Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 19, 1952 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, December 19, 1952
Page 17
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e. 7,1 0.1 DISPLAY „ 75o put Ineh L"Montr inch mm* MM tw>* «*f jmM intfw pa« |f*v«f, iaM, toji noil, and'fill d^t, Call JaiiB Slnclslr, »4w«, ZMMrtt PAINT BAUC, Hotiie point, A iely 'ot id**"*. Jltt per Mll BWRS *WAr* SHOT 160 fl, Walnut, W MOW. 12,000 faei used 8x4. Droaiod «ound »nd »lralght, 4 la Id foot Jong. Ouonlty of Sxfi, 2x10, 2x12, R«n- dom lenffth*. no«i»on«blo price, Cft'll n, N, Moii«or, Phono 7-44M. OBKBR, Tublouio and" \W»itS"" ChT. none oupoclfllly fAttoned for Chriitman, Mr», J. M, jrarbln. Phone 7.2001.' I7.8t OIHL'S nleycle, »tandnrd HIM wTiii bfloket, Oood Blmpo, AtTan tnthe. 9" «win«, 32" center with nltoahi tmenU, A borgnla. 0' Elnetr6- lux refrigerator, Phone 7«80ia, JB.flt HHSB ICC No, 7488 In «« tttncifVCourt .. JfamptUid County, Arkarm* Clev«l«mi'Brtw<r ,., ,„ PJntntfff mmti _ . Warrtfin OrW tnt« £f AndfcM Illlart O, tr«w*r i. firnld jo Iffetir to Win ootirt •aid 1091 fi« uttflo, Clove , fny h*W and th* «6«T of fhi» a any of ftwiTmb . •BBAM 0ce. ft, 13, 10, Ev<in*, Ugof Notice house, 4 ncroi, _,»..,„, titid ««* nvatlablo, Will ^ «l one?, Will tako cfiwi on tratto. See L. J, or . «7-P«ium road t 17«3t , SJOT bnby bBd tmd plastic In. nernprlng mo1trc»«, Brakes. Hq. movablQ panel*, Excellent condition, Phono 7-37,13, 17.31 Intno, Ifl" Jlpaw. Both 'hone 7-flM3. 10-31 LOCAL and Ion* distance Hnullnir, Also local movln«. 8«« Dannl* Hamilton or oalt 74911* MATtRESS renovation and Co,, , WftiihlnBton. Phono 7.Jflaa. Real Estate for Sola ttUritoUvo new a bedroom home with hardwood floors, attic fan, vmu'tlmt bllndu, cnrpnrt with laundry wnrt gtorngc room, located on large well drnlned lot in tk'vcrly II ills Addition, Street U blnoktopped, |17S will JWidte Q. l. Lmm, $1,180 Ctmh for Fit A Lonn, Bnlnnco 1t>«a thnn rant, NICK now 4H room, homo for coup- Jo 1m* 3 bedroom*, kjtehon nnd dining comblrmUdn, living room, both, butit-lns, and elnwt gpnco, O, I, flah hnnttlt! for $180 cash, PUA flOQO cuitli. Balance -_NO. 701, '. „*- -, IMMtWEMKNT DISTRICT NO, 87 W THE CITY OF ARKANSAS , WlfERIiiAS, pnrllo* clnlmln« to be the o^nflr* of , (wo-thlrdi in as- WMfld vntuc ol thfteroporty located within the WrriWry herefnafter dc- hflv,n tl\6A n petition prny , ln« th«( an dlntrlct o^eitnbWhtfa.for the purp6»e here ** *** * out. As,-n'ft^l't'duc notice on reoujred toy l«tw, (h« City Council of the City of rTojpe him heard all purlieu d»*tritttr la be heard, and hiiH nxcortalned that *ald petition wan *l«nod by two-third* in «*• neniftd value of tho owner* of real property within m»ld territory: NOW, THERKFQniS, BE IT OK- DAIMEO by tha City Council of thu City of Hope; Section I, thore In hereby o«- Inplfahofl an imp^ovurnent district cmbrfttfinf the following property: Tract* IOF4, lOFU, 10F8 and 10F7: And all that portion of Tract nn that lle« eont Of South Walker 8tra«t and nortH of the Hope Huh School Footbal' Stadium all according to the revised, and official -'inp of the City at Hope, Arkansas, 9«l for record on,tho isih day of ,«rch, 1&40, In tho City of Hope, H pf i JJT A ft ,, JHQf e > A A 1U A N S AS • _^ j_ • fell ^_ m.w —. _-_ tmrnttnt* In |MJ> VutMA/tt* *j»# Priday, December 19, Friday, December ?