tatknltolar Shaw. Rakart Ryaa, Mali Paven, "CITY BENEATH THE SEA." "LAW AND ORDER." Ronalt Riaaaa. Ohi JO. Fir it Shaw '8:00. Chlllrtn Fraa. DRIVE-IN WAYNE" -Ulctiltu Al. S Ml. Wert et Telearanh. WmS'3l2 J5, 8:15. lOOO. Hal Lana Tamer TWO ALL NEW TECHNICOLOR WESTERNS! EXCLUSIVE SHOWING! Rantalik Saott In kit latait kit. "THE MAN BEHIND THE GUN" llai Ronalt Rligaa In GUN" Blai "LAW AND ORDER" DRIVE-IN WESTSIDE-8 "mm Rokart Ryan-Anthony telaa, "CITY BENEATH THE SEA" (Color) llll "LAW ANO ORDER." Ronalt Reiian-Deretky Milena. Calar Ctrteon. Opae 1m l. m. EAST END" 11510 E. Jefftrson VA 1-S2S2 Oaee 119 a. al. Jaha Wavia. Nan Gray. "THE SEA SPOILERS." "COURTIN' TROUBLE," Jimmy Wakely. EASTOWN- Hanwr-Van Dike B'l 1.3SSI Bnae 1141 CRNTINUBUR Twn HITS IN COLOR! Seniallonall "CITY BENEATH THE SEA," Rakart Rvat. Mill Poverl. 12:37. 4:20, 8:02. 11:06. Ronalt Rraian, Darathy malana, "LAW ANO ORDLR," 2.-21, 6304. 9:46, CARTOON. FAMILY-"1'"" '") Monro M""LI Contlnaaal 9 a. at. te WO 3-4S0S Mla-nlahll ana aaueii-scoii araay la "MONTANA BELLE" (Trateler) Mirk Strranl-Darathy Malana II "TORPEDO ALLEY" FPRUI1AI C Woodaaid O Mile Hoad LI 1-5)18 i kiinunkk 0(M 12.i0 Tlt t,,,SOei .i..yr r"""i leen.i. mmr Lancaster. mil N KIT RUSINESS." Can, Great FINE ARTS" MH Woodsard TB 3-2777 Oaea 11:4? a. a Cant. All Night. ALL COLOR! Jeff Chandler. Seatt RrUv "YAI ANKEE BUCCANEER." "CARIRDO TtAIL " Rantalpk Sealt. MIDNIGHT SHOW TONIGHT. FISHER" In the FUher Will. WO 3-423 1 Oaea 12:11 Caal. Lata Rkim Taal.htl HEL9 OVER! "MISSISSIPPI CAMRLEI" (Tnk-nleoler) altk Tyrana Pawar, Plaar La.rla it 12:35. 3:53. 7:11, 10:29. Pill "CITY BENEATH THE SEA" (Terhnllelar) wltk Mall Powan, Rokert Ryan at 2:13, 531. 9:49, 12 D7. Fl 1MINRD Gr"o-' "' Road U 8-3160 rUMINbU 0H, 12:4, m tntl BEST ACTRESS WINNER Shirley Beetk, Bart lantalter, "COME BACK LITTLE SHEBA." "FORT VENGEANCE" (Calar), Jamei Cralt. ;F0X 1 WO 3-7700 f,UA "TITANIC" ee an niaiaietk reen. Mar- ''! AC"'"" IStl"?, H"?- ' LEs0"j Brilliant ly tkrlllar. GRAND- LAST TIMES TODAY "I CONFESS" GRANDi i alter" aid near Dariaoa TO ALL NICHT TO I CONFESS, Mentiemery Clltt, Anna Baiter. BREAKINfi THE SOUND BARRIER." RalBh Rlchartaaa. KIDDIE CARTOON CARNIVAL MAT. T 0 DA V. Mltil Cener Da, la Wavne. "DOWN AMONG THE SHELIERINS PALMS" (, 1:20. 