Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan on November 30, 1938 · Page 8
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Detroit Free Press from Detroit, Michigan · Page 8

Detroit, Michigan
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Wednesday, November 30, 1938
Page 8
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City Slums, the Sea, Africa-Even New Bill Will Offer Thrills, Comedy and Tense Drama Cagney-O'Brien Movie and World War Tale Are Included on Detroit Fare Ey James S. Pooler If you ever ftt to wondering whether the movie will ever run out of ideas, a!l you have to do ia look over the weekly summary of incoming productions to din-cover the endiess variety of material which gos to make screen entertainment. Just look! Those slum lads and their futures come in for a different consideration as you pet a g-angster and a priest in conflict over what's to become of them. Out of Africa comes a film which took years in time and thousands of miles of trekking to fashion as a document of strange peoples and stranger customs. And, with such contrasts the Jungles of civilized places with the jungles of Africa you also lind the movie men ranging into the air for fantastic material about Martians attacking us and on the sea to provide a talc of uncle Sam's splinter fleet, the subchasers, in the World War. And then there are the customary comedies and thrillers rounding out the bills which bring to town this week-end many of your favorite players. James Cagney and Pat O'Brien are the gangster and priest, respectively, in "Angels with Dirty Faces," which also taeludcs in its cast such tough hombres as the Dead End kids, Humphrey Bogart and George Bancroft. With the comedy, "Hard to Get," starring Dick Powell and Olivia de Havilland, it provides the bill tarting Friday at the Michigan. Dedicated to the slum kids who have to choose between crime and honesty, "Angels with Dirty Faces" starts Cagney and O'Brien out as boys and pals and leads them to different places. It is a alight thing that makes the difference between them at the beginning, but the consequences take on grim significance when Cagney comes back to the slums for vengeance and again encounters his old friend, O'Brien, now a priest. They wage a mighty battle for the future of the boys. Royalty Puts Stop to Film Trickery Irked by Bad Movies Slipped into Benefits LONDON, Nov. 29 The British royal family is in revolt against the current practice of some movie magnates of assuring their doubtful films of a big send-off by launching them as benefits under royal auspices. The trick was to promise a sizable percentage of the receipts to charity if one or more members of the royal family would attend the premiere. The Duke and Duchess of Kent, both ardent movie fans, thus were Inveigled into seeing some of the worst American films imported Into England. The Duke has served notice cn exhibitors that he will have no part in future attempts to boost bad pictures. Henceforth, he told them, organizers of royal premieres must submit their menus to him well in advance of presentation with a synopsis of the story, names of the stars and principle players and all other pertinent in' formation so that he will know what he is letting himself In for pr decides to dodge viewing. Furthermore, he declared, charity will have to be guaranteed a minimum cut of $10,000, the reason for this being that only $500 went to charity after a recent royal premiere had drawn 118,000 at the boxoffice. When Does the Film Feature Start? MICHIGAN "Ttaanlin for tha Memory ," 11:19 a. m.. SS:a. K:07. 0:31 p. ni.: "If J Were Kin." W :a3. 4:1)7. 7:31. 10 :64 p. m. FOX "Juel Around (he Conwr." 11:17 tn.. 1:57. 4 :44. 7:41. 10:35 p. m.; eute. it-M, 3 39. tl 43. 9:30 p.m. UNITED ARTISTS "Out Went With ih Hard.vs." 11 a. u 12:66. 2:60. 4:46. 6.40. 8:36, 10:30 p. m. ADAMS "Flisht to fine." 11:13 . hi., :it. 6:43. 11:68 P tn.: Von tun I Tte ll null xou. ii iKi. a-o 6:40 rALHSf ESTATE "Tn Old Mexico," 11 1:33. 4 US, -.: 8:12 p. m.: "Oirln on Probation." 