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Detroit, Michigan
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U.1...IU i iiriBhiiniiM.nLji wwi i. Il mg I I jm i i 1 tk OAKLAND 1 TED LEWIS His Revue and Orchestra VICTOR AYE. AMPLE REG. PARKING OR GROUNDS LAST TIMES TODAY uo Picnic to Honor Non-Natives The 11th annual "All States" picnic honoring Detroltert who are native of other statei will be held Sunday, atartlng at 3 p. m.

at the Rouge Recreation Center, Spinoza Drive and Sawyer. Races, games, talent acts, singing and dancing are planned for the get-acquainted outing. On PHONE WO 5-5877 RESERVATIONS Lake St. Clair a UV Ml. d.

S-3IO0 Al SiegeVs ELMWQQD CASif.0 Windsor I I -Amusement Thrills rtti tarrrErrrwrrrrii-rrgf 9 KIDDIE RIDES At All Times CHECKER eitratforb tWICt DAILY-MS fclS-Doars Ooea It) Choice reserved qranditaad chair tickets, incl. admission and ail tax. $3,00 and $4.00 to EVERYONE, i (Uoretarvad seat tickets, ADULTS CHILDREN 75e.l TICKETS NOW ON SALE, I AT CUNNINGHAM'S DRUG STORE, 1065 WOODWARD AVE. MODERN SPEED BOATS SWIMMING DAILY Join Our Swim Club 2919 BRUSH 25 "aster ail To.l Famished Cntontora Parking 2 ft. I Park Ope Every Aft.

and Evi. rnrn admission rlifcfc." parking llkhs ptCNIO GROVE (Canadian) IHrnfeespeatean Presenting ALEC GUINNESS IRENE WORTH Supported by a group of Canadian players Richard HI AH'b Well That Ends Well Ribs-Chicken-Shrimp-Duck-Fish FACTORY DELIVERY MADE TO YOUR PLANT AT MEAL TIME PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE TE 100 ALL RIDES IfV EVERY TUES. CARPENTERS Pick up odd Jnb, xxtra. money. Call Mise WO 2 9400.

1 TODAY'S PROGRAM AT YOUR FAVORITE THEATER Directed by Tyrone Guthrie Be Funbound Not Homebound Take Her to a Movie at Least Once a Week CHEESECAKE AND comedy are mixed for Lizabeth Scott In her first Martin and Lewis movie, "Scared Stiff." Liz pedals to the sound stage for the scene in which she and the boys make no bones about being frightened. This Week Thru Aug. 15 Grand Circus Park DRIVE-IN BEL-AIR ADAMS KMdvliiM' tgte OlMI 12:30 GOOIEB. IM Firrw. Xsa I allMs.

I 0M, 12-4? CltlE. HasHr Ita Gsker. Colette Mtrthsnl, "M0UIIN HOUSE." Swt. )an Allviaa. "BATTLE CIBCIS (Tnh.l.

"STAB OF TEXAS." ttaylle Msrrll. "SF RPFNT Of THE Nlll." (Tttll). Aluirft TMhnicnlar Mntlesl "I LOVE KELVIN, STRATFORD ONTARIO Dsily. 12 Tdrlll Slty-Itd lmi. Trjim.

Dollar CotitfT, roelM. 0m 2:00 1st. Fm stt- IM. Una Mtfkal. Richr-rd Andmon Bint Howard Kwt.

ALL WOUND UP? -21220 FenkeU An. KK Polly tfcruen, Marjftfit MIh in "FAST COMPANY IRVING" 0b-h 12:30 ark Fret CMlEO.Inin w. Vtrnor at Cumrel Park rr VI ISMQ Mvi it M. Jesn -a. a-Mtle kosd, Mar Van Itlkt fO 8-1551 BEL-AIR" Ltigtl.

"THE KAKtO ADMIRAL' Jam St I art. Uatt I ita Mirth. Ttrrv Menft. Gloria Grahams "MAN ON Dflnald O'Cstinar, Ethel Merman In Color, "CALL ysnaM A-oo m-nn ouia. Otrek, Mom fmmut.

A TIGHTROPE." "GUNSM0KE" AeSie -HkBKaa si SSlk TA 5-3537 1 WATHA." Color atta' Vt'neeat Haarei, 1:17, John lrlnf llchafi Dtnnlns "THE 49TH MAN" Sail Forrttt Kalah Metksr C00E TWO" 6:30 First Shaw 8:30 ChlKtss frsa KRAMER WarBhy. Satan Caaot. Its COtLEB H11J3.B.. Oats II eta B. Wamn Outer Urlte TU 6-T72S ALDtrf f.ftAi COMFORT.

DOOM OFfll Performances on alternate days as follows Evenings at 8.15; Matinee at 2.30 RICHARD III July 1J, IS, 17, 18, 20, 22, 24, 25, 28, 30. August 4, 6, 10, 12, 14, IS. Matinees Saturday, August 1 and 8. Ktrti. all i

rasi nenrcio, ratricta Medina. "SIREN OF BAGDAD." "AaiBUSM A RIYItRA riDiuc iu nciDDnnu lumeeensberr IH uerea. jann nwm. IN 3 DIMFN'IONS STARTING WFDNCSDAY HOUSE OF WAX" IN COLOR Held Ovtrl "MOULIN ROUGE" (Iichnltolof ilh Jots Ftrrtr. 2ia Itt Glbor it 6:34.

10:23, plat Frtdrlt March. Gloria Grahams In KRIM- Winner of 5 Academy Awards! MAN on HUH I nurt jb. Will fin ULHiiuuim uta-jooi PEN 6:30 EXCLUSIVE SH0WIN6 ACTION DRAMA SUSPENSE ioha IrelanS Richard DeflRinl "THE 49TH MAN" Sally Forett Raiih Meeker Gary Conner In 1 eWS-423 nllltriH nitri BPFN tk. C0IIIFB. HIGH NOON Hsmohrey I of art.

