Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 18, 1952 · Page 20
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 20

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1952
Page 20
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HOfl ITAJ, MOM J5TICE Ffr^W* Pw i°k f T*; i Agatha Builord of jtoTi who tauaht 12 „, Hempiteaa* County , yeara In Pino Bluff, | sh$w all color * llm ctur0 at the HOPE ITYHALL l|ay,Dec.19 at 7430 KM. PRESCOH NEW! «,«„««„ the «n«««emont «nd rip- roochlnn rrmrfMmo «* Mr wuip or, Dorothy M«, to *rott William Smith, «m of Mr« Wllii»m '—•'• Smith and an , 3401 Went I2lh 81 wt, UttUi flock. j B9tty At)(l sunnon, e pr«» The wedding will b» an event Mr(l t , nyl Hlldor|»rand, gave the ,f Sunday, January >«. »t .1 p-IQ. we | t . orm - «ddrc»», n ihe Flrnl Preibylerliin-(-hurch Th(1 ^^ spcil kpr, Mr*. Holmo* * •* .. .....** > ...... ..* £i^.*t,:.« iifOtf int rfWllit'trfl film covers every civic '^ animals, scenes, ,,jd many other pic- iQdo In Alaalva. Pic- along railway. !ea»r 2 hours of film Plan now.to at- Dorolhy WMwn l» Affl«ne*d I Cation Club nl the New Roland Hobble 8nn<l<n» WHuon art- t;|H ,, jj ww ,, n Friday for a lunch butchle Brl«ht won third pl»co. After « «l't exchange rcfreiih' m«nl* w*re nerved from a tnblc joverwl with «rc«n mtp« p»pci and centered with a »ni«ll Chrltt man tree. !»«• Mr, KmlUi of 'van Ml«« Alice OrimM entertained with a »upp«r at her home on Tmi- i m meeting. Srnday everting for the'pleasure oft The idbte wo« f«tlve wllh mlnla- ;™"*m»i«**«i of me-Sterling More lure ChrWrnM t' 6 " BIKl » ccora tlorw In lh« ywl« motif. invocation WM given t»y Mm. Tin- president of PrMcolt Redland HO Club RnUrtnln* Nevada County Council Anton of Bonton, wa* — . (by Mm. Mnd»(« Ourit«>M and »h<» ,«nv«? an lnler««t!na talk on "Plan. \n\nn arid Building Future Homer' Ltgol Notlefli NOTICB ' IN THK PRODATR COURT OP HSMP8THAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN TIM MATTKlt OF THK KHTATE OF No. U4« WilliBiTi Edwnrd Monroe, dee««n««« kmt known iuldr«*» «f' jleceUont: n, r. D. No, I,'Hope. Arknnun* D»in at Death: November !1, 1052 of the «>»liile ot the nbovo-iiHinod decadent on the 3rd Sponiorod By rhoV <ope Lions Club day of Deepiribor, 1092, , All t>vr»OM hnvlna elnlmn a««ln»l the OHO ff«* •»•••» *»•*•* " -—• A holiday mollf of red nnd Krcon WHS carried out In ihe tlccoratlons j j throughout the hotuw. Trie supper table wa» centered with fruit and flanked by red cnndlcs, Them was a (jlft exchange from the jjllUering Chrlstmnii tn>n. 'Phone pre*ttnl included Mr. jund Mm. Thcll Manning, David Hattnlng, Dr. and Mri. E. O, Jonon and »on, Mr». Era Brltt. Ml** franca* Mann Ml»» Carolyn Hurt-in, David Mendor», Don CIoltltiRham, Hay Ciood- «n, Mrs, C. ». Ward, Hill Ward. Ml»» H»/el Matlock, Ml-is Ellr-n M.-II-IQ Hull, Mr. und Mrs. t'oy B .V • i)X, ' KnSjgn nnd Mr». Pat Combs nnd 5* MIsH Ann MrSwnln wen; Snturdny y ..,..., „ ...- «iiiMl« of Mm. Mall Mill In I,HUc; ChrUtrriHR pftrty on Saturclny even-, j^^.^. EnHl«n Cornbs left via plane Intf In the recreation room ni ^'- sumlny for Him Francisco iind will y home nf Mr», D, K. MemU withj,,,,!! „„„„ f ,, r f; uam whore he will Mm. O, W. W«tkin»,:Mr». .1. H..! („, 8 tiitloni;d for the ni-xt two years. Wllburn Willli, """iMi-B, Combs and Jim will In; at Tho nfxty nine pre*ent »l«o enjoyed a (lift cxcnonge from a, beau- llfully flceorated Chrl«(mM tree. Southern Pine Onrden Club Honors HutbancU The Southern Pino Gordon C'lub their hu»bnrnlfi wllh n the p*»«to miKt oxhlbll thorn, verified, to tho uwler»l«ncil within nix month* from thw dflto of thu first publlofttlon of Ihls nolleo, or limy »h«ll bo forover barred and preelvidod from any benefit In, tho Mm, RBlph Gordon sMOclntu lios-j n(imi , W nt| her pnrents, Mr. arid „ tognod, i MI-H. C D. McSwiiln, until they'g Thtf room ,wn» gnlly 1 decornlrd In, J O I M |,| m inter. ,* the yule motif. *'.'• . i — j! Mm./ChnrUoi Oew» h«d charKO: Mr. nnd Mrs, Lloyd Hnynle, Mr. g of (hi! »vonlnn» onti>rt»liirnt-nl nitdj nn( | j,lrs. Tliurmuii llaynio wort i Thin nolluo fhNt jnil»H»»H'd day of DBceml»T, IBM. Mm. W. K; Monroa - (Administratrix* B, P. 0. No, 1, Hope, Arktwftas Doc. 4, U, IB. 20 directed ifnmos l » the-holUliiy lh« rno. Mr». Lem Chrl»tm»s cwrolu Johnson plnyedj (- v(iri her acconllnn. j Hock s Siindny of Mr. and Mrs.ljJ Hnynle In North Little j 5 £ Ill 11* % ll It* H v»" "•- i"" -'-r; • r- • j , ,.