Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 19, 1952 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, December 19, 1952
Page 6
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'V f*fT*\ ' MOM SfAt, MOM, ARKANSAS m w>, "to I', at ,«n Ulu»« fl«fti H»B> with »ny, Incentive l ,»' r "f Living Cost Equals the Record High iwr*f9gjnwi i vrf wff *** TnC COllt OT living an me»*ured by tho nwaffi* rtisnt er*pt up two-tenth* of n point l*«t month to equal the rword high reached (net Augtiit PMt*A 4l..»..L«ki «»f V _t^^_ 4MIK<il.l j. IU m***uHng M or Nr»v ( IB, «*M tfldny thot hlfh*r home rents w«r* mainly ronponul We for the ineroflno in lt« inixn, Tho riljjhl rUo wni not onouflh to prevent thn rinllfin'/t rail work er* from inking a win-cent cut In tholr hourly WOIAJI, Tho wn»[e» of nboout 1% mil lion railroad- workor* nre tied by union o<intrnot« to, the nr-fi In dux, They hftd rocclvad two «enU an hour Increaio In the Iimt ndjunt m«nt. t1i« new eorwimor'ji price Indent mcniiuf ln« Nov. IB prleo* tf fex»d, alethfng,'rem, modfc-nl cure, «niaf .tftlnment and n haul of othnr thing*, jitpoit At 191.1 par o«nt of tho 1039 1089 b«»« period. the r«te<H-d hl«h, reached, la»t , wr»» «l»o lot, ], JANE ABBOTT ftglind trSrtlllnn, ft rrMtlr *(»« n iMrnin* iimt M* T>*if-ifit«r ttrbml (>*>*>• ffl 1 r»b,' iftw"»Mri Of"•lMMmr,4. nl*n» lo ' • gwratramt, Ct., wfi(ff» the . ., w» M* iwiii ng IM «mllr by nwrrylnt * «m«ftt*rA MUt took forwnr MJtcrly .» m t * 1 1 n «.<h»tr "« a nt. Ult in |Mr«*IJU>nu> lm> • them until rtt*MJy «*h'» *, bMhewr mlnl»t«f. John inn ui •**:IBI n* wni, «*i »i/,i for hli con»r»««tlon. Brent ujthlfrt *om«(htnt of D«ho Rffoll Stores Increase ', 8t, LCKJ18 « — M/HJ, Chrl»t> m«f »boppln« at Its p*f»k, department nigro Kflln* lit the Eighth Pod .drat Rjwerva District tn»t wooh to per otjnt higher than In wqck I««t »ear, er«l HeKorve Hank of flt. «ported that port of the «««ln . „.,„ Kl unfavorable shopping ,wonthar Jn mld-Doctimbor Inn 1 ' Ogt sains last week equaled ih tho comparnblo panic buy crlod before ChrUttmu ot 1951. plan. Incentive plan checks will be distributed enrly In IRS)), proportion CHAPTRH rouft BUSAN did not want the young minuter to think she »w htnwlr A martyr, doing n«r duty. 8h« ntvur had thought of nenwit M mtoh. fth«'Mld with ft llttte laugh. "Thent'* ;n*Vftr much guing on in Bweethoma to low out on!" John? Wendoll nodded bin head, "t'w obwvafi mat—and that the young people go ouuiido for their wnu«ement»* Us hitched forward on hU chair, his brow* pulling to- K«Ut«r in sudden earnestness, "I've Km* Idwu- V4 like, to put acrcwn. her*. M«ybo you con help me— ftdvlia me, at loant. One (H—dancon herein th« villoge .. ." "TharB'i.n dance at tho Orange every now and then," put in Huaan. t, I've hoard about them, 1 had In mtnd wore dances le younger Klda. Rail game*, too, 1 imagine Uiora aro onough boya around hero to make up .two toami. Olrl», toa football, in ita sewon. What I'd like to BOO aoma- day it ^ gymnaaium that could be cleared for parties. A atago—older people could get up playa ... A playground outside . . ." H«i pauaea, H* had been talking no faat that h* found htnwlf out of breath, 8u«nn, too, re It her breath holding in her throat. H waa certain from hia manner ttmt rv« wal eonflding to her ambition* Which he had told to no one else tin you "Th«r«,U«kk to bo a community IIOUKQ n«Xt to thq Methodist Church —yeara aga No ono u«cd it and they told It." "I know, t waa told that, inn my Idea la to trove one iimt belong* to the people—not to our church Of the Methodist or any particular group." He laughed, "l dare*ay:CitJ after more than I can got-~r»a,b|en hero long enough to auapoot titat-'but,, just the sumo, am going U> try for It, Try to find a;f«W WhOVw|U!a«o the nerd for It —and gl«e|the; money to help pu it acroai." * * "It, would; bo wonderful I" Sunan •aid, i I|o vjant on, "Yovaoo, n gntb lug plane, *«% ijfru Imvo in mim community «nc oornmunlcnn a?rofti,lhe river." ," sold Su "Ye*, and a good one—nave you j ver m«t Father Duffy? He'a M fine on (hey come, But they aro not all (toman Catholics over there —thorn mu*t b« quite a few who want to go to churtih, yet httaltate 0 emu the river. It's thin tradl- Ion of Kfparation I'd liko to tee scrapped, a community toeing It- lell superior to lt« n«tghbor«. ,. ." lo got up from the table, took up he teapot from Hie stove, came