"AFRICAN SUEEN" THE RECORD SHELF i 4 Masters Perform At Best in New Disks BY 3. DORSEY CALLAGHAN Free Prei RccorA Reviewer Horowitz, Rubinstein, Heiftz, and George Copland, masters of their instruments and the art connected with them, become available in performance of great music. The Horowitz offering on RCA Victor is a collection of Chopin piano works which provides a cross section of the composer's creative life. The music is somewhat Bhort in poetic fire, but is technically superb. II UIIIDDJL 8428 Woodward TB S-0234 dailt.

wait Dimay VDIII TO S-83O0 7r jJJi V.ii iji mi Jjc" -Wooiinard near 6 Kills -Vtoodnard nesr lll I Allywn "ATTL CIRCUS." 1:40. 4:38. tt.rtt vu "AsniiTTt rnsifiLS CO COOL COMFORT. Stanley 1 pii Wilt Dlt'ney't Fintsrette. "RFl ctimTRT.4 Startl ABBOTT A COSTELLBBJOMriM, WwMw 7:40, 11:00.

(Tethnlcnlor), 1:00, 314, 5S, 9:36. 7:36. 10:34. William lindlgan, Rhonoa Fremlna. 4 ALL'S WELL THAT ENDS WELL July 14, 16, 21, 23, 27, 29, 3L August 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 11, 13.

Matinee Saturdays, July 18, 2S, sj.i. 9. an 1 DCl d-Vi H'9fi 1 1 4H Inhn Hatton'i btKrtNi ut iHb niLt," yuj. Mil TO R-04l4 Cnntlneoos from ALLEN PARK- XT-'B 00 "PFTER PAN." Trtnleolor. 12-30.

Brought back ky Ropalar demsndl Gary CooPer snd 'I'' Grate Kelly la HIGH NOON." Plot 'AIRICAN ICUnnn-14 QUEEN." with Himnhrev Jooart and Kathsrlns LftllkllUUU it E. and August 15. 4 in. io wnn STARTS T0DAYI Walt Disney's "PETER PAN" and "BEAR COUNTRY Cont. 11:45 A.M.

to Midnight Seats are on three aides of an Eliza Terry JifM.V i 3:56, 79. 10 00. GUN-! Fredrle Msrch, "MAN ON A MAN ON A Hectarn. tcolorl. color cartoon, rret COOLED nony ridts lor the kidti Open 6:30 P.M.

i crahsnio. TIGHTROPE mm mi m. ir-eT -Somimdrt-Allen Rd. UU 1-2813 ALLEN PARK" Satan Cahot, I nnnpryn flrntlet-nnrpnt ffil-RMS Asdls Msrnny, aUKt." COOLED. ALL COLOR SHOW! "PETER PAN LINCOLN" bethan-type stage designed by Tanya Moiseiwitschi Stratford is in Southern Ontario, midway between Buffalo and Detroit, Send coupon for information.

IIUUOLILLI tm, Cnr)ti inhn Derrk. John Hodlak. AT HAWK GAP." (Color). 1:40. 4:22.

7'00. 9 45. Bobhv Oriseoll. Kalhv Beaamont. 1:53.

4:00. DRIVE-IN (M-171 Near Swithrl'lit Till 1-S301. Ihien "MACAO." Rntert Mltehan and William Bendll. "THIEF OF VENICE." Maria Montet. FREE KIDDIELAND PLAYGROUND I TRAIN 6:00.

8:18, 1028. BEAR COUNTRY," DiMlty ETHEL MERMAN 'CALL ME MADAM teanrtlte, 133, 3:30, 5:30. 953. Peal Henrrld; Pltrlr-a Mrdlna, "SIREN OF BAG. PAD." (Color), 2:50.

3:33, 11-00. ROSED ALE.1 LINCOLN- ARC" Wyo- noiuc tu ennn Uivnuiuii "CALL ME. MADAM uuiib-in i uiiu-tt I uniiiiu Go to BOB-LO relax! MATINEE DAILY PEN 1:30 P.M. UNTIL 3 A.M. InsTI S-OilO HBen I norBarn nianwrrn, I Barn In "JFOPARDV" 3:37.

71. "niawni a Open 6:30 PRICES I Dp Csffl Ave. at Btlnuori Tt 1-8020 "iiU nnn 19-4S to A PAVFn FIIFF $1.00, $150, $3.00, $4.00, $3.00. $6.00 "lEOPARDY" Bsreara Stuwyck Barry Sollln "BRONCO BUSTERS" (In Color) John Lend Scott Brady Children Frsa Boat Bides PARKING AIR CONDITIONED. Barbara Stan- LINliULN ops eMl MFaBT.I"t'W-ttwt.!l..2:- ADULTS .50.

CHILDREN .09. ALL COLOR DnVV SHOWI "CALL ME MADAM Ethel Merman. inUAl Jljrti W.dwlny atlstles Donald. ('Conner. 1:40.

5:15, 8:50. "HIA-t "HOUSF OF WAX" 3 Dimentlon In Color WATHA," Vincent Edwards, 3:35, EXTRA! STEREOPHONIC ONO payable in Canadian funds, tax free. yc, Barry Sullivan "JtUPAKOT." LAST Or BOATS from foot of Wood THE CuMANCHLS. DrMtrlck Craw 2: HDIUC lUCflDT rort St. y.