^^... Tho m«n Judaod thB.:Chi-littri)ii« 4Vtl ., s Mcltic Robinson nnd fiiUu cor»tt«i!» th«t wura m»d«* (ind worn Mr j| m vVoodx, npi;nt Sunday In ; g by each member WtiH Mm. Gun 'ivxnrknnn us th« Kuesls of Mr. | y Warren and Mm. Bi A, DoLumar lind Ml . St Dcnton Hobinson and.» lying for flr«t_ place^ JMi-a. Mllford; Dt .,, nic Sut .. |£ v Unniel tmtl Mm. Pr'onk Gilbert lied for locond pine* uml Mr». SHOP FOODLAND AND SAVE iok Through Doc. 27th PRODUCE DELICIOUS APPLES EATMORE ^ Cranberries Bars d FlliSSliS 1 ^ COME IN AND RiaiSTIR1 NOTHING TO BUY FREE MIX NUTS COCONUT llows ' DROMEDARY lliMiry CJuim't- iff l.llllo Rock was Ihe wc.-ok end guest of his parents, : V Mr. iind Mrs. Hoy Garner. Mr. and ^'~^> Harris and dnuKhti-r of McGohce, Mr. and MIM. Dale Harris nnd daughter of Kl (Vitro, Ciillf., have returned to Ihi-li- homes aftur u visit with their ntN. Mr. and Mrs. Grady Harris and cilhi'C relatives. Mr. ami Mrs. .Inhimii- Honkx and! Susie wore tin- wr.-k end giu-sts j nf their daughter, Mrs. Orvilli' Kelly und fumily In Wsildron. Ttu-y wen- accompanied home by their gnmdson, John Welch, who is their Announcing the opening of SAMUELS INSURANCE AGENCY 101 E. Dlvlilon Phone 7-6716 Representing only the largest stock companies. See us. 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Washburn Hope Label Trouble Shouldn't Have It 'My Six Convicts' Editor The Star: I have been reading your fine paper for a tuim- her of years and enjoy it, but allow me to make a small gripe. As you know, all the outstanding news is on the front page; but what happens? The namc-and-ad- dress tag is slapped right on top) Of about two inches of the beginning of a news article. Will you please instruct your help to place this tag up at tho top where it belongs, in a blank space. OMEU H. BENNETT Dec. 18, 1952 Route One ?P'rcscott, Ark. Star wiATMta foil ARKANSAS} DM.glwUd: cil thundeMtoMs- thli ,-,i to north ( ofcft toftt|ht» ltt« Saturday. Cottw SttuVtUy, tfl toniBht. Low*«t tdnliht 80 weaU . wrtlft . ainfall ,06 54TH YEAR: VOL. 54 — NO. 57 Star at Has* !•»», PrM* 1*17 Canialtdatad Jan. I a, 1*1* HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1952 Mtmbtn Th« Attoeliltd PMM ft Ay«lt lurfe* »t Av. N*t PaM Clnl. t Mai. Indlnf »•*». 19, 1*11 MJ4 McMafhAcfsfo Halt Plans for New Race Track LITTLE ROCK I/PI — The first stop of another effort to build a second lior.se race track In Arkansas was taken yesterday by the state Racing Commission, but Gov. Sid McMuth again halted the plan, at least temporarily. The Commission voted, 6-1, to I advertise for franchise bid? on a Mr. Bennett's complaint has been! proposed plant in St. Francis Conn- taken up with our mail-room, and; ty. sponsored by the St. Francis we'd appreciate hearing from anyi VaIlov T "rf Association, successor PRICE Sci Local Men to Hold Services in Other Churches The Rev. E. D. Gallowny announced that n member of the Century Uible Class of the First Methodist Church will fill the pulpit at 11 a.m. Sunday at Surdis Methodist Church, Highwoy 4, north of Ozan. Cliff Bridgci-s is in charge of obtaining the speaker. The public is invited to be present at the Sardis Church Sunday. other mail subscribers if they encounter t'urc. similar trouble in the fu- apparent to the defunct Dixie Downs, Inc. In a hotly-worded statement, Me- For the public's information, The Math Promptly labeled the corn- around newspaper we have taken extra- Star some years ago installed in A the mail-room a positioning ma'- chine which makes it impossible to paste the address label anywhere below the masthead — the newspaper's name — providing thoj machine is used, Mr. Bennett's complaint is a familiar one plants, and ordinary precautions to eliminate it. Whenever any mail subscriber's label "floats" down across a headline or text matter it simply means $ that the positioning machine has been by-passed — and we want to know about it. So do other newspapers. Some years ago I had a telephone call from Clyde