mck, ailed her cup and his own —all, fiusan «u«pcctod, without any thought of wnat h« wn» dong. He itnt down again, took a ong awailow of the hot tea. "Maybe the war has made me '•sol that way—I grew up In « town in New Hampshire not much Afferent from yours, hern. Jt I'd eome More ntrniglit from finishing af the Humiimry 1 would probably )o looking down my nono at the >cople of tho l ; 'lat»—but 1 didn't. 1 loarnci.t nornctliing in those year*, . . ." He mopped with some abi'uptnwn, then ho nmilcrl. "You must forgive mo for talking so much—I haven't, to anyone else here in Swecthome, and It fceln good. Thankn tor listening—and you Haiti you nad no patience!" "But I'm awfully Interested, irotented Hunan. She added, "Iloal- ;y I am! You're-—well, so different from Dr. Marcy!" "Am 1?" John Wendell said It, a little dryly. "I'm afraid that may no; ta!<o so well In Bwcothoine. If I were Hmart I'd keep my renlgna lion all typowrltten out, handy on my desk." "Oh, nol" cried Suaan. Then, contuefccl by tho warmth nho had let into her voice, Mho got up from her chair. "I must go. Thanks for Uio tea and Um cako. It tasted good." "Didn't It, though? And thank I/OK for helping mo. Friday?" "Yon. I'll como. . . ." Ho wont to the front door wltli nor, offered her his hand, hold bora for a moment In a strong clnsp. Outaldo, 8 u a a n wn« scarcely conscious of her feel touching the ground or of anything about her except Btmiihtno all around her am in her. Then a (Igurc took aluipe ljutoro her, a wonian'y voicn said, "Why, hello, Suaan!" Mho stopped short. "Oh, good afternoon, Mrs. Coggln. Lovoly day. iHti't It?" "Been having your 8 o u 1 tloc tored up, Susan ? 1 wouldn't sa U needed It," Mrs. Cuggln sneered. "I waa doing some typing (or Mr. Wendell." She moved to go on, grateful that Mrs, Coggln's homo was in tho other direction "Wlmt's this, Suaan, about Deborah Urcnt a o m I n g back to Sweethomo? I saw Abby this afternoon and ahe saya you tolc her to get the old Urent house cleaned up far her to llvo In." "Yes, she's coming very soon." "Queer, isn't It, that she'd wan to come buck hero after all thost years she hasn't act fool In the place?" "Perhaps It always has scomei Star" and played three piano se- lectloni. The twenty-five, member* and their guests ilso enjoyed a gift exchange In the Demls play room and were served refreshments from a table covered with green crepe paper and centered with a small Christmas tree . PRESCOTT NEWS to her," defended Susan. "Well, It'll bo real exciting to , •co what Blip's like now." Suimn nad heard the story of i Aunt Ocbby, years ago. from i gchoolrnauifl, an Nell had, but she I lUiJtwcred stoutly. "We—my fattier ] •ad tho rest of us are very glad ! ih* in coming," "Ot course you arc!" Though i hero wan n slightly amused In- ' lection of questioning In the older woman's agreement. "Well, t must : go nUmd—nice to have run Into u. fltaan." Old viper tonpuo! thought Susan. As she walked past Hlgglns' glare, she saw an open car slop a beyond U, recognized Nell by .he hnght «hren of her hair as one at tho occupants. The boy with her, blnck-haired. slim, dark, was no one from Swcelhomc. . . . Nell was making no move to get out of the car, Instead nhe hiul drawn a little closer to dor companion. Now Muunn's heart knew a new sickness. Then Nell tin.w her coming, waved a hand toward her, swung open the door and got out of tho car, giving her companion a gay oaekwiird nod of her head. "Hello, Sue. 1 thought, you'd bo home at thin hour! It's near sup- pcctlme. Isn't It?" "I thought you wcro finishing Uio Ironing. Tlmt you'd start supper." Susan's tonri wtia sharper than she ever allowed It to be toxvacd Nell." "I had a date. It was too grand a day, anyway, to spend Ironing." They turned together Into Higgins'. "Who was that boy?" asked SUM an. "Tony DIVIto." Susan went ahead of Nell through the door. "From the Plata, 1 suppose," she said, low, over her shoulder. "Yes, he's from the Iflats." Susan nodded to Bill behind tho socla bar, gave her order to Mr. Iligglns. Nell perched herself on a stool nt tho bar. "Aren't you coming home?" naked .Susan, when her package wns wrapped. "I'll bo along—I'm dying of thirst. Hill, Jerk me a chocolate soda!" "She's been playing around with this young foreigner—that's why she's lato for supper so often. From tho Flats—what everyone hero la saying about It—and Father so hutea