Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on April 3, 1894 · Page 5
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 5

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 3, 1894
Page 5
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FOR LIBEL MM IS YOUR HATTER? WHY, DEWENTER, THE HATTER. So say the majority of men already. Now we want the minority to come over to the majority. Let UB show you our NEW SPRING HATS. . I OBSERVE! g The announcement of Tucker & Young f THE PEARL ST. TAILORS. Their New Spring Goods are ready for inspection. Special attention is called to their $20.00 suits made to order. Yours Truly, "PUCK." DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY MORNING, APRILS. TOO LATI. Jja/ayetle *•*• up • Howl After the Horte II Stolen. 'There is an awful howl at Lafay- olte. The Natural Gas Company af< ter getting the council to grant an increase ef rates which brought the stock from par up to $1.74 sold out to an eastern syndicate. The direotots who were on the inside bought up all the other depositor* at fl.10 and made a neat thing on the swindle. The consumers are terribly Indignant and the local stockholders who helped to do up the consumer! are the most indignant of all. The Logansport people escaped all this by having a fearless and honest council and a truthful and courageous newspaper. Logansport is the only gas olty in the United States that has been able to hold this gas monopoly level and the Journal wants some of the credit for it It did It* best and it hopes that the people appreciate the many dollars It has helped to save them. The Indianapolis News devotes three columns to the Lafayette swindle and promises more today. ADDITIONAL LOCAL. The latest style* in capes and jack, ets, at the New Fashion store. The true and accepted ityles of Paris and Berlin oloth, silk and lace wraps, on exhibition and sale today, at the Bee Hive. The J. E. Snell & Go's auction sale of notions will commence at 7 o'clock tonight. Last night throngs of people were in attendance until a late hour. The latest and most valuable improvement in a piano is a transposing key board, enabling the performer to play in either the standard inter, national or the concert pitch without change of key. J. C. Bridge has In stock an assortment of the Bush & Gerts pianos, and invites musicians and all interested in pianos to call at his place. 410 Broadway, to see aud test their wonderful Improvements and superior merits. Yesterday Justice Fender's court was thronged for the most part of the day by people from the southeastern quarter of the county, witnesses and spectators to the trial of Robert Ronk charged upon two counts with the un. lawful pointing of fire arms and with the heinous crime of provoking an assault. Th« complaining witness was George Harness. After a patient beaming of the evidence the court bade the defendant go acquit ' A NORMAL SCHOOL PROJECTED. To Tbo»e Interested IB • Summer Normal School In CM* Coutr. Many persons have suggested to me the advlBl'oility of my conducting a normal school in the High school building, beginning July 16th and continuing six weeks closing August 24tb, 1894. Supt. A. H. Douglass of the Logansport schools, J. E. Layton principal of the Walton schools, Edgar Packard of the Logansport schools and myself have considered the matter and present this proposition. 1. The school to be held at the above time and place. 2. Tuition for thejterm, $5 payable In advance, or f 1 per week for less than six weeks. No fractional weeks counted, S.. The aim of the school shall be to secure the following resulU: a. A review, from a professional standpoint, of the branches of knowledge which are required to be taught In our common schools. b. A study of the controlling principle* of teaching the common school branches so as to meet the requirements of the subject matter itself and of the want* of the mind of the pupil which is engaged in learning it. c. A study of the controlling principles of school organization and school government. (1. A practical kaowledge of school discipline by being subjected to school discipline as a student in the normal. c. A knowledge of the mutual and legal relations and responsibilities of the teacher gained by a study of the common school system and the school law of the State. 4. The Indiana school books to be used as the text book. Other texts used for reference. Now, teachers and those who desire to be teachers, this proposition is with you. If you desire that it bo executed any eo, by sending to me a postal card by return mail stating that you will be one of those who will be in attendance. We are aware thaj six weeks is a very short time in which to aocom- plish very much, but with this definite purpose in the minds of those to be instructed and those instructing, very satisfactory work may be dons. What say you? Will you become a member! 