Dew, former managing editor of Arkansas Gazette, asking me to check with some of their mail subscribers in this area as _ to whether they were having "label trouble." From the relatively few com^ plaints newspapers get nowadays modern equipment must be doing the job — but the positioning machine has to be used to guarantee it. The Christmas shopping season is a notoriously poor time for mo tion picture theaters; nevertheless it is our policy to point out to you what we consider is an exceptional film or an unusual story, re gardless -of the press o£ other events — and it's my guess that mission action illegal, and said he would order Revenue Commission er Carl F. Parker, who is racinj; commission secretary, to refuse to advertise for bids. Parker just as promptly suid lust night that ho would obey the governor. The commission also set the dates for the 1953 meeting at Arkansas' only track — Oaklawn Park in Hot Springs. The approved dates, Feb. 23 through March 28, were requested by the Oaklawn Jockey Club. Chairman Van Lycll of Hot Springs cast the only dissenting vote against the St. Francis track, and charged that the move was designed "to put the heat on the next governor." Gov. -elect Francis Cherry, who will take over from McMath next month, wouldn't comment, but the man he has appointed to succeed Lycll, Jack Carnes of Camden, has said that he will oppose any move to build another racing plant. The six commissioners who voted to advertise for bids said their action was prescribed by law, and doesn't in any way commit the Commission to authorize tho. track. The state racing law provides thai "the commission shall call for seal ed bids for the franchise to operate a' race track and hold racing meets in such counties of. the state as the commission may believe there will be applicants for .franchise." Also on elect Lylc Sunday Circuit Judge- Brown, member of the Century Bible class, will teach the Sunday School lesson at 9:45 a.m. at the McCaskill Methodist, according to C. A. Hamilton, superintendent of the McCaskill Sunday School. J. G. Bennett will be in charge of the program. Lattimore Pleads Not Guilty to Perjury Charges WASHINGTON Ml — Owon Lnttl- more loudly declared "Not Oulltyl" today in answer to a seven-count perjury indictment bases on his sworn denial of Communist sympathies. The two words — almost a shout — were all LatUmorc said during WASHINGTON, (UP) — Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio formally nnounced today he is a candidate or Senate majority floor leader cxt year. a brief court proceeding, but attorney, Thurmond plenty to say about case has received. U. S. District Judge James his Arnold, had publicity the R. Council Favors Two Budgets, Then Adjourns LITTLE ROCK Iff) — The Arkansas Legislative Council nd journed yesterday for a holiday va cation, but the 21 legislators ap proved controversial budgets for two stale agencies before closing up shop. Most of the University of Arkansas' multimillion dollar budg et was approved by the Council without mention ot the athletic sit nation at the school, or the use of cash funds by the institution. Both of these ^f. have been the movie coming to the Saengor this Sunday and Monday will be both interesting and amusing. It is "My Six Convicts." I have not seen the film. But I reviewed the book in this column in 1951. It was one of those Book-of-the- Month selections that everybody liked, a fact which I ascertained by loaning my copy to a couple of Hope men. This is the factual story of a psychology professor, Donald Powell Wilson, who spent three years on research in drug addiction and criminality at Fort Leavenworth Penitentiary. Dr. Wilson's problem was to assure the prisoners he had no connection with the warden, to win their confidence, and thus obtain the story of their lives. Out of that army of prisoners he chose six to be his staff of asssi- tants — and this is their story, keenly interesting, sometimes dramatic, but very often amusing. • Early in this book Dr. Wilson wrote: "Nobody feels entirely inno- - cent the ..first time he ap- _ preaches a penitentiary, no - matter what brings him there • ... I noticed that the guns in .three wall, "turrets