talk. , . ." She rarely went to her Father with any issue between her and Noll or Bill, confident that eha could straighten It out herself. But thin, now, was too big a thing to moot alone. But at nomo, starting supper, It came to her that ahe could not tell her father what Nell was up to— what right had she when sho had laid her own self open to their horrid gossip this afternoon? (To Bo Continued) Julia Smith and. Margaret Leeco Phillips was enjoyed. Simone Golden told the story of "Tho. Little Mr. and Mrs. Wllburn Wllllg have hnd as their guests, Mrs. H. O. Barber and Harold Barber of Shrc- veport. Mrs. Robbie Wilson and Mrs. Tom Dewoody were Monday visitors in Texarkana. Mr*. Hervey Bemis and Mrs. Bob Pledger motored to Texarkana Monday for the day. Mrs. Tom Bemis has returned from Fort Smith where aha accompanied Mrs. Fadjo Cravens, Jr and son who have been guests in the Betnis liome. Labor Commissioner Is Union Man LTTLE ROCK m — Railroad Conductor Joe R. Cash of Little Rock, a card-carrying union man f"r 2.1 years, has been named as the next state labor commissioner. Crov.-elect Francis Cherry, whose father was a railroad conductor, announced the appointment yester« day. The 40-year-old Cash will succeed S. P. Dixon of Little Rock, acting commissioner since the resignation of C. K. Call last spring. Cash headed the labor division of Cherry's campaign organization last summer and is local chairman of Division 131 of the Order of Railway Conductors. He is employed by the Missouri Pacific Line*. Ho was born at Hot Springs and attended public i schools there and at Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Teeter have returned from Conway where thf-y were the guests of Mrs. C. H. Torn- '• pkins, who has been visiting her daughter. Mrs. John Lawson Peld IT, and family ir. San Antonio. Texas and her son, C. H. Tompkins Jr., in New Orleans, La., has returned home. lovely, lovely Sunday, Oaetmbaf 21 MM.. J. J, 8attt«,af Fulton will ttnpUtnftnt Mtsa ' Mary* Lou Tho- intut, briclo-olfict, \vltj\ o breftHfuat at, the Hotel Barlow, Hopu, Sundny 5 tiii Mr«. William Cox Jr. nnd Miss Carolyn Cox will entertain nt their homo, In $uHoh Sunday tram 2; SO to ft; 30 p.m. for 'tho pleasure of Esky of Ft. Smith and U. Rod Bonx of l-'ovt Muultrle, Ga. A reception in the home of tho brides parents will follow the wed- WMU Hat Royal Service Program Tho WMy at the First Baptist Church ,mct Monday afternoon at Stww of Columbus, Miss. mooting by MM. Roy , Aftop th^ business meeting .Mrs, PhiUlpt wap la q^argl ot Uu» program on "Wh«rV Ja Ml«* Mary Lou Thorna*. brtdc.-e.leet t iho church tor the monthly Koypl Ot lirMSt Huvluy Cox, Jr. Service program with fourteen members prestmt, Thamair»OoK Weddlnq Mrs. Jack Cooper presided. Plant ara Announced The persouwl and: plant, for ttic wedding of Mi»* Mory Lou Thomas and Bmest Hurley Cox Jr., huvu ba«n announoed by MUa Thomas, The marriage wilt be solemnized at i o'caock Sutyrday afternoon, u . S7, at FU'at Methodist Church, R»v, W«rr«n D. aolden, pastor, willp<»rtorm tho cerumony. Musla wtU bo provided by Mr«, Lvra • and MUt Patsy Burtjw of J?o^amtth, and Lcffol t<ary ot LitUar* 00 ^ vritl aing. , C, Thwe&ai wtU, glvo his ... „ .ir. hv mwaiogiu TiW» brid^elttct hfts selected Miss Dtm« R«d <4 Oallft* aa maid tit h«M»r, BrW««maWt will o« Miss MiftgUW oitexarkona, Miss J«uv Sb,olU*arn of DeWitt, PaHl* Jr. ot Uttla Cox ot Walked." The song "Joy to thfc \\orlcl" wns sung followed with, the devotional talk by Mrs. \Vosli>y Undsey. Mra. Phillips and lyirs, Cooper sang a duct "In the Garden," Discussions on the program topic wetro given by Mfs, Thomas Buchanan, Rev, Liudsey closed the \yith prayer. Chrltttan Circle* Have Joint Meeting The Christian Women's ship and Chrislum Business Wo- mun's F«UowU)ii> of the Christian Church hold a joint meeting in tho homo ot Rev, dud Mrs. Clarence Johnson on Monday evening. Thtt rooms w«r« beuutifully de- crated in the Chrlstnuis motif. : Mrs, J. W, Bradley pics id yd and had charge ot tho program. The singing of "Joy tu thw World" opened ihv> meeting, Rev. Johnson i«d in prayer, Afu-r the song "Silent Night," Miss Mildred IAWIUUS told tlu 1 Ctuistmu« story from Mat- th«iw and Luko. A, reading was by Mrs. Henry Thompson. Tho high light of tho evening was a visit from Santa Claus and » Sift exchange. Mrs. Johnson assisted by the co-hostess served delectable