Mile Booth Of ward at 10, 11. 2. 4 and 6 Piss NEW GIANT SCREEN -LlnnoMl tt Vlrlinls Parx 4-2J13 itrst nil l.tnennrl at tlailsnn TD 8-3709 i UIH 1 1 I I Vll I 4VJ-1511 LINWOOD To be preferred because of Its deep understanding is the MGM recording of Chopin music by George Copeland, who ranks almost supreme among his interpreters. Copeland Is also represented with music of the great Spaniards on an MGM long play. Included are works of Al-beniz, Pittaluga, Granados, Nin, Infante, Mompou, Lapar-ra, Falla and Turina.

It provides an array of mighty artists with whom Copeland is familiarly at home. TS OPEN 1:15. COOLED. ALL COLOR. nflYY "odward Br TnKue Is worth setting down here.

They are the D-mlnor Concerto Grosse, No. 11, of Vivaldi; GabrielH's "In Ecclesiis Benedicte Domino;" Cestl's "Tu mancavl a tormentarml;" the nocturne from Lully's "Triumph of Love;" Gabrieli's Canzon Quartl Tonl; a GagH-arda by Frescobaldl and Pal-estrina's "Adoramus Te" and Bone Jesu." Charles Courboin assists at the organ. There is a brass choir of outstanding brilliance. ATALUn OPEN 1:00 PAVED PARKING COOLEDiOPEN 6:30 FREE. KIDD.YLAD PLAYGROUND CALL ME MADAM Ethel Merman.

Donald HWAI 8,. 94 effort. Fletl Paal Henreid In "SIREN OF BAGDAD." (Color). 0 Connor. 3:15.

6:45. 'THE 49TH MAN" Straffofri Nttivel College Street, Ream 304 Toronto 2, Canada PleoM end Information on Hit Strat. ford Shakespearean festival, July 13 August IS. 1020. nIAWAIHA, Downtown Shwln! Puk.

Anne Btr In 25.9m; "YELLOW SKY." Plni "THE GUHFIGHTER. Vincent Edwards. 135, 5:25 Silly Forrest Kennan Wyna "CODE TWO" LLIUl i.i, CONDITIONED Fredrle March T.rrv P.AV1I o'clock. Moonlight at 9. Saturdays 2 Moonlights at 9 and 10:15.

No Moonlight Mondays. No 6 o'clock boat on Fridays. ROUND TRIP only $1.00 children 50c. Holiday and Sunday $1.50 8i 65c. Moonlight excursion DRIVE-IN GRAND RIVERt'm? mT-tmo oori, GI01I1 Giahame, "MAN ON A TIGHT- 'U 2:30.

5:22, 8:05, 10:50. John Derek In "AMBUSH AT TOMAHAWK GAP," (Color), 1:20, RFVFRI Kiw ikmii VMi3-63fii' Open 12:45. COOLED PARK FREE. Humphrey Booart, Jsns Allyson. Keenan Wynn, "BATTLE CIRCUS," 1:00, 4:10.

10:20. Rhonda Fleming. Win. Lindlgan. "SERPENT OF THE NILE." 2:45.

5:50, 9:00, The flnftfan-Hno Festarsl rtltH rnN-- ecnntcoiori Rort," "SIAR ut i morris. inCnU--Gd. CIRHI PkWidard YiO 3-4231 mAUIOUn CM, COMFORT. "THE MAZE JohB IrslanS Richard Dennins "THE 49TH MAN" Sally Forrest Ralph. Meeker "CODE TWO" ROYAL- Opes 6 J0 First Show 8:30 Children Era Dimentlos with Richard Carlton knd Veronica Herst it 11:00, 1239, 238.

4:57. 6 56. 8:55. and 1034 plat "LITTLE RASCALS FOLLIES. $1.50.

Admiiiion to the Island 10c. BIRMINGHAM -BirraiDihim, HI 4-3533 Bnen 1:43. Cnel Comlort. Now Shewlnn! "PFTER PAN" (TeeSnleolsrl PIssJ'BEACOUNTRY RflYAI Mf'-Mw-A Park re 3-45KS Shew Starts 1 P.M. COOL, HELD OVEN.

U.t m.a.ul. HDCTCe I.UH MAIM- Children with adults get fret (rips Afl.a la r.hiiaraii Free 2:49, 431. 6:53, 8:57. 10:59. Plas "BEAR (tips Meeker Sally Forrest Keesaa Wise la to Bob-Lo Island EVERY Mondavi "CALL HE MADAM" luunikt.

a iraa Lite Adventure in itcrinl Disney's PETER PAN. IB Teennienlnr. i.jy. color, :24. loas llltl.

siei wnnier John Inland Richard O.nnlnl la 49TH MAN" Ml 4-81)08 I'THI "THE ri nnuFici n-iitihn. mcb. rentaroTre leensieoior. AAJ. 9ZV.

10:25. MA1N- Urend Biter, B. 0( Bllibtuu DRIVE-IN LAKES uuwuiiii iua eooL COMFORT. Twe Academy Award Winners! "HIGH NOON," with Gary Coooer. Thomas Mitchell it 3:44.

'NATTLE CIRCUS" ROYAL OAK -U 1-SS1J Onen 12-5(1 COM FB. Rain 6 rfS City Pianist Tot-Appear At Symphony Lidia Mendelson will be piano 7:08, 10:32. Plat "AFRICAN SUEEN," (Technl- Fnrrett, "CODE TWO." 2:25. 505. 2-New Teehnleolsf Fsttirss-I Deris Day, Gordon McRea.

"BY THE LIGHT OF THE SIIVERY MOON." Greer Garten. Wslttr Wit IU UovaJ Uak LI 3-0180 Sally MAUI s.ti si. iai.i..i c.1,.1 uu 17:40. 10:20. LI 3-0180! Hsoklf, Sally color), with Hamthrey Bogut, Katherlne Hes inr.

inn inn. Jonn irrisne. Dennlni), 1:10. 3:50. 6:30, 9:05.

nsrn si 5:4. Pldison, "SCANDAL AT 8C0UBIE. isn. Donald (Connor. "CALL ME MAOAM." Technicolor).


