Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on December 18, 1952 · Page 17
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 17

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 18, 1952
Page 17
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MOM If At, MOM, AtKAMlAi Thursday, December 18, 1952 By Ray Gotta One Day .45 .(JO .75 .DO 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 quoted of Star of Hopo 1899; Consolidated January the Act of March ot the Audit Circulations SLibM:ri(.ition vunroj E/ cnrricr ing towns •-Per \Vcok Per Year dy main i Laiayctlc;, fl'j ties — Ore Month Three Month', S.x Months One Yrcir All ether mail One MonlJi Three Months Six A.Vnlhs One Year | r Chick Yew* OZARK IKI W-WULL AH LI. FIX TIIAT.,.IF'NWE <; N 61 r THC/A } SAIXHULS ,1 L-LOADGD OEFOI ** V AH T COM, ! (MOAN) men* ~W$jM.,.soOUR CHANCES* t Ml** t titv itAf *iJi-4-•&•.$';'.*>, f?S\n TU V . ,. (O HE KEAUZES (t WOUI.D BE AN IMPOSlTlOfJ IOMAKE •YOUO»?YVOUi AND PUT ON A i \BI6LINEHAS * ! 'ipS^x FORTH SMOTHERED S^hz^ CHAMPIONSHIP EVERY PLAY ft£&&mJ:, SEEM HOPELESS . IF VOU DONt 00 IT, VOU'PE RPC-0 .,„ AND COMB GTAIP3 TO ANSWER .PHONE RECOVERS & IN TIME TO SPAPKOUP. ATTACK? Trf WILDCATS T' , OFFENSE ' I /LOOKS PITIFUL j WITHOUT \ OZARK IKE/ ; ; *-^-i-,-' ,<•' -^ 16 21 to 2: 20 to 30 31 to 35 36 to 4(1 41 to 45 4G to 50 By Michael O'Malley and Rolph Lane it Rtturni •y J. R. WIIHomi todoy but r«>lum Monday. "My first notion;*' he addud, "wilt be U) write out n OUT OUH WAY X WAS TAVC6N FOR A GEOWU6, ANt7 COULPN/T ©ET TO A P^ONE-. THE CORPSE HBU.O, . A wws WAS v*uBtt?6fte7 HOUR A<iO. X 6OOC7 tlon to ,tlio now 1tlltk"in the govern.' Hofnittllesn fiwl«ht D. EJ*«n- n pfOKCnm, this hnwer's ndmlnlitlinllon tnko» over *tabll!K»r, n Job J»n. 20. th»n »ISnll«», who resigned on dlroc- tof of thn offlco uf price Jtublll HAUP-MOON MOTEL. 5HALU VCU MI&MT PE/SWEET 7W\E THE VMC7OVV IM TH£ AA£ANTI/\\&-" csS,Sft> AMP" OM PUMT, TOO ?;,::;:' ^.•'••\ 3 ; / ' '••!;'!!'•,<••,. '\-\3 • ,''.*^s~' i|polttt*ri8rtt by Pro*)- nation OPS to run uniucemfutly ft ijWKf nnnouncwl ysn-! B« n UPmocrotlt; cnndldatc for tho fUp«*ll«el up with ofhor] Senate, will tuecrml nog«r L, Put nnm n» ho planned to ro- will nupprvlne , Ohfo, hom«|«mntrol. WASH TUBES WOU'UE DOME IX $PLEN!PIO JOB, EA.&VL THE IMITATION ROSIER ^RB MU HERB 1 . NOW X MUST 66V THEM TO WN5HIMGTOU .VOU'KE \ JUST NICKEP IM.TME ARW. ONE OF TH' COP6- UKB ^'<iW THOf E i *WBLL1 TOOK A <5HOT NT ME, OUT DOWM TO' W .*TW.OK) I WBR& JL)§T M AKF: MA.DE-NOT BORM .„, ...!.,«.>.;. ,'• With Major Hoople OUR BOARDING HOUSf 00UCSY, X KMOVJ VOO •! ,f> HA.K - KAFf i O M/*vKK P£OPLB 1 A LE^^OER.' . HAPPVAT CHRISTMAS/—")'''! ARTICLES .f ? EC-M TO 8& DU PASS THE WORD -\k A 6IT OM WE I'D LIKE?—AL60 l'VE)\ 6lDE/-«- ViMErA I rJlNift TKlSi6£ THERE // A TADPOLe . (VVy^UST-*~ VslILL YOU J ( AGE, I WAG IMMeM66LV, HBLP ME CUT IT A V.TtCKLED TO SET A < •00^?'