12:24. 8:67. 6:30. 8.03. 10:36 p. m. BROADWAY CAPJTOT, 'Hlrh Mn, Poor Girl." 11 m. i:0-. VU4. 8:lti. 11 f'8 p. ra.: "Uoja Tono." 11:22. 3.1)4. 6.;, 8-8 p. m. FliHER "Rii-h Man. Poor Girt." 12:30. HI. t::i7. 8 33 p m.: "Boy Town." 1:4-'. 4:43. 7:44 10.45 p. a. RTVIFRA "Rub Man. Poor Girl." 1 45. 3 45, :46. I' 45 p m.: "Bojt Town.'- 8-Otl. 6:00 8:00. 11:06 p. m CINTjKRKLLA "Kir-h Man. Poor Oirl." 12:4l. 3 47. 6:4. 8 40 p. tn.: "Bojt Town." 1:60. 6. 6:01. 1 1 :0J p. m. HOLLYWOOD ' Sh-e-1.' 7. 8 40 p. m : "Birth ol a IlariT." 7.68. 10.36 p.m. BKO I'PTOWN "Invorm ot Lartr X." 1 43. 4 4(1. 7:37. 10:18 tun.' "Toui.-l.down Army." 3:18. 6:15. 9 07 p m CIJiEMA "Prof. Mimlock." 12 noon. , 4. 6. , 10 p. in. 4 1 s . t Miss de Havilland is a spoiled heiress and Fowell an auto-camp owner who refuses to "put on the books" her order for gasoline In "Hard to Get" After Miss de Havilland has worked out "the charge" by cleaning up the camp, she vows to get even. Backing up the comedy are such merry folk as Charles Winnlnger, Allen Jenkins and Bonita Granville. " Back to the World War to tell on the screen, for the first time, of the heroic exploits of the splinter fleet, is "Submarine Patrol," which opens Friday at the Fox. Against scenes of battle on the high seas as the splinter boats convoy troops and munitions to protect them from submarines, there's a romantic tale centering around Richard Greene and Nancy Kelly, one of Hollywoods young discoveries. George Bancroft is her father and a doughty captain and lending flavor to the proceedings are such players as Slim Sum-merville, Preston Foster, John Carradine, Jean Valerie, Henry Armetta and Maxie Rosenbloom. John Ford, who produced "The Informer," directed this tale of our last war days. Heading the Fox stage show are a versatile group of performers including Freddie Dosh, mimic; Dorn Brothers and Mary, song favorites; the Biltmorettes, a troupe of adagio dancing girls, and the Rhythm Pals, a pair of rapid-fire steppers. The 16 Dan-sonettes will provide new dance creations. Four years in the making and requiring an expedition that traveled 42,000 miles, "Dark Rapture" comes Friday to the Adam screen with "The Road to Reno." The Denis-Roosevelt expedition went into little-known sections of the Belgian Congo to bring back movies of the most gigantic and the tiniest people on the earth, of strange rites of primitive people, of unarmed natives lassoing wild elephants, of the pygmy tribes capture of antelope in nets and the capture of their women by neighboring tribes and many other things from this strange land called the Dark Continent by the explorers it lures endlessly. The movie has been praised as the best to come out of Africa. The companion movie is a comedy with Randolph Scott. Glenda Farrell, Helen Broderick and Hope Hampton, back lii the movies again, in leading roles. Miss Hampton is an opera singer who wants a divorce from ranch-owning Scott, but finds obstacles even to a swift Reno separation. mm Stimulated by that Orson Welles broadcast, "Mars Attacks the World" will go on the screen Friday at the Palms-State with the melodrama "Prison Train." In this Earth Man-Martian battle, remade from a Buck Rogers serial, you'll find Buster Crabbe, Jean Rogers, Frank Shannon and some quaint-appearing characters battling up In space. It seems the Martians are taking the nitrogen out of our air and using it for death rays which sends our heroes aloft to battle and such weird experiences as taking shelter in a cave only to see the clay walls take shape in the form of men. Fred Keating and Linda Winters are in "Prison Train," which cen ters around a racketeer en route to prison for a long term. His rival vows he'll never leave the train alive. Come gunfights, a prison-train jailbreak, Jtidnaping and murder. That reliable Hardy family, Just about America s favorite assem blage of entertaining folk, continue with "Out West with the Hardys" for a second week at the United Artists. The troubles ' of an old flame lure the judge to a ranch