"AH'USH AT MARS 0(1 rrw4lf James Stewart, Jsnet lelph. "NAKED SPUR." OCUITC Mirtilgan and LlvemnU TA 5-0(fil (Technicolor). "MAN SNA TICNTaOPE." Clorla OtllH I ir. side in lie reel Holbrook near Oakland TK 1-3135 BOOKER high noun AND "AFRICAN QUEEN" (tee sd Selow) soloist with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra at 8:15 p. m.

Oo-n 11:45 A.M. Cont. til Grahams. Fredsrls March. i "TROUBLE ALONG THE WAV John Waynei Donald fe 1 Nfaht C00LE0 BY REFG.

Ethtl Merman. vera en. CALL HI HIDSH 1 connor, 103J5 Joe. Csmpeu "ed. "TANGIER INCIDENT," Geerfl flDllC IU UIPUICAU DH MiBTrli.Wi'trlllJRTflN Tuesday at the Michigan State "STREETS DF SAN FRANCISCO." Boh. il nvm li I wis TR 9 1171 Av 2-3430 Opes J0 REE KIDDYLAND PLAYGROUND ert Armttroni. Fair Grounds 1 TT s-iom Mohr. Prsolo 0M 12:49 COOLED BY REFG ALL TECH. CTRA Ufl fi'and Itiier at 14th Patrleli Medina. "SIREN OF BAGDAD." "AM-j nflllU nPFK 12-45.

GereM fiary in BOOTH -B. Park rree VA S-4681 Onen 1:45 AIR COOLED HELD IGH NOON "Hll iilaiuAcinn in I 5S0. S07. suan i.e.nens eer, ionn ueres. jenflicattlo, Himpnrey Boo art Katherlno Henbera noaine.

irjySAVE THIS HANDY SCHEDULE!" 10:54. Vincent Edwardt, Yvrtte Dojay. "HIA. (Technicolor) QUEEN "At KICAN OVER! Wild. Wicked, Wonderfal Parisl lose Ferrer.

"M(UILIN ROUGE," 3:00. 6:45, 10:30. "IT'S IN THE BAG." Jack Benny. Fred WATHA." 1:13, 4M0. 6:47, 9:34.

(jrauot-Hall Ed. DRIVE-IN ML CLEMENS STRATFORD- -4751 West Vernor TA S-I22B Onrn 12 CooM. ALLCOIORI mien, 3nu, Howard 3-4101 NOW! N0W1 NOW! Wslt Olsney's "PETER PAH" (Tsehnleoler), Plas "BEAR COUNTRY" (Technicolor) EXCLUSIVE CALL ME MADAM." Ethel Merman. "HIA. BlAD'WAy-CAPlfOL-Bff5M2I rfc J.IIIUWI1HI.UUUH 'if i MICHIGAN Theatre I Commit I MICHIGAN Theatre Coming! UCI Osiwood Biid.

-Allen 8ci III) 1-85301 WATHAZ-Vlnoent Edwards Miss Mendelson, who was born In Italy but Is now a resident of Detroit, will play Ravel's "Concerto for Left Hand." 1 vn univ a.m. conr. am ignt ft 7 "wit 3-31)51 mtl" Open 12:45. Cooled Comfort. Walt Dlinev's1 CTIItilfl Ll'ernols at lisriwn Again We Bring Yoi Two el the Finest leg Pictirgg ALL TECHNICOLOR Clifton Wet a Roth Hotsoy 'STARS AND STRIPES FOREVER" asstW Am r.Illll 11 NV Hi Vrnttar MeMa Iu Ian 'Ml I PALMS Theatre Starling July 22 3-DIMENSION CAME OUTER SPACE" PETER PAN." (Technicolor) at 1:33.

3:48. I WW I Alexis Smith. "SPLIT SECOND." "TAKE cm e.ia 10:33. slat IMPOftTAhJCF OF BEING FARNFST In Tech. BEAR COUNTRY, I hit fSRUC CDOkl I 1 FROM SHANE" TOWN" Ann Sheridan, Sterling (Technicolor) 1M, sju.

iw, Tyrone rower, --runr dumitn I II OH ills. I li a a 'IT Hayden. -ff dwud-13 1U. Ll-3056 DRIVE-IN OAK' TECHNICOLOR! MERCURr "CALL MADAM" CALVIN- ALL SUPER THE RUBINSTEIN recording Is by Victor and provide a handsome sampling of the French Impressionist'a genius. Rubinstein employs a master's touch to the spinning of the delicacies of the compositions.

Heifetz's offering on RCA Victor Is a performance of the Beethoven Kreutzer Sonata, In which he is joined by the English pianist, Benno Moiseivitch. It is a collaboration which leaves little to be desired and may rate high, even among the many splendors of the Heifetz recordings. The Victor recording of the complete "Barber of Seville" has a major virtue In the casting of Victoria de los Angeles as Rosina. Hers Is a top-flight Interpretation of the role, something which cannot be said 'of most of her collaborators. Nicola Rossi Lemenl and Gino Bechl sing the roles of Figaro and Basilio with what appears to be self-conscious gusto.

The accompaniment, by the Milan Symphony Orchestra, Is under Tullio Serafto's direction. TIIE STOKOWSKI recording of "Early Italian Music" with his own orchestra is one to be recommended without reservation. It is perfectly Integrated playing of music which depends greatly on ensemble. A list of the works included (Technicolor) "THE 49TH MAN." John Ireland, Ssranns Dal- IN TECHNIC010R PROGRAM nlcolor. 4:00.