were k tr/Hnecl - O n. me. I knew they . ^ f. on my. side, but they,/ ped rather histrionic. I was.,'""a rrhUd^man. I hardly constituted .a threat io anyone on the inside." . Some"hundred pages later, with, his six "staff men' 1 finally giving him their confidence, the author worijved Ws way into the deepest . Asst. Re v cnuc Commissioner Hugh Proctor and the six commissioners said this left the commission no choice but to advertise for McMath, in a statement, didn't say why he considered the vote illegal. "I am opposed to the St. Francis County race track just as I was opposed to the Crittenden County track," he said. "The same people who attempted to promote the Crittenden County race track are behind the present movement. "I have fought this race track thing for four years. I am not going to have it promoted during the waning days of my administration. "I will not have my administration addled with this race track boondoggle." McMath was referring to the late Dixie Downs, Inc., which attempted to set up a track in West Memphis (Crittenden County) pver the governor.'s objections. The Racing Commission finally granted a conditional franchise to Dixie Downs early this year, but specified that Crittenden County voters had to approve it in a local Option election. McMath then forced the Commission to withdraw the franchise, and the voters turned down the track at the polls, The St. Francis application was submitted directly to the Commission after Parker had turned it down Oct. 24. One of the incorporators of the new track firm is Robert J. Boil- criticized long „. .1 by Coun cilmcn. A $1,531,700 budget was ap proved for tho game and Fish Commission, but a leading foe of the agency, Rep. Paul Van Dalsem allowed that "this lacks a hell of a lot of going through the House.' The Commission and the Council have been at odds over the Com mission's refusal to adopt three changes in hunting and fishing rcg •alations, advocated by the legisla tors. One state ijnij^he Revenue. Be partment, may 'come out of the Council with more money than it asked. Ed McLees, sales tax dircc tor for tho Department, appeared to explain a revised budget re quest for $1,710,000 annually against a previous request for $1,800,000. McLces said the "field auditor program," of the sales tax division "is the key to the whole situation" and added that the department plans to "mount a real aggressive field 'auditor's program" to stop possible loss o£ sales taxes due the state. McLces, who said he submitted the revised budget as a respresen tativc of Gov-clcct Francis Cherry, asked for 43 auditors against the present force of 57. Salaries would be increased. Several council members aid they thought there ought to be more auditors and higher salary increases. Finally, the Council asked McLees for this recommen dations along that line, and de Eerred action on the budget pend ing his report. Under the revised budget, total Revenue Department personnel would be reduced from 492 to 471. The job of -sales ta£ director, which McLees hai'long held, wouW be combined with that of assistant revenue commissi<i|ner as the No. 2 man in the department at a sal Kirkland, In-fore whom Latlimoro was arraigned, said tho trial of the Far Eastern specialist probably will begin sometime in early March. The judge gave Lattimore until Feb. 16 to file motions attacking the indictment returned Tuesday by n grand jury, charging ho lied when he denied tn senators he had been a Communist sympathizer or promoter of Communist interests. Bond was fixed at $2,000 which was provided in tho form ot negO' liable treasury notes, Edward F. Hummer, a Justice Department attorney who had pre scnted the. case to the grand jury, suggested that Lallimore "be restricted to the District of ColurrV bia and Maryland." Judge Kirk land spoke up: . "Mr. Lattimore, you may go any whero in tho world but be buck on the date of the trial." Attorney Arnold asked that the judge admonish the Department O 1 Justit".- for newspaper stories deal ing with the case, but the judge refused. He snid he would not ad monish the Justice Department 01 the press generally, but that il there was contempt of court 1 would be dealt with summarily. mysteries of the penitentiary. 