where his troublesome offspring the swelled-headed Andy and the lovlom daughter have some educational experiences. And not the least Important to the proceedings is little Virginia Weidler as the ranch kid who makes Mickey Rooney eat humble pie. As timely as the news from abroad is "Professor Mamlock," which is in its second week at the Cinema. Here in screen form is a highly dramatic presentation of the Nazi persecution of the Jews. The tale centers around a Jewish surgeon, his disgrace at the hands of troopers, his being hauled back to perform an emergency operation on a Nazi leader and his final ruthless treatment. That lavish tale of the building of a famed canal, "Suez," with Loretta Young and Tyrone Power in key roles, and "Four Daughters," with the Lane sisters, Claude Rains and John Garfield, will start Friday at the Riviera, Hollywood, Cinderella, Fisher and Broadway Capitol. Boxers at Club Oasis The Chessan Twins, additions to the show at the Club Oasis, offer a presentation in the manly art or boxing, a novelty in night club entertainment. The twins also have a smart danre routine. Others on the bill are: Jerry Fulton, master of ceremonias; Gonzelez and Sterbenz, adagio and ballroom dancers; A r 1 e 1 1 e Lonrcaux, a dancer featuring the "Can-Can"; Bert Emerson, comedian, and Harry Goodman, singer. King Gets African Epic Henry King, now completing the direction of "Jesse James," will direct "Stanley ami Livingstone." ruitr role ot Hinrv M. SUniey. the New York newspaper reporter who i ww.t Into trie heait of Afrira in IHTl in f-esr.-h cf f-r. Ph itl Lr. ;r.- i 1 mj if I f nV( whom ,? V t I 4 A!S"IjL WWW V. A, J , M i ll J- jftnrfK I L-A ' ' ,P S.TMOM0S M ' , Gomez titr- -J, ' SKETCHED AT THE CASS THEATER BY RUSSELL H. LEGGE i : 1 Ed Sullivan HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 29They were working late Saturday night, at RKO, on the Astalre-Rogcrs picture, filming a scene from "Henpecks," the show which led to the wedding of Irene and Vernon Castle and the initiation of a dance career that was to thrill the world . . . As the hours wore on, the players became more and more wearied and started going up in their lines . . . One old gentleman blew up several times . . . He turned courteously to Astaire and apologized . . . Fred threw his arm around the veteran's shoulders. "Take all the time you want," he said with a nice smile. "Anyone who discovered Helen Hays for the theater doesn't need to apologize for anything." . . . The seventy-one-year-old veteran was Lew Fields, who discovered Helen Hayes when she was in pigtails at Washington, D. C. Not AJolph Mmniou, tht Cor mil iheik, but whif-hairtd Jmr-em Ktrn wean tht gay ft pat-twrn$ in tockt, thirtg and cravat: ... Songwriter Cut Kahn, on of tho all-time great lyrici$tt, it Hollywood' t moil rabid foot ball fan, teeing three garnet each week. . . . At the Hollywood partiet, Morrie Rytkind and Dore Schary win all the intellectual garnet, the big literal tt. No town so jittery over summons servers as this one, and with good reason . . . When Dorothy Lamour was handed a picture of herself in New York, and learned too late that the person requesting the autograph on the picture was a process server, every star out here made a mental reservation to be on guard against the same trick . . . That is why often your request for an autograph is dismissed a bit abruptly, because a hundred summonses have been served that way . . . Golf courses offer an easy entree, as STACK ATTRACTIONS CASS Mat. Today Tht Thtitrt Guild Ptntntt ,HE ALFRED LUNTAND LYNN FONTANNE Product too ot Chikhov'i THE SEA GULL1 TtamUttd hv Statk Yoano ONE WEEK"-. DEC. 4 EVERETT f'ARSKALL BLOSSOM TIME with Chariot Laniinff Mary McCoy h liubert't Mfloflte -Komli-r j? luic EVENINGS I 5?a - Si JO I AfT MATS. $1.10 "e THURS. Vflii i; liHVf jl !! l..y FRIDAY Dec. 1, :30 js m. ci ln Rrino.ii i P4.1124 Dte. 2. 