7:00. 10:00. "TIGHT LITTLl ISLANDS 5:40. 8:40. TIMESUARErL 111 A.M.

"STORM WARNING," Ronald Betas. Singe) Rnnere, Strye Cnchren, "LAST OF THE COMANCHES," Color. Broderlcl Crawloril.Bartiara Hale. hert. "CODE TWO." Ralnh Meeker.

Selly For Pel PAN "BEAR COUNTRY" Adm. Adtltt 74c Children 35c rest. Kennan Wynn. OPEN 6:45 SHOW STARTS iirnniiDV AT DUSK CHILDREN FREE. KIDDIES BIDE mClTuUni the orchestra lilt rint ihula met.

"SEMINOLE" (Color), Reck Halloa DRIVE-IN TOWN" -Teleg'ph Blvd. KKJ-T77 nil 11 West Ueartwrn, Mich. LO 1-1180 UftLTin open Iflo. ALL SUPER TECHNICOLOR PROGRAM. COOL COMFORT.

"PETER PAN," Walt Dliney feature, 2:19,4:24. 6:29. 10:39. "BEAR COUNTRY," Tree Life Ad-trntora Feiturelte, 1:46. 3S1, 5:5, 8:01, 10:06.

r-Tl'mtli Mm 13:30. FREE PARK. Fr- ail Pl H-nreid. Ham Conrler), "SIREN OF lut i.C u.J.T'nl.h:L SAGDAD," 1:00. 3:42.

6:24, 9fl. lohn Dwek. with Ethel Merman. Oonald 0 Conner at 2:00. u.i subium it rnuAuswn cap Miss Mendelson features Lare Warorop, English horn player, who will present the solo line in Sibelius' "The Swan of Tuounela." On Saturday, the program will John Ireland Richard Dennins "THE 49TH MAN" tally Forrest Ralph Meeker "CODE TWO" 8:30 First Show 8:30 Children Free 5:45.


On en UXV, 7:40, 1123. SEMINOLE." St 'irtoon. CAMEO" -1300 Mile Boad TW 1-1911 Onen 1 P.M. Part Free COOLED Trenton 0071 flDllC IU U7AVUC Michiitsb Ay. Ml.

West Unlft-ln nfllNC II1UI1IUI1 10-SO AIB MnrilTI0IIF5. -Ragley-Grand titer WO 1 MICHIGAN I I FXfl IKIVF SHOWING I I be entirely orchestral. i Cool Comfort. Open 10:45. Dean ar THE NILE." (Toeh.i.


TO THE LADIES. 2 Mart la. Jerry lewis Is "SCARED STIFF. Rhondi Fleming, Wm. Lendigan.

I rssn. wlt Stereophonic TO snenn. i 7-io. in-fi. natam and Walter Brennan.

THE STARS ARE Open 10. "ALL Clooney, Laarltt Melehier Is COLOR" "AM. K.i tiWarhoni LIi 3-IAIfl SINGING. (Technicolor) It J28. 5ri8.

9:08. i BUSH AT TOMAHAWK RAP," John Hodlak. Jena iiflnmcn MNT. 1M-nK free-cooled'obivE-IN WESTSIDE Ail rsina cunwi nsyRiiftu rniis usivv 1 iiuoiwiui. Sill tt Schselec T.r i-stnn oeres.

421. 73. losa. "siwtii or -Third and taillleld TS 1-4510 MIDTOWN- Patricia 'Medina, .09, Retornod By Popalar Demand! "HIGH NOON" with 1.m ea AM I os, BAGDAD," Fail Henreid, 6:10. 9:11.

ft VOGUE RAMONA GAP." Daild Brian. John Hodlak. "SIREN OF BAGDAD," Pail Henreid. Patricia Medina. Coooer and Grace Kelly.

Also "AFRICAN'nTien. "'iu! Gary QUEI EN" with Ksmphrey Bogart ond Katherlnsl LrliFt -I "t.i 1 IILITCn ACTICTC -HOBmley W03-00! Cool Con-fort! Ettltr WM. CASTLE" Hepburn, (Color). Color cartoon, open 6:30 i uin 1 LU Hill 101 .) ALGER ft HORWEST July If -Thru 18 "CALL ME MADAM" July li'lhtu IS "Small Town Girl ll.m. r.r..Mi I in svusa va-ss MT.

ERNIE KLEE Front Clifford Chophoute Is NOW ot BELCREST HOTEL COCKTAIL IOUNCI SerWno FAMOUS STEAKS and CHOPS Choice Liquors or Cateri9 Reservations Call TE 1-5700 1440 CASS OPEN SUNDAYS 4 P.M. CICT Clin 11510 S. Jedersoa 1:45 P': (Technlcslor). lth Jock Carson, Ds'iV ON STAGE IN PERSON BIG STAGE SHOW TUESOAY NIGHT. tHOI LHU nl.4 A M.

COOLED, eivi, ''Free COOLED BY REFG. All TECH. Dan rjsrt, Jane Nayer, "THE GIRL NEXT DOOR," Fred-1 "Hen tiarcei, 5S5, rle March, Terry Moore, cnarione breenweoo it xxm. 725, 925 and 115; TE 3-0094 PKTI 3412 HastlTuu ON A TIGHTROPE. dinner icaao, in "Onwnte eiure Open 12 Noon Cont.

all Night AIR Morris. I 'u Cer'lnns CslVet. 3:30. 6:35. 9:35.