—I6A N CCAP VMITH EARI.AP6 , By Edgar Marfin BOulS AND HER BUDDIES CREW OhV VVOOWNT ., O'r? I ?ttV\Vi6 ^OO SOWRY n CWW. WKi ITO^ XOVi'RSl <S«)Ol«|CATHV Wt llvoovc, X00> AMD A BRIGHT- COL.OP.EO j (PCfTFIT TOO BUGS BUNNY __E HAS A LONG LIST OF HlS By Horshberger FUNNY BUSINESS By V. T. Hom'.in ALLEY OOP I HAVE ir JU5T IN CA.511 I'LL TRY TO F*ACH ^Y ANYTHING?? WAY _ ,...- MACHINE IB T\ HOl-DIT WORKING.ANiY ., v HAPPEN. ^X.^ MOMENT! i'i Pintit feportmti* "Jo«'« wlf« «tored her darning in th« tuba again!" FMCKUS AND HIS FRIENDS By Blouer By Russ Winterbotharo CHRIS WELKIN, Ploneteer NEVER ^ELL DUKE VALAWN CQDLPNT HAVE PROJECT APRIL AN ENEMV NATION Bur SURELY / THAT HAS SATUROV.V f SPOKEH w^eifrS W|«)1 MO/lt :S PLANE -Si^EEP By Carl Anderson HATS REMODELED FTOM MY OIHCR CRS, UT soa*i- VSHTHTwE ' Thursday, December 18> 1984 CLASSIFIED Ada Must Be In Office Baj Before Publication WANT AD RATES All Want A,,. Are Payable In Advo"cc Put A:h \t',|| Bo Accepted O.vcr The Tele-phono And Accomo- claticn Acronnts Aiio»cd With The Uri<i.:ist.'!i.,iinr; Tho Account Is Pay- statement 15 Rendered. Three Six One Days Days Month .flO 1.20 1.50 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 1.50 2.00 2.50 3.00 3.50 4.00 4.50 5.00 4.50 G.OO 7.50 9.00 10.50 12.00 13.50 15.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 7Sc per inch fiOo per inch 3Qc per inch atjovo arc for con. ;• liv.rr'i-jiu. hroyulur or skip^•s \vtM :akr: (hie oi-.c-day rate. • 'o iy i. In,sided advcrhbing C(jpy ''.• a- i I'ftc.t tint il -j pin. (or -f'OM It.o lollowing day. publishers reserve tho right to f . T i. 1 .lit cill f.i,.lvortiscmonts of!{•!• j.KihKCGt ion und to rojnct ^•tK(>i hnn..;L):o advertising sub'- one 01 more nures such 05 number & count letters, houses as one o Stnr will not bo rcspon- or err , ; s in Wont Ads unless arc f;ado-.1 to our attention TIRST insertion of ad and or ONLY tiio ONE incorrect PHONE 1268 - 1269 For Sdle \NY type of gravel, including pea gravel, sand, top 'soil, and fill dirt. Cnll Jesse Sinclair, 7-2559. D-ll-im Female Help Wanted WOMAN to hand out coupons Friday nnd Saturday. See Mr. England at John P. Cox's, after 9 a.m. Friday. 18-lt The Marshall Islands ave part The population of Britain Inblttd I Personal tuxes In the United| ol i thc wide-scattered chnin of cor- PS 20 million females, over U, 1 States totok 3,4 cents of often aOtt- al islets known co\l*c»»vely as million more thnn Ihr number of iumer dollnf Ih IteMl and 11.8 Micronesia. 'males. ^ ,wi« i n ifl*9 Real Estate for Sole PAINT SALE. House paint. A var ifcly ol colors. $2.75 per gallon. BYERS SWAP SHOP loQ S. Walnut. 12-Ht 2,000 feet used 2x4. Dressed sound 1 and straight. 