1 If so, say so at once. Very respectfully. J. H. GARDNER. Supt. Cats County Schools. Notice. My wife having loft my bed and board, I give notice that I will no onger be responsible for debts con. traded by her. R. E. MIXESIU,, Councilman Dolan Order* oPro»ecu- tlou of the Chronicle—The Fact* Upon Which the Suit Will bo Buicd. It was rumored yesterday that Councilman Dolan intended bringing an action againat the Chronicle for libel. A Journal reporter asked Councilman Dolan about It last oven- ing. Mr. Dolan said: "The Chronicle has been attacking me for some reason or other. I out off the Chronicle last fall in advertising my Opera House because I felt that its advertising did me no good. As councilman I opposed a bill of $49 for legal notices which the city did not order in th*t paper. I have suspected that the Natural Gae Company and the Ft. Wayne Electric Light Company-were also back of the attack on me. I have placed in the bands of my attorneys, Fansler & Mahoney, facts upsn which to bring suit. I have ordered a suit for damages and also prosecution under the Grubb'S crim inal libel law. The facts will be presented to the grand jury for their consideration. I have selected as a basis for action one of the many misrepresentations made. I have taken this because It makes the strongest and clearest case. I refer to the article concerning my action as a member of the School Board. I am charged with collecting some insurance, part of which I am accused of stealing. The Chronicle says that suit was brought and that I was com« polled to disgorge part of this insurance. There was no insurance collected while I was a member of the School Board. I settled with W. H. Bring-hurst, my successor aa treasurer in full in 1875 when I went out and have his receipt for it. My successor on the Board was sued for some insurance money be had collected and a judgment was rendered against him, but the money was collected after I went out and I knew nothing about it. The record of the Superior Court shows this transaction, and the Chronicle maliciously substitutes my name for that of another defendant io that suit. I had no connection with this matter in any form whatever and select It as a basis for action because the facts are all a matter of record and cannot be clouded or evaded. It is a case in which all the evidence shows that I had no connection with the transaction and for that reason It shows most palinly the misrepresentation attempted. For this reason I have selected this matter as a basis of action and I Intend to follow Hup." The Journal has examined the records and finds that the Chronicle has gotten the wrong party mixed up with this School Board insurance transaction, Under the Grubbs libel law the defendant must go to jail atd if the legal action ia taken the next number of the Chronicle will probably be issued from the county jail. A GREAT OFFER- The «•• Wompanr Will FurnUh Heating (for the Summer) at a Low Kate. The Logansport Natural Gas Company has caused to be published in its organ the following notice: This Is the last of the so-called winter months in the natural gas schedule. Both the rate established by the company, and which they are enjoined from collecting, and the old ordinance rate are the same in this respect. May- U the first so«calledi summer montbv Under the company's new schedule; heating stoves with No. 5 mixers will be only 50 cents per month from the 1st Of May until the 1st of October. Under the old ordinance schedule the rate would be $1.13 per month. The gas company has charged in the seven months the full annual rate. Few people will want heating stoves In June, July, August and September, and the few dollars the gas company will pick up by a 50-cent rate will be clear gain over the old rate. This great reduction for beaters in the summer time looks like generosity, but it is really avarice, It is proposed in the hope tnat consumers will pay rather than go to the trouble of having gas sbut off. Who over heard of heating stoves in the summer time? This aO-centj rate is a bait to get a few dollars more than the annual ordinance rate, The Fire Lilt Nl«Ht The fire department was called out last night by an alarm of fire on Toledo street. The blaze was in George Copley's barn which was consumed, the flames rapidly devouring the structure. The loss was not great, $60 probably covering the loss. One of the boys at the North street engine house lost a coat at the flre or returning therefrom. He will be greatly obliged il the finder of the garment will return the same to the North street engine house. A Surprise—Our ready-made wrap, and muslin underwear at tte price of making.^-Trade PaUoe. The Jnrr Still Out. At 3 o'clock this morning a telephone message from Kokomo conveyed the intelligence that tho jury in the Augusta Schmidt case was still out. It seems that some of the jurora wore conscientiously opposed to deliberating on the case on Sunday and thus twenty-four hours were lost in the case. Yesterday morning the twelve appeared In court and asked for further instructions upon the penalty for manslaughter. This would indicate, as it is Interpreted by the lawyers, to mean that they were at varfence between capital punishment, imprisonment for life, punishment for manslaughter or acquittal—or entire disagreement. YOUR NAME Hi FRUIT. IUM» of a Penonal Character Con. aernlng fcoganiporter* and Their Friend* Fred Draper, of Kokomo, is in the city. Mitis Eva Hipakind has returned to Wabash. To Frank Abor and wife of the West Side, a son. Harry Metx.gor, of Chicago, Is in the city. Mre. Wm. Aughe has returned from a visit at Troy, 0. Mrs. W, B. PJaco is visiting her parents at Denver. To. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. McCollougb, on Sunday, a daughter. Rev. M. Swadener has gone to tho M. E. Conference at Bluffton. L. S. Botts of Chicago Is hero visiting hie brother, Joseph Bolts. County Auditor S. L. Helvie has returned from Mt. Clemens, Mich. Jerome Hubler, of the county recorder's office Is on the sick list. Jacob and Mrs. Herz are visiting the latter's former homo at Toledo. Jas. Burwiok is at Bluffton attending a meeting of the M. E. confersnce. Dr. and Mrs. Merroll departed Sunday for Cincinnati. They will locate there. Mies Eattie Roe, of Wabseh, spent Sunday in the city visiting Mrs. John R. Moore. Miss Londie Castle who was visit, ing her sister, Mrs. Walter Moore, on Spear street, has returned to her home at New Waverly. Mrs. Godfrey -Twells, president of the Woman's Relief Corp and Mrs. Herbert Brown, secretary, will attend the'convention of the W. R. C. which is to be held at Lafayette, April 3d, 4th and 5th. Miss Edith Alexander, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. W. Alexander, entertained a large party of little girls at her home on North street yesterday afternoon in celebration of her tenth birthday. It was a very pleasant time GREAT SALE OF NEW GOODS TO PAY OFF OLD DEBTS. I take pleasure in announcing that I have settled with my creditors. I gave iny HO e in settlement���the first of which matures April 5th. I must have cash to pay these ob- for all concerned. Lafayette Call: Mr. and Mrs. George W. Rice entertained at tea last evening, Capt. Goo. Scbafler. Lieut. Jno. H. Llntner, and Sir Knighte Mart Elliott and Samuel Anderson, of Logan Division No. 26 and Mrs. John A. Llntner and Mrs. Lee Smith, all of Logansport. Among the strangers within our gates yesterday were: Chas. S. Down ing, W. H. Mapee, Lafayette; L. Strains, W. S. Parry, J. A. Sail, Ft. Wayne; W. S. Danes, Peru; Albion Smith, J. W. Gardner, Horace Randall, Fred Keller, Indianapolis; H. K, Garrettson, £. Bennett, W. H. Laybourne, Kokomo: A. S. Dolby, H. B, Thompson, Richmond. Among the Logansport people who enjoyed the pleasures of the Grand Opera at Chicago was a party of young ladies who were chaperoned at the Auditorium Saturday night by Mra. Capt. Snider and Mrs. George Taber. The young ladies were Mamie Foresman, Josie Bringhurst, Louisa Elliott, Cuddie Nelson, Abble Rogers. Mayme Torr and Mollio Wise. Will Await The Urand Jury. The two highway robbers, Andy Kyan and Chas. Willlama, the ditchers who wore arrested Saturday night for highway robbery on Chas. Hoffman, a Washington township farmer, had a pollminary hearing in the city court yesterday morning and pleading guilty were remanded to jail to await the action of tno grand jury, which body being called yesterday was instructed to return an indictment today. There• fore it is not unlikely that the court which convened .for the April term yesterday, will toduy sentence the highwaymen. The ETOlutlon Of medical agents la gradually relegating the old-time herbs, pills, draughts and vegetable extracts to the rear and bringing Into general use the pleasant and effective liquid laxative, Syrup ol Figs. To get the true remedy see that it i» manufactured by the California Fig Syrup Co. only. For sale Oy all leading drug- grists. $2.48. Spring Merchandise at 50c and 60c on the dollar. One firm, the Bradshaw Shoe Company, sold U3 their entire line of manufactured sample Shoes, 800 pairs, at less than 40c on the dollar. $2.48. ligations promptly shoe buyers and myself have been at Chicago and Cincinnati the manufacturers ard jobbers appreciating our circumstances agreed tn tell us New: $2.48. These Shoes are the- best in the world and retail ia finest Chicago stores from. $4.00 to $600 Width» AAA-BC-D. $2.48. There ia in the lot also 300 pairs of the celebrated Libby Gaiters, worth $5.00 to $7.00, .$2.48, choice of all, $2.48. OTTO KRAUS. A Pioneer Dead. • >Uncle" John Becklay, one of the oldest and earliest residents of Cass county, died at hie home in Royal Center very suddenly yesterday afternoon, aged 88 years. He had lived in Boone township since 1836, and was one of the founders of the town of Royal Center which was founded more than fifty years ago. Be died at a ripe old age, full of honor and respected by all. A striking incident in this connection was a postal card received by the Journal Company yesterday. Mr. Beckley has been a Democrat for 88 years but in this card he announces that he had joined the Populists because his party hod departed from the prin- , ciples of Jackson. The card ia dated "April 2, G, a. m. 189-1" and is written in a firm, legible hand. A Fourth Street "««rap.» Last night "Bill" Bay and "Snake" Harrie wound up a heated discussion at Sebastian's Fourth street place by- the utterance of dire threats, the* threats depending upon the fulfillment, of certain conditions piovlded the parties to tho dlseuwloo w«ie out on. the street. These condiUoai wer» accepted and the 0cei« being quickly removed to the street the sctloa, began. Whatever waa done was dona quickly and before the few sightseer* were aware that the fight was really on Ray emerged from the fury of the battle with a badly damaged left eye, In which a doctor afterward inserted* seven stitches. There were no arrests. The finest selection of drefs goodfr- and trimming ever shown ID this city,, is at tho New Fashion store. NOW THIS IS A FACT CARL W. KELLER the Merchant Tailor, leads them all in the Spring Trade. HOOK AT HIS PATTERNS. Ask any man in the city the way his clothes are made to fit and then know the truth. CARL W. KELLER. 311 Market St.

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