$, 1955 L«gol Notle* ORDINANCE NO. 7M AN ORDINANCE ASSESSING BENEFITS FOR STRF.RT IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 2* AND PROVIDING FOR THE COLLECTION OF SAID ASSESSMENTS. WHEREAS, more than two-third* In value of the property holder* owning properly adjoining the locality to bo ftfMcted and nltuntod In Dlftlrict No. 24 organized for the purpose of paving the street* with bUumlnou* »urfncin« without curb* nnd gutter* have petitioned the COlihcll of the city of Hope, Arknn- <a« for the connlritcflon of Raid Improvement, and that the coit thereof tfhall be A««n«xQd upon the real property of *flld rtl»trltt nccordlna to the heeofltn rncelvcd nnd Whereng, Hold benefit* reeelvc'd by ench »nd every block lot nnd parcel of real property situated In Hold district ff|unls or exceed* the lot-Hi nancNitmerit thoreon; nnd Whereas, the Cttlmotcd cost of *ald Improvement it Two Thouxand Five Hundred Twelve and 25/100 ($2,512.29) DOLLARS: Therefore, It I* now ordained by the city council of tho city of Hope, Arkansas, thnl *nld several blocks, lot* nnd parcclfl of real property in fin Id (Hull-let be assessed according to the assessment ll»t for suid improvement diKtrlct n» the same now remoltiH In tho office of the city clerk, and that 20 p«r centum of the a*«cNBtni>nt of onch of «nld block*, lot* and parcel* shnll be collected by the County Collector on or before the 1st dny of February, 1033, nnd 20 per centum of the ns- *e««n'ient shall be collected with the first Inxtnllmcnt of Kcnenil tuxes bccornluK due more thnn five (5t month* thereafter nnd nnnually thereafter with the first Instnllmpnt of general tnxc* until the whole ot iinld local naKessmcmt Hhnll be paid. This ordinance shnll take effect nnd be In force from und after Us cording to the benefits recslved; and whereas, -said benefit* by each and every block, lot and parcel of real property situated In said district equals or exceeds the local (riiMtnienl thereon; and Wherea*, the estimated cost 6f sold improvement is Ten Thous- imd Nhie Hundred Eighty-Four nnd W/100 »»10,W4,M» DOLLARS: Therefore, It Is now ordained by tno City council of the city of Hope, Arkansas, (hat snld several blocks, lots and parofla of real property in said district be assessed accord- inn to the assessment list for said improvement district as the irame now remain* in the office of the city clerk, and that 20 per centum of the assessment of each of said blocks, lots and parcels shall be collected by the County Collector on or before the l«t dny of February (95.1, nnd 20 per centum of the us- Sfisment shnll be collected with th* first Installment of general taxes becoming due more thnn five (5) months thereafter nnd annually thereafter with the first Installment of general taxes until the whole of snld local asxcsoment shnil be pnld. • This ordinance Hhnll take effect and be In force from nnd after its Senior Girls Advance in Tournament Porks to Draw Big House at Little Rock for the purpow of paving with bl- tuminoui surfacing without curbs nnd 8uttor«. Seld dlltrlct lhall be known as Street Improvement District No, 27, and .1. W, Smith, Hoi-tire Hubbord, and Fred 0, Ellis ore 1 hereby named commlMlon*M t who shrill oompoHti Uj« Board of Improvement for .