0£,eau, the unsuccessful promoter of ' an illegal home-brew pajjty Year's day, he wrote: »•• . "Small clusters of men\sat around weeping copiously, <» into their beers, singing -old hymns and ballads in lush, uncertain harmonies, reaching back in their memories to days of indolence iand peace, far past their tangles with John Law to the eternal innocence of childhood." A great book that ought to make a grand movie. The film is produced by Stanley Kramer, one of America's best, and released through Columbia pictures. I'll be seeing it. Downs. It is represented by State Rep. Glenn A. Walther, who also was attorney for Dixie Downs. ary of $6,000 portedly was yearly, offered McLces the job revenue commissioner, but turned it down. The only items of the university's budget that were held up were $95,000 annually for the Pharmacy School and $75,000 for the proposed Nursing School. University officials will be asked to appear again before the Council FBI Date on Brink's Holdup DrawsFire BOSTON, (UP) — The U. S. At torncy conducting the investigation into the $1,219,000 Brinks robberj cast suspicion today on FBI affid its which singled out Boston hoodlum Joseph (Specs) O'Keefi as a "participant" in the holdup George F. Garrity said he wa: "very disturbed because the pres: published information thatiWas sup posed to be impounded." He spoke as if the situation might have changed since the af fidavits first were issued in IDS' following the largest cash holdu. in the nation's history. "It should be made clear tha the affidavits referred to wer made out in 1950 and were mad for the purpose of obtaining search warrant in connection wit the investigation of the Brink' matter," Garrity said. "I think," he said, "the pupil Continued from Page Tnre$ Bulletin WASHINGTON, (UP) — Prcsl- en Truman wants it clearly under tood that he Is still the nation's hicf executive and will remain o until Dwifiht D. Eisenhower is worn in us his successor on Jan 20. WASHINGTON. (M — The fata of new plan to make it easier for cople to meet doctor bills ap- 'OBi'od today to hinge on whether 'resident-elect Elsenhower is for t and how strongly the American dical Association may be Against it. WASHINGTON, (UP)— Sen. Karl 2. Mundt, (R-S.D.) sold today Re- JUbllcans may create some Senate committee vice chairmanships or Southern Democrats. The move would be a first stop ,oward cosolldating GOP.gains won n the South by president-elect Els cnhowcr in the Nov. 4 election. BENTON, State Police (UP) — blocked Arkansas all roads leading out ot Benton today as they luntcd for a suspect believed to ac wanted In Missouri for armed robbery and jailbreuk. Severe Rain Storms Slated for Arkansas LITTLE RQCIC W> — The U. S. Weather Buroiui forecast locally severe thunderstorms In Arkansas today nnd tonight. A bureau apokosmnn snld, ever, "it's nothing to got cxlctod nbout." The Bureau's storm warning snid: "A moderate cold front along n line SO miles east of Ft. Smith t<> Shrovoport at 0 «, m. expected to move easterly 1!5 to 20 miles per hour through Louisiana nnd Arkan sas today, spreading into Mississippi tonight. Locally severe thtiiv durstorms with gusts 80 miles per hour along and 50 miles ahead ot front." In n fi-dny forecast tho Bureau suid temperatures will nverngc 2-5 degrees ubovo normal. Tho normal minimum is ZB-'M In North Arkansas to 40-1K south portion ot the slate. Normal maximum is 50-04. Minor temperature changes arc expected. Precipitation moderate to heavy. Showers about Monday and Wednesday, BigHempstead Melons Get More Publicity A recent Issue ot tho Pacific Electric Magazine (California), carries « picture of a former Hope man a big 100-pound Hompstcad melon, The article says: "Everything grows big In 1C there Is a traceable doubl In your mind as to the city of this statement, just take a look at this watermelon weigh' ing 100 pounds. The Arkansun hold Inn the melon In position Is demure H, P. Davis, Motor Coach Opera' tor at West Hollywood Terminal. "Hope, Arkansas, has/ long held tho record ot producing the largest watermelons In tho world, Hope's reputation, its place on the map, Is due not to industrial advantage, or