2:30 p it. Detroit Symphony Orchestra r Z K C Ci OHIONc, THE DETROIT FREE PRESS- Mars-Provide Settings i WW in Hollywood the guys with papers to serve pick out a fairway or tee near a public road and wait there in ambush until the victim is crouched over a mashie niblick shot, before popping out , . Became of the nature of their buiineit and contacts, the movie tart arc the target for mora bit of paper than mott other profeiiiont. ... People who managed them yeart ago, people who made musical arrangements for singers who are now biggies, salary attachments, suits for plagiarism, suits for portrait sittings, suits for real or fancied damages The Hollywood air is white with processes. ... There was that famous blond star who diligently avoided being served for nigh onto four weeks. . . . Unwarily, she advertised for a cook. . , . She got the cook, and the summons simultaneously be cause the cook had been hurried to the star's home by the law. yer't office. (Copyright. 1838) 'Lost Horizon's' Music Originally presented In concert under his own direction during the recent Hollywood Bowl season, Dimitri Tiomkln's music for "Lost Horizon" has since been pro grammed by symphonies in 16 Eastern cities. Tiomkin also haj signed to conduct his film scores with the Philadelphia Symphony in the early part of December, AMI SKMENT8 Today's Suggestion: HAVE A GRAND DINNER sT3V:r AND SEE A GREAT FLOOR SHOW ( Thrt Prformanc Nightly) AT THE CLUB 10-40 WITH NO COVER CHARGE TOMORROW ... In Person Mtmbtf. of tht Cttt of THE ALFRED LUNT AN0 LYNN FONTANNE PtodttftlOtt of "THE SEA GULL" (NOW AT THE CASS THEATRE) WILL BE OUR GUESTS ftftt fypY j e l able MllIK ATTKAtrillNS J WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 1938 Films Warned on Television Coming Within Two Years, Is Report By Leo Baron HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 29 (U.P.) The motion picture Industry, long concerned over the possibility of television making Inroads on its cash customers, was admon ished tonight that the public In! the next two years will become Increasingly conscious of television as a new source of entertainment. The word came from the scientific committee of the research council of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which periodically reports on the progress being made by television in the field of research and experiment. For the first time, the committee treated it as an Invention about to make its social debut and urged the screen industry to view It accordingly. The report reviews at some length telecasting experiments in England, which has pioneered the use of receiver sets in the home. British estimates that between 2,000 and 9,000 sets are in use, are corrected to between 3,000 and 4,000 in the report which describes the number as a "melancholy showing." With television in America to date largely being confined to the laboratory, the signs indicate that it will soon emerge from its cocoon. Telecasting programs, pre sented on a more or less regular basis, are planned after Jan. 1 and more receiver sets, at reduced prices, are expected on the market. The availability of sets and the texture of programs, in the opinion of the committee, will provide television's first acid test in America. "The long experimental phase of television development is about to culminate," the committee re ported. "This does not mean that experimentation is at an end. On the contrary, the experiment now takes on a larger scope, with the emphasis shifting from technical research to economic and social aspects." The committee foresaw no "revo lutionary changes" in motion pic ture production or exhibition with in the next two years as a result of television, but visualized a "vast market for films especially designed for television distribution.' Popped the Question While Rudy Crooned HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 29 (U.P.) Henry Wilcoxon, who popped the question to Joan Woodbury while Rudy Vallee was crooning a romantic number, had an affirmative answer to his proposal tonight. The two screen players said they will be married Dec. 17. which will be the bride's birthday. Their engagement followed comparatively