-mid 'Sootjon 8, Thin ordlnnnn. Hn tnko Us/feet nnd bo In force from nnd the tho In this . Because the public of lho Persons In b« Improved by g of the stre t %»d becousd it more economical for tht> property Improvement «ef)er«l . Becnuso the City of Hope borrowed tho money with which to pay for the cost of snld Improvements nnd pledged Its credit nnd the good nnmu of the City for the prompt repayment of snld lonn, It IH hereby declared necessary for the preservation of the public ponce, health, iiml aiifcty nnd nn emerja-ncy Is declared to oxiitt and this ordinance xhuirtnkc- effect and be in full force from nnd after its PUSNU^C. Passed and approved this Hllh dny of Dec,, lima. John I,, Wilson Mayor FH ATTEST; Mrs. Chns, F, Reynor.ion City Clerk (SEAL) Because the City of Hope borrowed the money with which .to pay for the cost of sold Improvements and plcdKcd its credit nnd the «ood nnme of the City for the prompt repayment of said lonn, it is hereby declared necessary for the preservation of the public peace, health, nnd safety and an emergency is declared to exist and this ordinance shall take effect and bo In full force from and after its pas- PiisKCd nnd approved this 16th day of Dec., 1(152. John L. Wilson Mayor FTl ATTEST: Mrs. Chos. F. Reynerson City Clerk (SEAL) Legal Notice Legal Notice wo offer thft homo, An oxoetkut loco- tton^hlx home is clone to wfl« town mid will aucomodota lar£o . Ctm t>« mndo UujjUx. bft v|»«l for biuincmi pur. Vacant now, fop particular* on thene < t hnvo yow to tr'ndj or wilt call vawont w. ' Notico to ynur buslnoss, n you waut to Quit toit'f, QW buaMau. Aloft. Ah&iymout, P. 0, Box "ViSC^j Yt' w ""'*' *'* - -,.. -; j UWlftrea neco.ianry (or tho »r<jier,y8tton of tf$ public dny of Roce npproved this 10th Jcr, 1082. John L. Wllaon Mr», Chat, F, Royncrson L^gol NotJc. . 708 ASSESSING FOR JSTREET IM. ROVKMNT OISWCT NQ^3 PJOVmJNO FOR THE OF SAID ASSESS. h or * thnn »«».">««• value of the property holders adjohtln« the lo Study Courtt without cuvW the bonefiu rocoivsd; benefit* , r«c«IV«d lot *Uu«te4 f ggsaassr or o* No ofLoydlty collected by ^* ftrtt until ihe «h»u b. Dull t»ko efect from and after •MB* ol u* «Hiy far the — -t«(f s»W Ho*«V tt ** „..,_ trooi wxd %n» f ORDINANCE NO. 704 AN ORDINANCE ASSESSING BKMRprrs F'on STREET IMPROVEMENT DISTRICT NO. 2!5 AND PROVIDING FOR THE , COLLECTION OF SAID ASSESS- MKNT9. WHEREAS, more thnn two-thirds In vnlue of the property holders owning property adjoining the locality to be affected arid situated In District No. a« ortcnnizcd for the purpose of pnvln« the streets with bituminous gurfnclnu without curbs nnd gutters have petitioned the council of tho city of Hope, Arkansas for the construction of suid improvement, and that the cost thoryof (shall be assessed upon the real property of sold district nc- cordlng to the benefits received und Whereas, said benefits received by each nnd every block, lot und parcel of real property situated in snld district equals or exceeds the local assessment thereon and Whoreos, the estimated cost of said improvement Is Throe Thousand Thrt?o Hundred Eiahty Nine and 30/100 ($3.389.30) DOLLARS: Therefore, It is now ordained by the city council of the city of Hope, Arkansas, thnt said several blocks, lots and parcels of real propertyUn said district be ussosse' *^ e u*SMfi5?."