4 to 16 feet loim. Quanity of 2x8, 2x10, 2x12. Hando in lengths. Reasonable price. Call R. N. Mousor, Phono 7-448K. ITi-lit Puppies. Day night 7-5532, Cocker Spaniel! Phone 7-281C and' 1G-31 VERY attractive new 2 bedroomj home with hardwood floors, nt- tie fan, Venetian blinds, cnrport with laundry and storage room, located on large well drained lot in Beverly Hills Addition. Street is blnektoppcd. $l7. r > will handle O. I. Loan. $1350 Cash for FHA Loan. Balance less than rent. NICE new 4'i room home for couple has 2 bedrooms, kitchen and dinini: combination, living room, bath, built-ins. and closet space. C. I. can handle for $150 cash. l-'HA 5100(1 cash. Balance less than rent. IEESK. Tuolousc .and Whita Chinese especially fattened for Christmas. Mrs. J. M. Harbin'. Phone 7-2901. 17-31 GIRL'S bicycle, standard size with basket. Good shape. Atlas lathe, 9" swing, :i2" center with attachments. A bargain. G' Electro- lux refrigerator. Phone 7-3GI2. 18-61 3 ROOM house, 4 acres. Lights, city-water and gas available. Will sell cheap at once. Will take some cows on trade. See L. J. Lamb, Old 67-Fulton road, 1 mile west of Hope. 17-31 t SIZE baby bod and plastic in- net-spring mattress. Brakes. Ri> movablc- panels. Excellent condition. Phone 7-3733. 17-31 ON 2\~> South Hervey we offer the Stuart home. An excellent loca- tion-tlii:; home is close to uptown and will accomodate large family. Can he made duplex. Cuiiid be used for business purpose*:. Vacant now. Call homes. for particulars on these What have you to trade or sell? Call Vine-cut W. Foster. FOSTER-ELLIS REALTY CO. Phone 7-4HB1. -17-31 Notice IF YOU want to drink, that's your business. If you want to quit, that's our business. Alco- liolics Anonymous, P. O. Box 205. N-18-lm Press 18, 1927 1929 ioJ every weekday afternoon by STAR PUCLIiHING CO. C. E. Pclmcr, President Alex H. Washburn, Sccy-Tres. At The Star Building 212.214 South Walnut Street, Hope, Arkansas Alex H Was!, burn. Editor & Publisher Caul H. Jones, Managing Editor f Gcoroe W. Hosmcr, Mcch. Supt. G' , M. L'^^i-;, Auvcrlising Manager ci second class matter at Ourcau of ad- Rates (payable n hiope and neighbor............................ 25 13.00 htompstcad, Nevada, tii'fl, and Miller coun- ............................ 85 , ........................ 1.60 2.60 4.50 1.10 3.25 6.50 13.00 Nat'l Atlvcrti^ing Representatives: Arkcm.ar. DaHik-s, Inc.; 1602 Stcrick Eldg., Momphis 2, Tend., 505 Texas Bank Bidg., Dallas 2, Texas; J60 N. MithiQun Avc., Chicago 1, III.; 60 E. 42n,l St., New York 17, N. Y.; 1763 Pcnobscot Ulclg., Detroit 2, Mich.; Terminal Blcin., Oklahoma City 2. Okla. Member of tho Associated Press: -The Ar.sorioted Press is entitled exclusively lo the use tor republication of all Ihe local news piintecj in this newspaper, as well as all AP news •"^patches. Home Study Course Services Offered .OCAL and long distance Hauling. Also local moving. See .Dannie Hamilton or call 7-3011. N-23-lm WAITRESS renovation and innerspring work. Cobb Mattress Co.. 31(i S. Washington. Phone 7-2C22. N-25-IM POSTIVELY No Hunting on any of our land. Ci B. Waddle and David Waddle. ' 1S-GI Lost Guardsmen Play Here Tonight The Hope National Guard team will play Palmos All-Stars on the local court tonight. The local Guardsmen journeyed to Arkadelphia last night and suffered a 64-43 de- 3LACK and tan male hound pup, i 8 months old. Last seen on Pat-' mos road. Reward. Contact .1. : B. Tye, Rt. 1, Emmet. 