short romance. Wil coxon said he proposed to his fiance while listening to Vallee's band at a local night club. Palm Beach Goes Latin With Tudell and Jean adding their Cuban - American dance rhythms to the music of Don Pablo, Mexican leader and his orchestra, at the Palm Beach Cafe, the new revue has taken on a distinct Latin atmosphere. Mack Home is a newcomer who hasn't made up his mind whether he'd rather play a harmonica or juggle and so he does both. Pearl Mag-ley's six dancers present new acrobatic and solo routines. Amos Jacobs remains as master of ceremonies. MOTION PH'TIBB ATTRACTION WW? U HORACE IHE1DT ST WMILIKITI i T0BrDyi faV.FM.-fciam 2ND HIG UEEI "FLIGHT 10 FAME" V f i . . r it 30c till JO 40a after iniriee rarrcn EM Foul I. ") & -ADI LTS 0LV! I STEEL'I rr sit', I Eyes (Tchniclr) I Broadway Miuicat. Cartoon, Ntwa 6 HELD OVER 2ND WEEK Professor MairJcck Indictment of Nazi Terror "A Grtat Film N. Y. Tim ClfJFMA 53 E. COLUMBIA WBIIklTIM Cantintin lra Noon x MERLE lifllunDPC nr I inv vie 0BIR0N wr LRU I I howaro 1 cnoown Army i Your Guiding Star Any theatre marked with j a is headquarters for today's best in sound and entertainment. The means Co-Operative S nil Cf) . (lnefjllve mean most for your ; money! Come and see! CO-OPERATIVE THEATRES MICHIGAN, he. tm ... "Ii DAVIS t I ! nilRTH I' of a LJaby 0 Heads Own Band i " i ' ! ft it-: Ljriiaiiiirii,i:,w- . .. J RAMONA Something of a child prodigy at the piano, Ramona also gained added attention with her tongs with Don Bestor's and, later, Paul Whiteman' orchestra. Now heading her own band, "Men of Music," Ramona opens a limited engagement Thursday in the Book Casino. Chene-Trombley Show Features Betty Boop The original Betty Boop and her coy vocal tricks is Little Anne Little, now appearing at the Chene-Trombley Club. There were so many claimants to the honor of .creating the boop-a-doop voice ir tne animated cartoon mat Miss Little went to court about it, and can produce a court order, a copyright and other documentary proot to ner title. In the show with her is Billv Backett, an Ingenious young lad who makes music out of a one- string fiddle, 'a tire tube and a miniature ukelele. Linda Preston, torch singer, the dancine Five Coquettes and others are presented Dy Kay styles, humorous master of ceremonies. Jimmy Gargano's orchestra supplies the music. Today's Program at Your Favorite Theater This emblem in advertisements below identifies A fl 1 M t rsnd Cirrus Pr nuniTlil Csntlnnoii 10:45 s. SI. , "YOU CT TAKC It WITH V0U." I. lrrymori-C. Arnold. 1, tltwirt-l. Arthur 'HICHT TO FAME." Cnirlii Urnll ALGER- -ut Wintii nd (iitr Drift Omn 6:15 lit Show 9 s. Norms Shtnnr ins Tyroni rawer in "MARIE ANTOINETTE" gill Charlil McCarthy Comcilv inl "AoSlotcoaUl" 11 111 UD0A IM-8 Wizard Aie. HUllMIYlUnH Park Fr B.ltv Crabli an! Elaanor Wh.tiw In "CAMPUS C0NF ESSIONS" U MYSrEIIY HOUSE, DUt faraell-Ann SMrUan ai nMfl131'01 iim'Ar HLUIYIH ,,,, 6 fm oithat! DonaK Wooll.Nan Gray. "ROMANCE OF THE RUN" HE C0UL0N T SAY. 0,"F. McHmh-1. Wyman 1 UP. A?V 1 IMB lJ70 J"hn R. Strwl AMDAooAUUn ,, Ho i, "filVE ME A SAILOR." "SAINT IN NEW YORK, Umi HaywaiS. Laditi' Gill NiiM! I LI LI C Y Wiiii) Him anil Joy Bud ftHnLA Contlnunat from 12:15 s.M lean rarhar and Erie Linden ROMANCE OF THE IIMBEH10ST" (lit Mittiaal WHalm. "SPEED TO BURN" ASTOR 81152 Twflrih Street Vlrainla Bfaaa and Mary Artsr In "WOMAN AGAINST WOMAN" (lit Will Ron In "LIFE BEGINS AT 40" 1 11 1 nu -l.imiHjd al Hsnviii Hi ALUll a Bis Thrill Shaw Bcla liaoil III DRACULA ni Hi Bern FRANKENSTEIN" Karlolt BEEMOOB- n W. Warren Bierhund Gary Coaper and Slarld Carla Is "ADVENTURES OF MARCO fOLO alii Y BILL." Kay Franill-Bonlta Gramillt BELMONT VViKnlard si Grand, H. I. Will Rojen-lanet Gaynor, "STATE FAIR. "(AT DESPJ MOO." Martini-Ida Leline DCUCRI y-Mlrat.d Hilar at Unman V DtlCnLI open 6 i n. FarliFral fraa China! norma Jhearar-Tyrane Power-John Barrymore-Rooert Mai ley. "MARIE ANTOINETTE." AodlmioHtl' BIRMINGHAM "Slttert" at 7 i 10 a. . "Camtil" tt 9 I. a. Only! Errol Flynn ml Bette Daiii In "THE SftTERS" slai Betty Gralje and Haak Lliietle. CAMPUS CONFESSIONS" nnnTijiait Jnnron at Viatenmrka DUUIfl - ot,nel:15. Pari Free. Noma Shearar-Tyrani Power. "MARIE ANTOINETTE" lm) with John Barrymara. "Nna Aadioitopitl" BOULEVARD" Ualiol at K. Grand KnU. Boon 6:45 s. al. Kay Francis and lonlti Granylllt. "MY BILL." "Ha COULDN'T SAY NO." frank MiBalh-lane Wyman BROAOWAY-CAPITOTiS1."