! "1U IWV ,-v wwwn*^' CvUpcUw vu,' , _ 1st day ot February, : TO pw centum o« the aswMytnent shall be collected with tho first In. stttUment of general taxoj beonnv tn« tluo more than five tf> months and unmmlly .thereafter NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Norina Lewis, deceased Last known addroas of decedent: 122 South W€n.shliiRton, Hope, Arkansas. Dnte of denth: October 27, 1052. Tho undersigned was appointed administrator of tho estate of tho abovc-namcd deeedont on tho 13 day of November, 1952. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, dub- verified, to the undersigned within -six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published 10 day of December, 1952 P. A, Lewis (Administrator) Hope, Arkansas Dec. 19, 20 Legal Notice NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF No. 851 Mrs. Lucindu E. Singleton, deceased Last known address of decedent: Hope, Arkansas. Dote of death: December 8, 1952. The undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate of the nbove : named decedent on the 16 day of December, 1952. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the ttrst publication of this notice, or W&y shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate^, . Thi»"notice first published 19 day Dec. 10, 36 with the first installment ot general taxes until the whole of said local assessment shall be paid. s This ordinance shaU take effect and be in force from and after its pastime, 9w«u** the City of Hop*..j)or. rowed the money with which to p«y (OP the cost ot said Improvements and pledged it* credit, and the good narYw ol the aty for the promnt payment of said loan, it Is hereby declared necessary for the preser- v»Uon of the public peace, ptlth. ««• wety and an emergency ts declared to exist and this ordinance fhtU take effect and be in full force from and after its passage Legal Notice ATtRST; Ww. Ctwi John L. Wilson Mayor jp, R, Reynerson Legal Notice ORDINANCE NO. *» ORDINANCE ASSESS _IBFIT« fOR STRB. faoVBMKNT DISTRICT AND PROVIDING FOR „_ or SAID Assess- holders tfc* !&• 'JpSi;^ 1 taLA«ii»_ - l ^!*~ 1 -J H^. 1 ;^ IN NOTICE H6MP8TBA,P COUNTY, OF THE ESTATE OF No. 840 Clyde M. Miller, deceased Last known address at decedent: Hope, Arkansas Date ot death: October 18, 1952 An Instrument dated Jujy 4, 1951, 'hfa 16 day of December, til 1 ^^ t0 w Ph>ba1e as *»» last will ot the above named de- ce«em, and the undersigned has be«n appointed administrator with will annexed thereunder. A content of the probate of the will can be ef- - ,• petition within the t»me provided by law. u All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within sft months from the date of the ft*t publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and - from ajiy benefit in the Tijls ho:uce first published 19 day of December, 1853. 