1G-IU Contrary to popular belief, high building; do not sway appreciably in hiuh winds. At last! Your beloved moccasin in Indian! AH the casual comfort apd charm ^ of your favorite moccasin, translated into a handsome indoor slipper of 100% pure wool Velvafelt, exclu sive wfth Daniel Green! Come in and see it! $5.95 The Pow-Wow —Sand, Royal Blue, Black and Indian Red. COMPLETE your high school a home in spare time. Diploma. • No classes. Texts furnished. Tor fi-ee booklet. American 2905 Alabama, Fort Arkansas. N-19-lm To My Friends and Customers I am in the hospital and if you need to sec ii'ie for anything call my wife at 7-3833. TOM WARDLAWS , MAIN STREET TAILOR SHOP OK SHOE SHOP Back in -Business Again! Bring us your shoes now. We make them look and wear like new OK SHOE SHOP T. J. Parks E, Front St. East Front Street MASSINGILL REST HOME 803 E. Division Phone 7-4320 For convalescent aged, men and women. State and city approved. Reg. Vocational nurse. Jewell Massinglll DUNLOP TIRES We carry a complete stock of new and used tires. COLLIER TIRE & BATTERY SERVICE Phone 7-5846 116 E, 3rd . JOHN T. McRAE For life, hosoltallzation, sick and accident, Polio and farm Insurance. Prepare for the unexpected. Phone 608. P. O. Box 182 PRESCOTT, ARK. Daniel Gretn tuts Skinner's famous rayon satin and the American Fell Combany'i fine wool felts Hope'i Finest Deportment Store Haul and Spread SAND or CLAY $1.25 Yqrd Pea Gravel, Clay, Gravel and Fertilizer Available. RALPH SAUNDERS Phone 74683 or 7-3174 MATTRESSES H*«H|llt w mad* Into DAVIS * SYLYANIA The World's' Largest Manufacturer of Writing Instruments ADVERTISING SALE Friday Saturday 9 A. M. to 5 P. M This Coupon Worth $4.02 Bring this coupon and 98c to our store and receive one of those fine guaranteed fountain pens. The greatest stride in years in the making of pens, this new stainless steel Gold-Plated, hooded point "press-fill" tvpe per. w:il not flood Dr teak due to the long, Pen-point jrjj< run-way. Truly a fine pen for not $5.00. Please 1 come in early for choice colors. Customer. Limit 3 pens to IN MOTHERS OATS H Down Dierks 5M7, for 3rd Win It wns tho third consecutive vie iOTy mi- Hope Insl night At Nnsh- vlilfj where they sihashca Dlcrks 53 to 17 In the llowni-d Colihty In- VUittihhnl enRo toitrney, Hopo started fust nnd-Whs neVaf hciKlctl while n tight r.one defense .Mitchell, O mnde the opposition Shbot from 'Willis, F .. wtiy, out throufjhtmt the cohtcst Total >.. , , the BotkftU Jifllf, Bobby Bruce lowed by £Jarn*y" Friday fHfclu m Hot Springs arM I tflllc nt ll a,m, ! flame with LochtSslttirg wit geQiteen 83 W 80 in^Wfi* Hatch, r 4 Yoeom, 1? , ,1 iJuioe, C , , ,„,„ 4 Qrltrin, fct . ,; 1 Smith, O llnlbfct't, C Atkcrson, O F „ ,. 