good schools, or civic advancement, but wholly to the ability of the soil to produce giant watermelons. In 1080, one of tho farmers in that region (C, D. Mid- dlcbrooks of Palrnos) produced p KM and three-fourths pound melon to establish a now world record, In 1035, ho outdid himself and his 1030 champion by producing the melon which now holds tho world' record — u 105-pound world champ Ion," Civilians to Help pin Armed By MARVIN L. ARRC NEW YORK Ml — I»m..., Eisenhower today' ahttount saloctlona ot tho civilians * Two Injured as Auto Goes Out of Control Two pcrsops were Injured, perhaps seriously, about noon today when their auto struck a bridge railing on Highway 07 near the State Police Stalion rolled over twice and flipfloppcd cnd-ovcr-end down a steep embankment. The injured were listed at Branch Hospital as Roy Evans of Houston, Texas, and Paul Esque Jr., ol' Cleveland, Ohio. One suffered a back injury and the other a head wound. Hospital attendants said it was too early to tell how badly they were hurt, ' The auto was demolished. State Officers Travis Ward and Guy' Downing investigated. Pentecosts to Have Special •Yu/e Program SnoW, Freezing Rain Splatters Part of U.S. By United Press Freezing ruin and -splitting snow storms hit much ot tho central por lion of Ihe country and threatened to continue and spoil the last weekend ot autumn. ; Forecasters said the storm system was moving ecastward and might reach the Atlantic Seaboard early next week. : ".•'•'. Tho weather disturbances took tho form . of thundershowors In Northern .Texas,;.' freezing rain or sleet in Kansas and Northern M!B- Nob. Strategy Is Planned to Ban Filibuster being sleet. rain and Temperatures wore near normal in the Far West and were mod- crating In Dixie Florida, which suffered through a crop-killing cold Continued irom Pago Thrco By JOHN CHADWICK WASHINGTON (ffl —Senators try. inu to figure out how to smash filibusters arc considering strategy that could throw the opening session of the. now Sonata on Jon. 3 inlo an uproar. Behind their efforts Is n desire to clear the way for civil rights measures. They hope to dcplrvo opponents of their most trusty weapon, tho filibuster, which can be used to talk legislation to death. A loader In tho move, Sen, Humphrey tD-Mlnn), said today Ropub llcnn and Democratic senators wf favor,m«^njt4ti.casl0r. _, debate Ifuvo boon invited for hero Dec, 30. Humphrey told a reporter one course of action under head tho armed Chftrles E. Wilson, dctonse-doslanato, They nro: Deputy Secretary ot Dofo Bogor M. Kyes, 46, ot Bl6oml Hills, Mich., A vice present Qcneral Motors. , ' Secretary of tho Army *• Ten Brocok Slovens, 03, fit Pin Infield, N. J., a directory c Ocnoral Electric Corp,,, Foods and Jackson Mil chairman o( tho' board ( Slovens and Co., textile in* turors. ' Secretary ot 'thfl J^avy , , Bornord Andorsprt, 42, of ,\ Tox,, a director and deputy, „ man ot tha board ot diroeto'i tho Federal Retfervo BanJt"4 ins, Tex, Secretary ot tho Air : old L. faJbott, 4*. ot chairman ot the board of the,] American Aviation Co., nr member ot tho Chrysler J nanco commit too. * y* Talbott was actlvo as ari'* und tund-ralsor during BIs«_ or's presidential campaign, > others selected today hao-n^ 1 ured in tho campaign UmolL a national aqalo, AU tho dest tlona must bo approved fay thoM ate. One Siamese Twin Report* Near Death By 8HELPON QARfll is to move session for at the start of (ho tho adoption of new Senate rules — u maneuver a,ln> The First Pentecostal Church at 4th and Ferguson will present a Christmas program Monday night, December 22. The program is spon sored by the "United Pentecostal Conqueror's" and is directed by Mrs. Joe Lively, leader. The Con- tata starts at 7:45. The program is approximately forty minutes long, besides the special features. Title of the play is "The Christmas Voice" and has a cast of twelve. You Simply Can't Make a Wife See Work of Arfe Especially a Statute of a Green Goddess the little bronze statue, by the centuries, "Miss PONT PUT IT OFF! toby wants a t«4«ly 'Us* hi* (Jre OfM't wa$tf Anastasia Defies Probers Won't Testify By BARBARA BUNDSCHU NEW YORK (UP) — Albert Anastasia, reputed triggerman