!,. Mickey Rooney and Spencer Tracy In "BOYS TOWN" plus R.-b.rt Yoonf and Rath Hanay In "RICH MAN. POOR GIRL" CALVIN-OEARBORN''FrM J. Howard-M. Carllile. "TOUCHDOWN ARMY" I "CITY STREETS." E. Fellowi-L, Carrllla CAMEO- -hVven-Mile fioad at Biiawll -k Ooen 6;45 s. m. Park Free. A. Menloa Berten i McCarthy. "LETTER OF INTRODUCTION" "MYSTERY HOUSE." Dick f. mil-Ann Sheridan rAPiTni IB1B w v"" VlHrllUL Open 1:30 ta Mldnllht Part Free M. Roaney-I. Garland. "THOROUGHBREOS DON T CRY." "NAVY BLUE AND GOLD." I. Barrymori CASINO" Djilmn at Sli-Mlla Buad Mickey Roonry-Anne Nnqat, H00SIER SCHOOLBOY' DANGER UN THt AIR, Donald Waodi-Nan Grey prilTCD owlard at Bouleiard Paikini i ULUICII Own 11:30 a n. CarhSeryill Mickey Rooney-Jedy Garland. "THOROUGHBREOS DON T CRY." "THE CRUSA0ES." Lerctta Yoenl CENTURY HUi and Gland Blul. Fnik in c limit f.aflRcy. ttarli Wilion-Pat O'Brien, "BOY MEETS GIRL" "THE GLADIATOR." Joa E. Brown-1. Trull P 111 nCDEI I I Ea Jrflfrson al Cnrlin lllnUCnCLLA Contlnaaii from 12:15111. Mickey Rooney and Saenerr Tracy In "BOYS TOWN" el" R'ti'rt Vnan and Rlth Haiuy In "RICH MAN. POOR GIRL" V nULC f, plrlll,,, rjrl,, 1.4 Eleanor Whitney. "CAMPUS CONFESSIONS" sill "MYSTERY HOUSE." Dick Parcell-Ana Shcrldaa rm nuv-'-'5 tlUUUIll tlt :5 atrI f,' Glenda Farrell-B. MacLane. "PRIStH BREAK" "SALESLADY." Anne Naael-Weldon Hiyten PflWANT i-1-" !''"'" ' UUITMni 0ienl2-45sni Dlihn te ladiei! B. Stanwrck-H. Manhall. "ALWAYS GOODBYE" "A TRIP TO PARIS." The lonei family o;iJ tiratint Avr.. at Irivifil Victor McLailen ind Brian Oonlenr. WE'RE GOING TO BE RICH." Baltiina Milnnht Myitery "EXI0RTI0N " "March ol Time" D El THE Mark at H licnmn Ooen 6 45 Part Fre. Bitty Grahli-E. Whitney, "CAMPUS CONFESSIONS" ( 1 SPEEI) TO BUHNjJI. Whalm-L. Bar! 5 UtUUAE, f, ,,i, j,rt ((git ,4 Frankie Oarra In "REFORMATORY" fai Tom Walli-Rinci Siint Cyr. "STRANGE 80A8UERV DEXTER-""""""1- I Bur.iiiane Open 6:45 "80RDF1TOWN " Pill M ini and I'lte Dull ' hUOIIMAlORy." ln Halt. l C ir-T rli n j I r.ilj . Jift.r.i.ii ChOI LH.J oorn6ii ludio- din Moirt" Th. Jr.i Farr.ilv, "AfETY IN NuIkE' "MtBOfS OF IHf HILLS," Tnr.e Mcae.teere FASTOWN - ll-- Mi.f 'it t'n..., 0,ii, f., 1 in rt.rji K.rinfi r s1!.-. tfAl.a ' t--i FiUIIY ; V. 'HI...H I. P: ' tL"h:'t for Incoming Films Thrifty Pipers Take Naturally to Movie Work HOLLYWOOD, Nov. 29 (U.P.) Next to bonnie Scotland, the best place to hear the eerie skirling of the bagpipes is in Hollywood, It seems. At least, that is the contention of William Mathiesen, whose business consists of furnishing the movies with authentic pipers, whose music and garb are as truly Scotch as the popular Highland barley potion. Mathiesen at present is busy supplying a troop of 20 pipers for one of the scenes in Shirley Temple's latest film, "The Little Princess," at Twentieth Century-Fox studio. Mathiesen says that he has at MOTION PICTURE ATTRACTIONS rpilEnEuS fill SANGER track rWISmmk pictures in the $250,000 Movie Quiz FFNKFI I S7n rmkpn' " I LniNLLL , t.lf J1( JOc ch(J 10 Narma Shaarar-Tyrtma foarar.Jaha Barrymara, 'MAmE ANTOINETTE." Tianteaaa. Carl. pCDUnit C Woodsard al Nina -Mil Road I UldUHLE starti 5:)0m. Allaa Faya. T. Pawar, "ALEXANDER S RAGTIME BAND" "BLOCKHEADS" with laaral I Hardy PI II P 1 BTC Wooiluard st w.iion linLMHIO Oarn All Nliht Park Fraa Gary Cootw, "THEGENERAL DIED AT DAWN" "GREEN EIGHT." Errol f lynn-Anlla Italia FISHER" Grand Blvd. mil Second Onrn 12 1S Lut lbn 9:10 Mliaiy Roomy and Sinner Traty In rr BOYS TOWN" sill Roktrt tmn and Kath ( - ) Hamy In "RICH MAN, FOUR CIRL" 'S' Fl iMINRfl -1'"""1 Alf'SCTeil Mlle Hd. ILHITIII1UU Free Stlyemara W. Mnrrh-Frlie. Lane, "MEN ARF SUCH