3 , S ..JL 2 "*• r &ALL FINE ALUMINUM! Made by world-famous manufacturer & EXTRA LONG WEARING! & RUST PROOF! SEAMLESS! What a thrill to open n big squnrc package of Mother's Outs labelled "With Aluminum Ware" —nnd find inside one of these handsome, useful kitchen utensils! Yes, every package is a double value because money can't buy n finer quality, more delicious, or more nourishing out meal than Mother's Ones I It's the good, hot, creamy-smooth oatmeal your family loves on chilly mornings! Start collecting a complete set of these fine kitchen utensils to>I,iy! No waiting! No coupons! No money to setid! Just ask your grocer for Mother's Oats "With Aluminum Ware"! Here are the utensils you cart get: 1-Child's Cup 4-SaladMold 2 —Gralcr S—Tumbler 3 —Egg Poacher Sot 6 —Scoop 7 — Saucepan ... Plus these offier /ferns nof shown: with pwCjOioclyt/L recipes ANP."' ''.'• v ' The Only Pen with o Lifetime Service Guarantee JOHN ,P COX DRUG CO, BUY NOW FOR CHRISTMAS 4-Pc. Measuring Cup Sot • Child's Bowl 2-Pc. Bell Mold Sot 3-Pe. Cookie Cutler Sot Muffin Pan Large Salt, Sugar or Flour Shukcr Pancake Turner • EBB Separator and Strainer Set • Individual Salt and Popper Set • Fruit Jar Funnel • Gingerbread Man Cookie Culler [THIS VIAM OIVI ( FOOD GOLD FLOUR BETtY CROCKER ' CAKE MIX 2 GIFT FREE WITH EACH PURCHASE Regular Packages for BETTY CROCKER PIE CRUST MIX - •< f MRS. TUCKER Shortening 3 £ 65t GODCHAUX SUGAR 10Lbs.93c MILK PET and CARNATION 14 Small crt 7 Largo cans 97< Products of The Quaker Odfft Company Anybody can tell you about Mohum —but see for yourself. It's tho one bread with that certain flavor. «*4. The kind that makes eyes light up and appetites call for morel So good with othy foods tocv , LIBBYS » -, FRUIT COCKTAIL 3 IS,69< OCEAN SPRAY CRANBERRY SAUCE Miracle Whip SALAD DRESSING 49c 303 "Cans Quart LIBBYS PEAS No, 303 Cans Pickles RAINBOW 12 Oz, Bottle Sweet Midgets Bottle 34c ENGLISH Walnuts ^ ™ Large Diamond Pound 45c STICK Candy 120 CouflL ' tiftk" 1 * 1 ^ 98c PECANS Stuart, Large' Paper Shell CHERRIES Maraschino 8 Oz. In Meavy Syrup Bottle, Your home Is only part of your ]ob; ' Keeping yourself attractive is just as Important Holsum helps you do both, combining good food and good health for you and your family. Assert yourself—get Holsumt 80 Count 2 Boxes 23c CHOCOLATE COVERED Cherries 1 Lb, Box 49c Libb'ys Whole SPICED 4 1 J PRODUCE t)EPT, MEAT.PI RED PASCAL CELERY . .^Package BANANAS 2 pounds-25c NIC5 LARGf < „ LETTUfcfe Pouna 1 Holvuro l« protected in the plattic-cooted wrapper- no n*ny wax lo rub off —k*»ps Holium flavoi fresher, coili no more. • W • W Hols ^^^W ^^^V ^^^^ ^^^W^^^^^^ . . . + ' V * ^ l ( i * * ORANGES A ?.** 150 Size Washington APPLES Urge 100 * «* r v-* l, r ,ff- 3- ,*, -* ,*ii5b? j^v

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