4:50. 7:55. 10:55 "Tuarrne aiii" u..i Sterem. Daratha Malana, 3:30. 6J0. 9:30. TU J-529HiRPFR-u"pw-uk"0,,,1 " VA 1-4204 " -"0ea "MISSISSIPPI GAMBLER' ;c."i"' ,TF't 'war, Piaar Laaria at 3:50, 7:58, 1120. "CITY RENEATH THE SEA" i',i,'t..?ltm "' 9tlNi at 2:23, H RH ANn Pi -"BIS YTooOaerd TO 8 0468 3. FUTURES, MIDNIGHT SHOW TONIC TneicUT luaiKHT. Allan "Hetty" lane. "SAVACE f..:rMrM"i.;; r,rt.A,;7EliG,.'L!RADio city uni I VLUnnriT HOLLYWOOD . Starrtl Taajarra. B.k a... Mlrkay Raaney. Of VFNirt ' BFF LIMITS." Pin 'THif F iin, . uinnnn i-na u w.m vi i ... n HOLLY WOOD . .J ' 1-1141)0 " ' Been 12:30. Part Free! " "!n . "" ' "CITY BENEATH THE 1" V' T7'..r:if' . .? -"l . . Hit IDIC 3311 Een (Irand Bint. TB l-Uii .,...!" 12;J0 FEATURES! laeiat Cralt. "FORT VENGEANCE" (Celer). "SAVAGE FRON TLt'-BIBilABoa"1! "IWILISHT ON THE RIB GRANDE." Celt Aetry. RV Nri-21"" '""'- 9-2:168 Hayten. RKhart Carliaa. "FLAT TOP" ( Celer I "SAVAGE FRONTIER." Allaa "Bty" lane" MIDNIGHT SHOW. ' TA S-3537 KRAMFR i,'"'en at 3jth Ih. II. In. 1145 BELLE" Jim Reuell Seatt Btaty. "MONTANA ICalK). "TORPEDO ALLEY." Mart Darathy Malana. Stanal, KRIM- Ceaeare the BEST t Wa Hare the BEST! Al Uieal 70e K D I y Woodaara oaaj i klie TO l-SSOO nil I Ml . . . n in , r i ...... NAN IB THE WHITE SUIT." a.H.n- I m 10 JO Set eeR Sea.: 2 30, 5 40. :50. 11:30. Alu Boar Wiita'l "IMPORTANCE BF BEING EARNEST" ITeet ), Mlehael Re4rare. Jaaa GraanmO. Waaklaya: 6-00, 94)0 Set. eat Sea.: i:uu. J:i3, iuju. I AafEUnflll Wferaoa TA 3-29i0 Lnnkimuu c,.. ii... . . aju.i.k,. ALL CfttBR' JaBtt Craia "rati vrai.ia.rr Caaaren. Rath Neuey VI l-iaiil) " I ieillll a wwiinia .LlHUUi - li ... eerajnllAL nay PROGRAM. Aetitl 25e te 5 I. a. Chllerea. a all tiaea. "IVANHOE" (Twhaitalari. Rekert iayiar. tliraaria laylar. l. :3R. 10 io Liowood It Tlrjlnll Fi. VI t tlt Ina 115. ChMI lata Sflaw allM. AH Cilar! loatrt Taylar, ElUiHta Tiylar. 30. 7.-40. 1125. Plat H0TAL J0UEY." 4.-2S, tn-t ri raaTBAtta at aimrtt JJ. - - I MID Mich. atCua Opo 14 Boura W0 I-9J04 LUUr M caaiara RlIN Haarn Clla ttaraj "womai Tof 7"m.t' tiffin- itSCT: "iAVACE FI0NTIER " Allia 'ek' Liim " M"""' "M- UAflKnill 5t CiTrt.-Woiwi!T!W0 3-231 mnvivvii "THE HITCH HIKER" vim f. mi 0 I'lta ara Fran law In al 1100. I:i6. 