0. C. Sprettas Administrator with will annexed _. M J|«»». Ariowsas Dec. 19. » The Hopp ^ Senjor Blrls downed | LITTLE ROCK I/PI — A capacity ""' "" ' "" •• rroivcl of 2.700 is expected to turn Cord Owner May Get TV Share Saratoga 30 to 23 in the Nashvlll im-itotionnl tournament last night: out hero tomorrow night to "se»? at Nashville. Tonight the local lus- how University of Arkansas basket- sirs will take on Lockesburg in ball Coach Glen Rose has convert- semifinal piny. j ,.,( :l so . so> f,,,]! eontro ] type of At 11 a.m. Saturclny the Bob-1 Ion m into a running, highscoring cats, vvlnnor over Oierks in tournn- outfit. piny, hoys bP n ^P_ TO ^ Mt - ! Mississippi might be larger if'the I Liltlo Hock High School gym had moro .seats. II will be Arkansas' first appear- aiict- in the rapitol city this year, I and thus the Porkers' first showing NEW YORK i,P) — St. Louis ! I"'" 1 since Rose returned as conch, osvrior Frc-fl Saigh, slowly but surf-! 13i « (;1<l11 h 'is tho Razorbacks, ly. appears to be winning his dc-' pitching in points nt an average of) lot mined battle to got n share CM' 74 a gimu! and owning a record the television receipts from Car- so far of two victories and one de- tllnal games at other parks. The; ff ;| l aqaiust major intersectional Uitc^t club about to ncccdo to his competition. demands ure the Philadelphia Plul-j Also, the 'n2-r>3 Arkansas team — lit'*. i rru,tlc of virtually the; same ma- As of tho moment, only the Chi- \ tfi'ial that avi?ragcd 49 points a cago Cubs and Cincinnati Hcds'" :i "ii' for slow-break tutor Presley have entered into video agreement'Askew- last season — has set an with Saigh, whereby tin; invadiiur nll-'imo school scoring record, a tixem gets a piece of that money.! 102-71 conquest of Mississippi Stale. But it is quite likely that tho- Whether the improvement that others will fall in line. j has marked the Rax.oroacks' play "I don't always agree with tho; smix. 1 their season-opening loss to things thai Mr. Wriglcy (Phil; Tulsa will continue is problematical Guards Defeat Patmos71-69 Last night nt the local National Guard Armory the' Hope Guards defpatctl nn All-Star team from Pnlmos 71 to G9 in a free scorii^ affair. It was the first win in three tries for the local five. On Tuesday niRln tho Guards will play Patmns a return match in the high school gymnasium. Hong Kong's population is estimated nt about 2,500,000. f \ Arrow Shirts ; The Perfect Gift J for the Man | it's smart ' , \ fo be comfortable Wrigloy, owner of the Cubs) pra- progrossion may be poses," said Bob Carpenter, owner; :ii'r<k».l against Oh.- Miss. of the Pliiis, "but I h;ivo discov-i Tho Rebels arc- going good, too, urcd t,h;it he's invariably rii;ht. i Tlv;y'>.v won four out of five and, - — — ....... - • j like, the Porkers, are a running said Court, will offer for sale at public vendue to the holiest bidder, "'"' sl "' otill fi , 1! " se ls c ' >: Pectcd to make two at the East door or entrance of the J-' hal 'Kes in the starting lineup he County Courthouse, in which said i has . llsed '» tllc .three previous Court is held, in the County of ' ^'""P*. hut he probably will con- Hempstead within the hours pro- j 'inue the practice of playing every- scribed by law for judicial sales, on | body t)n nis squad in his effort to Monday the 12 day of January A. ! determine who's who. Raymond D. 1953, the following described j Shaw will replace Marvin Adams real estate, to-wlt: South Half of the Southwest Quarter cSVi SW'/O Section Nine (!)) Township Eleven' (11) South, Range Twenty-four (24) West; in Hempsteacl Arkansas. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit i of three months, the purchaser be- j jver for Jcel Lucke, the in- juard. Other starters for Arkansas will be Gone Lambert Jr., who has av- Connty, ! erased belter than 18 poinls a i night; Waller Kcarns, and Orval asm t been satisfied with per mini from date of sale until paid, i and a lien being retained on the I premises sold to secure the pay-j merit of the purchase money. j Tt was three centuries after Eui ropeans found rubber in use among Given under my hand (his'' 10 day | American Indians before it was of December, A. D. li). r >2. j commeix-ialy available in Europe Garrett Willis Commissioner in Chancery Dec. 19, 20 Europe j and I he only as a means of rubbing i out pencil marks — hence the ARROW DREW is tf Low-slope'band, medium-short points mean extra comfort Good news i for the man on the « heavy side ... a neat and fine K looking dress shirt with extra g comfort built right in. Fine § "Sanforized" broadcloth. Ston § . p5 m for your .Arrow Drew today. 9 Lewis-Mclarly i ARROW SHIRTS Claying Santa is easy with TOOLS A Worth While Gift... MALL Tools Only 4 More Shopping Days We have a selection of gifts for home workshop enthusiasts! Lightweight portable tools that save time and labor on so many jobs. You'll please any man with one of these MALL TOOLS this Christmas. TERMS IF DESIRED •• '* ' • Model 60 MALL SAW j One of the most popular electric hand saws ever, made. Thousands sold already — we're sure it's'' 5 what he's always wanted., With available blades, will cut almost any material. Buy it for use on the farm or in the workshop. MALL Model 2MG POWER CHAIN SAW 5 H. P., 30 (3pynd jaower chainsaw that cuts logs up t« 6 fefet. See this saw today. BLOKDH HfrM ITA'fc. MQM. ARKANSAS T-"'— OAGWOOO, THE PLUMBER HE CANT GET HERE UNTIL TOMORROW MORNING I FIND THAT IF I HOLD THIS JOINT WITH MY KlSt I CAN STOP THE LEAK YOU GET HUNGRY DUPING THE NIGHT— 1 GOOD NIGHT DEAR •f CMik S- ITS THOSE LITTLE Hi ( KINDNESSES THAT ) T MAKE ME KEEP r pJ V., LOVING HER 'T— •J* IV Model 87 MALL SAW A heavy-duty saw with all the big tool features. 8V blade cuts to almost 3" with depth and bevel cut shoe attachment. Low- priced enough so you can afford it. Don't miss seeing it! Model 3 Moll BELT SANDER Here is a gift any man will want ond really appreciate. He can use this mciny, many times after Christmas is over. See this today. HUNTER POWER SAW CO. *» *. Sid Stifttf r j ] • r 2 2 2 2 4.2 Fa '3 3 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 ^ 5 f> s: 5 5 5( 0' -. : , ^ Flower Garden HORIZONTAL 1 Unopened flower 4 June flower 8 Easter flower 12 Unit ^3 Above .4 Employs 5 Humor 16 Butter substitute 8 Spire 0 Stairway part 1 Railroads (ab.) 2 Lack 4 A few G Chair 7 Fish 0 Heroic 2 Staid 4 Mild • 5 Alkaloid ' 6 Poem V Primates 9 Noun sums 0 Wiles 1 Work Projects Administration (ab.) 2 Congregate 5 Turkish coin J Petting 1 Anger 2 Scandinavian god i In this place I Full (suffix) 3 Tissue j Love god ? Boy's nickname VERTICAL Nods ! One i Decide 4 Plays roughly S Egg -shaped 0 Calm 7 Unit of energy R Ghastly _ 9 Egyptian goddess. 