of Murder, Inc., and top boss of the waterfront underworld, defied the state crime commission today and refused to discuss his finances or murders he is alleged to have committed. A somber man in a handsome tan worsted suit, white suit and plain dark green tie, Anastasia gave his name to a court attendant as Umberto Anastaslo (Italian spelling). His attorney James A. Major told the commission that he had advised his client that Anastasia might decline to answer on the grounds of possible self-incrimination any question dealing with any investigation or suit in which he is presently involved. Major noted that the department of Justice has brought proceedings to denaturalize and deport Anastasia, that he bad been called as % Continued, on. Page Tbree next tails month to explain some of these requests. Routine approval of the rest of the university's budget was in marked contrast to previous spirit ed sessions when the requests were being considered. Last Monday, the Council at tached a rider to the appropria tion bill abolishing the job of ath letic director — now held by John Barnhill. Van Dalsem had blamed Barnhill for "strife" within the athletic department which he charged led to Arkansas' dismal 28 football season. Van Dalsem also charged that grid Coach Otis Douglas resigned because of dis agreements with Barnhill, and im plied that the athletic director's continued presence on the campus might prohibit the university from obtaining the services of (Bear) Bryant as head football coach. Bryant, now mentor at the By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK UP) — There is a small green goddess who has come to our house to stay — and she lives in my wife's bathroom. I call corroded Far East of 1860". Frances .. prefers to refer to her as "that jug- head". And I think she regards her as a rival. The statue, which is about a'foot tall, once rested in the window of an antique shop in Seoul, the South Korean capital. I fell in love with her at first sight, for on her faded gold leaf face was the look of a heavy-lidded Oriental Mona Lisa. Every day on the ride up to the front I would pause and look at her. One day, as the Chinese Reds were massing to engulf the city, I saw the antiques dealer was clos ing his store and preparing to flee south. I entered and asked hlrn the price of the statue. He said could have her for about 24,000 Korean dollars. Well, as that was only eight U. S. bucks — I'd buy the Brooklyn bridge at that price — I took her. "Who is she?" I inquired as he Paul wrapped her. "The goddess ol pity," he said University of Kentucky, is consid erect the popular choice to succeed Douglas. However, Van Dalsem later got his rider withdrawn when other council members threatened to do so if he didn't. The university's collection and disbursing ol cash funds also came in for critical comment. Cash funds are monies collected through fees, tuition, etc., and expended by the e4aafige Yule Program At Presbyteriqn Church Sunday "Thu Music of Bethlehem," by Fred B. Hdlton, will bo presented by the Presbyterian choir, at 5 p.m. Due. '21. Organ Prelude "Tho Christmas Invitation" Loronz Invocation, Dr. Lawrenco Ring on, O Song (choir with Soprano Obbllgato) A King shall Reign, Mons Chorus Thu First Christmas Carol (Soprano and Alto Chorus) Thu Song of tho Morning (cholr> To Bethlehem Draw Near (Women's chorus and choir) Leal Heaven and Nature Sing (by- choir) Offenlory "Tho Adoration" Lullaby Hymn, Misses Ann Barr cd at eliminating Rule 22. Under Rule 22, a h»U can called to n filibuster only by tho votes of 64 senators, or two-thirds of the entire membership. Opponents contend it is almost impbs bo siblo to apply. What's more, Rule 22 provides that no debute limitation whatever shall apply to proposals to change the rules — so that any movo |o change it can bo talked to death, Tentative opening day strategy outlined by Humprhcy to cope with this roadblock to civil rights and other legislation involves some fast parliamentary footwork. was llttlo changq' o( the i8-montiW 1J Doctors said Rv» v » *««,'« jnjt botNycon It^o and' 4*"« living u "s>tout«.to.jmtai nncn I •• once. Rodney were Dec,' ,wh9m'r,3 1 cdontcd head-separating