FOOLS" "FA5SP0RT HUSBAND." Staart Ertiln-Paallna Maori FOX In Perien, HORACE HEIDT nd Nil Alemltl BRIGADIER! Alio Llilm 3-Inch Santa Claai Sireen: SHIRLEY TEMPLE U "JUST AROUND THE CORNER" tDnUTCll lfHarper and Frontrnac IIIUmtHHU "ALEXANDER'S BAGTIMC BAND." Tyrone Poner and Alice Faye fil f!R F 'ir"'' R,"r T,um""i ULUUt Irene Oonne. Allan lanei. Helen sr Monan In "SHOW BOAT" plat J. tin Howard C J In 'BULLDOG DRUMMOND IN AFRICA" '1 RRANiflA-ttv,t M,"ro "d Jimillon V UllrinHUM Ojen6:0lll. Free Vanity Ware ta ladiei! Oennli 0 Kefo-Lii Stone, "THE CHASER" 1' lC0 V E RT H E JY A T F R F RONT," Claadetti Colatrt GRANDE-fc0:4 w-Jrwn a. - UnHHUt Mat. Dally 1 la 12 (.. yax M Whalen-lynn Bari. "SPEED TO BURN" l-l "MYSTERJMIOUSEOiek Parccll-A. Bherldas C GREAT L (FS-1'830'0"'' and line In "THE NIGHT HAWK" slit JlMYjTEBYHOUS." Dick Pereell-Ann therja" Tyrim Per-iohn Birrymort In "MARIE IT ANTOINETTE." New Aidlaieatlei V5 HIGHLAND PARrtlfT C . Swinion.M. Ooillll, "TONIGHT OR NEVER" u r n no m.j dwlna Bnoth-Harry Carey HH VWnnn-al)ll WcatFort ..-a.a.1 r um ,,, :,0 mM JJHE BIRTH 0FA BSUeUtanSirant5 U f U C Chno Hliart i IIUIYIL WfB, Mm,. llM In "MEN ARF 11 r H Fnnift" i.. l"L!;l-0l'O.JI,A!JalCh'. Sll"tt D ail! I. lirand Blld. IIIW Dick Prll! anl Ana Sheridan In "MYSTERY HOUSE" "PRAIRIE MOON." Gene Aetry In IRVINI!-nti" K,nk'11 " Paal Kally-C Moon In "THE MISSING GUEST." Comtanci Bennett ind Brim Aherne, "MERRILY WE LIVE." ladlil' Oi.h Nliht LAKEWOOO- H24 t. JtJ.n.m Oaen el a ai Faalara Slam 6:30 and 9 am Norma Shearer-Tyrone Power- (ml J. Barrvmoro, "MARIE ANTOINETTE" yJ .niiunun.ll 6a., "THRFE 10VES HAS NANCY." "SPEED fS) TO BURN." M. Whales. Lynn Barl I AMY-13310 Jl"' ''"I"1' LHOM Hcm, jir.Tr,, ftw. Barrynore in "MARIE ANTOINETTE" "NEW AUDIOSCOPICS" 0 LINCOLN PARK" Fort St. and (I Connor Fly Wray. Doit. Arnitrani. "KiNS KONG" (i Inell Stem In "THE CHASER." Park Free vE LINWOOD-LASALLE-'rx,,, ."' "" Trl'. "NIGHT HAWK." Ana "YOUNG DYNAMITE." Darra-K. Richmond LITTMAN'S PEOPLES- lib M. on.t r.tLia. r. nirmeien. selKtes snarl '.lJ."'.30c, Benday 3jc: Chillren lOe 1 nnp m"' '"n st rail LUUI Ooen All Nliht. "MARIE ANTOINETTE " Pete Smith In New Atdioieeiici.' litoit Crime Srrlel, tmiri nrw onuw oiarji ai Kianifnt MARTHA WASHINGTON" a... a . Glenda Farrell-Bartaa MacLani, "PRISON BREAK" "OUTLAW EXPRESS." Bot Baker MAXINE Murk Ae. at balilmn "nn""- Cant. Iron 2 1 n ladiei' BHh Night Six Pul Killy-C. Moore. "THE MISSING GUEST" (. "ROMANf.E ON THE RUN." 0. Woodl P. Ellll W IYIMI I Hill A, ijht ulift. m Free Parkini Norma Sheaier-Tvrone Poner-J. f'Z) Brrymore R.Morley. "MARIE ANTOINETTE" . MICHIGAN -Buiii.? and (".rnirtl Kiirr Jin. Contlnaoai from lr)-4 Ronald Colroan, Franrn Dee and Ball! Relhlnni. -IF I WERE KING" I'll Bob Hooe, "THANKS FOR THE MEMORY" MIUWAI 0wB SI, , mfm ,lrt Eda. S Roklnien w.noy Berrle. "I AM THE LAW" J'T HE H I16KS F AMILY.laeiG!ian S-i-n i.!r at Van Dvkc Onen S S a a. Para t, Warren WIH'aai. G Pjtrite "WIVES liNOE R SUSPICION " -MV1 TERY HOLsE.' 0 Pi't.M-A smridan NORWEST il k.vfr gr,J V-'.IJ.ifJ 0 0n f 1 Pirk frm Wh flay jt"(fj B, U not m ! Hi A a 1 1 .aft ft iii rrt'TTH 1.1 'tn i, li-'t rl SLi 3i It'UW ' nn; A nnrr n w 1 1 1 1 uua i i-r 1I N ri T-pfE lo.; IM-ccp E,3 least 50 first-rate pipers on call In Hollywood and Los Angeles who are, In his opinion, "the best outside Scotland." These Scots would much rather play than act, which is as much a tribute to their thrifty nature as to their liking for the pipes. For in Hollywood musicians are paid at the rate of $10 an hour when they are recording for the sound track on a film, while when they just act they get $25 a day. These Hollywood pipers do their acting and playing more as a pastime than an occupation. Most of them are employed In other fields. MOTION PICTURE ATTRACTIONS 40THANKS FOR Vt MEMORY 6 30 & m ' ti0PE-5MlRltYT0S$ MlIfPETISsi!) -BCJcMiusi JVOH!l& 3-UNIT ifat , WIlllAM iBOYD 30$M'rV PAI UFR PARIf Bsmlllon tt HcNIrholi Hi. ' HnR :5 " r-arafraa CMnawara ta Ladlai! a). Ihearar-T. oar In HMjU'-E 'OlltTTE." Aadlaltapln.1 Cart. PARIf atlHO taat Daiinin I rlillV BMarlw Bnk..l. d Dick Parcell in "DAREDEVIL. 