4 12. 6:48. 9 :24 aaR Li 00, Plaa COUNT THE HOURS" ll Tarau Wrlaat aaR Maaaanal4 Caray at 12:11, 2:54, o:uft ant i"M Ct H4IN""80"1 "1 U 1-01 Ml """"OH" 1JO. tr ea4ltla! Tan Taakal-; aalar aalar Faalarai! Jaha Wayaa. Maarwa t Hara, "THE 0UIEI MAN. "DOWI AMONO THE I f ii. ' c?. 0. H.V ' ' ;Lawanaa, Clarta D.Hayat. !,, , u,i. .,r..M tw l-araa -7 Mlla urar rosant min. - . mmiK IM mm 12-as. II CKtlaa4. Part Fraa! Ran 12 45. Air CarKltlaaaO. ;iart Laaintir, "com rack little ltl Jaaiaa Cralt. "FORT VENCEAHCl (War). MillnH: Llltla Ranalt Carlaaaa Serial. MARTHA-WASHINGTON"1 iuoie job. t-CJapauj T8 S-14Tt Oaaa 12:4!. ALL COLOR! Jaea Rimll Ststt Oralv, "MONTANA BELLE' (Coler). "TORPEDO ALLE EY," Mark staiaat. teratky Mtlaaa. 111 VIIIC Mark at BalOfUn WA 1-4240 fflAAInC aata 12. BEST ACTRESS WINNER Sklrlay Btatk. Bart Lanaaitar. "C8HE BACK LITTLE SHEBA." "FORT VENGEANCE" (Calar). iatial Craig. MEL" LINWOOD MAIN- NOW! "THE QUIET MAN" L Bit CMMrn'l Matlaaa TaOay ! t "OFF RflV Al 7 MlkHejara Park frW ITS", ltk Bat Hapa. Mlata Raaetj. AiM;nulU slln im 12 40- Lll I tkrllllat Ray Rofar'a Waitara. flea Carteena anO tanady inO Caatttr Na. 7 at Saartt Caaa. Don't ailu the Bit Tkrllllao State Cealaat with Prim. . MEL" LAST DAY. "MISSISSIPPI GAMBLER' (Taeknltelar). Plat "GLASS WALL". sj oja pin Tyrana Pniaar, Plaar laaria, hji. ljb. riaa ITrsna row, r'a fc.a'i". i-iia' la "MISSISSIPPI GAMBLER" (TKkelaeler) at 330. 733, 1039. Fne Partial. MERCURY- Wl Kara lilt laitallaO MERCURY" Tka Niweit, taa kliliit ant tka flint tareaa ; M ERG UR I NOW Enley the aerial aa tea lireett lareea al any aalthkerhoat theatre. MERCURY" Frea lit f State Came Graea Menitaril Sertaa at MERCURY- Meat Deaiaraol Waiiea Em Caaaelnt! MERCURY" 'INVADERS FROM MARS" (Calar) MERCURY- rill "THE IA9 AND THE BEAUTIFUL" MERCURY" altk Laat Taraer-KIrk Deailu 11CDPIIDV aehaafet-B Mlla MLMlUni o... 2DO Haea. IN 1-8100 iVjtnlaX la rantaitla. Parhlita. PrM Oat at Saaea . . Terril.Tee Calar. "INVADERS FROM MARS ;aaalal la ."THE BAD AN 9 THE E.iiTiriii !"' 120, 40. 7:40, 1125, at 104)0 p. . kaia anaai lanipm UIPUIRAM Bacley-Grand RlTer HO 8-4231 niiuiiiuni. .,, io:4j- Coo Camlart! Aitaaatlnt: 5 Dlmaniienil "HOUSE OF WAX" (warnaraoiari am a araraarpnania leant iiarnni nr.'k. i '. '""i'.S" lL'T '. Mark Btaiau-Vineent Prlel. Frank laeeloy. Phvllli Kirk at . "alone. 