re- 8PBCIAL REPRESENTATIVE Uo to $4,800 annual salary and Incentive eammlMlon to man, age 28, to 48, for special sales work In Hope aa our fttate Control Plan Specialist. Seven-weeks training in home ' office at Hartford, Conn., with salary and expenses paid as part of 2-year training program; must be a resident of Hope, minimum of 2, years, rate top seofel eh our aptitude tests, and give evr dence of success In former occupation. College degree preferred. State qualifications and telephone number In finst letter to; CAMPBELL & VINEYARD, AETNA trfi''INSURANCE CO. Wallace Bldg., Little Rock, Arkansas Friday, December 19, 1952 H*OPI STAR, HOP I, ARKANSAS Phone 7-3431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Friday, December 19 The Nandina Garden Club will have their annual Christmas party Friday night, December 19. at 7:30 at the home of Mrs. Thomas B. Fenwick, Jr., 217 East 14th St. Arrow Shirts The Perfect Gift for the Man Mrs. Henry Fenwick and Mrs. Paul Bain will be co-hostesses, will be exchanged Gifts Stockings of course! Friendship Cass of the First Baptist Church will meet Friday night, December 19, at 8 o'clock at the home of Mrs. Ray Allen, 206 East 14th, instead of Tuesday night ns originally scheduled of Mrs. Talbot Fetid, Jr, on the night of Dec. 18. Game emphasizing music and the holiday senson were played. Gifts were exchanged from a brilliantly lighted Christmas tree. Refreshments were served from the DOROTHY DIX Traveling Husband Dear Miss Dix: t am one of dining table covered with a , hosc wlves of tniv(<lll , g lm>n . My white linen cloth. In the center was; i ulsbnnd |s home B ,, oul onc , wcck an original arrangement of Christ-j oul of evc| . y month j um loft ntonc i mns bnlls. Mrs. Jack Gardner pre-| with , wo s ' n , all fhi |dren and I do! Continued from Page One sided at the punch bowl nnd Mrs : nol thlnk lt is fair to mc and ,„,•(„.„, uh , , cgishu , vu appl . oprl Llovd Guerin served tho individual ,.1,11,4...,., ,.. i._ ...m. . ,..„ «^l ., H.JH.IUUMJ npiJiupii Us action/yesterday. the cakes. Assisting the hostess was Thomas Cannon. Mrs. Kenneth Po well, and Mrs. McDowell Turner. children to be without a father and; alien. But l Christmas program and tree at Oak Grove Methodist Church, Spring Hill Charge, will be held Friday night, December 19, t 7:30. The public is invited. The Builders Sunday School Class of the Garrctt Memorial Baptist Church will hold its Christmas meeting at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin Green, 1110 Jones Street, Friday night, December 19. at 7:30. Follow his lead and give the stockings with the famous 3-V Top ihat conforms to thigh contours and helps keep seams Straight. Proportioned for SmaU, Medium and Tall/ Saturday, December 20 The Cosmopolitan Club will havo Lilac Garden Club Has Christmas Meeting Tho Lilac Garden Club met Wednesday, Dec. 17, at the Hope Country Club for their Christmas meeting with Mrs. C. C. McNeil, Mrs. Ched Hall, Mrs. S. G. Norton, and i Mrs. \V. A. Williams as hostesses. Mrs. Herbert M. Stephens of Blevins, vice president presided over a short business session. Mrs. B. L. Rettig, leader for the' husbnnd. 1 love my husband dear Mrs.Ijy a,ul know he loves mi-; 1 hove: Council recommended an"npproir'l tried to make him see how much, ati,,,, o f $4.8 million annually for we need him. He tolls me he Is; operating of the main university looking to the future, but I am: plant — the same as for the 19M young and very lonely. 1 :,m con-1 f,2 fiswU-yenr — and also approved fident h '•' -•-•• ---•-••— •-•- «<•-• ... rl Markets ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, ill. (UP) — Livestock: Hogs 8,500; trade nctlvc; bar rows and gilts mostly 25-3,1. higher except weights under 180 Ibs, keys SO-S3 fryers o« broilers not quoted. Butter weak: receipts di4,&80j wholesale buying prices unchanged to ^ cent a pound lower j 83 score A A and 92 A 06.75; DO B 04; 80 C 63.25; cars; 90 H 05; 89 C 64. Eggs weak; receipts 13,188 wholesale buying prices unchanged which steady to 23 higher; sows to two cenls « doaen lower; U. S. mostly unehanfied; bulk choice 180-1 lllrH ° B8 ' n ' u - S ' mediums 44; cur- 230 Ibs 17.SO-17.7S; popular price 1 rent receipts 37; dirties 30; checks 17.65; close dull ; little over 17.50; '"" bulk choice 240-270 Ibs 16.50-17,15; fidoiit he could sot another Job that i\ Vl) smaller