IIPTflWN tonui nuntu. trrnrie march, lorry moore. Gloria Grahamo, "MAN ON A TIGHTROPE." "STAR OF TEXAS," Wayne Morris. No Showing. "BATTLE CIRCUS" Plas "SERPENT OF THE NILE" (Color) flVER'f WesLT ISKE I 5 "ft 1 1 PAH flJ TIRilfP, l.k.

t.nur sl Aur crAz-r -Hlh end W. Grand Bird. -Mack at rtialmerl TU J.nti.J CENTUftY; BEAR COUH I nj SvJIII IR I UltBIULaa. esiOERS." "MAN ON A TIGHTROPE." Fredrl. PTnUls Onen 1 P.M Park Free COOLFD IT'S REALLY COOL! Oaen 100.

Cooled. Park Free. RAT- Gloria 6rahame. March, Terry Moore, ALL LlrLQK. tine Merman.

Dana O'Cnnnor. TLE CIRCUS, Hsmphrey Bojart. Jne AllyMn, TW s.ji in-dq i. Fur nr mi UnRTfllAll MUe-Van Dyke Vera Ellen, "CALL ME MADAM." "HIAWATHA," Vineent Edwards. nuiliwiiis Base 12:10.

Park Free. Cooled hv'uiir- ahnnrt. cumin, I Refrs. 03j NOW NIGHTS 8:20 "TROUBLE ALONG THE WAY," John pan, 3:12. 6:20, 9.2B.

riPTflllfU Hirpor-VMl Dyke WAJ-3661 CAOIUnil (PEN 1 P.M. COOLED! Se (rset It Hid Te Bo HELD OVER. Walt Dlsney'l fsll length Featart. "PETER PAN." Teshnlsolor, 2:08 4:12, :16, 80, 10i4. Disney Featirelte, "BEAR COUNTRY' Technleolor.

1JS. 3A2, 5:46. 730. 9M. ADDED CARTOON; CINDERELLA" Wayne.

"AMBUSH AT TOMAHAWK CAP. (Tech.) WA 1 Beirpr VkUIWitZ Vo Dyke jonn nodlal. fMHUlIM- 6wrj jj45 aih CONDI. NOW SHOWING I Walt Disney's "PETER PAN" (Ttai. ii e.

OESTINATIO TIONEO. Richard AIR-CONDITIONED opietit vni. r.ndkj r.mminrr pas cnni" fTk i MATS. SAT. 2:20 No Sunday Performances THE 0ALI6NI "WMtH mm art.

as is CsdlllM Sq. and Monroe Wl) 3-4505 "BEAR COUNTRY." Featarorta la Technicolor Ptrklfffl, John WayM. Dunn ttt4. CharlM Col tfUUt, run i contlnoos 9 Beiow) If mc 0UBL ALONG THE WAY." it 239. 51 REN.

BF BAti- ar.e. ln -in Ih Fr.rfriiP Tanrrv WnAPa. IN If A IT Llrrrnols -McNidiols WHEN vnn Henreid, Patricia Medina la I IB E. JefrersoB Hiring as IiHirnfLIn po. jom nwtu, tonn wwBiicjM-ii mah ih UII1UtllaV.LI.M 11 I.

I.1UDIICU AT tAUlUAUfaf CAB 11 Thl.l. i b'IB. llbMIMUrt." r- ill i 1 7 LAST 6 WEEKS Will I Ivea Itt Vnup H-srt rnrnarl Wilt ni.n'.w'. i 1 .11. m.

UU. iiBCTCa nun i.jijr s.m I -oodward-9 Mils Boad II 1-5168 PALMS 111011 I 0PEN 12:45 P. COOL COM. FORT. "TROUBLE ALONG THE WAY." will John Wayne, Donna Reed at 1:00.

4:16. 7:52, 10:48, (las "SERPENT OF THE (Tech. nicolor), milk Rhondi Fleming, William Landlgas at2 J5. VIPTllDV "--3 (-rand Hirer TT 5-34(4 5:52. 7:55.

958, plot Walt Disney's FFRND ALE" Onen 12 JO. Coeled. "MY PAL COUNTRY." Technicolor Feataratti at 3U6. Final Performance Sat. Aug.

22nd I SEE I I I I BELOW GUS," Richard Widmark. "CAU MC MAOAM." if- 1 1 ttnsi merman. LU 1-S040 -Wwdward-DllMhcttl WO 3-4231 I IV I Ull I Open 12 JO Cool pIDni W. Wirren-Mlller Boad UlnbLC 1244. Fork by R.frrgaretlen.

-2954 Woodward. TE 3-S7TT PALMS wu MUST SEE Rodgers and IICHAll I0DGEH I 0SCH RAMMERSTEIM 2al Free. Cooled. rr -s. i.i i if i I FINE ARTS' r.nnt.

in-44 A Roaoh. Toaeh Aellon In the Great Oetdeort. Jai Ontn 11:45 A.M. Cont. ill Night.

'TROURLE ALONG THE WAY l.he Wivn. AL til 6 A.M. 3 Dimemlon, "FORT TI." (Technl-, Janet Leigh, "THE NAKEO SPUR." 2 45, color), nlth Geerge Mentieeiery at llflO A.M., 6 19. Plas John Derek in "THUNDER. "AMBUSH AT TOMAHAWK GAP" Jobs John Wayne, Claire Tretor, "ALLEGHANY UPRISING.

"CLASH IY NIGHT," Paal Doolies, Rohsrt Ryan, Barters Sttnwycl, Marilyn Monroe, 1:15, :4. gm 10:15 r.M., iw, to show business. Looks im million dollars." mman 2:45. 5:00 AM.) Dimension Comedy with 3 "I mm mmt mm mu "soeelTr JUSlsal W'fc AU.T1M9 Kelly at ftl.luler LA 1-8222 CMC-DETROIT stooges Vflftlli: Harper at llsnrard Pk. rree TV la "SPOOKS." Added Affection Trchnl.UuUt nnnet eere imc rnni "Werld's Most Bea.m.l Gi.K" J2.