3:12-S:2g.9S. ' 11:31, 1:41, 3:31, c:01, 811, 10:21. 12J1. MIDIOWN, -Tliird and ( anfirld TK 1-4510! Baaa 1:13. Rlekart WKmark. "DESTINATION GOBI" (Teak.). "ANGEL FACE". Rokert Mltrham-Jall llaaMaa. SURPRISE MOVIE AT MIONIGHT. MT. CLEMENS-JEWEL" in. CAN-CAN GIRLS THE PARIS 9F 9LD MOULIN ROUGE" (EXTRA LATE SHOW TONIGHT) ! liT p CII Cll? ICWCI I-S441 i ua.a.111 kllu-Jb II kk Oeae 12:45 Park Tm ALL TECH. f .Let "" I" Zia Gakor, 9inill IH aal lT17" 1 An M.fphy, Svirn Cakot, 3:10, 6:40, J0;10. EXT IA; lire cunw inmruT NATIONAL e'ei 24nHrl. Seatt B)rT 3lll Smltk. 'UNDERCOVER GIRL." "WAGONS WEST' itoieri. nee tameran. riggia caitla. NORTO WNEXCLaj5VE SHOWING! 7 Mile Rt. area! I CONFESS" LnttTnUULI ' Mile-Van II) ka TW 1-3931 nuniunn p,,, 12.i0 e fm. "Montana BELLE" (Celer), Jane RaMll. "I CONFESS," Montgomery Cllft. Set. Mat, Serial ant Kittle Kartooa KarnliaL NORWEST ji,, cklltren! Matlnae Tetayt Jamei Cralt la "FORT VENGEANCE" (Calar). Plai Wilt Bill Elllat la "MAN FROM THUNDER RIVER". Cheater Na. 9 "SECRET CODE". "COME BACK LITTLE SHEBA" Nat Skewa at tka Matinee. NORWESTademy AWARD WINNER! SHIRLEY BOOTH la "COME BACK LITTLE SHEBA" UnBAC?T GraniJ Hirer -gwiaflele VK S-4.130 HUtlWtil ,H, ... .m. ,m Partlnf. Bart Lancaittr-Satrley Beeth la "COMEi- SACK LITTLE SHEBA , It 4:57, 8 03, liai.-riftfiiir Harnar .1 .r,.rd n. r . .,.-Plai lamei Cral In ''FOREST VENGEANCE". lOGUt neJ.T .. TU 3-8021 it 1:10. 3:42. 6:49. 10:06. "COME BACR i pSTFi " if,?. Va1." -WfS:. IHf Mu-LITTLE SHEBA" Nat Shon at the M ulnae. iJfLv. .? 'Ii,"" RIS0II AND Lllll PALMER ART C INEM AH"Jiu;:J1"' 0,t 9kawlai! "THE HILLS OF )RE. LAND." In Cal t Af m at in.tA a. - - -1 . tr PAT t RIIEN. ELK" (Calar). Eatre-OlW. "BLYMPIC. Dll 110 Wuod.anl Ellzabrtfa W0S-4231 IMLIDiJ aM. ift-Ae . r..i iu.,iau.. hii !,.V"; Mil 12ai. 6 I B. Jehny Wayne hi "TROURLE ALONG THE aaeate. rharaeta fl.. ) . T""" w-r m-lweail nawa, at Ckarlaa a. 3:3. 6:44. 9:52 .: . ? a.m. Plat "THE 49TH MAN' it 11:10 I B.. 2:19. 526, lth Jaha Iralant. i 9:34, 11:42 ... 1 230 a n. punch & mv,at:;,G-JZ s.isr "MONTANA BELLE" (Calar). 2:00. 