Wednesday, •"" — -•* "" ' the place where Prances likes to do her sewing and most of our friends loyally agreed with Frances: "goddess or not, she's downright homely." Then one night during a party a friend said, "You know the way your little goddess has her hand cupped. . . I think she was meant to be holding a candle it in." So we pares down a table candle, fitted it in the tiny curved palm, and lit it. "Now let's turn out all the other lights," said our friend. We did — and in the semi-darkness my goddess of pity came instantly alive. She sat there with one hand lifted in a gesture of eternal mercy, and the soft can dlelight flickered on a face of mysterious beauty. That was the way she had been meant to be seen— glowing through the dusk of a vanished Oriental temple, worshipped to the music of hidden gongs. The guestf were fascinated. But the next day the little green statue was gone from the bookshelf. When I asked Frances, "Where's my goddess?" she replied: "Ob, she was out of place there. I put her on the window shelf be- and Joann flaakln The Music of tho Bells (Choir) The March of the Magi (Men's Chorus und choir) Tho Music of Bethlehem (choir) Postlude "Thrice Holy Day" Sopranos: Mrs. Walter Babpr, Miss Joann Baskln, Mrs. W, Y. Foster, Miss Carolyn Long, Miss Janet McKenzle, Mrs, Paul Raley, Miss Paula Raley, Mrs. A. H Stonequist, Mrs. W, E. White, Altos: Mrs. H. H« Barr, Miss Ann Barr, Mrs. N. T, Jewell, Mm. Jimmie Miller, Misa Charlotte Tar* pley. £>: Tenors: /*j2$mer Boyett. Nick Jewell, JoSPKcesey, Paul Huley, Charles Tarpley, Basses: Bob 'Hyatt, Paul Klipsch, Jimmie Miller. . Tho obbligatos will be taken by Misses Caroljjtj Long, Janet Mc» Keiwiq and Paula Haley, fie/ton Resident for 76 Years Dies at Nashville NASHVILLE Trimble Dotson, Special — Carol aged 82, died in gaininf. Roger JAG, doprivcd vein that drains blood OH (J({j brain, was In "preonripp 1 tlon, tho hospital eeld, *r& ed in a 'wma« ?£ Former Resid Washington Young People in Play Yesterday's announcement that the young people of "the Wa*nin«« ton Methodist church" wUl presunt a pageant at the church at 7 p.m. Sunday should have read "aU tnjf hind the door in my bathroom. I young people ol Wafhinaton.' %r j u. i i _ t _ , \r—.._— *_«!.._ *' '. . ." .. •mv^mf Memorial Hospital Hero Tuesday atter an illness of six months. Ho had been a resident 6{ Ballon in Hcmpsteud county for 78 years, Services were to be hold at 2:30 p.m. Friday, Dec, 10 at Friendship Church near McCuskill with burial at Friendship by tho Rev. James Simpson. Survivors include i sons. Jim of Nashville, Othol of Wichita, Kansas, Chester ot Dallas. Shelby of Chicago; five daughtafk, Mrs. Maud Wet-less oi, Porter«vnS, C«W. Mrs. Zettio Peters of Boltfln, Mrs, Buth Hampton ot Btevlns.. Mrs. Thclma Dibby of SSiSClwver, Mrs, Pearl Bell of Chlcajo, Spec/o/ Program by BTS Planned At Unity Church A specjgj BTS program wW toe held ai Unity Baptist Church ~ day night. Devotional by A few nights later the goddess and I fled flaming Seoul together and a month after that we were in America. When I tenderly un wrapped her with rny other souvenirs, Frances said: "Goddess of pity nothing! I think she's horribly ugly. And see how moldy green she is. She looks more like the goddess of jealousy." Well, I put her on public view You don't want to stare at a creepy thing like that all the time, do you?" 'I looked at her and laughed, and Frances said sharply: "Look, rover, if you think I'm anyway on a ed out to fee boqfcshelf fa "the whicfe f4«rt- and. 1ft jealous of that silly jughead statue, you're crazy. I told you she just doesn't fit into this room." But it doesa't help at all when our guests say on arrival now, "Let's bring in that goddess and turn out the lights and took at her. Wby & you keep <ucb a wonder Young folks from two other churches in the town are appeartof IA the cast, the Rev. H. A, I 1 . AuJIt, pastor, explained today. Ogle«by Program to Be Broadcast A 30-minute by th« tesby grade schwa cfevu* and ihm schopl. Station will »t roa4c»»t Flajinelgrapb Lesson (The gtory d Je«us> Junior Class rectton of Mw, Song "Away the row '-> 4* tfSt":

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