budgets. These were wouldn't involve travel, but he will'S7..MH) for cuttle breeding <«nd $80 not listen to me. Before lu- began oun f or votci-nn subsidies occasional lots few 2HO-325 Ibs Ibs 10.25-17.50; 240 Ibs to 17,2ft; 15.25-10.3S; 150-170 120-140 Ibs 33. NEW YORK COTTON • NEW YORK, I,W ~ Cotton fut 14.00- IU-PS were generally steady In . _ „_ . rt _ ., . i -•- ' - •*«•»* r\v..n, i nuj oh^iivij ill M5 : ,/°. ws ,' t00 bs down mnlnly slow trndln « " lcl «.v. noplaeomont heavier sows 12.25; commission house buying nnd mill tlemnnd nt one time xtcndcd 500. Cows flnlns to about $1 n bnle, but the Utility and mnrkot did'not hold nt the day's 14.25-14.75; 13.75. Cattle 1,000; calves active and stcnd.; afternoon, Moses in Lands." The program was way.' presented Mrs. "ChrlstmaB in Fonzie Other l • Council voted not to approve broad butter for his family _ .._ hi- 5 job, and he must do it in high light of thc!" lc wa - v ' 10 f (insiders best for nil "Christmas in Nor- of Christmas carols were sung by •*•*%. w >j iiinfjuMi u d^jLJuw 111 fluYw ,i v * • their Christmas dinner meeting at I " lc " u '»'bcrs accompanied by Mrs. Hotel Barlow Saturday evening, December 20, at 7 o'clock, All members arc urged to attend. Sunday, December 21 A Cantata "The Music of Bethlehem" will be presented by the C. C. McNeil at the piano. Mrs Stephens gave an article on "My Christinas and Yours" by Katncr- ine Brush. Gifts were brought for children in the hospital nt Little Rock. The club rooms were decorated in comfortable ARROW SHORTS choir of tho Presbyterian Chuuchj^'J 1 c _| lris tnias wreaths, candles. you. Just stop to think, how many for » plant probably would bo • elnl 10.00-24.0.0; dills 12,00-14.60. over to local school district. Sheep 400; mostly unchanged ex- approved Gnme and Fish! cept few lots 25 higher nt 21.80 ko ", ••• $200,000 above the comi sparingly for prime lambs; sent' NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK Ml - The Stock Mnr 54V 4 ! Jlo. 8 i.88. Hd, white 98 ^J samo white SO, n Barley nominal; l feed 1,28-43, {Meld seed drexlwoight nominal: 9.00-10,00; redtop S8 29,nO-;)0.50; Um6thy clover 200-30,00. Sbybcnfla; Clubs Hlnton Mis. Virginia BufflnKlon dlrflitJ tho which opened •JD . . . your best buy | ARROW DART s 3.95 K • No irritating center seam "• ^ .- •.Full-cut contoured seat • ^ panel, pleated crotch 't| : . • "Sanforized" fabrics 1 Boxers or Grippers . . $1.45^. Arrow T-Shlrts .... $1.25 "I Arrow.Athletic Shirts . $1.00., Lewis-McLarty \ • tOK ARROW UNDERWEAR NONW/U COLLAR KEEPS FRESH ALL DAY" LONG Here's why more men ask us for Arrow Dart than any other shirt. It's made with the famous ,,-ionwilt medium-point collar that looks good on everyone. Carries the Mitoga trademark that means it's tapered for better fit. "Sanforized" broadcloth. Stock up today on Arrow Dart. Lewis-McLarty FOR ARROW SHIRTS Sunday afternoon, December 21, at 5 o'clock. The public is cordially invited. Rev. and Mrs. E. D. Galloway will show travels in Methodist December 21, at public is invited. the pictures of their Europe at Spring Hill Church Sunday night, 7 o'clock. The and red carnations. The Christmas wreaths brought j judged nndi by tho members a potted polnscttia was awarded to Mrs. Lloyd Kinard. A dessert plato with nuts and coffee was served to the 20 members present. Monday, December 22 Business Woman's Circle of the, First Baptist Church will meet in i the homo of Mrs. M. S. Bates 1 Monday night. Dec. 22. at 7:45. All j members aro requested, to bring! Coming and Going Mr. and • Mrs. George Frazier will arrive Saturday from the University friends of Texas for a and relatives. visit with tv, T ( - AH '"'"r 3 """ "" "'"* Bob Hyatt will arrive Saturday their Lottie Moon Christmas olfei-, rrom Austln CoMofIO| Austi|1| Tcxag * mi,'. Willing Workers Club of Emmet Has Meeting j lor a ; tivos. visit with friends and rcla- Sydney Stanford of San Antonio, The Willing Workers Club of Em- Tc x'«s7 w iU nTlve Saturday S±™ri ^ \* %?*«?"