3:55, 5;ii; 7:50, 9:50. ' i radio cur . weria e rinr eataraj a bih... m r.n a..,.,. Vlllaa "BWANA DEVIL1 ' D I rtlfT PITW- , ITnUlU will A Ilea la Yeer lea A Layer la Year Ami! RADIO CITY" "BWANA DEVIL" 3-Dlmeailea Ritaral Vlllaa RADIO CITY" Vrmm aet af taaaa! Tee Matt Baaerraea Waaeee Erar Ceaeilyai! RADIO CITY" "INVADERS FRIM MARS' (Celer) Dinin pitv .!.. rd nr. S Ml. Bd. Ll 1-321.5 IIHUIUUIII uvj ... Part Fraa. Uatt Day Relert Stack ! 3 Omenilea Featara i Nateral Vlllaa "BWANA DEVIL." Plai Altlae i i Celer. Artlar Fraati t4 aeieal cariar re , "INVADERS FROM MARS." Lett Cemilete Skew 10:15 R. Diunui nIYIUIlM tn4 Matinee Tatty! Rakart Taylar. Eillatatk Taylar la "IVINHOE" 1.L. .1.. Bi t.rtflu la.d.r. Ala. Teeheleoler Cartaeai aat Serial. Daen Am. u v) NaT: "MONTANA BELLE" tot ikewa at Mitlaee. D I U 0 II I Gmiet-t Mile Bnad U 6-1910 nHIFlUHJl Uy) f Caeifert! HELD-BVFR! Rakart Taylar, EHrakalk Taylar la "IVANHOE" Ih.l..ierl, 1 130. 425. 733. 1121. Plat Jam Rauell. keerea Bmt ie , moRTABA BELLE ICalari. lit mw. .BEDFORD Lalucr at GtimJ knrr kt. I IIOI r.M At L Ttra B.k.M ... . m.i. Imii "f.lTV RE. i"lW AND BROER". R.nalt Reaeaa. SViHhy 1.00. 335. 6.50. 9 SO. Dial Tft-Cretiot ML Elliott W.t I-UD.' illL.I m 12-45. ll COLOR! WHIIaa lealloa. l.M Steer Maria) Wnaa ltri Siyner si.a B.Himi. "Dw earn. THE SHELTERING PALMS." SlmliHj HMaa. "KAHSAS PACIFIC". I DiSipin W. Vtrnnrai Cnual Fart Tret VI 1-1900 T!nU ! H 3ft Fart fm lt Oar falaia, Smtaoaiarv CLIF T-Aaaa lAxril. "I C : naaii C0HFE58". Flai Baa Dallty. "TAXI . iM V KHR ' ninikiin um ,tl Km!!! IffCiAl CHILDREN'S MATINEE TODAY II!' TYRONE !0WER-FIPR LAURIE . JULIA ADAMS I H j ;'';'' -; . "LOS "CITY lEUUTM THE SEA (TCHKt. C(H, WITH MALA ROBERT RVK- AHTH01T OUIRR. HUS 4 C01OR CARTOONS. , CHAPTER Ha. 12 "SECREI COQE'i- rand llrrr-ty RnaO rfoTTST , III I ILflA DOORS OPEN 12:15 tJT! MATINEE VEi: 2 rUHNICSLOR 6AMRLER". WITH nanv cool. fi aw HITS' "Mtaauciaai I!"?" IRURIE. iUllA ADAMS. ..ja,, B.o, ii :yi. ptus CHI 8e-f 7"E .SEA." WITH MALA POWERS. ROR-EIT RYAN, ANTHONY IUINN. Ht. 7.D1. 10:23. RKO-UPTO WN "'''6 10 -'ixS Jill, IXTRA-LATI SHOW! TVa PB. Piaw laaria ia MISSISSIPPI CAMOlER. 12:51 7.0. :J5. 10 55. Ratal Ryaa-Mala Prawa ; In CJTENEAIHTHE SEA. 3M. iS. 9.1S. , RDtTtFVFI T"mr mTilii nUUOLICLI DOORS 0PF 1 'JANF Riitart 1 . ararr ,-,-. ... . ..