COM. soler Featarette rerr mm rn "TBnfiBir ll euc rue w.v RflURLl FISHER- NOW SHOWING Wilt Disney's "PETEB PAN SEE BELOW JEANNE WEBB FALM5- John Wayne. Donna Reed. SU7, 6:44, 10:11. "AMBUSH AT TOMAHAWK GAP." (Color).

Daeid Brian. John Hodlak, 2:04, 5:31, ALONG THE WAY," at 1:00. 4:07. 7:14. 10:21, Plas "SIREN OF BAGDAD" (Technicolor) wit Fail Mearoid, Patricia Medina at 255, 62, 909.

-In trje ruhet Uuildlnt FISHER' WO 3-4231 Matinee Dally. i 1 1 1 SEE ABOVE BAL STILTON COOL. Ones 12:15. COLONIAL" HELD OVER! ALL TECHNICOLOR SHOWI Walt TE 1-4T3I WABCICI fl HMtims Pamnwonh PIIUCU i MinV-'l Kerrheral, 0 P. TU Dltnsy'l "PETER PAN." at 1:03.

2:59, 4:55, unirii uijuui ce.r,iTlBf Hem. "THE AFRICAN MEM (Ttinicolw 1IHIII IkkU f. M. Cont. Ill light Wayne Morris, '-STAR OF TEXAS." "MAN ON 2 6:51, S7.

10:43. Pill "BEAR COUNTRY," i. 1 fiiriii MS Da imTu" UM- iM-2. ISZjSS. riZi-Ay1111 Terrv Fredrle March.

IltiHIROPt." COLONIAL" tc j-aTil LslDDCU Warren near iiouttiritld Vr Fluwt All-Nlght Tttutrt In DttrtHI fr). Jehs p5RADI0CITY- BTREET" wl "Pnt PAN" CnV 2211 Woodward Open 10:45 A.M. Ceel Comfort, Action-Packed "PICKUP ON SOUTH THE NEW MUSICAl COMEDY HIT Hedlek. JekB Derek. (In Color i.

AMBUSH A "AMBUS iramt. Waten lull aax tfaily ft ultra TOMAHAWK SAP." 120. 40. 6 40. 9r20, Theimal.

stsrr ne Rieharl wiomark. Jean Peters. rail Henreid. ratrisu meema. tin coiori, SIREN OF BA6DA0." 2:33.

5:13. 7:53. 10J3, Xn" COLONIAL" "rri" ma. ti ar i RICHARD RODGERS OSMR HJsMMERSTEIM Adeek ly RICHARD RODGERS PAN WASHINGTON-. lt; fpiUIT Woodward near Daiteon TO 8-83S7 1 rllll OnMftU 31.4.

MIGHT TB A.M. 2 ACADEMY AWARD NITS! BOGABTI COOPER! HEPBURN! xw, Ui fern lyrics kp nni en ALL COLOR SHOW 1 "MOULIN RADIO CITY ROUGE." Ji OSCAR HAMMERSTE1M 2nd 1 COLONIAL tr GEOfiGE ABBOTT si Ferrer, 2ie Ita Gakor, "FLAMING Sterling Haydsn, Barkari Rath Dltnsy'l Fill length Festers "PETER PAR." llei "BEAR COUNTRr," a Tret Life Featarette! WESTOWN- 'PETEB PAN" (III stsrt pert Sandty FEATHER. "PETER PAN" slit "BEAN COUNTRY Dttney Fsetsrstta "HIGH Mill" eekav 14832 (Jrsi.ii Kiter Vt S-36t3 6REAT LAKES" OSCAR HAMMER STEIN Inet JOSHUA IOOANJ Onen 1 P.M. Part Free AIR CONDITIONED ALL TECH. John Derek, AdopHd Frees JAMES A MICHENER'S PuMlier RADIO CITY" PT 4 Appro! KM Mstllte Eren Wed need ay Openjiso A.M.

Lait Shew 1J0 P.M. Darll BUM. AMBUSH AT GAP. WESTOWN- WK3-7U1 Bnea 1-00 Cesled. Park Pres.

IN 2 JO. 5:05, 7:45. 1020. "SIREN OF BAGDAD." Prise Winning TALES OF THE SOUTH PAOrTC 1 Pfll fl I Al Woodward it AiWiule l-ilsl llULUNIAL Hrs AIR CON DITIONED EXCLUSIVE DOWNTOWN 2ND RUN. Gary Cooper, "HIGH NOON." "AFRICAN OUEEN" Humphrey Bogart fl A 8 34 Gratiot end Inxjuoa WA 1-2S88 ynntt so-M).

Cooled! Eulatlyol 1 Gerald paal Henreid, rstrlcie DMlne, iu. J5, 9:13, DAnifl PITV-Woodward nr. ML ltd. LI 1-3225 Color Shew. "AMBUSH AT TOMAHAWK GAP.

John Hodial. Jean Derek. 2:55. 5:35. 8 21 11:00.

"SIREN OF BAGDAD," Paal Heereij iihuiu vi 1 1 ti-on mm, enni Free. Walt Diteey'e "PETER PAN." in eeiatlMat ROBERT AITOH MAili ORDERS FIUED PROMPTLY Matinees Wed. and Sat.l Orchestra' L81 flir-Coni MAJESTIC THEATRE rairicil meeina, j. ivi, yea. JOSH! UfiM Seenery and Ughttno ey JO MIEUINIR Ceehimes by MOTLEY sVUistaal Derectw, WHl BtWIM HARPER Hno "PETEB PAN" (IN COLOR) ami "BEAR COUNTRY" (IN COLOR) -K.