•*•* ^ with his mothc r l aJ with fourteen mem- Sutton received the oldest woman ; to spend the holidays in El Pas'o 1 l ° alleviale loneliness. Mil" Ihp nrnprnm 1 rn ,. .. ... ' vise n« tilts lioyt m.mi Moore Dec. bers present. Mrs. Susan prize for bein present. Following games were played. Mrs. Moore served cake and coffee to those present. Out of town guests were Mrs. Dorsey Patterson and Mrs. Jewel Still of Hope. relatives and friends. wives are in the same position — or worse. I know traveling men who are away from home a month or two at have the assurance thai your trav- ler will be with you one week oul of every four. Security Most Important Also pause lo reflect thnt. although his last job meant constant companionship tor you, it did not security for your family. do you think a man {) n a dance instructor? | issue mission's I <)r> 1-11)52 appropriation. Salary items alone were increased I nun $480,-I9U to $001,200. Van OnlstMii sought unsuccess lo postpone consideration of k> od lots cull to Rood slaughter ewes sternly at 4,00-5,50. at least the budnet until after Jan. B, when steady; POULTRY CHICAGO AND PRODUCE Live poultry: "' council convene. Last Monday, the Commission re cent stnrt. Price changes ns n gonornl rule wei-o confined to frnctlj^s. The exceptions on the upside' wore n few Issues with gnlns of between 2 nnd 3 points nt times. ccmbor meeting of the Mlh Clubi The devotional Wtt* by Mrs, BufftnRton. Mrfl, TL,. Gibson rend tho minutes t>r* Inst mectlriR, followed by call nnd ticnsurer'fc aeerelnry rend n thnnk-yi from Mis. Gordon for a pot the club sent her. ' After nit business ^v6s>* noted, the members wete ?\ delicious refreshments bV* Stclln Adnms. A gift " todny nftcr n good wns hold Mrs*. Gibson is scheduled to rc-i Receipts 005 ;coops; F, O, B. ; paying prices unchanged except a. pound higher inside on GRAIN AND PROVISIONS -"Tho grninmnr- heim i kcl sllowcd the cfccts of Improv- ...._, ...... „....„ .„. siers '""' fon'Wcnco todny prices ntt- do«! 31-33; old roosters 18-20; ducklinsta 1 v ?" clng '" " ll ' )lls °». tho Bonrd Ihor-'.'fO honvy younit duoks 27; vmm»' of . Tl ' nclc - can last as jocioil a Council "request" that youiiR hen turkeys; heavy it penult huntini; of squirrels and, 25-2(1.fl; li«ht hens 20-21; roasters ralibiis witlu.ui huntliiK or ' licenses; that it relinquish author-!, HO heavy young ducks 27; young il.v over oommeieial fish farminR hen turkeys 42.43 young torn tur-, . Ono reason for the upturn wns n private properly, and that it —-•••- -- | rcc '.'"S the mnrkt hnd been "over- hunting and fishing II_ - I • l » > I-'- . i i » t I 11 1 I t I! I ^, IlllVl I IOI I 111^ ||Only while lies young, good-loOK-j (., M1S1 . S ,,, |UM . sons OVlM . 03 yen| . g of , . ing and strong When middle approaches spring, where would you all be in i the employment .situation'.' By Hint; time it's difficult enough for n! man to obtain lucrative employment, much less to become established in work thai promises advancement. If his present job prom ises mi ndvanlfiReous future, he's right lo stick to it. You are n young woman, with no financial worries, and a happy family! Can't you learn to woath- or the one tempest that looms on your horizon? Suppose you try making friends feel lose their j Uonrd yesterday. .•so mallei's weren't men- In another action, the C<; rejected an effort to fix a mended salary for the supe c-nt of iiu- boys Industrial School >il $4 200 annually. Tho superintendent, H. p. Hnrgis, now draws $3,000 ,1 year. mnn «,,ff „ A „,- „' sold " enr1 ' 01 ' lh is week. Modoruto mun. suffered a possible skull export, snlos In corn r,,_ .,,, . . ,. ........ , ••"!•"• >• .Tinvo in turn iiuu n nrrn- iiattuic and cuts. He was report- Ins in recently wealc soybotm mottl ed in critical condition. Miss Arty- 1 prices also holped ivmwskn suffered possible concus- Wheat closed unchimttccl to IV, | .sion and multiple cuts. t hl«lier, December $2.21)%-^, corn : !n'l'/i higher, December $1,02-$1, FBI lht ' occurrcd-early to with other idle- 1 Mrs. Clifton Tucker left today nmcnt. Surely there are other wives' whoso husbands are traveling forl the same company that employs your man! Make an effort to niecti tliein and discover what they do I program | Texas, as tho guest of her I Captain Coy Fisher and Mrs. ' or. son, Friday Music Club Meets With Mrs. Talbot Feild, Jr. The Friday Music Club's Christmas party was held at the homo Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Sutton of the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, are visiting relatives and friends- in Hope. 