-"?' Tit.1'. '""' l-?n J'l c y .t m.bu vrauini aiALONa "TORPEDO -!i! B:10' IRflCCrHI C llSiO Wooihranl TO 1-0123 Maatfamarv Cltft-Aain Ri i t.r i. ii raurcca.. at 3.37, 639. 10:11 all, Rri a.,i. Haiaay la NORTH COUNTRY" (Ctitr) at 2:17, 339. 9:41. vn ar int RI1YV . TaeTeilleeT Raaeay. "IFf yjj.TS". Plai "IH I EF Of YEN I Ct." RQYy wI"aHlar trmpla TK l-4Si7 X . M -n Eielairra Tyreee Prar la "MISSISSIPPI GAMBLER tlae Jake Wayaa, "IM OLD CALIFORNIA " IN -55 I .n u -iwisairri iaaitLER" (Calar). Tyrane Paw-lane Adam. 2M, jy m v. 12a l7w AND Vi3 ' 'Mll Raaeaa-Daralki Mala.. 12:40, 4:45. 7:30, 10:40. ROYAL OAK" LI 1813 Atleiaa 11-1A 111 W m M at ! "": ""' f'n "CITY BENEATH THF SEA lT- ,iV- ,JOi 10:3J- " ORDER 0. 9:13. . ireraiay Maiaaa. 2:40. RYAU- Mlla oad aim Byaa 8L T-TAiHl II I nia . . . - . . I t ." "fR. I'M naiuii "BiuaTaaA eciia.i ihi,., "TORPEDO ALLEY Mark StmnV SENATE" TODAY "IVARHOE" la Teaknlieler StNiTE,"'''i,"1 Uwmolt TA 5-046J ivAMO(a:iraT:s-...r.ti..'i"v".?""w CA RN I VAL M AT. f 00A Y. ' CARTOON. STRAND- 'i i ii i ( STRAND-0:-?. E'"' i "? tt .-loos lanoi.nia tV.7i .A .'LJ"Tr,. """""'Y- ToiiV TyahhoiV' ' '' " "u,"," STRATFORD-;,1 v'raw ":? STUD ( A LJ'nola at DaiiKin K 3-300O f1-.1. ..r'C'DE"Y.W"l "" J In7 Aii e f ,r"V ",'""." 30. 10:10. 9-20 ial H HUn' CM,1" TIMES-SgUARE-r..t-ArfS TO .. All COLOR SHOW! "THE IC TREES, TRAIL. Kirk Datglat-Era Millar. "SLAUGHTER Brian Donley-Gi Vaant. TO VVER-"'""1 Rl,w " K -4i I... a .. i.Br"" 12:30 Tt- ''!( ' l""-'",t Brant "MONTANA BELLE ! at alaiw "TA ea cnA iV'i,.". H""' ? t-" iJjj V4iZ ' Tr,-.ITftt, .. ItilntHIUM ' Trenton 0070 Ona ""'."Ti.iAMIINC tar auaVr.liV ".'in aiavnar. nil , w.u.. I... n ."tuieiea fALMSr" "KANSAS C,fl51Sl!!i"l Haytan. TIIYCnn-r-Hamllton Tuiedo 10 8-27H0 . . eea "MONTANA BELtF" iV"'j '" J!""".-"' Braat, 1:20, 4:J. II UNITED ARTISTS"1": W "YIr. Ill Teah.l.ll I..-"." I-".'"" Granaar.A.. n...- '"J, '".,.r.,"-f mmer-Nat Klaa itiW.fW. jTO. 0 OT, 11.00. pi ..cONFi: "J"1' """'M v Joknaea-Janal .,.,rn. 1.4, 3:42, g:42. 9,42, UPTOWN-"" M TU2-O6S0 il-.w, ..fU" ? Tr-- "IVANHOE- 9i. a.jn ' ... ..rm, VJUnVVC Via Dvke at H.r, 1 wa i-ima IN I Ulkf ' ' IM 11'efl A H tftrn.p. 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