0RIVEBS" CUNSMOKE TRAIL." Jack Randall rililiAUILLI o.n 6:13. Adm 20i 1 10c firk Fm. W. William. G. Patrick, "WIVES UN0EI SUS PIC 1 0 rl ,J' MIGHT HAWK. ' Ladlil' Nlu Dl A7A UMI Fiaat JelTrrwn if 1 LntM , s f m Uiin, Blh (lt, Jahn Howird-H. 8. Warner, "BULLDOG DRUMMONO JIIAFRICALAW OF THE TEXAN," Back Jonai PUNCH & JUDY-"h7S 'iiuJSTl , l Dirnos Rinyon'i "Straight, Place antl Show RADIO CITY" VYoodwinl near Nlm-lllle Bind am ueono nart uorothy Lanoir. Henry ls "SPAWN OF THE NORTH." Adm. 1( Fondl 0tA2)l RAMONA"ir,l'0V.n.f,!:i,..Ko,,i. . . Randolfth Sroll ..a i.. 1 1. ' ..... ii .ij i.aB. "THE TEXANS" plus The Bit Brother! Is "STRAIGHT. PLACE AND SHOW" RFflFflRIl La'""' load at lirand Him' if ' . U W ''l"l- Betty Grable-Elesnof x Whitney. "CAMPUS CONIESSIONS" t-1 "MYSTERY HOUSE." 0. Pareell-Ann Sherida JC REGENT-Wo,,d,.rd.r,ii.inl l,l.d. Jean Parker ind Erie Linden in "ROMANCE OF THE LIMBERL0ST" olll Michrel Whllcl In "SPEED TO BURN" D 1 Al Td-'SlliSt Mt. Klllott lllnLIU Umiic, . l,u.l.. ''DRACULA" and "FRANKENSTEIN" me nerror snow af the centan W. Verimr at Central Fark Flea tV 12 Noon to Mlitfllflho l.n.e Gaynw-I. Montiomery, "THREE'lOVES HAS fin KANCY.' ink bLAOIATOR. lei E. B'awn yy ladlllac at tut Form ' jt Onen 6-4S a . Nor.e Shearer. RIVOLA- Tyrone Poir-l. Barrvmora-Rokt. Morley In "MA RJ E ANTOINETTE." "Ni Aidiailipld" Rfifi'vFVFt T flra'lot Aif. at May IIUUOLILLI Contlmoii Dally from 130 Soenear Tracy-Mickey Rooney, ' BOYS TOWN" "RICH MAN. POOR GIRL." Voans-l. Ayrai I - I GetHiriJleliri6:30 snd San ICH V RfltPfUl C-11320 Wimdaird sL Unrenca nUOtUMLC 0om ;15 , , Norma Shearer and Tyrone Powir In "MARIE ANTOINETTE" till Charlie McCarthy Comedy ind "Audtoieooici" OnYV IVooditard nr. Tempi Pstk Ere "UAI Ooin 24 Hoan. Joan jtj--. , Bennett-Randal oh Scott. "THE TEXANS" CT) "CONVICTED. 'iChai. Onilley-RIti Hayworth ROYAL 0AK-R"v,r""l''M"'h' I1UIHLUH pi Free. Oeanm Darkln. X Melyyn Doillai. "THAT CERTAIN AGE." Gall (C) Patrlek-Lloyd Nolan. "KING OF ALCATRA2" W CCUITC-6124 MKliHan A.a illllMIL Attend Oir Daily Matinee. Bitty Grille. Eleanor Whltnay, "CAMPUS CONFESSIONS" " M YS I E RYH0U S E.Jjck PinHI-Am SheridaR CTOI lin (iiand Hlirr and KiHirtrrnth if viuirinu Bicnwl whll,.l Barl In "SPEED TO BURN." "MEN ARF SUCH FOOLS " W. Morrii-Prlic. Llm-H. Heraert STRATFORD-4- u, J Gltt Day I Meran-C. Wlndior. "BAREFOOT CS) BOY." "CONVICTjD.C. Olilley-B. Hayworth W TdiVFR-(irand Blaer st Meyera if I U II LIT 0, 6 43. r, pnn, Ooilll Hirror a,ho, Borit Kariatf "FAAMKls. SIEIN. " Sola Laioil. "DRACULA" TIIYCnn-HamilioDll TuihIo "FRANKENSTEIN. " Borli Karlsff 'DRACULA." Bill Laseil UNITED ARTISTS-""!",'!, w'Xl". Mickey Rooney ind The Hardy Family is "OUT Wist WITH THE HAPDYS" ith Leall Stone and Cecilia Parker UPTOWN 1U"T Mark Aie. Oaon 6:1S s. SI. Park Frai Bull Kailall In "FRANKENSTEIN" BelaLltoiMn'DRACULA. Cartaon VADCITV Llienmie aiid MuMflwil Hud inimill loon 6:15 lait Show S:30 Betty Hralll. tleannr Whitney ml Hink Laliettl In "CAMPUS COtFESIONS" till Ann Snerllen la "MYSTERY HOUSE ' VOGUE- Uariier at liarird Doart Ooen 6'19 1. at. Randollh Scott ind Joan Bennett In "THE TEXANS" nil The Ritl Broi. ("J in ' STRAIGHT.PLACE AND SHOW" v- WARFIFI fl Htir:gi-FeniNi,rlli w ..r,... , , Hig Ooen All Night. Ralph Cooler ind All-Cnlored Cait In "THE DUKE IS TOPS "THE MISSINj, GUST,Pail Kelly C. Moore WASHINGTON-K""kw,r; ..d G'nrti stmt In "Kf IP SMiLilS ' ' 'Passport husband." s. imu-r fcwrt WESTOWN" -Wyoinini it ft fm ir Odm '4S m. m. Hmor hnw tf tht Vr! Berit In "FHANKEHsTEm." tB0'i. "DftACULA'1 WHITTIER" 0fm 9 Kff-Lfii Stnn. "1HE tAf 1 -'I ' t RE GOING TO 8 HICH " V. MeLnifi iWCCDAARO-GRAND- Sh'JfW-Tvren. pp)r Ift 1 j A!w t7i Mnni in fr Parllne Ni'l atf crtiiariT!" U I L MOhiY is m 7tw 1 TV ITT iMIW " III low W'25000Ci jH'uUllt - on"6 W J Mi-C ,.ia 1 n f. - h i l5 ni o. 0 : ei i. ' V C' 1 : 0 - f '. ''a- V I ' : ' lvj-1 i , . ; '. I : I r,.r .., c( , ,: v

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