'Mr. Sutton left today for Montgomery', Alabama, where he will play in the Blue and Gray game on December 27. From You always get a *SAENGER Double Feature A fatter buy because . ..' THEY LIST FOR LESS-Large volume.production economies let: Chevrolet trucks list for less than- comparable models of any other make. j LOWER OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE COSTS-Valvc- in-Head engines, Hypoid rearj axle, channel-type, frames, Flexi- ^ Mounted cabs and many other. Chevrolet features assure you : lower over-all costs. TRADITIONALLY HIGHER, TRA&B>IN-Chevrolet trucks; keep thw value longer—a wonderful dollars-and-cents plus at] tjme. ' Chevrolet tracks list for less .,,; bring you important 6n-the-jW with Chevrolet trucks! Nowf Bemis Ho*t»»t to Jr. Mu*ic Club Jessies B«?nm was hostess to ttw Tschf ikovsky Merry Go Round Junior Musiv Club at her home un Moiiduy- evewta«, Nancy Lewis au4 Jane Kitchens were assisting hostesses. «iti» Wicmu pwsidjent, told th« story of "H»vf Christmas is L*i»ds" Gene Autry PAT BUTT RAM CASS COUNTY BOYS "APACHE COUNTRY" 'ARMY Bom starring STANLEY CLEMENTS KAREN SHARPE VSTEVEBMXKE RIALTO * 2 - FEATURES - 2 • TODAY & SATURDAY • ROY ROGERS and TRIGGER 'HELDORADO" JERRY COLON N A VERA VAGUE "MUSIC in the MOONLIGHT" vise, as the best means I know lo combat monotony, Ihe acquisition of n skill or hobby. Learn some'.ring — be it domestic nrl like sewing, gardening, or cooking, or a fine art such as pninting, sculpture or music. Ceramics is another hobby becoming increasingly popular with amateurs who never made a thing in their lives. Any of these crafts will be Ihe means of bringing you closer to people who will be a dislincl help in overcoming your present misery. Above all, learn to enjoy your children. Don't regard them as small handicaps that keep you lied down clay and night. Make scrnpbookis of: their accomplishmenls, bright remarks, day-by-day development. You'll probably be astonished when you see on paper Ihe remarkable achievements of infancy. CHAPTER 11 OF SERIAL; "BLACK HAWK" BUGS BUNNY COLOR CARTOON Chap. 7, 'King of the Congo' Color Cartoon SUNDAY, & MONDAY THE PRIVATE LIVES OF PUBLIC ENEMIES ON THE INSIDE! YOUNG CHEVROLET CO.' I (, vtr ¥^~ > ' s i-'ffe' 1 SUN. - MON. - TUES. HEY LOOK! 2 First Run Features -2 • Attraction No. 1 • IT'S OPEN HOUSE AT THE BIG HOUSE! OMVICTS HIOM THE BOOK OF THE MONTH IHAT BOWLED OVER THE NAIVONt with MULMO CUICIT MITCHEU • ROLAND THOMPSON BRUTAL SAVAGE FURY! The Fighting Story of the Great Pontiac Lon Chaney Lex Barker Helen Westcott "BATTLES OF CHIEF PONTIAC li Continued from Page One ou.yht to nppi-ofiato the nffidnvils were made out for the purpose of obi,-limns a search warrant before n U. S. Commissioner nnd aro not L 1 vide nee in any trial." G'Keefe lotif! has boon consider'•(I ;i suspect in the robbery but tho release ot the affidavits marked the first time he or anyone had been mentioned as a "participant." The affidavits indicated O'Kcufo hnd referred to $(i(),000 taken in the nation's largest cash holdup ns "br.by" in a wire-tapped telephone conversation with his wife. O'Keefe thus became the first solid suspect to he named since fciHht men wearing Halloween masks overpowered Brink's guards i JUK! scooped up the money at the armored car firm's north end counting house on Jan. 17, 1050. O'Keefe, who has a 20-year police record, was scheduled for continued hearing today before Fed- oral Judge William T. McCarthy on a charge of contempt for refusing to answer a grand jury's questions. 14 pc. burnishtd gold glass Egg Nog set $• 93 with ywr puribast el delicious Snow r Continued from Page One Dear Miss Dix: My wife and- I have been happily-married:fur two years. My problehi Concerns my ^--n-,. tV in-.'aws, who come toii'isii us twice jl, oa ''" er lnis week, a year. They stay n't our home, Kls< -'w htl 'c the , temperatures eat three meals a day and give were cl ""*• but "°t strikingly un no money toward the food bill. | sed j-°" a blo. My wife insists this is proper but! . Wlncts lll> to 40 niilt!S Vcr hour I'm ready to leave her because of' it. Answer: Aren't you being small minded and ungenerous in your attitude? Surely it means a groat deal to your wife to see her folks on these rare occasions and begrudging them hospitality for a 'few days a year Is ungracious, to say the least. If a triviality like this is something to make you consider leaving your wife, I don't think you- can be particularly devoted to her. Dear Miss Dix: I have been married for five happy years to a man 20 years my senior. People who have known him for