10 Unaspirated 1 1 Belgian river 17 Mountain ridges 19 Upright 23 Comforts 24 Utah's state flower, lily 25 Unclosed (poet.) 1 U li 1 18 Z Zf 30 J ' 'ib 3 i\ 52 ib HI "' W ^ A! swer to Previous Puzzla 26 27 28 29 31 33 38 4 13 16 '0, 'i\ 37 u A T S L. A f R. A U K T B e N ilbl £ | A R a e p ' B B N T E N ~" VV f A N 5 E R G W R ~£ R. A H 0 B V E A P 7 m V T ~ A 2 0 ~ D t t „ f n f y T N p \ A S L. : /< • H : A >y s A o P] N •J A K. F E |F] i T A =» £; Was asleep 40 Amphitheater State flower of 41 Pay for work Ohio 42 Gael Of the car 43 Walk in water Sand hill 44 Seed covering Warnings 4G Nested boxes Oceans 47 Scottish One who 48 Marsh plant glimpses 50 Pronoun 5 '////, Zb ^ 50 M ib b ^ ^ 38 W 7 ^ 23 3Z is ^ ft 17 20 ^ r e IH ^ Jj 3» 9 10 11 Z7 1 W 6V. K 29 <tf H8 19 CARNIVAL (.** By Dick Turner if/H3&V . u. a p«t Soft. 19S2 by NEAS.rvIc.rK/ wants a final yes or no! f Says he's calling from the license bureau and has Susie Schmidt with him!" SIDE GLANCES By Galbraith n V %. ^ .••«<•«» u.«.f«.o«, t«r. UU t.iSfi*~. a— h< i?alch cold, d«»r! Bwnefljbsr the ajjr fore* danc« tomp/r«w la&k %rid the OUT OUR WAY By j. R. William* VOU V OH, YES, WE V THAT'S WHAT DON'T ] HAD A Rk&SIM SAY.' 1 LIK.ETHAT VOU'THIMk VOU'LL 1 ^ET' CALLEP TH' } G£TA F-AT CM TH' J TO LISTEN/ 'OLD MAN," ) BACK FDR. VOUR /THERE'S ALVVW5 FOR PRlLLIN BY HAND.' V THATS WHAT V ( I DON'T THINK \ ' J MAKES REBELS V HE'A UPSET ) < 9£. .y5 UhJCl ^LJVS.' \ HE'e> MERELY \ , STORIES AND AN SOME OLP \ JCHCES GO WITH WHEM YOU CAN T GET AWAY ,,'«,«•« " > '," °" OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoople .^.^ ALFOM, |S\ DER MEX.' MOOFMEf^T,^ PROF. KLOTZ, DO i YOU BLUCK DER 6TRIMKS LISHT /->. REINDEERS •£ UMD JOYOO6 TO IMIDATe ELLUF^jV MOO? X CAM .AUS' VORK6HOP/-*~- S"'.\ FIDDLE 6OOMD RAOS MIT DOT BUSINESS / , } LIKE - ' ' - - ( MORt _, , \ PIS5 AMD TAX-ICAB tfH PATH.OF A VIRTUOSO \& MOT STREA V^ITM Roses FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger "Evidently you don't understand—you skate only on' top of the ice!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Blotter HOPE I CAW SET THIS INJ "THE Mouse wiwour HECTOR. SPOT- I WOULDN'T Tfey MIOW6THAT IMTHE HOUSE-, POp,~.J. KNOW* AU-TUP SPOT5/ L^iL ^lL EXAOlf WHAT He's SETTING OZARK IRI THIKD PERIOD. THE SHARKS ., POINTS I- LtJ GOAL?,.. AN AH BEEN THINKIN'THIS A . tL i I ' V*****. C FLINT WHO WERB Hi£ 6NBMIBS? PON'T KNOW ATWN6 ' ABtoUTHiM •V Mkftttal 0'M«ll*y ond WASH TUBBS —-— • •• ••••- i iikM r«%<L^ib>i^ MV vvrt^snirfw* v/(v nvi^ \ TH& IMDIA. ARTS AMP TR^Oee SHOW. WOP TH6 ]- COWRIE PRE55 WON'T BE ABLE TO 5TIR UP AMY TROUBLE, THAMK^ TO VOU WE'RE READY CHECK -. OURSELVES i ^j « By Uillo Tunt PeMeE5.LKrER\ 60IMS THRU PROP BR CH^NELS... BOufS AND HER BUDDIfS By Edgar on , M / i 1 BUGS BUNNY AAAVPE THSSB POOK* WIUL HfSLP •jOU TWO/ I'M TIRHP ALLEY OOP By V, T, r -. EITHER HE AN' OOOU/X SHUCKS, TO 'l WASN'T WATCHIN 1 TH' HOPED PCX VIEW SCREEN OR - -' , HAP , PEGGA REAUY PIP •SUM UP TH'TIME ; IWVCHINE UKE WMAf YOU \I DON'T KNOW.,. DOIN'BAGK') 6HEJUST HERB?? / VANIGHED-- WHEflE'6 COUP/ UKE THAT/ CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer J & & W ^wMWS. w ^ ^ klif.'ll HlHI I rr^ A Copts NA/ME SMNOUep&t ATOMIC FPWg^ Re^AKCH HENRY

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