Bir4 LO Mohr. Peooie Caitie. "INVASION U.S.A." 1:00. mi lecnnicoiw ai ju, i ji. 1 urnimrn alas Toohnlcoler fsataretta "BEAR COUNTRY." at WH TT EH lj-0f o-m dsn -t o-nn yl-l rr ei in iii Oeea 1 et.

Pvt Pne COOLER 4:16. 7:31 10:48. Frederls Kirch, Terry Moerg, 'A BY BEFB. Wnne Morris. rrls.

"ilAR St ItAAS" "MAN ON A 2J1. 5:47. 9:03. BaunuB-tmitt-OMUesuaa la s-rjio j.47, 4.4T, 7:47, U.A1; "man ON A 17. -Msa ON a llianrn Harptr-Uknood Pk.

free TA 2-4204 II AIM La ennifni anca mo. "pftfi ui" LO 1-3450 TIGHTi Terry Moors, 2:53, 335) i DEARBORN noers -open cool Comfort, rope, freer is Marts, Onen 1-flA I I PARK FRFF I (In Color). Dune. Feelers at: 150 1:11. 5:11 SEATS AVAILABLE ALL TtCriniCULSS -iriow: Jons Hodlak, Jena 8:55.

COOLED. Gary Cooper, Grace Kelly la "HIGH 7:09, :07. 11C5, "BEAR COUNTBY" (la. Derek la 1:50. AMBUSH AT TOMAHAWK TU S-65o Mack near 7 Mi unnnc- 1:35.

5:15. 9m. Hsmohrey Booart. Color). Diiney Haters then et: 2:43.4:41.6 M.

1 4:49. 7-4S 10:47. Pi. I Pstrlrl. sio.

Ls I1UUUK acres of fees Parkins. Medina In "SIREN OF BAGOAO, 12:38. aamsrini nepiara la autta," gj7, iujj. JJ7. ALL PERFORMANCES re.wYork I 6:40.

1050. J5. HIGHLAND -Mack -Huleomb Pk. Free WA 1-1412 cool contort, nan tmney -rcitn ran -(Technicolor) 1:49. 3:55.

6:01. 807, 10 la Plus Walt Sliney't Tm Life Adtsntars. "BEAl COUNTRY" Uotaoisoier) 1:13. 3.19. I DEL-THE- REDFORO Onen 12:45 Part Free COOL COOLED.

Gtoril Fredrn March, terry Moors, XO PHONE It II ALL TECH. William Lanlloan. Rhonda Flewina. I Grahame. GuN- MAR OR A TlbHIHOPt J31.

931. STARTS WEDNESDAY DIMENSION "HOUSE OF WAX" Ssiaa Cakot. "SERPENT OF THE NILE." "AMBUSH AT SMOKE," Aodis Msrihy, WYANDOTTE- MAIL ORDERS ACCEPTED 1 Unmn An GAP, John DertIL, John Hodl. i iTTTmnn SEE! iREDFORD- I WALT DISNEY'S "PFTFR PIN" Kercoocal Park Pree VA 3-a53 nJLUnUuU Onra 12 JO COOLED BY REFG. I "HOUSE OF WAX" T-1 DELUXE HELD OVER! ON OUR GI6ATIC SCBttN rc i cn any gc-n t-jvn ny Hemphrey nart, Jinf Allyon, "BATTLE CIR-! 3 Dleeenei.n Ptee CUS." AMBUSH AT TOMAHAWK GAP" STEREOPHONIC SOUND -l-erk fr AV Oeee 12 Neen Pert Free-.

'nrnrnnn Laliar at Grand Biier KB 1-1 tu 1 IT I HI1UU I 1 1 Toa M0ST sncloam aeH-addreestd aitTelnpe with remlttanr. aura to specify Hint ons of your dace 1s not Fri. or Sat. Era. Make chequee payahln to Shiihert Theatre.

EVES.t Main rioor. 14.80 Bale. B4.20, B3.80, 3.O0. 13.40; SrH Bale. II.IM".

MATS. HED. AND 8AT. ewli Ualn Floor, $3.60 1 Bale. (3.00.

2.0 lend Bale. lino. (lax Incl.) BOX OFFICE 9 A. M. TO 9 P.

M. John Dsrek. David Brian, color CAKioon. iuni i vuunnn 4o nioo.nLui unu Osea 12-45 Pert Free AIR' COBLES BY REFG. ALL TECH.

Walt Oisnevl IIWI Il-JA tree CoelieOaaiTIORFO I ALL TECH. Wslt Biieey'e tell till la.ett ALL TECH. Wslt Dirnt'l PET cN PAN, UVO. i OS ncVTCtt 11814 lienor ULAILiI e-nsLFB anra 1215. "CALL ME Comfort.

Greeere Peck. Anne Nlitw. 10:45. "BEAR COUBTRY ny YELLOW lengta leatare, "PETER PAN," 1:53, 4 00. t5.i4:15.

JS. "YELLOW lonate leatare. "PETEB PAN." 1:53. 4 00. 615.

4:15. -25. BJS. I MAOAM." Ethel Merman, Donald O'Ceaaer. tjANaUI AND THE LADY." Dim Clark.

SKY." 2 35, 5:54, 9:15. Pies Gregory Peel 10:15. EA COUNTRY. Ties Ull; A trig tin ftalerstts. IAS, J.45, iSO, 1.0a "THE GUNFIGHItIL" 1 4 5.40, lOJO.ilestirrtte, la JA5.

330, 7Ji. 0:40. lioao. of i rf4PedaT t.A---AltaAAft fv. a.AVAV aVaXA oV A aV As as A AV aXJla.

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