years say he has never been happier or looked bettor than he does now. The rift in the lute is my mother, who insists on devotion now that she never had before. She and my stepfather come to visit us for protracted stays, during which she invites her friends to meals and expects me to cater to them the lucky box prepared' by Ed Blnck. The January will bo with Mrs. UNDERGOES KNIFE COPENHAGEN, Downgor Quotm Alexandrine,^^ underwent tin operation lor on intestinal obstrudH6ni*i condition wua described as factory today, < ' ' Arrow Shirts The Perfect Gift 3! for the Man for good looks,.. >%i 1*0 whipped Fort Worth, Tex., as a thundcrshowcr dumped 1.00 inches of rain last night and early today, Waco, Tex., got 1.30 inches, and Wichita Falls, Tex., reported l.QO. , tight snow flurries were also re* ported in the Northern .Rockies, and thu Pacific Northwest got some more of its usual winter soaking. Some rain fell in Southern California, with 1.10 inches reported at Banning. The mercury rose from 25 degrees to n mild 32 at Chicago early today when warm breezea blew off Lake Michigan, but other areas in the lower Great Lakes region reported temperatures in the 20s or below. The East was mostly cold and fair. New York had dn early reading of 22, and Washington, D, C., recorded 33. The Northern Plains states sWll shivered under icy blasts of Canadian air that first moved southward yesterday. Get thi* handsome burnUhed gold fins* Kgg Nog set specially priced at Jl,98rtp serve.dcliclou* Mklwe« Bug Nog throughout the holiday {season. The punch bowl, pedestal and 12- cup set will add a festive touch ilmt's delightfully different... and has many other use* when hospitality, is called for. Ask your Midwest milkman,,. or,at yrtur fa.vorlte fppdstor* ... how to obtain A set at this special low price, Available for a limited time only. ... and remember... use Midwett Whining Cream on Special Holiday Dishes, MIDWIST DAIRY PRODUCTS CORPORATION *i ^t ARROW | Soft, widespread <3p| 3.95 Qood-lQoklng, l»n't M 1 •mart Arrow white ihtrt "v »oft, widespread slotted cft, And U fits to perfection, think to bpdy-taporcd tailoring (ind cated by the Mitoga trad mark). Fine " Lewis-McLai exclusively. Mother is attractive, , , .. ,„„-,, . , vivacious, and lots of fun, but! International Fall., Minn., had i there's a limit to everything. an early low o£ 12 below zcro - and RIP ROARIN' CIRCUS THRILLS! Actual Under the Big-Top Scenes Featuring the ENTIRE STAFF OF THE FAMED KRONE CIRCUS "TROMBA, the TIGER MAN" Answer: If you feel that you can Bimiji, Minn., reported 12. Tht Ohio Valley and Western Pennsylvania was cloudy and cold, but slill untouched by the storm front. Some other early morning tern more privacy and less entertaining1 1 ' t ''' a ' ure ? ^ re L Om " h ' 1 . lN * b " 5 ; hv ».«,, ' I Rockford, 111. 22; Grand Rapids, not take a firm stand with your mother, have your husband do it. The constant aggravation is affect-1 ing your health, and on that basis] alone he can step in and insist on by you. Released by Bell Syndicate, Inc. Anastasia Continued from Page One Mich., 19; Miami, Fla., 68; Atlanta 51; Rapid City, S. D., 14 ;Salt Lake City, Utah, 31; Seattle 38, and Los Angeles, 54. witness in a Bergen County (N.J.M grand jury investigation into the' gang murder last year of Willie! Moretti. and that he is under in-1 political adviser to the Polish del- vestigation by the United States | egation to the United Nations was Treasury Department "We believe I injured seriously today in an au- Polish Official Hurt in Wreck NEW YORK (UP) - The chief connection with Revenue act." the Internal there be will go to Mobile and play in the Senior Bowl game January 3. Hospital Notes Adff4U«4: David W«m*, Water- tea, * ' PRE - CHR|STMAS SAVINGS EVIN1 Starting Saturday Morning SPECIAL PURCHASE S SHANHOUSE JACKETS FOR <H V ' *' ' r ' We were very fortunate 'in gettin$i|Jm, . Shanhouse Jackets ,at these low Arises, on passing on the savings to you. Cpot and ' styles, zipper fronts, ana in tomobile accident. He is Juliusz KaU-Suchy, 41, who is one (it the top-ranking Communist diplomats attending the United Nations. A female com' panion, Sophia Artymowsfca, 28, also was injured when Katz- Suchy's automobile struck, a sup- pprt »«») on the TribflTO_ by J4|e. .*^ Reg. 10.95 JACKETS . Now IUg, 14,95 JACKETS. Now

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